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The French Exchange (Chapter 27 - UPDATED 10/12)

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Chapter 21

The rest of the day had unfolded with a sense of normalcy. But as the sun dipped below the horizon and the shadows grew longer, Will found himself caught off guard when without warning Audrey instructed him to follow her upstairs.
"Allons, William et Karim, montons à l'étage pour vous arranger."
As usual, Will was uncertain about the meaning of the spoken words, but the gestures of Audrey's hands helped convey the message.
Confused, he followed her, unsure of what awaited him. What could she possibly want him to do with Karim? Uncertainty propelled him forward, his footsteps hesitant and cautious, as if each step brought him closer to an unknown abyss.
As Will followed Audrey along the corridor, his footsteps echoing softly against the floor. They bypassed his own bedroom, the familiar space where he had hoped to find solace and comfort, and continued towards Karim's room.
The room was bathed in the soft glow of Karim's nightlight, casting a warm, comforting ambiance. The walls were adorned with colourful posters and toys, a testament to the vibrant spirit of childhood that still thrived within the four walls. Yet, for Will, the room now held an air of uncertainty and unease.
Observing the surroundings, he couldn't help but notice that the room seemed incredibly juvenile, especially considering Karim's age. The changing table positioned at the far end of the room further accentuated this impression.
A twinge of nostalgia stirred within Will as he cast his gaze upon the changing table. Its presence evoked memories of his own bedroom back in England before it had finally been removed by his Dad.
Will's eyes darted between Audrey and Karim, searching for any signs of explanation or reassurance. Karim's face displayed a mixture of curiosity and innocence, as if he was witnessing a game or adventure about to unfold.
Will couldn't help but envy the younger boy's carefree spirit, untouched by the complexities that weighed heavily on his own shoulders.
Will's spine tingled with unease as Audrey issued her next command, beckoning him to climb up onto Karim's changing mat. In that moment, the purpose behind her instructions became clear, solidifying the reason why she had led him to this room.
"Saut sur le tapis à langer, s'il te plaît Will."
"Noooo.. I don't need to wear a nappy!" Will's voice quivered with a blend of confusion and defiance. The words hung in the air, a desperate plea for control amidst the chaos that now surrounded him. He couldn't understand why Audrey was insisting on this, especially since she knew that she was dry last night.
She approached him with a calm determination, her voice soft but unwavering.
"Will, je comprends que cela soit difficile pour toi. Mais ta maman et moi en avons discuté, et nous pensons qu'il serait préférable que tu portes une couche la nuit pendant ton séjour ici.”
The words only fueled Will's frustration, intensifying the confusion that swirled within him. What was Audrey saying? He recognised the reference to his Mum.  Why was she talking about her?
Audrey pulled her mobile phone out of her pocket and started tapping and scrolling the screen.
His gaze landed on Audrey's phone as she handed it to him. Will accepted the device, his curiosity piqued, and began looking at the screen.
It was the email from his mum, confirming her support to put him back into nappies. The words on the screen blurred, lost in a sea of emotions.
He couldn't comprehend why his mother would say such a thing. A mixture of confusion and betrayal surged within him, causing tears to well up in his eyes.
In that moment, he momentarily forgot that those around him spoke a different language, and the fact that their limited understanding of English rendered his words futile.
"Nooooo, I don't want to wear a nappy. I don’t….I don’t…I don’t need it! This is ridiculous. I am an adult, not a baby"
His frustration was only heightened by the language barrier that impeded his efforts to communicate his feelings and protests.
Undeterred by his protests, Audrey gently tapped the plastic padding of the changing table, a clear sign for him to comply with her instructions.
“Allez Will.”
Feeling defeated and overwhelmed, Will stood beside the changing mat, his emotions swirling inside him.
Audrey's stern voice pierced through his thoughts, urging him once again to do as he was told and get onto the table.
"Allez, viens ici maintenant, Will."
Audrey, realising the extent of Will's struggle, approached him with a softened expression. "Will, je sais que cela peut être difficile pour toi de comprendre en ce moment, mais s'il te plaît, fais-nous confiance, ta maman et moi, nous voulons ton bien-être avant tout. Nous croyons que cela t'aidera à te sentir plus à l'aise et en sécurité pendant ton séjour ici.," she explained, her voice gentle and reassuring.
Will looked at Audrey, his tear-filled eyes searching for answers. He had no idea what she was saying but he sensed a warmness from her voice.
Although he resisted, the genuine concern in Audrey's eyes started to sway his stance, causing a softening of his position. With reluctance, he nodded and ascended the changing mat, his heart burdened by a blend of acceptance and uncertainty.
Audrey offered a small smile, grateful for Will's willingness to comply.
"Merci, Will. Je sais que cela peut ne pas être facile pour toi, mais nous sommes là pour te soutenir à chaque étape. Je te le promets.," she assured him, her words carrying a warmth that eased some of the tension in his chest.
Will longed for her to cease speaking to him in French. Did she not comprehend that he had no grasp of what she was saying?
While Audrey readied the essential supplies, a weighty silence descended upon the room.
The sound of the nappy being unfurled pierced through the silence, its crinkling amplifying the palpable tension that lingered between them. Will's breaths grew shallow, his chest constricting with each passing moment.
Audrey's hands moved with practised ease, a mixture of efficiency and gentleness as she began to remove his clothes.
He offered no resistance, accepting his fate with a resigned surrender. Layer by layer, the garments were taken away, leaving him feeling stripped bare.
The tears that had threatened to spill finally escaped, rolling down his cheeks. He couldn't hold back his tears any longer, and they streamed down his face uncontrollably.
Karim, sensing Will's distress, took a step toward the drawer near his bed. With a gentle pull, he retrieved a dummy and began walking to the changing table.
Noticing Will's tears, he approached him with a cautious step, extending the dummy as a gentle offering of solace.
A wave of confusion washed over Will as his gaze fixed on the dummy held in Karim's hand. Why would Karim, someone his own age, possess a dummy? And why did he believe that Will, a teenager, would have any use for it? Filled with a mix of surprise and frustration, Will emphatically declined the dummy, vigorously shaking his head to convey his rejection.
With a subtle shrug and a faint furrow on his brow, Karim lowered the dummy, acknowledging and accepting that it wasn't what Will wanted at this particular moment.
Audrey, observing the exchange, stepped forward to intervene. She placed a comforting hand on Will's shoulder, addressing both boys in a soothing tone.
"C'est bon, Karim. Will est juste surpris, c'est tout. Il n'est pas habitué aux mêmes choses que toi, et c'est tout à fait normal."
After Audrey completed the task of removing Will's clothes, she reached for the clean nappy, where it should be placed to ensure a comfortable fit. Carefully, she lifted Will's bottom in the air, sliding the nappy beneath him and securing it snugly in place.
She pulled the sides firmly over his thighs and completed the task by fastening the tabs. The sound resonated in Will's ears, a familiar yet unpleasant sound that served as a reminder of his regression.
Audrey's smile grew wider, her reassurance evident in her voice. "C'est terminé, Will.!"
With the nappy securely in place, Audrey guided Will off the changing mat, her hand resting gently on his shoulder. The room remained quiet for now, the weight of the moment still hanging in the air.
Will stood in front of Audrey, his body wrapped in the protection of the nappy, a tangible reminder of vulnerability yet also a source of reassurance.
Audrey turned to Guillaume and Karim. "Guillaume, peux-tu aller chercher l'un de tes vieux pyjamas à fermeture éclair pour Will ? Ça le gardera confortable.”
Guillaume nodded and darted out of the room, returning with a playful, childish romper. Audrey thanked him and turned to Will, who looked at the romper with a mix of hesitance and horror, as well as surprise that the family possessed such an item.
He reasoned it must have been Guillaume’s as it would have been far too big to be Karim’s. Did he also wear nappies?
Audrey extended the romper before her, beckoning Will to step into it. With a gentle tone, she instructed him to enter the outfit, seemingly assuring him,
"Cela te tiendra bien au chaud et confortable."
Will hesitated, his pride clashing with the notion of embracing such a childlike attire. Yet, the genuine warmth and acceptance he had received from Audrey, Guillaume, and Karim offered a glimmer of solace.
It seemed that for them, this was just a part of their everyday life. There was no judgement.
This realisation brought a sense of reassurance to Will, easing the embarrassment he initially felt and soothing his unease, even in the peculiar circumstances he found himself in.
With a deep breath, Will cautiously stepped into the romper. As Audrey zipped it up, it suddenly registered with him that the zipper was not in the front, but rather at the back.
Before he could fully process what was happening, he felt Audrey securing it further, as she fastened two snap buttons over the zip.
As his hand instinctively reached around to the back of the outfit, a sinking feeling settled in Will’s chest.
There was no escape.
The zip was out of his grasp, rendering him unable to release himself without someone else's assistance.
The realisation struck him. He was trapped and that presented an even more alarming issue.
How would he manage if he needed to use the toilet? Audrey was confining him to rely on the nappy, whether he liked it or not.
To make matters worse, he remembered that he hadn't had the chance to empty his bladder after the a beer he had drunk at supper.
His past history provided a precedent that he would be unable to retain the beer inside him until the morning. He would soon be needing to release it.
Given his history of bedwetting, it had become part of his routine to relieve himself several times before bed as a precautionary measure to avoid the accidents that had haunted him for so long.
This familiar routine had now been disrupted.
He would be confined to wearing the nappy until morning. Will was resigned to the fact that there was little hope of making it through the night without needing to relieve his bladder.
Any attempt to communicate his need to use the toilet would likely be disregarded, just as it was dismissed by Audrey when he asked at the theatre.
As Will contemplated the inevitable consequences of his position, Audrey called Karim over, shifting her attention to him.

