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She Punishes Him

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I am reuploading a story I originally found on Wattpad but is no longer available. I am not sure who the author is sorry.

Chapter 1 Meeting Lauren

Derrick parked his car and walked down the cobblestone path. He was nervous. He had met Lauren on a dating website and had talked to her through video chats for the last couple of months. They shared common interests and would chat online most nights sharing secrets, eventually, they became very close. After feeling comfortable enough, they agreed to meet in person at Lauren's house.

As he walked he wondered if his biggest fantasy would come true. He thought about the secret he told her, remembering how difficult it was to say...

"I'm a pretty submissive guy, and my next girlfriend would have to spank me,".

Derrick had never told anyone about his submissive side and his special need for discipline. He remembered how she giggled through the computer screen and called him a bad boy. After that, it was never spoken of again. The thought of that conversation made the blood go straight to his dick. Did she think it was a joke? Or was she actually into it?

He felt butterflies in his stomach as he knocked on the door. It was a yellow house with a big wooden door. He heard footsteps.

Lauren answered with a bright welcoming smile. "Hello, Derrick! It's so nice to meet you in person. Come on in!" 

 Derrick smiled nervously and said hello. Lauren was beautiful and fit, with long brown hair. Derrick followed Lauren into the house. She was wearing tight blue jeans and a grey t-shirt. Derrick couldn't keep his eyes off of her long toned legs.

They went into the kitchen and Lauren made some tea. She offered a cup to Derrick, which he immediately thanked her for. They each wanted to know more about each other. Lauren talked about being a successful business owner, and how lucky she had been to succeed at such a young age. 

Derrick looked up to her as a role model. He was taking part-time classes at the community college, and often struggled with the work. Lauren often encouraged him and helped him with his homework through the video chats. Derrick considered her a caring and supportive friend. After talking in person for awhile, Derrick could feel a special connection growing between them.

Derrick was curious to know if this friendship had any chance to progress into something more. After spending so much time with Lauren online, he figured the least he could do was ask.

Lauren laughed at him. "You have a chance with me Derrick, but we need to talk about what you're looking for in a relationship. I need you to be completely honest with me because I know you're holding something back, and I think we both know what that is"

Derrick froze, and spanking came to mind. He hesitated to respond.

After a long silence, Lauren stood up and put her hand on her hip. She had a serious look on her face but talked calmly "Here's the deal, you can talk to me now or this conversation is over. It can't be that hard, you've already told me about it. If you want a relationship with me than you'll have to be honest."

Derrick looked at his feet and replied in a soft voice "Are you talking about my secret?"

She nodded. "Just tell me what you want Derrick, it's not that difficult."

Derricks cock was hard, and his heart was pounding. "If we have a relationship, I would need to be spanked regularly "

Lauren giggled at him "Good boy Derrick. Luckily for you, I'm a very open-minded girl. I think we need to agree on how to go about doing this. I think we should write it out so we're both on the same page."

Derrick agreed.

Chapter 2 The Agreement

Lauren returned to the table and sat down. "Okay Derrick, if you need to be spanked like a child than we need to know how and why wouldn't you agree?"

Derrick gulped and realized that she wasn't wasting time. He nodded yes to her question.

"Good, and while you're being punished you'll call me Miss Lauren, or just Miss. Do you understand?

"Yes, Miss."

"Good. Now, let's start with some bad behavior that might earn you a spanking. Keep in mind that this list can always be added to over time. I want you to write a list of some of the bad habits that you have. I'll add one now. You told me earlier that you smoke occasionally. From now on, if you smoke, you get spanked. Got it?"

Derricks hard on was about to explode. He replied with another "Yes Miss."

The sheet of paper was titled: Derrick's Punishment Agreement

Under the title, Lauren had written: Behavior that Derrick will be punished for.

Derrick began to write.

1. Smoking

2. Drinking too much

3. Being late

4. Being disorganized

5. Putting off homework

6. Bad grades

8. Talking back

Derrick handed the list over to Lauren.

"I like it so far. I think its a good starting point, although I think I'll add lying to the list. That's something I have absolutely no patience with, and the consequences will be very severe."

Derrick agreed, and they continued.

"Let's move on to how you'll be punished. I personally think that being over my lap will be the most humiliating for you. It's childish and exposing, and I think it will work perfectly. Does that sound fair?"

Derrick was in total shock, Sitting in front of him was his new beautiful girlfriend that was going to spank him and it seemed like she was educated on the matter. He nodded his head and agreed.

She was writing the details and talking at the same time. "I'm glad you agree Derrick, and I'm really glad we found each other. I think this relationship is going to flourish."

Lauren finished writing and looked up at Derrick.

"Now that positioning is out of the way, let's add in the fun stuff.  Anytime you get spanked over my lap i'll start with my hand and then use an implement. In some extreme cases, I'll use the implement for the entire spanking. It might be a hairbrush or a paddle. Is that okay with you?"

"Yes Miss"

"Good, now on to public spankings..."

"Public?" Derrick asked in sudden fear.

"Hopefully it will never occur, but if we're in public and you misbehave then you can expect to be punished immediately."

Derrick grew tense "I think that's a little extreme. People are going to see us!"

"Spankings are supposed to be embarrassing Derrick. But I'll make a deal with you. If you're really bad in public, then yes, you will be spanked on the spot. But if its something minor, then I'll spank you in a private bathroom or in the car. Keep in mind that a spanking at home will always follow. Just make sure you're good in public and we shouldn't have a problem. Okay?"

Derrick thought about being spanked by his girlfriend in public and it made him cringe, but after a lot of convincing, he agreed to her rule.

Lauren reached out and held Derricks' hand. "I'm really happy to have you as my boyfriend. I will be fair and respect you, but if you test me and break these rules, then you can expect a sore ass."

Derrick was overcome with excitement and felt so lucky to have Lauren in his life. He smiled at her and she smiled back.

"Derrick, is there any other punishment or kink that you need to tell me about? Because now is the time to come clean to me about it. It would be easy to add it into our agreement right now."

Derrick said no, but in the back of his mind, there was something else that excited him. He was just too embarrassed to mention it.

By the time they had finished the list, it was 11:30. They soon ended up calling it a night. Lauren Walked Derrick to the door, and they made out on the stoop for a while. Lauren told him to call her tomorrow to make plans. Derrick was eager to see her again and happily agreed. As Derrick began to walk away Lauren planted two smacks on his butt and grinned.

"Be a good boy Derrick!"

Chapter 3 Derrick Breaks a Rule

Derrick called Lauren around 1:00 in the afternoon. It was a dark and rainy summer day and she suggested they watch a movie at her place. Derrick agreed and left his apartment with an umbrella in one hand and his keys in the other.

On the way he was stopped at a traffic light, his dick was hard. He was thinking of which rule he should break and wanted to know how it felt to be butt naked over Lauren's toned thighs. He wondered what she was wearing today, and what she would use to spank him with. He heard the horn of a driver behind him and realized the light was green.

He arrived and knocked on the door. Lauren was happy to see him. They kissed at the door and walked inside. She was wearing tight black sweatpants and a tank top. As they walked through the kitchen Derrick noticed the Punishment Agreement they had worked out last night laying on the counter. Derrick had dreamed of that list and the agreements he made with Lauren. His cock was getting stiff.

Lauren had picked out a romantic comedy and told Derrick to put it in the player while she made popcorn. Derrick saw a perfect opportunity to earn his first spanking.

When Lauren came back with the popcorn she noticed that he hadn't put the movie in. Derrick stood in the center of the living room with an erection and a smile on his face.  "Fuck romantic comedies.  I hate them and I'm NOT going to do what you tell me!"

Lauren giggled at him. She put the popcorn down on the table and crossed her arms with a very feminine no-nonsense stance. "Somebody wants a spanking huh?"

"Yes, Miss." He replied.

Lauren studied Derrick for a moment, then walked over to him and wrapped her arms around his waist and pulled him in close to her. "If a spanking is what you want, then a spanking is what you'll receive. Go into the kitchen and get my wooden spoon out of the drawer by the fridge."

Derrick started for the kitchen and felt the sting of three hard smacks to the center of his butt. He looked back to see Lauren grinning at him.

When he came back to the living room he found Lauren sitting patiently on the center of the couch. She reached up and grabbed Derrick by his waistband and pulled him in front of her.

"Get down on your knees Derrick, we're going to have a little chat first."

Derrick did as he was told. As he was kneeling Lauren scooted forward and split her legs, pulling Derrick into her crotch. Derrick felt small compared to Lauren. She put her hands on his hips and began to speak.

"You broke one of the rules that we agreed on. Do you remember what happens to little boys that break rules?"

Derrick looked up into Lauren's blue eyes and answered. "They get spanked."

"That's right Derrick. You've been a very bad boy,  and I'm afraid I have no other option but to spank you like a naughty child. Now get up, put the spoon on the table, and lay over my lap."

After he put the spoon down he felt Lauren's hand grab his wrist firmly and pull him down over her thighs.

"What a childish position for a boy your age to be in. Do you have anything to say to me before we begin?"

So many thoughts and emotions were going through Derricks' head at that moment. His dick was pressed up against her thighs, and his butt was in the air. The only thing he could say was that he was sorry.

Lauren laughed. "You can give me a proper apology when you're sitting on a freshly spanked butt." She then raised her palm and began smacking his bottom.

Derricks pants and undies were still on which absorbed most of the impact, but after about 200 smacks his butt was really starting to warm up. Lauren was taking her time, and making sure Derrick was feeling as naughty and childish as possible.


"how does it feel."


"To be draped over your girlfriend's lap."


"For a well-deserved spanking?"



Lauren noticed that while she was spanking and scolding, Derrick was rubbing his hard dick against her thighs. She liked the reaction she was getting from him and continued to spank over his pants. After 3 or 4 more minutes, she stopped and rubbed his bottom. She could feel some heat on his plump cheeks.

"Alright naughty pants. Get up and stand in front of me."

Derrick complied. Soon he was standing in front of his girlfriend with his erection pointing towards her.

Lauren grabbed his waistband and slid his pants down to his ankles and told him to step out. She looked at his tighty whities with a grin. "I like your little boy undies. They really suite you Derrick." She quickly spun him around. She could see some redness beginning to creep in on the sit spots, and without warning, she hiked up Derricks undies into his butt crack. 

"AHHHH!" Derrick jumped a bit which made Lauren laugh.

"Oh yeah, those cheeks are getting pretty red. How do they feel right now Derrick?"

Derrick, redder in the face than he was on his butt, responded. "It feels kind of hot, in more ways than one."

Lauren smacked him on his bare wedgied butt 5 times in the same spot. "Obviously you still need a lot more. Get your bottom over my lap, Derrick. You're going to be one sorry boy when I'm finished with you."

