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Wrong Size Means Your Fortune?

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The long and short summary is when my boyfriend found out that I'm a DL, he thought he'd buy me some adorably cute diaper samples.  Problem is, he assumed that since I'm a tiny human, I wear smalls.  Nope!  The good news is, he ordered samples because he wanted to see which one looked the cutest.  After the first one not fitting...I've decided to send the two I have to a good home.  If you can throw me the $3 for shipping, that would be awesome, since these things go for $6 per sample, and about as low as $2 when you buy the 80 pack option. In a perfect world I'd send them together as a set, but can split them if it comes to that.  Ideally if you're on the sizing fence, this might be a cheap way to try out something new that's usually not so cheap.


Diapers included are (links included for additional info):

1 ABU Space Diaper in Small: https://us.abuniverse.com/product/space/

1 ABU Cushies Diaper in Small: https://us.abuniverse.com/product/cushies/


Samples are sent just like that, no bags, etc, but I'll be putting each one in a Ziploc bag just in case inside of a USPS mailer (which is how ABU sends them, sans Ziploc bag).  These have never been unfolded, just removed from the bag once for the photo and promptly Ziploced.

I can mail as early as this next Monday (due to work schedules and post office hours).

Post and most importantly, PM me if interested!


Thank you all for stopping by, pending trade.

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 Interested but do not know where to send the money. I would use money orders if this is ok with you.  [email protected]  :309209366acc6cd36530697f37ceded0:

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