With a sense of joy and innocence, Karim willingly approached, showing an acceptance and almost excitement that was in total contrast to Will’s feeling when he was instructed to the changing table.
Audrey proceeded to change Karim into his night nappy, the young boy giggling and enjoying the experience as she blew raspberries and tickled his stomach.
Will couldn't understand why someone of Karim's age appeared so at ease with the idea of wearing a nappy, or why his room had such a childish ambiance, or even why he possessed a dummy.
It all seemed incredibly peculiar.
As Will was guided out of Karim’s room by Audrey, he wanted to escape back to his bedroom and hide away but Audrey blocked his path and waved him downstairs.
Will walked alongside Audrey, Guillaume, and Karim, feeling the soft fabric of the romper against his skin and the secure embrace of the nappy beneath it.
At the bottom of the stairs, Louis greeted him with a quick once-over before offering a warm smile, a silent gesture of acceptance.
For Will, there was an inexplicable sense of mortification in being seen like this.He couldn't shake the feeling of utter embarrassment, looking like a complete baby in front of a grown man. What must he think of him?
Will closed his eyes, overwhelmed with despair, as he made his way towards the living room.
He felt a deep sense of dejection, wondering how things could possibly get any worse.
The entire trip was turning into a complete disaster. He wished he’d never come on this stupid exchange.
Unfortunately, little did he know that his problems were only just starting and the worst yet to come...
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On 7/30/2023 at 7:14 AM, wetdiaper55 said:

Yes it will be fun to see what happens. I think it will be diapered and babyed when he gets home........I hope

You’ll be pleased to hear that the plan is for the story to continue after his trip to France ends, if people want the story to carry on?