With that, she pulled him down to her strong thighs. Derrick could better feel the curves of her lap without his pants, and he was eager to be placed on her lap without any kind of protection. He felt childish and ridiculous being over her lap wearing tighty whities. Lauren had strong thick legs, which aided in propping his butt higher up and making him feel more exposed.

Lauren began to spank after situating him on her thighs. Her rhythm began to pick up. She concentrated on his bare sit spots and gave him breaks by spanking over his childish underwear. Every now and then she would hike up his undies into his butt crack and smack his bare butt a few times. She really liked the effect of the wedgies.

After about 6 minutes of undie spanking, his butt was fairly red. Lauren made sure to rub the fact in. "I think we're making progress, but your cock is still hard. You must really like being spanked. You've been taking this very well so far."

Derrick began to rub his dick on her lap while she held him in position. It felt like dozens of fire ants were biting at his bottom. He especially felt the burn on his sit spots. He came close to exploding on her lap but she made him stop thrusting just in time.

"Alright Derrick, break time's over. It's time to get serious." Lauren grabbed at Derricks waistband. He was expecting another wedgie but instead, she gently pulled them down over his tender butt. The underwear snagged on the tip of his dick and she asked him to lift up for a second so she could correct that. Pretty soon his tighty whities were down to his ankles and he was told to kick them off.

Now Derricks dick was in direct contact with Lauren's sweat pant covered thighs. This is a moment Derrick wishes he could stay in for eternity. The feeling of his spanked bare butt propped up by a beautiful women's lap is a feeling that can't be accurately put into words.

Derrick felt the cool air of the room on his bottom and listened to Lauren's soft voice. He wanted to cum so badly. He started to gently hump her thighs while she spoke to him.

"This is what you get every time you break the rules, Derrick. Now spread your legs."

Derrick felt her hand cup the inside of his thigh, pulling his butt cheeks apart. He felt complete exposure. Lauren could see the back of his scrotum and his little butt hole. She stroked his bum for a few seconds while enjoying the view, then started to spank.


Lauren's rhythm was really picking up, and Derrick began to squirm on her lap. The spanking was starting to sink in for Derrick as he realized that she hadn't even touched the wooden spoon yet. His butt was starting to burn, and he jumped a bit every time Lauren's hand landed in the tender areas of his butt crack and thighs.



"Oh I know it's starting to sting Derrick. You're squirming around a bit more than before."


"You'll just have to try to take your punishment like a big boy."


Lauren laughed at his apology. "I guess spankings aren't all about humping my thighs after all, huh Derrick?"

Derrick groaned and tried his best to keep himself from crying.

Lauren stopped to give him a little break. Derrick felt her reach for the spoon.

"Lauren, wait. I've learned my lesson. Do you think this can just be a hand spanking?"

Lauren laughed at him. "This is why I like to spank Derrick. I decide when it stops, and I can't think of a good enough reason to let you off my lap. Plus, if you remember our little agreement, I mentioned that every time you're over my lap you get spanked with an implement. In this case, it's a wooden spoon. You should be thankful it's not a hairbrush."

"Lauren, please. I'm sorry." Derrick replied in a low pitched and pitiful tone. Derrick felt humiliated and defeated. There was no way out of it.

"You should be sorry Derrick. After all, you did ask for this."

Derrick buried his face in his arms and waited for the spoon to strike.


Lauren brought the spoon down hard, and Derricks' legs began to kick against the couch. She held him firmly.

"You're not getting out of this Derrick. This is a part of your life now and you need to accept that."

By now Derricks dick was getting soft, which increased his embarrassment. He knew that Lauren had noticed. She had him right where she wanted.



Derrick kicked and squirmed violently.

Lauren ignored him. And after about 5 minutes of non-stop and fast-paced spanking with the wooden spoon, she could hear him break down into a sobbing mess. She continued a couple minutes longer, making sure that he knew who was boss.

When she stopped he lay motionless with his face buried in his arms. He was sobbing and breathing heavily.

Lauren stroked his back and rubbed his tender bottom. "I think we're done now, Derrick. I'm not going to lie and tell you I didn't enjoy spanking you, I actually can't wait for you to break another rule."

Lauren helped him off of her lap and told him to sit on her knee. He winced and sobbed as his sore butt made contact with her left thigh. She held him close in her arms like a mother would to a little child. "I care about you so much Derrick, but I DO NOT mess around when it comes to punishment. I hope you keep that in mind the next time you decide to misbehave."

Derrick held onto his girlfriend and told her how sorry he was about the DVD. She meant so much to him.

"I know you didn't mean to insult me earlier Derrick, you were just curious. As a matter of fact, I was expecting that to happen today. I had to be hard on you in order to get my point across. I spank hard Derrick, but it all pays off in the end. You'll see.

After their heart to heart, Derrick was told to stand up and put the movie in. This time he didn't dare give her attitude.

He asked if he could put his pants back on, Lauren said no. "I want to see that red butt of yours for the rest of the day, mister!"

Chapter 4 Secrets Worth Telling

Derrick had ended up sleeping over at Lauren's house. He awoke on the same couch he was punished on the day before. Lauren was sitting next to him watching tv. Derrick noticed that he was still butt naked from the waist down. She giggled and told him how cute he was as he slept. Derrick was still in a sleepy morning daze, but Lauren pinched his sore butt which immediately woke him up. The sting brought back the memory of sobbing over her lap.

"How's that bottom of yours feeling Derrick?"

"It still hurts the same as it did last night"

Lauren kissed him on the forehead "Let's try to put that behind us. We should go out and have some fun today. Plus I need to run some errands."

"Where do you want to go?" he replied while rubbing his tired eyes.

"Well, I need to stop at the grocery store, and afterward you can pick a place to eat."

Derrick agreed. Lauren insisted on driving.

It was a humid day, so Lauren decided to change into some tight jean shorts and a red tank top. On the way out of the house, Derrick noticed Lauren putting a plastic hairbrush into her purse.

"Just in case!" she said with a wink. Derrick blushed.

As Derrick climbed into the car and sat down on the hot leather, he let out a moan. Lauren smiled at him and turned the key. "You can probably expect that to burn for a few more days!"

Derrick thought about his punishment. He was starting to like the fact that his butt was bruised and red while Lauren's curvy butt was pain-free. The psychology of being spanked by her was really starting to kick in. He knew that whenever Lauren glanced at his butt, she would think of the spanking she delivered the day before.

Lauren noticed the discomfort on his face as they walked through the parking lot and into the grocery store. She smiled at him and held his hand.

Lauren got a cart from the cart bay and told Derrick to push while she got the groceries. She walked ahead of Derrick. His eyes were fixed on her round and curvy butt the whole time. The way it swayed and bounced painlessly from side to side teased him. He thought of her butt sitting on the couch while she held him over her lap. Then he felt the sharp pain of his own butt as he walked with her. He was starting to get horny.

Lauren took her time shopping. She was in no rush and was having a great time with Derrick. Lauren was about to head to the register when she remembered the wooden hairbrush she wanted to buy for Derrick. While in the hairbrush isle Lauren asked which one he liked best. Derrick gulped and looked down at the ground.

"Derrick, when I ask you something I expect you to respond to me. Don't make me have to ask you again. You'll be in big trouble young man."

Derrick looked up and responded, fearing a spanking in the middle of the store." Maybe that one." He said, pointing at a medium-sized wooden brush.

Lauren picked it up and smacked it against her palm a couple times. "Good choice Derrick now let's go ea. I'm starving."

While walking to the registers they passed through the baby section. Lauren took the chance to embarrass Derrick and have a little fun with him. Lauren said with a laugh "You might still be getting spanked like a little boy Derrick, but at least you're not back in diapers like a little baby!"

Derrick was stunned. He knew that she was joking, but the fact that she just said that aloud in the middle of the grocery store made his face turn a deep red. He felt his penis stiffen in his pants. Thankfully nobody was in the aisle with them.

"Lauren! somebody could have heard that!"

"That's the point, Derrick. Lighten up, it was a joke!"

The couple had a perfect day. After stopping at home to unload the groceries, they ended up going to a local sandwich place. Later they stopped to get ice cream. Derrick kept thinking about what Lauren had said in the baby section of the store. He had pictured Lauren changing him into a diaper, and for some reason, the thought of it really excited him. Maybe it was the way Lauren had said it. The thought of her doing something that childish to him made his cock hard. He knew that he couldn't let the opportunity to ask her about it pass by. Plus, not being honest with Lauren about his feelings would certainly earn him another spanking.

The two of them were sitting on a hill in the park eating ice cream when Derrick finally built up the courage to say something about it.

"Hey Lauren, I wanted to ask you something."

Lauren looked into his eyes "Sure Derrick, go ahead."

"It has to do with what you said in the store today. I- "

Lauren interrupted "I'm sorry for embarrassing you, Derrick. I know I crossed a boundary, I just wanted to have some fun. I'll respect your privacy next time. You were so good for me today."

"It's okay, I'm not mad about it. I've just been thinking about when you mentioned the diapers and-"

"What about the diapers Derrick?"

Derrick hesitated "I guess I want to see how they feel. Ever since you brought them up I've been curious about it."

Lauren stared into his eyes, and then looked down at his crotch. She pictured what it would look like to see her adult boyfriends dick wrapped up in a thick diaper. The thought made her smile. "Derrick, I was joking about that at first, but now that you bring it up it actually sounds kind of fun. Just keep in mind that diapers would be used as punishment, and we'll have to add it to the agreement. It's too bad you didn't tell me at the store, we could have picked up some supplies."

"I know." he said "I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner. I wanted to be honest but it was such a hard and embarrassing thing to tell you. Are you going to spank me again?"

Lauren wrapped her arms around him "I won't spank you for this Derrick.  It's okay to be curious about something.  It would be a different story if you had kept this from me from the beginning, while we were writing our agreement. Plus, it's not every day that you ask your girlfriend to put you back into diapers. I just want you to be sure about this."

Derrick was excited and knew he wanted to try it. "Thanks for understanding Lauren, I really want to try them." his face was red.

"I'm always here for you Derrick. We should hit the store on the way home and pick up some supplies."

Chapter 5 A New Kind Of Punishment

The next day Lauren and Derrick sat across from each other in the kitchen. On the table lay the Punishment Agreement, a big package of adult disposable diapers, wipes, baby powder and Lauren's brand 'spankin' new hairbrush.

"Alright Derrick, I did some research after you left last night and I came up with how diapering can be incorporated into our agreement, so hear me out. You'll only be diapered when you break my strictest rules.  For example, smoking and bad grades are very naughty rules to break in my book. The consequences for those will be a spanking per day, and you'll be diapered 24/7. Lying is also a diapering offense, understood?"

"Yes, Miss." Derrick was looking her up and down. Lauren looked hot today. She wore a little black skirt and a tight fitting white collared shirt that was buttoned down half way and rolled up at the sleeves.

