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Found 6 results

  1. Okay, so, some real talk before we begin. I am not happy with this story, I know that that probably doesn't mean much since I'm the author and thus worst critic, but I wanted this to be something else and just could not get what I wanted it to be to work out right, and it became this. This story has plagued me for longer than I'd care to admit and I'd actually thrown it into the "never gonna happen" pile but I looked in that file a while ago and saw the title and remembered how pleased with myself I was for being so creative in titling my story and decided to try and crack it again. I knew what I wanted but nothing I tried ended up working out and I settled, I'm not proud of it, but I'm not gonna lie, I'm just happy to have it done and off my plate. Maybe you'll enjoy it, maybe you'll hate it, I own that it's not what I envisioned and that creatively it's not the best. It's definitely not the worst thing I've written but it's definitely a failure for me personally. The Portraits of Daria N. Grey By: RambleLamb "I never paint dreams or nightmares. I paint my own life." Frida Kahlo In my house there's a woman that looks just like me, she lives in the back room and is never allowed to leave. The door stays shut and locked because if it were ever to be opened that would be the end of everything. I created her, this woman that looks like me, not intentionally, but purely by accident. I've destroyed her as many times as I've created her, and at this point in our relationship I think I enjoy playing God too much to ever be able to stop. The first time, like I said, was an accident. I was doing a self portrait painting and noticed a movement in the mirror behind me. A circulatory system hung suspended in midair, building itself upward like a skyscraper being erected and I'd screamed and passed out. When I woke up it was still there, still in the same position and state of completion and I stared at it and walked around it for the longest time trying to wrap my head around what I was seeing. I realized that it existed because of my painting when I destroyed the canvas and the delicate framework of the thing being constructed collapsed in on itself, the veins snapping like overly taught wires, the small amount of blood within them pooling on the floor as a reminder that this wasn't a dream. For weeks I stayed away from painting or drawing, avoiding my art supplies entirely but the curiosity got the better of me and I once again sat down and began to paint. The circulatory system began to form culminating in a heart that began beating and pumping blood through the newly formed veins with a sickening rhythmic squelching sound. As I painted more of the being formed, bones wrapping with muscle and sinew, organs moving and writhing within the air as if a ghost were holding them up. When the skin began to form it did so with a terrible dragging sound, like wet sandpaper moving over a garbage bag full of meat, I stopped painting and walked around the thing for several minutes in complete astonishment, I knew what was happening now and I was terrified and fascinated all at the same time, I was creating myself, a real live facsimile of the person that I was. If you created a copy of yourself what would you do? I'm sure you probably wouldn't walk around the naked copy of yourself and touch it softly, at first to make sure it was real but then, because you're narcissistic you touch it because it's so attractive. You probably wouldn't kiss it either, standing in front of it while you feel your face grow hotter as you look at her breasts, identical to yours but inexplicably arousing because they're in front of you on another person. Fucking yourself is strange, but so goddamned hot at the same time. When I moaned, she moaned not because she did what I did but because licking your doppelganger's pussy while she licks yours is some hot shit and we both knew it and felt it independent of one another. The idea struck me as we lay on the floor intertwined in each other's arms that I could use this other me for something far greater than just sex, I could use her for all the kinky fetishistic sex I'd only dreamed about. I put her in the spare room because I couldn't very well have someone coming over and seeing another me, especially one that didn't speak because you can't add complex thought to a painting. How she was able to walk and perform fellatio is still a mystery, but I'm not complaining. At any rate, I locked her away with my self portrait hung up on the wall to give her something to look at on those cold nights alone and went to work on a new painting, the kind of thing I'd given up drawing when I wanted to try and make it as a legitimate artist. My brush flew across the canvas with a fluidity I'd never had before, possibly because I lacked a muse or passion and had only gained those things after being tongue deep in my own asshole for the better part of a week and possibly because the power of lady boners is strong, I'm not really sure which. Regardless of the reason, I finished my painting and rushed to the spare room to check on the results, unlocking the door and throwing it open like a madwoman. Nothing had changed. The other me stood in the middle of the room where I'd left her, still naked, still with the blank expression on her face, but none of what I'd painted in my second work had come to pass. I'd set the new painting down outside the door and gone to the first painting, yanking it from the wall and busting it in half over my knee in a rage. Until the day I die, I will never forget what happened in that room after that painting hit my knee. A horrendous ripping squelch filled the room as the other me tore open, her flesh tearing from her bones to hang in ragged strips as her skeleton shattered beneath and she crumpled to the floor in a wet heap of gore. She never screamed or protested, she just broke and fell like a lifeless puppet after having its strings cut. She still lived as a mangled pile of tattered flesh and broken bones, looking up at me from the heap she'd become as I left the room, slamming the door behind me. A cacophony of noise came from the other side of the door as I started to walk away and I stopped and turned, waiting until the noise stopped to open the door again. The room was no longer just a single bed in the corner with sparse furnishings that I could manage to pull together on the off chance I had a guest. The old wallpaper that I'd left up out of laziness, the ship wheels on a Robin's egg backdrop had changed into a pastel pink with fluffy white clouds. The bare wood floors had grown thick white shag carpeting acned with various brightly colored bits of plastic that needed to be put back into the large wooden toy chest on the far side of the room. The bed had sprouted sides that came up several feet, the white wooden rails around the bed making it look like a beautiful cage of comfort for whoever lay inside beneath the pastel purple bedding. A large table had appeared against the wall ahead of me, a thick padded mat on the top and every cubby and shelf beneath filled with stacks of thick plastic backed items, some white, some colored, some plain and some patterned in various juvenile themes. The adult nursery I'd painted had become real and I stared in silent amazement at what I'd created. I moved into the room and hung the new painting up where the old one had been and admired my handiwork, turning to look for the last remaining piece, finding her in the corner behind me, just as she was in the painting. She had her back to me as she squatted in the corner, her yellow babydoll dress with the white lace trim stopping just above the top of her comically thick diaper, the seat discolored from use. Her hair was up in little pigtails and her feet were covered with yellow baby booties. My heart melted when I saw her, the version of me that I'd always dreamed about becoming but never had the time or money or partner to indulge in. Walking over to her I knelt beside her and put my hand on the seat of her diaper, feeling the mess inside move around my hand as I pressed into it, the thick padding giving under the pressure and making me giddy with pleasure at the reality of it all. She looked at me, the pacifier in her mouth bobbing rhythmically as she sucked on it and all I could think was that I needed this girl. I pulled the pacifier from her mouth with an audible popping sound and kissed her softly on the lips, guiding her down from her squatting position so that she was sitting on my hand with all her weight, my hand dragging across the seat and up between her thighs as I moved from beside her to in front of her and helped her down onto her back. I could see her nipples stiffening beneath the babydoll dress as I pulled back from her and admired her adorable sexiness, well, my adorable sexiness. I moved in between her legs and leaned down to kiss her exposed stomach, stealing a glance up her top at the perfect globes beneath, moving upward and kissing her warm flesh as I went, my hands working the top up and off of her before I settled in for a nice long makeout session with big baby me. When I finally stopped and decided to unwrap the present below I was amazed to find that nothing was inside. Her diaper outwardly looked like it was messy, but the lack of smell should have tipped me off to the truth of the matter, within the diaper was just naked flesh and clean diaper. I'd wanted to clean her up, to change her messy diaper and then make her cum for me, but with nothing to clean up I found myself moving right on to the kissing and licking, savoring the sweet moans and squeals that she made for me before going over the edge. I spent the night in the crib with her, both of us heavily padded and dressed in baby clothes tailor made for us, her with my breast in her mouth, nursing away at a non existent food source and me with my hand down my diaper flicking my bean at the thought of all the things I could do with my newly acquired ability. A month later she was crawling around the room with a fox tail attached to a butt plug sticking out of her, dutifully lapping at my sex while I gave her pets on the top of her head and told her what a good girl she was. I'd started taking pictures and video of her when I'd opened the door after replacing the nursery painting, finding her in the large cage that was now in the corner eating from a bowl of dog food, her face splattered with the gravy soaked chunks. I cleaned her face and smiled at the little collar around her neck, the one I'd pulled