The next two chapters are now live on my Patreon. I will be releasing them on here in the near future.

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Hey everyone, I have been away and then moving house so I am sorry for the delay in posting on here - I have mostly been posting on my Patreon. This story is up to Chapter 23 there with chapters 24 and 25 set to be released soon.

If you enjoy my writing and want me write to more then please consider subscribing to my Patreon (www.patreon.com/BacktoBabyhood).

Chapter 22

In the living room downstairs, surrounded by his host family, Will sat lost in his own thoughts as laughter from the TV show filled the room. He longed for a way out of the situation, yearning for a reality where he didn't feel like such an outsider.

Louis excused himself from the room, slipping away briefly while the others remained engrossed in the show. Moments later, he reappeared, holding two beers in his hands.

Will's bladder was already full from the beer he had at supper, but he knew there was little point in refusing. The inevitable truth was that he would have to use his nappy before morning.

Will was grateful for the offer of the beer, and couldn't deny that he enjoyed drinking the bottles that Louis gave him but he also couldn't help but pause for a moment, appreciating the irony of the situation. Here he was, being offered a beer like an adult, yet he sat there wearing a nappy, a symbol of dependence reminiscent of a baby.

He gradually consumed the beer, the minutes ticked by and the pressure in his bladder began to increase, causing him to shift uncomfortably in his seat. He wanted to ask to use the toilet but despite that being a reasonable request for a boy of his age, he was hesitant as he knew that it would likely be misunderstood or dismissed by Audrey, just as she dismissed his request at the theatre.

Just as he mustered a bit of courage to speak up, Audrey abruptly rose from her seat and announced her departure for the night, bidding them all goodnight. The boys remained in the room, immersed in the glow of the television.

Will's desperation intensified, but despite his growing need for the toilet, he couldn't bring himself to ask Louis, Guillaume, or Karim.

A tinge of anger began to simmer deep within him, fueled by the realisation that Audrey had purposefully put him in a nappy, clearly expecting him to use it just like a helpless baby. The resentment simmered, whispering in his thoughts, urging him to embrace the role she seemingly desired. In a defiant moment, he contemplated succumbing to her game and utilising the nappy as she intended. If she wanted him to act like a baby then perhaps he should act like one.

With a resolute gleam in his eyes, Will mustered his determination. He made the conscious decision to release the tension in his bladder, letting go of the control he had tightly held but despite the pressing need to relieve himself, the deliberate act of wetting the nappy proved more challenging than he had initially anticipated.

He anxiously glanced around the room at the others, worried that his squinting face would give away what he was doing, but their eyes were firmly glued to the TV.

After a short moment of concentration and focus, a flow of urine began to fill the nappy. In order to allow the liquid to be absorbed into the nappy and in an effort to demonstrate his ability to control his bladder, he clinched his bladder and stopped the flow of urine on several occasions. Even with the noise of the television in the background, he could hear the sound of the liquid hitting against the padding.

Will let out a sigh of relief as he completed his embarrassing act, unaware that the sound would capture the room's attention. All eyes turned towards him, but it was Karim's smile and a subtle glance at his own nappy that communicated a clear message to Will. It was evident that Karim knew precisely what had transpired.

To Will's astonishment, he could discern the faint sound of liquid flowing. His gaze shifted towards Karim, and it dawned on him that the young boy was also wetting his nappy.

Was it an accident? An act of solidarity? Or did Karim genuinely enjoy wearing nappies? Will couldn't be sure, but the look on Karim's face hinted at the latter.

Unsure how to react to Karim, and conscious that he didn't want the others to find out that he had deliberately wet himself, he knew that he needed to get out of the room and upstairs to the sanctuary of his bedroom. If Audrey found out what he had done then it would only give her more ammunition to keep him in nappies.

As he contemplated his exit, a wave of self-realisation washed over him. He had just deliberately wet himself, in the daytime, without even attempting to hold it.

This was a new low for Will. He shook his head, questioning what had become of him. He was not a baby; he was a 17-year-old. Why was he succumbing to Audrey's trap?

Thoughts of Phoebe flooded Will's mind. He couldn't help but wonder what she would think of him in this state. He was relieved that she wasn't here to witness his current predicament.

The realisation that his own mother had bestowed upon Audrey the authority to subject him to this treatment, resulting in his current situation of sitting in a wet nappy, only fueled Will's growing frustration.

Summoning a deep breath, he mustered the courage to navigate his way out of the room. Each step towards the doorway was cautious and deliberate, his heart pounding with the urgency to escape undetected.

Casting a fleeting glance back at the others, he spoke softly, his voice barely above a whisper, "Je suis fatigué." With these words, he conveyed his weariness, presenting himself with an opportunity to slip away unnoticed.

Will ascended the stairs, his every footfall executed with careful precision, a delicate dance to avoid catching Audrey's attention. He yearned for her to be either asleep or preoccupied in her own room, granting him a safe passage to his own sanctuary.

As he neared his room, a growing sense of confidence swelled within him. The relief of almost reaching his destination was tantalisingly close. With an outstretched hand, he reached for the doorknob, only to be abruptly halted by the swing of the bathroom door.

