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Hi everyone, 

So I've been a lurker for years. Reading your stories, a little jealous sometimes at certain scenarios. I love writing but never had the courage to write ABDL stories. Today I just felt like trying and made my own account to publish. English is not my native language, constructive criticism and ideas are always welcome.  If you guys like it, I will definitely continue. 

Nina ":) 



The sun was finding it's way through the half open blinds, small beams of light peaking through on the early Monday morning. The first sign of hopefully good weather today, not that they wouldn't go out if there was chance of rain but for an outside activity it surely was a plus. The bedroom was quiet, except for the soft snoring of a young man. Next to his sleeping form was a woman, just a few years his senior. She had been awake for several minutes already but hadn't moved yet, she was content with just looking at her sweet for now.

He had cradled himself against her, the head full of dark brown curls nestled against the woman's bosom and his hand holding onto the fabric of the pink nighty she was wearing. The other one held a grip onto a stuffed red panda, his favourite animal. His light snores wear still heard, but the pacifier in his mouth continued to move up and down every now and then as he suckled. He also was content.

This new dynamic had been going on for seven weeks now, they had been together for two and a half. But they had both missed something in it, well, Jessy mostly. A mother. Esmee had always cared for him, right from the start she nurtured him a little more then a girlfriend probably should have. But that's what he needed, someone to tell him what do, make his decisions. It gave him structure, less stress and she was more then happy to see him blossom in life because of that. She was his partner but also his mama now.

In the last seven weeks there had been changes, obviously all in agreement. Some he was unsure about, like the bedroom across the hall being turned into his nursery. He liked the big bed, loved snuggling with his Mama as he slept. But there he was all alone with just his panda, so for now they agreed only naps were to be taken in his crib.

Diapers on the other hand hadn't been much of a problem. He was naturally a little lazy, so the diapers were introduced as the perfect solution for gaming, no potty breaks needed. Jessy liked his diapers, the infantile underwear felt nice and thick. And his Mama always gave him bum pats when they snuggled, those were the best.

With every drop of motherly love Esmee gave Jessy the last seven weeks, he became a different person. He slept better, was less anxious and just in general much happier being her little boy. There was only one thing that he struggled with most, outside. Jessy had no trouble being his Mama's boy inside, but out of the house? What if friends saw him, family? Or if a stranger noticed the bulge of the thick pampers? The thought on it's own made him physically ill. What if they noticed?

Esmee understood, but this dynamic they had, she liked it too. More then she was willing to admit and she wasn't just going to 'play house' at the house. So every now and then she would take him with her on errands, just small ones. Dressed in shorts a size too big, a clear white onesie underneath that was snapped closed at the crotch, the tight fabric against his thick diapers and a striped red and white t-shirt to hide it under.

They would wander through the grocery store, one that was two towns away from theirs. She would hold his hand, like any mother that wouldn't want their child to wonder off. Jessy would toddle next to her, his legs splayed apart because of the underwear. And he was quiet, with a faint little blush on his cheeks as Esmee walked through the store with him, occasionally patting his crinkling behind, reminding Jessy of his status.

And with every small outing the young man had with his Mama, he felt more relaxed. It was only a small routine trip after all, she was there, making sure he was alright and taken care of. On the last trip he even emptied his bladder, right there in the baby isle as Mama was getting new wipes.

But today would be different, today they were going to the zoo.

Jessy was excited to see the red pandas, but the realisation that it was a full day out made him anxious. And when he was anxious, he became a fussy little boy. He didn't listen or cleaned up his toys. To top it all off, Mama made him lunch and he purposely tossed it on the floor. Yesterday evening they were supposed to go out for dinner with friends, the first time in a full week he would be out of diapers and in a pull up. Mama made him wear those just to be sure. But she had canceled it because of his behaviour, told them they couldn't make it.

And when Mama announced that, Jessy threw his PlayStation controller on the ground in anger. As it collided against the black tiles, the back came off and the controller glided away to the other side of the living room. Seeing the state of the item he immediately regretted it, more reason because it been a gift. Mama had pulled some serious strings to get it for him when it came out, it was hard to get but she managed and here he was throwing it around.

Esmee wasn't going to punish him for his behaviour, she knew what the real source of the behaviour was. Not to mention that the guilt was already written over his face before the controller had come against the ground. His cheeks were now red, glistering of tears in his eyes as he looked up slowly, even Jessy was embarrassed at his own childish tantrum. So she took his hand, deciding that an early bedtime and some extra motherly love was in order.

