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Any dentist/oral surgeons here I need advice

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Hello ok today I went to my dentist's to get my dentures relined with temporary silicone lining I have connected sinus and mouth where teeth were pulled and when I bit down to let the silicone lining adjust to my gums/dentures the connection between my sinus and top of my mouth where my teeth were pulled got filled with silicone denture liner accidentally and my dentist's spent like an hour trying to remove it with no luck so my dentist's referred me to an oral surgeon and said to give the oral surgeon a slip of paper which said on it what needed to be done I will quote what it said "while doing a denture reline soft reline material was inadvertently pushed into sinus connection please remove reline material and repair sinus connection" my questions are as follows is this likely to cause problems if left untreated? and if so what could said problems be?how much is this likely to cost? I have no insurance so will be paying out of pocket and is it worth having the procedure done and what are the risks of said procedure 

Please note I am not taking the answers as guaranteed I would just like to have some rough and or general idea of the best and worst case scenario as well as a price range estimate  and I completely understand prices and outcomes can and will vary significantly but currently I don't know if this going to cost in high hundreds of dollars or be up in the thousands or tens of thousands so even an extremely vague guess  range will be very much appreciated fyi I am not going to be upset if your guess is way off and do not plan on using this post to try and negotiate a price with the surgeon I'm just really worried and have not the slightest idea of the effects or costs of getting this done 

Thank you have a nice day 

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It sounds like removing the sillicone is beyond what your dentist can do, so that's probably the reason for the referral.  Leaving it in may cause irritation, so that's probably why your dentist wants it removed.  Also surgeries (particularily in the US) can cost thousands of dollars, depending on the surgeon and what the surgery is.  Your case seems pretty straightforward, so that *should* lower the cost by some.  I'm not an oral surgeon, but that's my opinion in a nutshell.

Have you had the surgery yet?

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No I just said screw it its just silicone women pay thousands for a piece of silicone lol

so it can't be that dangerous and its not causing irratation it's not causing me any trouble breathing I barely notice its there so unless it causes problems I intend to leave it there 

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