Out emerged Audrey, a figure that shattered his hopes of evading detection. The remnants of his confidence wavered, replaced by a sinking feeling of dread. Before he could slip into his room and find solace within its familiar walls, he heard the words he had dreaded, slicing through the air with unwelcome clarity.

"Will, viens ici une seconde."

Although his grasp of the French language was limited, he understood the meaning of those words all too well. The impending consequences loomed before him, casting a shadow of apprehension over his fragile resolve.

Audrey's experienced eyes scanned over Will's figure, swiftly recognising the distinct bulge in his crotch. With years of parenting under her belt, she knew a wet nappy when she saw one.

Without seeking Will's input or consent, she pressed into the nappy, confirming her suspicions without a single word. Will was taken aback by the sudden invasion of his personal space, left feeling helpless and undeniably infantile as he wasn't even given the chance to answer if he was wet or not.

Gripping his hand tightly, Audrey led Will back towards Karim's room. The frequency of another nappy change, only a short time after the last one, only served to solidify the sinking feeling in his chest and as he walked step by step towards the changing table, he began to fear that this walk would be a regular occurrence for the rest of his stay.

Arriving at the changing table, Audrey directed Will to climb back onto it. With practised efficiency, Audrey unzipped his sleeper and removed the wet nappy, swiftly discarding it in Karim's nappy pail. Will lay there, vulnerable and exposed.

Returning with a fresh nappy in hand, Audrey proceeded to clean Will's crotch, wiping away the traces of urine. The gentle sprinkle of baby powder followed, its scent permeating the air, a reminder of his regression into a state of helplessness.

She secured the new nappy in place, tapping it firmly. Zipping up his sleeper, she gestured for him to rise to his feet.

Throughout the entire process, Audrey remained distant and detached, executing her duties as if on autopilot, and as if attending to the needs of any other baby who could not communicate back.

Once again, Audrey grasped his hand with a vice-like grip, leading him back towards his bedroom. The urge to protest bubbled within Will.

He was seventeen years old, he didn't need or want someone to hold his hand. However, the firmness of Audrey's grip left him powerless to resist.

Upon reaching his bedroom, Audrey swung open the door and directed him towards his bed. With a brief instruction, she removed the covers, prompting him to climb in.

The act of being tucked in, an action typically reserved for young children, further emphasised his diminishing agency. Audrey managed a fleeting smile, the only semblance of human interaction she had given him in the past few minutes. Then, without a word, she turned off the light and departed, leaving him alone in the darkness.

Will remained motionless, his head pressing against the softness of the pillow, his eyes fixed upon the ceiling. Within him, a storm brewed, causing tears to well up and spill over, tracing paths of frustration and despair down his cheeks.

The weight of the daytime nappy change settled heavily upon him. The potential for Audrey to now assume his need for nappies during the day loomed ominously in his thoughts.

As sleep finally claimed him, Will's consciousness delved into the realm of dreams, quickly transforming into a nightmarish scenario.

Within this distorted reality, he found himself confined within the tight bars of a large crib, its imposing structure resembling a cage that held him captive. In this unsettling vision, he was dressed only in a soiled and wet nappy.

The air in the room grew thick with a disturbing mixture of laughter and cooing voices. As the source of these unsettling sounds became apparent, his Mum's voice pierced through the air, sternly proclaiming that it was time to change the baby.

Simultaneously, Tom and Phoebe materialised by the side of the crib, their faces twisted into mocking smiles. Their laughter reverberated, amplifying Will's sense of helplessness and shame. Tom's taunting voice cut through the air, questioning the baby's need for a dummy, while Phoebe joined in, their words like sharp barbs aimed at Will's wounded pride.

The dream persisted, tormenting Will further as Tom extended his hand, firmly pressing the dummy into his mouth. A peculiar mix of relief and shame washed over him as he instinctively suckled on the comforting silicone. The act provided a temporary respite, yet deepened his sense of powerlessness. The conflicting emotions of comfort and humiliation entangled him within an inescapable web.

"Just look at you, you are such a baby Will. You belong in the nursery with all the other babies who can't control themselves." Tom mockingly remarked.

Upon hearing Tom's humiliating comment, Will spat the dummy from his mouth and erupted into uncontrollable screams that filled the room.

Gasping for breath, Will abruptly awakened from his unsettling dream, his chest heaving with each pant.

His instinctive response led his hand to his mouth, where he confirmed that no dummy was present.

The weight of reality however soon crashed upon him, as he became aware of the tangible sensation of a wet nappy against his skin. The vividness of his dream intertwined with the physical evidence of his recent regression, intensifying his unease and discomfort upon awakening.

In the aftermath, as Will lay there, his mind grappled with the fragments of the dream and the unsettling implications they carried. The vivid scene played out in his thoughts like an indelible tableau, each detail etched into his memory - the echoes of laughter, the taunting gestures, and the overwhelming feelings of regression and humiliation that had permeated his subconscious.

Attempting to regain composure, Will tried to calm his racing thoughts, reminding himself that dreams were mere products of the imagination, manifestations of fears and anxieties. He reassured himself that the scenario depicted in his dream was absurd and detached from reality.

With a deep sigh, he settled back against the softness of the pillow, seeking solace in the hope that subsequent sleep would provide relief from the haunting images that had plagued him.

For the rest of the night, Will managed to find solace, allowing him to sleep peacefully until morning. Little did he know, however, that the lines between his dreams and reality were about to blur in ways far beyond his imagination.

