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Parker Longabaugh

Miley Gets Regressed (Season One Finale Added Apr. 6)

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Sorry I ran out of likes to give for the day. That by no means doesn’t mean I didn’t like the chapter. I thought it was great. I hope that Miley ends up with Trixie. I think it could be very interesting seeing how Miley is able to control a very angry Trixie. At any rate I will be watching for more. 

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Thanks to everyone who's hit like and left a comment so far. Today's installment will be a little bit different: because we're going with the two most popular picks on the poll, I want to make sure we get a wide enough sample group: therefore, just this one time, I'm opening the polls to everyone who pledges $5 or more on Patreon-- click here to vote, and if you're enjoying the story, be sure to let me know in the comments.

“You know,” said Ms. Smythe, lifting Trixie’s legs high in the air to expose her plump, womanly bottom, “I think we have the perfect candidate for your roommate right here-- don’t we, sweetie?” She emphasized her point by rubbing a large dollop of lotion into the soft flesh of her buttocks, making Trixie squirm in place, blushing at the infantile treatment.

Now Miley wasn’t feeling so cocky anymore… She had yet to see Trixie’s bullying skills in action, but watching the girl blush and fume as the head matron thoroughly massaged the lotion in to her tushy, Miley knew she wasn’t going to be on her good side.

“Yes, I think that’s the perfect solution to this little problem,” Alice said, lovingly greasing each of Trixie’s buns before smearing another large dollop up into her butt-crack, paying close attention to the pucker of her anus. “I think you two have a great deal to learn from each other indeed!”

Trixie turned her head to glare daggers in Miley’s direction, pure hate and humiliation radiating from her brightly blushing face. Now it was Miley’s turn to squirm in discomfort, and she realized that a message was definitely being sent her way… I’m going to do everything in my power to make your life a living hell.

“Just think of how close the two of you are going to become,” said Ms. Smythe, hefting Trixie’s ankles just a little higher so she could slip a puffy white diaper beneath her shiny pink backside. “I bet you’ll be as thick as thieves in no time!” the head matron gushed, powering Trixie’s hiney and patting it in before lowering her bottom into the seat of the diaper and repeating the process on her bare pussy. “Why, you two will probably be like sisters by the end of the week!”

Trixie fixed Miley with a stony glare… the cowering pop star cringed, all her enjoyment of the situation suddenly drained away.

In no time, the diaper was pulled up tightly between Trixie’s legs and she was sealed in tight. She emitted a disappointed groan and pounded the floor with her fist… but Ms. Smythe didn’t give her any time to feel sorry for herself. She pulled Trixie to her feet, leaving the girl to blushingly cover her breasts by crossing her arms. “Come along young lady; let’s go find you something to wear,” Ms. Smythe took her by the hand and began dragging her from the room in nothing but a diaper… much to Trixie’s dismay. “As for you,” she said to Miley over her shoulder as they left, “I believe it’s time for lunch, I’m sure nurse Diane will make sure you find your way there.”

The aromas of lunch cooking filled the hallway on the way to the dining room. In spite of everything she’d gone through that day, Miley found her mouth watering and her stomach rumbling. Even though she knew there was almost certainly some sort of catch, she couldn’t deny that she was looking forward to getting some food into her belly.

The cafeteria was pretty much what Miley had expected: continuing the theme of the facility, it looked like something you’d see in a kindergarten or preschool, but sized for much larger pupils. The walls were decorated in soft pastel pinks, blues and purples, decorated with cute cartoon animals. The room itself was divided into two sections-- one for the “older” girls, consisting of a series of tables with connected chairs, where they ate their lunches out of segmented trays, and one for the “younger” girls, comprised of a couple of rows of high chairs, where students were spoon-fed by the staff.

“Looks like we got here just in time,” Diane said, finding an empty chair and helping Miley into it. “Hang tight,” she said, snapping the tray in place on the front of the chair, “and I’ll go get you some lunch, OK, babykins?” Grinning, she gave Miley’s cheek a seductive stroke and walked off without waiting for an answer, leaving the pop princess stranded in her high-chair.

Placing her elbows on the tray, Miley rested her chin on her hands and exhaled dramatically-- her first day of regression training wasn’t going well, and she hadn’t even reached nap time yet. Now she’d have Trixie the bully to contend with. Miley sighed… Who knew being turned into an Adult Baby would be so complicated?