her to my glistening lips by. After that she was a cat girl peeing in a litterbox, then she was suspended from the ceiling bound with ropes and blindfolded, defenseless and unaware of what I was going to do to her, after that she went back to being a baby but this time I just painted her in the nursery as a normal adult and stripped her of that adulthood piece by piece until she was nothing but an oversized infant in my arms. It was the lack of interaction from her that made me grow bored. She was only truly able to do whatever I'd painted her doing initially and everything beyond that was me guiding her through the motions. Sure, I was getting a filthy plaything to do whatever I wanted to with, but I wanted more, I wanted her to be real, to have her be me having all these things happen to her. The idea had come to me while I was in bed one night thinking about her and I'd gotten up and run to my canvas, working long hours day and night to finish what I thought might be the key to everything. Rushing to the room I unlocked the door and hurried inside, pulling the old painting down and replacing it with the new one and bolting back out the door. I'd discovered that the old painting didn't need to be destroyed, just removed from the room and replaced with a new one for the changes to take hold. I still knew very little about any of this, none of the "rules" really made any sense, like they'd just been thrown together haphazardly to try and make some kind of vague sense of a situation that was ridiculous overall. As the door closed and I locked it behind me, I heard the sounds within rising in pitch as everything changed but then I felt a wave of nausea wash over me and vertigo set in as my vision began to blur and a void of blackness swallowed me up until there was nothing. ****************************************************************************** In my attic there are hundreds of paintings. If anyone were to go through them they'd probably be deeply concerned about the nature of them, all of them of a girl that looks like me in various sexual and fetishistic situations, all of them beautiful despite their depravity, but there's one that they'll never see, the masterpiece that brought everything together. There's a room at the end of the hall that I never enter, I keep it locked always. Only I will ever know what's inside, but that knowledge is what keeps me from ever opening it. Behind the door is a room that looks like a nursery but sized for an adult. There's a crib, a changing table, toys, and everything one would need to care for a grown woman that will never get out of diapers. On the wall of the nursery is a single painting, one of a woman that looks like me painting a portrait of a woman that looks like me in a nursery just like the one it's hanging in. I remember the Hell of being trapped in that room, being a permanent plaything for the woman that looked like me. It’s those memories that keep that door locked no matter how much I want to look, if for no other reason than to see how far she's fallen with nothing to do but look at the prison she's created for herself. Epilogue I have no idea how long I've been in here, sunlight is always streaming through the windows despite there being nothing on the other side of them. I never eat, never sleep, I just lay here on my stomach with a crayon in hand doodling away as I stare up at the vastly superior artwork hanging on the wall. The diaper I wear is always full despite never going to the bathroom, and the smell is inexplicably terrible but beyond description, blame that on the little brown stink lines I painted just outside the diaper on the girl in the painting the normal adult woman had painted. I've learned to use my powers over the course of my time here, the crude crayon drawings taking shape little by little. I always forget what I'm trying to draw though, the things that form in the room with me becoming nothing more that colorful scribbles that hover in place before I ball up the paper they're on and destroy them. Maybe it's a way out of here? I try and remember what's on the other side of the door, but like the windows, I believe it's nothing, just empty space that was never filled because nothing outside the nursery mattered to begin with. Maybe I'm trying to draw someone to take care of me? Someone to change me and feed me and give me love? All I know for sure is that the painting on the wall is beautiful but for some reason I start crying whenever I look at it. Probably because I'll never be able to create anything that great myself because I'm just a dumb baby that can barely use her crayons well enough to draw anything that makes any sense.
  2. So, @foofybabykitten gave me a prompt over on DA, "A young woman was born with the ability to read minds, she hears everyone's secrets, their lies, and because of that she ostracizes herself from everyone. When she meets a girl who doesn't think about her as a piece of meat, or a pity case, or even a freak, no she only wants to... baby her?" I feel like I did a good job with this one, I didn't compromise a lot of things, I did take out some words that had merit for the tone of the story, but I felt that someone reading it might feel negatively reading them and changed or softened them where I could. This story hurt a lot to write because it made me think about my own feelings of being insecure about what other's really think of me and I struggled greatly with it until I finished it. Overall I think I did justice to the prompt and like the finished product very much. I hope you enjoy it @foofybabykitten and I sincerely thank you for allowing me the opportunity to use your wonderful idea! A Second Thought By: RambleLamb ...tear that pussy up... ...fuck that pretty little mouth... ...cum all over your tits... ...rape you to death, jungle bunny... ....cut your fucking throat... ...cunt... ...dyke... Ugh. You know that feeling you get when you overhear someone's thoughts about you and no matter how hot or how long the shower is you just don't feel clean enough? No, I suppose you wouldn't, would you? I do, and I can tell you that it's just the absolute goddamned worst. When I was born I was "blessed" with a "gift". Those quotation marks are used because what I have is neither a blessing nor a gift. I can read people's thoughts. I know, it sounds like some superhero nonsense, but it's true, I hear what people are thinking ALL. THE. TIME. As a baby I didn't stop crying until I was about three, like constant crying, only stopping because I passed out from a day spent crying because I could hear people's voices when they weren't talking and it scared me. I could hear my parents thinking about what a mistake it was to have me, I could hear my mother mentally weighing the option of smothering me with a pillow or drowning me in the tub because she was so exhausted. I could hear my father thinking about abandoning my mother and I to go live with his girlfriend. Thanks to my "gift", I could understand thoughts even though I didn't understand language, neat, huh? I learned at a disgustingly young age that a lot of people are fucking disgusting human beings. Teachers, preachers, young, old, blood relatives, strangers on the street, so many people wanted to do terrible things and I heard them all. One time, when I was maybe four, my mother took me to the grocery store and there was a man in the dairy section that just kept repeating "kill". Nothing else, no specific target for his thought, just the one word. The weird thing was that he wasn't even thinking it in an angry way, it was calm and constant like he was repeating a number he didn't want to forget. When we passed by him I stared at him and he smiled and waved at me like a totally normal human being would to a small child, but his thoughts didn't change and it scared me so badly that we had to leave the store because I couldn't stop crying. Depression became my defining character trait pretty early on. Once you know that a shocking amount of people that see you think the most hateful and racist shit about you it kinda fucks you up. I stopped crying after a while, just becoming so overwhelmed with sadness that I couldn't even cope with the emotions anymore, retreating into myself and basically just becoming a husk of a person that went through the motions of her day to day life but thought about killing herself almost exclusively. Do you have any idea what it feels like to be sitting in a pizza parlor on your sixth birthday, family and classmates that your mother had to invite because you're a mute little weirdo that everyone avoids standing around the table singing "Happy Birthday" to you and smiling but you know they're thinking how they'd rather be anywhere else than at "Freaky Frankie's" birthday party? How fucked up is it that kids, little fucking children are thinking about hurting you because you're weird to them? What would you do if you could hear the thoughts of the various sexual predators in the establishment wondering what kind of panties you're wearing? I started cutting myself before my seventh birthday, I'd heard so many people thinking about self harm that it became a thing I couldn't stop thinking about. I actually glommed onto a girl in my class because her older sister came to pick her up one day and she was thinking about where on her thigh she could cut so her mother wouldn't find out. She'd been date raped at a party and had to get an abortion without anyone finding out and the guy that had assaulted her had taken pictures and was threatening her with them so she'd prostitute herself to him just to keep her friends and family from knowing what had happened. When she eventually killed herself I knew she was going to do it days beforehand but didn't say anything because she was so sad and hurting so badly that I wanted her to find the freedom she was seeking. I didn't get control of my ability until high school, maybe it was puberty or something, I don't really know, but it became a thing that I could not always have on and that helped me immensely. Having quiet in a room full of people shouldn't have been cause for celebration, but I started smiling and allowing myself to be happy for the first time in my life, started being more sociable, and actually made a few friends. The funny thing about school is that you're provided these opportunities at the start of every new year or new school you attend wherein you can change the person you are and kids being about as deep as a puddle on a hot day will forget the old you existed, by and large, and adopt the new you as someone else entirely. I wasn't "Freaky Frankie" anymore, I was just "Frankie" or "Francine" when people weren't hip to my preferred nomenclature, and it was great for longer than it probably should have been. I spent most of the time with my powers turned off, allowing myself to take people at face value and found that the world had done a complete one eighty for me. I no longer feared people because when they smiled at me and said nice things there wasn't any underlying thought process to be heard that betrayed that outward presentation. Girls talked to me about boys and we'd laugh about how cute someone's butt was and go to the movies and have sleepovers. Boys would talk to me like I was a person and occasionally compliment me on my appearance. The scars on my legs were still there, but I didn't feel the need to add to them because I had friends and life was a thousand percent easier without a peek behind everyone's curtain. When my dad killed my mom and then himself it surprised everyone, but the one person it shouldn't have surprised, the person that should have heard the warnings rattling around inside his brain, ended up being the most surprised. I blamed myself for what happened, hated myself for being too much of a coward to use what I had to change the course of events and protect my parents from what happened. Apparently they'd gotten into a fight over my dad cheating on my mom and the fight escalated to a point where he'd smashed her face into the cast iron tub in the bathroom. We couldn't even have a viewing for her because of how badly her head was damaged. When the principal had come to get me from class I listened to his thoughts. I'd been practicing in the library or at the bus stop, quieter places with less people to distract my focus and creating that background din that drove me crazy, honing my power to focus just on one person and hear only their thoughts instead of having overlapping voices from every direction cascading over my brain. ...goddamned tragedy... ...orphan... ...murdered... ...tits like her mother... ...should hug her... I didn't make it more than two feet from my desk before I fell to my knees and started bawling uncontrollably, screaming in pain and rage like some kind of lunatic, which everyone assumed I was now because I knew something terrible had happened without anyone telling me. I spiraled pretty far out of control in the years after my parent's death. I lost the focus I'd built up to keep my power from being stuck in the "ON" position and went back to crying day and night, the angry and hateful thoughts of the world around me serving as my only companion, pushing my own thoughts from my mind and infiltrating my personality and making me question which thoughts were from other people and which were my own. I felt like my identity had been taken over, that I'd become the things people were thinking about. When I walked from my house to the train station in my pajamas I was the racial slurs people thought, I was probably high on crack and going to sell my body for more because that's all a young black girl like me was good for. When I walked down the stairs to the train platform I was that crazy N word without shoes on that shouldn't be acknowledged because I was probably high and homeless and would just beg for money and when I stood at the edge of the platform and heard the train coming I was- Oh my God, don't do it, sweetie The arms were around my waist and pulling me back from the edge. Such a beautiful young woman I was sitting on the ground in those arms. Who hurt you? I was crying in those arms. You're safe now. The only thoughts in that moment, in that train station full of people taking video with their phones and talking about what had happened were the first truly positive thoughts I'd heard in my entire life. When I looked up at the face that owned those arms and those thoughts I saw a beautiful young woman smiling down at me, her green eyes gleaming with tears threatening to come pouring out at any moment. I've got you, Frankie. I was surprised to hear my name in her mind, but her smile reassured me and she passed knowledge through our eyes as we looked at each other, letting me know that we were sharing something that no one else could possibly understand. Go with the people that come for you and I promise I'll find you after. She nodded softly to me and helped me to my feet just as several security officers came to collect me, leading me away from her, through the sea of onlookers. My name is Gabrielle. Don't be afraid, sweetie. I- ...probably going to delay the trains... ...fucking crazy bitch... ...goddamn crackhead... Her thoughts disappeared as the thoughts of all the other people in the station swarmed around my mind and I lost sight of her in the crowd. Everything started to gray out and become fuzzy, the thoughts becoming muffled like I was hearing them through a thin hotel wall and I stumbled and fell but was caught and lifted off my feet and then there were no thoughts for me or from anyone else. When I woke up I was at the hospital and the world came flooding back all at once, my brain burning with the thoughts of people mourning, people worrying, people far away being happy as they looked at their new baby. I shut my eyes tightly and forced the world out, blood dripping from my nose and onto the paper gown I was wearing. Silence returned and I lay limply in the bed staring up at the ceiling, feeling the searing pain of all the thoughts hammering against my defenses in their attempt to have me acknowledge them. Frankie, are you okay? Gabrielle's mental voice slipped through without anyone else joining it and I opened my eyes to see her standing there. She truly was lovely. Her caramel colored skin was as warm and calming to look at as her mental voice was to listen to. She smiled with her slightly crooked smile and looked down at her folded hands that were rubbing each other softly and then back up at me with those emerald orbs. I promised to find you. I opened my mouth to speak but she put her finger to her lips and softly shushed me, the light sound sending a pleasant tingle up my back to the base of my skull. May I hold your hand? She looked at me with an inquisitive look that let me know she somehow knew I could hear her thoughts, her face taking on the expression to match the question her mental voice was asking. I nodded softly. Gabrielle approached the bed and pulled the chair beside it over so she could sit even with the top part of my body and reached out and gently took my hand in hers. I'm what's known as an Empath, Frankie. Do you know what that is? I shook my head slowly. That's okay, sweetie. Basically, it means I can feel what other people feel, their emotions come through to me when I make physical contact with them and I can help them when those feelings are bad or hurtful. Do you understand? I nodded. Normally I have to touch someone to feel their feelings, but you, you were radiating pain and anguish from you in waves from a block away and it hurt me so badly to feel all of your pain that I ran to you and made it to you before you could do what you were planning on doing. The tears formed in my eyes as I looked at her, a complete stranger that cared enough about me because of my pain that she ran to me to save my life. I leaned over and hugged her as tightly as I could, the tears falling freely from me now as I began to sob. Her arms wrapped around me and she rubbed my back in small circles. I'm so sorry that you've suffered so much because of your gift, Frankie, but I'm so thankful that I found you in time. She started crying with me, and we held each other and cried until the nurse came to inform us that visiting hours were over. Gabrielle came to visit me every day and we never said a single word to each other, she would hold my hand and think her thoughts to me and I would feel better day by day, visit by visit. When I was with her it was only her thoughts in my mind, all the negativity that surrounded me, the animosity, objectification and disdain was replaced by sweetness, tenderness and this sense of calm that I'd never felt before. I was truly at peace when she was with me and even though we never spoke the words, we loved each other. When I got released she was there to take me home but as she held my hand while the nurse pushed me down the hall in the wheelchair she knew that I didn't want to go home. You can stay with me for as long as you like. Her thumb gently caressed the top of my hand assuring me that she was there to take care of me. Gabrielle's apartment was a palace compared to my own and she smiled at me as we walked in, thinking words of thanks as she set my things down, having taken me to my place to pack a bag. She led me by the hand around the kitchen and living room and mentally gave me the nickel tour before guiding me to the couch where she sat with me facing her and held my hand with both of hers. Frankie, I need to explain something to you and I'm hopeful that you'll allow me to do so fully without being afraid. I looked into her lovely and loving eyes and swallowed hard before nodding. I love you, that is to say that I'm in love with you. You're the person I was meant to be with and I know this because the odds of someone that can read minds ending up with someone that can feel other people's emotions is astronomical, not to mention the fact that someone like me is exactly what someone like you needs in their life, right? I nodded and allowed myself to smile at her. I feel that you feel that I'm different for you. I know that you feel safe with me because you're thoughts are your own when you're with me and not filled with other people's, right? I nodded again. I feel that you feel loved and protected for the first time in your life because the intensity of your calm is as strong when you're with me as your pain was on that train platform. I nodded again. I feel that you feel love for me, sometimes it's romantic but more often than not it's something more akin to the love a child has for a parent. You love that I'm here to keep you safe and to take care of you and to never have negative thoughts about you, only ones of love. I wiped a tear from my eye and nodded once more. I'd like for you to focus on those feelings and let them fill you up completely. Feel calm and safe and loved. Feel love for me and feel only happiness and peace. I closed my eyes and did as she asked, thinking about her smile and the warmth of her hands on mine, thinking about her arms around me in the hospital and on the train platform, the love coming through her embrace and creating an impenetrable barrier that