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  • Back to Babyhood changed the title to The French Exchange (Chapter 22 - UPDATED 25/08)

I had recently caught up with this story and I was sure I had left a comment on the last chapter but I don’t see it so I must have messed something up. 
I will say I am enjoying the story. Will only thought he might get away from him mom’ influences. Hard to escape the material instincts of a caring mother no matter if it’s yours or someone else’s. 
I am looking forward to reading more. 

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On 8/26/2023 at 5:40 AM, CDfm said:

I had recently caught up with this story and I was sure I had left a comment on the last chapter but I don’t see it so I must have messed something up. 
I will say I am enjoying the story. Will only thought he might get away from him mom’ influences. Hard to escape the material instincts of a caring mother no matter if it’s yours or someone else’s. 
I am looking forward to reading more. 

Thank you for your comments. Glad to hear you’ve enjoyed it so far and I hope you’ll enjoy where it goes next….

Will’s adventures are only just starting! 

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If you enjoy my stories then please consider subscribing to my Patreon (www.patreon.com/backtobabyhood).
You get access to exclusive stories, over 250 posts and early access to all of my ongoing writing. It also keeps me writing. Chapter 25 has been released to my subscribers, with chapter 26 to come shortly. Any support is much appreciated. Thanks :)
Chapter 23
The morning sun cast a soft glow through the curtains as Will slowly stirred awake. Blinking sleep from his eyes, he stretched his arms and yawned, the events of the previous evening still fresh in his mind.
It took him a moment to realise the familiar wet feeling in his crotch area. A faint dampness clung to him, and as he moved, a crinkling sound filled the air. He pulled the cover off to inspect the nappy. It was clear that he had soaked it.
He couldn't believe he had woken up wet. Audrey had changed him into a fresh nappy just before he went to bed and he had still not been able to make it through the night.
Baffled and frustrated, he murmured to himself, trying to make sense of the situation. As if on cue, Audrey entered the room, with a gentle slide on her face.
"Bonjour Will, avons-nous passé une nuit sèche?", as she inquired about the state of his nappy.
Feeling self-conscious about his current state and unclear of Audrey’s question, Will just timidly replied with a polite “Bonjour.”
He waited for his nappy to be checked, as had been part of his morning routine, knowing that Audrey was about to discover his soaked nappy.
He was very aware that waking up in a wet nappy after being changed by Audrey just before bed would do little to support his case to be allowed to wear his normal underwear again.
Feeling a mix of embarrassment and disgust at what he had done, Will waited as Audrey inspected his wet nappy  and then looked back at him with an almost nonchalant expression.
He expected her to immediately whisk him away to take off the wet nappy, but to his surprise, she simply nodded and gestured for him to head downstairs for breakfast.
"Allez, Will, le petit-déjeuner nous attend," she said in a reassuring tone, as if his wet nappy was an ordinary occurrence.
Reluctantly following Audrey's orders, Will obediently descended the stairs, feeling increasingly uncomfortable with each step due to the bulky nappy that forced him to waddle.
He couldn't shake the self-conscious feeling of wearing a visibly wet nappy in front of the rest of the family.
Despite Guillaume, Louis, and Karim's non-judgmental nature, he still felt mortified by their presence, seeing him in this state.
Heading to the breakfast table, Will couldn't ignore the glances from Karim and Guillaume, who both glanced at his crotch. The obvious bulkiness of his nappy left little doubt about its condition.
Under the weight of their gazes, his embarrassment and self-consciousness heightened. While taking his seat, Will noticed Karim, who also had a wet nappy.
Seeing someone else in a similar situation provided a slight consolation, even if Karim was much younger.
While at the table, Louis appeared engrossed in his newspaper, seemingly undisturbed by the situation until Audrey interrupted him with visible exasperation. With a furrowed brow, she finally brought up the topic that had been on her mind all morning - Will's difficulties with staying dry.
Audrey began, voicing her concern, "Il s'est encore produit la nuit dernière, et je peux voir que cela le dérange. Je me demande si ce ne serait pas plus simple de le laisser porter des couches pendant son séjour chez nous. Ainsi, il pourra se détendre et profiter de son séjour au lieu de s'inquiéter des accidents."
Taking on his usual composed demeanour, Louis contemplated Audrey's suggestion of putting Will in nappies full time.
He knew it was a delicate matter to handle, especially since Will was no longer a young child but on the brink of adulthood.
"Audrey," Louis replied to his wife, before expressing his concern, "Je comprends ton point de vue, mais Will est adulte. Je sais que les couches aident à gérer le problème, mais aucun garçon de son âge ne voudrait les porter comme un bébé. Peut-être serait-il préférable de lui demander de les utiliser uniquement lorsqu'il en a vraiment besoin, comme la nuit ou lors de longs voyages."
Audrey nodded, acknowledging her husband's perspective. She knew he had a point, but she couldn't help but feel that having the security of a nappy might make Will feel more at ease. It would also take a weight off her mind too as she could stop worrying about him.
As the discussion continued, Guillaume and Karim listened with curiosity. Will caught snippets of his name being mentioned but remained mostly oblivious to the subject matter, having resigned himself to the fact that understanding what was said was out of his control.
After a brief deliberation, Audrey looked back at her husband, "Tu as raison, Louis. Je veux juste qu'il passe un bon séjour sans s'inquiéter. Il pourra les porter la nuit ou quand nous sortons et qu'il n'y a pas facilement accès aux toilettes. Nous surveillerons ensuite comment ça se passe le reste du temps. Je vais envoyer un email à Jacqui pour l'informer."
Louis smiled softly, recognizing Audrey's intentions to act in Will's best interests.
"Je pense que c'est la bonne décision," Louis said. "Voyons comment ça se passe - espérons que ça s'arrangera."
As Louis returned to reading his paper, silence settled in the room, only to be interrupted by a knock at the door.
Will's heart skipped a beat, and anxiety washed over him as he wondered who could be on the other side.
Audrey excused herself from the table to answer the knock, leaving Will to listen anxiously, praying they wouldn't come in and see him in his current state.
But to his horror, he recognized the voice at the door.
It was his teacher, Mr Thompson.
Will's face turned bright red, and he sank further into his chair, desperately hoping his teacher wouldn't notice how he was dressed. But as Mr Thompson entered the room, his eyes scanned the table and settled on Will, who felt as if he was shrinking under his gaze.
As Will contemplated the situation, he wondered if this encounter could somehow turn out to be a positive opportunity.
Maybe he could explain his predicament to his teacher and try to reason with Audrey to stop making him wear nappies like a baby.
Audrey and the rest of the family left the room, leaving Will alone with Mr Thompson, who seemed quite serious.
As he took a seat at the table alongside his student, Mr Thompson's expression softened, and he offered a sympathetic smile, gently greeting Will, "Hi Will, good to see you!"
Will mustered the courage to meet Mr Thompson's gaze and replied, "Hi, Sir."
Though now in sixth form, Will still referred to his male teachers as "Sir."
"Will, I am sure you know why I’m here. I heard from your mom about the issues you have been having, so I wanted to check in with you and your host family to see how we can best help you," Mr Thompson began, his voice gentle and understanding.
“I did have an accident, Sir, but honestly, it was a one-off. I don’t need to wear nappies. I’ve tried to tell them, but I don’t understand them, and they don’t understand me, so it’s impossible to communicate," Will explained.
“Perhaps you should have paid more attention in class, Will," Mr Thompson chuckled. "I’m only joking; I know French isn’t something that comes naturally to you. I've spoken with your mother, and she's very worried about you. She wanted to talk to you, but I suggested that we speak first, as talking to home might not help the situation."
Will was at a loss for words, feeling utterly left in the dark, as if conversations were happening behind his back, leaving him without any say in decisions that directly affected him.