“Got caught, huh?”

Miley turned towards the voice and was only a little surprised to see Ava in the chair next to her. The pretty blonde flashed her a wan smile. Miley returned it, glad to see at least one friendly face. They chatted for a few moments, when suddenly Ava got a surprised and amused expression on her face as she caught sight of something.

“Oh… my… God...” she said, covering her mouth to suppress a giggle.

Miley turned to look, catching site of Trixie, who stood in the door blushing, tugging at the hem of a cute yellow dress that did nothing to hide her bulging puffy pampers underneath. She struggled and fought against the maid who was dragging her towards the high chairs.

“Come along, young woman!” the nurse scolded, “it’s time for lunch!”

“No! Please!” Trixie begged, “don’t put me back on the diarrhea diet!”

“Stop being so silly!” The nurse scolded, ushering her charge into the highchair with a swat to her plushly padded backside. “Now you wait here… I’ll be right back with some yummies for you!” She cooed sweetly, heading off to get some lunch.

“’Diarrhea diet?’” Miley asked nervously.

“That’s what most of us call it around here,” Ava explained kindly. “’The diarrhea diet.’ Leave it to the court, they thought of everything. They even hired nutritionists to come up with a diet designed to keep us healthy and happy-- all while causing sudden, nearly uncontrollable shits… just like real babies.” She gazed into Miley’s shocked and horrified face with a smile. “Don’t worry,” she said gently as the nurses appeared with their lunches, “you’ll get used to it… eventually.”

What should be on today’s menu (top two choices win)

High fiber oatmeal




Pudding (with laxative)

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Good chapter. I did notice a few mistakes one was where you used site rather than sight when Miley saw Trixie enter the cafeteria. I think Miley is in for a rough couple of days until Trixie has enough of making her miserable. I will be looking forward to reading more. 

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 I did notice a few mistakes one was where you used site rather than sight when Miley saw Trixie enter the cafeteria.

Oops, sorry... I'm pretty busy ATM, I don't have time to proofread these as much as I usually do.

The Most Embarrassing Poll Ever is still going-- if you're a female reader and you haven't taken the survey already, you can click here to share your most embarrassing fantasies. It's free, it's fun, and it's totally anonymous. Look for more results later this week! Remember guys-- this one's for the ladies only!

As always, if you pledge $8 or more on Patreon, don't forget to click here to take the poll and help determine what happens next in the story. If you're not eligible to vote, we'd still love to hear your opinion... let us know what you think should happen next in the comments.

Nurse Diane returned quickly, depositing a huge, steaming bowl of lumpy, colorless oatmeal onto the tray in front of Miley. She inspected it, her upturned nose crinkling in distaste. It didn’t look very palatable to the spoiled songstress… especially considering what Ava had just told her. The nurse watched her charge turn up her nose at the meal with a smile. She hoped Miley would be foolish enough to refuse, leading to another punishment. She’d already lived out her fantasy of giving Miley a spanking on the seat of her poopy pampers-- Diane hoped she could also dole one out on the little brat’s bare bottom as well.

“Open wide, dearie,” she smirked, spooning up a heaping portion and bringing it up to Miley’s lips. At first, she sealed her mouth tightly and started to refuse… but after a look of warning from Ava in the next high-chair (who obediently opened her mouth and accepted her first spoonful), Miley changed her mind and reluctantly opened her mouth, taking in the first mouthful of oatmeal. Though it wasn’t exactly bad, it was exactly as bland and gritty as it looked… Miley dutifully swallowed, then opened her mouth to accept another bite.

“That’s a good girl,” Diane said smoothly, bringing another spoonful to Miley’s lips. “Open wide for the air plane!” she sang, pushing the spoon between Miley’s lips, smearing her chin and overfilling her mouth in the process. Her cheeks puffing out like a chipmunk as she struggled to choke down the oatmeal. She’d hardly managed to finish before another bite was pushed into her mouth, and before she’d even had time to think, the bowl was half finished.

Miley shifted into a steady rhythm of chewing and swallowing, her lips and chin getting smeared and gooey in the process. The heavy oatmeal quickly filled her tummy, and soon Miley was beginning to feel quite stuffed, and apparently she wasn’t the only one… as lunch went on, she was treated to the sounds of more than one of her fellow students belching or farting loudly, apparently uncontrollably. The girl sitting next to her actually lifted herself in her highchair and noisily messed diaper, accompanied by much grunting, farting and squishing… much to the amusement of her nurse, who fanned her face and teased her charge before forcing her to choke down the rest of her lunch with a smelly, mushy load in her pampers.

