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Thank You To All That Have Served: You are AWESOME!

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Good morning:

I wanted to post this because I noticed that this form had been created, and even though I have not served in the military, I have many family members that have. I believe I have had family members serve in all services army Navy Air Force marines and Coast Guard. I've also had my brother Daniel serve and the Coast Guard and the Coast Guard reserve and in the Air Force reserve. He has done active duty at least twice to my knowledge, and was trained to fix the F35, and also do security. Not sure if my brother is still in the reserve, but I still honor him especially because I know that he and others keep us safe.

There are two times that we had to go to Iraq to take care of the bad guys. My friend Paul, has a brother named mark and mark served in the marines and in the Vermont National Guard. He deployed to Iraq at least twice. He came over to see me and told me to take care of his family and his brother, and I told him that it would be my honor to do so, and my way of telling him that I wanted him to come home was to say, you gave me the order to take care of your family, and I will continue to do so until you return and give me new orders. I have done that, and I am happy because I know that these people keep me safe as well.

My dad my grandfather my grandmother and others also serve their country as well. Each of them have served in different services, and I'm very very proud of them. I'm not a veteran myself, but without veterans we would not be free to be able to do what we do say what we say think what we think or be a democracy. It is my hope that whatever happens, this world will straighten itself out, and become the United states that has always been strong and able to deal with many situations. We may be down sometimes but we're never out: with veterans that served our country whether they currently serve they will serve they are or they have served, or pay the ultimate sacrifice dying for their country are what they believe is right, each one of these people is a hero in my book and I will not end up changing my mind about this. They serve their country did what they did, and now they help us stay safe.

Thank you to all veterans:thank you for your service thank you for keeping us safe thank you for defending the rights that some people take for granted . We are free because we are a good nation and we don't back down when fight happens! My brother Daniel is quoted as saying that when the chips are down the Vermont Air National Guard is called in , and we take care of business and people know it .

Ooooooh RAH!  Semper Paratus / Semper Fedelis!


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