"As for the duration of the diaper punishment, I was thinking of starting out at 3 days for each rule you break." This will give you plenty of time to use your diapers. If you break two of my stricter rules then you'll be in diapers for 6 days, and you'll be spanked on each of those days. However, if you break all three of my strictest rules within a week, then you'll be on diaper punishment for a full 30 days. Do you understand?"

Derrick agreed. He couldn't stop staring at the super thick disposables on the table. His curiosity was getting the best of him.

"While being diaper punished, you will be expected to wear them in public. If I have to spank you in public, then your pants are coming down for it."

Derrick snapped out of his daze, "But Lauren, I don't want anybody to see me in a diaper. Can't this be between you and me?"

Lauren laughed "No Derrick, just because you're wearing a diaper doesn't mean you're exempt from public bare butt spankings. If anything, you deserve it more. Don't worry. Like I said before, make sure you behave in public and we shouldn't have a problem."

"Yes, Miss."

"Good boy. I can't think of much else to add... Oh wait, there is one more thing. While you're in the house you're not allowed to wear pants. Only diapers and a t-shirt."

That wasn't a huge problem for Derrick, so he agreed.

Lauren took his hand in hers. "This is a humiliating punishment Derrick, it makes spanking look like child's play when it comes to humiliation. Are you absolutely sure you want to go through with this?"

Derrick was sure of it. He just had to remind himself to stay on his very best behavior in public.

"It sounds fair." he replied in a low pitched tone.

Lauren noticed that something was wrong. Derrick looked guilty, so she asked what the problem was.

Derrick looked down at the table and answered. "Do you remember the day when we started this agreement, and you asked me if there was anything else that I wanted to add?"

Lauren looked at him with troubled eyes. "Yes, and if I remember correctly you said no. Is there something you want to tell me, Derrick?"

"I may have wanted to add something after all.  It's not another bad habit. It's another punishment that I've been curious about. I don't know why I didn't tell you. Maybe I was embarrassed."

Derrick knew he had put himself on the spot. In fact, he did it on purpose so he could try the diapers.

Lauren's eyes grew angry. "So you lied about not wanting to add something to the list, and now you're suddenly telling me out of nowhere?  I respect that you're coming clean with me, but a lie is a lie, Derrick.  Now, what is it you wanted to add?"

Derrick hesitated and choked up a bit.  He didn't mean to make Lauren this angry. "I.. I guess I want you to start washing my mouth out with soap.  It's just so childish and oddly appealing to me.  I didn't mean to- "

"Say no more Derrick," Lauren said as she added the new punishment to the agreement.

"I am so pissed at you for keeping something like that from me.  You lied to me while we were writing the agreement, and now you're asking for a favor.  All I want is for you to trust me, Derrick.  You really hurt my feelings."

Derrick was silent as Lauren's angry eyes pierced through him.

After taking a moment to think, Lauren took a deep breath and stood up from the table. She suddenly grabbed Derricks wrist and pulled him off of his chair. She began marching him to the kitchen sink.

"Well Derrick, since lying is a strict rule of mine,  I think I'm going to go ahead and punish you with diapers.  Your diaper punishment starts effective immediately. You'll be diapered 24/7 for the next three days, and spanked every night. I've also decided to soap your mouth right now since you're so curious about it. You're going to be one very sorry little boy."

Chapter 6 Triple Dose

Lauren hiked up her skirt and grabbed Derrick by the wrist. She pulled him towards her right side. Derrick was caught off guard as he felt a strong tug, causing him to trip over her right thigh, thus landing him face down over her bare lap. He tried to wiggle and adjust. He could feel her bare legs split to stabilize and balance him.

Lauren made sure that his dick rested on her right thigh, while her left thigh supported his upper body. She then reached between his legs to expose his scrotum. Throughout the spanking Lauren would make sure that his feet were always dangling, never touching the ground.

Lauren took notice to how red and sore his bottom was from his last spanking.

"Your butt holds a nice tone Derrick, I can't believe that after two full days it's still bright red."

The hairbrush came down hitting each cheek and then the center of his butt crack.


Lauren covered his butt with hairbrush welts and repeatedly reminded him to scoot further up on her knees, stick his butt out, and spread his cheeks more. She knew that reminding him of these things was humiliating, which boosted the effectiveness of the punishment.


Derrick screamed through the bar of soap. He had never felt pain like this before. He knew that Lauren would not let up. He was helpless.

"Get those feet off the floor Derrick! you can kick all you want but those legs should be dangling."

Derrick kicked and bucked as she spanked each sit spot 200 times with a fast-paced rhythm. His butt started out bright red, but now it was bruised and purple.

"Alright Derrick, spread your legs real wide so I can spank the tender spots, and then its diaper time."

He did as he was told and spread his legs far and wide. He jumped and yelped as she spanked his anus and inner thighs. This continued for three minutes before she stopped.

Derrick was stretched out across Lauren's lap screaming and kicking like a four-year-old even after she stopped spanking. His bottom was a deep shade of purple and red. Lauren held him tightly until he calmed down, and then asked if he was ready for diaper time.

Derrick said "yes Miss." with tears in his eyes.

Lauren let him up and told him to rinse his mouth out. While Derrick was at the sink tending to his soapy mouth, she sat in her chair and admired her work. "That is one sore butt you've got there Derrick.  Just remember that I'll be spanking you for the next three nights before bedtime as part of your diaper punishment."

Derrick sniffled and splashed handfuls of water into his mouth. Lauren laughed and told him he had 3 minutes to collect himself while she got his diaper ready. "If you're late, then you're going right back over my lap mister!"

Lauren stood up from her chair and strutted over to the kitchen table. She stacked the powder and the wipes on top of the big package of diapers and then went into the bathroom to get some lotion. She carried everything into the living room and placed it on the floor.

"You've got about two minutes Derrick."

Lauren was sitting cross-legged on the floor with a big diaper in one hand, and the hairbrush in the other. "Alright, times up. If you're not over here in 5 seconds then I'm spanking your thighs."

Derrick ran across the kitchen, barely making it in time. He stood in front of her with an erection and a very sore bottom. Lauren patted the towel that she had laid out in front of her and told him to lay down. When Derrick sat Lauren could see the pain in his eyes the moment his butt made contact with the towel.

"Shouldn't have been so naughty Derrick."

Derrick blushed and laid down on his back, his knees were slightly parted, but Lauren grabbed his legs and spread them out, revealing everything. She scooted in closer between his spread out legs and looked into his eyes. "During your diaper changes, you will put your hands on your head. If you try to interrupt anything then I'll smack your butt with the hairbrush, and I have a feeling you don't want me to do that anymore."

Derrick agreed.

Lauren put the diaper aside and squeezed a big glob of lotion into her hand. "This is going to be cold, but it'll feel good. Especially on your backside." Lauren began to rub the lotion onto Derricks legs and moved in closer to his crotch. She massaged his balls and began running her lotion covered hand up and down his shaft. She could tell Derrick was enjoying this, and she was enjoying it too. But she had to remind herself that this was for punishment and not for pleasure.

Lauren looked him in the eyes. "Being diapered like this really says a lot about the state of your maturity Derrick. When you're in diapers for the next three days I want you to think long and hard about the consequences that come with your actions. Apparently, you need a little more motivation than going over my lap for a spanking."

Lauren covered Derricks entire crotch with lotion and ordered him to flip over to his stomach.

He obeyed and laid there quietly while she spoke.

"Spread those cheeks, Derrick." She squirted the lotion directly on his bruised bottom. Derrick jumped a bit from the cold but was corrected with a firm smack to his thigh. "No squirming Derrick or I swear I'll put you back over my lap." Lauren rubbed the lotion all over his purple cheeks and into his ass crack. When she finished, he was ordered to flip over again.

"Alright Derrick, its the moment you've been waiting for... diaper time! Now lift your bottom up high." Lauren slid the diaper under him. Then she lifted his legs and coated his crotch and butt with clouds of baby powder. "You are going to look adorable in your new underwear sweetie."

Lauren let his legs down and grabbed the front of the diaper, pulling it over his dick. "Here we go!" Lauren cheered as she brought it up to his waist. She held it there and taped one side of the diaper after the other. After the tapes fastened, she made sure everything was tucked in around the legs and crotch.

Lauren Patted the front of the diaper "All done baby, how does it feel?"

Derrick was helped up to his feet. He walked with an awkward waddle, and his spanked butt was still showing a bit where the diaper ended near the sit spots. "It's so thick, I'm going to burn up with this on."

Lauren laughed "That spanked bottom of yours probably doesn't help too much when it comes to the heat, but I guess you shouldn't have disobeyed me in the first place"

Derricks erection pressed against the diaper, he looked ridiculous, and he felt like a well-punished toddler.

Lauren hugged him. "I hope you learned your lesson. Now, let's go to bed, boys in diapers shouldn't be up this late." Derrick climbed the stairs while Lauren followed, playfully smacking his diapered bottom all the way up to the bedroom.

Chapter 7 Humiliation At The Mall

Derrick woke to a loud smack on his diapered butt. "Time to wake up Derrick, it's day one of your diaper punishment! " Lauren was brushing her teeth and sat down next to him on the bed. "We're going shopping today, so get ready"

"Yes, Miss" Derrick rubbed his eyes and felt the aftermath of his punishment from last night. Derrick was having a hard time as he tried to rub his sore butt through the diaper. He knew he would be fussing with it all day. The soap taste was also present, and it was drying out his mouth and throat.

Lauren watched him as he tried to rub his sore diapered butt. She could see the bruising on his sit spots and thighs. "Don't forget about our agreement Derrick. You can expect a spanking every night before bed for the next three nights."

Derrick sat up in bed "Lauren, can I take the diaper off for a while? It feels like thousands of pins are stabbing me on the butt, and I'm sweating like crazy down there."

Lauren laughed at his request "No Derrick if you hadn't lied to my face than you wouldn't be strapped into that diaper with a spanked bum in the first place. Being uncomfortable in your diapers is a huge part of this punishment. The only time that I'll remove that diaper is when you're in desperate need of a spanking or a changing. If you try to take it off yourself, then you'll be spanked."

Derrick groaned, he realized that he may have underestimated the effect of the diaper punishment. He knew now that he would have to go out in public today with the hot bulk between his legs and the soreness of his butt. He was not looking forward to it.

Lauren stood up. "Put your pants on Derrick, we're going to the mall."

Derrick got out of bed and slid his pants on. He walked downstairs and found Lauren in the kitchen putting a few diapers and the hairbrush in her purse.

Lauren looked up at him "The mall is pretty far away Derrick, if you have an accident then I'll need to change you there. As for the hairbrush, well, that's pretty self-explanatory at this point." She slung the purse over her shoulder and grabbed her keys. "Come on Derrick, hop in the car."

