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Valeria's Future (private with Ishigreensa)


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I just nodded my head and just get the floor cleaned up first before i go to get my spare clothes and head to the bathroom to change. While i was gone the kids would be showing up for the usually routine of activites with you.

I change in the bathroom as i try to clean up the best i could and put my dirty clothes in the bag. I return to your classroom as i just kept to myself and waited to be told what i would be doing with the kids today.

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Seeing you come in a little depressed and worried, I get the kids going before I take you over to my desk.

"Follow me, sweetheart."

I sit down for a minute and nod at the chair.

"Now, we will talk after the class, but you can't mope around or the kids will start asking questions.  I know it's hard, and if you need today off because you can't pull yourself out at the moment, then you can come back in ninety minutes, but you need to be on time, and you will owe me, okay?"

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I nodded my head as i listen and just leave the classroom for a bit and i end up wandering the hall as i try to clear my head before i show myself in your classroom again. While away none of the kids seem to notice as they busy themselves with work as it gives you the chance to do a bit more research on me.

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I continue working with the kids, teaching the current technique.  As this technique is very tricky, and many of the kids wanted to be able to do it, it being a very much requested topic over the last month, I didn't have any trouble with the kids in the room.

I looked over at the door, but I wouldn't blame her if she didn't come in until all the kids left.  She probably smells like pee and feels some confidence issues right now.  That's what I think to myself as I look back to the student I am currently correcting on the technique.

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I scrub myself the best i could so that i didn't smell like pee anymore. I wash my pants and underwear in the sink then squeezed the water out. After that i put them in a bag then tied it closed before returning to your classroom to help you with the kids.

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I smile when I see you come back into the class, and I point you to a small group of talkative girls to get them settled.

The class goes pretty well until about twenty minutes, Valeria hears one of them:

"I think Cindy  wet her pants," there was a whisper and a few kids are looking at one of the least popular kids in the room.

"Yeah, Something smells like pee."

The whispering is never directed directly at her, but the rumor circulates to the point she eventually puts her head down and tears come to her eyes.

When she leaves, there is no evidence that she's wet.

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I didn't know what to do as i felt bad for cindy but i didn't want to make it known it was me as i try to redirect the girls to pay attention to their assignments as rumors are not nice to spread about anyone as they would not like it if anyone did that to them. I look around hoping cindy was okay as i try to pass the time by watching the kids but i at times would get lost in my own throughts and distractions.

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I heard the rumors about Cindy starting to circulate, so I went and got her and took her out of the room to talk to her.  She was crying and promised me she didn't do it this time.  The kids were always accusing her of something dirty.  Wearing dirty clothes, not washing her hands, wetting her pants, whatever.

"It's okay, honey.  I'll sit you right next to the aid, that way, no one will make fun of you, okay?"

She nodded.

So I took her back in, and I had a boy move over so that Cindy could sit next to you.  Of course, Cindy looked up at you to see if you were okay with her next to you.

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I see you come back with cindy as she looks to me i nod my head that she could sit next to me. I try to get the kids focused on their work again as it was almost the end of the day for them.

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The children eventually start to filter out once the lesson ends, and I look over at you.

"Valeria?  Would you come and sit down please?  And bring your homework.  Let's see how you've been doing with your studies.  And I also want to check your pants for any more incidents."

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I hear you as i sigh a bit and get my school bag and bring it over as i put it on the table. I go to sit down on the chair as i wonder a bit why you wanted to see my homework.

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"So, you seem really unsure of yourself, which might have been cause for your incidents in the last couple of days.  I know you are stressing getting into college, so I think maybe if I look at some of your homework, then I might be able to help you."

I looked up at you.

"Take out your homework and do some of it right now."

I bend down next to you and looked at your thighs and under your legs to make sure you're not wet again.

"You hear the kids picking on Cindy, didn't you?  You are lucky they thought it was her, or I'd have had to dismiss you.  I'm not sure what to do about this.  I mean, if any of the kids catch on that you smell or you are wet on any day, things can get ugly for you and for me."

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I nod my head alittle as i try not to get upset as i say "i...i am sorry for causing so much problems i...i won't be upset if you wanted to dismiss me" 

I get quiet as i pull my homework out as you see my backpack was a mess.

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"Valeria, I don't want to dismiss you.  I want to help you.  Maybe a little more than I'm supposed to, but only if you are okay with that."

I frown.

"Your bag is a mess, sweetheart."

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I nod my head that it was okay for you to help me as i watch you empty my backpack so you can sort it out. As my homework was infront of me i haven't started it yet when i see my motel key fall from my backpack i try to get it hoping you don't notice it.

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As you reach for a motel key, something I would definitely recognize was off, I stopped your hands while you were holding the condemming evidence.

"Baby?  What is this?" I asked.  "Who is sharing a motel room with you.  You might think you are going to college next year, but if someone is paying for a room for you other than your family, and they are making you think you own them favors that compromises your comfort, your health, or your safety, that is wrong."

I shake my head.

"I'm taking you home after we do your homework, young lady.  If my suspicions are right, I'm going to either see a man who is not related to you there, or there is going to be no one there at the moment, both of which is dangerous for a high school student."

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"Huh what no no its um fine you don't have to drive me home" i say this as i didn't want anyone to drive me home as i worry if my secret gets out then the school would legally have to get involved. I put my head down and just try to get my homework down even though it looked like i barely done much of it.

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I frown and look at your homework

"What are your grades like at school.  Are you even passing, sweetheart?  Sometimes, you are forced to volunteer for credit, to help you get credit for a high school course to take the place of a harder class."

I frown at you.

"You've wet yourself again, sweetheart."

I help you up.

I act like you're all wet whether you are or not.

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"Huh what no no i..i can't be wet again" i panic as i did not want to be wet at all. "M..my grades are okay for the most part i..i mean some teachers at my school try to help me the best they can" i try to touch my pants and i get upset as they are alittle bit wet as i didn't even notice that i needed the bathroom*

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"Well, if your teachers need to help you, then that is troubling, too sweetie."

I put an arm around you.

"Do you have a medical reason for wetting?  Like, do you have infections or something else.  It's only my business because you haven't successfully hidden your wet pants since you come here, and nearly peed in front of the kids, honey.  I think you need some help, and I'm not sure you're getting that at home."

I look at your hand with the motel key.

"Who are you staying in the motel with, honey?"

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"A medical reason n..no i don't have that as i never had this happen before and my..my home life is just fine why do you need to know about the motel" i try to move away as i just wanted to pack my stuff so i can go on home before it gets too late.

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I sigh.

"Valeria, I need to talk to your mom about you wetting your pants at work.  I'm not mad, but I don't want to talk to your school about it.  If you are not living with your mom, then that concerns me, and I am worried taht you are in a motel and not somewhere more permanent."

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"NO! no you can't she is um working late tonight and is really busy with her job so talking to her won't be needed i...i promise to get the wetting issue taken care of" I bite my lower lip as i hope you just let it go as i put my homework away in my backpack and close it up.

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I frown.

"I can't take you to a motel and drop you off alone, young lady.  Do you know how many bad things happen to kids your age in motels?  You are not going there by yourself."

I sigh.

"I'll take you to my house and you can call your mom from there."

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"What no you can't do that! I..i am used to being there alone and nothings happen to me before". I back talk as i found it unfair as i just wanted to leave and go home.

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