At last, Miley forced down the last of the oatmeal, following it up with a big belch. Her belly was full to the point of bursting, and she was happy to be done… but her heart sank when Diane stood up, picking up her bowl and heading back to the kitchen. “Hope you saved room for dessert!” she said, drawing a groan from Miley in return.

Moments later, Miley found herself desperately trying to finish off a big dish of chocolate pudding. Nurse Diane happily spooned up one massive helping after the other and pushed it home with a delighted grin, watching Miley’s face get messier as the bowl got emptier.

“That’s a good girl! Oh, you’re doing so well! I know someone who’s going to have a very messy diaper this afternoon,” Diane said with a mischievous gleam in her eye. The oatmeal had been specially designed to absorb moisture and expand in the bowels, while the pudding contained a potent laxative to help speed things along. Together, they caused urgent, mushy BM shortly after eating… or sometimes even during. Unknown to Miley, each bite was bringing her closer and closer to another diaper bulging with poop… Diane grinned at the thought as she pushed another spoonful of pudding into the unsuspecting pop princess’ mouth.

At last the meal concluded, and the burps and farts were coming thick and fast. Even Miley emitted a roaring belch after her last bits, and she sat back, rubbing her tummy, nervously noting the way her stuffed belly gurgled and grumbled. “Nap time,” Nurse Diane declared, helping her back into the stroller, and as the “older” girls filed out to return to their classes, the “younger” girls were returned to their rooms.

Miley groaned, but wasn’t surprised to discover that her “room” was actually just another nursery with a changing table and a crib she soon found herself deposited into. It was easily large enough for two people… a fact confirmed when Trixie was rolled into the room in a stroller of her own and was placed on the mattress next to Miley, glaring at her the whole time. The nurses raised the bars and locked them into place. “Nighty night, cuties!” Diane said sweetly, shutting off the lights as they exited… leaving them alone.

Miley watched the scowling Trixie apprehensively, backing away from her slowly. “Now Trixie… let’s not be rash,” Miley gulped, literally backing herself into a corner.

“Shut up!” Trixie spat, slapping her face with an open palm and drawing a shocked gasp from the startled songstress. Her cheek was stinging, and Miley was blinking away tears… but she hardly had time to react before Trixie was on her, striking her across the face once more before wrapping strong, skinny fingers around the trembling Miley’s neck.

“You little bitch!” She growled, squeezing Miley’s throat and getting in her face. “It’s all your fault I’m back on diaper duty! You got me into this, so you’d better start thinking of ways to keep me happy, ‘roomie,’ or else I’m going to make your life a living hell.” She grinned, and the sight was so intimidating Miley felt her diaper go soggy and warm between her legs. “Starting with...”

What should Trixie do to Miley?

Make Miley mess her diaper, then spank her

Sit on Miley’s face and mess her diaper

Force Miley into a messy diaper make-out session

Show Miley mercy… this time

Click here to take the poll now!

Babes In Diapers

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Hey guys,

Like it says in the title, I'm taking advantage of a natural break in the story to call this the end of season one. The story will return, (I've still got a definitive ending in mind) I'm just going to take a break to work on our Office Hottie story (read about that one here), after which I'll return to this one. If you've been enjoying the story and you're looking forward to more, don't forget to leave a comment, and don't forget to take the poll and let us know if you like the story. And speaking of our Office Hottie, members of the Audience Participation tier can click here to vote in the next poll.

“Come here and give me a great, big kiss,” Trixie said, grinning as she leaned in to plant a sloppy wet smooch on Miley’s lips. With Trixie’s hand still at her throat, Miley was pinned in place against the wall of the crib and had little choice but to lay there and accept her roommate’s warm soft lips against her own. She stiffened at first, shocked by the strange turn of events…  

     But quickly enough, she found herself leaning into it-- Trixie was an excellent kisser, and Miley was surprised to find herself enjoying this genuinely sweet moment. Miley relaxed, feeling Trixie’s steely fingers unwrap from around her neck and began firmly squeezing her breasts through the fabric of her onsie. Pulling their lips apart with a wet smack, Trixie leaned in close, and Miley felt her breath, hot and warm and wet in her ear.  “Squeeze my ass,” she commanded in a husky whisper, wiggling her thickly pampered bottom in the air behind her. Miley only hesitated for a brief moment before sliding her hand down Trixie’s crinkly, padded diaper and began to softly kneed and pat her buttocks through the thick plastic.  