Derrick followed Lauren out to her car. The diaper made his butt stick out, and he walked with a slight waddle. Lauren was about to close the door when she suddenly remembered something. "Oops Derrick, I almost forgot your baby powder." She grabbed it off of the living room floor and placed it in her purse. "Alright, I think we're all ready to go."

On the way to the mall, Lauren and Derrick talked and listened to the radio. Derrick brought up his living situation and mentioned that his lease would be up soon and he would have to find a new place to live. Lauren asked if he had found a place that he could afford. "Not yet, most of the places are taken, so I'll have to keep looking.

Lauren thought for a while, and then told Derrick that he could stay at her place if he doesn't find something in time. "If you end up moving in, you would be paying me with chores and tasks that I assign around the house."

Derrick thanked her for the offer and kissed her on the cheek.

The mall parking lot looked empty as they approached. Derrick was nervous and Lauren could tell. She secretly wanted Derrick to misbehave so she could spank him in public. They walked through the sliding doors and into the food court.

Lauren held derricks hand "Okay little one, I need you to hold my hand at all times so you don't get lost. Okay?" Derrick looked up at her and nodded, he felt like a child, but the diapers made him feel like a toddler.

The two made their way through the mall holding hands. Lauren made the occasional joke about stopping in a toddler store and playing on the jungle gym. Derrick was red in the face. He knew the diaper wasn't very noticeable under his sweats, but the bulk between his legs and the occasional crinkle made him paranoid.

Lauren and Derrick found themselves in a large department store about an hour into their shopping spree. Lauren hadn't let go of Derricks' hand all day and his patience was running thin.

Lauren was looking at a long red dress when Derrick asked her how long they were going to shop. Lauren started looking at another dress and pulled Derrick along by the hand "Why baby? did you use your diapers like a good boy? Or are you just bored?" She could tell that he was finicky, and she was prepared to make this day as long as possible to bring out his naughty side in public. Her plan was working.

Derrick rolled his eyes "We've been here for an hour and you haven't even bought anything!" Lauren glared into Derricks eyes and suddenly yanked at his wrist. He fell forward a bit and felt 3 hard smacks hit the center of his diapered bum. Derrick was shocked. He looked around the store to see if anybody heard the ordeal, luckily nobody was around. Lauren grabbed him by the chin and looked him in the eyes. "Derrick, if I hear you raise your voice to me one more time, I'll spank that diaper all the way back to the car. Do you understand me?" Derrick saw the seriousness in her eyes, and replied with a simple "yes Miss." Her eyes were still on his, and his dick was hard from the unexpected smacks to his rear. He couldn't believe it, but he wanted Lauren to spank him right there and now.

Lauren still held his chin in her hand "Is that all Derrick? Just yes Miss? No apology?" Derrick looked away from her, he knew this was his chance. "I'm sorry Miss, can you please spank me in the store?" Lauren's eyes lit up, she was taken aback and surprised at Derricks request. Derrick noticed the smile on her face, he knew that this was what she wanted all along.

"Wow Derrick, you must REALLY love to be spanked. Of course, I'll smack your bottom in the store!"

She grabbed Derrick by the wrist and took a look around the huge store. She didn't want to draw a huge crowd, but one or two people wouldn't hurt. The shoe section was empty so she led Derrick through the store while smacking his bum.

They arrived and Lauren quickly found a long bench that customers use to try on shoes. The bench was in the corner of the shoe department and was positioned in a way that allowed her to see every angle of the store. She sat down in the center of the padded bench. "Derrick, you have been such a bad boy today." Lauren released his wrist and quickly pulled his pants down to his ankles. Derricks white disposable diaper was exposed to the store, he immediately crouched behind the low shoe aisle.

Lauren laughed and looked around the store "Come on Derrick, I don't see anybody yet, now get that diapered bottom over my lap!" She reached out and grabbed his hand and pulled him next to her, then slung him over her thighs.

Derrick glanced back to see his white diapered bottom perched up on her knees. Lauren leaned in so he could see her face. "I'm surprised Derrick, it takes some balls to ask to be spanked in public. Especially during your diaper punishment!"

Lauren grabbed a hold of Derricks diapered hip and swung with her strong arm, making sure the smacking of his diaper could be heard from across the store.



The diaper provided a lot of protection to Derricks buns, but the loudness of the smacks made him worry. Somebody must have heard the loud smacks.

Lauren stopped after delivering 15 loud smacks to his diaper. She saw a young employee poke her head around the corner with a confused look on her face. She couldn't see Derrick yet because the shoe aisle was blocking her view, and she was still pretty far from where they were.

Lauren looked down at Derricks diapered butt and felt pity "Alright Derrick, I'll make it quick for you."

The employee started walking towards them as Lauren quickly pulled the diaper down just below his bottom.

"There's an employee walking towards us so I'll only give you 20 with the brush."

Lauren quickly reached into her purse and pulled out the wooden brush, she held Derrick tight.

Lauren quickly paddled his bare butt one cheek after the other. As she spanked she continuously looked up at the approaching employee. She was getting closer.

Derrick tried his best to stay quiet as the brushing was nearing an end. He kicked and squirmed as Lauren gave the 20th smack.

Lauren quickly pulled up the diaper and yanked his sweatpants up but she wasn't quick enough.


Derrick tried to leap off of Lauren's lap but she held him down on her knees. Lauren stroked is bottom while she spoke to the employee.

"Hi, I'm Lauren and this is my boyfriend Derrick. You might be wondering why a grown man is being spanked in your department store."

The employee's name is Jill, she has blonde hair and a strong feminine build similar to Lauren's. "I just heard the sound but I wasn't expecting this!"

Derrick buried his face in the cushion of the bench, he couldn't believe Lauren was speaking to an employee while he lay sprawled out across her thighs with his diapered butt in the air.

Lauren placed her arm on the back of Derricks thighs, she could tell Jill was amused. "I'm sorry for the surprise, my boyfriend was in desperate need of a spanking. I hope this won't cause any problems."

Jills eyes were fixated on Derricks' bottom. "Does he wear diapers?"

Lauren Laughed and patted Derricks Diapered bum. "Yep, Derrick is on diaper punishment for the next three days. Believe it or not, he asked for all of this!"

Jill giggled and tried to keep a straight face. She looked around the store and then focused on Derricks upturned bottom. "Can I see them?"

Derrick squirmed and resisted a bit after hearing the request but Lauren was quick to spank in order to calm him down.

SMACK SMACK SMACK "stop squirming Derrick" SMACK SMACK "there's nothing you can do about it!" SMACK SMACK

SMACK SMACK "now to answer your question Jill...of course you can see them!"

Lauren pulled down the sweatpants to reveal the thick diaper. Jill noticed that it had been indented from Lauren's firm hand. Lauren continued to pull at the pants revealing his bright red thighs.

Jill started cracking up. "OHHH NOO somebody's been up to no good! Did the wittle baby get a pankin?"

The girls laughed as Derrick wiggled and tried to free himself. Lauren pressed him firmly down against her lap. "Stop your fussing Derrick."

Jill laughed, she couldn't believe her eyes. "Well... I'm opening the store today and I'll be the only one in this department for the next hour. You can finish spanking him if you'd like, but I'll need to close this wing down while you do it."

Lauren smiled and thanked Jill for not making a big deal out of Derricks situation. "You can stay and watch if you want. I think the punishment would be more effective if you stayed. We'll wait for you while you close up the wing."

"Sounds like a plan!" Jill smiled and ran to close off the entrance to the store. 

Chapter 8 Lauren Makes A Friend

Jill came back and sat down on a neighboring bench. She had a great view of Derricks propped up tushy.

His bottom felt warm and tingly from the 20 smacks with the brush, and the diaper was snug against his cock from when Lauren hiked it up. He soon developed an erection against Lauren's lap.

Derrick was bright red in the face. He felt Lauren begin to lightly spank over his diaper while engaging in small talk with Jill. The two were becoming great friends. Lauren chose to spank lightly in order to humiliate Derrick even further. The idea was to put extra emphasis on the diaper that he wore and the sound that it made from the mild pats of her palm.

PAT PAT PAT PAT "Yep, Derrick and I have a written agreement." TAP TAP TAP When we first started dating he mentioned his need to be spanked" PAT PAT PAT "I think he's starting to learn a thing or two from me." TAP TAP..... SMACK!

OOOUCH! Derrick yelps. Lauren surprised him with a hard swat to his bare sit spot. "Sorry to break the conversation like that Jill, but Derrick was starting to grind his dick against my lap."

Jill watched with fascination as she noticed Derrick hump Lauren's legs. "Does he ever cum on your knees?"

"No, but he's gotten close. He hasn't been a good enough boy for me to let him cum on my lap. Maybe if he's a good enough boy during this spanking I'll let him cum on me at the end."

Derrick was excited and tried his best to be good. He felt Lauren's weight shift as she reached for the brush. "Okay, Derrick, no more light pats to your diaper." Derrick felt her gently push him off of her knees. "Let's bare that butt!"

Derrick slid off and landed on all fours, his pants were at his knees.

"Say hi to our new friend Derrick. Look her in the eyes and shake her hand."

Derrick turned and shook Jill's hand. His boner grew when he realized how pretty she was. Her long blonde hair ran down her shoulders and she had big blues eyes and a friendly face. "Nice to meet you diaper boy," she says to him with a grin. "I would love to chat but it looks like Lauren wants to bare that butt of yours!"

Lauren pulls Derrick between her thighs and brings him in close. "Let's get this diaper off shall we?" Derricks face is bright red as he kneels in front of his girlfriend. "Put your hands on your head, just like during a diaper change" Lauren begins to untape the front tabs when Derrick suddenly reaches down. "No! She'll see me! Cant you take them off while I'm on your lap? PLEASE!" Jill giggled at the sight.

Lauren grabbed his hand and put it back on top of his head. "Absolutely not Derrick. Frontal nudity is part of your punishment and you'll learn to accept that. If you act out again then you can forget about cumming on my lap later. Do you understand me?"

Derrick looked down helplessly at his thick and nearly unfastened diaper. "I'm sorry Miss, I won't act up again." Lauren rubbed his hips "Good boy."

Jill smirked and stared. "I can't believe he's embarrassed at the thought of me seeing him naked. I've already seen you get spanked in a DIAPER Derrick!"

The girls laughed as Lauren untaped the last tab. She pulled the diaper out from between his legs. "There you go baby, fresh air at last. How does it feel?"

"Good Miss."

Jill looked up and down at the dark red blotches that covered his bottom and thighs. She then noticed his very erect penis pointing straight up at Lauren. She squeezed her thighs together, resisting the urge to touch herself.

"Alright Derrick, you know the drill. Get over my lap, don't make me pull you across." Derrick climbed up onto the bench and planted his naked body on her lap. Lauren reached between his legs and pulled his cheeks apart. Jills eyes widened as she had a full view of the back Derricks balls resting on Lauren's right thigh.

