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The Forest Walker

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Hi everyone! This story is a repost, from an old story I wrote back in 2013. It's been about 5 years since I initially began writing this story, and with the recent purge of this forum section, I figured I'd not just post this story, but I'd rewrite it entirely! Or, essentially, I took the entire story, and redrafted it to make it more reader friendly (as well as fix a few plot holes and update some of the subjects, i.e, diapers, phone conversations). Anyways, I hope you like it. I'll try to speed through posting these, since I have to get these posted before I go back to my university.


CHAPTER 1: The Backwoods

Here in Maisefeld, USA, the town is generally flat, with the exception of a rolling hills, and the backwoods that exist on the outskirt of town. I'd consider our town pretty small; with about 20,000 people. You see, I live in a small, one story house with my Mom and we just happen to live near the suburban outskirts, with a very large "backyard", consisting of a nearly never ending backwood. 

Ever since I was a kid, I was told "Alex, never go into the Maisefeld Backwoods by yourself!". I've been told stories of children who go missing, adults who have gotten lost for days, and pets who run away, never to return. But I shouldn't have to fear that anymore, right? I mean, I'm 14 for lord's sake. Well, to be fair, maybe I’m grown up enough to go into the woods. I mean, I haven't even advanced from diapers yet...

After my Dad passed away when I was 4, my potty training never really worked out, and eventually, I never grew out of diapers. The financial burden was rough at times growing up, but eventually Mom figured a way to bill them through our healthcare provider, I think. She stopped diapering me when I was 9, and now, 5 years later, I’m still in diapers. It's nice, because in public, I never have to ask for the bathroom. It’s sounds luxurious, but in reality, it’s a bit tricky to deal with. However, that’s not what this story’s about… 

I got home from school today, on a Wednesday, and had to use my diaper, so I could poop. As usual, I threw my backpack and jacket on the floor, took off my pants, and gazed out the back door, to relax and concentrate on messing. The woods were so dark from the pine trees filtering the light of the day. My eyes gazed across the forest, taking note of every stick and branch that had fallen into it’s new place on the forest floor, and judging the distance from our backyard fence, across the dirt pathway, into the layers of dead leaves and sticks. 

While I slowly used my diaper, I noticed something a bit out of place more than usual. I squinted my eyes and recognized a red plastic ball. It was just a few feet into the woods, as if a child had thrown it over the fence. Thinking it was one of the neighbors, I slid open the glass door, and walked out to my backyard fence. I stood behind the gate, and set my head on the fence; the brick walls of suburbia lined the dirt path for hundreds of yards, until it curved with the housing tract. Noticing no one was around, I figured the ball must have been blown into the forest by the wind. The ball was a stark red color, and seemed the be the only vibrant object in the woods. It was just a ball, so I went back inside, and shut the door. My diaper needed changing and was starting to stink, so I went into the bathroom to take care of it. 

After a few hours of homework and another diaper change, my Mom came home a bit late, muttered a ‘hello’ to me, then went to bed. As a single parent, she’s been struggling to balance a hectic work life and a personal life at home. Recently, she’s been dating again, and is trying to move us into a nicer home. It’s made me a bit of a latchkey kid, since she’s always out of the house, but as long as she’s happy, I am too.

At around 8pm, I walked back to the backdoor, and stared out the window, to see if the red ball was still there. I walked back outside and found that it had disappeared, perhaps lost into the woods, or picked up by someone walking the back alley behind the housing tract. Behind my fence is a small dirt alley that separates the backyards of the homes on our cul-de-sac from the surrounding wilderness. I've always assumed a pipeline is underneath the dirt alley. I looked in my neighbor's backyard and found nothing, and the house to the left of mine is vacant, with no red ball to be found. Quickly, the cold air got the best of me, and I went back inside. 

An hour later, I turned off the TV, then shut off all the lights; closing up for the night. As I turned out the living room light, I caught a shadow move near the window in the corner of my eye. I turned quickly and stopped for a second. I stayed still for about a minute, looking for some movement to see if I was seeing anything. After a minute of waiting, I finally turned around and went to bed. Regardless, it gave me chills. 


And now Chapter 2:


CHAPTER 2: An Abduction

The crack of dawn woke me up, and brought me back to reality. I threw off the covers, and sat up to the familiar sight of a soaked diaper. It crinkled noticeably as I threw off the blanket and walked to the shower to get ready. Less than an hour later, I was on my walk to school. It’s nice because school is just a few blocks away in a flat town, so I would walk to school everyday; Mom used to drive me to school until I started high school. The air was cold, and seemed to burn my face as I walked against the wind. Another 10 minutes later, I was at school, and headed to class as the bell rang. My morning classes were always the worst.

During lunch, I met with my closest friend, Cameron. We don’t share a clique or anything, but we hang out a lot outside of class. What’s special about Cameron is his passion for diapers, which is a something we share. Though, Cameron doesn’t wear diapers everyday like I do.

“Hi, Cameron,” I said, walking up to him. He greeted me casually, and we exchanged a fair amount of banter, before he said, “Did you hear about what happened last night?”. I shook my head, confused. “Well, apparently Joey was kidnapped. You know, that really short freshman we always see slouched down by the 100s bungalows?” Cameron continued. I wasn’t too familiar with who he was referring, but knowing some kid in our small school was abducted, was… unsettling, to say the least. “Joey? The short, dirty blonde haired kid?” I recalled. “Yeah, I guess so. He lived on the other side of town by the woods. I’d be careful.” Cameron said, taking off his backpack, and slumping down against the chemistry building’s wall, opposite me. Cameron also mentioned how he read, Joey stated he ‘felt like someone was watching him all the time’.

“Why?” I asked, now a bit concerned. Cameron looked up at me, “Because those woods are sketchy. From what I read, he went out to the dirt alley behind his house, and that was the last time he was heard from.”. I shook a bit from the cold air, “I-I’ll be fine, I’m sure of it. Anyways, what are you doing after school? I was wondering if you wanted to hang out?”. Cameron took out his phone to check a text, then replied, “Uhh, my Mom wanted me to go to church this evening, but I think I can blow it off. You have anything good at your place?”. “Yes, my new diapers are getting dropped off sometime today, I think you’d like these!” I enthusiastically grinned as I kept my voice down. Cameron looked away and smiled, then said, “Nice, let me just text my Mom, then I'll be good to hang out.”. He said, before he stood up, and we walked back to class.

After school, Cameron and I met up just outside the front office and we walked home together. The weather had warmed up a little, but the breeze was starting to pick up, so we rushed home. Scathed by the dry cold air, we finally got home in record time; I made sure to pick up the heavy box of diapers off the porch, and put them on the kitchen table to open. The first thing I did when I got inside was make sure the back door was locked, before I began opening up the box.

“ABUniverse? How can you afford these?” Cameron asked, as I pulled out one of the eight packs of diapers. “Mom got a raise a month ago, or so. She asked me what I should order, and I took your advice.” I smiled, dumping the other seven packs onto the carpet from the cardboard box; there were 3 packs of Simple, 3 packs of Space, and 2 packs of Little Pawz. “Quality stuff, dude! I’m excited for you.” He said, opening the plastic on a ‘Little Pawz’. “They might be a bit big on you and me, since the website said the minimum waist size is 31”.” I said, as he pulled out a diaper that seemed to be larger than his head.

He didn’t waste any time, as he quickly pulled off his pants and underwear, exposing himself to me. In a flash, Cameron unfolded the diaper, threw it between his legs, pulled the wings up, and taped on the tapes. The diaper looked a little bit big, but the tapes didn’t touch each other, so I figured the size fit well. Meanwhile, I piled the remaining seven packs of diapers into my arms, and began to carry them to my room.

“Aaah…” He sighed, while a very noticeable yellow stain poured down the front of the diaper, accompanied by the audible hissing of his pee, which faded out quickly, “I’m done.” He said moments later, straightening his posture. “You should’ve waited, a little while, now you’re stuck in a wet diaper.” I giggled as I walked to my room; arms full. “I had to go, bad! Plus it’s not like I’ll be wearing it all day, I got stuck going to that crappy church event.” His voice echoed from the family room. “You couldn’t get out of that?” I yelled from my room, while I tossed the bags onto my bed to be put away later. “Nope, and I’m not wearing this to church!” He let out a laugh. It’s humorous, but I remember when his Mom caught him wearing one of my diapers a few months ago. 

Last September, Cameron was wearing one of my diapers when he had to go back home. He figured it wasn’t a big deal; yet, his parents took him out clothes shopping directly after picking him up, and his Mom discovered his wet diaper under a pair of Arizona jeans he was trying on. First thing she did was send him to a psychotherapist then made him clean out his closet, in hopes of getting rid of anything he may have been hiding. Since then he hasn't brought another diaper home since. 


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CHAPTER 3: The First Encounter

My mind was adrift with thought, when I heard Cameron shout, “Alex! Get out here, what the fuck is this thing?!” His voice echoed loudly from the family room. I ran as fast as I could, down the hall, to find Cameron, giving a thousand yard stare through the back window. “What?! Cameron?!” I blocked his view, trying to wake him from his shock. “There was… something… watching us!” His voice trembled a bit. My arms felt like jello, “W-what do you mean,… something?” I asked, turning around to look through the opened venetian blinds, that gave an open view to the forest. “I… I don’t know, but it was… something. Like, all black and tall. It moved to the left of the brick wall and disappeared. It moved like… fluid.” He said, stuttering his words a bit.

I walked toward the back window, and panned the yard. Unfortunately, there wasn’t anything out there. The house was dead silent, with the only sound coming from the muted roar of the wind through the forest, and the compressor in the refrigerator. I kept my eye out for any movement in, or near, the forest. I was phased in concentration, before Cameron broke the silence, “Do you want a Little Pawz too?” He asked, picking up the opened pack from the couch. I snapped out of my thought and turned around to him, “No, I need to poop first, then I’ll change.” I said, feeling my heart rate return to normal. Cameron preferred not to be in the room while I did my business.

Together, we huddled up on the couch, in a dark house with the blinds closed. The TV’s light filled the room with a blue hue, as we waited for hours since he saw the -thing-. Cameron was scrunched up, with his legs covered by his hoodie, while I was wrapped in a blanket to keep warm; the both of us were paired with matching diapers. Just as the sun set, my Mom came home early, looking worn out. "Hi Alex, Cameron... is everything alright?”, she asked, with our odd positions giving away our scared demeanor. “Mom, we need to tell you something. You may need to sit down for this" I stated, with only my mouth and chin showing from under the blanket.

Mom walked into the other room and put down her things, then came back and sat on the couch across from us, “Okay, what’s got you boys in a fuss?” She asked. At once, the both of us seemed to speak in unison, “Something was outside, and we don't know what it was! It was looking back in at us, and it was a ‘thing’.” I said, while Cameron exclaimed, “It was seven feet tall, and had large black eyes!”. Mom looked at us, like we just got off the crazy bus. She hesitated for a moment, then said, “I think it’s time the two of you changed your diapers. You’re clearly seeing things.”. Cameron and I looked at each other, “No, Mom, It’s real! He saw it, and there was this red ball, and..” I began to rant, but Mom just put her hand up, the stood up. “I think I’ve heard enough, conspiracies really aren’t for me.” She said, grinning, then walked back to her room.