Now here they were the next morning, Jessy cradled against his loving Mama as he dreamed of red pandas with diapers on.

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Hi everyone, 

Thank you for the likes and comment.  Constructive criticism and ideas are always welcome. 

Tell me what you think! 

Nina ":) 

Chapter 1

Getting ready


Mama planted soft kisses on the top of his head and with her free hand she rubbed Jessy's back, occasionally moving down further to pat his behind lovingly. He was stirring, eyes fluttering a little as she whispered a 'good morning' to him. A little grunt and crinkle was heard as he wiggled around to stretch his muscles, a deep exhale through the nose before he continued to suckle on his pacifier. He nestled himself against her bosom again, letting Mama play with his dark curls as he was now slowly waking up. ''Did you have a good sleep, sweetheart?'' She questioned.

Jessy nodded in response, still unsure on how to act after his little tantrum. Mama wasn't mad, she had told him so before bed. There had been a lot of snuggling and confirmations. She promised that they would have fun tomorrow, that there was nothing to worry about and Mama would take care of everything. Just to check if he remembered certain animals which Jessy thought was silly because of course he did, Mama read him a bed time story about the zoo. He had calmed down after that, more relaxed at the idea of going out for a full day.

''Are you excited to see the animals, baby?'' Mama asked, wrapping one of his brown locks around her finger.

Jessy nodded once again, unable to find his voice for the moment. He wiggled a little more around to get comfortable, now noticing the heavy diaper between his legs. He didn't think any longer about it then a second, Mama would take care of it. He was a little ashamed that he got accustomed so quickly but he liked it, not having to worry about going to the bathroom. He still had full control, but just didn't care and emptied his bladder whenever he felt like it. It made everything easier. Now when he played Minecraft he didn't have to stop or when he was watching a movie there wasn't a reason to pause it. Mama checked him regularly, in the beginning she asked but now she just stuck her hands between his legs or felt his behind.

''And which animal are you excited about to see the most?''

Now that caught his attention because there obviously was one animal that was the main reason of their trip today.

Jessy lifted his priced possession that had been held tightly the whole night, the red panda. He showed it to Mama and in case she forgot what it was called he announced it's name. ''Panda.'' He said, smiling slightly from behind the large pacifier. He was beginning to feel a little more at ease again as he talked about his favourite animal.

''The black and white one?'' Mama raised her eyebrows, a little smile creeping on her face.

'''No...'' He held the stuffed animal a little higher, inches away from Mama's face. ''Red Panda!''

''Right! How could I forget?'' Mama gently pushed with her face against the stuffed animal, moving it out of the way to give her little boy a kiss on the forehead.

Her lips against his skin, even if it was only his forehead made his whole body tingle with love.


Since they both needed to get ready Esmee found it the most wise idea that she would go first, less chance of Jessy making a mess of himself before they even had the chance to leave the house. With the bathroom door open that was connected to the master bedroom she could keep an eye on him. As she stood under the endless stream of water she had perfect sight of her boy on the bed. Jessy had his legs splayed apart, a little bit of stomach showing as Esmee had unsnapped the green onesie to check his diaper. The fabric was now loose and had crawled up a bit, his saggy underwear in full view as he suckled on the bottle of formula she had made for him.

The boy his brown eyes were glued to the iPad that stood on the nightstand. Esmee had turned on his favourite cartoon show, it was about a family of dogs and their daily lives. Hadn't it been for the shower, she probably would have heard Jessy hum the theme song.

Jessy watched his Mama move around. He was perfectly content suckling on the bottle, something he hardly was allowed to do himself nowadays. Mama always gave him his bottles, but now because it was more convenient he was allowed. ''Two hands.'' she instructed as she gently pressed the nipple in his mouth, if she saw otherwise it would definitely be the last time, convenient or not.

The second episode of Bluey was halfway through when Mama announced it was time to get ready, Jessy grunted a little in response and wiggled in disagreement. ''But Mama its not finished.'' His voice contained a small whine but Mama didn't care, there was work to be done. She grabbed the iPad, turning it off. ''You can watch it in the car, love.'' She said, laying it back on the nightstand.

