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On 1/6/2013 at 5:13 AM, Bettypooh said:

My 'boy side' wants to join you but my other side won't let me ask ;) I did want to say in passing that my pre-adolescent years were the best in my life and that's where I'd love to go back to forever if I only could (only this time I'd have the diapers I needed back them to make it SO much better) :whistling: We can't be alone in appreciating these special years of life where you aren't a baby but you're not an adult either.


Y'all have fun and BTW, that sure is one nice tree fort you've got here :thumbsup:



Same here: Anytime between 5 and 17o

Since I have not heard from Rachel Emily for over half a year. I needn't fear being lectured about "going over to the dark side"

Johnny 7 O,M,A

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I am also a kid. I am around 8 to 12. I have problems with accidents, especially when doing something fun. Going to the bathroom would interrupt that anyways right?

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donnababy    0

new to abdl.glad not to eel alone. m Wish I could be with other baby boys and get changed, in San francisco. enjoy my paci and am now trying to be weed 24/7, and flood once in awhile

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