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Portable Enema Pack

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How cute - a Portable Enema Pack.

Take a back pack with a large chamber - big enough to hold a liter or more of fluid.

Take the plastic bag out of a wine box and attach an enema hose to the fitting

and thread it out of the bottom of the back pack.

Loosely put on double diapers with additional soaker inserts and a plastic diaper cover.

Lub up the enema hose and insert up the poop shoot then fasten the diapers

tightly into place.

Put on additional optional clothing as necessary -

THEN WHEN the MOMENT is right twist the valve on the wine sack and let nature

take care of the rest - !!!!!

So you are out for nice a walk in the park and are constantly aroused by nature

doing its finest cleaning up the interior.

If the wine sack is filled with its maximum of 5 liters and the valve is set for a trickle

flow - should be an interesting walk.

If the hands are otherwise restrained there will be no stopping of the enema wine bag

until empty !

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Or purchase one of those hydration backpacks,

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