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The twilight moon hung low in the sky, illuminating the battle grounds in an eerie light mixed with the flames of the fallen and decimated Nightmares. Britannia was issuing the order to retreat as the Guren S.E.I.T.E.N. leapt thriugh a collapsing building. In a moment of confusion, the retreating Britannian mech turned around, curious if his assailant had given up the chase. Smoke and dust obscured the area surrounding the destroyed skyscraper. 

A sigh of relief escaped from the pilot of the Britannian unit, he had somehow managed to lose his pursuer. However, his joy was short lived when a glowing pair of eyes pierced the smokescreen. 

"Shit!" The soldier quickly swung his unit away from the enclosing fire red Nightmare, trying to do everything he could to get away from the charging mech. 

Kallen had her target in sight, the crimson colored Nightmare extended it's talons out towards the fleeing Britannian unit, sending the sharp fingers right through the hull, causing the enemy to cease movement. Kallen pulled back her prized Guran's claw and watched the resulting aftermath of her attack. The limbs of the enemy unit went into a spasmodic fit, flailing about until the unit exploded. 

"Zero, sector five cleared of Royal Guards. I will-" Kallen was interrupted by an unknown signal; A bright flare, a light so bright that it beckoned her to it. 

"I've been surrounded! Requesting back up!" Zero frantically announced. 

Unbeknownst to Kallen, her communication module was jammed to all outside links, she couldn't hear the real Zero asking for an update while she proceeded to investigate the source of the fake distress call. 

Speeding down the now ruined boulevard, the Guran passed by toppled buildings and tarnished trees, some still lit from the literal fire fight which had ensued earlier during the course of the fierce battle. At the end of the grand avenue she saw a toppled mech, near it lay Zero splayed out, wounded atop a pile of rubble. 

"Zero!" The Captain of Squad Zero ejected from the cockpit and jumped down to the sidewalk that her leader was bleeding out on. In this moment, she only saw her wounded comrade and failed to notice the figure of a stranger standing by Lelouch's immobilized mech. As Kallen bent over and picked up her fallen friend, she noticed that it was not Zero at all! It was a dead Britannian soldier dressed like her leader. 

"What the fuck?" She stood up, pivoting quickly, looking around for what she knew would come: an ambush. However, no enemies shot at her, no one appeared except for the strange man who walked towards her calmly. "Who are you?!" The girl with magenta colored hair demanded.

 "Never you mind who I am. You're the one that is killing needlessly and for what? A childish rebellion which will only ensure that you become the property of the Chinese Federation?" The stranger questioned. 

"So, you're with the Britannian armed forces and want to kill me? Is that it!?" Kallen reached for her sidearm. 

"Not kill, there has been enough bloodshed on this day. Besides, a quick death would teach you nothing. You must be punished for all the blood that you have on your hands." A bright perplexing glow emanated from his eye, the symbol of the Geass flashed brilliantly, taking control of Kallen. 

"Interesting, you have many emotional weaknesses that you keep buried. Many irrational fears which I can have fun with. Let's concoct a hellish reality for you to live out the rest of eternity, one where you'll experience all of this bottled up irrational fear." 

The unknown Geass user watched Kallen fall to the ground, her body limp and lifeless, while a flashing lightning bolt of magenta like aura left her body violently, pulsing towards the stars. 

A never ending black void surrounded the tough warrior of the Black Knights. She found herself naked, in her most purest and vulnerability form, floating through the darkness. Randomly the visions and memories would hit her. Like pages of a book flipping in the breeze, she experienced each page that catalogued an event, as if she was reliving it all over again. 

Kallen jerked her body out of this twisted sleep, that dream was the culmination of far too many terrible nightmares. She shook her head and opened her eyes, what she saw all around her, truly shocked her. 

At first, she thought that the Britannia soldiers must have captured her since there were bars all around her. However, the huge bars were not normal, they definitely weren't from a jail cell or even a traditional cage. No, these were pastel pink and, from what she could see beyond her confines, it appeared that she was in a very infantile version of her own room. 

A variety of baby toys littered the ground, but upon closer inspection, they were huge! Hardly the appropriate size for a real baby. 

Kallen ripped off the baby blanket and sighed when she saw her firm breasts, long arms and legs. However, the realization that a humongous, baby diaper was wrapped around her loins was quite displeasing to the young woman. 

"What the hell? Why am I wearing this...this thing!?" 

She pawed at it curiously, the fierce warrior had never felt a diaper before and, it was quite a surreal sensation to actually wear one. Her hand slid across the slick, outer shell of her plastic pamper. The outside of the infantile garment was hard which was a unique contrast to the soft, almost pillow like, interior of the diaper. Instantly, she grew disgusted by its mere existence, cupping her privates, trapping them in a humid prison of plastic. 

"Someone better get me out of this damn diaper and crib, right now!!" 

A  shrill wail pierced the tranquility of the nursery. Kallen turned her head to face the source of the loud, infantile cries. If the Captain of Squad Zero didn't know any better, it sounded just like a real baby crying for its mother. Close to her crib, a bassinet, covered in pink frills and dainty bows rocked slightly while a pair of long arms reached out above the large cradle. 

Kallen stared out past her bars at the odd scene before her, unsure of what she was actually seeing. It was definitely another adult, like herself, trapped in the large bassinet, but why? She couldn't help but ask this question repeatedly. Suddenly, the creaking of a door, pulled the young soldier away from her thoughts. 

To Be Continued...

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This was a fantastic start. They must have both had a deep down fear of not being seen as an adult for this spell to act upon fear and regress them. I was happy I could give it a like and I am really looking forward to seeing more. 

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For just a three dollars, you can see more stories like this at my Patreon. You can also read up to Part 4 on my Patreon if you pledge today. Also, maybe you'd like a short story? If you pledge five dollars and tell me what you'd like to read,I'll write you a story about any anime or situation you choose



Part 2: The Nightmare Begins


Through her crib bars, Kallen watched with a morbid curiosity as the last person in the world, she expected to enter this damned nursery, strolled right in.


"Does my little baby Kōzuki need her diaper changed?" Mrs. Stadtfeld cooed.


The noble woman looked no different than the young rebel could recall. However, everything was magnified by her new found stature. She stood at least twenty feet tall compared to Kallen's mere five feet and seven inches of height. Her blond hair was done up in the same old ridiculous bun as always, bound by the red band, a generous strand of the hair dangled in front of her face, ending in a slight twist. Even while tending to her "babies", she wore her regal purple dress which ended just below her bountiful breasts.


Kallen had to double take as her step mother made her way over to the bassinet.'Wait a minute. Mrs. Stadtfeld was never this well endowed. What the fuck is going on? Those things look like Double her normal size!'


While the young woman struggled to comprehend why she was now a tiny, adult sized baby, her step mother bent down and took a whiff of the air just above the bassinet which was inhabited by the crying adult. "Whew!" Mrs. Stadtfeld exclaimed and comically fanned away the stink from in front of her nose. "Someone made mommy a present. Yes, she did!" The giant noble woman cooed.


Kallen grew disgusted by this infantile drive,l that her step mother was spewing, and voiced her anger."Hey!" Kallen shouted. "I have no idea how you got so tall, but you better let me out of this disgusting diaper and get me out of here!" 


Mrs. Stadtfeld suddenly shot the trapped young woman a dirty look, one of annoyance and contempt. It was as if Kallen had interrupted some perverse game and shattered the illusion. 


Kallen quickly backed up against the railing behind her. 'Shit, she's pissed and I'm cornered!'. In a matter of seconds the giantess was standing on the other side of the crib's bars. The Captain of Zero squad stared up, past the ridiculously large pair of breasts that sat on the railing, at her giant of a step mother. An overwhelming sense of fear washed over the pampered pilot.


Mrs. Stadtfeld towered above the crib, gazing down, her eyes meeting her step daughter's eyes. The two women shared this stare until the huge woman's scowl turned into a wicked grin. "Looks like the black sheep is finally awake." 


"What's that supposed to mean?" Kallen couldn't help but ask. 


The giant noble woman paid her step daughter no mind, instead opting to bend over the crib's railing and stick a finger into the leg guard of Kallen's oversized pamper. "Seems you're dry. Well, not for long. Baby Kōzuki needs a new diaper." Mrs. Stadtfeld explained in a tone filled with malice as she ripped off the offending garment from Kallen's petite body.


Quickly, the young woman brought her hands down to shield her crotch, which was now as bald as the day she was first born. 'Obviously, she waxed me when I was asleep. Still, at least she removed that damn diaper like I asked.'