none of the bad things in the world could get through. She squeezed my hand gently. Good girl. Now, I want you to picture yourself getting smaller and smaller, keep imagining the world getting bigger around you and just when you start to feel afraid that everything around you is too big I want you to imagine me holding you in my arms and keeping you safe from anything that might hurt you. I saw myself getting smaller, but not staying the same, I was getting younger and shrinking as the years melted off of me. I drifted backward through time, back to the girl that lost her parents and then her mind, back to the girl that celebrated her birthday in a pizza parlor full of people that feared her or wanted to fuck her, back to the girl that had to leave the grocery store because she was afraid, and finally back to the baby that never stopped crying because the world around her was full of terrible thoughts that only she could hear but had no one to protect her from. The tears were flowing freely now as that sorrow began to fill me up, and then she was picking me up and cradling me in her arms, and the baby I'd become stopped crying and looked up at the face of its protector. Open your eyes, baby. I opened my eyes and saw her smiling face, her eyes red from crying along with me and she leaned forward and kissed my forehead. I'd like to make that a reality for you. I'd like to be the arms that you lay in and the face you look up to, I'd like to be the mommy that that baby needs and has needed for her entire life. She stood up slowly and helped me to my feet, leading me from the living room and down the hall to the door at the end of it. I won't make you do anything you don't want to, sweetie, but I promise I'll be here to take care of you. Her hand went to the doorknob and turned it slowly before lightly pushing the door inward and allowing the room beyond to become visible. The wood floor was covered with a large white rug, the thick shag looking so soft and inviting. The walls were a soft lavender with cream colored curtains on the window. In the right corner was a dark mahogany rocking chair, a small pink chest to the left of it, the lid open with brightly colored toys of various sizes and materials piled up inside. To the left of that was a large mahogany crib with the side rails down, the light purple bedding within lay invitingly below a carousel shaped mobile with pastel animals of various types dangling motionless. I'd like this to be your room. Her hand gently squeezed mine as she moved into the room, not pulling me with her, but allowing me to make my way into the room at my own pace, my eyes moving around the room as I went in further. Next to the crib was an open closet, clothes hanging up inside creating a rainbow of bright and soft colors and materials and patterns. To the left of the closet was a dark mahogany changing table, a thick pad on the top and stacks of diapers and cubbies of diapering supplies beneath that. Her hand went to my back and softly rubbed it. I can leave you alone to explore at your own pace or you can leave if you want, we can go back to the living room and save talking about this room for later, whatever makes you feel the most comfortable is what we'll do. I stood there for a moment and allowed myself to feel the warmth of her hand through my shirt as it moved in its little circles. I slipped my shoes and socks off and walked onto the rug, feeling my feet swallowed up into the thick shag making my toes wiggle as a smile formed on my lips. I took a deep breath in through my nose, the soft scent of baby powder filling my nostrils and I felt calm wash over me. I turned slowly to her and stood silently as I looked down at the carpet and my wiggling toes. She was smiling when I looked up at her and seeing that smile made me smile. I reached out and put my hand in hers and allowed my feelings to pass through to her. I let the feeling of finding the only thoughts that mattered in the world fill me up. I let the feeling of finding the only person I'd been able to be truly comfortable and accepted by fill me up. I let the feeling of finally being loved and loving someone fill me up and I let them go to her before I let go of her hand and moved my hand up to my face, fanning my fingers out wide as I put my thumb to my chin, signing "mommy" to her. Gabrielle smiled and wiped tears from her eyes before she put her arms up to her chest and made a little cradle with them that she rocked to sign "baby" back to me before she opened her arms and welcomed me into them for a hug that cemented our bond and made us the family we were meant to be.
  3. (Sorry guys, had to throw in the #zeropenises tag just to get in on the running joke - though this story does feature all female characters) So this is a short story I did a while back at CushyPen. I can't tell you much about it without #spoileralert, so I'll let you just dive in and see what you think of it. Comments, criticism, and hate mail are always welcome. --------------------------- You Know You Deserved It 7:45am Mommy Tina sat quietly and sipped coffee as little Janet fumbled her way through her morning cereal. Janet sat there in her booster, naked but for a bib and last night's very wet diaper, the anticipation of what was coming completely overwhelming her, but still she did her best to be neat and tidy as possible. Mommy didn't like her making messes on "school days" like this, and she didn't want Mommy to be upset today. "Now you make sure and be a good girl today at school, get all your work done, so I don't have to hear any bad reports from your teachers," Mommy scolded. "School" was her job as a paralegal at Mayfair, Flowers, and Tarkenton. Mommy used to be a lawyer there, until she left to join the ACLU, so she still maintained friendships with Janet's bosses – the "teachers" in question. Not to mention, Mommy Maryanne was a partner there. Hence, if the twenty-five-year-old missed a deadline or fouled up a research assignment, Mommy Tina was first to know. Janet carefully chewed and swallowed her mouthful before she responded, "Yes Mommy." Speaking with a mouthful of food was definitely not acceptable behavior for a little lady, and Mommy was always chiding her when she did un-lady-like things. Except during playtime. Playtime was Janet's chance to just let loose and be as little and as silly as she wanted, and Mommy never punished her for it. Well, other than an occasional sit in the Naughty Chair for being fussy or throwing a tantrum. But throwing tantrums was fun too, especially after a bad day at School. But today was different. Mommy was quiet, and so was Janet, and Janet was on pins and needles about what was coming tonight. As beautiful and spacious as their 1-bedroom apartment at Thomas Circle was, Mommy said there wasn't room for what needed to be done here, and Janet knew she deserved it. Mommy had been counting up the incidents for weeks before, and once Janet crossed the threshold, what was to come was cast in stone. Janet shuddered as she considered it. That Mommy decreed it was going to happen at Black Rose, DC's most high-profile BDSM club, instead of here at home simultaneously thrilled and terrified her. She spooned up the last of her Lucky Charms, and Mommy smiled, rising to her feet. "Good girl. No messes. We need Mommy's help getting dressed today?" Mommy set the bowl aside and lifted the tray, then hoisted Janet out of her seat and stood her on the floor. "Umm..." Janet really wanted Mommy to dress her, but she wasn't sure. Would Mommy be happier if she started playing at Big Girl now, or... "Mommy's help it is!" The quandary was moot; Mommy latched on to her hand and tugged her down the hall. Mommy rarely gave her time to mull that answer. Either she was confidently feeling big, or Mommy treated her little. Staggering in her swollen diaper, Janet joyed over Mommy making the choice for her. Adulting was hard, letting Mommy take care of her was easy. A fresh, clean girls' Goodnite, a crisp white blouse, black knit wool skirt, hose, and stylish black heels later, Janet was feeling very big-girl indeed. Mommy tied her hair into a smart ponytail and did her makeup for her, and Janet was very careful to sit still through the process. Her last incident being fidgety while Mommy was doing her hair and makeup got her a sharp swat with the paddle, something she definitely did not want this morning. "There we go. Now, Mommy needs to get ready, and Janet needs to get her head right for adulting now, so I suggest we go sit and watch the news for a while, okay?" "Yes Mommy." Even though the instruction was toward readjusting out of littlespace, Mommy was Mommy in private company, no matter how big or little Janet felt, and accidentally calling her Tina at home had much more dire consequences than letting slip a "Mommy" in public, as embarrassing as that could be. She straightened up and mustered her most dignified stride, her heels clicking on the hardwood floor as she made her way to the living room. She sat on the end of the couch, carefully turning both legs the same direction, and reached for the remote. Inside, adult Janet was shouting down the giggling toddler-girl who just thought the whole exercise was silly. She hit the power button on the remote. The screen lit up. It was still on Cartoon Network from the night before. She stifled a giggle; Dexter's Laboratory was starting. Changing the channel to CNBC was a monumental effort of will, but Mommy had issued the order, and Mommy would be cross if that order wasn't followed. Squawk Box was on. Boring stuff about Wall Street. She pouted a bit, Dexter would be way more fun and interesting than this. "Big girl, Janet! Big girl!" she muttered under her breath. She focused on the screen. Texaco stock down, profits pinched by continued slumping fuel demands. Kimberly Clark stocks up as Huggies brand announces new Disney character designs on the entire product line. Janet unconsciously wiggled in her Tinkerbell Goodnite, delighting in the subtle crinkle... Ugh! Focus! Biotech stocks on the slide, consumer backlash against expensive prescription drugs driving bearish forecasts. Time Warner up, earnings outperformed projections thanks in large part to success of the Turner Broadcasting group's revamp of... the Cartoon Network morning lineup. "Dammit!" she whisper-shouted. Mommy expected her to be focused and ready for work by the time she was finished getting herself ready, but the distractions were everywhere today, especially in anticipation of what was coming tonight. "Dammit, dammit, dammit, Janet, pull yourself together!" Work. That's