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A hospital stay at the Las Vegas VA

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By: Pyrotechnicshobbiest

Roseburg Oregon


I knew ahead of time I was going to be admitted to the VA due to a medical condition and I went in there with a giant suitcase full of disposable diapers and another gym bag full of clothes hygiene and other random items 

Will they inventory my stuff like they always do and write down what I have and put most of my stuff downstairs including my suitcase of diapers and I clearly stated to them that I had to have them to take upstairs


So I get moved to this room upstairs on the med surge floor because they didn't know what they were going to do about my foot so about 4 hours goes by I got this nurse and her name was Amanda and some other nurses one of which was Oriental and she was always kind to me and I favored her over the rest what after this time goes by I needed my stash that was downstairs

So I needed to take a shower because they don't have bathtubs and I needed a new change of clothes a new diaper and some hygiene cuz all my stuff was downstairs so I asked this nurse named Amanda and about another hour or so goes by and still haven't heard from any of them the nursing staff so I stick my head out the door and a kindly asked what about my stuff and they said what stuff? And I said the stuff I asked for?

And they said what was it you asked for? 

And I said you know my change of clothes my shower stuff and I asked them for a few diapers just to get by till mine came upstairs

And I said yes I will be right in with it

And so they show up everything I ask for is there except for the diapers

So I stuck my head out the door again and I said I came in here with diapers because I really need them.. and according to policy everything you come in with that is not contraband you're supposed to be able to have. And they said well we're not giving you diapers because we don't think you need them is with the nurses said, and next I embarrassed all of them

I shouted loudly something like " I WANT MY DIAPERS FROM THE BASEMENT" "I DONT WANT YOURS BECAUSE THEY ARE THIN AND LEAK TERRIBLELY" I explained to them I never had the VA ones but all hospital ones are the same they generally low quality made by the cheapest bidder thin and leak terribly and they stink they don't hold the odors in and I explained to them you're giving your veterans and inferior product that they don't have confidence in and some of them don't even like to leave the house because they're worried about leaks odors and whatever else

LMAO I embarrassed them so terribly the Oriental lady got my stuff for me in the next 10 minutes brought it to me and I could tell she was fascinated and stimulated that much confidence and I was that brave

The whole time I was there must have been 4 days or so I was on iv antibiotics she was so nice to me I tried to make her job as easy as I could and as long as I had my suitcases my diapers and notebooks and clothes I showed them having my personal property I m happy.

The shopkeeper at changing times diaper company will tell you I was 247 buying lots of the str8up brand white diapers long before that stay 






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Sorry to hear all you had to go through. I am incontinent myself which was part of my medical retirement. Anyway, things were going good with VA actually providing Dry 24/7 for me until they stopped making them and now, they outright refuse to go after a good diaper. I continue to fight it and will ultimately succeed. BLUF they do not really care about the vet.

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I wasn't ic I was just being myself and they was motherfuckers to me

Another time there I was put on a psylogical hold because some cunt nurse ask me "do you love anyone? I said no" back then I didn't. What so ever the only 2 friends I had went off the radar and mia.

So I told a Nevada state judge 


And I stormed out of the proceeding they held Me 3 more weeks involuntary commitment I was pissed and angry

Fuck these Johnny do gooders that say you have to love people 







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