"Here sweetie, mommy got you a fresh new diaper to wear." Once more, Mrs. Stadtfeld cooed down at the sobbing captive in the oversized bassinet. She tried to sooth the unseen adult within by cooing at them and playing "peek a boo" while holding the disposable that came from the magenta haired teen in front of her face, randomly popping at the poor soul trapped within the bassinet. Growing tiredly of the baby games, the tall woman sighed. "Let's get you changed."


Compelled to watch this bizarre spectacle, Kallen couldn't look away. In fact, she practically had a front row seat as her step mother lifted the womanly legs of the baby who laid inside the baby basket. A few wipes and coos later had the unknown baby woman clean and taped into Kallen's old disposable. 


Meanwhile, Mrs. Stadtfeld admired the putrid pamper, full of poop, with a sinister smile. Before Kallen could put two and two together, the statuesque noble woman marched over to her crib, holding the destroyed disposable.

"Look at what we have here. A naughty little baby is nakkie. I better put you into a diaper before you ruin your crib mattress." The blond giantess proclaimed, grabbing her step daughters by the ankles with her left hand while her right hand held the "new" diaper.


"Nooo!" The young soldier screamed at the top of her lungs. "I won't wear that! You can't make me!"


"Tsk, tsk. Such a fussy baby." Mrs. Stadtfeld started in mock surprise, lifting her step daughter's shapely ass off of the bed. "I think I'll have to have the doctor take a look at those pesky vocal cords one day soon." Kallen shut her mouth in abject horror, she couldn't believe what she just heard. On top of that she felt the warm muck slowly caress her butt as the dirty disposable was brought between legs, taped up agonising slow. "Yes, then you'll be a good girl like your mommy is. She knows only to cry when she needs something, just like a good little girl should."

The stunned Captain of Zero Squad was hit by the insane revelation that the other baby woman was none other than her very own, biological mother! 'How could this be happening?! How could this be real?!'


Kallen struggled to comprehend this strange reality that she had awakened to. Here she sat, in a humongous crib, sitting in her mother's very warm, very used soiled diaper while her step mother pranced around this obscene nursery. Something nagged at the young woman, besides the muck filled pamper, and that was the fear that this was only the beginning of her torment. 

To Be Continued....

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Now that is simply disgusting. She must have totally pissed off her stepmother. No one puts a soiled diaper onto someone else. Any way you look at that it’s so WRONG. I would have lost my lunch at something like that. Almost did just thinking about it. I am looking forward to reading more and hopefully it doesn’t involve that stepmom. 

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For just a three dollars, you can see more stories like this at my Patreon. You can also read up to Part 4 on my Patreon if you pledge today. Also, maybe you'd like a short story? If you pledge five dollars and tell me what you'd like to read,I'll write you a story about any anime or situation you choose



Chapter 3: Strange Bedfellows 

A new round of sobs poured forth from the large bassinet, catching both Mrs. Stadtfeld and Kallen's attention. The giantess happily cooed sweet nothings to Ms. Kōzuki as she bent down and gazed into the bassinet. After a few lines of baby talk, Mrs. Stadtfeld scooped up the bawling baby woman from underneath her armpits, and proceeded to give the tiny woman Eskimo kisses. 

Kallen's jaw would've fallen off if it wasn't attached to her head, she was that shocked to actually see her own mother in such a state. It was one thing to hear Mrs. Statdfeld claim that she had her biological mother as a baby, but to actually see her own mother in this situation: clad in only a thick disposable diaper, imprisoned in this infantile nursery, forced to wear.... diapers. The gravity of the revelation was beyond all words that Kallen's vocabulary contained.

Kallen had fought the Britannia's tooth and nail, shed the blood of her enemies, watched her comrades die during attempts by the Royal Army to quell the insurrection, but she could not imagine such a horror as what she currently witnessed. To be denied your culture, forced to hide your nationality from your friends. Well, that was one thing, but to be broken down mentally and forced to abandon your freedom, to adopt the persona of an infant just to satisfy the sick desires of your captors. That simply was beyond comprehension to the young soldier as her body was enveloped by unbridled rage.

"What the fuck have you done to my mother?!" Kallen screamed out in pure anger.

For a brief instant, the sobs coming from her mother ceased, and Ms. Kōzuki turned her head to face her daughter. Kallen's eyes met her babified mother's gaze, a spark of intelligence flared within those sad eyes and, at that moment, for just an instant, Kallen knew that her mother was still in there.

The moment that the mother and daughter shared was ruined by Mrs. Statdfeld's utterance of outrage. "I already told you, young lady. One more outburst like that and you'll lose your voice forever! Do you understand?"

Before Kallen could even nod, the dark haired baby woman clutched the blond giantess tightly and sobbed into her shoulder, practically begging her not to take her daughter's voice.

Mrs. Statdfeld held Kallen's mother close, kissing her on the top of her head, right in between the adult infant's pigtails. "I know, baby. I know. You don't like arguing, but I have no idea what has gotten into your sister today." This only caused the sobbing to intensify. "Shush, little baby, mommy knows what you need."

The giant blond held Kallen's mother with her left arm, cuddling the baby woman close as she used her now free right hand to free her bountiful breasts from the purple dress that could barely contain them. A bit of vile threatened to spill from Kallen's throat, but she swallowed it back down, in disgust. 'There's no way she's going to do what I think she's doing to do.'

With skill honed through numerous occasions of feeding, the statuesque step mother juggled Ms. Kōzuki until the women's lips were barely millimeters away from a very engorged nipple. From behind the crib bars, Kallen heard the rhythmic suckling and sat in complete bewilderment as she watched her mother drink from Mrs. Stadtfeld's teat, suckling greedily. Even in this world her mother was such a pushover! 'Why did she not fight back? Did she already get punished for rebelling?'

While Kallen struggled to justify why her mom was literally nursing from the woman who had stolen everything's from her, a few pats brought an enormous belch from the oversized infant in Mrs. Stadtfeld's arms. "Aww, that's my girl. You were really hungry, weren't you?" The blond cooed down at her diaper clad adult baby, taking her back to the bassinet. "Let's just put you back into your bed while I tend to your sister."

This statement could only mean one thing, the young, feisty soldier realized. 'She wants to breastfeed me!' Kallen grimaced, watching the giant woman closing in on her, each step Mrs. Stadtfeld took caused her breasts to jiggle. The young woman felt trapped in her wooden, infantile cage, frantically looking around for a way to escape, but there was no way out. Time slowed to almost a halt as Kallen turned to see her step mother stand before her, towering above her once more.

Mrs. Stadtfeld picked up the Captain of Squad Zero, carrying the young woman towards a chair near a window.“I really need to get a more comfortable chair for this nursery,” Her step mother said, sitting down in the old chair, setting Kallen on her lap with a sickening squelch, the overloaded diaper felt like a pillow that Kallen was sitting on. Well, a pillow filled with poop, the young woman realized with a shudder.

Poor Kallen had more pressing problems then the severely soiled disposable strapped to her waist because she was now face to breast so to speak, mere inches away from her step mother's bosom, nipple already leaking slightly. The young rebel had other plans, however. She tried in earnest to wriggle off of the giant's lap, but her pamper made that all but impossible since her butt and legs were practically sinking into the sandbag of crap that the diaper had become.

“No, you're not going anywhere." Mrs. Stadtfeld declared sternly. “I have no idea how you got here, but I know you're not my step daughter from this realm."

"Wait, you know I'm not supposed to be here?!" 

"No, you're supposed to be here alright. All Eleven's do, but I knew as soon as you opened your mouth that you could'nt be MY Kallen. I had broken her a long time ago. However, I’ve been waiting for another Little to break and now I have you to bend to my will." Mrs. Stadtfeld cackled sinisterly.

"No! You know nothing of my will or what I've done to secure my freedom and the freedom of my country!" Kallen declared, feeling a renewed sense of strenght fuel her resolve.

"I told you earlier, you are my little black sheep now, and you are going to behave whether you like it or not. If you refuse to be a good girl, I can make all sorts of hell for you to endure." The blond giantess stopped for a second. "However, I don't want to just take you to the doctors right off the bat. Where's the fun in that? No, I’ll spank you first, and then you'll suck my breasts, worshiping them like you worship the ideals of your lost culture.  I bet it’ll hurt your pride a lot more than your ass."

“I will not give, I will not falter!"  Kallen stated firmly, clad in only her putrid, overweight pamper.