Cameron and I were a bit frustrated by my Mom’s response, but passed it off as her not being there to see it. Cameron stood up while his phone rang, and I unroped the layers of blanket off me, to get dressed. “Mom’s gonna be here in half an hour, so I’m gonna change out of this.” He said. I nodded while he walked into the bathroom. I brought my backpack to my room and laid it on my desk. Regardless of what we’ve seen, we still had school tomorrow, and I had a good two hours of homework to work on.

“Thanks for inviting me over. It was nice, except for… you know.” He said, implying the -thing- he saw. “I know, I know. I just hope it doesn’t follow you home.” I joked. The cool air had me shivering, while we waited on this sidewalk for his Mom to pick him up. “Don’t even kid about that.” He grinned, I laughed through my teeth. “Don’t worry, I’ll stay away from the backdoor. If it were my house, that door would’ve been bolted years ago.” I said. Cameron chuckled, before his Mom came by and picked him up. His Mom waved to me, and said something to Cameron, but I didn’t hear what she had to say, as they pulled away and down the street. 

Back inside, I double checked the locks on the back door, well as on all the windows. Following this, I took out my diaper bin, and dumped the bag in the trash bins in the garage. Really, I was just looking for anything to procrastinate doing my homework. It took me a few hours once I got back inside, then I went to bed, and drifted off to sleep quickly…


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CHAPTER 4: Broken Glass

That night, I woke up at 3:03am. I know this because my clock was blinding me when I heard noises coming from outside my room. I got out of bed, then crinkle-walked out of bed. When I opened my door, I saw my Mom on the couch on the phone. At this early in the morning, this is never a good sign, so I walked over to her. As I waddled over, I saw the sliding back door’s window was shattered and muddy prints were tracked into the house. I started to tremble, and felt the need to pee, but I held it in and walked over to my Mom; the cold wind from outside freezing my skin even though my flannel pajamas and t-shirt covered most of me. 

“What happened, Mom?” I asked, looking at the disturbed presence of our family room. "A burglar tried to break in. I didn't see him, but I heard the sound of the door breaking. I'm on the phone with the police. They're sending someone over right now.” She said, looking blankly at the floor while someone spoke to her over the phone. I was chattering my teeth, and was terrified of the thing Cameron saw the afternoon before. Stupidly, I walked over to observe the prints. Mom watched very carefully as I walked toward the back door, "Oh, honey, don't go over there. I’m gonna have to vacuum up the glass.” she said as I got up close. "I'll be careful. I promise,” I emptily said.

I crouched above one of the prints and studied it. It was not a shoe print, but whoever walked in was barefoot. They had a very large foot, about a 14 shoe size, at the very least, I guessed. I wondered what was used to break the glass, but couldn’t find an object they broke it with. I looked up, and stared out the, now, broken glass door, but couldn’t see beyond the frame as darkness poured in. I looked away quickly, as I feared I may have been staring into the eyes of whatever caused this.

There was a knock at our door; Mom walked over in her robe and opened it up to a handsome officer and his sizable partner. I was almost embarrassed by my appearance; crouching down, my diaper’s green and blue waistband peeked over the top of my pajama bottoms, and the bulge from it was unmistakable. 

"Good morning m’am, we're here about the call, may we come in?" the thin officer announced in the threshold of the front door. Mom shook his hand and let him in, "Yes officer, please do. It happened this morning around 2:50am. I heard a loud crash of the window breaking, and came out to view this atrocity. I didn't see whoever caused this, but I’m scared he might come back,” Mom said, as the officers walked in. I stood up, and backed out of the family room, to avoid having the officers see an early teen sporting a puffy diaper in his pants.

While talking with my Mom, the Officers took notes on everything my Mom said. The larger officer, sporting large black boots, walked through the broken glass, examining the crime scene. He took a few pictures with a small handheld camera, then stood back up, and shined a flashlight through the void frame. The officer then continued to walk out into the darkness, and came back a few seconds later, tucking a piece of paper into his shirt pocket. The thinner officer then closed his notebook, and consoled my Mom, by saying, “Don’t worry, ma’am, we’ll be keeping someone here to watch your place overnight, then tomorrow you can call a window repairman to install a new plate of glass, okay?”. Mom nodded, and thanked them both. 

The cops went outside, presumably to fill out some paperwork; I came out from hiding, and talked to Mom. “Don’t worry, Alex, you can go back to bed now. We’ve got it taken care of.” She said, looking back to the front door. “Do you need me to vacuum the glass?” I offered. She shook her head, “Nope, I’ll do it. Go back to sleep.” She insisted. I walked back to my room. I laid down in bed, then involuntarily began wetting my diaper, which happens sometimes. The warmth seemed to console me, as I closed my eyes and focused on sleeping. While I was drifting off to dreamland, I heard the officers vacuum the family room, and heard my Mom muttering to them about this or that, until she too, went to sleep. 


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I am enjoying this Bigfoot kind of story but I can’t figure out how the diapers fit into a Bigfoot story. Could be as simple as what we are seeing right now, that the diapers have nothing to do with the creature. Simply that the boys in the story wear diapers. 

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17 hours ago, CDfm said:

I am enjoying this Bigfoot kind of story but I can’t figure out how the diapers fit into a Bigfoot story. Could be as simple as what we are seeing right now, that the diapers have nothing to do with the creature. Simply that the boys in the story wear diapers. 

Yep, you got it right! Scary story with a side of diapers. 


CHAPTER 5: Ghost Stories

I woke up a few hours later at six o’clock. The wind’s howl pushed cold air into my bedroom, from the open back window to under my door. My diaper was soaked, and I had to poop, so I quickly turned onto my side, hugged my knees, and unloaded. Along with the smell, the cold air penetrated hit me hard, as I threw off the blankets, and changed for my morning shower. 

When I got back to my room and changed into a new diaper and clothes, I pulled open my blinds to air out my room. When I did, I was face to face with very tall, very skinny silhouette, that was standing a few feet away from my window. I ducked, then ran out into the living room, shouting, “There’s someone outside my window!”. The two officers, who were sitting on the couch, watching TV, stood up in unison, and ran through the busted window, to the right of the house. A moment later, they came back inside, with a stern look on their faces. 

“Do you think it’s funny to play games with two officers in unison?” The slim officer said behind thick aviator glasses. “You didn’t see it?” I asked, downheartedly. “No, we did not, and we don’t appreciate the false warning.” The thicker officer said. I hesitated for a moment, but my eyes remained wide open, “It was very tall, and very skinny. It was this… grey creature… thing, with a huge head! It was looking toward the forest!” I said, detailing what I saw. “There’s nothing out there.” The officer’s demeanor calmed slightly. “It must’ve been six, or seven, feet tall, I’m telling you-“ I continued, but the thin officer stopped me. 

“Look, we just went outside, and there’s nothing out there. You must’ve been seeing things.” He insisted. “Yeah, we’re not here to play games, you should be getting ready for school, diaper boy.” The thicker officer said, while sitting back down, and continuing to munch on a breakfast burrito. I shot him a mean stare, then headed back to my room to get my shoes on and grab my backpack. I knew I wasn’t just ‘seeing things’, this was real! Regardless, I wanted to get out of my house, and away from those rude officers. 

School dragged on for hours, until the highlight of my day came with lunch. Cameron asked why I looked so restless, and I explained to him what I saw, confirming his encounter. Whatever this… -thing- is, it seemed to have an eye out for me. Cameron and I discussed it a little further, but neither of us were drawing any quick conclusions. With nothing left to say, the bell rang, and classes continued for the next two hours. After school let out, Cameron and I walked back to my place again. For a Friday, it felt really empty on the streets, and even darker than normal in the afternoon. Granted, with the tall walls of trees between neighborhoods, there wasn’t much light hitting the surrounding area. 

“Have you ever heard of the ‘Forest Walker’ stories?” Cameron asked me, as we were halfway to my house. “Yeah, they used to scare me as a kid. I haven’t heard those stories in a while,” I said. Cameron stopped walking. “What?” I asked. “Alex, I think this… thing…” He kinda nodded his head. “You think this… thing… is the Forest Walker?” I asked, kinda skeptical. “Hold on,” He said, taking out his iPhone, and googling the local urban legend. 

He pulled up a photo of a drawing, that looked like it was drawn by a kindergartener. It appeared to be a drawing of that thing we saw; Bald, dark grey body, skinny, big beady eyes with no pupils or color. “It’s like an alien, but on Earth. I did a bunch of research on this thing, and… I think it’s real.” Cameron said, putting his phone away. “No way, the stories I was told, was that it stalks you, then comes for you while you’re dreaming.” I said, continuing to walk. “No, it puts you in a dreamlike state, the pulls you into the woods.” He argued, “Alex, eight years ago, that… thing… pulled a little girl into the woods, isn’t that enough to convince you?” He continued. “No, how do they even know that? I don’t even think that’s what we saw. I barely got a look at it. Plus, those stories are just a myth.” I continued to debate. Cameron shrugged, “I’d be careful, you really don’t know. But I’m pretty sure it’s this ‘Forest Walker’ behind everything.” He said. I was sure he was just paranoid with old, outdated ghost stories.


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Thanks for the information, it will help with reading the rest of the story. Now this Forest Walker, I would definitely be convincing mom that a 30.06 was absolutely necessary in the House. Preferably very near to wherever I currently was located, in like I was constantly carrying it. 

I will be looking forward to reading more. 

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CHAPTER 6: Missing Time

When we got to my house, the trees were dancing in the wind. A police car was parked out front, in the same place it was when I left. “Are they keeping close supervision on your place?” Cameron asked as we rounded the corner to the front door. “They were when I left, but they weren’t supposed to be here when I got back,” I turned around to face him, but he didn’t look at me, and instead pointed at the front door, where there was a large yellow ‘caution’ tape, placed in an X, covering the door. I had a key, so it’s not like they were forcing me out of my own home. 

I opened the door, and stepped through the tape, as did Cameron. What little light came in through the house, illuminated an eerie sight of the family room being in shambles. The picture frame above the couch was cracked, the cabinets next to the TV had fallen over, and emptied it’s belongings all over the carpet. “Jeez, dude, I’m sorry about your house.” Cameron said, as he followed me into my bedroom. The blinds were still half open from this morning. “I’m worried, too. But we shouldn’t be here. Let me just grab a few things.” I said, filling my backpack and a small duffle bag with my laptop, a few diapers, and clothes. 

We made our way back into the family room, where I set my things down. As I walked further to examine the damage to our house, I found a small note, sitting on the kitchen table, with a droplet of blood on it. I reached to pick it up, when I was immediately jolted back, by a voice shouting “Hey!”. I looked back and saw the rude, thicker officer, struggling to fit through the police tape. “You’re a pretty stupid kid since you know you’re not supposed to be in here. Didn’t you read the sign?” He asked. “What happened?” I questioned. “It doesn’t matter.” His stern voice startled me. “Well, it does. I had things I needed to grab.” I replied, trying to act tough. 

“Look, there was an incident, and you really shouldn’t be here right now.” He said, somewhat out of breath. “Is my Mom okay?” I muttered in shock. “Yes, she’s been at work all day, and she’s been notified. I urge you to get out, now!” He continued. “Okay, okay, we’ll leave. I found this note, by the way.” I said, walking up to the officer. He didn’t ask for permission, when he quickly pulled it from between my index and middle finger. “Where did you find this?” He quickly asked. “Over on the kitchen table,” I pointed backwards, but the officer didn’t respond. His arms dropped to his side.

