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I am new here



Hi all I am new to this but I have been into wearing and using diapers since I was young and I feel that I just can’t be myself in any relationship that I get into for fear of judgment of it but it gives me peace to wear and use. Is there anyone that can give me some tips or advise?

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The general advice is to date exclusively in kink friendly circles/communities from the outset. But, just because you are dating a fellow kinkster, they might not be into this specific kink (although they are likely to be more understanding than a vanilla partner because they understand that it is a harmless sexual interest). Next advice is going to be to bring it up early but not too early. Think about 6-8 weeks in or before making any promises/exclusivity agreements.

You might want to gauge how important diapers are on your sexual mental map but if you are on this site, it probably is somewhat important or very important. Personally for me, this fetish goes very far back like to my childhood so I get it if it’s like imprinted on you.

If you are already dating someone seriously, try to talk to your partner generally about fetishism. He/she/they should understand that fetishes generally are harmless. You are going to have to just tell them outright though that you like to wear diapers. It may be a bit of a rip the bandAid off kind of situation. I mean this is not a run-of-the mill foot fetish so it is really unknown how our partner is going to feel about it. Sometimes people have an aversive reaction because they may fear that there is more to it (like a scat fetish) or they may just have a strong association of diapers with non-sexual things like performing chores they hate doing. If that is the case and if they are absolutely opposed to it, it is better to find out sooner rather than later, no? But as far as incorporating dips into your sex life, I promise it is only weird the first time!

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