With a little bit of reluctance Jessy did as he was told and got off the bed, as their activity was coming closer stalling didn't seem like such a bad idea. He really wanted to see the red pandas, but now as he felt the saggy diaper between his legs, the boy wasn't so sure anymore. He suckled nervously on his pacifier while Mama guided him to the bathroom. She had made Jessy a bath and with a good amount of bubbles, just as he liked it.

''Let's get you out of that.'' Mama pulled the tapes loose, removing the diaper from between his thighs as he stood next to the bath. The cool air against his bare skin felt nice, the weight around his waist now gone. ''You definitely soaked this one, honey.'' Mama commented as she rolled up his used underwear. Jessy could feel a faint blush creeping upon his cheeks but said nothing, in response he suckled even harder on the rubber nipple in his mouth.

Next she helped him out of the onesie and laid it aside before leading him into the bath. The water was the perfect temperature, he instantly felt his body relax as he slid under the water. He exhaled softly, closing his eyes for a moment as he hid in the bubbles. ''That nice, huh.'' Mama smiled at him, ruffling his hair a little before grabbing the washing cloth.

She made quick work of getting him clean, something Jessy wasn't used to. Usually Mama played with him or at least scattered the bath with toys but today he only got his little Superman ducky to play with, nothing more. As he was scrubbed thoroughly Jessy played with his ducky, Mama didn't ask for any help. She just moved him around as she pleased and that made him even feel smaller, his whole mindset shifted even if it was temporary, the zoo for a moment forgotten. The boy mindlessly started babbling behind his pacifier as he played with the plastic item. Mama just cooed back at him in return, praising him for his behaviour as she rinsed him off. ''Such a good boy.''


They nursery had been big step and maybe a little quick but the two extra shelves in the closet weren't doing it anymore. With every passing week Esmee bought items for her little boy, necessities if you will. More onesies, t-shirts, age appropriate shoes and of course diapers. When the last box on the shelve was full, she decided that Jessy needed his own room. But her little boy wasn't sure about it. Especially the crib, he didn't like it. It felt like a permanent change in their relationship, like the big bed was only hers and he had been pushed off. So for now he only had naps in it, nothing more.

The changing table on the other hand had been a great idea, mostly for Esmee's back. She had bought two large Ikea chest of drawers, those combined together were perfect in length as a changing table. Not to mention all the space for Jessy's changing items, having everything in reach made it all much easier. She had ordered the custom made plastic changing cushion online, it was light blue just as the walls. So now he laid there for every change, including now.

His cheeks were still a little rosy because of the warm bath and combined with his damp curls he looked incredibly sweet. Esmee had grabbed his stuffed panda on the way out of the bedroom, now Jessy was holding it closely again as he still suckled on his pacifier. He truly was adorable. She couldn't help it and leaned over him, smelling the baby shampoo. ''You're such a cutie.'' She kissed his face multiple times, making him squirm and giggle in response.

''Alright, let's get you ready baby.''


From the first drawer Esmee grabbed a 'normal' diaper and unfolded it. She could feel Jessy's eyes on her, inspecting the material she grabbed. She had some tricks up her sleeve for today but at this moment it was about making her boy feel comfortable. The diaper she choose was for light wetting, it wasn't as thick or loud which would be good for now. It was an adorable one nonetheless, baby blocks in soft pastel colours were plastered on the front.

With a little effort Esmee grabbed Jessy by his ankles, gently folding his legs towards his stomach so his behind was lifted, she slid the diaper underneath perfectly. After several weeks she definitely had gotten the hang of it. The little boy his legs automatically splayed apart afterwards, he truly knew the routine. Esmee spread the white powder in copious amounts on his skin, back and front before taping his new underwear shut. After she was done the room definitely smelled like it belonged to a small child.

''Clothing time, baby.''


Jessy patiently waited on the changing cushion as Mama grabbed his clothes from the closet. He wiggled slightly in his clean underwear, even though it wasn't as thick as the diapers he normally wore it still felt nice and secure. He was glad Mama had listened to him, with these diapers he didn't mind going out. Silently he played with his stuffed panda, making the animal walk on his bare chest. Maybe he could look for another stuffed animal at the zoo, his Panda needed a friend.

''Are you making him dance, sweetheart?''

Mama's voice broke the spell, his gaze shifted from his stuffed animal to her and then to the clothing she was carrying. His heart skipped a beat at the sight of the items, the blood rushing to his cheeks. ''Mama, noo...'' He whined from behind his pacifier, laying his head down in frustration. This wasn't the deal at all, but it seemed that Mama didn't care! The first thing he spotted was the light yellow onesie, it had tiny baby brown bears scattered all over it. It was one he only wore inside the house and now Mama was going to make him wear it to the zoo!