In only a matter of seconds, Mrs. Stadtfeld manhandled the smaller woman face first over her lap, diapered ass buldging upwards. The giant frowned, knowing she couldn't just pull down the poop packed pamper and opted to spank the outside of the diaper instead. 

Kallen was alloted just enough time to process her situation before her step mother gave her bulging bottom the first smack. The muck spread accross her firm cheeks, infiltrating every crevasse due to the force of the slap. As the spanking continued, it was quite obvious that Mrs. Stadtfeld was enjoying every moment of this punishment.

True to her word, Kallen didn’t cave, didn't fold. She was thoroughly disgusted and grossed out by the spanking, sure, but she had steeled herself for worse torture than this, for she knew that if she ever was captured, she would be physically tortured. 

“Oh, yes. This is going to be a lot more fun than I ever could've imagined." Mrs. Stadtfeld grinned, gazing down at the brat across her lap. "Well, let's get you fed, and remember, if you so much as nibble on my teat, I'll rip your teeth out with my bare hands!"

Kallen knew that this psychotic bitch meant every word of her threat. She was repositioned, sat in front of the large breasts of her step mother again. The soldier knew that she didn't have much of a choice. After all, she had been forced to wear a dirty diaper, packed with her mother's feces and then spanked. Not only that, but she was basically the size of a toddler, compared to her step mother.

So, with a heavy heart and rage filled spirit, she forced herself to submit amd be pushed toward the giant woman’s bare breast. She opened her mouth, certain to keep her teeth away from the pink, engorged nipple as it entered her mouth.

All the young soldier could do was sit there, on her step mother's lap, her lips clamped around the enormous woman's nipple. It was awkward, it was degrading and, even though the young woman wanted to get this over with, she couldn't exactly bring herself to start sucking. Her pride prevented her from doing so. 

Mrs. Stadtfeld sighed, slapping Kallen's thigh, telling her step daughter that it was time to start sucking. 

Kallen inhaled deeply through her nose and then slowly started suckling, bringing out a few drops of milk which landed on her tongue. It was a strange, complex taste, warm and strangely sweet. The magenta haired woman wasn’t entirely sure of what she had expecting it to taste like.

 A moan escaped from Mrs. Stadtfeld which repulsed Kallen to her very core. Still, she was a soldier, strengthened through war and this was just another battle for her to endure. She knew that she had the power to get through this, to get it over with as soon as humanly possible. Kallen started slurping on the nipple, trying to draw all of the milk out quickly, she was definitely surprised when the milk gushed into her mouth, like a geyser or spurting hose.

Mrs. Stadtfeld held her stepdaughter close, cradling the spitfire. Her large right hand cupped the back of the smaller woman's head as her left hand made it's way to the seat of Kallen's diaper, patting it rapidly, reminding the girl that her dirty disposable wasn't going to be changed anytime soon. Kallen's cheeks flushed even redder as she realized what this must look like: Her sucking from her step mother's tits, wearing only a blown out, hyper messed pamper.

Kallen squirmed, her diaper growing warm around her crotch. She tried in vain to stop pissing herself, but it just kept coming, cascading across the ever present mess which had already enveloped her loins.The smell coming from her diaper was absolutely repugnant, causing Kallen to gag as she breathed it in through her nostrils. Mrs. Stadtfeld pulled her away her tit, with a smile, straddling the slightly dazed girl across her knee as she refastened her bra, and buttoned up her shirt.

“Did the poor little baby get too much boobie milk?" The giant cooed condescendingly at her step daughter while bouncing her leg a little against Kallen's warm diaper. A few coughs told Mrs. Stadtfeld of what was about to happen. Quickly, the giant grabbed a washcloth, putting it over her shoulder, before she perched Kallen over the rag and slowly started patting the diapered woman's back until a little bit of spit up landed on the cloth.

"Shouldn't have drank so fast." Mrs. Stadtfeld smirked. "Now, let's get you girls ready for your walk."


CDfm: Well, my client that commissioned this story, he specified such things. Nonetheless, this is a bit more darker than my typical stories.

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It’s allot darker. I do understand though. I am managing to stay with you. I will say though you are giving my stomach or rather the back of my throat a good workout attempting to keep my food down. I am having a very hard time with being put in someone else’s dirty diaper.  I still gave it a like just because I think you are doing a good job writing.

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For just a three dollars, you can see more stories like this at my Patreon. You can also read up to Part 6 on my Patreon if you pledge today. Also, maybe you'd like a short story? If so, you can pledge five dollars and tell me what you'd like to read,I'll w rite you a story about any anime or situation you choose



Chapter 4: So Close, Yet So Far

Mrs. Stadtfeld lifted the stinky baby woman from her shoulder and used the wash cloth to clean Kallen's mouth. Of course, this caused the babied rebel to squirm and wriggle while straddling both of her step mother's huge thighs to keep from falling backwards. The giant felt a perverse sense of euphoria when she made her step daughter shudder. Such physical reactions, produced by the young woman, were merely icing on the cake, as far as Mrs. Stadtfeld was concerned. 

The giant finally finished wiping the baby sized woman's mouth and proceeded to lift the girl off of her lap. Kallen felt helpless and annoyed that her step mother was practically doing everything in her power to make things more difficult for her. Still, the diapered girl was relieved to see that she was quickly being carried out of the nursery. It wasn't an ideal situation, being literally held against a giant breast like a baby, by her bitch of a step mother, but it was better than going back on her tit for a second round of suckling. 

The two women descended the stairs.

"Here it is!" Mrs. Stadtfeld announced, making a grand gesture with her left arm while holding Kallen close to her bosom.

Gaudy and overstated was probably the most accurate way to describe this infantile means of conveyance. A mere double stroller would have been sufficient, but this model was akin to those deluxe prams that Kallen had seen a few times when she walked through the park. However, this particular model had a golden fringe on top of a few "specific modifications" which would later be introduced to her. The magenta haired woman could only cringe as she was laid into the oversized pram built first two. She didn't want to know what her step mother had in store for her.

"I don't want to go outside like this!" Kallen finally broke her self imposed vow of silence.

The giant, still squatting from laying her step daughter into the basket style stroller, stared eye to eye with the girl. "Tough titty, little girl. Babies, like you, don't get to decide on when they leave the house or what they wear while going outside for their walkies." Mrs Stadtfeld stood up slowly and started to walk back to the stairs before she remembered something important. "Oh, and don't you dare try to escape or we'll be paying the doctor a visit."

Time seemed to tick by slowly as Kallen counted the seconds,listening for when the giant had finished cresting the stairs. Finally, no steps or other sounds could be heard, save for the occasional cooing noise which echoed from the nursery upstairs. An opportunity like this could not be passed up, the diapered rebel knew that she had to escape. 'I don't know where I'll go, but anything is better than this!' In the blink of an eye, Kallen leapt from the babyish wheelchair and took off towards the front door. 'Maybe I could find Millie or someone at the Academy to help me.'

Now that she was free, she waddled as fast as her bloated dirty diaper would allow her to run. The front door stood tall and imposing in front of her, the knob was a few feet away from her unstreched hands, but she was determined to get out of this madhouse. 'There's got to be something that I can stand on around here!'

Scanning the foyer, the magenta haired mini woman spotted a table with a priceless vase on it. 'That's perfect!' Wasting no time, she grabbed the table and started to pull it towards the door. This proved to be rather difficult since she was barely the same height  as the fancy wooden table. Each thug on the table caused the porcelain vase sitting atop it to wobble around. Still, despite it all, she had managed to drag it over to the spot beneath the door knob. 

"What do you think your doing!?" Mrs. Stadtfeld shrieked from the top of the stairs, cradling Kallen's mother against her bosom.

Kallen looked up and saw her evil step mother making her way down the stairs. Her training instantly took over and the agile baby woman jumped up, grabbing the edge of the table, which allowed her to hoist herself up onto the surface. Quickly, she leaned forward, grabbing the knob and pulled back, using her center of mass to pull the door open. Hanging onto the knob in midair, Kallen practically rode the door backwards until it hit the table, knocking over the vase in the process, sending it to the ground. The giant stood in place, frozen as her favorite antique shattered all of over the tiled floor. 

As Kallen dropped to the ground, she heard a series of angry screams. She ignored them and ran for her life. Once outside, the shrill enraged shrieks could be heard coming from the house, but the diapered woman could careless because she was free! Still, Kallen knew that this was only a temporary if she couldn't truly escape from the estate. If she didn't she'd end up captured once again. However, this time there was no doubt in her mind that she would most likely be taken straight to be doctor. A threat wasn't a threat if you didn't follow through with it and that bitch of a step mother kept threatening her with it. 