Actually, he didn’t even return eyesight. His face froze, and so did his motion. I turned to my left, and saw Cameron, frozen as well, still looking up. Then I turned around, and saw that horrendous creature…. 

I don't remember what happened next…

+ + +

In a flash, I sat up, eyes wide open in Cameron’s room with a blanket on. Cameron was laying in bed, sound asleep. My body was weak, and I could feel aches up and down my legs. I opened my legs a bit, to feel my diaper was still dry, I put my hands down my pajama pants to confirm I was. The light was gone outside, and my watch said 10:52pm; whatever happened, made 8 hours disappear right in front of me. I had no knowledge of the previous few hours, which made my heart race.

Cameron turned over in bed, then slowly sat up and asked if I was still awake. I nodded, and whispered that I was diapered. Cameron lifted his blanket, and worriedly replied that he was too. This was horribly concerned and out of place for the both of us, since I rarely stayed the night at his house, and he wasn’t supposed to be diapered in his house either. For how late it was, the light in his bedroom was still on, which was also bizarre, since his bedtime was 9pm on weekends. To the left of me, next to his door, was my backpack and duffle bag. I had a feeling something very bed happened. I wanted to cry.

I was about to stand up, to look for my phone, when Cameron’s Mom walked in; my heart nearly exploded from agony. “Feeling any better? Alex, are you okay?” His Mom’s voice was softer than usual. “I’m… so tired and weak, what happened.” I asked. His Mom looked a bit confused. “What do you mean, ‘what happened’?” She cocked her head to the side a bit. “I went to sleep and forget everything that happened today.” I said, trying to lie. Somehow, it worked, as his Mom recapped how we got to where we were.

As his Mom explained, allegedly, the thick officer commit suicide in front of Cameron and I, and in pure shock, we ran off into the forest. Another officer, patrolling the outskirts of town, found us aimlessly stumbling around; I guess, I was hacking up a lung, as if I had been exposed to smoke. The officer drove us back to Cameron’s house, when Cameron showed the officer his ID card. My Mom, after hearing about the thick officer’s death from his partner, picked up my bags and one of the packs of ABU Simples, and drove them over to Cameron’s house, where she changed me and put a diaper on Cameron. Mom made up an excuse that, I was self conscious of wearing diapers, and it would help mine, and Cameron’s state of shock. I’m not totally sure if Cameron’s Mom believed it, but she didn’t say anything further; instead, taking the remaining eight diapers from my Mom, and leaving them in Cameron’s room.

“How did the officers know the Thick Officer commit suicide?” I asked, looking up at her. “They found a note.” She said, rather casually. I was speechless, and judging by Cameron’s demeanor, he too seemed frightened as well. “Well, I just hope you both feel better, and try not to think about it a lot. If you need someone to talk to, I’ll be in my room. Good night, boys.” She said, before she turned out the light and closed the door. “What the fuck?” Was all Cameron said, and it’s all anyone really could say. 


CHAPTER 7: Home Alone

I was still awake at midnight, lying on my makeshift bed while Cameron snored. I took out my phone and called my Mom to make sure she wasn’t home. She answered, groggily, and called my name, “Alex, are you doing alright?” She asked. The sound of her voice made me homesick and confused, which made me tear up slightly, and tremble my voice, “Hi Mom, y-yes, I’m fine. I’m just scared and confused.” I said, trying to keep myself from crying. “Oh, Alex. I’m scared too. You and Cameron looked horrified.” She said, then remarked on how I was wearing a very full diaper when she found me, which is unusual for my behavior. 

“Mom, w-where are you?” I asked, sitting up on the floor. “Oh, I’m staying at the Holiday Inn, across from work. I ended up working late again anyways, and as long as I know you’re safe, everything is fine.” She said. There was a pause between us, while I processed everything. “Will we be able to go home tomorrow, Mom?” I asked, hoping she heard from one of the police officers. “I think so, honey. I’ll head over tomorrow and call you if I’ve heard anything else, okay?” She said. I nodded in the air, then replied, “Okay. I love you,”. “I love you too.” She said, before she hung up. I felt better knowing she was safe.

The next day, Saturday morning, after we got changed and dressed, Cameron’s Mom drove me back to my house. In the front seats, they chattered about this or that as I kept silent, worried about how my house would be in shambles. We turned the corner, and Cameron’s Mom dropped me off on the curbside in front of my house. I stepped out of their SUV; Cameron waved goodbye, and wished me luck. He told me to call him if I needed to stay another night, which I told him I probably would. Then they drove off, leaving me overlooking my empty house, in the windy neighborhood.  

Armed with only my backpack and duffel bag, I approached the front door, I saw some more caution tape around my home. It didn’t do too good at keeping me out, since the door was unlocked, and I walked right in. Immediately, I noticed the small blood splatters on the carpet where the office had died. It was horrifying to think someone died in my house, but I tried not to think about it. I sighed, then moved to my room, taking off my pants, and checking my diaper; I was lightly wet, as some of the paws had faded from my pee. After throwing my pants off my feet, I replaced the void on my desk with my laptop, while I continued to unpacked my stuff.  From the family room, I could hear the wind batter the blinds, as they shook against each other, startling me a bit.

When I turned around to remove my backpack from my bed, a pigeon flew into my room, and sat on the bedpost. It cooed, and made that weird vibrating noise they do from the rooftops on a hot summer’s day. A tad annoyed, I waved my arm in the air to get it to fly away; it didn’t move, it didn’t even budge. It seemed unfazed of me, as if it were blind. “Shoo!” I exclaimed, alas, it didn’t do anything, but cock it’s head from side to side. I took a step further, and waved my arm again to smack it; only then did it fly away, flapping it’s feathers, escaping through my doorway.

And that’s when I saw something move in the hall… I remember the smell; the sour-sweet retched stench emitting from it. I turned slowly, and saw the tall-skinny limbs; the large black eyes, almost like an owl, or something of the like. It's limbs, a beige-grey color, and black legs and feet. It made the loudest, deepest moan, while I stood in fear and panic; it’s subsonic roar seemed to deafen me and amplify the silence in the house at the same time. 

My vision blurred in a bokeh haze while my mind filled with nonsensical ramblings that I couldn’t process. Reality and time appeared to stand still and shape-shift in a horrific catatonic state. I wish I could recall every description I had of the creature I was witnessing, as there was a lot to tell, but for the life of me, my brain couldn’t seem to process what I was seeing, as if every fiber of my explainable knowledge couldn’t evaluate the creature’s appearance. My mind blanked…

+ + +

It's been quite a few years since I heard the urban legends; I remember reading the stories online when I was just a kid, still in Pampers. As the legend goes, the Forest Walker is always on a search for a new soul. A new soul to power it's long limbs, to operate it's bug-eyes, and to survive on. They call it the Forest Walker, since that was the only name whomever the legend was told from, could think of. Allegedly, the Walker would plant small spears onto your property, and would return the body parts of the soul-less victim on small spears, when it was done draining the life of it’s victim. I'm pretty sure the last part was just a myth, but it always scared me as a child. As a grown up now, it doesn't phase me much, because that was always just a bedtime tale.

What is this now? What happens when myth becomes factual?


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CHAPTER 8: Regaining Consciousness 

I regained consciousness to the sound of the wind through the pine needles above me; it’s like a soothing waterfall sound that flows through the forest in waves as the wind blows through the trees. My eyes opened slowly, blinding me with the midday sun; I was outside, in the middle of the forest, leaning up against a tree. I looked down at my hands to find them extremely dirty with a few cuts. My diaper was exposed, and torn from whatever misadventure I had just been put through. My maroon shirt had also been torn, and had misshapen imprints of dirt smeared across it. I tried to stand up, but my muscles hurt so much, as if I had just taken several falls across the forest. 

Eventually, I stood up, which started a coughing fit so bad, I had to painfully hold back my breakfast. As I regained capacity in my lungs, my bladder emptied it’s flow into my diaper, which didn’t hold up at all. Urine dripped down my legs and out the front of the ripped plastic, along with some fluff. I whimpered a bit, and let my body stop peeing, before I slowly limped forward, away from the puddle. My chest felt heavy like I had inhaled large amounts of smoke or dust.

Looking around, I found no visible exit to the forest. My heart began to beat faster in panic. This increased my breathing, which only made me cough some more. I turned around again, and still couldn’t find a way home, until I rounded the tree I was sitting up against, and found the line of backyards from my neighborhood about 100 feet away. I muttered a cry for joy as I began limping my way home. In a short moment, I had exited the forest and gotten through the gate. In relief, I found myself climbing through the broken back door, and knelt down on the carpet once inside, to rest my aching body. 

I felt relaxed for a second, until I looked up, and found our family room, completely trashed. The couches had been overturned, the vases shattered, our TV stand had been knocked down, and there were obvious clawing marks that trailed on the carpet… Wait a second… those claw marks, were mine! 

In lesser pain, I stood up again, and followed the trail of clawing back to my room, which was untouched, except for a knocked over soda can. On my chair was a note, which I didn’t even bother to touch, knowing it couldn’t be good. Quickly, I swapped a diaper from my duffle bag with the note, then moved myself into the bathroom. In the mirror, a very pale, tired and thin looking person stared back at me; there were scrapes and bruises all over my body. 

I had a quick shower to clean the dirt off me and wash the cuts across my body. When I got out, I powdered my crotch, and put a dry diaper on. Back in my bedroom, as I put my clothes back on, I checked my phone and saw two missed calls from Cameron; the time was 4:15pm, when the last time I could recall, it was 11:30am. I called Cameron back, and left the call on speaker while I pulled my dark grey hoodie over my head. “Hey, I tried calling you hours ago, where have you been?” He asked. I hesitated for a moment and could barely answer, before he cut me off, “Anyways, we’re coming to pick you up, are you ready?” He continued. “Y-yeah, I guess.” I yawned. “Did I wake you?” He guessed. “Sure,” I muttered, looking for my shoes. “Okay, well, grab your things and we’ll meet you outside.” He said, before he hung up. I found my blue Converse kicked behind my door; wasn’t I wearing socks this morning?

Cameron and I sat in the back seat of his Mom’s SUV; we chatted while she ordered us dinner from Taco Bell. “Mom finally said I could wear diapers, as long as I cleaned up after myself. I’m so excited!” Cameron whispered to me, nearly bouncing up and down on the seat. “That’s great news, Cam,” I said, feigning happiness, when I really felt tired and upset. “I couldn’t wait to tell you the news, just think of how much easier it’ll all be.” He continued to ramble, while I looked out the window, starving from an empty stomach.

“Are you okay?” Cameron asked, looking at me as if I were looking car sick. “Yeah… I guess… I just had another… encounter.” I whispered to him, while I eyed his Mom, so I didn’t freak her out. “W-when?” He asked, eyes a-gaze. I turned to him, and as seriously as I’ve ever spoken, I said, “I got out of the forest about an hour ago,”.  Cameron’s hype seemed to fall back to zero.


CHAPTER 9: A Calm Night

“I mean… I’m awake when it happens, I know that for a fact, but I can’t remember anything.” I said, sitting next to a pile of empty fast food wrappers and the largest Baja Blast cup Taco Bell sold. Cameron had his back against his wall, mirroring me, as we threw a ball back and forth across his room and talked. “But like, you must’ve done something good, because you’re still alive.” He remarked, remembering the urban legends. “I really don’t know what I did or what happened, and that’s the problem,” I continued. Cameron shifted his legs a bit to the right, continuing to expose the thick diaper between his legs; we were both wearing dry white ABU Simple diapers.