     Trixie groaned and pressed her lips against Miley’s, her soft pink tongue flicking into her mouth. The pop princess let out an excited little groan, beginning to give herself over to the pleasure of the moment. Miley squeezed and stroked Trixie’s pampered bottom, losing herself in the moment. She became vaguely aware that Trixie seemed to be tensing her body, grunting softly to herself.

     The sound of Trixie’s fart was like a machine gun in the close confines of the crib. Miley gave a startled little jump when the sound emerged, then felt a wave of disgust when she felt the seat of Trixie’s diaper vibrating violently under her groping fingers.

     “Eeww!” Miley cried, pulling away her hands.  

     But Trixie just laughed, kissing her roughly before leaning in close to her ear and whispering: “Hey, you better get used to it… I always get the runs after I eat here, and I’m not the only one. In fact,” she said with a little laugh, leaning in to kiss her sweetly, “I suspect you’re probably getting a bit of a rumbly tummy yourself, am I right?”

     Blushing, Miley glance away, ashamed. She hated to admit it, but since she’d finished lunch, she’d been feeling uncomfortably full, and she was aware that her guts were beginning to percolate a bit inside her… getting noisier and more insistent the more time went by. She thought back to what Ava had told her about the food… she had hoped it was just an exaggeration, but...

     She didn’t get a chance to ponder the situation any further. Seizing her strongly by the shoulders, Trixie pulled Miley close, turned her around and slammed her roughly to the mattress,  leaving her staring up at the ceiling, dazed but unhurt. Trixie slid herself into position on top of her, settling her plushly padded bottom onto Miley’s pelvis and immobilizing the pop princess against the mattress with the weight of her body.

     Miley struggled feebly, attempting to wrestle Trixie off of her. The giggling blonde bully simply seized her wrists and pinned ythem on the mattress next to her head. “Now I’ve got you,” Trixie purred, bending down to plant a quick kiss on her victim’s lips. Miley felt the bigger girl tighten her body and grunting softly to herself.

     Her straining was rewarded with a fat fart, a noisy blast that rumbled the front of Miley’s diapers. Horrified, the pop princess tried vainly to squirm away, but was easily held in place by Trixie, who ignored her struggles to emit a sigh of relief.

     “Mmmm… I told you,” she said, bending down and sealing her mouth around the struggling Miley’s lips, muffling her protests. “That slop always gives me the runs… uuuhhhh...”Trixie trailed off, grunting and straining to herself once more, her pussy moistening at the sensation of Miley struggling beneath her…

     Miley’s struggles increased when a disgustingly wet, gassy explosion emerged from within Trixie’s pampers, accompanied by a hot, gooey mess spattering against the padded seat. The wincing Miley could feel the rumble and splatter of thick, mushy poo-poo through the front of her own diapers. “Eeewww!” she cried, struggling to escape.

     But Trixie was able to subdue her with ease, pinning Miley to the mattress even as she continued grunting and straining softly, her efforts rewarded with a sustained gassy squishing noise, the seat of her diaper and inflating behind her. “Mmmm,” she murmured softly to herself, topping it off by pissing her diaper with a long, slow hiss.

     Soon she was done, and Trixie plopped herself down on the front of her diaper with a wet, sloppy squish. Miley was squirming and fighting with all her might, but her skinny body was no match for Trixie’s strength. “Oh God! That’s so gross!” Miley said, gagging as Trixie’s wet and messy pamper squished against her. An earthy stench began to envelope them, making Miley struggle even harder.

     “Now I think it’s your turn,” Trixie said, flashing her a predatory smile as she bent down and started kissing her again. Against her will, Miley found herself getting aroused once more. “I know you’ve probably got a great big load brewing in there,” she whispered softly. Trixie gathered Miley’s wrists into one hand, then slid the other one down her body, slowly, softly, until it came to rest on her abdomen, still bloated after lunch. Miley began to sweat, still struggling in vain to escape as Trixie giggled, kissing her while simultaneously applying pressure to her tummy.  

