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Mountain View "Smock" (Toddler Bib)

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Called a "coverall bib" back in its heyday, This is the ULTIMATE  "baby" bib. The only thing more babyish waw rubber panties, followed by "bottle and nippe",  pacifier or rubber sheet

https://www.plastic-pants.com/products/smock.htmlor rubber sheet

Between 10 and 35 years ago, many AB vendors sold an item called a "cobbler bib" or "coverall bib" this was a usually long plastic bib that offered full coverage and tied at the neck and waist. It often extended to the upper thigh, had a "crumb tray" and was made in some print or other. It was sometimes sold with matching panties, or one could get matching panties from the same seller, such as Carolyn's Kids or J.K. Perfect Personal Products.

This was the AB take on a real item. a large toddler bib made of thick milky white plastic with a large design in front. Called a "Cobbler" or coverall" bib, with a matching panty, the AB models created a decent babydoll set since the bib would cover the panties completely if you added some kind of closing method to the hem at the back

However, for the last dozen years or so, they have almost vanished and I have found only one or two on eBay. Well, despair no more: Mountain View Products, aka plastic-patns.com now sells a very similar item called a "smock"

Though it is listed at $45.00 USD, that is a base price. Mine came to $73.00. The price varies with size, material (thickness, color or print), wheter or not you got a crumb catcher pocket, bidning and skhipping. These are custom made to your specifications. Made by Gary, they offer the usual choices in material and appearance. I got the large, thick milky white (the color of the original toddler models), standard binding and crumb catcher pocket

The Mountain View "smock" is more realistic to the original than the AB ones. The AB ones could be paired with matdching panties to make a reasonable babydoll, which I expected of this one. Such was not the case. With the exception of a big design in front, this is more like the toddler bib of 30-36 years past. And is unisex since it does not cover the panties, nor does it have the gussetted sides of the AB bibs that gave them an "A-line' and made them less confining than the toddler bib. They have two fastening points, a snap at the neck and halfway down, ties, which are much too long and need to be trimmed. All in all, this is more like the actual thing. Also it takes a very long time, about 6 weeks, to deliver since it is custom made at the Gary factory
It comes in 3 sizes and several colors and prints. Though the website is called plastic-pants,com, the company is called Mountain View Products

It could also pass for something a little would have for things like fingerpainting or anything that could get messy in about 1952 or later so it does get, with a tailwind, a B+/A- and should be part of every toddler's/Little's kit. Since it would not completely cover the panties, with a thick dipaer and matching panty

  • panties%20show.jpg

and no other clothing, it would be fine sissywear. I may use ming for ordinary purposes like dishwashing or housecleaning and get a frosted clear one that lets my dress/blouse/babydoll show under it which would be a definite A-: Recommended for a number of uses. It would be wonderful if someone could come up with a way to economically make viable decal designs for the front that include names: 'Little ...". for the girls, a dolly with the name or a pink heart with the name inside in gold lettering or a flower with the name under it or superimplsed on it. Another optional design would be "Sissy ..." with some suitable design, like a paci, baby bottle or teddy bear in full-cut panties and a too-short dress: Just the thing to put a nasty little boy in his place. It is a shame they do not make this in the Lollidots material which would be an ideal neutral  motif. Absent the front design, the thick milky white bib is as close to the "real" toddler bib as you are ever going to get, right down to the material and color


When the Frosty Clear ones come in next year, I will put the picture here

    to RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME rating system

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Looked at them. I have no way to estimate the thickness of the material. I have no way to know if it could last or if it is tissue paper thin and fragile. I use 4 mill or more

Also, the Mountain View has AB/Little connotations, being more like the actual toddler bib and other littles' portective ware than the old AB version. The crumb tray also makes a fine pocket

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