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PVC Bloomers are loud!


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I purchased from incontrol diapers there pvc bloomers because I always have leakage from seepage whenever I wear a onesie. Maybe it’s because they are brand new, but they are very very noticeably loud with crinklage. It makes me nervous about using these out. 

will report back :)

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There are several things to consider, that may help remedy, or limit the situation. Keep in mind, nothing is 100% foolproof. 
If you believe bloomers are the way you want to go, and they are a good anti leak option. But, if the noise is to much, you might want to look for rubber (latex) bloomers. They would be quieter than the plastic. Bloomers will become very warm, after sometime wearing them, keep that in mind. 
Another option to consider, is getting plain brief style plastic pants, but ones that have no exposed cloth elastic at the legs. They are usually referred to as “encased elastics”, or “no wick”. These also are available, in rubber too. 
There are also vendors out there, who will do custom size leg and waist elastics. Getting an exact snug fit in both, can help limit seepage also. 

You can find plastic pants that are cloth lined too. They can help soak up a leak, and help contain it. Sometimes called “training pants”. You can put them on over cloth, or disposable diapers. 

Here are a few places you might want to look into.



https://www.plastic-pants.com/     (They do custom sizes)


https://www.inkoswiss.com/       (Expensive by good latex pants)




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I've never tried the bloomers, but I have a few pairs of their plastic panties, and I find them loud under certain fabrics, but they go dead quiet under denim and other "stouter" fabrics, like the heavier cotton that cargo shorts are often constructed from. I have a couple of pairs in PUL, and those are pretty much silent - do they make PUL bloomers?

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  • 8 months later...

I always wear black rubber bloomers in bed over my diaper and plastics for extra protection. Rubber bloomers make hardly any noise.

i will be getting some pvc ones soon. The noise doesn’t bother me

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