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I know a couple of people here on Daily Diapers follow my work so I just wanted to let everyone know that my newest Ebook is out on Amazon today. Instead of posting the first chapter the way I've done in the past, I thought I would offer an excerpt from the book instead that might be more interesting (seen below.) If you want to read the first chapter for free, you should also be able to do so by clicking the Amazon link above. 

There is a sequel to this Ebook coming out in just a few weeks!


Liz is an attractive, successful 24 year old woman whose boyfriend Cody just moved into her apartment. Liz hoped that Cody moving out of his parents house would help him to grow up but since moving in, he's been nothing but lazy and immature. Now, she has discovered that he has a bedwetting problem. But getting Cody to take some responsibility for his little problem is just the first step in Liz taking control of their relationship.


When Liz returned home from work, her boyfriend Cody was nowhere to be found. The apartment was quiet and Liz figured that her roommate Sophia was probably still at work. Sophia was a waitress so her schedule naturally changed fairly frequently. Walking into the bedroom, Liz groaned loudly. The mattress was still bare. Sure enough, when she went to open the washing machine, the sheets were still there. She had given Cody just one job to do that day: wash the sheets, put them in the drier, and return them onto the bed. He hadn't even done that! While Liz didn't want to chastise Cody for having an accident, it often felt like she did all the household chores in their apartment. Before she could load the sheets into the drier though, there was a knock at the door. It was curious since Liz hadn't been expecting any company. As she opened the door, the visitor greeted her with a smile. 

Kayla. She was Cody's younger sister, three years his junior to be precise but already in college herself. Much like Cody, she had a thin, slender build with brown hair and blue eyes. 

"Hey Kayla, how've you been?" Liz said.

"Great! I just came to drop off that stuff you asked me for." Kayla said, handing Liz a hardcover textbook along with a few notebooks.

"Thanks so much. I appreciate it." 

When Cody had moved in with Liz a few months ago, he had already dropped out of school so he hadn't bothered to take any of his school materials with him in the move. Since Liz had always gotten along pretty well with Cody's sister, she asked her to gather up what few school supplies were left in his room and bring them over. Ever since Cody decided to take a semester off, Liz had been hoping that he would eventually return to school. Though that prospect didn't seem very likely at the moment, Liz was grateful that Kayla had honored her request.

"Do you want to come in?" Liz offered. 

"Sure." Kayla shrugged. 

"Can I get you a drink of something?" 

"How about a beer?" 

"Nice try, missy. I know you're only 19 years old." 

"I was just kidding." she said innocently. 

Wasting no time, Liz returned to pulling out the bedding from the washer and stuffing it into the drier. 

"Ah, I see that my supposedly older brother is still wetting the bed, huh?" Kayla said with a giggle. 

"What do you mean? Did he wet the bed when he lived at your parent's house?" Liz asked.

"Yeah, you didn't know that? Oh my gosh! I can't believe he didn't tell you he wet the bed before moving in with you!"

"Did he do it for a long time?"

"Off and on over the years. For a while, his whole room smelled like pee. That's probably why my mom made him wear diapers to bed."

"Diapers?" Liz asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah, like those old people diapers, you know?" 

"How often did he have accidents at night?" 

"I don't know? I think my mom used a calendar to keep track for a while. Usually it was a couple times a week."

"Did your mom ever take him to see a doctor for it?" 

"Yeah, he went to a urologist a couple years ago. Apparently some small percentage of the adult population still wets the bed. It was something about bladder muscles? I don't remember. Personally, I always thought he was just being lazy." Kayla said with a sneer. 

Liz finished the rest of her conversation with Kayla, then politely showed her to the door and said goodbye. Deep down though, Liz was furious. Before Kayla had come to the door, Liz thought that Cody had experienced a handful of anomalous bedwetting accidents. Now it was clear that Cody had struggled with bedwetting for years, long before the day that he first met Liz! In all that time, he never uttered a word about it. Then even after moving in with her a few months ago, he actively tried to cover it up.

Walking into the bedroom and sniffing the air, Liz could still detect a hint of stale urine. Opening up the pantry, she found Cody's pee soaked boxer briefs. Groaning to herself, she lugged the pantry over to the washer and began sorting the clothes to do a load of laundry. At this point, Liz felt like a working mother with a lazy teenage son... not an adult partner in a long term relationship.

"Hey, girl!" Sophia said, walking in the front door. 

Judging from her black polo shirt and tight blue jeans, Sophia had probably just come from waiting tables.

"Where the hell is Cody? Did he say anything about going out with friends before he left today?" Liz snapped. 

"Well, hello to you too! I think Cody said he had plans this afternoon before he left." Sophia said.

Liz's expression softened.

"I'm sorry, Sophia. I'm not mad at you. It's just been a long day. I asked Cody to put everything in the drier today and he didn't even do that."

"Did that boy pee the bed again?" Sophia asked. 


Sophia said nothing but her facial expressions spoke volumes. Her eyebrows raised and her nose wrinkled. To her credit, Sophia didn't make any of her usual snide comments about Cody, though this time she would have been well within her right to do so. Liz knew that these new revelations weren't going to improve Sophia's opinion of Cody but she wasn't even going to try to defend Cody's actions to her. At this point, she just needed someone to vent to. She needed her best friend. 

"Can we go and get a drink? I'm kind of overwhelmed right now." Liz asked. 

"Sure, girl! It's Friday and I just got paid today. My treat. Let's go."

"What would I do without you?" Liz smiled. 

In the air conditioned wine bar; Liz explained the situation in detail to her best friend. While Sophia usually was loud and opinionated, she could also be a good listener when she knew Liz was stressed out about something. 

"I just want to fix all of this." Liz said, taking a sip of her glass of red wine. 

"Well, the solution is pretty obvious when you think about it." Sophia said. 

"I'm not kicking Cody out and I'm not breaking up with him." Liz said defensively. 

"Chill out, girl. I wasn't going to say that." 


"Yeah, I mean I know that Cody and I don't always get along and if I'm being honest, I think you could do better. But I know you love him and I want to be supportive." 


"But you know you gotta put him back in diapers at night!" 


"Yeah, you said that's what his momma used to do." 

"Cody would never agree to that. The fact that his mom made him wear those things was probably one of the reasons why he moved out of her house. Cody is an adult. I'll just sit down with him and we'll have a reasonable discussion and talk about possible solutions." 

"Fuck all that." Sophia said bluntly. "He ain't acting like an adult. He's acting like a spoiled brat. He had a chance to be an adult and tell you the truth when he moved in. He blew it. Now you're telling me he can't even put the sheets in the drier while you're at work all day?" 

Liz said nothing. It was hard to argue with Sophia's logic. 


To read the full novella, click the link below:



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Have to say I much preferred Together Again #1 and #2. Hoping for #3. ;)

For real. Those were sooo good. Probably my favorites of his since the Summer with Jen series. 

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