''No one will see, honey.'' She replied, her voice still sweet as ever. ''It goes underneath your clothes.''

That didn't matter! What if he bended and his shirt rides up? Everyone would see.

Jessy shook his head, his cheeks now fiery red as Mama came closer with the onesie. He was definitely looking like a toddler who was having a tantrum but the boy didn't care. ''No...'' He grunted, squirming as Mama guided his head through the hole. But Mama wasn't fazed, she continued to help him into the infantile material while cooing at him, pretending she didn't hear his disagreements. ''White one.. Mamaa...'.'' He called out as a last resort, unsure on what do any further. But Mama snapped the onesie closed, his fate was sealed.

''There in the wash, Jessy.'' Mama leaned forward, brushing his curls out of his face before kissing his warm forehead. ''It's okay, no one will notice.''

With those last words Mama continued and for the boy there was nothing else to do but accept it. He was still not fully calmed down, with every now and then a grunt was heard between the suckles on his pacifier. Mama ignored his behaviour and went on with dressing him, a green t-shirt with a teddy bear at the front and some light blue denim shorts.

Jessy noticed they were new but didn't think much about it, they were even a little more comfy then his normal denim shorts. The elastic waistband made it much more comfortable and more importantly from what he could tell while sitting on the cushion, his diaper was barely noticeable. It easily could have been a wrinkle in the fabric. That definitely made him feel better. His mood lightened once again. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad after all.

The last thing that Mama got for him were his shoes, white Velcro sneakers. Mama had said those were far more easy for him, shoes with laces were too difficult. Not that it mattered since Mama always put his shoes on. He didn't need to know.

''There we go.'' Mama cooed as she helped him off the changing table. ''That doesn't look too bad, does it?'' She smiled widely at him, gently pulling him into the direction of the full length mirror that hung next to the closet. Jessy spotted his reflection, he looked normal? Well besides the pacifier of course. The t-shirt he was wearing wasn't actually just a teddy bear, it was a Ralph Lauren t-shirt. The brand's character, so for the adult eye not childish at all.

He spotted the slightest bulge in his shorts, but if he walked you definitely didn't see. And the velcro shoes were just plain white. Maybe he would blend in?

Mama leaned a little to the side and patted his behind with a smile, no crinkles heard. As her reflection came into view as well Jessy realised that next to Mama he did look like a giant toddler. Mama was dressed in tight black biker shorts, a loose beige hoodie and white Nike sneakers. Her dark brown hair was neatly combed and up in a high ponytail, she looked so much more like an adult then he did. A shot of jealousy ran through him.


To bring back her little boy in a happier state of mind Esmee decided that he could finish his episode of Bluey. As there were still certain things to pack for their day she had settled him on the sofa with his panda, iPad on the coffee table as he drank a bottle of watered down apple juice. She kissed his forehead, telling him he could stay there until they left. Jessy nodded, eyes glued to the screen and suckled further on his bottle, two hands as instructed.

For their day out Esmee had bought a new black leather tote bag, big enough to carry the necessities that were needed while going out with a full grown toddler. She had packed several diapers, wipes, a new pacifier, powder and some snacks. Just to be sure she also put in some clean shorts, but those could stay in the car. She was confident they wouldn't be needing those today, but it was better to have them in the parking lot then at home.

After putting the bag in the car and  an iced coffee in the holder for herself, Esmee went back to get her little boy. He was right on the spot where she had left him, his bottle empty next to him as he had switched it out for his pacifier, unknown to Esmee his diaper a little soggier. Esmee took the bottle and filled it up with applejuice before closing the plastic lid on top so it was secure for their drive to the zoo.

''Come on, honey.'' She said, entering the living room again. ''Time to see the red pandas.'' Jessy his head perked up from behind the side of the couch, he still looked unsure but definitely a little more relaxed then before.

With iPad and the bottle held against her chest with one arm, she guided Jessy to the garage with her other free hand. Esmee opened the backseat door of the black SUV, revealing the booster seat she had gotten for her boy. Just to get him feel a little bit smaller. She had thought about a full car seat and how adorable he would look strapped in, but that would be too much for Jessy now.

''But Mama, I wanna sit with you.'' He said, voice containing a whine. He hadn't spotted the booster just yet.