After a brief pause, Mr Thompson carried on, “When she paid for the trip, we had a chat about your bedwetting because she was concerned that you might have a recurrence with all the stress and change. That's why the school chose this family for you. I don’t think it’s a secret that both Guillaume and Karim have had issues with bedwetting in the past."
Will's eyes widened in horror as he realised his Mum had spoken to his teacher about his private issues without telling him. Anger surged within him, wondering how many others knew about his bedwetting struggles and why she had kept it from him.
"I... I can't believe my mom told you," Will stammered, a mix of emotions coursing through him. "Why didn't she tell me? How many other people know about this?"
Mr Thompson sighed, his tone filled with empathy. "I know it’s a difficult situation for you, Will, and you might be upset with her, but she was trying to do the right thing. Only the teachers on this trip know, and it won’t go any further. We all realise that it’s something you don’t want others to know about so we’ll be very private about it."
Will's mind raced, attempting to process the information he had just received. He appreciated Mr Thompson’s support and empathy, yet the sense of exposure and embarrassment in front of his teacher lingered, refusing to fade away.
Mr Thompson continued, trying to reassure him, "I want you to know that Audrey and the boys are very accepting and understanding of your situation. As I told you earlier, both Karim and Guillaume have had trouble in the past, as do many children, so it’s not a big deal. You’re not the only one dealing with such issues."
The reference to other children facing the same issue felt patronising, given he was nearly an adult, not a child.
Mr Thompson’s voice took on a more reassuring tone. "Will, if it helps, you should know that you’re not the only student on this trip who has bedwetting issues. There are others going through similar experiences. You would be surprised how common it is.”
“Really? I’m sure there aren’t many people my age who are being made to wear nappies," Will said, a mix of surprise and scepticism in his reply.
“You might be surprised at how many people have issues, including some of your fellow students. Like you, they don’t want to broadcast it to the world."
Although Will suspected Mr Thompson was just trying to be kind, a glimmer of hope flickered within him, his heart lightening at the thought that he might not be alone. He desperately wanted to know who else his teacher was referring to, but he knew that there was no chance of finding out.
“So what’s going to happen Sir? Can you speak with Audrey and ask her to stop making me wear the nappies? I honestly don’t need them”, Will begged.
“I understand that Audrey has spoken with your Mum about it already but why don’t you wait here while I go and have a chat with her and find out what she thinks? Mr Thompson replied.
Will's face lit up with hope as his teacher left the room to talk with Audrey in the living room.
After what felt like an eternity, Mr Thompson returned to deliver the verdict. Will anxiously awaited his fate.
"So, I've had a conversation with Audrey, and her perspective is somewhat different from yours. I want to emphasize that Audrey cares about you and wants the best for your stay with the family," Mr Thompson explained.
Feeling uneasy about the direction of the conversation, Will gulped, concerned about what Mr Thompson would say
“I am told that you have already had several accidents during your stay here. She told me that you wet yourself before bed, just after having been changed, and woke up wet again this morning. She also said that you had an accident in the car and at the theatre.”
Will was speechless as he listened to his teacher recount all of the events of the past few days.
“Audrey has spoken with your Mum and they both agree that it would be best if you wore some form of protection at night and when you’re out of the house. There’s no judgement from her or the boys. They just want the best for you and don’t want you getting embarrassed, if you have an accident or getting worried if you’re not able to make it to the toilet in time.”
Tears welled up in Will's eyes as he learned of his fate. His sadness was tinged with frustration, finding the idea of wearing nappies no less embarrassing. "Embarrassing accidents? It's incredibly embarrassing to be treated like a baby and made to wear nappies. Most of the times you mentioned were because I couldn't use the toilet. I tried to explain it to Audrey, but she didn't listen or understand and so I had no choice but to use the nappy. It’s so unfair," Will passionately defended himself.
“It’s clearly very difficult Will but I know that you struggle to hold on when you get the urge to go. If you’re finding it hard to communicate or you’re out and about and might not be able to find a toilet at short notice then wearing nappies as a backup might be sensible.”
Growing increasingly frustrated, Will retorted, "I don't need to wear nappies. I've only had one accident, and that was in the car because we were in a rush and I couldn't use the toilet before we left."
Mr Thompson replied, taking the opportunity to remind  Will of the incident on the bus, explaining that he had intervened to prevent a potential accident, “What about the bus then Will? Because I knew about your situation from your Mum, I asked the driver to stop. If I hadn't then do you think you could have held on without having an accident? It’s not fun, I know, but consider this: would you rather have a wet nappy that no one knows about or wet pants in front of everyone?”
The pieces of the puzzle started to slowly fall into place. Will now realised why his teacher had been so understanding and stopped the bus. Will would never admit it but he knew his teacher was right; he would have probably wet his pants if the bus hadn't stopped.
Realising that he was losing the battle, and in a last-ditch effort, he pleaded with Mr Thompson, "Please, Sir, I don't want to wear nappies. Can you ask them to give me another chance? I promise I don’t need them"
Mr Thompson looked back at him with sympathy in our eyes before reiterating the decision once more.
“I am sure if you can prove you don’t need them then Audrey will reconsider but for now, she has agreed with your Mum what I’ve told you and it’s not for me to argue with them.”
As Mr Thompson prepared to leave and walk out of the door, he turned to Will and spoke with a mixture of concern and reassurance. "We’ll have to work out the best way to manage this when you’re back with the other students. We will do our best to keep it discreet.”
Alarmed at his teacher’s suggestion that he might have to wear them in front of his schoolmates and even worse, in front of Pheobe, Will replied anxiously.
"Sir, I can't possibly wear nappies when I'm back with everyone else. If they find out, it'll be unbearable. They’ll think I’m a total loser,"
“I am sorry Will but there’s nothing I can do. If you need them then you need them and we’ll just have to try and manage it the best we can and try and stop anyone finding out. There’s quite a few long trips in the next few weeks and I can’t keep stopping the bus so I’m afraid you might have to get used to the idea.”
As Mr Thompson's words sank in, Will felt his heart racing, and a sense of full panic engulfed him. Thoughts raced through his mind, and he couldn't shake the fear of wearing nappies in front of his peers. The weight of potential embarrassment and judgement consumed him, leaving him feeling helpless and overwhelmed.
"I have to go now as I need to visit another family, but stay strong – everything will be okay. I'm here if you need me," Mr Thompson said before heading to the living room to bid farewell.
As Will's desperate attempts to argue continued, Mr Thompson swiftly stood up, excusing himself from the room to bid farewell to the rest of the family before making his way to the front door.
With a surge of determination, Will quickly rose to his feet and rushed towards the closing door, hoping to make one final plea. However, his efforts were in vain, as the door slammed shut before he could utter a word.
Feeling a mix of frustration and resignation, Will turned around, and in that very moment, he felt a gentle pat on the back of his nappy.
Looking up, he met Audrey's compassionate gaze, her smile conveying both understanding and a hint of assurance. Without the need for words, she gently guided him upstairs, silently communicating that it was time for a nappy change.
The weight of the situation sank in as he followed her, with tears running down his face,  knowing he had little choice but to accept his fate.
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  • Back to Babyhood changed the title to The French Exchange (Chapter 23 - UPDATED 09/09)