it. Need to focus on what was coming at work. Big case involving a patent troll suing one of their clients, she was sure to have a pile of research work on her desk related to that. And the SEC charges against their other big one, god, that was a huge, sprawling mess. Good grief, she was sure to be busy nonstop today. Probably have to work through lunch to avoid having to go in for overtime tomorrow. That'd be horrible, missing Saturday morning cartoons and... "NO NO NO!" she squeaked. Right at that moment, Mommy's heels announced her exit from the bathroom. "Someone having a little trouble?" Mommy stepped over to the kitchen counter and looked approvingly at the TV, then back down at Janet, who was doing her best not to fidget. Sadly, her best under Mommy's gaze and in this state wasn't much. "I'm trying, Mommy, I am! Even the TV's being mean!" "Come here, baby." Mommy's tone was neutral. Janet fidgeted even more as she stood and walked over, hands in a fig leaf in front of her skirt, head down, wobbling now on the heels she so confidently strode out in just a few minutes ago. "I'm sorry, Mommy. It's hard to adult." Mommy drew her into a hug, reaching down with one hand and patting her bottom. In heels, Janet stood barely five feet tall, and the nine inches of height between the two women always made Mommy's hugs extra comforting, pulling Janet's head easily into her bosom as she embraced her. "Mommy knows how hard it is. Trying to watch business news was a very adult choice. Good girl. What went wrong?" "Well, first they started talking about Huggies diapers, and they showed a clip of the commercial with the little girl with the pull-up on her head and all these pictures of Huggies Disney prints, and then later they talked about Cartoon Network and showed a bunch of clips of my favorite shows, and it just wasn't fair!" "No, it wasn't, was it. Mean old news broadcasters, trying to fuzzy up your head like that. Should I call Nanny, then, so you can be little today?" "No, Mommy! There's too much important stuff to do at school today!" Yes, Janet badly wanted to stay home and be little, especially if she got to spend the day at "Nanny's", also known as Mommy Racquelle's house, but she also wanted to be good. She knew what was coming tonight, and she didn't want to give Mommy Tina any reason to be cross or disappointed or anything else ahead of it. "I have to adult today! I have to!" Mommy released the embrace and grasped her shoulders firmly. "Look at me, Janet." Janet looked up. "It is up to you to be a big girl and go to school and make your teachers happy so Mommy can be proud of you. I know you can do it. You know you can do it. Will you do it, Chamita?" Chamita. The word gave Janet tingles every time Mommy said it. Mommy said it was what her grandmother in Venezuela called her when she visited her house. It meant babygirl, or something like that. When Mommy asked anything of Chamita, the answer was always yes. It had to be yes. Chamita could never refuse her mommy. "Yes, Mommy!" Janet stamped her foot for emphasis. "Good girl. Let's get Chamita to school then, so she can work hard and make Mommy proud." Make Mommy Proud. Yet another little key that unlocked certain secret places in Janet's heart. It was right up there with Good girl. Mommy had given Janet the option long ago to give up working and be little around the clock, her several mommies taking care of her, and as tempting as the offer had been, she knew that Mommy wanted very much for her to continue adulting. And Janet wanted it too. Giving up her job meant Janet would no longer have any control over how big or little any of her mommies treated her, it would become their decision, not hers. And she liked having that choice, even if she more often than not deferred to Mommy Tina, or Mommy Racquelle, or Mommy MaryAnne. It was fun insisting she was a big girl and having one of her mommies ignore her pouty demands and put her in diapers anyway, leaving her to sulk behind her binky in her playpen. But most of all, she lusted after Mommy's praise, and Mommy always praised her for going to School and working hard. Plus, she always looked forward to coming home and being little after a hard day of adulting, and that little joy would go away if she quit her job. So big girl it must be. The pair walked tall together out of the apartment, rode down the elevator, and into the waiting cab Bennie, the doorman, hailed for them just as he did every weekday. 8:50am "Okay, Chamita, be good girl at school for Mommy!" Mommy kissed her cheek and gave her a squeeze. "I will, Mommy," Janet whispered back sheepishly. For as many times as this exchange had happened, Janet had never gotten over being embarrassed about having the strange person driving the cab hear it, wondering about what thoughts were going through his head as he eyed her quizzically in the rearview mirror. She felt the soft blush creep into her face yet again as she hastily opened the door. She and Mommy exchanged waves, as they did every morning. Usually this was the moment where Janet was completely able to get back in big-girl mode, standing in front of the huge tower, three entire floors of which were occupied by her employer. Today was different, though. Today was a much bigger struggle. Today, she had to block it out of her mind, what was coming. Tonight. It was going to happen. She couldn't do anything about it. And she knew she deserved it. She mustered all the big-girl dignity she could and walked through the revolving door into the towering foyer. Again! Again! NO! Think about legal things. Think about precedents and case law and not about how fun it'd be to splash around in the big fountain right next to you! DAMMIT! Her pace quickened toward the elevators. She got there just in time for someone to hold one open for her, and there she was right in the front, in arm's reach of the buttons. She reached out to... Push them all! See the lights all light up! She tapped 7 and quickly pulled her hand away before she could get herself in trouble. Staring straight ahead, she smoothed out the front of her blouse and clasped both hands around her little handbag, trying to at least pretend her nerves weren't already frazzled. Focus, dammit! Focus! The war inside her head raged. She felt like she was chasing a tiny version of herself around a room while the little version was wreaking havoc everywhere. Make Mommy proud, remember? The words were like an elixir. The toddler quieted, and her focus returned, at least long enough for her to exit the elevator and into the sea of cubicles that was the paralegal pool. 11:05am Work had been fast and furious that morning, a never-ending stream of research, delivering briefs, making an occasional low-level client call, but Janet was keeping up with the pace. In fact, it was easier when she was busy, easier to tune out the noise and distractions. She'd been good all morning, even got a compliment from one of the partners about the brief she delivered for a class-action on which he was lead counsel. But right now it was all rushing back. This morning she had been grateful that Mommy put her in a pull-up, because this morning she was still very much in little mode, and she didn't want to be big yet. Now, as she sat in the stall with same pull-up around her knees, staring at the delightful little Tinkerbell designs while she tinkled, all the focus was gone, and it was only sheer force of will that kept her from giggling. She flexed her legs, determined to keep that pull-up from dropping to her ankles, the raw fear of anyone else seeing it the only anchor to "adulting" she had left. She finished and cleaned herself up, then slid the garment quickly back up her thighs. It was a certainty that everyone in this echo chamber could hear the crinkling, that they all knew she was wearing a diaper, that her "big girl" facade was a complete farce. It was as certain as the telltale little yellow stain in the middle, the little tiny dribble she'd left when she got so busy she almost forgot to go potty entirely. It wasn't a big stain, not even enough to feel so much as a swell once the soft padding hugged her girl parts again. But even if she didn't need to call Mommy Racquelle for a change at lunch, she'd see it this afternoon, and any chance she had of claiming big-girl status ahead of tonight's looming event was out the window now. Pee in her panties meant she wasn't ready for big-girl panties, which meant big, thick, crinkly diapers after School and on until bedtime. Part of her wanted to run upstairs and find Mommy MaryAnne, tell her about her "accident" and that she wasn't feeling big enough to stay in school today. Janet once playfully called her "Ma" and claimed it was just easier than saying all those M's. While she was scolded severely for it at the time, MaryAnne decided that "Mama" was rather cute, and that became Janet's name for her. Mama would close her office door and give Janet a warm hug before calling Nanny to let her know that Janet would be coming early, and she'd be diapered and have lunch and a nap and be able to play until Mommy came to pick her up. But Mommy would be disappointed if Janet didn't stay in School. That was the last thing she wanted. So she bit her lip, straightened out her skirt, and exited the stall to wash up. Hold it together, Janet! It's only three more hours! You can do this! If anything, it was a mere 15 minutes until her lunch break, so she'd have a chance to gather herself, get refocused. After that it was just making it to 2:30. That was one of the more embarrassing, yet very pleasant aspects of having one of her mommies working in the same firm. As a partner in the firm, it was easy for Mama to pull strings down in the paralegal pool to accomodate Janet's "special scheduling needs", or more accurately the three women's collective desire to have Janet's schedule look more like that of a kindergartner. Where she went in at 9 and left at 2:30, her co-workers pulled 8 to 5. Her bosses never asked her to stay late, though she was occasionally tapped for Saturdays if the backlog was too deep. It was a compromise struck when Janet first moved in with Mommy, that Nanny get time with their babygirl on a daily basis, since she worked out of her home, and it came with the standing offer for Janet to abandon school altogether and let Nanny take care of her during the day. For Janet, the arrangement was dizzying at times, but she loved each of her Mommies very much, and she sorely missed each of them on the occasions she was deprived of one, like the week Mama spent in Boston, working with one of the