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Always My Baby 4-5T Training Pants

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I got these from Food Lion for the cute owl patterns, but they are super small. Very good tapes and elastic, I was able to strech them to fit myself (34 in hips, 26 in waist) but they didnt stay on for more than 30 minutes and only held one wetting. if the elastic was better these would be great. 

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My favorite are "Parents Choice" from Walmart 4T/5T. I also wear Easy-ups, but the Parents Choice fit better. They have re-closable sides and a fade when wet badge. Plus they are adorable. But I cant resist Hello Kitty so I have the Easy-Ups also. I am looking forward to getting the new larger Easy-Ups 5T/6T with Trolls... Here are a few pictures, plenty more in my profile...









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