Kallen knew the grounds well, having lived on them all her life, and this estate seemed to be identical to the one from her home dimension. Regardless of familiarity, she realized that, due to her new size, the property was fairly massive and, if the door was any indication, the gates were going to be very hard to scale and climb over. 'Then again, I'm so small, maybe I could slip through the bars of the gate?'

No matter how fast the soldier ran, she couldn't out run the sound of the clacking heels, drawing eber closer to her. Even though she could see the gates in the distance, mere freedom in sight, her little legs started to feel fatigued due to the damned ten pound diaper she was forced to carry. Aside from the fact that it impeded her stride, it also was severely slowing her down. If only she could rip it from her slender form.

Kallen took a calculated risk, stopping to tug on the tapes, but they were stuck on, practically cemented in place due to the adhesive. She realized that this was a doomed strategy as Mrs. Stadtfeld closed the gap. Kallen felt a pair of giant hands lifting her off of the ground, scooping the naughty girl up and turning her to face the giantess.

"How dare you try to escape from me! And you broke my vase!" The giant blond wagged a finger in Kallen's face. "I'll have you know that my precious vase was a family heirloom! Worth more than your life!"

To Be Continued...


CDfm: I edited out most of the details ththat you didn't like to read. :)

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Well thanks for that. I liked the chapter. Honestly I was surprised a couple of times. First I was surprised that she actually made it outside. Once there though I thought she would make it so I was surprised again that she was caught so easily. Right now she is really screwed. Shebis probably going to want to go to the doctor rather than put up with the step mom. I was glad I could give it a like and I am looking forward to reading more. 

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For just a three dollars, you can see more stories like this at my Patreon. You can also read up to Part 6 on my Patreon if you pledge today. Also, maybe you'd like a short story? If so, you can pledge five dollars and tell me what you'd like to read,I'll w rite you a story about any anime or situation you choose



Chapter 5: A Blessing Or A Curse?


A struggling Kallen was carried back to the Stadtfeld manor, her will to fight, ever apparent, due to how she flailed her arms and kicked her legs, screaming all the while. She didn't want to even contemplate what sick and twisted punishment her step mother had in store for her. So, she did the only thing she knew how to do: fight. Sadly, to the average onlooker, she looked just like any other baby sized woman that threw a tantrum because they did not get their way. Her tremendously sagging diaper merely punctuated this fact as she was carried over the threshold of the estate.

"Now, I want you to cease this temper tantrum." Mrs. Stadtfeld sternly stated. "If you refuse, I'll just punish baby Kōzuki here." The blond giantess gestured towards the pram, where Kallen's mother laid, her worried little face framed by a big white bonnet.

Like the flipping of a switch, Kallen ceased her shouting and stopped throwing punches about. The young woman looked from her vantage point, held up high by her giant step mother, down into the pram at her biological mother. Kallen didn't want any type of torture to befall her mother. Even if it wasn't actually her mother from her home realm, it was still a version of her mother and despite all that she had been through, she still would defend the woman. 

"That's much better." Mrs. Stadtfeld cooed and laid her troublesome bundle of joy next to her diapered mother in the pram.

 A terrible scent was pushed up from the confines of her disposable and wafted around the inside of the hood of the basket style stroller. Obviously, the giant wanted to punish her by making both baby women bask in the putrid odor of her own mother's waste which packed the pamper Kallen wore. That was the only conceivable reason why the hood had been immediately drawn up over the babified women after Kallen had been deposited within the pram.

The young woman turned to face her mother and wanted to apologize, but baby Kōzuki, as she was so affectionately called by the giant noble woman, wasn't bothered by the stench. A knowing look was shared between the mother and daughter. Somehow, the older baby woman had been able to tolerate the smell, probably thanks to the fact that she herself had spent many years in pampers that full. Ms. Kōzuki pulled her daughter in for a heart felt hug. 

The two shared an awkward, but long embrace. At first, Kallen didn't feel comfortable hugging her diaper clad mother, but realized that the older woman most likely lacked any modesty. Ultimately, Kallen ignored the programming society bestowed upon her and let her mother hold her close, skin to skin. They both knew that this was possibly the only time that they could hug since they didn't share the crib. Plus, Kallen had no idea how long this "walk" would last and didn't want to ruin any time she got to spend with her mother, even if it was rather uncomfortable. 

Once Kallen felt her mother's arms withdraw, she decided to question her since they had a modicum of privacy thanks to the pram's hood being sealed.

"I have to know, what is the doctor like?" The magenta haired woman asked before realizing that she had said anything at all. Her fear of the unknown had compelled her to pose the question despite the fact that she knew that any answer given would only serve to increase her anxiety.

The diaper clad Ms. Kōzuki paused, searching for the right words. After about a minute of silence she finally spoke. "Sweetheart, I cannot say for certain what mommy will do to you. I just hope that she doesn't take that beautiful voice that I, and your father, gave you."

Kallen felt her anger renew when her biological mother referred to that giant bitch as "mommy". Had she been conditioned that much?

"Please, mom. Just don't call her that." 

"I'm sorry." Ms. Kōzuki frowned. "A force of habit I'm afraid."

"I understand. It just kills me on the inside, to hear you say that word. It's bad enough that she stole my father from you, but..."

"Father?" Ms. Kōzuki looked confused for a brief moment before realizing what her daughter meant. "That-" A lump developed in the bonnet wearing woman's throat as tears threatened to spill from her eyes. "That was long ago. You and I-" An odd look appeared on the woman's face. "I mean, the Kallen from this existance and I, we were shrunk to this size and Mrs. Stadtfeld, she did unspeakable things to us."

"Wait a minute, she did this to you!?"

Ms. Kōzuki could only nod, causing the cute little frills of her bonnet to gently flutter.

"Umm, what was I like?" Kallen felt odd asking her mother about what her alternate version was like.

"Before the babification and birthing?" The diapered mother looked thoughtful. "You, I mean she, she was a smart girl who gave me a hard time, but deep down, I knew she loved me."

The niceties of her mother's praise were practically ignored due to one key word that caught the young soldier off guard. 'Birthing?! The fuck does that mean?'

"Can you repeat that first part?"

Before Kallen's mother could reply, a familiar voice pierced the veil of sanctity that was the cover of the pram. It sounded an awful lot like Milly. The young woman didn't know if her friend from the Academy would be able to help, especially considering the fact that the pram's hood was hiding her away from the world. Still, did she really want to be seen in just her bloated, nearly blown out diaper? 

Ultimately, she had no choice in the matter as Mrs. Stadtfeld pulled back the cover of the pram, causing the sun to illuminate her pale, naked flesh. Instinctively, Kallen pulled her arms over her chest, trying to shield her breasts from view while her mother slipped back into her time tested baby persona. The soldier had to look away from her mother, seeing her start to drool and giggle was just too much for her. So, with no where else to look, she gazed up and saw a new face looking down upon her diaper clad body. Kallen's suspicions were realized, it was none other than Milly Ashford.

"I can't believe she's so shy today!" The blond student council president gushed.

"She's a whole new girl today." Mrs. Stadtfeld stated, a smirk in her tone.

"Really?" Milly asked in an airhead tone. "Whadya do to her?"  Her smile as white as alabaster and as cheshire as a cat's grin.

If Kallen was capable of murder, she would've wrapped her hands around Milly's neck and snapped it like a twig. Sadly, thanks to her current position, she could barely wrap both her hands around a baby bottle. All the young soldier could do was glare up at her former friend in angst. 

"I can't say I did anything to her. It's more like she pulled herself from the fog." The noble woman explained, leaving out the very key detail that Kallen was actually a different Kallen from another reality. 

"Then she's gotta have a little playdate with Shirley!" Milly beamed, looking down to someone Kallen couldn't see.

"I don't know, she's been a very naughty girl. I was going to take her in for a check up." Mrs. Stadtfeld replied. 

"Really?" Millie returned her gaze to Kallen. ""She just looks a little constipated. I can take care of that." 

'That fucking bitch!' Kallen clenched her teeth tightly. It was bad enough that she was sitting in a shit filled diaper, but there was no way that she was going to actually void her bowels into a diaper.

Mrs. Stadtfeld chuckled. "She might be a little constipated. I'm honestly surprised that she hasn't had a movement. I breastfed her before we went out on this walk."

"Then she's been fed and you're in need of a break. Let me take the brats and you can have lunch before you take Kallen to the doctor. Sound good?" 