“Hey boys, I’m going to the store. Alex, do you need anything for your… condition?” Cameron’s Mom awkwardly asked, as she peaked her head into Cameron’s room. “No thanks, I’m good. I’ve got a large bottle of powder and wipes if I need them.” I said, nearly missing the ball that Cameron threw. “Powder… remember that, Cameron.” She said, eyeing him, then closing the door. 

“That’s the other thing,” I started, “I can’t tell when I have to go to the bathroom anymore.” I said, shifting the bulge of my diaper slightly. “You mean, you could control your bladder before?” He asked, catching my throw. “Well, for the most part, yes, but now, I can’t feel anything, it just dribbles out.” I replied. Cameron frowned, then shrugged, “I mean, I guess that’s not a bad thing, since you’re wearing diapers anyways.” He said, straight faced. “Sure, but it’s not a good thing, since it’s affecting my health.” I argued.

Mid throw, my phone started to ring from my pants pocket; I missed Cameron’s return throw, while I reached for my pants lying in the center of the room. It was my Mom, “Hi Mom,” I said, opening the lock screen, and answering the call. “Hi Honey, I just got a call from the detectives involved with the police department. They said they’re closing off our house while the investigation continues. I’ll be spending another night in the Holiday Inn.” She said, somewhat hurriedly as I presumed she was still at work. “Okay, Mom. Sounds great! Thank you,” I replied. 

“Are you sure Cameron’s Mom is okay with you spending another night there? This room has another bed, and you can stay here with me, if you need to.” She asked. “I’m sure she doesn’t mind.” I said, winking at Cameron. “Alex! Did you ask first?” She seemed to scold me. “I did, Mom, she’s fine with me staying another night.” I kinda lied, Cameron silently giggled. “Okay, be good. I love you lots.” She replied, before she hung up the phone. I know how crazy her work gets when she’s working overtime. 

For the next few hours, Cameron and I played a few video games, then, after we put on our pajamas, we got online and browsed a few YouTube videos. “Hey, how about we Google ‘Forest Walker’?” He suggested, after we watched a few Pewdiepie videos. “Uhh, I don’t know, I don’t really I want to think about it this close to bed.” I kinda hesitated, but he had already pulled up the search results. One of the first things that popped up was a forum on a paranormal tracking website, that discussed ‘truthful’ witness accounts of the ‘Forest Walker’. 

‘Usually, in my long experience as a forest ranger in this area, I’ve heard people are usually gone for a few hours, woken up in the forest/somewhere else, with pain in their muscles; some experience nausea. Most of the people who get lost usually aren’t found,’ One of the posts read. A few of the posts had outlandish descriptions of the monster; ‘grimy, dripping grey fur, with teeth that could slice steel’, ‘tall, wood branches as arms, that extend past the knees’, and ‘smoke pouring from the monster’s back as it carved into the flesh of a victim’ were all mixed ideas of what this ‘Forest Walker’ really looked like. 

By this time, I was enthused with the stories, and I took the chair Cameron was sitting on to read more stories. Cameron, who was growing more and more tired, was sitting on the edge of his bed, trying to pee his diaper, and grunting forcefully. “Don’t push, relax,” I reminded him, before after a while, I heard the familiar hissing sound of him peeing. I didn’t even turn around, I was filling my head with what the internet said about the ‘Walker’. Sadly, they all seemed fictionalized, and I couldn’t tell what was real. I was about to close the browser, when I heard a scratchy voice say, “Cameron?!”. 


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CHAPTER 10: Dreams

I jumped in the chair, and turned to where the voice was coming from, to find Cameron’s Mom, standing in the doorway, in a stance I’d never seen her before; she was awkwardly leaning with her back against the door frame, but with her leg pointing outwards. “Oh, hi, you startled me.” I said, closing the gap between my legs, since my diaper seemed to poof through my pajama bottoms. Cameron’s Mom, however, didn’t seem to even hear my response. 

“It’s time for you to go home, now. You need to go home now.” She repeated. While she spoke, her mouth moved almost separate from what she was saying. Her voice was different, as in, she looked like Cameron’s Mom, but the voice that spoke really didn’t match any pitch or tone that was familiar to her. It was soured. “Aren’t I spending the night here?” I timidly asked. “No, you’re going home now.” Her voice never raised. Her face expression never changed, and I could feel my pulse rise just by making eye contact with her. Regardless, I didn’t want to sour anything in Cameron’s house, so I stood up.

Slowly, I turned around, to find Cameron was fast sleep. I continued to the corner where my blankets were, and grabbed my stuff, then turned back to the door, where Cameron’s Mom was, and found she was gone. I poked my head out into the dark, silent house and saw that his parent’s bedroom light was off. Figuring she was back in bed, I crept downstairs, and made my way out the door, to the street.

It felt weird, sitting on the sidewalk at night in just my pajamas, while my Mom drove from the other side of town to pick me up. Mom was a bit weirded that Cameron’s Mom would kick me out after dark, but figured she could ask questions in the morning. About 15 minutes after I called Mom, she picked me up, and we drove back to the hotel while I explained the situation repeatedly. 

The hotel was nice as I walked in, but I was afraid other people would see my diaper bulging through my pajamas. However, with the lobby lights were still on, despite it being nearly midnight, the place was empty. It had a roaring fireplace, with soft piano music playing. We didn’t stay long in the lobby, before we went to the 5th floor, where my Mom’s room was. Inside the room, I threw my bags against on desk, and hopped in bed, while my Mom set the TV’s sleep timer. We wished each other goodnight, then went to sleep…


My vision was faded; I was back in Cameron’s room, and was just looking at me, motionless. I turned toward the door, to find the ‘Forest Walker’, standing there. My sight seemed to vignette, like I was looking at the sun. It’s formerly missing mouth, was now agape with sharpened polished teeth, and had piecing black almond eyes, if that’s what you want to call them. I couldn’t run, and Cameron didn’t appear to move at all either. We just stood in shock….

Out of now where, next thing I knew, we were in the forest. Cameron and I were both propped up against trees. I wanted to run, but felt like my body was trapped in layers of blankets. Cameron looks like he was zoned out, staring down at the ground, mouth wide open. I kept feeling like I was holding my breath, and my lungs were constantly being filled with smoke, or dust. I was horrifically trapped…

“Alex, Alex?!” A voice called out.


Mom nudged me, rocking my body back and forth, until I returned back to reality, waking up in a damp hotel bed, staring at the ceiling. “Alex, are you okay?” She asked. The light was dimly pouring in from behind the curtains. “Huh?” I asked, hazing in to consciousness, and remembering who I was. “You sounded like you were panicking. Were you having a bad dream?” She asked. I sat up in bed, and could feel the wetness slide down my legs while I moved. “Umm, I think I wet the bed.” I muttered, rubbing my eyes, and lifting up the sheet. Mom sighed, then sat down on the side of the bed, rubbing my back, “Don’t worry, Alex, you’re okay.” She said, comforting me. I tried to hold back tears, but I really didn’t think I could. Not my best Sunday morning…


CHAPTER 11: Alternate Viewpoints

Mom took the sheets off the bed, while she told me to take a shower. In the bathroom, I used the toilet to poop, then stepped into the hot shower and zoned out in thought. My mind was racing as the hot water beaded down my body. ‘What was happening to me?’ I asked myself, while I let the bathroom steam up for nearly half an hour. When I got out, I wrapped myself in a towel, and headed back into the main room. Mom was already dressed, and was about to head out the door. 

“I’m leaving work early today, I’m going to see if we can sell our house.” Mom said, putting on the second earring. “Can we wait this out?” I impulsively asked, but Mom didn’t look happy when I said that. “Alex, look at you! You’re not doing well, you’re not thinking straight, and I can’t watch my little boy keep getting hurt. If we’re lucky, I can maybe get us a house near Woodsboro.” She said, firming her position. “Woodsboro, but that’s in an entire different school district! What about Cameron?” I asked, but she wouldn’t have it. “I’m doing what’s best for us.” Mom said, before she picked up her briefcase, and left the room. I felt scared.

In the empty room, I could hear the distant sound of the freeway. The LED clock next to the bed flashed 10:30am, which was really all I could concentrate on after I finished putting on a new diaper from the open pack Mom brought for me. Wearing nothing but a diaper, I opened the curtain a bit to view the skyline of our town; it wasn’t really much to look at, since it was just a bland ocean of trees, illuminated by the cold daylight sun, with a few taller buildings closer to the freeway. It made me feel nauseated when I thought for a moment, whatever that thing was that kept taking me into the forest, was somewhere hidden in the tree-line. As I pulled the curtains back to their closed position, I received a phone call from Cameron. In my duffle bag, I pulled out my jeans, and picked up the phone.

“Hello?” I asked, remembering that I left his house in the middle of the night. “Alex, what happened? Where’d you go?” He questioned. I felt intimated by the fact that I couldn’t possibly explain to him over the phone, so I told him where I was, and I could meet him in the lobby of the hotel. Cameron said it would be about an hour, but he’d meet me in the hotel. He hung up, then I laid sat on the chair by the desk, watching Yo Gabba Gabba, since it was the only thing on Nickelodeon.

After a small breakfast, I made my way down to the lobby, where Cameron and his Mom were sitting at one of the tables. It was weird to see his Mom there, I figured maybe she was gonna give me an earful for exposing Cameron to diapers in the first place. “Hey, Alex. Are you okay?” Cameron said to me, while I sat down, across from them. “Yes, I’m fine. I’m just wondering why I was kicked out of your home at nearly midnight, last night.” I said, somewhat passive-aggressively as I stared at his Mom; she looked none the wiser. 

“We’re wondering the same thing, why did you leave?” He asked, getting a bit frustrated with my tone. “Don’t you remember telling me I had to go home?” I turned to his Mom, but again, she had a blank look on her face, more concerned if anything. “You were welcome to stay the night, I never told you to go home.” She insisted. “Yes, you did! You said, ‘you have to go home, you need to go home, you should be going home,’. You kept repeating it over and over.” I may have embellished what happened a little. “Alex, please be nice.” His Mom said. “Alex, are you sure you’re alright?” Cameron repeated while his Mom was still talking. I felt my face getting a little red from frustration. “I…You… It was a few minutes past midnight.” I stuttered, looking down, trying to hide my face.

“I was asleep by 9pm last night, I had to take Cameron’s sister to soccer practice at 6am this morning.” She said, a bit sternly. I looked up, none of them were playing games. “Then who came into Cameron’s room, and told me to go home?” I asked, but there was nothing but silence; my arms were trembling. “I’ll speak to your mother, Alex, but I think you should speak to a psychologist.” His Mom seemed to co-parent alongside my Mom. Cameron’s face was distraught, and almost fearful. 