Lauren grabbed at Derricks' waist and started to spank. His cheeks bounced and waddled as the sound of the smacking filled the store. Lauren wound up with the brush and brought it down hard on his tender bottom.

"Derrick you have been such a naughty little brat today" SMACK SMACK SMACK "that bottom will be a deep crimson by the time I'm done with it!" SMACK SMACK

Her intensity picked up as she spanked his naked bottom. Derrick moaned and whimpered and tried to keep his composure in front of Jill.

Jill was consumed by Derricks bouncing and upturned bottom. She had never witnessed a spanking before and was amazed at how red Lauren was making his cheeks. She suddenly pictured Derrick laying over her own lap as he squirmed and rubbed his dick against her legs.

Lauren noticed her curiosity. "So Jill, I was thinking you could come over to my house sometime" SMACK SMACK SMACK "Derrick and I would love to have you over for dinner." SMACK SMACK

"I would love to, hopefully, Derrick can behave himself while I'm visiting. I'm sure he doesn't like people watching as he gets punished!"

SMACK SMACK SMACK Lauren slowed down the pace a bit as she spoke "If you come over within the next two days he'll be spanked no matter how well he behaves. That's the glory of his diaper punishment, I get to spank him every night before bed." SMACK SMACK

Derricks legs kicked and wiggled, Lauren could tell he was in a lot of pain. "Alright, Derrick, just a few more smacks and then we're all done."

Lauren ended with four hard spanks to Derricks sit spots. Derrick yelped and twisted on her knees.

Jill sat and looked approvingly at Lauren's work "Wow, that looks like one sorry bottom you've got there Derrick. It's amazing how Lauren manages to smack the inside of your butt crack so well, she really knows what she's doing!"

Lauren dropped the hairbrush into the bag and held her naughty boy in position. "The areas around the anus and inner thighs really make him jump." Lauren rubbed his soreness and ran her finger over his anus. "Okay Derrick, since you were so good during your spanking I'll let you cum on my lap, but no cumming on my jeans, I don't want you ruining them." Lauren let Derrick off her knees.

Derrick got up and sat next to Lauren while she undid her belt and slid her tight jeans down to her knees. Derrick looked down at Lauren's bare lap, she was wearing bright pink panties. Derrick was about to explode.

"The only reason I'm taking these off for you right now is because Jill closed the wing to the store. If customers were walking around then you wouldn't be so lucky. Why don't you thank her."

Derrick looked over at Jill. Her zipper was undone and her hand was rubbing her clit. His jaw dropped as he stared at her crotch. Lauren smacked the top of his thigh with her belt to gain his attention. "What's wrong Derrick? You've never seen a lady touch herself?" Derrick straightened up and thanked Jill for closing the store.

Jill gazed at Lauren as she pressed her bare thighs together and made a nice sturdy platform for Derrick. "Lay across."

Lauren took his hand and gently guided Derrick over her bare lap. He thought of her panty covered vagina just centimeters away from his hard cock. He began rubbing up and down against her thighs as she held him in place. He felt Lauren smear some lotion on his burning red butt.

"I may as well lotion your bottom while I have you on my knees, and we still need to change you into a fresh diaper." Lauren messaged his naked fanny and could feel his hardness rubbing against her legs.

Lauren looked over and saw Jill gaze at Derrick as he humped her lap. She was still playing with herself.

Lauren held him as he made his final thrusts. She felt Derricks cum spurt out and drip between her thighs. Derrick was breathing heavily, he lay limp and motionless. Just seconds after Derrick climaxed, Jill let out a high pitched moan.

"Good boy Derrick. Did that feel good against my legs?"

Derrick nodded and tried to catch his breath.

"I think our new friend Jill is feeling pretty good too!"

Jill smiled and turned red. "Sorry, I couldn't resist"

Lauren laughed and told her it was okay.

Lauren helped him up and cleaned off her messy lap. "Okay Derrick, we need to get you changed"

Jill zipped up her pants and stood up. "There's a table he can lay on in the dressing room, follow me."

Lauren stood and slowly pulled her jeans up over her curvy round ass. Derrick watched as the center seam of her skin-tight jeans hiked up into her butt crack as she pulled at the belt loops. Lauren looked back at him with a disapproving look. She slung the bag of supplies over her shoulder. "It's time to get changed Derrick, I don't want any problems from you."

Derrick stood up and was dragged butt naked around the corner to the dressing rooms. They passed a set of mirrors and Derrick caught a glimpse of his bruised and welted backside.

Jill led them to a large table with clothes piled on top. "There should be plenty of space to change him in here. The table is meant for folding clothes but I think it would be perfect for him to lay down on."

Lauren led Derrick to the corner and helped Jill clear off the clothes. "Thanks again for your help, this table will work nicely." The girls cleared away the clothes as Derrick waited with his nose in the corner.

"Okay Derrick, we're ready for you" Derrick turned around. The table was cleared off and a large beach towel lay spread out on top. Lauren stood on one side and Jill stood on the other. Lauren had stacked two diapers on the table and placed the powder and the wipes next to them.

"Hop up on the table Derrick."

Derrick sat on the table and slid his sore butt onto the towel. Lauren placed her hand on his chest while her other hand supported the back of his neck. She gently guided his head down to the table and gave him a kiss. "Are you ready for your diapers Derrick?"

His face was red and looked over at Jill. She was standing over him looking over his naked body. "Does she have to be here for this?"

Lauren looked him in the eyes. "Yes Derrick, and I might let her help if you don't start behaving yourself."

Derrick whined. "Fine, I'm sorry Miss"

Lauren opened the lotion and began rubbing derricks crotch. "Spread your legs a bit more baby, I need to get all of those creases."

Jill watched as Lauren coated Derricks privates with gobs of lotion. His legs were spread out wide and his hands were on his head. She noticed that his dick was getting hard again.

After the lotion, Lauren lifted Derricks' legs and coated his spanked bottom with baby powder. Jill sat on the table next to Derricks' head and watched as the powder covered his bottom and penis.

After the powder was rubbed in, Lauren unfolded the diaper and placed it under Derricks' bum. "I'm going to double diaper you today because you've been such a brat!" Lauren lifted the diaper over Derricks erect penis and taped the sides snug.

After the second diaper was fastened Derrick was told to stand up. Lauren helped him put his sweats back on and smacked his butt one last time for good measure.

Lauren and Jill exchanged phone numbers as they were leaving the store. Derrick couldn't help but to feel excited for Jills visit to the house. Although his spankings hurt and the diapers are humiliating and hot, he knew that he was in love with his new girlfriend.  

Chapter 9 Dinner At Lauren's

Jill pulled up to Lauren's yellow house and walked down the cobblestone road just as Derrick had done not long ago. The sun was just going down as she knocked on the door. It was just yesterday that she had witnessed Derricks humiliating diaper punishment at the mall. She felt that Lauren had opened up a new door full of exciting opportunities.

She was surprised at how horny she had become while watching Lauren smack Derricks bottom. There was something about seeing a grown man propped up across a female lap that made her want to touch herself. Ever since the day at the mall she has been wanting to spank a naughty boy of her own. 

And who could forget the diapers? Having the power to keep a grown boy wrapped up in a thick baby-like disposable diaper made Jill curious and all the more horny. She couldn't help but feel jealous of Lauren and Derricks relationship.

Lauren opened the door and immediately threw her arms around Jill and gave her a big hug. "Jill! I'm so glad you could make it. Come on in!"

Jill followed Lauren into the kitchen. She suddenly noticed how tall and beautiful Lauren looked. The smell of fresh tomato sauce and garlic made her mouth water. "It smells great in here! You have a beautiful home."

Lauren stirred the boiling water on the stove and checked the oven. "Thanks! I hope you like spaghetti, it's one of Derricks favorites!"

"I love spaghetti! And where is that naughty boy anyway?" Jill said with a laugh.

"That's a great question" Lauren called for Derrick to come downstairs. Jill's heart beat faster as she heard his footsteps coming down the stairs. She couldn't wait to see his thick diapers again.

Derrick turned the corner to the kitchen. He had gym shorts on but it was very obvious that he was diapered underneath. She could also see the white color of the diaper sticking out from his waistband.

Lauren glanced at him and put a hand on her hip. "What did I tell you about wearing shorts in the house Derrick?!" She let out a frustrated sigh and stormed over to Derrick and quickly pulled his pants down.

Derrick frantically apologized as she made him step out of his shorts. "I...I'm sorry! I was just embarrassed!"

Jills eyes were glued to the thick diaper. She noticed it was yellow and drooping at the crotch. She giggled at the sight which made Derrick cover the front of his padded crotch.

His face was bright red as Lauren scolded him. Lauren tossed the shorts away and smacked his diapered bottom.


Lauren's hand left a big dent in the center of Derricks puffy and plump diaper. "I think that little stunt just earned you 50 extra swats with the hairbrush tonight!" After the smacks, Lauren ran her hand over his yellowed crotch and then spun him around and pulled at the back of his waistband.

Jill giggled as Lauren peered into the back of his diaper. "Did he mess them!?"

Lauren let go of the waistband and hiked up Derricks Diaper. "Not yet... although I'm expecting a messy diaper tonight. He hasn't pooped all day! I think these wet diapers will be staying on until that happens!"

Jill leaned against the counter and took it all in. The scene was so domestic. Lauren was wearing a polka-dot apron on over skin tight yoga pants and a low cut t-shirt. Lauren grabbed the wooden spoon and went to stir the sauce on the stove, leaving Derrick in the middle of the kitchen dressed in nothing but a soggy diaper and a t-shirt.

At this point Derricks face was bright red. He looked down at the hardwood floor and sulked. Lauren looked over her shoulder at Derrick. "Derrick... Say hello to our guest and then set the table. Dinner is almost ready."

Derrick looked up at Jill. She was wearing tight faded blue jeans with holes at the knees and a blue shirt that showed off her breasts. Her long, blonde hair hung down past her shoulders as she looked into his eyes.

Derrick said hello and then got busy with the table. The girls talked in the kitchen as he poured three glasses of water and set out the silverware. Every now and then he would glance up at the kitchen and see Jill staring at him with a grin on her face.

After the table was set they all sat at the table. Lauren and Jill casually talked as they ate. Lauren told the story of how Derrick had asked to be put into diapers after passing the baby section at the grocery store. Jill laughed for the entire meal.

Derrick finished his plate and listened to the girls talk. He had developed a rock hard erection as they spoke about him. He loved the attention, and Jill was clearly fascinated with their relationship.

Derrick cleared the table as the girls remained at the table. Lauren grabbed at Derricks diaper and smiled. "You should try to poop soon Derrick, I know you have to. I'd like to clean you up before I spank you."

Derrick blushed, but he could feel the pressure in his bowels as she spoke. "Yes Miss, I'll try."