Kallen's mind raced. 'Would this be an improvement? Maybe she will let her guard down and I can escape!'

"I suppose I should. I mean, I have to call up Doctor Asplund anyway. May as well get some quiet time before the procedure."

"Great!" Millie beamed. "You rest up and I'll handle everything. Kallen will be all tuckered out when you come to pick up the babies."

"You sure do have a way with my girls." Mrs. Stadtfeld smiled and pulled a few Britannia notes from her purse to pay Milly. "Now, I'll be round to pick them up in two hours."

To Be Continued...

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This chapter confused me a little. I am not sure when you talk of there being a different person in the other realm is it a new person or just a different version of themselves. I am not sure if a physical regression split them or if they changed passing through the realm. 

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On Friday, November 16, 2018 at 2:36 AM, CDfm said:

This chapter confused me a little. I am not sure when you talk of there being a different person in the other realm is it a new person or just a different version of themselves. I am not sure if a physical regression split them or if they changed passing through the realm. 

It's basically multiple dimensions. Currently, our hero is in the Diaper Dimension, but it's her reality/world, only with giants, amazons and littles. It is a bit confusing, but future chapters should make things clear.

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Love it cant wait for a update 

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For just a three dollars, you can see more stories like this at my Patreon. 


Chapter 6: Into The Lioness' Den


"Thank you, Mrs Stadtfeld." Milly smiled, placing the wad of Britannian money into her purse. 

Kallen watched as her bitch of a step mother walked away, feeling relieved as each moment that passed bridged the gap between them. Milly lazily blocked Kallen's field of vision, preventing her from gazing past her statuesque body. Still, the fact that her step mother was now out of sight, coupled with Milly pushing the pram towards the opposite direction, made Kallen lay back into the pram, finally she felt relaxed for the first time since awakening in this damned dimension. 'The more distance put between myself and that cruel woman, the better.' 

A familiar, yet hyper voice broke the calm. The small Auburn haired woman started rapidly assaulting her ears with her rampant begging. She recognized the voice almost immediately,  it belonged to none other than Shirley, her friend from the Academy's Student Council. 

"Milly!" The unseen redhead demanded over and over.

"What's the matter, spaz?" The tall blond smirked, looking down at the hyper little lady who waddled besides the pram.

"Wanna pway with Kawen!" The teenaged girl pouted.

"I know, I know." Milly smiled. "I'm sure she's just as eager as you are to have some fun. Her mommy said that she's been a bad girl this morning so I'm sure she's going to love playing with you."

"Yay!" Shirley cheered. "We gonna have so much fun!"

The diapered Captain of Squad Zero could only hope that the infantile minded doppelganger of Shirley was on a sugar high. She didn't exactly want to be babysitting her friend while she herself was babysat. Kallen turned to her mother and wondered if she should ask about Shirley. Obviously, this sort of thing happened often enough if Milly was being paid to watch the trio of diapered women. 

Before Ms. Kōzuki could say anything, Milly had already spoken up, seemingly giving the magenta haired woman her answer. 

"Now, Shirley, Mrs. Stadtfeld is going to be undergoing a very intensive procedure soon. And I need you to make sure that your little playmate is completely exhausted. Understand?"

"I won't let you down!" Shirley all too happily replied.

 Ms. Kōzuki could see that her daughter was looking rather annoyed with the planned playdate that they both would be enduring soon.

Kallen sighed loudly,thinks 'No, that is out of the question. I have to use my time wisely, hopefully find a way to escape from these demented giants and go from there.'

Ms. Kōzuki reached out, running her hand through Kallen's hair, trying to convey to the diapered girl her sympathy. She never spoke in front of Milly and honestly didn't want the perverted babysitter to know that she still had her voice, least it be somehow used to demean her further. The diapered mother knew that Milly had a penchant for cruelty, much like Mrs. Stadtfeld. However, the cruelty was on a different level. The young woman preferred to debase her charges by allowing them the pleasures of adulthood, but constantly would remind them of their infantile station in life.

Kallen looked at her mom, trying to figure out why she didn't say anything. It was odd, trying to read her mother's eyes, but she definitely detected a hint of sadness as the older woman looked away.


To Be Continued...

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While there really wasn’t anything new or special about this chapter it was still enjoyable. I will be looking forward to reading more. 

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For just a three dollars, you can see more stories like this at my Patreon. 



Chapter 7: Friend, Foe or Lover?


"We're home, sweeties!" Milly declared, lifting the front wheels of the pram up over the threshold, allowing the baby carriage entry into her family's manor. Luckily for the young babysitter, her mom and dad were away for the afternoon. She had the entire place to herself and knew that this allowed her total freedom to engage in her most cherished pastime: To be paid to fulfill her ultimate desire and extract sexual pleasure from the pathetic whimpers of horny little baby women. For Milly Ashford, there was nothing more sweeter than the feeling she derived from doing her job.

As soon as the Milly ceased pushing the pram into the foyer of the massive manor, her favorite charge started up again, begging as she always did when she wanted something that she felt she had been deprived of, much like a child.

"Millie, Millie!" The orange haired, diaper wearing woman whined. "I wanna pway with Kallen!"

"In a moment, okay?" Milly stated in a slightly annoyed tone.

"No, now!" Shirley ordered, driven by her raw sexual lust to dare tempt her babysitter.

"You're really asking for a spanking, you realize that, don't you Shirley?" Milly smiled a sinister grin.

Shirley cowered beneath the leggy blond's strict gaze, knowing that she had really pushed her boundaries.

"That's what I thought." Milly remarked in an air of victory. "If it wasn't necessary for your little playmate to be worn out for her mother's procedure, I'd have you over my knees, spanked raw and screaming my name until you knew who owned you."

"Yes, Miss Ashford." Shirley replied in an obedient tone.

Kallen laid in the pram, finding it so hard to believe Milly's complete change of personality. One moment she was cheery and friendly, but as soon as they had entered the manor, she had become something else entirely. The stern statement that the towering blond had delivered to Shirley caused the Captain of Squad Zero's knees to grow weak as her loins quivered in rapt excitement. If Kallen didn’t knew any better, she was getting a bit turned on by how Milly lorded over the precocious, bratty baby woman. Needless to say, Kallen admired how Milly had shut down Shirley's outburst.

"That's much better." Milly cooed, ruffling Shirley's long, Auburn locks of hair. "Watch the babies while I grab some chocolate for you little ladies."

"Yes, ma'am!"

With that said, Kallen heard Milly's heels clack against the marble floor as she left to go get candy. The solder wasted no time, she made her way to the edge of the large pram, putting her feet over the side of the basket like cradle of the stroller and dropped to the ground. It wasn't a very steep drop, as a matter of fact, it was only five feet, if that. However, Shirley still squawked out loud in shock. The diapered woman toddled to her friend.

"What're you doin?!"

Kallen stood bow legged, diaper driving her thighs apart in an almost comical fashion as she finally was able to get a look at her classmate. The young woman wore a large disposable diaper, much like Kallen's, and a pink t-shirt which barely came to her belly button. Otherwise, she looked like the exact same girl that Kallen went to the Academy with back in her home world.

"Trying to get out of here!"

"No, don't do that!" Shirley pleaded.

"Why not? My step mom is going to force me to undergo some hellacious procedure and you want me to play dolls with you or some shit?!” Kallen felt like she was wasting her time, but had to press Shirley.

"Because if you really want to escape, you have to wait for the right moment." Shirley explained. "I can help you."

Kallen wasn’t quite expecting such a logical response from an obviously obedient sycophant like Shirley. Ultimately, the girl was right. The doors were sealed and she had maybe a minute to flee from Milly if she chose to run at this point.

"Okay, but you better not be fucking with me." Kallen scowled.


Moments later, Milly returned from the kitchen with a plate full of chocolate squares, each one topped with a zigzag pattern of frosting. She wore a grin as she took a knee and held the plate in front of Shirley and Kallen. "Go on you two, dig in!"

The magenta haired soldier didn’t know if this was a trick or just Milly's way of being nice. She looked over at Shirley just in time to see the greedy girl snatch up three or four squares and practically devour them. Even though Shirley had told her that she had to trust her, Kallen was still quite apprehensive. It wasn't until her mother had accepted a piece held out to her mouth from Milly, did Kallen decide that it was safe to eat the candy.