''You're too little to sit at the front, sweetheart.'' Esmee replied without skipping a beat. She leaned over the seat, laying down his bottle and iPad next to it.

As Esmee moved back, he saw the booster seat and cried out even more, childishly stamping his foot at the sight of the new item. ''Mama, noo..''

Esmee said nothing, just gently pushed him forward and helped him in the car, patting his behind before he sat down. His cheeks were once again a rosy red. ''There we go.'' She cooed, leaning forward to fasten his seatbelt. ''All ready to go.'' Jessy grunted again in response as he wiggled around. She noticed his feet dangled slightly above the ground, just an inch or two because of the extra height but it added even more cuteness to the image he presented.

He suckled on the nipple in his mouth and took the iPad from Esmee so he could continue watching his shows. Now tucked with the panda under his arm and the iPad in his hands Esmee shut the door, with the tainted window glass she could barely see him now.

With a smile she got behind the wheel, the engine roaring as she turned the car on. Just before the garage door opened she moved the rear view mirror, perfectly adjusted so she could see her baby in the backseat.

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  • Fariello changed the title to New Dynamics (Updated 5-8)

Minecraft seems wildly hilariouly inapropriate game for such a little boy. Minecraft has all kinds of scary things that will eat you. Hot Wheels Unleashed game seems more approiate just racing cars around no face eating monsters. But  This seems more appropriate distraction for him if throws it just make fun rattle sounds and bounce. Bright Starts Oball Rattle & Roll Sports Race Car Toy Push and Go Vehicle, Easy Grasp, Ages 3 Months +, Blue . :)https://www.amazon.com/Oball-Haut-ball-Rattle-81559/dp/B00S6YGF0G What little boy does't love playing with cars :)

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3 hours ago, Sarah Penguin said:

Minecraft seems wildly hilariouly inapropriate game for such a little boy. Minecraft has all kinds of scary things that will eat you. Hot Wheels Unleashed game seems more approiate just racing cars around no face eating monsters. But  This seems more appropriate distraction for him if throws it just make fun rattle sounds and bounce. Bright Starts Oball Rattle & Roll Sports Race Car Toy Push and Go Vehicle, Easy Grasp, Ages 3 Months +, Blue . :)https://www.amazon.com/Oball-Haut-ball-Rattle-81559/dp/B00S6YGF0G What little boy does't love playing with cars :)

That is definitely a better option for throwing around. ;) 

Slowly we’re going to get rid of the console.

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1 hour ago, Fariello said:

That is definitely a better option for throwing around. ;) 

Slowly we’re going to get rid of the console.

With a massive red panda themed baby bouncer covered with 3 month old at the oldest baby toys everywhere baby  can reach? :)

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  • 3 months later...

Hi everyone,

So this update is months late, I broke my arm and had Corona. So that kept me busy.

Thank you for the likes and comments. Constructive criticism is always welcome.

Tell me what you think!

Nina ':)

Chapter 2

Gas station


Mama had turned on her favorite radio station, the music wasn't too loud but enough for it to be heard from the backseat. Jessy had always liked certain bands as Metallica and Kiss, Mama liked anything 2020 pop related hits. Not that it mattered anymore, Mama only let him listen to nursery rhymes now. Usually when he played in the living room with his toys she would put them on, in the beginning he didn't like it but now he hummed and mumbled the words when the tunes were played.

The scenery had changed after several minutes, they weren't in town anymore but on the highway now. The small buildings had disappeared and now they were on the busy grey road. It was still a Monday morning so there was bound to be a little bit of traffic. Jessy didn't mind, he had his tablet to entertain himself with. Mama had made a special Netflix account for him, one where he could play all kinds of cartoons that were appropriate for him nowadays.

The boy wiggled in his seat, the snugness reminding him he was on the booster. He was still angry about that, but there wasn't much to be done about it now. Jessy felt even smaller because of the new object, especially combined with the thickness between his legs. His bladder was already giving signals again and without too much thought he let himself go, the warmness spreading around his crotch as he watched Bluey.


''How's my boy?''

All of a sudden Jessy was sucked out of his show, the spell broken by Mama's voice. In all honesty, he was a little disoriented after watching the episodes. So when Jessy looked up and saw the car had come to a stop he was a little confused. His brows knitted together as he looked around, this wasn't the zoo. It was a gas station. A deserted one at that, the parking lot was empty, only one car besides theirs was there.