Lauren and Jill smiled. Lauren lightly pinched his thigh which made him jump a bit. "Good boy, now finish up in the kitchen and meet us in the family room so we can get those diapers off of you. Then you'll be spanked."

Derrick gulped and complied. As he washed the dishes he squatted next to the sink and tried to poop. As he pushed, he let out a loud fart that was slightly muffled by the padding of the diaper. The girls in the next room went silent for a moment and then burst out laughing.

Lauren and Jill bolted into the kitchen to watch as Derrick did his business. He squatted as he leaned against the counter. He was soon filling his diaper. The girls watched as the back of his diaper expanded and moved as it filled up. Derrick was crying with embarrassment.

Lauren cupped her hand and grabbed the back of his diaper, bouncing the mess up and down and moving it around against his bottom. Jill was hunched over laughing but she soon held her nose as the smell escaped the diaper.

Lauren gave him a smack. "Good boy Derrick, now wipe down the counters and meet us in the family room for diaper time!"

Chapter 10 Wiped And Spanked

"Derrick! Hurry up!" Called Lauren from the family room.

"Yes Miss, I'm going as fast as I can!" Derrick scrubbed at the dishes in the sink. As he bent down to put the silverware and plates into the dishwasher, he could feel the big bulging lump pressing up and shifting against his bottom.

He could hear the girls laughing in the other room. His dick was rock hard. He was both nervous and excited to be changed in front of Jill. She'd already witnessed a changing (and a spanking) at the mall, but that changing didn't involve pee and poop. A messy diaper change is at a whole new level of embarrassment and shame.

Derrick scrubbed the last dish and took a deep breath. He had butterflies in his tummy. He knew his fate. Lauren would soon un-tape his dirty diaper and clean him up, and then he would be spanked across her lap like a naughty little child. His hard dick pressed firmly against the soiled diaper as he entered the family room.

What he saw next surprised him. While he was doing the dishes, the girls had been transforming the rectangular shaped family room table into a changing station. Multiple layers of towels lay on the table and a pillow was placed at the end for his head. Lauren and Jill sat next to each other on the couch. Lauren was in the process of unwrapping a big package of disposable diapers as Jill gazed at Derrick with excitement in her eyes.

Lauren looked up at Derrick and smiled. "Do you like our makeshift table, Derrick? If these diaper punishments become a frequent thing, then I think we'll have to invest in a big changing table for you. How does that sound baby?"

Derrick blushed and fiddled with his t-shirt. Jill laughed at the site "Awww he's so nervous. I guess I would be too if I had a spanking and a poopy diaper change coming my way."

The girls laughed hysterically as Derrick stood in his diapers. Lauren set a stack of three diapers on her lap and patted the surface of the table. "Lay down on the table like a good boy Derrick, it's time to clean you up and get you spanked!"

"Yes, Miss," Said Derrick as he slowly sat on the table. He could feel the lumpy mess pressing further into his butt crack. Lauren quickly took the chance to pull his shirt off and toss it away. He was soon laying on his back looking up at the girls on the couch. He could feel the breeze on his nearly naked body from the ceiling fan above. His crotch and bum remained warm and squishy from the thick, soiled diaper.

Lauren began un-tapping the diaper as Jill stood up to get a better look. Lauren unfastened the diaper and exposed Derrick. He felt the cool breeze of the fan against his erect penis. 

Jill stepped back from the table as she looked at the used diaper. "Ugggh that's fucking disgusting! What a dirty little boy!"

Lauren giggled as she folded the poopy diaper and began wiping Derricks bottom with some baby wipes. "That's how I reacted last night after we got home from the mall. I checked his diaper and found poop, so I bit the bullet and changed him. At this point, it's just part of the punishment, and I know that it's the most embarrassing part for him."

Jill held in a giggle and brushed her blonde hair from her face. "It must feel good to finally be out of those diapers for awhile Derrick. I can't imagine having to feel that bulk between my legs all day long."

Jill had a point, Derrick thought. It felt great to feel the air on his privates, but in the back of his mind, he knew that he would be changed right back into another diaper with a hot bottom to go along with it.

Jill stared at Derrick as Lauren lifted his legs up like a baby to wipe the entirety of his bottom. Jill noticed that his bottom was a light pink from when Lauren spanked him the day before. His freshly wiped anus was on full display to her and she noticed that his cock was still hard. "He doesn't seem too embarrassed judging by the state of his cock."

Lauren smiled at Derrick as she let his legs down and spread them apart. "A certain part of Derrick enjoys being punished, but another part of him hates it. I can tell he's embarrassed by the color of his face, and how silent he's been."

Jill looked at Derricks red face and giggled. "I just can't believe he asked for this. I really respect him for wanting a woman to take charge. Asking to be diapered and spanked must have been hard for him to do. You two are so cute together."

Lauren pulled another wipe from the box and began cleaning his balls and penis. "It has been pretty amazing. The agreement we made really works out for us, and I know that he likes the attention."

Derrick moaned as Lauren cleaned and stroked his cock. He spread his legs wide as he looked up at the two girls. Jill had the same look in her eyes from when they met at the mall. He could tell that she was turned on from all of this. Lauren seemed focused on cleaning his privates, which felt awfully good.

"Okay, Derrick I think we're all done cleaning you up" Said Lauren as she scooted to the middle of the couch. "But you know the rules about diaper punishments. Now stand up and lay across my knees for your nightly spanking."

"Yes, Miss" Derrick sat up and noticed Jill strategically sitting on the lounge chair to the right of the couch. He knew that she would have a perfect view of his perched up bottom. His penis was rock hard and pointed upward as he got to his feet.

Derrick blushed as he approached his waiting girlfriend. He looked down at Lauren's toned thighs. He loved it when she wore yoga pants during his spankings. Lauren put her thighs together and lightly tapped the center of her lap. "Over you go little one."

Lauren took his hand and pulled him down over her lap. She situated herself to make sure Derricks' bum was pointed straight up in the air and made sure that his legs were spread and resting on the couch. She could feel his hard dick begin to rub on her legs as she looked down on his backside. She realized that these spankings were starting to be routine, but she didn't mind. She was a spanko at heart.

Jill looked excitingly at Derricks upturned bottom. His anus was exposed and his balls rested on Lauren's lap just like before. She couldn't help but to reach down and touch herself again. She watched as Lauren held onto Derrick and raised her right hand high over his bare bottom.


The once quiet family room was suddenly filled with the sound of Lauren's hand swatting at the meaty flesh of Derricks bottom. Jill watched as Derricks cheeks continuously jiggled from the impact of Lauren's palm.

Derrick rubbed up against Lauren as he always did. His bottom now starting to sting. He looked over his shoulder as he grabbed at Lauren's ankle. He could see Jill sitting with a grin on her face as she stared at his exposed reddening bottom.


Lauren smacked repeatedly with her hand at a fast pace until his bottom was bright red. She made sure to get the sit spots and the tender parts. She felt that she was getting pretty good at dishing out spankings.


"Are you ready to feel the brush, Derrick?"


"Just remember that you earned fifty extra swats from that little stunt you pulled!"


Derrick kicked lightly.  His cock was still hard and he was busy humping her thighs. "No Miss. Not the brush. Please!"

Lauren ignored him and quickly reached for the brush on the table to her left. She soon brought it up to full swing.






"What's the matter, Derrick?"


"Did your erection go away?"





Lauren began hitting with full force. "I don't think so, mister!"


"I decided to go easy on you last night because I spanked you in front of Jill at the mall."


"But this is the way you should expect to be spanked on a nightly basis during diaper punishments from now on."


"Now stop kicking your legs and be a good boy for me."


Derrick squirmed and kicked and was soon crying like a baby. Lauren showed no mercy and made him count the 50 extra swats that he had earned earlier. Then she stopped and rubbed his hot and bruised bottom. She had covered every square inch of his bare butt with hairbrush welts.

She ordered him off of her lap to stand in the corner. She and Jill were soon chatting and admiring the glow of Derricks apple red bottom as he tried to collect himself in the corner.

Chapter 11 Bedtime For Derrick

The girls chatted on the couch for quite some time. Discussions ranged from the latest chick flick to having lunch within the next few days. They were becoming great friends and found that they had a lot of similarities.

Derrick continued to stand with his nose in the corner and his butt on display. He listened to the girls' conversation and could sense their eyes fixated on his spanked bottom. Soon he began to hear the distinct sound of a disposable diaper being unfolded behind him. He knew that a diaper change was in his near future but he didn't mind. He felt like he had been in time-out for over an hour but in reality, it had only been about 15 minutes.

Lauren unfolded the diaper and decided to put two thick inserts into it. She loved using the inserts from time to time because of how thick and bulky they made the diaper. She felt that one insert was enough to make a significant difference, but two seemed to make it hard for Derrick to close his legs together. She loved seeing Derrick waddle around the house with a dramatically thick diaper on, and she figured Jill would get a kick out of seeing him like that too.

Jill watched as Lauren placed the heavily padded diaper onto the table and set some baby powder down next to it. As they chatted she couldn't help but stare at Derricks plump little bottom in the corner. She knew that his red cheeks would soon be powdered and wrapped up with the cushy diaper that lay before her.

When everything was ready, Lauren stood up from the couch and went over to Derrick. She gave his sore bottom a pinch as she gave him instructions. "Okay Derrick, time-out is over. I want you to come out of the corner and lay down on the changing table."

Derrick turned and was soon face to face with Lauren. He looked into her eyes. She was an inch taller than him and she looked down on him with love and affection. He took a step towards her and suddenly felt her arms wrap around him in a loving embrace. Lauren spoke with a soft tone into his ear. "I'm sorry I had to give you extra swats tonight Derrick, but I had to correct you for wearing pants over your diaper earlier. Just remember that you only have one more day of this and then it's back to big boy undies. Okay?"

"Yes Miss, I'm sorry for breaking the rules." Derrick felt warm and comfortable in her arms. His nose nestled into her neck and he could feel her hand start to rub his tender cheeks. Over Lauren's shoulder, he could see Jill sitting on the couch waiting patiently for Lauren to diaper him.

Lauren soothed his burning butt for a few more seconds and then took his hand and led him to the table. "Up you go Derrick. It's diapers and bedtime for you. Jill and I are going to stay up and watch a movie while you're in bed."

Derrick climb up onto the table. He felt left out for not being able to watch the movie with the girls. "Why do I have to go to bed so early? Can I please watch the movie with you guys?"

"Absolutely not Derrick. The movie we're watching isn't appropriate for boys in diapers." Lauren said as she laid Derricks head down onto the pillow. "I don't want any fussing from you tonight. It's diapers and lights out. Do you understand?"

Derrick let out a sigh. "Yes, Miss." He looked up at the girls once again from his embarrassing position. Lauren and Jill both knelt at the foot of the table as he lay butt naked with his legs spread out wide. The diaper felt soft and thick under his sore bottom. Jill had a smile on her face as she gazed at his erect penis.

