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It's probably too late to help Abi, but for anyone else worried about the same risks the techniques and procedures to mitigate them are actually fairly within reach of people who are not IT specialists. The EFF has built a very informative and clear guide here:


For non-criminal actions such as simply accessing sites that could be questionable where you live, booting Tails from USB and using reasonable discipline will more than be enough. It will prevent any forensic "fishing expedition" from revealing anything since there won't be anything incriminating stored on the computer in the first place, nor ISP logs.

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Well if u are looking for a good safe vpn i would recommend tunnelbear. That is because of the fact that they got a strict private policy that they don't lock your data.

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Also, in the case of a brute force taking of your data and/or electronics, 256 bit encryption is pretty much unbeatable.  As long as the encryption program you're using is legal, law enforcement is going to have a very hard time trying to justify what they're doing.

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