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Hello everyone. This is my first story attempt. Not much, but I may try to continue it later with actual character development and such. I know its short, but let me know what you think.

She inhaled deeply, savoring the scent of the baby powder that lingered in the room. She looks down at the thick diaper that she now wore snugly around her waist. Rolling over in her bed, she grabs her pacifier off of her night stand and quickly pops it into her mouth. A slight smile creeps across her face as she feels a small cramp ripple through her abdomen. Her breathing coming quickly now, she climbs out of her bed and stands beside it. After a deep breath, she relaxes and feels her aching bladder release. A sigh escapes from behind her pacifier as the thick diaper she is wearing swells from her flood. Shuddering from pleasure, she feels a pool form in the bottom of the diaper, caressing her with its warmth just before the diaper eagerly pulls it away. She slides her hand down and lightly rubs the front of her diaper, feeling the swelling material and the growing warmth. Leaning forward, she presses her diaper into the mattress, sending thrills of excitement through her aroused body. Her body finally ends the heavy stream, and she feels the weight of her soaked diaper pulling downward on her hips. Another cramp reminds her of her intentions. Straightening up with a satisfied sigh, she walks from her room, a slight waddle to her gait.

A short time later she climbs back into her plush bed, now carrying a large bottle of warmed milk. As she begins to suckle on her treat, she can feel her swollen diaper, heavy from her wetting, warming her and again increasing her arousal. A sharp cramp causes her to roll into a fetal position, and she momentarily fears losing control. She stays in the curled position as the cramp passes, and resumes suckling her warm bottle. Once the bottle is empty, she rolls onto her back and again feels the need to soak her diaper. Placing her pacifier back between her lips, she relaxes, knowing that the thick diaper can absorb another wetting. Feeling the hot stream course down her and into the bottom of the diaper, she shudders and places one hand on the front of her diaper, applying slight pressure, while the other hand begins to rub her breast. Her intense feelings of pleasure are again interrupted by a cramp in her abdomen. Reflexively, she pulls her knees slightly up towards her chest, but in doing so she feels her control over her bowels begin to fail. Putting her feet down but keeping her knees bent, she concentrates on keeping control. She fights, feeling her warm mess begin to slowly exit her body. Frowning, she clenches her muscles, stopping the untimely mess. She waits, hoping the pressure and cramp will pass.

After several moments, she realizes that she is losing control again as she feels another wave of pressure in her bowels. The moment she has been waiting for has arrived. This wave of pressure cannot be held back, cannot be stopped. She knows this, and time seems to slow as she feels her body betray her wishes. A moan of pleasure rushes past her lips and she pulls her knees up as her body begins to slowly expel the warm mess without her consent. Bathed in ecstasy, she again rubs her breasts as she feels the enormous poop begin to push past her cheeks. The mess soon encounters the soft diaper, and as it is pulled tight from her position, stops. Another cramp tries to force the mess out, but fails. She turns over, climbing onto her knees and holding onto the headrest. Leaning forward just slightly, she gives a push, and resumes pooping in her diaper. Completely absorbed by the moment, she moans again, once again feeling the poop encounter resistance from the bottom of the diaper. An involuntary push keeps the mess flowing. She sucks furiously on her pacifier, hearing the diaper crinkle and feeling the bottom of the diaper begin to swell outward. The warm mess continues its way into her diaper, now beginning to spread in all directions. The load shifts inside the diaper, now pulling the swollen diaper down. The poop accelerates, coming quickly before suddenly stopping.

Sucking in a deep breath through her pacifier, she spreads her knees slightly as she pushes again, intent on finishing her poop. She is instantly rewarded with another large amount of poop that begins to force its way up the back of her diaper. Continuing to spread her knees, the diaper encounters the bed, slightly pressing the warm mess onto her butt, again sending waves of arousal through her body. With a final push, the last of the large mess rushes into the waiting diaper, now spreading towards the front of her diaper.

She waits a moment, thoroughly enjoying the mix of emotions. She was done, and could now smell her mess. She feels naughty, smelling her mess. She loves it. Rubbing her rock hard nipples with the palms of her hands, she feels a trickle of warm pee run down her and into the waiting diaper, mixing with the waiting mass of poop. Arching her back slightly, she spreads her knees farther apart, feeling the mess slowly spread inside of her diaper until she is sitting on the bed. Unable to contain her arousal any longer she begins rocking her hips, grinding herself into the diaper. She takes one hand from her breasts and uses it to rub the front of her now soaked and messy diaper. An orgasm builds inside of her as her breathing becomes rapid and she pants through her pacifier. Wanting more, she stops and retrieves a vibrating massager from beside her bed. Leaving it off, she places the massager under her diaper and resumes her grinding, faster and harder than before. She loves the feelings she has of her butt slipping through the poop inside of the diaper, of the pressure of the massager under the diaper, of her palm against her breast. She rocks back, feeling the mess squelch further up the back of her diaper. With that feeling, she pushes her butt further into the diaper, simultaneously turning the massager on full, triggering the long awaited release almost instantly. Grabbing her breast firmly with her free hand, she throws her head back as her body rocks with the force of her orgasm. She furiously grinds her diaper against the massager, shuddering as the poop smears inside of her diaper and her orgasm flows through her body.

As the orgasm begins to fade, she falls onto her side, and rolls onto her back, wanting even more. She grabs the massager and rubs it over the outside of her diaper as she sucks wildly on her pacifier. Using her other hand to roughly massage her breast, she focuses on the vibrations pounding through the messy diaper, and it takes only moments before a second orgasm courses through her. She writhes on the bed, in ecstasy as her diaper and its contents slide deliciously over her most sensitive areas. As the second orgasm fades into a warm memory, she turns the massager off and begins to catch her breath.

Her breathing eventually slows, and she sits up, looking at her diaper. It sits heavily between her legs. The padding underneath the plastic is swollen and broken apart from the abuse. She climbs out of bed, and looking over her shoulder, examines her bottom in the reflection of her large dressing mirror. She can see yellow padding and shades of brown coming nearly to the top of the diaper. She can feel the mess all over her butt, and savors the feeling as she clenches her cheeks together. A rush of excitement passes through her body.

She turns, climbing back into her bed. As she slides under the sheet, she feels the diaper and its contents shift wonderfully. With a sigh, she smiles, knowing that her husband would soon be home, finding her in her very messy diaper. She feels arousal coming fast as she wonders if he is going to reward her or punish her for her diaper escapade, and can't help but get excited about both...

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Guest Baby Tiana   
Guest Baby Tiana

That was a very interesting story.....Good though, just not what I expected.

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ppbenn    41

I agree good just not what I expected.

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babybonnet    3

Very nice, i just love a girl who poops in her diaper!!!

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