Good chapter.  While there was much I couldn’t understand, I did understand the majority of what was happening.  I can certainly understand how Will feels totally helpless and betrayed with his situation but wearing a diaper is probably the best thing he can do given his accidents. At least his host family is kind and compassionate with him and his problem. 
I am looking forward to seeing more. 

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4 hours ago, CDfm said:

Good chapter.  While there was much I couldn’t understand, I did understand the majority of what was happening.  I can certainly understand how Will feels totally helpless and betrayed with his situation but wearing a diaper is probably the best thing he can do given his accidents. At least his host family is kind and compassionate with him and his problem. 
I am looking forward to seeing more. 

Glad you’re enjoying it. Hopefully you can translate the bits in French but the lack of understanding mimics Will’s position😁

He is going to be returning home in the not too distance future so we’ll be back to normal English then! 

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If you enjoy my writing then please consider subscribing to my Patreon where Chapter 26 of this story has just been released. You will get access to early releases of all of my stories, exclusive stories and posts and it will help me continue to keep writing. I really appreciate your support. Thank you :)


Chapter 24

After the emotionally charged conversation with Mr. Thompson, Will's heart felt heavy as he ascended the stairs, accompanied by Audrey's silent presence.

He had hoped that his teacher's intervention would lead to a different outcome, a reversal of the decision to make him wear nappies and a return to normality.

However, his hopes had been dashed, and he felt a sense of resignation that he would be remaining stuck in nappies for the rest of the trip. Worse still, he was terrified of the prospect of having to wear them in public, especially in front of his classmates.

