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Valeria's Future (private with Ishigreensa)


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I continued to work with the kids but kept an eye on you for a while.  I didn't want you to cause too much trouble, but if things were going as planned, you would believe you wet yourself, and would understand my terms, and if you wanted to graduate, with my approval, then you might feel like you had to do what I wanted.  I also planned to tell you that I had to report this.

When the kids had left, I went and sat next to you.

"Well, I think you need to explain something to me," I started as I opened the coat you had tied around your waist.  "You know, I'm supposed to report anything irregular."

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"Huh! what no no please..please don't report this i really don't know why this is happening and i really don't want anyone to find out about this" i panic as this was the last thing i needed was for my school to find out as then it would lead to issues that i don't want to ruin my chances of getting in to the college after i worked so hard to almost get in. 

"Please don't i...i worked to hard to almost get in to my dream college and if i don't make this deadline then my whole application will be voided"

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"Sweetheart, you peed yesterday, too."

I frown at you.

"I'll tell you what, I'll keep an eye on you and maybe try to make some accomandations.  But don't let the kids see you doing it, or I'll have to report it."

I have you stand up and feel your bottom.

"You are soaked.  Do you want to feel it?"

I take your hand to show you.

"So how are you going to hide this when you go home?  How did you hide it yesterday?"

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"Oh umm at home i...i didn't have to worry as um no one was home" i say it as i realy hope i don't get asked about my home life as i knew that part alone was a big risk i was taking as i been on my own since i could remember and if my school found out they would by law have to report this as i was a minor.

I felt my pants as i did not like that feeling at all as i could not wait to go home and take a shower and try to forget this ever happend as i never want something like to ever happen again especially infront of the students that you teach.

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"Young lady, your mom has to know you wet your pants at school before," I say crossing my arms.  "No one just does this out of the blue.  Maybe someone should come and talk to your mom."

I frown and shake my head.  

"Well, since you did wet yourself twice, I want you to bring an extra pair of pants and undies tomorrow, just in case.  If you don't, and you wet, then I'll have to get in touch with your family to let them know."

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"No no thats not needed m...my family is um very busy with work and stuff so um i..i will pack extra clothes" i stutter as i never been so nervous before like this as i was starting to think maybe something was wrong with me or it was maybe just stress with preparing for my college future.

"Please i will not let any of this happen again i really don't know whats happening i never had accidents like this before and i certainly would never just do it on purpose"

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"I didn't say you were doing it on purpose, young lady.  I don't know of anyone that would shame themselves on purpose."

I smiled.

"Just make sure you bring, actually, two extra pair of undies and some extra pants.  You never know, and I don't want you sitting in pee in front of the kids even if in secret.  You need to somehow let me know as soon as you do wet yourself.  I'm just worried about you, okay?  I won't tell anyone that will affect your scholarship, okay?"

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"Okay i...i will try to remember to pack extra clothes but do i really have to tell you if anything were to happen while i am helping you with the kids tomrrow" I look to you as i really just wanted to get out of here as i hope my snipper attitude doesn't get me in to trouble as i have alot on my plate as it was with school and everything*

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"Well, if you don't tell me, and I find out you're wet again, then I'll just have to turn it over to someone that you do answer to, hopefully, your parents."

I frown as I hoped you'd wet your pants for real by now, but you didn't seem to.

"You may go."


After you left, I started to make some documents about further control, and then started to see if in the original contract, I would see where I had left an opening for introducing more stipulations if needed.  You seemed a little more stubborn than I had hoped when I first met you.

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I nearly ran out of there as i barely find a bathroom in time as i panic when i felt pee come out as i was starting to really get upset with myself for this happening. I quickly use the bathroom and then leave to get home not even noticing i had left pee on the floor. 

I rush to get home as i was lucky i lived alone so that it was one thing i didn't have to deal with.

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I went to clean up the office, the classroom, and then the bathroom, and that's when I saw a puddle on the floor.  The kids could have done it, but I took the chance that I could still maybe gaslight you with a picture of your puddle.  I thought I had you already guessing if you'd wet.  I'd even maybe use it to show you claiming maybe you did that before we sat down at our contract signing that day, so I'd say you probably wet yourself then, and were too embarrassed to tell me you'd wet.  I'd have to see how the next day went.

I waited with things ready to go for you to come in.

When you came in, you'd see some water at your seat for your to drink, but it was dry this time.  I couldn't have you checking the seat and finding it wet because of always being wet.

