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Tykables Padded Briefs

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Being a little boy I was excited to see fun "padded" underwear from Tykables and grabbed daddy's (adult me) credit card to order up a space cadet pair. Sadly, I have to report that I was disappointed by every aspect of the purchase.


Placed my order on 09/08 and got a confirmation email, but then heard nothing for a while. on 09/18 I emailed them and got a reply the next day explaining they were oversold and should ship within a day or two. On 09/29 I finally got a shipping notice... though they did not actually enter the USPS system until 10/02 and were delivered on 10/05. This is not terrible for a growing company, and I, myself, often don't get to ship orders as quickly as I would like... but the communication could have been better, and if an item is not actually in stock they should note it on the product page. I would have still ordered, but would have known when to expect it!


Fat-guy rant here: These briefs are an example of a common problem in the garment industry: Thin people making big sizes by scaling up from "average" without actually getting any big people to try them! These things are HUGE! Too wide, and too tall. They are sold as pre-shrunk, but I put them through a hot wash and dry anyway to try and shave a little off the sizing. It didn't work.

I'm also mildly disappointed with these being sold as "padded" I was hoping for a thick layer of terry like a training pant, but the material is very thin. There indeed is 2 layers in the middle, but I would suggest marketing it as a double-lined brief, not padded. But that could be my own judgement of what "padded" means.

The material is soft, the leg bands as comfy as promised, and the print is adorable. I REALLY want these briefs to work for me.


I bought size 48-50 and expected them to be tight as I am actually a 52" fatty. They are LOOSE. Really loose. I'm talking three steps and there's a full moon out loose. It is only my belly muffin-top gripper keeping them from completely falling down to the floor. Between the fit on me, and my checks with a ruler, I would say these would actually fit the 54-60" range; and I would need to go 2 sizes lower.

The rise is closer, maybe an inch too long, but that will be corrected by wearing a pad or stuffer inside them as they definitely won't work as dribble pants without added protection.

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Thanks for the review DailyDi, I have been wondering about the fit of these cute undies.

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