She hesitantly picked one of the chocolates up, between her thumb and index finger, and took a small nibble of the candy. The very instant the chocolate met her tongue, dissolving into her taste buds, she was overwhelmed by a rather powerful euphoric burst of flavor that consumed her. She could honestly say that she had never tasted something so decadent and radiant. The chocolate wasn't too complex nor was it overly sweet, but it was so rich and creamy. A sudden hunger flared up, inside of her,an all consuming urge to eat more of that delicious candy.

The grabby fingers of Shirley and Kallen competed to get the remaining squares of the blissful chocolate. Each girl simply grabbing square after square, sticking them in their mouths before going back to the plate for more. If Kallen had it her way, she would've taken her time and enjoyed this treat, but Shirley preferred being a glutton and forcing Kallen to grab as many as she could.

While the two small women battled over the few remaining bits of candy, Milly simply watched with a slight grin. She knew what Mrs. Stadtfeld was talking about. The fact that Kallen didn't immediately eat her favorite chocolate was telling enough as it was. Kallen rarely refused candy since it was the only solid food she was given, the giant blond knew this thanks to what Kallen had told her in the past. However, what truly caught Milly’s attention was a young woman who stood before her that still carried herself with pride and determination. A strong woman who's posture screamed that she had yet to be broken down into a submissive little girl. 'I'll fix that in time.' Milly mused.

Unbeknownst to Kallen, the chocolate was rapidly metabolizing and being absorbed into her bloodstream. It took only a minute for the young woman to feel a slight heat begin to generate in her loins. She couldn't help but stare at Shirley, who had startled dancing from foot to foot, something akin to a toddler who needed to use the toilet. Not too long afternoon she started her impromptu toilet dance, the bratty girl started begging.

"Milly, can I please have my playdate now?!"

The blond couldn’t help but giggle. She knew that since Shirley had eaten twice as much chocolate as she normally did, that she was also twice as horny  as normal. What most people would've mistook for a potty dance was actually a very natural response to the aphrodisiac present in the chocolate. Even though Shirley's libido was already very strong, Milly loved giving her little pet a bit of a boost. Still, this was more than just a simple boost, Milly knew that Shirley's pussy was outright throbbing inside that diaper which caused her to hop around like a rabbit in heat.

"You've been such a good girl. Of course you two can have your little date, but first I have to get you changed into your latex covered diapers." Milly smiled as she scooped up Ms. Kōzuki.

Shirley replied with a huff while Kallen's expression was blank. She had no idea why she, or Shirley, had to be switched out of their current underwear. Still, maybe this was a good development? Maybe Shirley knew that this would happen and they'd get thinner diapers that would allow them more mobility and dexterity. Kallen tried to think positive as Milly led them both towards a large room filled with toys and others babyish junk on the ground.


To Be Continued...

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I can’t help but wonder what else that candy has in it. It could just be the aphrodisiac but I suspect there’s more than just that in there. I look forward to reading more. 

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For just a three dollars, you can catch up to the latest post as well as read more stories like this at my Patreon. 




Chapter 8: All Dressed Up With No Place To Go


Kallen looked at all of the infantile furniture and random toys strewn about, wondering why Shirley was so eager to play with this crap. The soldier knew that her classmate obviously was experiencing the same tingling sensation across her womanly lips as she was. Unless her horny friend's playtime consisted of rubbing a rattle into her diaper or getting off on the rocking her, the magenta haired woman failed to see what all the fuss was about.

A few moans, coming from where Milly stood, caught Kallen's attention and got the diapered woman to run up to where the giant sized blood stood. Even though her back was facing Kallen, Milly responded to Kallen before she said a word.

"Now, Kallen. I know you're eager to be dressed, but you have to wait for me to get your baby sister situated in her baby bouncer."

Milly finished fiddling with the suspended strands and stepped to the side, as if unveiling her handing work. The sight of her mother, hung from the ceiling, sat in an odd mesh like seat which was lined by a blue material shaped like an oversized diaper, caught the young woman's attention. She realized that her giant babysitter had trapped her mother in this bizarre contraption!

"Why does she have to sit in that thing?!" Kallen asked without hesitation.

"Because she's much too little to be playing with the big babies, sweetie." Milly chuckled, walking over to a cabinet.

"Kawen!" Shirley hollered. "Come over here, pwease!"

The young woman sighed and decided to waddle over to where Shirley stood.

"Yes?" Kallen stated in a slightly annoyed tone.

"Noffin, just needed to distract you while Milly got your suit." Shirley smiled.

"What?!" The solder barked but couldn't do a thing as she was grabbed by Shirley in an impromptu bear hug. Of course, the horny auburn haired girl lacked the strength to actually hold Kallen for very long, but it gave Milly enough time to pulled the neck of the enormous latex suit open.

"Lift her up, baby girl." Milly ordered Shirley.

Of course, Shirly did as she was told, lifting her struggling friend up as best as she could. The blond giantess knew that time was of the essence knelt down before she brought the suit underneath Kallen's wiggling legs. Slowly, but surely she snaked the suit up to the magenta haired girl's thighs. Just below the diaper, Milly let go of the suit and ripped off Kallen's thick disposable, leaving the feisty girl nude.

"Let me out of this thing!" Kallen shouted, feeling the material around her legs dig into her skin. It was so fucking tight!

However, Milly did no such thing. What she did do was continue hoisting up the latex suit, bringing it higher, inch by inch until Kallen was trapped inside of it. Kallen squawked, feeling like she was wearing a slick second skin that entirely covered her whole body. She noted that the area around her crotch was very thick. Her midsection was also wrapped with the same soft material that cradled her crotch. It was all so bizarre to the young woman, agnostic more bizarre than waking up in a world where she was a third of the size of the "adults" Who demanded and expected her to be an infant.

Kallen continued to explore the contours of her new attire, perplexed by the fact that a onesie sized diaper of sorts was enveloping her torso and crotch while her arms and legs were practically poured into latex sleeves. Actually, that wasn't quite true, the entire exterior of the suit was latex and glimmered in the light of the window like a freshly waxed car while hidden under her midsection was the core of the suit, a diaper of sorts. At least, that's what Kallen assumed that it must of been. One thing she knew for certain was that she was feeling hot under the damned thing.

Once Kallen had thoroughly gained an understanding of what the suit was, she started to search for a weak spot or flaw she could exploit and use to escape from it. She struggled, her mitten like hands sliding off of the slick exterior, while she clumsily tried to pulled at the suit, trying to get some kind of grip or leverage.

"Fuck." Kallen muttered to herself in defeat as she looked up from her new outfit, noticing that Shirley was wearing a matching version of the same suit that clung tightly to Kallen's body. Milly stood beside Shirley, appreciating her handiwork.

"Wow!" The blond gushed. "You two look absolutely perfect!"

"You tricked me!" Kallen pointed her bulbous hand, trying to extend a finger at Shirley.

"Kallen." Milly chuckled. "Don't you get it? Shirley is my girl. She does as she is told."

"You bitch!"

"You say that now, but you'll be begging for more playdates once Shirley is done with you." Milly smirked and picked Shirley up, carrying her under her armpits until the blond stood the girl directly in front of Kallen.

"I'm giving you thirty minutes, ladies." Milly stated, leaving the room.


To Be Continued...

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On Monday, December 31, 2018 at 9:02 AM, Diaperingdaddy said:

Love it

I'm happy to hear that and thank you for your support! 

On Friday, January 04, 2019 at 2:36 AM, CDfm said:

I can’t help but wonder what else that candy has in it. It could just be the aphrodisiac but I suspect there’s more than just that in there. I look forward to reading more. 

Oh, you know the Amazons, they play dirty. You name it, it's probably in the chocolate. I'm sorry for delay, but I'm getting back into a rhythm again. 



On Thursday, January 24, 2019 at 4:34 PM, AuWinhawk said:

Hi it good to see  you making things  still friend  

Thanks, DeviantArt can't stop me! :)

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On 10/16/2018 at 4:15 PM, CDfm said:

Now that is simply disgusting. She must have totally pissed off her stepmother. No one puts a soiled diaper onto someone else. Any way you look at that it’s so WRONG. I would have lost my lunch at something like that. Almost did just thinking about it. I am looking forward to reading more and hopefully it doesn’t involve that stepmom.  

Yes, hopefully it's not just about the stepmother, but more of her kind.

On 10/24/2018 at 7:57 AM, CDfm said:

It’s allot darker. I do understand though. I am managing to stay with you. I will say though you are giving my stomach or rather the back of my throat a good workout attempting to keep my food down. I am having a very hard time with being put in someone else’s dirty diaper.  I still gave it a like just because I think you are doing a good job writing. 

