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Jenny M

promised spanking

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So I was at the mall with my mother in law and I got fed up and began acting up pestering to leave. I got so bad that she patted my bottom and said if I didn't stop moaning shed take down my panties and lift my skirt and make me sorry. I said sorry and we carried on walking round but I soon got fed up again and began acting up. She got sick of it so she found a bench lifted my skirt and bared my bottom and began smacking away. I was embarrassed and did a little wee. That made her angry she gave my thighs a good going over and stood me up promising I'd be in for it when we get home. We got back and I I sent to get the paddle she had upstairs and told to change into my punishment onesie which had had button on my bottom to make it easy to spank me

 She came up and I had to ask to be published and she got right to work. I didn't sit comfortably for a couple of days

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Well somewhat sorry you got spanked,don't really believe in public spankings,but I do agree your bottom needed to be over her knee.You should thank her for disciplining you and I firm;y believe you should ask her for another spanking tommorrow

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My bottom hurts too much to take another spanking. I hate shopping and if she'd of let me go outside to wait I will have got fed up. I hate her

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