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POV Videos for DL's only!

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I just started making videos for DL's cuz there really doesn't seem to be videos without the AB aspect to them. These are thoughfully made, realistically acted (to the best of my ability) without over the top goofy acting. If you're a diaper lover that wants to be "seen", busted, made to wear diapers and watched, I'm gonna cum up with lots of fun, sexy, sometimes slightly humiliating scenarios for you! 

They'll be tagged "MOMMYMISSY" on my CLIPS4SALE store so just do a search! there's already 2 up!  

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I've added a great MP3 just for Diaper Lovers! Plug it in and walk padded in the mall with me while I do discreet and not so discreet diaper checks and slight diaper embaressment to you in public! 
Also added new videos for sexy diaper checks with Caroline Pierce and Kenna Valentina Discovers your Diapers

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Bump!  Tons of new MP3's added, diaper messing in front of ladies and in pblic, public poopy diaper changes, messing at the theme park, messing on the plane, etc. For AB's and some sexy ones for DL's too
www.Clips4sale.com/8256 - Just search "audio" to bring up all the audio ones

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