Why do not you just stay away?

Such comments only pull down a story!
I also do not read baby stories when it comes only to cuddling and filling up.
And I do not make down, the story with meaningless comments down!
Would be nice if you would think about it instead of getting people to rewrite their story!!!


On 10/22/2018 at 12:12 AM, Cya said:

CDfm: Well, my client that commissioned this story, he specified such things. Nonetheless, this is a bit more darker than my typical stories.

You write a commissioned work ???
For this you are pretty fast on the way and get damn fast to the point!
You do not learn much about why she do what she doing, from this three characters! (In the first 3 chapter)
You will not go particularly warm, with the characters, neither with Kallen, Mama or the stepmother.


On 10/29/2018 at 9:51 PM, Cya said:

CDfm: I edited out most of the details ththat you didn't like to read. :)

Congratulations, Now because of a single AB man, you have so much influence on your work, that you are finally dismembering the story.

Why are you doing this?

Or is it your big plan, to make people pay for this?
But fo this your characters have been drawn too poorly!
Especially at the beginning!
As that I have not so much be interested, to read an uncut version.
I will still read your other parts (5-8).
And I hope you come back, to your orginal plan, after your reading this.
There are certainly more people who want to read your uncut version than just me.

with best regards

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20 hours ago, Nicole Kolibri said:

Yes, hopefully it's not just about the stepmother, but more of her kind.

Why do not you just stay away?

Such comments only pull down a story!
I also do not read baby stories when it comes only to cuddling and filling up.
And I do not make down, the story with meaningless comments down!
Would be nice if you would think about it instead of getting people to rewrite their story!!!


You write a commissioned work ???
For this you are pretty fast on the way and get damn fast to the point!
You do not learn much about why she do what she doing, from this three characters! (In the first 3 chapter)
You will not go particularly warm, with the characters, neither with Kallen, Mama or the stepmother.


Congratulations, Now because of a single AB man, you have so much influence on your work, that you are finally dismembering the story.

Why are you doing this?

Or is it your big plan, to make people pay for this?
But fo this your characters have been drawn too poorly!
Especially at the beginning!
As that I have not so much be interested, to read an uncut version.
I will still read your other parts (5-8).
And I hope you come back, to your orginal plan, after your reading this.
There are certainly more people who want to read your uncut version than just me.

with best regards


Amazons come in all different mindsets and temperaments. This Stepmother has always been very hard on Kallen, as shown in the source material my client has me drawing from. The stepmother is royalty of an occupying force while her daughter is a half breed. In the source material her real mother ("baby sister" in my story) was the stepmother's maid. Truly a tragic relationship where Kallen's real mom is literally her servant.


As per your second comment. I actually didn't rewrite anything. What I did was removed the scene where Kallen was carried on her step mother's hip in a bloated, dirty diaper that was making Kallen nauseated. My client loves dirty diapers and I only removed the scene because my only reader, who was commenting back then, said he didn't like such things. I really love getting feedback.


As per your third comment: Yes, I do write for money, but only because it is the only way I can earn money while caring for my handicapped grandmother. Thank you, I like to think I write fairly fast, but again, my client wants me to focus on humiliation, degradation and dirty diapers, character development isn't key, but we see that Kallen cares deeply for her mother as does her mother for Kallen. In this dimension, Kallen and her mom are literally playthings for the Stepmother. Occassionally, they are status symbols as most nobility have Littles to parade around.


As per your forth comment: I only removed three sentences, if a scene about an adult woman carrying another adult woman, down the stairs, in a poopy diaper, broke the flow of the story, I apologize. However, like I said, he was the only person commenting back then. Also, I highly doubt people are going to pay me three dollars to read about a tiny scene which no one would have known was missing had I not said I took it out. Personally, I don't believe in pay walls and I love sharing my writing. The only reason I even started Patreon was to earn money since I lost my clients when DA banned me for my writing.


I believe you'll still enjoy parts 5 through 8. I didn't cut much and you'll meet a very cruel young lady who loves making Littles do lewd things. I'll keep in the messy bits since there's interest.


Thank you for your comment and I hope you check out my other stories as well! No bait and switch. ;)

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Chapter 9: Nothing Held Back


Shirley looked Kallen up and down, smiling before she leaned in and kissed her classmate on the cheek. This intrusion of her personal space stunned the angry straight soldier, but what really bothered her was the fact that she was enjoying the feel of Shirley's lips gently kissing her face. Despite being tricked by Shirley mere moments ago, she couldn't muster the strength to stop her classmate's kisses. She just let Shirley keep kissing her, letting her gradually get lower until she found Kallen's lips.

Kallen lost the drive to resist Shirley's advances as her classmate's moist lips met her own pouty lips. Something within her wanted this as they slowly made out, tongues exploring each other. She wanted to be Shirley's plaything. She didn't know if it was a side effect of the chocolates, but she wanted Shirley to have her way with her.

However, Kallen couldn't help but think of Millie as Shirley started to wrap her slick, latex covered arms around Kallen’s bulky diaper suit covered midsection. She ultimately wanted Millie to be the one to fuck her, but the idea of Millie using Shirley as a tool, made this all the more hotter for the young soldier. She couldn't stop thinking about how she was at the bottom of Millie's pyramid of power. How Millie's little bitch, Shirley was dominating her at this moment. How she was being forced to swap spit with a girl who had no freedom except for being used as an instrument of Millie's perverted desires. These wild thoughts persisted as Shirley broke off the kiss.

"I know that look, Kallen." Shirley smiled. "Let's get these diapers nice and wet."

Before Kallen could utter a word, Shirley was on her, locking lips and leaning against the suited up soldier. The weight of Shirley's advance caused the kneeling Kallen to fall back onto the soft padding of the full length diaper suit. Despite how bulky and hot the suit made her, she was somewhat grateful for the pillow like material that had broken her fall. The two diaper suit wearing sluts continued to make out until Shirley grew bored and readjusted herself.

Suddenly, Kallen found herself staring up at a smiling Shirley who straddled the magenta haired girl's covered stomach. The slick latex exterior squeaked as Shirley squeezed her tightly concealed thighs together, rubbing the slick material against Kallen's midsection. Kallen replied in part by lifting her midsection up off of the floor, pressing her stomach into Shirley's overprotected pussy.

Meanwhile, Ms. Kōzuki had a front row seat, trapped in her baby bouncer where she remained suspended slightly in the air. Her bonnet framed face blushing as she tried to turn away, but her seat gave her no other choice but to watch her daughter and Shirley have sex. She knew that this lust filled session of sex was fueled by the chocolate, her loins told her as much. With each gentle bounce of the bouncer her moist clit grew wetter and began to quiver while she sat in the infantile contraption, in just her diaper.

Part of her was secretly jealous of the teenagers. Despite being twice as old as her daughter Kallen, Millie had made it a point to tell her often that she was much too young for the kind of game that her "big sister" got to play. This is why she always found herself in a baby bouncer.


Here she was, in her late thirties, secured in a bouncer meant for a one year old, trapped in a diaper and bonnet, forced to try to achieve orgasm by bouncing in the damned swing as she watched two college aged girls have sex in ridiculously bulky diaper suits.

Needless to say, it was pretty stimulating to the diapered mother to watch the two women encased in diaper suits maneuver their bulky bodies around, searching for the perfect pose to reach climax. Each subtle move causing their latex covered bodies to squeak while the suits would glide across one and another. She kept blushing, knowing how wrong it was to be turned on by this sinful sight, knowing that she should be doing everything in her power to try to not bounce around, knowing that she should quit trying to grind her wet slit against her thick diaper and the mesh seat.

However, despite what her mind kept telling her, she kept bouncing up and down, watching the show in front of her. Ultimately giving in to her carnal desires as she continued bouncing around, looking like an overgrowth infant to any giant who saw her but behaving like a whore in heat.

Kallen simply wriggled between Shirley’s strong legs, slowly escaping from the girl's hold. She turned over like a slippery fish until her face met the carpet, and her diapered, round butt was facing Shirley. The horny girl reached out and patted the firm ass with her thickly mitten covered hand. Regardless of the diapered interior of the suit, Kallen knew that Shirley was playfully spanking her, causing her to spurt a bit of cum into the thirsty lining of her diaper suit.

After a dozen playful slaps, Shirley slid her slick leg in between Kallen's crotch, wedging her own upper thigh between Kellen's thighs. She coiled her leg around Kallen's right leg, securing the leg lock, she used her center of gravity to flip Kallen onto her back once more.