firm's top clients on an important project. That was a really bad week for Janet; she tried to go to school on Monday, but knowing Mama wasn't in her office upstairs in case Janet had an accident or just needed a cuddle to get through the day made her nervous, anxious, completely unfocused. She wound up leaving work at lunchtime that day and every other day that week, and it it took nearly all the strings Mama could pull to keep Janet's job when she got back into town. That was the first time the three women spoke seriously about Janet "not being ready for school". After barely convincing them she was perfectly capable, Janet resolved to tough it out at work by whatever means necessary going forward. Janet was definitely in the "whatever means necessary" territory today. The anticipation of tonight's event had been building inside her for over a week, and now it was nearly unbearable, consuming her entire thought process, filling her with anxiety. She was rapidly running out of mental energy, and 2:30 seemed like eons away. 1:55pm Lunch had been no help. The self-imposed diet Janet was on made passing the snack machine an exercise in torment. It wasn't that she was overweight, far from it. It's just that she had picked up enough of a chest to where she could no longer fit comfortably into a girls' XL dress, and Target had this adorable pink one with Frozen characters on it that wasn't available in the girls' plus sizes Mommy usually ordered for her. She made Mommy promise her that if she lost a little weight, she'd get that dress, and she was almost to her goal weight of 95 pounds, and she could nearly fit back into her 32B, which would satisfy Mommy's insistence that she have a little room to fluctuate. Nanny always scolded her for being so skinny, but Nanny was also the most athletically built of the four of them, despite also being the shortest of her Mommies at a mere five feet four. Janet suspected Nanny could probably take either Mommy or Mama over her knee with little effort, whether they resisted or not. The thought made her chuckle, Nanny dropping her powerful hand on Mama's bottom while her impossibly long legs flailed helplessly. Janet just managed to finish the amicus brief she'd been called upon to draft that morning, and as she looked it over one last time, proofreading and error-checking as thoroughly as she could, she cheered herself inside. It was quite good, and she was sure today's "teacher", Mark Ainsworth, would be sending along a very good report to Mommy. Her toes curled in anticipation as she saved the final copy then forwarded it along to him. Five minutes to go in the shift; perfect timing. She shut down her computer, gathered her purse, and made for the elevators, doing her best to maintain at least a pretense of professionalism when inside she was positively bursting again, toddler girl forcing her way back into her headspace. Normally she'd stop for a bathroom break on the way out, but she was determined to make her exit before she could be delayed by would-be small talkers, or worse be asked to come in tomorrow for extra work. The ride down seemed to take forever, stopping at every floor on the way, and her bladder began to murmur, ever so subtly. Janet had a dilemma now. On one hand, her pull-up was already stained, but there was a chance Nanny would give her a pass on such a tiny little dribble. Of course, it might not matter, Nanny could be in one of her moods, just looking for an excuse to give Janet the full babying treatment when she arrived, which Janet hate-loved and love-hated every time. And as much as Janet wanted to stay big for as long as possible before tonight's event, she also didn't. Being changed out of her big-girl clothes, diapered, and bottle-fed by Nanny, put down for a little nap, and playing in the playpen until Mommy came to pick her up was a positively delightful idea. The elevator finally stopped at the ground floor, and Janet walked out into the lobby completely on autopilot as she wrestled with these thoughts. The fountain finally made her decision for her. As soon as that tinkling sound reached her ears, her body betrayed her, and she blushed deeply, forcing herself to increase her pace and pretend nothing was wrong as her pull-up began to warm and swell between her legs. She had reached the revolving door by the time she was done; it wasn't that big of an accident, but it certainly removed all doubts as to what she'd be wearing shortly. She spotted Nanny's silver BMW sitting at the curb, and all the big-girl thoughts melted away as she jog-walked toward the car. She opened the door and nearly jumped into the seat, landing on the rustly puppy pad Nanny always laid out (just in case) with a gleeful squeak, pulling the door shut gently behind her. Nanny was very strict about slamming the door, and if Janet was going to spend the afternoon being little, she wanted it to be as pleasant an experience as possible. "Well hello to you too, cutey!" Nanny smiled as Janet's thumb found her way to her mouth. "I see someone is geared up for a little afternoon." Janet nodded her head fiercely and giggled. Nanny lifted Janet's skirt, which normally would have sent the smaller woman into a fierce blush, but "little" Janet only ever cared about modesty in the presence of strangers. Behind Nanny's dark tinted windows, the rest of the world ceased to exist. "Looks like someone had an accident today." Nanny's sing-song voice was scolding, but playfully so. Still yet, Janet felt the need to defend herself, thumb in her mouth or not. "Vat jus' happem, Nanny! Da foun'n made me do i'!" Nanny's made contact with the front. "Hmmm. Feels pretty warm. You sure we didn't have any other accidents today?" "Um... I had a li'l bribble before..." "I see. Thank you for being honest, sweetie. Let's get you home and changed before you wind up with a rash." Nanny watched for an opening, then scooted into traffic. "Are we excited about tonight?" The anxiety rose back up in Janet, and she dropped her thumb into her lap. "I'm scared, Nanny." "Oh I bet, you poor thing. This is your first time going to the Rose, isn't it?" "Uh-huh." "Well, how about Nanny fix you a nice bottle of chocolate milk when we get home, help you relax a little and take your mind off it?" "No chocolate, Nanny! My diet!" "Oh for heaven's sake!" Nanny rolled her eyes. "If you lose any more weight, I'll be able to put a harness on you and fly you like a kite in the park!" "Nuh-uh! Mommy's gonna get me the dress with Elsa and Anna and Olaf on it! I've only got a couple more pounds to go!" Her thumb found its way back into her mouth as Janet's thoughts wandered off to the animated movie with the silly snowman in it. "Good lord, you and that silly movie. Well, Nanny got a package in today with your name on it!" "Wa wuv in i'?" "Well I guess we're going to find out in a few minutes, aren't we?" "No fair!" Janet pouted behind her thumb. "No fair what? I only opened one of them, the one I ordered for you. The other one is as much a mystery to me as it is to you!" "Who wuv i' from?" "I'm not sure, it didn't have a name on it, but the return address was from Chicago, so that might solve part of the mystery." Janet's eyes got wide as she remembered the glorious two weeks she spent at "little camp" with her friends from the Chicago Ageplayers crew in May. And the even more glorious week she spent when she got home being constantly doted on and spoiled rotten by all three of her Mommies after them missing her "SO MUCH", as they told her day and night. She wondered who of her little friends sent her a package and why and what could possibly be in it! Or maybe it was another invitation! No, Nanny wouldn't have called it a "package" if it was just a letter. Mysterious indeed! Nanny let out a chuckle, breaking Janet's concentration. "Hey silly goose, we're home!" Janet looked out the windshield in disbelief. There indeed was Nanny's townhouse in Georgetown, a huge step up from Mommy's condo in the city. But that was a whole other reason Janet was determined to keep working, because she and Mommy were saving to buy a place like this. Janet's little paralegal salary at the law firm wasn't a ton of money, but it was enough to pay a lot of peripheral bills, leaving Mommy free to invest a huge amount of her paycheck. Another year or two and they'd be ready to live in a wonderful spot like this. Maybe even in the same neighborhood as Nanny. Then she'd get more time with both of them, and Mama too, as she lived just a few minutes away in an even nicer complex than this. "Are we coming in, or do we need Nanny to carry us?" Nanny snapped her back to reality again, this time a little sterner than her playful rib. "Sorry Nanny." Her thumb dropped out of her mouth, and she took Nanny's hand and stepped out of the open car door. "Our little head is just full of thoughts today, isn't it?" Nanny said, wrapping a comforting arm around her shoulder as she closed the car and locked it with her keyfob. "I guess so..." "Care to share?" "I was just thinking about your pretty house, and how someday soon Mommy and I are gonna have a pretty house near here too, and then I'll get to see even more of you and Mama, and it made me happy." "Aw, that's going to make your Mama and I very happy too. But you know what will make me happiest right now?" Nanny opened the door and ushered her inside as she spoke. "What?" "A certain babygirl toddling her damp little self up to her room so Nanny can get her properly attired for a fun afternoon together!" Nanny gave her a playful swat on the bottom, and Janet giggled in spite of herself. She kicked off her heels behind the door, glad to be rid of the cumbersome footwear, and dashed up the hardwood steps, stumbling once as her nylon-clad feet betrayed her. "Alright, alright, no need to fall and break your cute little bottom, now!" Nanny laughed as she followed her up the stairs. Janet scampered up to the landing and hooked a left into her favorite little spot in the whole house, Nanny's nursery. Of course, it wasn't a nursery for Nanny, it was for Janet. And it wasn't even entirely Nanny's idea. In fact, she'd only known Nanny for about a month when Mama and Mommy had conspired with Nanny to build it. But it was a magical little place nonetheless, and she'd spent a substantial part of every afternoon for the last six months here, and a fair number of overnights. The tall white crib stood out starkly against the soft lavender walls, as did the changing table across the room from it, with its little stepladder for her to "assume the position" on top. Not that Nanny needed any help; she