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That is an awesome picture, and I like it. Is that thing a Furby? You actually learned how to make a Furby be more like talkative, then that could be like a little kid, because once they learn different stuff then they will mimic you and do different stuff. For me, having a comfort object is the most important thing.

I'll be the first to admit right now that if I hadn't decided to do what I did in 2019 I probably would have been a hurting unit. Most of the time I have problems with anxiety, and I don't like the fact that I worry too much and stress is the worst thing that you can have. Thanks to @TinyBunny, She taught me that the most important thing is that you want good friends next to you, and all of you are sort of next to me when I'm sitting in front of a computer. Regardless of how many friends I have or how many posts I make, or how many things that I do, I'll always have good friends and memories that will never go anywhere. She taught me that to have a soft friend is the best thing because you can always give that a hug, and you always have it around you. One night I ended up asking her about her bunnies and how soft they were, after I asked her where she got them. When I talk to her I talk to her for about a month and a half, and there was an overwhelming desire an overwhelming need, just like that piece of chocolate cake that so succulent you can't resist it and you need it and you want it and you're going for it regardless of what happens, you do it: I got two rabbits the first time, then ordered three more 'cause I wanted something a little larger to be able to cuddle and hug and take care of. With all of my rabbit friends around me, they help me deal with stress, and they help me center my thought processes and figure out how to handle situations when I'm not so full of anxiety that I want to fly off the handle. Several times it makes it hard when you feel like you want to punch something but you have to maintain composure. The rabbits help me with some of that, and it's really helpful and although sometimes it's really hard to deal with it, my orangutan Amy and all of my rabbits are here to help me and I'm going to keep them. When I go somewhere for example, I can easily pick up a rabbit, and stick it between my chest and my shirt so that he or she can ride with me and look either at my chest or look towards the forward direction, and I can guarantee you, It feels like I have a good friend with me at all times, whether it be one of my rabbit daughters or my rabbit son, it feels like someone is always there, and I can give them a hug even when something is driving me insane. Those are five of my comfort objects

In total I have seven comfort objects: I have the five rabbits, and then I have a adult size black pacifier, and also have a purple adult size pacifier. Of these are nuk 6's:  Sometimes I get so mad and I've had that happen where I get so mad all I wanna do is grind my teeth and pound my fist into the floor. You know how like a two year old would get so worked up sometimes because they want something real bad like that piece of cake, and as a parent or a caregiver the parent or caregiver has a good reason but the kid doesn't understand it, and they just overload and they just start crying pounding their fist into the floor and just having a tantrum until they can't stop, and then The parent or caregiver has to take auction, either by picking up the kid, holding them tightly so they can't hurt themselves, or just sitting there holding them and telling them that it will be okay. There's been a couple times in my life that I felt like I wanted to do exactly that, so one time I was really really stressed and I stuck my pacifier at my mouth and I sucked it so hard that I think I ended up having marks on my lips for 2 days! My two pacifiers always are standing by, and I just cleaned them the other day. They Are helpful and I'm glad to have them, and I'm also glad to have the good people here on daily diapers. Them I think I would go crazy like I said before in previous posts, because of this is the one place where people understand what's going on, and they can empathize sympathize and they can also provide emotional support and guidance. Even though we have two different lives, our adult lives and maybe our little personas, we are still adults, and we deal with complex issues. Because I don't have a significant other or anyone that I can talk to about some of these things, things that are silly that people would laugh at, it's very hard to be able to let people know how you actually feel. Can get to that point then you don't have to worry so much, but the stress sometimes can get so bad that it is ridiculous, and I have heard that stress can kill you! I don't want that to happen so I don't care how many rabbits I have and I don't care how many other comfort objects I have, there there and they will help me. For example I have a small blanket that I keep next to me so that if I get cold or I wanna cover up I can do that, and I can always stick a rabbit or two under there, and I have my orangutan and sometimes I'll give her a hug too and put a rabbit in her hand and she helps as well.

When you get stressed for example is there any particular type of drink that I should be using to help me relax? I know people sometimes drink coffee I know sometimes people drink tea, and I've heard things about people that earn the AB lifestyle for example and they might do something different, but I'm not sure what you would drink to help you relax, when your lactose intolerant for example you can't be drinking milk too much otherwise it will cause you to have problems. I'd be interested to find out what people think about that.


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I remember one summer when I went to Florida. I had one friend that said that it is not a good idea for her to be spoken to until she has coffee in the morning. Warned us that if she ever was spoken to before she has coffee she is not responsible for her actions and she could grumble a little bit. When I got to know where better it kinda reminded me of my mom is the way my mom was, but my mom was not that type of person who automatically needed coffee before he even looked at us! I really had fun with that friend and I'll always remember the fun times we had but that picture of that thing that looks like a Furby kind of reminds me of what someone would look like in the morning if they didn't get their coffee it's almost like in one of the GI Joe episodes when they have the fluffies or whatever they are, and when they're using a particular whistle they turn into hideous monsters to stop the GI Joe force.


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