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  1. Jenny M

    kicked out of uni

    Today I got kicked out of university for skipping classes for weeks and causing fights when I turned up. Then I broke dad's computer in a rage. I got my panty covered bottom raised by pillows by mom and a 5 minute hand spanking until she believed bottom would be red all over and warm. When that was done my mom took me to the corner to wait for dad. When he came in he made me put my hands on the wall and stick my bottom out. He then pulled my pantys down and gave 10 smacks to my bare bottom then made me get back over pillows bare bottomed and he got the paddle. I got 15 hard blows to my heated sore bare bottom. He then made me stand in the corner for half an hour. My bottom hurt so much I couldn't stop rubbing in the corner. I think he was too hard on me
  2. Jenny M

    punished girl

    My dad gave me 8 pantie kicks of of belt when he came home which made it burn more
  3. Jenny M

    punished girl

    My mom spanks more as dad isn't often home as he's often away with work. Her spankings hurt though
  4. Jenny M

    punished girl

    It really hurt and worse on top of a sore bottom already. I admitted to taking the money out of pressure but she just assumed anyway. I tried pleading but she didn't listen. Now I'm laying on my tummy cause it hurts too much to get comfy with my bottom so sore and tingly. She said I've to wait for dad to get back from his night shift to give me a lick of his belt for for stealing. I feel like my bottom is on fire
  5. Jenny M

    punished girl

    I got a spanking last night for disobedience and ended up diapered. I went to church with my mom for remembrance day an I couldn't stop fidgeting. This led to people staring which irritated my mom. She told m to sit still or my bottom would meet her hand in the ladies bathroom. I told her to F Off and got worse with shuffling about as I was still sore from last night which is why I couldn't stay still then she noticed ten pounds missing from her purse. She took me to the bathroom and smacked at my bottom and legs over my diaper and told me to wait until tonight when I'd really get it. Does anyone this shes been unfair? She can't spank me again when I still sore. And I won't let her bare my bottom for it!
  6. Jenny M


    Why what would you do? I squirm and kick out and don't stay still. I tell my mom I hate her and she stops smacking my sore bottom
  7. Jenny M


    My bottom hurt for nearly two days and it was sore to sit with comfort. I have been unruly since by back chat and sweating but she let's me off now because I kick her when she tries to smack me
  8. Jenny M

    In need of a spanking

    How would you do it so I learn my lesson. Mom does it on my panties hard
  9. Jenny M

    In need of a spanking

    No matter how much I'm punished I can't seem to behave in public. Moms given me a link of the belt and hairbrush many times on my panties and though it hurts I still find it hard to behave while out. She started diapering me so I feel humiliated hole we go out
  10. Jenny M

    promised spanking

    My bottom hurts too much to take another spanking. I hate shopping and if she'd of let me go outside to wait I will have got fed up. I hate her
  11. Jenny M

    promised spanking

    So I was at the mall with my mother in law and I got fed up and began acting up pestering to leave. I got so bad that she patted my bottom and said if I didn't stop moaning shed take down my panties and lift my skirt and make me sorry. I said sorry and we carried on walking round but I soon got fed up again and began acting up. She got sick of it so she found a bench lifted my skirt and bared my bottom and began smacking away. I was embarrassed and did a little wee. That made her angry she gave my thighs a good going over and stood me up promising I'd be in for it when we get home. We got back and I I sent to get the paddle she had upstairs and told to change into my punishment onesie which had had button on my bottom to make it easy to spank me
  12. Jenny M


    She gave me the belt over my pants last
  13. Jenny M


    3 hours ago, Jenny M said: I recently ran away and came home telling my mom she should be dead and now I've been told to go to my room and strip bare from my waist. I don't want a spanking
  14. Jenny M

    spankings given

    I've been naughty I lost my dad last year and I've played up for my mom including running away and telling her I hate her and getting into all kids of trouble. Can you help me by giving me what I deserve
  15. Jenny M


    I recently ran away and came home telling my mom she should be dead and now I've been told to go to my room and strip bare from my waist. I don't want a spanking