Lauren popped the cap off of a bottle of lotion and emptied a liberal amount into her palm. Jill watched as Lauren spread it onto her hands and then began messaging it into Derricks privates. Lauren ran the cool lotion over his hard cock and then down to his scrotum.

Lauren soon lifted his legs and put lotion and powder on his burning hot bottom. Jill couldn't help but notice how proficient Lauren had become at changing diapers. She watched in fascination as Lauren quickly powdered his penis and balls and then brought the thick diaper up between his legs and taped it into place. She noticed that Derricks' hands were above his head and he looked away in embarrassment.

"Good boy Derrick! Now, let's tuck you in for bed. Say goodnight to Jill! Lauren grabbed both of his hands and helped him off of the table. 

Derrick stood with a slight bow in his legs. The diapers were thicker than he had anticipated. "Goodnight Jill," Derrick said looking down in shame. 

Jill smiled at him.  "I had so much fun tonight Derrick.  Sweet dreams!"

Lauren held onto his hand and started for the stairs. "I'll be right back Jill, I'm going to get him all settled in."

Jill watched as Lauren led Derrick up the stairs. She giggled at the site of Derrick waddling up the stairs while holding onto Lauren's hand. "Take your time. I'll get the movie ready!"

Lauren opened the door into her bedroom and pulled the sheets back from the bed. "Hop in baby, it's time for bed."

Derrick moaned in protest as he climbed into bed. "Can I please watch the movie with you?"

Lauren tucked him into bed and then climbed in behind him. She spooned him as she talked into his ear. "No baby, it's bedtime for you. I don't want to hear anything while we're watching. If I find you out of this bed, then I'll spank, is that clear?"

"Yes Miss, I don't want another spanking."

She kissed him on the neck and got out of bed. "I know you don't. Sweet dreams my love."

Chapter 12 Confessions

The third and final day of diaper punishment wasn't all that bad. Derrick watched cartoons and did homework while Lauren took some business calls in her office. She had a busy day of balancing work and phone calls with diaper changes. After dinner, she cleaned and spanked Derrick just as she had done routinely for the past two days. She was getting used to Derrick being diapered. She knew that she would miss the intimacy of the changes and the power she felt while spanking him on a nightly basis.

The next morning Lauren changed him out of his diaper and graduated him to big boy undies. "I hope you learned your lesson from being diapered like a baby for the past three days," Lauren said as she helped him into his normal white underwear. "It must be weird not feeling the bulk of the diapers between your legs."

Derrick agreed. For a moment he missed the bulk of the diapers, but it did feel good to be back in underwear. He was also looking forward to not being spanked tonight (if he could help it). The nightly spankings were really starting to take a toll. His bottom remained a deep shade of crimson throughout his entire diaper punishment. He was looking forward to recovering and being a good boy for a little while.

After getting changed, Lauren walked into the kitchen and embraced Derrick. They kissed for a while until Lauren's phone buzzed on the counter.

"That must be Jill," Lauren said as she picked up the phone and started texting back.

Derrick admired Lauren's beauty. Her dark brown hair fell onto her tan shoulders elegantly. She wore a patterned tank top and black khaki shorts that revealed most of her thighs and hugged her round butt.

She stopped texting and looked up at Derrick. "Isn't Jill great sweetie?"

Derrick nodded. Part of him was still embarrassed with what Jill had seen. But he did like her and trusted her to an extent. She was also gorgeous. The thought of her watching him get spanked and diapered by Lauren admittedly turned him on.

"We're thinking of grabbing lunch in a few hours at that taco place down the road. I figured we could walk around town for a while until then. What do you say?"

Derrick happily agreed. "Sounds good to me!"

Lauren and Derrick walked down the cobblestone road and turned onto the main street. It was hot outside which made Derrick thankful that he wasn't still in diapers. He did have to admit that a part of him did miss the comfort and the attention. These thoughts kept coming to the surface and he wasn't sure what to do with them.

They walked past some stores and talked about work and school. Derrick had been excelling in his class work ever since he had started dating Lauren. She thought back to his first spanking. She had a pretty good idea of what caused the spike in his grades.

Lauren's business was growing rapidly. She had recently boosted her online presence which naturally brought in more income.

Lauren asked about Derricks living situation. Unfortunately, he hadn't been having a lot of luck finding a suitable place live.

"Well you're basically already living with me, so why don't you just move in?" Asked Lauren. "I know I offered before, but I was serious. Just remember that you'll be in charge of the chores."

Derrick paced along with her. He watched her long, bare legs strut down the sidewalk. "You're so good to me Lauren. I would love to live with you!"

The couple stopped for coffee at a small shop and then continued their adventure. Lauren led the way into a large park with a giant pond in the middle. Trees and flowers grew everywhere along the path and the grass was bright green.

After walking along the pond and looking at the fish, Lauren took Derricks hand and led him to a soft patch of grass. They both laid down next to each other. Lauren put her arm under Derricks' head and he cuddled close to her breasts. They gazed up at the clouds in silence.

After a while, Lauren let out a sad and troubling sigh. "I have something that I need to get off my chest."

Derrick propped himself up and looked into her eyes. "What is it? You can tell me anything."

Lauren sat up and crossed her legs. "I already miss the diapers, Derrick. I know it's only been an hour or so since you've been out of them, but the thought of not changing you and taking care of you like that has been really getting me down."

Derrick felt loved at that very moment. Lauren had missed taking care of him. A sudden warmth overcame his entire body. "So what do you want to do?" He asked in a thoughtful tone.

Lauren put her hand on Derricks' knee. "I want to diaper you full-time Derrick. It wouldn't be a punishment, it would just be a new part of your life. These last three days have really made me notice how much I love being with you and caring for you."

Derrick thought for a while as Lauren held her hand on his knee. "Wouldn't I lose control of my bladder and bowels after a while? I would be completely dependent on diapers..."

Lauren stroked his face. "No Derrick, you would be completely dependent on me."

Derrick looked into her eyes. The sun shone down through the trees and the wind blew her hair. "What about school? What happens when you're not there to change me?"

Lauren brushed the hair off of her face. "I would let you wear pull-ups to school for low visibly, and I would let you change them in the stalls by yourself. Outside of school, you'll be placed in regular disposables and either Jill or I will be changing you."

"Jill?!" Derrick asked in a panicked tone. "Why Jill?! I know she's seen you change me before, but I don't want her to change me! I only want you to change me!"

Lauren was flattered but held strong. "She's become a close friend of mine, and I'll need some help with diaper changes while I work from home," Lauren said. "Just think of her as a babysitter Derrick. She and I discussed this during the movie when you were sleeping. She's very excited about it."

Derrick thought about Jill changing him and looking after him. "Would you let her punish me too?"

"I would Derrick. She has a good head on her shoulders and she'll follow all of the guidelines in our agreement. If it gets out of hand, then I'll be sure to put a stop to things. She really cares about you, Derrick."

Derrick thought for a while and then let out an uncertain sigh. "Fine... I'll wear diapers. And I guess I'm fine with Jill watching me. But I'm only doing this because of you Lauren. You mean so much to me." He replied in a low voice.

Lauren suddenly dove on top of him and embraced him in her arms. "THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!" Lauren straddled him and looked down at his face. "I love you, Derrick."

Derrick looked up at her. His heart was beating fast. "I love you too."

Chapter 13 Lunch With Jill

Lauren and Derrick walked through the door to the restaurant and saw Jill waiting at a booth in the corner. She waved at them in excitement as they walked towards her. Jill gave Lauren a hug and then hugged Derrick afterward. They all sat down to look at the menu and soon ordered some drinks.

Jill looked at the two of them anxiously. "So, how did it go?"

Derrick could only imagine what she was asking about. He could tell that she really wanted in on their lifestyle and he knew she would be very happy to learn what the final verdict was.

Lauren took a sip from her glass. "Derrick said yes to everything. He and I talked about it at the park earlier. All we need to do now is fill you in on our agreement."

Jill bounced in the booth with excitement. "Good for you Derrick! You're such a good guy for being so understanding about Lauren's needs. I can't wait to start babysitting you while she is busy."

Lauren smiled at him and put her arm around his shoulders. "Thanks again, Derrick. I know that it's going to be a big adjustment in your life, but Jill and I are going to be here for you at all times."

Derrick felt comforted. He knew that Lauren and Jill cared about him. After going over the punishment agreement with Jill at the table, they all took a toast to their new commitment.

After lunch, they parted ways and Lauren held Derricks' hand and walked down the main road again. "I think we should pick up some things from the store today Derrick. We have a busy day ahead of us."

Derrick glanced over at her curiously. "Like what?"

Lauren giggled at him. "Well, for starters we're going to need a lot of diapers. Then I was thinking we could look at some adult-sized changing tables. Since this is a permanent thing now, I think it would be nice to have an area in the house that specifically caters to your diapering needs."

Derrick looked down in embarrassment. His new lifestyle would definitely take some getting used to. He thought about the daily routine of being changed on an actual changing table multiple times per day. "Is a table really necessary?"

Lauren looked over at him. "It is very necessary Derrick. This is a big part of your life now and you'll be spending a lot of time having your diapers changed. Having a specific place for doing that is better than having to change you on my bed or on the floor. You should be excited Derrick, this is the first big step to your new life."

"But that'll just make me feel like a big baby." Derrick mumbles.

Lauren giggled at him. "This whole arrangement somewhat makes you a big baby, doesn't it? I was thinking, instead of you calling me Miss, you could call me Mommy. Would you do that for me, Derrick?"

"And what would I call Jill?"

"Her and I were talking about her role in all of this, and she wants you to call her Nanny. Are you comfortable with all of this Derrick?"

Derrick held her hand tight. "Of course I am. It'll just take some getting used to. Are we starting all of this today?"

Lauren smiled at him and then gave him a hug. "You can start calling me Mommy today, but you can enjoy your last day in big boy undies since you've been so good. Tomorrow we can throw out all of your underwear and replace them with diapers. Okay?"

"Yes, Mommy," Derrick said obediently.

Chapter 14 Back In Diapers For Good

Derrick woke up the next morning to see Lauren stepping out of the shower. The steam rolled out of the doorway as she walked into the bedroom. "Morning sweetie!" Lauren said as she started to towel off. Her large breasts dripped with hot water as she smiled at him. "Are you excited for your diapers?"

Derrick groaned and sat up in bed. "Yes, Mommy."

Lauren finished toweling off and opened the drawers to the large dresser that they had been sharing. "Good boy, I guess we won't be needing any of these then!" Lauren began gathering his underwear and putting them into a large trash bag.

Derrick watched her as she threw out his underwear. He admired her naked round ass and her toned thighs. Her long brown hair was wet and fell to the center of her back. Next to the dresser stood the new changing table that she had bought yesterday. The shelves below the large table were packed with disposable diapers. Many were out of the packaging and stacked on top of one another.