“I… I don’t need help! I don’t need this! What’s happening… is… I can’t explain it, but it’s terrifying me!” I shouted, only loud enough for someone else in the lobby to look over. “Alex, I think you should tell your Mom about everything that’s been going on. I know it’s painful and horrifying, but you should clue her in. Maybe it’s not just that… thing, but maybe it’s you too.” Cameron said, before he pushed out his chair, and stood up. His Mom looked back and forth between us, then stood up, “What do you mean, ‘that thing’,” She asked, but Cameron shook his head while they walked away, presumably to tell her later. I can’t believe he sold me out, discrediting something that’s been physically witnessed by both of us…


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CHAPTER 12: A Stupid Decision

To calm myself, I walked over to the mall and walked around the department stores for a few hours. If anything was going to help me, it was being grounded back into reality. In the early evening, I got back to the hotel room, changed into a new diaper on my bed, then laid around, wearing nothing else. The housekeeper had swapped out the sheets with a new layer, which kept the bed feeling fresh. I left the TV on mute, and thought about my interaction with Cameron. My phone hadn’t received anything from him, so I figured he was letting me cool off. I felt selfish and refusing of help, but I knew I wasn’t doing anything good, letting the situation eat at me.

By 9:30pm, Mom still hadn’t come back, as she texted me saying she was going to spend the night at my Aunt’s house in the next town over. I was bored, and getting fussy, knowing nothing was being done to stop these abductions. I figured, if no one else was going to do anything about it, I might as well seek out this thing by myself. Without a lot of thought, I put my clothes back on over my diaper, and pulled over my grey hoodie. I then, made the long walk, back to my house in the suburbs.

Nearly 35 minutes of walking later, I arrived in front of our empty house. All the lights were off, and the front door and yard were tapered with caution tape. This didn’t stop me, as I stepped over the tape, and opened the front door with my key. I passed a quick look through the neighborhood, to make sure the police weren’t around, which they weren’t, since it was a quiet March evening. I slowly stepped inside, fearing the worst.

Nevertheless, there was nothing. I flipped the switch to the lamp next to the front room couch. The room, now filled with light, looked like any other night before the recent events started happened. The house seemed to be in relatively good condition, since Mom and a few of the officers put everything back to normal before they closed off our home. I crept further into the house, and grabbed a flashlight from my closet. My room was also rather untouched, since nothing had happened in the previous 24 hours. 

I pulled up the hood on my jacket, then exhaled, looking back down the hallway. The house felt disturbingly more quiet than it usually is, and I couldn’t figure out why. I made my way down the hall, and out through the broken glass door to the backyard. As I  exited the gate onto the dirt path that separated the forest from the neighborhood, it dawned on me that there wasn’t a single sound coming from the forest, where there’s usually an orchestra of night insects that chirp their wings or owls that hoot into the night. I braced myself for the worst, as I turned on my flashlight, and began the lonesome walk into the woods.

My flashlight was the only source of light around me for a good couple hundred feet; while I walked, I heard every stick break, every leaf crunch, and every grain of dirt slide around me. I felt like I had been walking for 20 minutes in a straight path, when I finally came upon a tree with three sheets of paper attached to it with a small sharpened stick. As I looked closer, I realized it was the same three notes that were found inside my house. The same blood smears on it and everything. The writing was very very poor, almost as if written by a 5 year old.

The first and second notes repeated, ‘I’m coming for you; be ready’ all written with huge gaps between the scribbled lettering. I tore the first two notes from the stick it was pinned on, then continued reading the third one, ‘Don’t think I won’t find you again’. My hands trembled so much while I read them. As I tore the third note off, I accidentally dropped both the notes. I bent down to pick them up, when I heard a crunching sound. I quickly swung my flashlight to the left, only to find that ‘creature’ standing less than 15 feet away from me. My vision blurred and my consciousness faded…


When my mind returned to reality, I was sitting behind the barred gate of a police cruiser. The officer in the driver’s seat was the Thin officer I remembered from before, while the passenger was another thick man. “Where are you taking me?” I muttered, sitting up from a slouched position. Thankfully, I noticed I wasn’t in handcuffs. “We’re taking you back to the hotel, where your Mom says you need to be. It’s not safe out right now…” The officer in the passenger seat said, while the thin officer remained silent.

“What happened?” I asked, as I felt my pounding head, then noted a brown, sticky and odorous fluid that stained the front of my hoodie. “We found you on the side of the road, just outside the woods. It looks like you got sick or something. What were you doing out so late?” The thin officer finally spoke. I realized I didn’t have a precise reason to give, so I didn’t answer. I stayed quiet for the rest of the ride back to the hotel, but nearly crapped my diaper when I looked at the dashboard, and saw it was nearly 3am!

The officers parked in front of the lobby, and opened the door for me. I got out and was going to go back to my room, when they insisted they called my Mom first, to let her know I was out late at night. I sighed in agony, knowing they were only making the situation worse between us, but they were insistent. Thankfully, Mom didn’t pick up, but that didn’t stop them, as they left a voicemail, then scoured at me to go back to my room, and go to sleep. I cowered away, and followed their instructions, changing my soaked diaper once again before I got into bed. As I moved my hoodie from the floor to the back of the chair, the Three Notes fell out of the front pocket…


CHAPTER 13: An Unwelcome Visitor

From a fog, I remembered that creature, trying to drag me into a carved hole in the ground, while I mercilessly bashed it’s bulbous head in with a dead branch. The ‘Forest Walker’, rose up from the hole, and positioned itself over me, gazing it’s existence into my eyes. The black beads placed in its skull hypnotized me further, and it felt like my eyes were burning from it’s leer. While it worked its magic, ‘blood’ dripped down it’s neck, onto my hoodie; it was a freezing cold fluid. I tried to pull away, closing my eyes, and continuing to swing, aimlessly, hoping I’d hit it. As I swung once, I felt the branch vibrate through my arms, causing the creature to roar out, in a pitch so low, I thought my ear drums were going to shatter. It’s mouth, filled with puncturing sharp teeth, dripped a sickening foul smelling drool around me.

My memory skipped, where I was now sitting up against a tree, looking at a silhouette of another person, sitting across from me. Neither of us moved, nor could we. I thought it was Cameron, and I remember desperately trying to shout. It looked like him, but I thought Cameron was taller. The person was definitely chubbier, but not fat. My vision froze from there…


I woke up from my dream, covered in sweat. The clock read 10:30, Monday morning, so I was already late for school. Cameron acknowledged this in a plethora of texts aimed at my phone. I didn’t bother to text him back. I was still salty at him from yesterday’s meeting. I fidgeted a bit in bed, and could feel my diaper held up overnight, but was near the verge of leaking; it bulged between my legs, grinding it’s plastic exterior between my thighs. I got out of bed, and immediately felt a sharp pain near my bladder, which was followed by myself flooding my diaper, until a stream poured out the rear leg-hole. Something was very wrong with my body.

After cleaning up, taking a shower, and changing into a new diaper, I threw my clothes on, and walked over to the door to go get some food down in the lobby. I opened the door, only to be stopped by a kid, maybe a year younger than me, staring blankly at what was the closed door. “Hello?” I asked. He looked down into my eyes; he was maybe 5’ 5”, so he was still taller than me, but only by an inch or so. 

“Alex.” He said, not in a question form, but kind of in a statement. He knew my name, and I felt like I knew his. I looked over him one more time, and suddenly realized I recognized him from school. It was Joey! The kid who was ‘abducted’ less than a week ago. His eyes had dark grey rings under them, and his hair was parted with grease; it was apparent that he hadn’t showered in the period since he went missing, as his skin was dirty, and his ripped shirt was ravaged with smeared dirt.

Joey made no introduction, before he walked in, and sat down on my bed. As he passed me, I was startled to find his pants were wet. “Uhh, can I help you?” I asked, it occurred to me that I had no idea how he found me. “I want a diaper.” He said, turning to me, in a jolting reaction. I played dumb, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” I nervously backed up against the wall, near the entry of the hotel room, keeping my distance between us. 

“Alex, I know what’s going on. I know the Forest Walker has taken you too. We don’t have much time to talk, I just want a diaper to stop having these accidents.” He began, but before I could open my mouth again, Joey said, “I watched you fight off the Forest Walker in your diaper, there’s no use hiding it. I watched it carve into your back.”, His demeanor never changed. “I, uhh…” I tried to speak again, but Joey stood up, walked into the bathroom, and turned on the shower, where he bathed for a good 15 minutes. It didn’t really make for a good first impression.

When Joey got out, he neither bothered to towel off, or cover himself with a one. Instead, he left the bathroom door open, laid on the bed in the nude, and lifted his legs up, exposing himself. “I’m ready,” He announced, while I sat in the chair next to the desk. “Ready for what?” I asked, still confused. “I’ll do it myself then.” He passively announced, getting up, and going through my bag, to find one of my dry diapers. “Hey, hey, that’s…” I started, until he pulled one out, then got back on the bed, and fussed with putting it on. I waited and watched him struggle for a good five minutes, before I gave in.

“You need some powder, and you need to lay flat… also, you’re trying to put it on wrong.” I said, before I got up on the bed, and fixed everything. Honestly, I was more agitated with how he was about to tape the diaper on backwards. “Thanks.” He muttered, before I laid flat the last tape, and tucked in the plastic. Joey sat on his knees on the bed, and seemed to proudly show himself off to the mirror across the room. “Why did you come here, Joey?” I asked, getting off the bed, and sitting back down, and putting his t-shirt on.

“You need to know, Alex, I didn’t want this.” He said, sitting down, crosslegged. “Neither did I.” I replied, knowing nothing has changed. “It found me. I was just looking for my RC plane when it flew into the forest. I didn’t want to get sick from this thing, but I don’t know what to do anymore.” Joey looked like he was about to cry. I felt empathetic toward him, and told him, that I didn’t either, but we were going to do something about it. I promised him that he could go home now, and forget all about this, since he seemed to be in a clear state of mind. “If it looks into your eyes, it can control you, and make you do anything.” Joey muttered, but not explaining what he meant. “What do you mean?” I asked.

Joey froze for a good minute or so, unresponsive. I looked over at him, and he wasn’t moving. I stood up, looking around, afraid the Forest Walker followed him, but time wasn’t standing still. I looked back at Joey, and figured he must’ve been wetting his diaper, until he quickly and randomly jumped off the bed, and ran out the door, wearing nothing but his t-shirt and diaper. I tried to follow him, but by the time I got into the hallway, Joey was gone. He forgot his pants.


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CHAPTER 14: A Doctor’s Visit

Less than an hour later, I heard the clicking of the electronic lock on the hotel room door. I sat up in bed, and looked over, to find my Mom walking into the room, dragging along her suitcase. “Sounds like someone had a fun night, last night. How are you?” My Mom said, with a soured snark to her voice. “Mom, I know, I have a lot to say.” I began, but Mom didn’t look very accepting of my response. She turned off the TV, and turned to me, “And you also didn’t go to school.” She said, now upset. “Mom, I’m on the fifth floor of a hotel room across town, how can I even get to school?” I raised my voice a little, but Mom seemed unfazed.

There was a bit of an argument, and I said some things I probably shouldn’t have, trying to defend myself. Mom was very unhappy with my behavior, “So, you’re all dressed up in your ‘Pampers’, wearing the nice sweater Grandma Mary made for you, and you’re out partying with some dirtbag kids? Does Cameron know about this? Oh no, he probably wouldn’t, since you ditched him at his house and blamed his Mom for you leaving, so you could go into the woods and do drugs. Am I reading you correctly? ” Mom always liked to use the word ‘Pampers’ to belittle me, and insult me about my diapers. 