      “Oh yes… I know you’ve got a hot, steamy mess just waiting to come dumping out into that little diaper of yours,” Trixie said, her voice a husky whisper. Her probing was beginning to work now, Miley sweating nervously as her bowels kicked into overdrive inside of her. She opened her mouth to protest, but found herself responding to Trixie’s taunts by way of a rumbling fart instead.

     Miley gasped and blushed, but Trixie just laughed and kissed her aggressively, her tongue probing the pop princess’ vulnerable mouth. “Uh oh! I knew it! Somebody’s got a big, messy explosion building up inside her, doesn’t she?” Trixie giggled sadistically, kissing Miley’s cheeks and nuzzling her neck, even as she continued to press and rub her tummy, feeling her guts gurgling and rumbling in response.

     A sharp cramp pinched at her bowels, and Miley cringed when she heard herself fart once more… even more so when she detected a, slick, gooey wetness between her butt cheeks and realized, her face going red, that she’d just passed a bit more than gas.

     “OOOooo yeah,” Trixie giggled, rubbing herself up against her squirming roommate, kissing her cheeks and neck. “That sounded like a wet one! Come on, baby sister-- make a nice big mess for me in your little pampers!”

     “You’re sick!” Miley squealed, wincing, Trixie’s rubbing wreaking havoc on her aching bowels. She knew she was quickly reaching the limits of her control. But most humiliating of all was the realization that the situation was making her pussy all hot and wet inside her diaper.

     At last, the pop star could control herself no longer. A massive cramp squeezed her stomach, and Miley’s eyes widened, locking onto Trixie’s grinning face as she loudly lost control of her bowels, a hot load of gooey brown poo-poo gushing out of her backside and filling the seat of her diaper.  

     “That’s it babykins… make a nice, muddy mess in your pampers for big sis,” Trixie encouraged, moving her hand down between Miley’s legs so she could press and rub the thick, crinkly plastic against the squirming pop princess’ pussy.  

     “Uuuhhhuuhh!” Miley grunted, relieved and horrified in equal measure. The thick, mushy mess flowed out of her uncontrollably, her adorable little anus providing absolutely no resistance. Each cramp brought with it another surge of hot, brown poopy, accompanied by embarrassing farts and nauseating squishes and spatters, the seat of her diaper inflating and turning brown beneath her. She shivered and cringed, her rump instantly becoming smeared in a thick, goopy coating of runny diarrhea.

     “Oh my god, that’s so sexy!” Trixie exclaimed, bending down to kiss her roommate passionately, even as one final ushy-gushy load came roaring out of her, erupting from her backside with an utterly nasty, fart laden spatter. “Get those muddy buns over here and give me a kiss!” she demanded lustily, not waiting for a response before she planted a smoldering smooch on her companion’s lips.

     Miley found herself responding enthusiastically, her pussy sopping wet. Trixie released her wrists, and Miley shuddered with pleasure as her roommate explored her body with her hands, even as she felt the hot, mushy load in her diaper squishing between her wriggling buns and the mattress beneath her. Aggressively, Trixie rubbed the front of her diaper against Miley’s. The pop princess groaned, spread her legs and strained softly to herself, her efforts rewarded with a long, satisfying hiss of urine.

     Breaking the kiss, Trixie gazed at Miley with starry eyes. “Oh my God… please, Miley, you’ve just got to squeeze my ass!” She begged, wiggling the darkened seat of her stained and dirty diaper in the air behind her. Slowly, reluctantly at first, Mley reached around to give the bulging, messy seat of Trixie’s diaper a tentative squeeze, making her roommate shiver and writhe with pleasure in response, bending down to plant a hot, wet kiss on the smaller girl’s lips, still working her fingers against the front of her diaper... which encouraged Miley to squeeze and rub Trixie’s backside with greater enthusiasm, until she was happily squeezing and kneading the load against her roommate’s firm, rounded buttocks, Trixie growing more aroused by the second.

     At last the pair exploded into an almost simultaneous orgasm that left them panting and drained on the mattress, their diapers all squishy and stinky behind them.

End Of Season One


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Sure enjoyed these last two chapters. I really didn’t expect Trixie and Miley to become lovers. I am also not so sure about a very messy diaper being sexy in any way, but if that works for them to each their own.  I will be looking forward to reading more. 

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