Lauren finished with the dresser and turned to face Derrick. "Okay baby, I just need the ones that you're wearing now and that should be the last of them."

Derrick fumbled under the covers as he pulled his underwear off. He handed them to Lauren and she tossed them in with the others.

"Okay baby, hop into the shower and then call me when you finish. I'll make us some breakfast."

"Yes, Mommy!" Derrick said as he climbed out of bed.

As he walked to the bathroom Lauren playfully pinched his naked butt. "Your bruises are going away fast Derrick. I'll put some soothing cream on those cheeks during your diaper change. Have fun in the shower!"

Derrick blushed "Thanks, Mommy! I will!"

Lauren set the table and made a plate of pancakes. The morning sun cast into the kitchen as she sat at the table and sipped her coffee. Upstairs she could hear the shower shut off. She pulled her hair back into a ponytail and waited for Derrick to call down to her. She was excited to start changing diapers again.

A few minutes later Derrick yelled down to Lauren. "I'm finished!"

Lauren stood up from the table and put her paper away. She then climbed the stairs and went through the doorway to the bedroom. She was pleased to see Derrick laying on the changing table with his legs in the air. "You're such a good boy for being ready for Mommy!" Lauren said as she approached the table.

Lauren put the side railing up on the table and noticed that Derricks dick was rock hard. She spread his legs out far and wide and stroked his cock for a while. "I think it's only fair that I let you make cummies during your first diaper change. What do you say?"

"Yes, Mommy!" Derrick said in excitement.

Lauren laughed and rubbed his cock a little faster. Derrick started to moan as he stared up at her. He was moments from cumming when she suddenly let go of his dick. She giggled at the disappointment she saw in his face. "Aww Derrick, don't worry. That was just a warm-up. I'll have you cumming in no time!"

"But Mommy!" Derrick said in a pouty voice.

Lauren lifted his right leg and playfully smacked his rear. "No pouting little boy or there will be no cumming at all. Understand?"

Derrick moaned in frustration but he acknowledged her respectfully.

"Good boy." Said, Lauren, as she grabbed a fresh diaper from the shelf beneath and began to unfold it. She then grabbed a diaper insert and put it into place.

Derrick watched the process, knowing that this would be the first of thousands of diapers that she would change him into. The thought was surreal. Pretty soon this would all become very routine, like putting clothes on in the morning.

Lauren grabbed his ankles and hoisted them into the air. "Bottoms up little boy!" She soon slipped the thick diaper under his bottom. She let his butt down but still held his legs in the air. "Now it's time for your soothing cream. This spanked butt needs some moister ASAP!"

Lauren let go of his ankles and told Derrick to keep his legs high in the air. She then squeezed a glob of lotion into her palm and began rubbing his pink bottom. "Spread your cheeks and stick your butt out for Mommy, you know how I like to spank your tender areas."

Derrick complied. This was one of the most embarrassing positions he had ever been in. His anus was in full view as he held his parted legs against his chest. He could feel her soft fingers spreading the cool lotion right up to the edge of his anus. He then heard her pull a baby wipe from the box and he suddenly felt the coolness of the wipe pass over his butt hole.

Lauren noticed his embarrassment and giggled at him. "There we go! All clean. Now it's time for some powder. Keep your legs spread just like that for me while I powder your bottom. I know it's an embarrassing position, but Mommy is going to be seeing your exposed little anus every single day. It will be good to get into a routine like this early on, that way you'll know what's expected of you"

"Yes Mommy," Derrick said with a red face.

Lauren laughed a bit as she powdered his lotion covered bottom. "Just think that this will soon become a morning routine for the both of us. I think you'll get used to being butt naked and exposed on the changing table in no time. In a few weeks this won't be as embarrassing, I promise."

Derrick looked away. He could smell the baby powder as Lauren coated his bottom and penis with it. He has been through plenty of changes during his diaper punishment, but none of those had taken place on a large changing table.

Lauren let his legs down flat on the soft table and began to stoke his powdered cock. His legs tensed as he felt close to orgasm. He knew it wouldn't take long to cum.

Lauren continued stroking as she began to lift the diaper between his legs. He could feel the bulk tightening under his scrotum while she pumped his cock. Finally, he let out a moan and his cum spurted out onto his belly. Lauren quickly folded the diaper up between his legs and held it there, smiling down at him. "Diapers feel good, don't they Derrick?"

Derrick breathed heavily out of his nose. He was in pure ecstasy. He could only nod to Lauren in agreement. He heard another baby wipe being pulled from the box and soon felt Lauren cleaning up the cum on his tummy.

"I'll have you wrapped up tight in no time baby boy. And then we can go eat some pancakes."

Derrick looked up at Lauren with joy. The bulky, soft diaper spread his legs out wide as Lauren taped the sides shut. He knew that he would be walking with a waddle for the rest of the day.

After checking the creases of the diaper, she helped him off of the table. Lauren stood him up and patted his diapered butt. "Good boy Derrick. Now let me know when you need to be changed next. Let's go eat."

Derrick waddled down the stairs as Lauren followed him, patting his bottom and giggling all the way to the kitchen table.

Chapter 15: Not Clever Enough!

Derrick scrubbed at the dishes in the sink as the morning sun pierced through the windows. Lauren had taken a business call just as they had finished eating, which left Derrick to his morning chore routine. He felt cozy and snug in his thick diaper. He waddled throughout the kitchen and took comfort in the crinkle sound that his diaper made with each step he took. The new diapers that Lauren had bought seemed ten times bulkier than the ones he wore for his punishment. It seemed that it was nearly impossible to put his legs together.

As he finished cleaning the last dish, he felt the sudden urge to pee. He thought about the bathroom for a moment, and how his new life restricted him from using the toilet. He knew that it would take time to adjust to his new life. The whole situation seemed so surreal to him just then. He was still able to hold his bladder, but he knew that he would soon lose control of everything. He knew that it was only a matter of time.

Derrick stood there for a moment and looked down at his extra padded crotch. His Dick was hard and it pointed up towards his belly. He knew that if he wet himself, the majority of his pee would end up shooting upward rather than absorb into the thick material. Lauren had told him over breakfast that he was prohibited from reaching inside or fiddling with his diaper, but he decided to take actions into his own hands to avoid a potential mess.

Derrick could hear Lauren in the other room as he grabbed at the waistband of his diaper. He ducked into the hallway to avoid getting caught doing what she had specifically told him not to do. He knew he had to act quickly, as the pressure in his bladder was building fast. He began pulling on the waistband to gain access to his dick. He opened it enough to reach his hand down. By that time, his dick was semi erect which made pointing it downward much easier.

As soon as his penis was pointing downward, he began to piss himself. He felt the warm stream of pee soak into the thickness, and could hear the fluid running through the cushioned material. The warm wetness seeped between his thighs and made his diaper sag and thicken considerably at the crotch. His dick was hardening again, and soon realized that his hand was still tucked inside; holding his penis down as if he were using a urinal.

Derrick had wet his diaper plenty of times during his punishment, and he had always gotten erections from doing it. He had mastered the art of tucking his dick into the diaper to avoid the mess, or so he thought. Just as he was taking his hand out, he heard a subtle snap and felt the waistband loosen around his waist. Derrick panicked as he looked down at the broken tape. He noticed that the adhesive had taken a lot of the plastic off of the surface of the diaper, which left a very noticeable blemish. He stood in the kitchen, helplessly weighing his options.

He thought about coming clean to Lauren about reaching into his diaper and fiddling with it. He knew that he had the best of intentions while doing it, but it would be hard to convince her, especially after she had just given him strict boundaries as to where his hands were and weren't supposed to be.

He then thought about refastening the soiled diaper. He knew that the tapes on the diapers he wore allowed him to peel away the used tape which left another sticky surface. He knew that Lauren would discover that upon his next diaper change and soon dismissed the idea completely.

The last option he thought of was to run upstairs and change into a fresh diaper. He then thought about hiding the soiled diaper at the bottom of the trashcan in the garage. He knew it was risky, but it was the only way he could think of that wouldn't land him across Lauren's lap.

He knew that what he had done was a spankable offense no matter how good his excuse was. He had really been looking forward to a break from spankings, especially after receiving so many during his diaper punishment. He thought about sitting on a freshly spanked bottom again with the added fact that he was currently being changed into diapers much thicker than the ones before. He knew the extra bulk would undoubtedly make things more uncomfortable for him down there. That thought alone was enough to make him act.

Derrick waddled/ran up the stairs and into the bedroom. He could no longer hear Lauren talking on the phone which made him want to speed things up even more. He quickly unfastened all of the tapes and rolled up the soggy diaper. He placed the heavy, warm diaper on the changing table and reached underneath to grab a fresh one. He crouched down and searched for the one Lauren had changed him into earlier. Lauren had picked up so many different kinds of diapers, and he knew that she would be able to tell the difference if he were to pick the wrong brand.

There were stacks and stacks of diapers that were out of their packages and they all looked very similar in thickness and color. He finally found one with matching tapes and quickly unfolded it. He then fit the diaper with and insert and stepped over the it. He brought it up between his legs, and soon found it hard to tape it in place properly while standing up. He then looked over at the changing table and thought it would be easier to change himself laying down.

He moved the soiled diaper to the floor and climbed up onto the table. He couldn't believe that he had an erection as he slid the thick diaper under his bottom. He moved at a rapid pace, pulling the thickness up in-between his legs, spreading them out just like before. He began taping one side after the other.

His heart sank when he heard footsteps coming up the stairs.

"Derrick, honey where are you? Did you use your diapers yet?" Lauren said as she turned the corner into the bedroom.

Derrick froze as Lauren walked through the door. "Ma.. Ma.. Mommy... I can explain!" He was still laying on the table and his hands were caught midway through fastening the last tape on the diaper.

Lauren's jaw dropped as she saw what was happening before her. She noticed the wet diaper on her carpet and the shocked and fearful expression on Derricks face. Without saying a word, Lauren paced angrily toward the table and picked up the soiled diaper from the floor and threw it in the diaper pale at the foot of the table. She then forcefully pulled Derricks hand away and began un-taping his diaper.

Derrick watched his girlfriend in fear as she pulled the diaper away from his crotch. He had never seen her like this before. Every movement she made was with confidence and purpose.

Without hesitation, Lauren hoisted Derricks legs up in the air, exposing his bare bottom just as she would do if she were powdering him during a diaper change. This "legs up" position wasn't just used for powdering naked bottoms in Lauren's house, it was also used to spank.

Lauren pressed Derricks legs down closer to his chest, forcing most of his weight onto his shoulder blades. The sudden shift in weight forced his bottom to lift off of the table. Lauren placed her left arm over the backs of Derricks thighs, and began raining down smacks to his naked bottom with the palm of her hand.



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