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So not too long ago my diabetic grandmother just went to the hospital because she wasn't feeling good. Past couple days she says she hasn't been feeling well. All week I gave her her medicine when she was supposed to have it same with her insulin. Then today I thought her nurse was coming and the other nurse said this nurse would help me sort her medicine the new way one more time and she didn't so I forgot to give her her medicine. So when my grandma said she wasn't feeling good I was like do you wanna see if taking your medicine will help and she said maybe so I asked my sister what to do and so I did it. I told her not to take her medicine all at once

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I don't think you did anything wrong. To me, it just sounds like her medicines were just not in line. Some medicines can jack up the blood sugar, such as prednisone. I don't think the blood pressure could have been 300 something, More likely it was 200 something, or someone was reading the BP cuff wrong. Regardless, if the blood pressure was in the 200's, it is because her PCP needs to evaluate her medications. This will likely be done while she is in the hospital.

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Thanks WarPiper. She seemed better when she came home this morning.

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