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Seni Super Plus

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Trying out my first Seni diaper today. I ordered a package of Seni super plus and a package of super Quattro. The Super plus is thick and very comfortable, it fits well and seems to hold a lot. The cloth like covering is super soft. This is my first one, I've given it three good wettings and messed it and no leaks.

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The Super Plus has become my go-to diaper. The cloth actually works very well on this diaper, and the tapes are secure. It is so absorbent that I by the time I change, it is wet all the way up the front, and most of the way up the back too. Makes me feel like I'm getting my moneys worth I guess. The only leaks I've ever had came from staying in one too long. I wil usually go through 3 in a day.

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