“No, Mom! That’s not what happened! Drugs? Really?” I argued. “Then what happened?” She asked. I hesitated for a moment, and thought real hard, before I told her everything; what really happened the night the glass door broke, the afternoon when the officer was left dead in our family room, the encounter before Cameron’s Mom picked me up, and last night when the police picked me up off the side of the road. I explained in sufficient detail everything that I’ve been through, and when I was done, I showed her the three notes that were left in our house, complete with the stick’s puncture mark. The whole explanation took me about an hour while Mom listened. She was speechless. 

“What are you doing?” I asked, as she picked up her phone. “I’m calling the police, to report all of this.” She said, beginning to dial 911. “What, no, you can’t do that!” I shouted, taking the phone from her hand, and deleting the numbers. “Well, we have to do something.” She insisted, on the verge of tears. “I know, that’s what I’ve been trying to say. But there’s nothing I can do.” I said, tears also starting to form from my eyes. My Mom is a strong woman; she thought for a moment, then said, “I’m taking you to the doctor. Then we’re staying the next few days at Aunt Laurie’s house.” She insisted. “What about school?” I asked. “That’s part of why we’re going to the doctor’s.” She continued.

A moment later, we were parked outside the hospital, with our bags packed and loaded up in the car. Mom practically had to drag me inside, where she filled out the paperwork for me, then they brought us into one of the rooms for an initial evaluation. “I’m going to need you to take off your clothes for the physical evaluation,” The nurse said, handing me a hospital gown and leaving the room. I removed my shirt, and Mom stopped me, rubbing my back, and described to me what she saw. I knew about the cuts and bruises from the encounters, but what I didn’t know until that point, was the thin X carved into my back, that had grown inflamed.

After Mom sat back down in one of the chairs, I continued to strip, then heard a loud gasping from Mom, “Alex, when was the last time you changed?” She seemed to scold me. “I just changed this morning, why?” I responded, looking down, to find my diaper had once again, been soaked. I didn’t even feel wet, “Am I going to need to start checking you every few hours?” She said, standing up. “No, Mom! I’m not a child. I guess I’ve just been having more accidents lately,” I argued, pulling off my jeans. Mom said nothing else, and reached into my backpack, to pull out a diaper. I held my hand out, waiting for her to hand it to me, but instead, she pushed me onto the bench and began to untape my diaper for me. 

“What are you doing?” I asked. “You need someone to take care of you, which I haven’t been doing lately.” She said calmly, and like a machine, proceeded to remove my diaper, powder my groin, and change me. My face burned from embarrassment, as I covered my eyes. Of all the best possible moments to walk in, the doctor chose that moment, and was greeted by my Mom, tacking on the last tape. “Having some continence issues lately?” The Doctor asked, stepping in, with an EKG machine. I wanted to die.

The doctor proceeded examine my heart, respiratory system, muscle reflexes, pulse, and finished off with pressing on my abdomen. “Does it hurt here?” She asked, pressing down near my stomach. “Nope.” I said. “Here?” The Doctor continued. “Nope,” I again, said in monotone. “How about here?” She asked, pressing lower on my body. “Yes! Oh God, Yes, Ouch!!!” I curled up on the very crinkly thin paper. “Hmm, there appears to be some nerve damage. I’ll refer you to the ultrasound lab.” She continued writing. 

“Also, I recommend you stop smoking.” She said, writing down her findings on a sheet of paper. “I don’t smoke.” I responded. “Well, your lungs appear to be showing symptoms of smoke inhalation. I can hear a bit of hoarseness in your voice,” The Doctor continued, “You also seem stressed, and your blood pressure is a bit high. I could write you a prescription for anxiety, but usually these symptoms are common in other high school students. I’d try to take it easy for the next few days before you go back to school.” She went on, before she left the room. Unfortunately, even this quick visit ended with a needle prick, when they poked me to test my blood.

The results from the ultrasound came up fairly inconclusive, except for an indication that my bladder was a inflamed a little. The Specialist stated my diapers would be handy for recovery, and recommended cranberry juice to keep my bladder healthy and free of UTIs. 


CHAPTER 15: Visiting Family

We left the hospital with only a doctor’s note, and Mom began the drive to my Aunt Laurie’s house, about 40 minutes away from the hotel we were staying at. We arrived quickly and unpacked our things from the trunk, then walked inside; my Aunt's house was huge. As I walked in, my 9-year-old cousin, Derek, came walking down from upstairs."Oooh, it looks like the baby is here! Hey, do you need a diaper change?!” he cooed with a smirk from the foyer. “You just wet yourself last week at the theater because you couldn’t hold it for the entire movie.” My Uncle Todd reminded Derek, making Derek turn away, red faced.

I took my stuff upstairs to the guest room, and sat down on the bed. As I began to lay down on the bed, Cameron called me. “Alex, is everything alright?” Cameron asked. I sighed, “Yes, everything is fine. I’m staying with my Aunt for the next few days,” I figured it was best to at least let him know I was alright. “Oh.. okay, I just wanted to tell you, Joey was found today. He walked into his parent’s house, wearing a diaper. Do you have anything to do with this?” His voice trailed up, suspecting I did. I chuckled.  

“A bit,” I said, stifling my laughter, “He showed up at my hotel room door, and we spoke for a minute or two. I’ll spare you the details, but I’ll say, he left his pants.” Cameron laughed out loud over the phone. “That’s freakin’ funny, Alex. But seriously, what did he say?” He asked, seriously. I hesitated for a minute, “Not much, really.” I lied. I didn’t really want to get into it. “Ah, well, I better let you go. You probably have family stuff to attend to, right?” He continued. I lied, saying I did, but didn’t go into why we were staying the next few days here. Cameron hung up, and I suddenly felt alone again while I tried to get some sleep.

I woke up the next morning at 8am. For the first time in days, I felt rested instead of weary. It was Tuesday, so normally I would be getting ready for school. Getting out of bed, I found two packs of ABU Space diapers next to the closet. ‘You left these in the trunk,’ Mom’s note read, placed on top of one of the unpacks. I left it untouched, then changed out of my pajamas. I walked out of the room, only to come face to face with Uncle Todd. “Hi Alex, how’s it going this morning?” He asked with a smile. “It’s going… well, I guess.” I said, trying to stretch my t-shirt down, and not make my diaper any more obvious. “Good, breakfast is on it’s way, so I hope you’re hungry.” Todd continued walking, not seeming to care about me being embarrassed. Aunt Laurie and Uncle Todd have always been welcoming of my needs.

When I got downstairs, it was only my Uncle in the kitchen, cleaning up while my Aunt and Mom were at work. My uncle worked from home, as a webpage designer and marketing agent for some local businesses. He used to work as a police officer, but retired when he was injured on duty. My Aunt now makes most of the money as a CEO for a designer clothing brand. I sat down at the table and my uncle served me a plate of food and a glass of milk. "Here's some pancakes, a few slices of bacon, and we have sausage if you'd like." My Uncle said as he walked back to the stove. 

"Hey, Todd?,” I asked, looking over at him. Todd turned his head briefly, “Yes, Alex?”. “Has anyone gone... missing? Here?" I timidly asked my uncle. He set the pans in the sink, then began to scrub them, while speaking from the kitchen. "Well.. I’ve heard of some people going missing, but usually they’re either druggies or abusing alcohol. Laurie told me about your experience, and that hasn’t happened here.” he said, turning on the sink. It worried me a bit to hear my Aunt telling everyone our family of the troubles I've been going through. Most probably think I've just gone crazy, or I've finally hit puberty, or something like that.

After I ate, I walked back upstairs, when I realized I had to go to the bathroom, and not to pee. My stomach gurgled, and I quickly rushed back to the guest room. I texted my Mom about what I should do, and all she said was ‘do what you normally do at home’. Her answer wasn’t exactly what I expected. I paced back and forth, anxious about using my diaper to poop at my Aunt and Uncle’s house, but my worrying didn’t seem to do any good. 

At the peak of my worrying, I crouched down on my toes, hugging my legs, and grunted while I let loose into my diaper. It was extremely relieving, since I hadn’t gone in over two days. When I finished pooping, I stood up, then sighed with relief, as I finished off my diaper with a good soaking. I finished peeing, then undressed. If there’s anything I can attest to, it’s that ABU knows how to make a quality diaper; the Little Pawz managed to contain everything well and barely sagged. It was a bit of a disastrous clean up, but after a shower and change, I was feeling empty and clean. It was nice of Laurie to put a trash can with a lid in my room for diaper disposal.

When dinner time came around, Mom and Aunt Laurie walked through the door, with Derek following behind them. “Hi Alex, how was your day?” Mom asked, while she hung up her coat, mirroring Laurie’s actions. “He pooped his diaper today, like a baby!” Derek seemed to shout, which was promptly followed my Aunt saying, “Would you like to try one on?”. I wasn’t too keen that they brought that up on the ride home, but neither one of them seemed to mind. Apparently, my Mom and Aunt work about a block away from each other, and have lunch every Tuesday.

After we all had dinner, the five of us sat down on the couch, and watched some crap that was on the TV. I browsed my phone through the majority of it, but really just wanted to be around my family. As I was going through old texts, my bladder acted up, which meant I needed to pee. I was shuffling about, trying to untuck my foot from under my leg so I could stand up, when my bladder let loose, and I began to pee uncontrollably, like I have been doing for the past couple of days. Much to my embarrassment, it was quite noticeable, with a faint pouring sound coming from under my pants.

“Mom! Alex is peeing in his diaper!” Derek seemed to shout from his position next to me. Both my Mom and Aunt Laurie shot him a dirty look. I jumped while he shouted, stopping the flow, which made my lower abdomen sting a bit. “Derek, go to your room, now!” Todd shouted at him, scolding him for his behavior. Derek dumbly looked like he didn’t know what he said, before he hung his head and walked upstairs, Todd following him. “I’m sorry, Alex. Derek can be such a brat sometimes.” Laurie said, apologizing on his behalf. 

A few minutes later and after a muffled scolding from Todd, Derek came downstairs, wearing only a t-shirt and diaper. I smirked, while he looked down at the ground, then sat on the couch, pouting with his arms crossed; he wouldn’t even look in my direction. “Sorry, Alex. Derek gets cranky around bedtime, so I made sure he was dressed early for bed.” Todd said joyfully, while Laurie and Mom smiled. It cheered me up a little… 


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CHAPTER 16: Midnight Awakening

By 9pm, everyone had moved their way upstairs. I was already in my room, browsing Instagram, when I heard Mom and Laurie talking about diapers. “What does he think of Depends?” Laurie asked, her voice passing my room. “He wore them for about a week, but he kept leaking through them.” Mom reviewed. When I was about 10, I started wearing "big boy" diapers, but Mom ended up throwing them out because I couldn’t stay dry with them. That’s when I began wearing Abena M4 diapers, until now. 

“Is everything alright, honey? You’ve been kinda quiet tonight.” Mom said, checking in on me before she went to bed; Laurie popped her head in through the door behind Mom. “Everything’s fine, Mom. I just miss school.” I said, midway through changing into my pajamas. “Okay, Alex. Please, let us know if there’s anything we can do.” Mom continued, before she wished me goodnight and shut the door. 

