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I have a large variety sample of top quality domestic and import adult diapers.

Great opportunity to figure out exactly what works best for you, without buying lots of packs!

All diapers are size medium (with exception of ConfiDry 24/7, as their small=medium dimensions).

Attends Slip Regular 10
ID Slip Expert Night
ABU Super Dry Kids
ABU Cushies
Tena Slip Maxi (full plastic backing version)
Abena M4 (full plastic backing version)
Abena Abri-Wing
Molicare Super Plus (full plastic backing version)
Bambino Teddy
Bambino Bianco
Bambino Classico
Bambino Bellisimo
Total Dry X-Plus
Aww So Cute
A+ Level 4
ConfiDry 24/7
Cuddlz Drydaz
Cuddlz Frontal Print
Cuddlz All over Print
ComfiCare M10
Northshore Supreme
Snuggies Diapers
Seni Quatro (best cloth backed diaper)

Also, I have Abena Abri-Let Normal boosters and Attends boosters.

Shoot me a message if you're interested. Prices vary (but very fair).

I can ship, and use Google Wallet for transactions. I'll find the cheapest shipping option I can.

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I would like to know as well

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Clicking on their profile, I see the seller hasn't been on the site in almost a year. Just my guess that you'll not get a response ;)


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