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Chastity Bras?

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Has anyone got any experience of using chastity bras? Or anything about them?

I am getting the vibe that my d/l wife will be wanting a new challenge soon, as she is now nearly completely incontinent and am wondering if these have any advantages?

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Will start this off with a photo image:

And then for more in depth coverage (or less) search at eBay "CHASTITY BRA" !

Makes for interesting bondage on the wild side ! 



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Yes, she’s got fairly large breasts. I haven’t heard of these before. I am looking for new ways to enhance our relationship now that my wife is fully incontinent and we have achieved that goal.

My wife is very submissive but she has taken well to diapers - I was the diaper lover in our relationship initially but in a caretaker role. I have no interest in wearing myself and never have.

I want to push the envelope with perhaps this type of restriction next but can’t seem to find anyone who has used these bras before.

So, if anyone has any thoughts and/or alternative ideas I’d really welcome them

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