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Cheaper Rearz Safari and ABU Little Pawz?

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So like I have said in the past the print on a diaper does not matter to me very much. As long as a diaper contains wetting and messing very well I am good. That being said I have recently wanted to try the "furry" diapers Crinklz, ABU Little Pawz, and Rearz Safari. I got a pack of Crinklz from North Shore for $28.95. ABU sells Little Pawz for $34.99 and Bambino sells Rearz Safari for $44.00 soon to be $46.00. I am wondering if anyone knows of cheaper prices anywhere else? I am located in the united states so foreign websites would not help me at all. I guess also I am wondering why do they charge so much for prints?



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i think the price is the price, so you gotta pay it. and i think the reason the price is so high is because they're more custom made than you average store brand diaper, so they have to charge more to offset the price of making them.

i wish print diapers were cheaper. they're cuter and more fun than depends, but at four times the price, and lets be honest serving the exact same function, they're a luxury item

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