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Wife's lil boy

D/L says...Hello

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Just saying hello to all who come here and to introduce myself.

46 y.o. male, straight, married to one of the great ones. 90% D/L with a 10% side of A/B I think. Reside in NE with the corn and cows.

LOVES to wear and wet. I wear as often as I can which is pretty much when I am not working. My wife knows and supports me. She likes to see me wear, but does not wear herself. She would probably enjoy it more if I were closer to 60% D/L and 40% A/B. She seems to like me better wearing than when I'm not. She will change me when I ask, but does not tell me when she wants to change me, still working on that though.

Prefer plastic backed, thick diapers. (Dry 24/7 diaper of choice) Enjoy cloth but only use as a special treat for me. No need physically, only mentally. Been wearing actual diapers for 4+ years, home made diapers since about 8 y.o. off and on.

Enjoy wearing in public, hidden of course but have been seen a couple of times. Wife likes the crinkle of plastic, the scent of powder, and the diaper bulge. Thinks a little diaper waddle is a good thing.

I use them to de-stress and get better sleep, at least that's how it started a few years ago in my mind. Found out they are comfy and useful too.

Fantasize about getting caught, changed and humiliated for wearing/using. One of multiple fetishes I have grown to accept.

I prefer to read and keep opinion to myself unless asked for it. I will offer advice/opinions based on personal experience/thoughts, if it related to the topic. If you don't like the answer, then you shouldn't have asked the question because I'm brutally honest.

I'm open to answer any questions but closed to judgement, that's not my place.


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Hi WLB, welcome to Daily Diapers!  Sounds like you've got a lot in common with quite a few of us.

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Hi and welcome to DD Wife’s Lil Boy!  Nice to meet you, and happy to have you join us. As Stroller said, you situation is similar to a number of us here. There’s lots of like minded people in here, so I’m sure you’ll feel right at home. I too, don’t really need diapers, but I do “Luvs” to wear them, and always have. I’m married to a great girl, whom I met on another similar website, so she knows, and participates in it. I have had a thing about diapers, and plastic pants my whole life. I’ve made many a makeshift diaper in my time. Well, I hope to see you round, and please make yourself at home. Have fun, and enjoy! 

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Hello and welcome.  You will find plenty of like minded people here to share your diaper desires with.  It is so wonderful to hear you have such a loving and accepting partner.  Relationships and diapers are not always compatible and it is awesome when someone comes along that lives the ABDL lifestyle while happily married.  I am also married to a wonderful woman who has grown to love me unconditionally diapers and all.  I am sure you will enjoy your time here.

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Welcome Wife's Lil Boy.  One thing I have noticed here in DD is that everyone is very friendly.  There is not a day that goes by that I do not come on this site  Either to read the forum or chat in the chatroom.  Really nice people to talk to.

I have been a Diaper Lover for 30 something years.  When I was 10 I was forced into a diaper for wetting the bed and something that night clicked.  I really enjoyed waking up then in a wet diaper.  Though I know about it.  My memory is not that great so I wear more often.  To live that memory more often.  I do not have a problem sitting outside with just a diaper and a tee.  THough it is in the backyard and I live on 60 acres of land and all woods behind me so I can get away with it.

Soon I am going to be wearing full time and become un-potty trained so that I can wear all the time and use my diapers for what they are meant for.

I am not married though I do want to be.  Though I would like to find a lady to marry that will be ok with me wearing diapers.  Though by the time I get married I will be in diapers full time.

and I have been liking the printed kind.  I just bought some samples to try them out as this will be the first time I try printed ones 

I have tried Confidry 24/7 and I like them as well.

Have a nice day.


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