Kallen was definitely caught off guard when she was flipped over. She couldn't help but be amazed at how masterfully Shirley moved around in these suits. Just when she felt like she was about to get away, Shirley always managed to turn the tables. In that moment, she felt her friend sink down onto her stomach, trapping her in place, pinning her to the floor. 'It's like we're playing the most demented game of twister ever.'

Shirley turned around with a squelch before she grabbed at Kallen's foot. She brought Kallen's leg into  her arms and stretched it up as far as it would go. The horny schoolgirl knew that this was her playmate's favorite position as she wrapped her legs, like a pair of snakes, around the thigh of Kallen's outstretched leg. Using her thickly pampered butt, she eased herself forward.

Kallen gasped as her diapered cunt made hard contact with Shirley's equally enveloped cunt. In seconds, the soldier could feel Shirley taking control, moving her hips back and forth. It was too much for Kallen to handle as her natural instincts took over, causing her lower body to gyrate. The novice kept time, as best as she could, with the far more experienced Shirley's up and down motion.

Shirley barked at Kallen, commanding her to pick up the pace. She knew that this wasn't her little fuck toy. Her Kallen never was this slow to pick up on her cues. Not only that but this Kallen couldn't rock fast enough, or push hard enough to satisfy her sexual demands. As the two grinded against each other, suits singing in a squeaking sexually symphony, Shirley knew she had to push Kallen over the edge to get the results she deserved.

Shirley changed her position until she could face Kallen. Next, she leaned forward, all the way down Kallen's body, until her face met Kallen's. Without waiting for an invite, Shirley stuck her tongue into Kallen's moaning mouth and the two started to make out again.

The magenta haired woman was sweating bullets, but Shirley knew that she had more in her. Despite the fact that they were both imprisoned in this infantile lifestyle, Shirley knew that her friend's stamina was legendary.

Both Shirley and Kallen focused only on each other, trying to ignore the fact that their suits were becoming drenched in sweat as time went on. It didn't help that the close proximity of their suits, pressing against each other, was a constant reminder of the humidity that had built up. Kallen could feel the cottony interior of her diaper suit rubbing against her body, swaddling her breasts and teasing her hard nipples as they rubbed back and forth across the liner of the suit.

Sure, these suits did their job, they soaked up the sweat, but this extra moisture, coupled with the amount of juices coming from her pussy subconsciously worried the girl. It seemed like the more liquid the suit took in, the higher up her body the moisture traveled, seeking dry polymers to be absorbed by which only made her suit feel more humid and hot as the sex session went on. Above all, she could feel the build up of her bowels, aching for release as her stomach groaned. Kallen did her best to block out the realization that she'd probably be shitting in this suit soon. Instead, she focused on the heat and wetness of her throbbing vagina. It was better to focus on the arousal building in her pussy as Shirley kept forcing her to work her hips.

“I swear Kallen, normally when we fuck, you try a lot harder than this.” Shirley whined as she pulled away from her friend's face while still matching the grinding motion of their pelvic trusts.

“Umm, it's kind of hard to fuck when you have to take a dump.” Kallen blurted out before thinking, causing Shirley to laugh.


“You're kidding me, right?”


Kallen shook her head in response while still struggling to keep pace with Shirley.


“What do you think we're wearing? Just poop already!”


“I-I'm not going to! I can't do that to myself!”


“You will.” Shirley lowered her thickly covered hands onto Kallen's abdominal area. “You just need a little help.”


Kallen's eyes went wide as Shirley pushed her mitten like hands into Kallen's  gut, putting her whole body weight behind her push. It didn't help that Kallen was practically on the verge of shitting, but the sudden jolt to her stomach forced it all out of her. Kallen paused, ceasing her gyrations as her sphincter opened up and sprayed the lining of her diaper. The suit accepted it all, expanding to allow all of her mess to pool around her ass. It bulged outwards as wave after wave of the fecal material invaded her crotch and lower back. Kallen's greatest fear was realized as the mess seemed to spread. The majority of it had remained localized by her ass, but some of it was going up her back!


“Why the fuck would you make me do that?!”


“Quit complaining. Now, we can finish and you can get out of that suit.” Shirley smiled sweetly, acting like she did her playmate a favor.

“This feeling, it's absolutely repulsive!” Kallen yelled out. “How am I supposed to have sex now?”


“Easy, the mess acts as lube.” Shirley giggled and started to grunt, filling up her own suit. She looked down at Kallen with a grin before she resumed her grinding, rubbing her swollen diaper into her playmate's crotch.


The young woman was about to object and pull away, but her clit responded to the saturated bulk in her suit in a most unexpected fashion. ‘Holy shit! She's right! That feels amazing!”


The two suited up sluts resumed grinding on each other, their moans slowly building up as the friction of their gyrations increased the heat felt on their skin. A mixture of sweat, precum and bodily fluids clung to their latex encased bodies. However, neither minded the fact that their flesh was being bathed in the byproducts of their biology as it merely aided their ascent towards a massive orgasmic apex.


“AHH, OHH, AHHHHHH!” Kallen yelled out at the top of her lungs.


But Shirley knew how to manipulate her friend's body well, slowly down just in time to prevent her lover from erupting in euphoric bliss. Not only did she have a job to do; tiring out Kallen, but she wasn't about to just give Kallen an orgasm after how lazy and awkward she had acted before the two had gotten to this point. Shirley wanted Kallen to earn it!


“Come on, slut!” Shirley barked. “Give me all you got!”


Kallen was slightly taken aback by how Shirley had denied her a sweet release. In the midst of her sexually induced high, the soldier knew that these only way to get off was to basically do it herself. With that in mind, she lifted her crotch and pressed it hard against Shirley's padded pussy and resumed rubbing, grinding it for all she was worth.


Now, Shirley found herself at the edge of the abyss, feeling every synapse in her mind ablaze as Kallen went to town, scissoring with all her energy. Needless to say, both women's clits were positively dripping in cum, thanks to the chocolates they had consumed, but the bulk of their suits made achieving an orgasm difficult unless both girls were exuding maximum effort to stimulate one and another.


“Yeeess!” Shirley cried. “Moar! I want moaar!”


With sweat dripping down her face and her body absolutely drenched beneath her latex skin, Kallen felt like her legs were about to give up. Yet, she summoned the last bit of her strength to push them both over the threshold of pleasure and into the realm of pure bliss. Each girl came with an ear shattering scream while their pussies gushed a cascade of sexual fluid into their diapered lined suits. Kallen felt her eyes roll back into her head, absolutely spent from the best sex she had ever experienced in her life.


Shirley took a few minutes to recover from her powerful orgasm. She had to admit that, even though her friend was acting strange at first, it was certainly her Kallen. Still, the auburn haired slut wanted to punish her little playmate for being such a bitch and yelling at her.


With that in mind, Shirley crawled over her practically, comatose lover's body until her padded posterior was directly over Kallen's star struck face. Shirley stood on her knees, pampered ass hovering mere inches away from Kallen's face before slamming it down.


“Silly, Kallen." Shirley smiled as she started to wiggle her big bulky butt across Kallen's face. "You must've been drunk from all the tit milk your mommy feeds you because you know that you're my little fuck toy and you know better than to talk back to me!”


Kallen yelled out from underneath her friend's huge ass, arms flailing while kicking her legs. All that could be heard coming from Kallen was a muffled scream as Shirley continued to plant her ass in the girl’s face.


Suddenly, Shirley felt a cramp hit her gut and had no choice but to release a hot spurt of poop into her diaper, causing a fresh stench to emanate from Shirley's ass. This new development, happening literally a few inches from Kallen's face, caused the soldier to redouble her efforts at freeing herself from beneath the stinky baby woman.


Finally, after about a minute, Shirley lifted her huge diapered butt off of Kallen’s face and crawled away, grinning an ear to ear smile. After about thirty seconds of silence, Shirley looked over her shoulder and noticed that Kallen was sprawled out on the carpet, completely knocked out.


To Be Continued...


If you're enjoying the story, maybe pledge a few bucks to my Patreon.



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Since have lost many guys probably some language, I'm starting now.

I continue to read your story because it is so different from the average.
I want to know how it ends.

The funniest thing I think of the story, the two have got a orgasmuss ... in the thick diapers and latex suit over it ... are you sure that it is not guys who rub their stand?

A diaper, a rubber pants and a latex suit and I never come to a orgasmuss. 😘
maybe I'm not normal, but you never find my G-spot under the thick material.
This is only a side note.

Nice that you write but now again as you wanted to write, do not stoping with that


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