He hadn't seen this one before, were they even on route to the zoo? How had he all missed this?

''I need a coffee so I figured we could stop here, would you like a snack sweetheart?''

That immediately shoved the questions to the far back of his mind. He only had his bottle of formula this morning, even if it was quite filling Jessy wasn't going to pass down a sugary snack. The boy kicked his feet in excitement against the back of the passenger seat, the pacifier dropping out of his mouth as he smiled widely. ''Chocolate please!''

''That's what I thought.'' Mama smiled in response and turned off the engine, the music coming to an abrupt stop. She got out of the car and made her way to his side, opening the door. The excitement from a mere second ago burned down quickly as the boy realized Mama was bringing him with her. He looked down at his shorts, there was nothing to see but a small crinkle in the fabric, but Jessy knew and what if someone saw? Today's events were suddenly very real.

''Mama..'' He whined, letting his curly head fall against the backseat. Childishly he pulled at the end of his t-shirt, trying to make sure it would hide the upper part of his shorts. Unknown to Jessy the back of his t-shirt was riding up, the yellow onesie with bears coming into view.

''Oh baby.'' She cooed, undoing the seat belt. And just like Mama always knows, she knew the reasons for the sudden change in behavior now as well. ''It's alright.'' Mama leaned forward, placing several little kisses on the top of his dark curls as she spoke to him in a loving tone. ''You're with Mama, let's find you something yummy, love.''

She grabbed his hand and Jessy realized Mama wasn't going to let him stay safely hidden in the car. Hesitantly he let Mama help him out of the booster seat, he gave his stuffed animal once last look before stepping out of the car. Jessy needed his little red panda for comfort, but there was no way that he was bringing it.

When his feet hit the ground of the parking lot Mama complimented him for being such a good boy. That made him feel a little better, but it wasn't enough to calm his nerves. Jessy held Mama's hand tightly and let her lead him towards the gas station. Blood rushed to his cheeks as he now really felt the weight between his legs, with emptying his bladder two times already the material was a lot heavier and it made him waddle.

That made him feel even smaller.


The gas station was not right next to the highway, it was a little off route and that was exactly why Esmee had chosen it. It wasn't as busy, heck it was practically deserted. It was the perfect place to let her boy feel a little smaller before they would arrive at their destination. The only other car besides theirs was a Toyato Aygo parked right next to the small building, that gave Esmee the impression it was from the older man behind the counter. He was the only one inside. He waved politely as she and Jessy entered, her little boy behind her as she held his hand.

Esmee returned the wave, smiling in his direction before they disappeared behind the tall shelves. It was time for some coffee, but first she wanted to find Jessy a snack. The shelves were filled with various items, not even all of it was drinks and food. Diapers, wipes, chargers, small toys, even clothing. The bare necessities one would need if traveling with the car.

''Alright baby, what would you like?''

Esmee turned around towards her boy, hands still entwined together. He stood close to her, a faint rosy color plastering his cheeks while looking at her with the slightest pout. She could tell he was still nervous but she wasn't going to respond to it. Jessy needed to learn that being her little boy wasn't going to be just around the house. This day out was a perfect activity to help him become more comfortable with his new role and status. If she could enforce certain things today then everything else would be a walk in the park afterwards.

''Chocolate..'' He mumbled, pointing at the right shelve. It was filled with various sugary sweets, bright packaging everywhere.

As Esmee guided Jessy to the shelve she realized he was waddling a little more then he did before. She hadn't paid much attention when they were walking towards the gas station. Was he already in need for a change? She would find out for herself. As Jessy was scanning the shelves for his chocolaty snack, Esmee found it the perfect opportunity to check his underwear. With no one in sight the woman leaned forward, pressing with her hand against the front of Jessy's crotch. The shorts weren't that thick, it was easy to feel the material of the diaper.


He stomped his feet a little, just to enough to let Esmee know he wasn't liking this. But she ignored him, it was the right idea after all. He was soaked. Esmee knew the diaper Jessy wore was less thicker than his usual ones, but she hadn't expected that it would be at it's max now. It hadn't been more then two hours and he needed a change already. She was fine with letting him wear thinner ones, but this wasn't going to cut it for today.

Their eyes locked again when Esmee looked up, her little boy's cheeks now a crimson pink. The pout now fully shown as he looked at her. He knew what she was going to say and obviously he wasn't ready for it. But Esmee was going to push through, she wasn't going to get her leather seats become dirty because of a cute pout and some adorable curly hair.