was strong as a bear, and could easily carry Janet around one-handed when she felt like it. The walk-in closet was filled with clothes far more befitting a girl of four or five; Nanny was obsessed with expanding Janet's little wardrobe, and no doubt there was something new. Nanny was a bit proper, though; she refused to buy anything with cartoon characters or for that matter anything she didn't think befitting of "a little lady". Which meant everything Nanny put her in after School was absurdly girly and more than likely rather short, as it was intended to be worn with leggings, which Nanny never put on her. Too much fuss for playtime, was her constant refrain. And Janet would always complain that if she was to play dress-up, she should be dressed up proper. Then came the inevitable, "Who changes the diapers decides the rest of the underwear." Today was no different. Janet dutifully stripped away her skirt and blouse, Nanny arriving just as she started to wrestle down her pantyhose. She stumbled and fell backward on her squishy bottom with a squeak, and Nanny just laughed. "We needing some help?" "No, Nanny, you just startled me." Janet managed to get one leg free of the stretchy nightmare before Nanny bent over and grabbed the other one, ripping it loose effortlessly. "Honestly, I have no idea why your mommy insists on going to such lengths. Up up!" Nanny patted the vinyl-covered top of the changing table, and Janet quickly made for the ladder and sprawled herself out. Lying here, nearly as far from the floor as she normally stood, in a wet pull-up, made her feel about as little as could be. "Cause I'm 'posed to be a big girl at school, Nanny!" Nanny raised her eyebrow as she tore the sides down on the sodden underwear and began wiping Janet down with a warmed wipe from a tub attached to the table. "Do big girls do this in school?" Nanny dangled it in front of her for emphasis before wrapping it up and tucking it into the diaper genie. "I was on the way out already, and the fountain made me do it! I adulted good! And I worked hard all day!" Janet poked her tongue out in defiance. Nanny reached into her shirt pocket and produced a pacifier, which she tucked into Janet's mouth and went straight back to work. "Alright, sassy girl. Nanny believes you. But we're all done being big today, aren't we?" She wiped the Desitin off her hands as she spoke, and began dusting her with a generous layer of powder. "Mmmhmmm." The anticipation was still a mixed set of emotions for Janet. Big girl was fading fast now, as the sweet smell of the powder reached her nose. When she stepped out of that elevator, she was determined to stay big girl until tonight, but she'd expended so much effort at work trying to stay focused, and the nipple felt so good bouncing on her tongue, and Nanny's strong arm lifting her bottom up... it was hard to care about much of anything right now but being snugged up tight into a thick pink diaper, Nanny's fingers running along the leg elastics to make sure it didn't pinch. Oh, and what video she wanted to watch, since Cartoon Network was pounding that stupid Teen Titan show. Maybe Frozen again. Or Hotel Transylvania. That would be fun. "Are you going to lift your arms up for me, or are you just going to sit there like a silly lump?" Nanny stood there expectently, a lavender bishop dress in hand, two pink butterflies embroidered on the attached white bib. Janet raised her arms, silent but for her suckling and her bottom rustling. Yep, big girl was all the way gone now. Once Nanny had the dress over her head, Janet reached out for her. "Oh, we want to be carried? Well, it's a short ride to the crib," Nanny said as she pulled loose Janet's hair band and went to work on her face with one of the wet-wipes, stripping away the makeup Mommy had carefully applied this morning. "Mmm-mmm!" Janet squeaked. "No nap, Nanny! Movie!" "Your Mommy and Mama and I already discussed it. It's going to be a very late night for you tonight, and we don't want you getting all overtired and emotional. You're taking a nap, and that's all there is to it." "None of my mommies have to take a nap!" Janet crossed her arms and pouted behind her pacifier as Nanny dropped the siderail on her crib. "Your mommies all have to work, including me. In fact, while you're napping, I'll be finishing in a teleconference in my office. Believe you me, I'd rather be having a nap." "Hmmmmph." Janet played it up, but she actually was tired, just from the mental struggle today. Nanny handed her Avvy, her big stuffed unicorn, and hoisted her up with a rustle. Janet couldn't help but giggle as Nanny bounced her on her hip, betraying Janet's efforts at being rebellious, even if it was only passively. Nanny laid her in the crib, and Janet threw back another "Hmmmph," though with less conviction, as she flopped over and showed Nanny her back. Nanny swatted her bottom with a hollow plastic thud. "Sleep, baby. Nanny come get you when it's time to get up." She covered Janet with the throw. "Hmmmph!" Up went the rail, locking in place with a loud click. Such a comforting feeling, being surrounded by bars that came up all the way to her chest even when she was standing up in here. She suckled quietly and sighed. She was so sleepy by the time she realized Nanny had forgotten her bottle that she didn't even care as she slipped into happy little dreams. The next thing she knew, there was a hand on her back, and a soft voice in the room, but it wasn't Nanny's voice. "Hello, Chamita. Time to wake up now and get ready for our big night!" Her eyes popped open. "Mommy!" She flipped over, her pacifier and Avvy tossed aside as she lurched to a sit and looked up. Mommy startled a bit and chuckled. "Hello there, sleepy girl!" Janet was a bit surprised herself. If Mommy was here, then it was already six o'clock! And she hadn't even so much as heard Mommy drop the rail. She reached out with a squeak, and Mommy laughed as she picked her up. "Oh yes, baby, Mommy's happy to see you too!" "Nanny made me go ni-ni! I wanted to watch cartoons!" Janet put her fake pout back on, hoping to buy a little sympathy, or at least a reaction from playing her cute-card. Mommy just gave her diaper a squeeze, which was silly, because she was still dry, though that was probably going to change soon. "Oh yes, mean old Nanny insisted we take a nap, even though it was clear we needed it!" Nanny's laughing voice rang out from the doorway. "And she didn't even give me a ba-ba!" Janet pressed. "Meanie!" "Oh, Nanny!" Mommy gave her a squeeze. "No ba-ba before nap?" "Okay, you got me there. I'm sorry, Jan-Jan, I was distracted by that meeting I had to attend." Nanny stepped aside as Mommy carried her out into the living room. Janet stuck her tongue out at Nanny on the way by, and Nanny laughed and pinched her cheeks. "You're so adorable when you're grumpy, you know that?" "We goin' home for supper, Mommy?" Mommy sat down on the sofa and pulled Janet into her lap. "No, silly. All your party clothes are here, and you don't think Nanny would miss a chance to doll you up for an important outing, do you?" Janet's heart skipped a beat, and big girl came surging back. "Mommy! I can't go out in public in baby clothes!" She buried her face in Mommy's shoulder. "We've been over this, Chamita." Mommy lifted her chin and turned to face her. "You earned what's coming tonight. And you are going to be dressed properly for the occasion." "But Mommy..." "Hush." Mommy's finger went across Janet's lips. "Nanny, could we get a ba-ba over here, help tide her over until we eat later?" Inside Janet was roiling over the prospect. Terror was winning out over thrill. In public. In one of any number of elaborate party dresses Nanny had stashed in the closet. None of which covered her underwear. Would Mommy let her wear tights? Would it even matter if she did? Maybe it would on the way in and out of the car, but once they were inside that imposing place, a place dedicated to bondage and leather and dark things, to discipline of the fiercest kind. What would those people think, when they got a gander at her puffy rearend and her absurd piles of pastel-colored crinoline and satin and her curls and rosy cheeks? She was going to be made a spectacle of, and while the idea excited her when it was first announced, the closer it came to becoming a reality, the more afraid she was of it. She let loose a whimper and curled up tighter in Mommy's lap, her eyes squeezed shut. The crinkle in her bottom was no longer soothing, nor was her bladder emptying itself, swelling her diaper up and warming her thighs. A nipple entered her mouth, and Mommy whispered, "There we go, Chamita. Relax and drink your ba-ba." Those words soothed her. And a pull on the bottle, her mouth filling with chocolate Ovaltine, was exactly what she needed to forget the nightmare brewing in the back of her mind. She suckled eagerly, nuzzling Mommy's chest and letting loose little whimpers of pleasure in between swallows. "Good girl, Chamita. Gooood girl." Janet squirmed and curled her toes. Somewhere in the background, she heard Nanny chuckle. Then there was a shift on the couch, and she felt those strong hands rubbing her feet, thumbs digging firmly but gently into her arches. "Someone needs to relax and stop worrying so much," Nanny scolded. "It'll all be gone in a flash, and you'll be sad it's over before you know it." "And besides," Mommy added, "You know you deserve it." Yes, yes she did deserve it. She earned all of it. And it was nearly time to face it all. 6:45pm By the time Mama arrived, Janet was fully done up. Stark white tights covering what was now a thick, comfy white diaper with a couple of boosters, "So we don't have to worry about changes until it's all done" according to Mommy. Pink patent leather Mary Janes to match her pink-and-white babydoll dress with its puffy short sleeves and Peter Pan collar and satin sash tied into a huge bow in the back, a full crinoline skirt beneath. Nanny assured her that no one would see her well-padded bottom until she bent over, and when Janet stood in front of the mirror in Nanny's bedroom, her hair in curt pigtails with pink barretts securing them, far too much blush on her cheeks, and her pacifier attached with a pink ribbon to her collar, she actually believed it too. There were so many other things rustling on her, surely no one would hear her diaper, and the tights would keep it well secured even if she wet it. "So pretty!" Mama declared as Janet ran to give her a hug. "Are we all ready to go, then? Our car is waiting out front!" Car indeed! Mama had splurged on what looked like