Then when you came in, I smiled and pretended to check by looking you over, trying to turn you this way and that, and it wouldn't take much to realize I was looking for any tell tell sign that you "did it again."

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"what are you doing?" I move to go try and go to my seat as i set my backpack down on the table as it tips over and some of my stuff spills out as my backpack was such a disorganized mess to find anything at all. I manage to clean it up and just sit down while waiting for the kids to arrive and since i was early i thought about doing homework but then figured i could do it later at home.

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"I'm checking on you," I said.  "You know you'd had problems two times in a row.  So, what did you expect?"

I frown.  "Here, let me show you something."

I show you the picture of the pee on the bathroom floor.

"Now, if this was you, and you are about to go to college, then a mature person would admit it.  If you tell me it was a kid, I'll call the kids' parents and ask who wet their pants and let the parent know it happened here."

I waited for you to deny it was you.

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"What! no no it wasn't me you have to believe me. And i...i'm sure it could be just water on the floor or you put the water there to blame me". 

I get quiet after mouthing back to a teacher as i worry it will ruin my chance of passing as i only had to be here for 4 weeks.

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"You think I would do that?  Fine.  You can find another place then."

I turned away.

"Go on.  I wouldn't want someone who is going to act like this, but I will be talking to your school."

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"No please don't tell the school i....i can't afford to find someone else to endorse me" I panic as i fall in to an anxiety attack that everything i worked hard for would be for nothing. 

Tears run down my cheeks as i have a hard time controlling my breathing as i stress out to the point i don't notice i had to pee.

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"Look, Valeria.  You are the one that said you don't trust me, by the way you said that.  I don't see how you can volunteer with someone that you don't like.  So, you either have to own up and tell me you wet yourself, or you have to tell me that you don't want to be here, and we go from there."

I frown at you with tears running down your face.

"Now, is it possible you wet on accident because you were nervous?"

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I struggle to calm down on my own as i try to so i can say "i...i don't know why this happens to me" i cough a bit from crying so much.

I rub my eyes as they were a bit red and puffy as i started to think it maybe was an accident as i just nod my head yes to you.

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"Well, if you are going to volunteer with me, I will need to make sure certain things are in place so that your personal problems do not interfere with my program, now won't I?"

I take both of your hands.

"I don't mind helping you out if you have trouble with wetting your pants, but I need to know that you will let me do that.  Otherwise, I'm not going to be able to have you here.  I cannot have the kids second guessing people I put in charge of them.  Doesn't that make sense?"

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I shrug my shoulders as i try to calm down as i try to say "your not gonna tell my school about this are you". I look to you but worried as i knew my school required to have reports made to them about any student doing volunteer work.

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"Honey, you just wet your pants, again, didn't you?"

I point at the floor around you and your pants.

"Come here."

I hug you.

"How about we make an agreement, sweetheart?  How about you promise to just do whatever I tell you, and then I'll sign off for you and just make reports about how you are doing with normal stuff?  But you have to do whatever I tell you?  Since you are wetting in your pants so much, then don't get mad if I need you to do something before you go potty.  If it goes in your pants, just hide it until it's just you and me, okay?"

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Tears roll down my cheeks as it takes a bit for me to settle down as i just nod my head and wait to hear what you have to say. While waiting my mind feeling overwhelmed thinking maybe this is happen cause of the stress of college and trying to pass. I rub my eyes as i try to say "But what if school finds out i..i won't know what to do i....i can't fail or the college won't accept me then i won't know what to do".

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"Even if your school finds out you are peeing your pants, they won't care about that unless I am unhappy with you and don't sign off for you.  But there are ways to hide it at school if you are wetting your pants at school."

I pick you up slightly hugging you.

"Just do what I say, and I won't be unhappy.  Just don't let my students catching you wetting yourself, okay?"

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"But i never h....had accidents at school i..i don't know why its happening now" i say it as i sounded upset with myself as i felt like giving up. I look around as the kids are not there yet as i felt lucky about it and then i try to say "c..can i go change in the bathroom now please"

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"Sweetheart?  I'm talking to you.  Do you want me to help you, or do you want to find another volunteer program.  I'm okay either way, but the kids seemed to get along with you yesterday, and you are like the fifth one I've tried.  That's why I'm willing to over look you wetting your pants."

I sighed.  I know the kids will be there soon, and I didn't want them to see her in wet pants.

"Why don't you go ahead and do that, and change your pants.  Clean up the floor for me since it's your mess, and we can talk more after the kids go home, okay?"

I let go of you, for I was holding your arms a bit after having picked you up for a moment.

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