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Purpose of flap?

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Stay-Dri brief.  Fourth pic shows a flap extending from the top front of the brief.  I can't figure out what it's for.  Anyone have an idea?


Anyone worn one of these?  


Seller has several sizes for sale.  Different sizes have different pics showing additional information. I think the tag has a URL of www.staydrisystems.com, manufactured by Two Rivers Textiles, and some sizing information.  

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Pics 6 & 7 shows it folded out under the side flaps.

It doesn't seem to make any sense. 


I don't think I'd call these "vintage" as they appear to be post 2000. They also seem to have been alarmed, so that flap might have held the electronics.



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Added more info.
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I would agree they aren't vintage.  Seller also set a high value on them.


I think pic 7 right hand side, shows a side, but part of it is folded under.  I still think the flap starts at center top.  



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Might also be for inserts or boosters. Those things didn't work very well, If I remember correctly. The inner "fluff" is actually polyurathane ( ie plastic) which is non absorbant....why??? I have no clue..I would waste time or money on them...

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