Next to my room, I could hear Derek whining when Laurie went into check on him. She just told him to ‘suck it up’, then wished him goodnight and closed the door behind her. I kinda felt sorry for him, but he's always been a pain. Years ago, when he was 7, I used to always come over and try to play with him, but he never wanted to ride bikes, or go for a hike in the hills. He only wanted to play games on his Nintendo Wii, while I wanted to go outside. My Aunt tried to make him get out of the house, but he'd just throw a fit, and she'd just give in…

In the middle of the night, I shook out of my sleep. Something was wrong, my lower stomach hurt and made me feel unwell. The clock next to me flashed 12:00am, and the house was dead silent. As I began to shuffle around in bed, I heard a voice shout from the room next to mine, “Mom! Mom!!” it was Derek! I violently sprung out of bed, and opened the door, where Aunt Laurie and Mom beat me to his room. “What? What’s going on?” She called, as she threw open the door to his room. “There was someone in my room! It was tall, and thin, and huge! It was right there!” He continued to shout with a trembling voice, while he pointed to the corner next to his closet. Aunt Laurie tried to turn on the light switch next to the door, but the power was out. 

By this point, Todd returned to the hallway with a flashlight, and shined it into Derek’s room; we found him still pointing at the corner, standing in the middle of the room in just a droopy diaper and pajama top. “Derek, did you have an accident?” Todd asked, but Derek seemed frozen in fear, “It was trying to get me to go outside!” His voice neither dropped in tone, nor pitch while he shouted. 

“It sounds like you had a bad dream, Derek.” My Aunt comforted him, while she had him sit back down on his bed. “No, Mom, It was huge! It had no nose, and huge black eyes like an owl! It looked like an alien.” Derek continued ranting. Todd looked drained of his story, but I said, “It’s the Forest Walker”, Derek’s head twisted violently in my direction. In that moment, there was a deafening silence, and you could almost feel the darkness in the house preoccupying space. I mean, it was a truly terrifying silence between the 5 of us. 

"Okay, everyone stay here, we'll search the house," my uncle said, as he took me by the arm; he didn’t say anything to me while we walked the house. As we searched, I found every clock was stopped at 12:55am, while the watch on my wrist said 2:30am. There was definitely a blackout, but it even affected the analog clocks. After about 15 minutes of checking the doors, windows, and any other entry point of the house, we returned upstairs, where Aunt Laurie had just finished changing Derek into a new Pampers diaper. I walked back into my room, and laid down, but could barely fall back asleep.

When I woke up, the wind was howling outside; the house seemed to scream as the wind battered it. The sun hadn’t come up yet, but the sky had warmed with light on the horizon. I could hear people talking downstairs, so I got up, and made my way out of the guest room; I had soaked my diaper in my sleep. Downstairs, the kitchen lights were on, and Todd was inspecting the door that lead out into the garage.

“Well, the lock isn’t busted, nor has it been opened, so I guess it was just the wind that pushed it open.” He said, replying to my Aunt Laurie. She looked upset, as she stood by her husband, in a robe. “What’s going on?” I asked, walking down the hallway where they were. “The wind pushed open the garage door, and when we checked the garage, we found scratches all over the door.” Mom said. I too became paralyzed with fear, and wouldn’t move closer. Neither Todd, nor Laurie, had anything else to say. It occurred to me that we never checked the garage last night.

When I turned around to go back upstairs, Derek met me at the top of the landing, still wearing a dry diaper and his pajama t-shirt. “Alex, did that… thing… ever speak to you through your head?” He asked. I wasn’t really prepared to answer for a thing I didn’t even know could talk, so I shrugged, then made my way back to my room to change. Derek didn’t look like he cared too much about his experience, but if there was anything I knew, it’s that I had to leave my Aunt and Uncle’s house; the last thing I wanted to do, was have this creature that followed me, hurt someone else in my family. 


CHAPTER 17: A Welcome Home

Around 1pm, Mom and I drove back home; I didn’t even bother to change out of my pajamas before we left. Mom got a call from the Maisefeld Police Department earlier in the morning, and was told the investigation was concluded, and we could return home. While we were driving back, Mom had someone come and replace the back window; I joked with her that a pigeon had begun to build a nest in the kitchen sink. Cameron called me on the ride home, and told me he met up with Joey, who looked like he’d been feeling better. Cameron told me, Joey’s Mom took him to the Doctor’s Office as well, and found similar results to what I had, but worse.

When we returned home, Cameron was waiting for us on our front lawn. He was ecstatic to see me home, and I apologized for the way I acted and how I accused his Mom; he didn’t see it as any big deal, but understood. My Mom and I took in our suitcases and Cameron helped as well. The formerly empty window where the glass had been broken, was now replaced with a new window, and an invoice was left on the table. I put my things back in my room, then headed into the kitchen, where Mom was emptying the dishwasher. 

“Alex, I know it’s nice to be home, but… you need to be careful, and find a way to put a stop to whatever’s going on. I don’t want you to be a hero, but please, be careful. If you can’t stop this, we’re moving out of this town, and away for good, even if we have to move to Canada.” Mom lectured me, and Cameron as well, while she finished putting away the dishes. I nodded, and promised we would be careful. I felt like we could actually stop this thing, or I definitely hoped I could.

Cameron and I headed back to my room; I pulled up a second rolling chair for him to sit on while we watched YouTube videos in the afternoon. He comically jumped into the chair, his bottom let out a crinkle, and gave away his secret. “Are you wearing a diaper?” I asked, but he didn’t even feel ashamed, as he quickly pulled down his pants and revealed a matching Lil Pawz Diaper, “Just like the one you’re wearing.” He said, pointing at the waistband that had peeked over my pajama bottoms. “My Mom let me buy diapers with the money I’ve saved up from my allowance.” He said, pulling up his pants. I felt happy for him, but then my face turned to disbelief, “Did you wear that school?” I asked, a bit shocked. “No, I put it on before I came over.” That was a bit of relief.

After a few hours of watching YouTube videos, then another hour of video games, Cameron asked me what it was like to wear diapers every day. To be honest, it’s never been an issue, and I rarely think twice about it. “…I mean, you said you lost your continence, but have you ever had it?” He asked, laying against a my dresser while I sat on my bed. “Yes, of course, don’t be silly.” I said, not looking down from the TV. “Then why do you need to wear diapers?” He asked, in sort of an interrogating way. I looked down at him, “…It’s a gamble, some days I can’t feel when I need to go, and on others I wear them for the security and comfort.” I tried to defend myself. “Why not just wear Pull-Ups?” He asked, not even turning toward me. I chuckled a bit, “Do you want to go home?” I joked. “Okay, okay, just asking. I know you love your diapers.” He prodded. I smiled, then continued the game. 

Cameron confirmed with his Mom that he was staying the night over here, since our house was closer to school from his. I wasn’t going to school the next day, but I figured he could walk to school easier from here. While he was making the phone call, I excused myself to the bathroom to poop my diaper and change; it was getting close to bedtime anyways, so I wanted to go to sleep dry. After I wiped myself down, powdered my crotch, and put on a new diaper, I put back on my pajamas. I guess today was pajama day for me.

I exited the bathroom, and looked for Cameron, so I could change him into a dry diaper as well. He wasn’t in my bedroom anymore, so I walked to the family room, and found him sitting on the couch, still on the phone with his Mom. I walked into the kitchen, and grabbed a glass of water to drink before bed. I downed the drink, and set down the glass on the counter top. 

As I heard the sound of the glass tapping the counter, I saw the lamp in the corner flicker; the sound of the bugs and critters outside also came to a halt. The air in the house felt thick, and the lights dimmed. I looked over at Cameron and found him frozen, like a freeze-frame, still on the phone with his Mom. I walked over to him, but quickly stopped when I saw a shadowy figure next to the back door. I swiftly turned around and caught it face-to-face with me; the ‘Forest Walker’. It’s eyes seemed to bulge out of it’s head, and it’s thin cheeks made it’s figure look more emaciated than usual. 

In a quick fit of rage, my first instinct became to throw a vase, that was sitting on the coffee table. The vase hit the creature and shattered, but the thing barely seemed to move. As I could feel my consciousness begin to fade out and my mind become foggy, I quickly ran, and jump-kicked it right in the chest. The ‘Forest Walker’ let out a subsonic roar, that seemed to shake the still-air. I fell to the ground, but scurried over to the kitchen, pulled out a knife from the knife block, jumped onto the counter, and buried the knife into it’s chest. I fell to the ground in front of it again, and when I did, the coldest, rankest fluid poured from the wound, dripping all over my pajamas. It felt like someone slathering me with a chocolate shake, it was freezing. 

The creature continued to roar even louder; I was worried it would wake up my Mom. As I quickly got back up, the creature tried to swipe at me with it’s sharp claws, but I moved away. As I turned around to begin running, my lungs became very painful, and I had to stop while I began to cough; I didn’t even try to move as I curled up into a ball on the carpet in front of the TV. I wanted to see what happened to that thing, but before I could turn my head, the lights in the house flickered and grew brighter again. When I could finally turn around, the thing was gone.


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Just a quick little note before this is published, these two chapters changed significantly from the original story. I'm proud that this is a lot more rounded of a story, as are the other chapters.


CHAPTER 18: The Hunt 

Cameron shouted, “Alex! What happened?” He shouted, exiting the freeze he had been in for the past minute. I turned my head, and stifled my coughing a bit to answer, “That thing… I stabbed it.” I said, putting out my arm to show him the ‘blood’. “What are you talking about?” He asked. I slowly made my way to my feet, “It’s blood got all over my pajamas.” I continued. Cameron looked at me confused, “There’s nothing there.” He said, looking blankly at my arm. He was right, my pajamas were free of any stains or fluids on them.

My Mom came out of her bedroom to see what Cameron was shouting at, “Alex, are you okay? I heard you coughing.” She said. I looked all over me, and began violently trembling, “I-I saw t-that ‘thing’, i-it was just h-here.” I said, beginning to feel weak and  shake frantically. “Alex, are you sure you’re okay?” Cameron parroted my Mom. For the first time I felt like I was going crazy. I was sure that the ‘Forest Walker’ was right here, in our family room. My stomach felt sick, while the two of them looked at me. I was going to say something more, but when I opened my mouth, I threw up. Both of them watched on in shock, while I puked water. 

“Alex, are you sure you’re feeling better?” Cameron asked at around midnight, while I turned out the light. “Yes, Cameron, I’m feeling fine. It was just… weird.” I said, getting under the blankets. “Maybe it was the water you drank.” He said. My mind fluttered for a second, as that’s not entirely implausible. It was the last thing I did before the creature appeared. “What did you see?” I asked. “I was on the phone with my Mom while you were drinking, then when I turned back around, you were in front of the TV.” He said, laying on the floor, covering up as well. “You didn’t see the lights flicker?” I asked, hoping I could find any indication that he witnessed what I did. I mean, that… thing… was right in front of him as well.

“Nope.” He said, turning to me in the darkness. I looked over my bed in his direction. “Do you think he paused time?” I asked. There was a moment of silence, “It seems that way, if what you encountered really happened.” He said, I could see him cross his arms behind his head. “It did happen, Cameron, I saw everything!” I shouted at him in a whisper. “I’m not saying you’re wrong, or that it didn’t happen, but it’s just strange that the ‘blood’ didn’t show up on your clothes. Didn’t you say the police officers saw it when you were driven home?” He said, trying to calm me.