Reaching his room, Audrey closed the door behind them, the soft click serving as a temporary barrier to the outside world. Will stood there, looking at the floor, his mind a whirlwind of emotions. He could hear the soft rustle of fabric as Audrey approached him, her presence calm and reassuring.

"Will," Audrey's voice was gentle, "allons te changer, d'accord?"

He lifted his gaze to meet Audrey's, a mixture of apprehension and vulnerability reflected in his eyes. Audrey's gaze held his, her eyes revealing a blend of understanding and a touch of sympathy.

She extended her hand, her fingers brushing against the zipper of his sleeper. The soft sound of the zipper being drawn down seemed to underscore the weight of the situation. With a gentle yet purposeful motion,  damp nappy that clung to him was exposed.

Will's breath caught in his throat as he felt the cool air of the room touched his skin, the contrast with the warmth of the nappy jarring and uncomfortable.

His heart raced, his body tensing as he braced himself for what was to come. The anticipation hung heavy in the air as Audrey's practiced hands moved to undo the tapes of the nappy, each one pulled away with a soft, deliberate sound.

As the nappy was peeled away from his body, the cold air sent a shiver down his spine, making him acutely aware of his nakedness. His skin tingled as the exposed areas adjusted to the change in temperature.

With a careful touch, Audrey began to cleanse his crotch and private parts, her movements thorough yet gentle. The sensation of the wet wipes against his skin was both familiar and unsettling.

His eyes closed involuntarily as his mind wandered to the implications of his situation. The prospect of wearing a nappy full time loomed before him, a constant reminder of his perceived inadequacy.

With the removal of the nappy, a fleeting moment of tension hung in the air as Will braced himself. Given the discussions he had had with Mr Thompson earlier, he had anticipated being promptly put into a fresh nappy. However, Audrey's next words surprised him and offered a glimmer of relief.

"Will, va prendre ta douche," Audrey instructed softly, her voice a mixture of reassurance and guidance.

The word 'douche' registered in his mind, and he nodded in response, feeling a mixture of emotions – gratitude for the reprieve from the nappy and a twinge of nervousness about what would happen afterwards. With a hesitant yet purposeful stride, he made his way to the shower.

The water felt warm as it cascaded down his body, the droplets soothing his skin and relaxing his tense muscles. As he stood under the spray, his thoughts began to wander.

The events of the day replayed in his mind like a relentless loop – the conversations, the discomfort of the nappy, the encounter with Mr Thompson, and the overwhelming feeling of embarrassment and resignation about his fate.

He couldn't shake how he felt about being treated like a child, a sentiment that mingled with the unease of not being able to effectively communicate his thoughts and emotions to his host family.

As the water washed away the soap and the tension from his body, Will found a brief moment of solace. The sound of the water, the steam filling the air, and the sensation of being clean offered a temporary respite from his worries. He allowed himself to linger in that moment, embracing the calmness that the shower provided.

He dried himself off and walked back into his room, where a small yet significant surprise awaited him. Laid out on the bed was a pair of underwear, neatly folded, the fabric a reassuring sight. Relief flooded over him as he realized that Audrey wasn't expecting him to wear another nappy.

He picked up the underwear and examined it for a moment, a mix of gratitude and satisfaction warming his chest. This small gesture represented a glimmer of hope. As he dressed himself in the underwear, he couldn't help but smile faintly, his spirits temporarily lifted.

Will walked down the stairs feeling like a "big boy" once more. The cotton underwear he wore provided a reassuring comfort, a small victory in a sea of recent uncertainties.

As the afternoon passed, Will was pleased when he asked to go and play tennis with Karim and Guillaume. Embracing the opportunity, he excitedly went and got changed before following them outside to the tennis court.

As they rallied back and forth, Will felt a strange feeling in his stomach that he couldn't put his finger on. It was sensation he hadn't often experienced. While he had had more than his share of bladder issues, his bowels had generally been reliable, by his own standards. So, he didn't give the subtle rumble much thought, dismissing it as a fleeting discomfort.

At the same time as his stomach rumbling, there was a growing need from his bladder to make it to the toilet. He knew that he should stop playing and run inside but he was having too much fun. In all of the excitement, he underestimated the strength of his need for the bathroom and overestimated the strength of his bladder, as he disregarded his body's signals and continued to play.

He ran, he lunged, and he chased the ball with an intensity that he hadn't felt in a while. The sun on his skin, the breeze in his hair – it was a taste of normalcy that he had been craving.

In the heat of the match with Karim and Guillaume, the discomforts were forgotten. Will felt alive, his feet agile, his focus sharp. An hour passed and immersed in the excitement of the match, Will was like a toddler lost in playtime, too caught up in the fun to remember his basic needs.

But soon all the water he had consumed during those drink breaks started to catch up with him. As he lunged for a volley, he felt his bladder give way unexpectedly and a sudden warmth spread through his shorts. He froze in shock as the dark patches expanded quickly, and a small puddle formed beneath him on the court.

Guillaume stopped mid-rally, his eyes widening as he stared at Will's shorts. Reality struck Will like a ton of bricks. Dropping his racquet, he bolted toward the gate, his face flushed with embarrassment and pee continuing to run down his legs.

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  • Back to Babyhood changed the title to The French Exchange (Chapter 24 - UPDATED 17/09)

There was a lost opportunity! I can’t imagine Audrey will be giving him any more chances.  Will had his chance and failed. He doesn’t even need to try arguing anymore. He sealed his fate. 
Great chapter, I am looking forward to the next one. 

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  • Back to Babyhood changed the title to The French Exchange (Chapter 27 - UPDATED 10/12)

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