''Baby, you're soaked.'' She said lovingly. ''Go pick out your chocolate sweetheart, then Mama will get you clean.''

There was a bigger pout and a stomp on the ground, had they been home chocolate would have been off the table by now. Esmee let it slide, he was nervous and that made him misbehave a little. It didn't matter, she was going to push through whether he liked it or not. ''Jessy, behave.'' With a little pat on his behind she ushered him closer to the shelves. ''Go pick out your chocolate.''

Reluctantly he did as he was told, even if there was a little bit of stalling. The little boy couldn't decide between the Oreo's or the small package of Reese Peanut Cups. He looked at Esmee holding up the two items with his hands and pleaded with his big brown orbs for both. He knew exactly what he was doing.

Inwardly the woman sighed and decided that she would chose her battles carefully today. ''Fine love, you can have both.''

That earned her a smile, a big one at that. ''Thank you Mama!'' He said, to his own surprise a little louder then he meant. Esmee doubted the old man had heard it.

After Jessy had chosen his snacks Esmee made quick work of getting her coffee. She still needed to change her little boy, then it surely was still a forty-five minute drive to the zoo. Just as she thought the old man hadn't heard anything and if he did, well he surely didn't mention it. After paying Esmee wished the man a good day, Jessy stayed silent and focused on the snacks in his hands.

While walking back to the car Jessy was already trying to tear the package, eager to get one of the peanut cups. ''Jessy, no.'' Esmee grabbed his arm, tugging at it gently to prevent him from opening the snack. ''But I want one.'' He whined.

''Not yet, when we're on our way again you can open it sweetheart.''

That made the little boy grunt but he stopped nonetheless.



Esmee had the SUV parked with the trunk of the car against the wide landscapes and trees. The idea was if a car would pass by they wouldn't see a single thing if she would be changing her little boy. She opened the trunk, revealing her leather tote on the right. Besides her bag the trunk was empty and spacious enough for Jessy to lay down, his legs would be dangling over the edge but that was it.

Jessy stood next to her, cheeks a fiery red as he realized what was about to happen. He clutched onto the packages and looked down at his feet for a moment before locking eyes with Esmee again, this time a little pout painting his face. ''Mama..'' He pointed to the car. ''Can we do it inside..please..'' There was a small part of her that wanted to say yes, but she decided against it. Even if the car was quite spacious it wasn't handy, especially with the booster now on the backseat.

''No sweetheart.'' Esmee decided to be short en strict for this part, or else it wasn't going to happen. For now she needed to push through. ''Sit down for me, please.'' With a gentle pat on the trunk she instructed her little boy to come over. Jessy shuffled forward and plopped himself down, the pout still on full display. She kissed the top of his head, burying her face in the curls. ''Good boy.''

Jessy looked up, this time she could spot the glistering in his eyes. ''C-can I have Panda?''

Shit, almost forgot.

''Of course you can baby, gimme a second.''

Quickly Esmee got the beloved stuffed animal from the backseat, including his pacifier. She hadn't thought about his beloved items, those would surely help calm him for now. At least she hoped. When Jessy spotted his Panda he immediately reached out for it and when it was returned he hugged it tightly, the pacifier was also gently pressed between his lips. Esmee stood in front of him, letting him have a moment as she got the necessities out the bag. She would get his diaper out when it was needed, there was no need for a ruckus yet.

''You ready, sweetheart?''

Jessy nodded and slowly laid down, still unsure but there was not so much choice left for the little boy. He clutched his Panda tightly to his chest, the pacifier bobbing up and down as he quietly suckled on it. His feet dangled freely in the air, the white Velcro shoes making it even more cute. Esmee's heart skipped a beat at how adorable he looked, she smiled at the sweet image he made.

''Alright, let's get you clean baby.''

The new shorts Jessy was wearing were specifically bought for their outing today. The denim shorts had snaps from the crotch area till the end of the shorts. They were hidden behind an extra layer of fabric. The whole idea was made for easy changing, now Esmee didn't have to take them off. One by one she undid the snaps, the teddy bear onesie coming into view. It did it's best to keep the saggy material snug against her boy.