Cameron was right, the police officers thought I got sick on my hoodie. “Well, if we know anything now, it’s that the ‘Forest Walker’ can bleed, and if it can bleed, it can die.” I said, turning onto my back, and getting ready to sleep. “And stop time, and teleport, and use hypnosis, and-“ Cameron listed off, until I cut him off, “I don’t want to have a nightmare tonight, Cameron, please.” I sarcastically joked with him. “What’s the worry, you’re padded anyways.” He quietly laughed. I tried not to think about the supernatural powers of this creature. Cameron turned over on the floor, matching my diaper’s crinkling sound as he stirred about. I tried not to overthink it, but it seemed to dominate my mind while I tried to go to sleep.

When I woke up in the morning, Cameron had left for school and Mom was gone for work; Cameron was kind enough to fold the blankets he used before he left. I sat up in bed, and heard the eerie sound of silence. I lazily glanced over at the clock, to find that I slept in considerably, as it was 1pm. I silently thanked my Mom for keeping me out of school this week, while I got up out of bed, feeling very rested. I went about my normal routine; showering, changing into a fresh diaper, and having a bowl of cereal.

It’s only been a week, but there have been so many encounters with the “Forest Walker”, that I can’t let it keep happening. It seemed to get closer and closer to me every time I saw it. I finished my cereal, and put on some new clothes and my shoes. I made up my mind as I tied the laces. 

If there was any time for a showdown, now was that time. 

Armed with an aluminum bat, I walked out to my backyard. The forest danced in the wind, and seemed to sing while the pine branches scraped along each other. I shut the back door, and made my way across the dirt road into the threshold of the trees. The air was chilly, and the cold scalded my face. I turned back to see my home, then exhaled deeply, praying I’d come out of this alive, if I encountered the creature at all. Before I walked further, I send a text to my Mom and Cameron, telling them I was fixing this problem once, and for all. I turned off my phone and pocketed it, to keep myself focused on what lied before me. I began walking aimlessly, in no real direction until I got lost. I figured there was no way I could find where this creature actually lived, but instead I put faith in this thing finding me.

About 500 feet into the forest, I stumbled up Joey, who was propped up against a tree, alive, but in a haze. The area looked familiar, but I couldn’t figure out why. “Joey, what are you doing here?” I asked. He sat, silently, only turning his head to look at me; his eyes were piercing black, and void of any color, which really caught me off guard. Joey seemed to float to a standing position, and walked right up to me. I firmed my grip on the bat, in case I needed to attack. “Joey?” I asked again, but he didn’t reply, instead, he raised his arm, and put it against my neck, then, in a flash, pushed me back, where I fell to the ground. His strength was intimidating.

While he towered over me, I tried to get up, but an invisible force pinned me to the ground, he put his hand in front of him, and seemed to keep me pinned down. I could tell now, that the person I was looking at, wasn’t Joey. In a flash, Joey quickly moved over to me, and began to punch me in the face. After one hit, I knew I’d had enough, and in a blind swing, I swung the bat over and smacking him in the head. Joey collapsed to the ground, and slowly but surely, dissipated into thin air. Where his body collapsed, laid the three notes that had been pinned to the tree a few nights ago. I picked them up, and pocketed them, then turned around, to keep an eye on the rest of the forest.

As I swung my body around, I heard the sound of a twig snapping. I quickly turned around and saw it again… the ‘Forest Walker’. My vision hazed again, and my consciousness flashed….


CHAPTER 19: The Hunted

When my reality sifted back in, I was standing in the middle of the forest. I had been running, I felt it; my chest was cramping, and I was out of breath. I looked around in a panic, sure that I was lost, until I found a void in the forest. I jumped out of it, and luckily came across two police officers, parked in a squad car, using radar to check the speed of the cars along the busy road. In a fury, I shouted at them, urging them to follow me. Whatever I said worked, and they quickly got out, and followed me into the forest.

I ran aimlessly for a couple hundred feet, until I was face to face with the “Forest Walker”. The creature towered over me, as it caught me off guard; it’s claws held out for me, ready to chop me into a million pieces.. I fell back onto my butt, and was getting ready to run back the way I came. I swear, I filled my diaper from agony and terror.

I stumbled around, trying to get up, when I heard a gunshot!!! Then two.. then more, until the firing of bullets stopped and I looked back up. The ‘Forest Walker’ moaned and shrieked a sound I couldn’t even begin to describe; it was like a subsonic shriek, that could make the wood curl off trees. The creature fell onto it’s back, and it’s thin legs lied vertical with it’s body.

I turned around to thank the officers, but they seemed shell-shocked. They didn’t even look at me, they were paralyzed with fear. Both of them were frozen for a few seconds, before they put their guns back into their holsters, and walked up to the ‘Forest Walker’, almost ignoring my existence. “This can’t be real.” One of the officers said to the other, while they walked the length of the creature’s body. One of them took out their phone and snapped a picture, then another, and another, but when he reviewed it, the image was distorted and glitchy, as if the phone couldn’t process it.

“Kid, is this what you were trying to show us?” The skinnier Officer turned to me, overviewing the demonic entity that had possessed the forest. “Y-yes!” I muttered, still disturbed that I was looking at the creature without feeling faint. “My God, it’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before.” The other Officer said, still trying to take a picture of it. 

As one of the officers bent down to touch it, there was a spark, and in a flash, the entire creature spontaneously burst into flames, catching the creature’s body and surrounding forest floor on fire. The Officers jumped back, and ran back to their patrol car, “Kid! Get out of there! Come with us!” One of them shouted from the exit of the forest. I looked at them, while I my mind blanked. I didn’t know what to do, to be honest. In both a fear of being in trouble, and the fear that I had left something behind, I ran.

I ran so fast and so far, while the fire seemed to chase me, roaring in a sub-human growl as it spread across the leaves and trees of the forest. I was sure I was gonna die. I nearly burst into tears, fearing the worst, until I found the clearing in the woods, and found the dirt path that separated the forest and the housing tract. I located my backyard, marked with the mysterious red ball behind the fence, and ran into my house. I opened the back door, then flung myself onto the couch and curled up, nearly weeping from a panic attack. As I caught my breath, I used my diaper; soaking it like I’ve never done before.

I sat back up, but was startled when there was a knock on the front door. When I opened it up, the familiar face of the thin cop looked down to me, and said, “We’re going to need you to evacuate until the fire is put out.” He said, recognizing me. I had so many words, and was about to explain myself and everything, when he grabbed me by the collar, and dragged me out of my house. I had a feeling I had done something terribly wrong, and I didn’t even have time to change…

As the officer drove, I tried to explain everything to the Officer, but he seemed almost intolerant to the gibberish that was spewing from my mouth. We arrived at the station, and the Sheriff took me into an office so I could try to describe everything… maybe a bit more clearly. I explained the eerie disappearances of Joey and Myself, as well as what happened to the officer who died and how the fire started. I damn near retold this entire story, word for word, until the Sheriff told me to calm down.

When I explained how the fire, the two Police Officers who actually shot the ‘Forest Walker’ came in, and told the Sheriff what they saw, confirming my story with them being witnesses. By this time, the office had about 10 Police Officers surrounding me, listening in on everything; about half I recognized from our encounters with the ‘Forest Walker’. 

The Sheriff sighed, and accepted my explanation as truth. “We’ve… known about this thing, and the sightings surrounding it’s existence for a while. We’ve just… never had any real, hard evidence to back up the claims. I wish we had more evidence confirm it’s existence, but since it’s been shot and presumably killed, I guess all evidence has been destroyed.” He said, looking a bit disappointed that he couldn’t close the case with more to add.

The Sheriff dismissed everyone since the office was getting crowded, but held me back for another minute, “Alex, let’s try to keep this behind closed doors. The last thing I want is another PR disaster while the public is freaking out.” He said. I nodded and promised to keep it just between us, and the other few people who already knew. “Also, you should probably change your diaper.” He added, before he had the Thin Officer drive me back home. The two of us remained in silence while he drove me home. 


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CHAPTER 20: The End of it All

The Officer had a long talk with my Mom, about keeping a close eye on me. A diaper change was only a fraction of what he advised my Mom to have me take care of, adding in that I should stay out of the woods for a while. I was a bit red-faced, as I stood next to Cameron, still messy and wet from my encounter. My Mom apologized for my behavior, and for everything that happened, which I felt was a bit unnecessary, but the Officer didn’t seem to be apologetic; instead, he asked for her phone number, which she happily obliged, getting a bit red in the face herself. 

“Alex, go change!” She hushed at me, while she gave the Officer her business card. Cameron smirked while I walked away; it occurred to me as I left the room, that I had been stinking up the office where the Sheriff spoke to me, and that made me feel so embarrassed, my face went numb. I did as I was told, putting on a new Space diaper, since I wanted to look at least a little better.

About a week later, the same officer came home, bringing my Mom along with him, while Cameron and I were doing homework in just diapers at the dining room table. I, again, got red faced, but he didn’t seem to be deterred.

“A few of our investigators began scouting the charred areas, and found this.” The Officer said while he walked into our living room. It was my bat! “We’ve been finding a lot of items in a small dug-out cave about half a mile into the woods. So far, we’ve found 7 skeletons; the coroner downtown will be matching dental records with the missing children from the past decade, but I think we have a match. All of them look young enough to be your age.” He said, while he gave me my bat back. I thanked him for returning it. He smiled and said it wasn’t a big deal. I guess I’m a bit infamous down at the police station, which I’m not too sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing…

While a few acres were left burnt from the “Forest Walker’s” demise, no damage was done to any of the surrounding areas. Last I heard, our city’s organized were planning on using the charred land for construction of new apartments and possibly a new mall, but that’s all rumored. Turns out, that dirt path behind my house is actually a fire path, made specifically so, should a fire start, no houses within the vicinity would be engulfed in the flames.

Late on, some earth-movers came in an dug up what was formerly the ‘Forest Walker’s’ home, and uncovered more bodies and missing property. No real case file was made, and any attempts for the media to cover the events was barred by the police, for a good reason. 

After all this, Joey forgot we ever made contact with him. I only spoke with him once, and he denied ever knowing me. Cameron and I think it’s a case of amnesia, but it could also be that he’s too ashamed to mention our interactions. 

Since then, I turned 15, and started thinking about getting my learner’s permit to start driving. Cameron said it was maybe time to stop wearing diapers, ya’ know, since we’re becoming ‘men’ and all that. He’s right, to a degree, but I’m not sure I want to. I’ve tried wearing pull-ups a few days, but I’m not ready to give up diapers yet. The good news is, my continence has returned, and my lungs feel fine now. It’s kinda weird how it all happened in the span of one week. If anything has been learned, it’s that the woods are a creepy place to be. This town has a new reputation for missing persons, and a whole unsolved mysteries thing; if there’s anything to be grateful for, I’m just glad I wasn’t one of those persons…


Well guys, that's the end. For everyone who followed this story, thank you so much! I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did writing/revising it!

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Thank's for writing this story!

I really liked reading it and I very much appreciate that it has a conclusion. This said, I have the feeling, that there are some things that are left unanswered regarding the forest walker and why it chose the protagonist, why the incontinence and not other bodily functions detoriated during the encounters and so on.

Anyways, I hope to read something again soon, that has no adult baby theme in it!

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I really liked the story. The entire time I was reading it I kept thinking that Alex was loosing his mind and he was actually the one behind all the problems. I think what made me think that way was when Alex thought the claw marks in the carpet were made by him. You will now be having me think twice before I go into the woods again. Good job writing this. Glad I could give it a like. 

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