Jessy wasn't paying attention to what Esmee was doing, not even to the open shorts. He was focused on his little Panda, the animal stood on Jessy's chest and he was softly petting it's head. Esmee decided not to say anything and continue the process. Next was the onesie where she also undid the snaps, once that was open the diaper drooped between the little boy his legs. It was soaked to the fullest, it definitely hadn't been a good choice.

Next came the tapes, those ripped off quite easily and with the diaper falling open between his legs Jessy splayed them apart automatically. ''Such a good boy.'' Esmee cooed while grabbing the package of wipes. The woman grabbed out several and took her time with cleaning up Jessy, making sure every nook and cranny was spotless before lifting up his legs and pulling the soaked underwear away from his behind.

Jessy continued to suckle on his pacifier, his cheeks still a crimson color but he was more relaxed while playing with his Panda, the stuffed animal now walking over his stomach. Now it was time for his clean underwear, this was going to be the most difficult part of it. Esmee had brought several diapers, including one that Jessy had worn this morning. Other then that there were three normal ones that he usually wore when they were home. A lot thicker and louder with the crinkling plastic. Esmee had brought them just to be sure. But it seemed they were deemed to be a lot more necessary then she had imagined.

It was going to cause some resistance, that she surely knew.

Without saying a word Esmee pulled the diaper out of the tote, the material thick and layered with shiny plastic that had animals scattered over it. She unfolded the crinkling material, still staying silent as she watched Jessy like a hawk. But the boy still didn't notice, he had decided to focus on his animal since he laid down and the spell wasn't broken yet.

With her right hand Esmee grabbed the little boy his ankles, gently pushing them towards his stomach to raise his behind. Obviously it was done with some strength but she managed nonetheless. With her free hand she slid the thick material under his behind, making sure it was perfectly placed in the middle before putting his legs down once again.

Maybe it was the thickness or the crinkling of the material but the spell had been broken, her little boy was paying attention now. He turned his head to the side and spotted the outline. The colorful animals were seen and Jessy knew exactly what had happened. His eyes widened, realization kicking in. ''Mama, no,no,no,no!'' He kicked the back of his shoes against the car, a childish whine escaping as he did so.

Surely Esmee had seen some outbursts but never something like this. Was this the moment to correct him or did she need to pull through?

''I don't wanna!'' The pacifier made him lisp, it was actually quite cute but the focus wasn't on that now. Esmee had expected him to sit up but he clutched his Panda tightly in his hand and wiggled around.

Well, pull through it is.

''The other one doesn't hold enough, sweetheart.'' Esmee said, grabbing the baby powder. She scattered it in copious amounts on his private area, leaving his behind for what it was for now with the movement going on. Jessy continued to wiggle, his face still red but she knew this wasn't because he was feeling embarrassed, he was angry. ''I know baby, I know.'' Esmee pulled up the front of the diaper, the thick material was quite different compared to his previous underwear.

Even with the wiggling, the whines and grunts Esmee managed to tape the diaper snug around the boy's waist. Next was the onesie, this time it was fully stretched out when Esmee had closed it with the snaps, the material not even fully covering the diaper. Some animals were poking through left to right.

While Esmee was closing the chrome snaps of the shorts Jessy had quieted down a bit. He knew the battle was lost but made sure Esmee knew he was anything but pleased. Every now and then there was a kick and a whine but compared to the beginning it was nothing. Though the shorts had been made with diapers in mind, the bulge between his legs was definitely there. And now with his clothes on again, she could see his thighs couldn't even touch with the thick material between them. When the boy laid like this there was no mistake that he was wearing the infantile underwear. She leaned forward, gently pulling him in upright position again so that he was seated once again. The bulge was now even more noticeable, his legs were splayed apart and the outline told it all. To Esmee he looked adorable.

''Come here, baby.'' She cooed, pulling him in her embrace. Even if he was angry Jessy wasn't going to miss out on a cuddle, Esmee knew that. The little boy leaned in, resting his head against her breasts as he continued to suckle on his pacifier. Esmee showered him with kisses on the top of his head while rubbing his back lovingly. ''It's going to be fine, sweetheart.''

''Everyone will s-see..'' The little boy said, nuzzling in closer. There was no lie in that, they would probably see. But would they pay attention more then five seconds? Doubtful. ''Everyone is busy with themselves, love.'' Esmee could feel the tension leaving his body as she continued to rub his back. ''We're going to have lots of fun, I promise.'' Jessy nodded, in response Esmee let out a small sigh of relief and embraced him a little tighter. Pushing through was harder then she had thought.


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