a cross between a limo and a giant SUV, which sat right out front of Nanny's condo. In the darkness of the fall evening, her three mommies surrounded her and ushered her into the back seat, where a wonderful sight awaited her – her very own car seat! She squealed as she climbed into it and Mama buckled her in snug with the five-point harness. "Is it ours? Do we get to keep it?" "Well yes we do, though I don't think it'll be of much use in Nanny's car." Mama said with a chuckle. "Oh, so now it's on me to swap out for a truck?" Nanny said. "Puleeeeeeeese Nanny?!" Laughter rose as the vehicle pulled out into traffic. Nanny rolled her eyes. "We'll discuss it more later. Mama needs to start consulting with Nanny before buying new furniture, though!" Janet kicked her legs happily, enjoying this new level of security and childishness she had fantasized about many times. Her three mommies chatted, but Janet was deep into little-space now, their words just a buzz in the background as she stared out the dark-tinted glass and watched the car-headlight fireflies dance to and fro. She suckled her pacifier happily, wishing she'd taken Avvy with her. Having a friend to cuddle would have made this moment absolutely perfect. Stop and go, stop and go, the car wandered through traffic, her mommies laughing and joking in the background somewhere, until it finally stopped one last time and didn't move again. "Time to go, Chamita!" Mommy reached over and released the latch on her harness. Janet's heart clenched. It was time. Right now, it was time. Time to step out, to be exposed in front of strangers on the street. Time to enter the strange place she'd only ever heard stories of, terrible stories. Her eyes darted around the car. Nanny had her handbag over her shoulder, and Janet could see the handle of the paddle that had on rare occasions made contact with her bare bottom. Janet didn't feel so safe anymore. She felt exposed, vulnerable, full of dread and anxiety. She began to tremble as the soother fell from her lips. "I... I can't.... Mommy, I can't!" Her throat began to tighten, and tears formed in the corners of her eyes. "I wanna go home Mommy! I can't go in there!" The faces of all three women changed, reflecting deep concern. Mommy snatched her up out of the carseat and onto her lap, pulling her close, while Nanny rubbed her leg and Mama her back. "It's okay, Chamita. It's okay. You can do this, I promise. Mommy would never make you do something she didn't think you could do." Other words of encouragement came from Nanny and Mama. Her pacifier was tucked back into her mouth, and Mommy rocked her gently. "Be brave, Jan-Jan," Nanny whispered. "You can do it." "Jan-Jan need a ride?" Mama offered. "No, I know Chamita's strong enough to walk with us, isn't she? Mommy and Nanny and Mama all be right by your side, baby, holding your hands the whole way. You can do it, baby. Look at me, Chamita." Janet looked up into Mommy's eyes. "Say it, Chamita. 'I can do it.'" "I... can do it." Janet didn't really believe it, not all the way. "That's right, you can do it." Mommy squeezed her tight again. "Say it again, Chamita. Mean it this time." Her mommies were all here to keep her safe and protect her and love her, just as they had the entire year since she agreed to become the full-time baby of this little poly family. How could she be afraid now? She trusted them completely. Surely they would not abandon her now. "I can do it." "That's my big brave Chamita! Let's go!" And with that, the car door opened, and out they went. This wasn't a particularly busy area of town for foot traffic, and even though she knew people in cars passing by could see her, those faces didn't mean anything, she couldn't see them. She clutched two hands tightly, and a third one rested on her shoulder as she took trembling steps toward the door. Mama opened it, and in she walked. A tall, dark-haired woman in a leather catsuit stood at a counter across the room, and as she saw Janet, she grinned broadly. "And who is this adorable little thing? I might have to check some ID!" She laughed, and Janet's mommies all laughed with her, though Janet just blushed. "Well this happens to be the belle of this particular ball. Lassetter party?" Mama spoke coolly and confidently as she reached forward to shake the woman's hand. "Right through that door," the woman replied. Got a good turnout for this one. Have fun cutie!" Right... through... the door. They were here, now. No turning back. Mommy gave her a pat on the bottom and whispered, "Go ahead, Chamita." Janet steeled herself. She stood up straight, took a breath, and marched toward the door, pushing it open and nearly stumbling on the staircase on the other side. Nanny caught her arm as she regained her balance and surveyed the scene. There was no evidence of any of the horrible things Janet had heard about. A huge sign greeted her overhead, "Happy First Birthday, Jan-Jan!" it declared. And suddenly the room noticed her as well. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" they all shouted, breaking into raucous applause. She spotted Tracy from the CAP crew, and her heart soared. One by one her little friends from so many play-parties and visits and overnights came into vision, and she squealed with joy. There were balloons everywhere, and a ball pit, and littles and their mommies and daddies filling the room. This dark place had been fully converted into a little princess' birthday ball. She turned back toward her now grinning mommies. "I... I was so scared! I... heard so much..." "Silly girl!" Mama said, pulling her into a hug. "This was the only place I could find that would host a birthday party for a big little girl like you!" "Oh, thank you, Mommy! Thank you Nanny! Thank you Mama! I love you!" She reached out to them all, and they surrounded her in a huge embrace. "Oh little Chamita, you know you deserved it." She did deserve it. She was a good girl, and she had the best mommies a little girl could ever dream of. Full of happy thoughts and love, she turned and dashed down the stairs and straight into the fray, just like a little girl at her very first little-girl party. The paddle? Oh yes, she did catch the paddle later that night. Right before she cut the cake, Nanny got one good shot on her very padded bottom. Her "birthday spanking". By the end of the night, Janet was positively giddy at the idea of having a second birthday party. But only if she deserved it.
  4. @YourFNF gave me this idea: "I've had this recurring fantasy about a girl who's mommy owns a tech startup and she's basically treated as a Little by the whole office...." and "Like I picture in one scene she's introduced to a new client who turns out to be daddy with his own little boy and is made to me mess herself.." I gathered from the verbiage that this was more than likely intended to be set in the diaper dimension, but I don't fuck around with that place, so I went a slightly different route. I sincerely hope my attempt is good in your eyes. I had fun writing something that someone else pitched, and will be doing it at least two more times in the near future for ideas from @Wannatripbaby and possibly @foofybabykitten, I say possibly because the idea was given on DA and the names are similar but I don't know for certain if they're the same person. Anyway, no one dies in this one, and there aren't any horrible things, just good old fashioned smut! Enjoy and leave a comment if you feel like it, shoot me a PM with story ideas you'd like to see written, I don't do commissions, so any idea you give me is free and such and such. Take Your Child To Work Day By: RambleLamb "This is stupid." Belinda grumped from the passenger seat of the car. "I don't see why I have to do this, I'm not a kid anymore." she added. Her mother sighed and reached over to gently rub her daughter's shoulder as the girl sat with her arms folded across her chest. "No one said you were a kid, Belle, but like it or not, you are my daughter and the head of the company should set an example by participating in things like this." she said. Belinda sighed, her pout turning into a sneer as she turned to glare at her mother. "Fine, but you are forbidden from calling me "Belle" while we're there." she spat. Her mother removed her hand from her daughter's shoulder. "I don't see what the big deal is, you used to love that nickname." she said, more than a little saddened by her daughter's negative attitude. Belinda scoffed. "Yeah, when I was four and loved Beauty and the Beast, mom." she said. "I'm in college now, not preschool." she added, turning her attention out her window to scowl at the world as it passed her by. Diana felt the anger rise up in her. "I think you mean that you were in college, Belle." she corrected. "Typically when you fail out of all your classes and have to move back to your parent's house they stop considering you a student." she added, hoping to quell her daughter's sour mood with a harsh dose of realism. Over the last two months Belinda had been dealing with the shame of having to move back in with her parents after spending too much time partying and not enough time studying and attending classes while away at college. With nothing but time on her hands as she'd been unable to find work, Belinda had more or less regressed to her teenage self, hanging out around the house and accomplishing next to nothing with her time. Her attitude had also taken a severe nosedive, this morning's tantrum just one of many over the last two months. When she'd gotten into an argument with her parents about her lack of a job, she'd told her mother that, as the owner of the small but quite successful tech startup company, she should just give her a job which brought them back to the subject of her failure at school and her mother pointing out that she wasn't going to give her a job just because she was the owner and Belinda was her daughter. When the subject of the "take your child to work" day came up Belinda had rejected the idea, but Diana was steadfast in her decision and offered to treat it as a day long interview, to see if Belinda could handle being a secretary or personal assistant and if she could she'd be allowed to interview for the position with all the other potential candidates and if she truly was the best for the job then she'd have it. Belinda viewed it as a secret way for her mother to give her a job but make it look like she wasn't doing so because she was Belinda's mother, and finally consented to going to work with her mother for the day. The morning had started off on the wrong foot to begin with, Belinda having neglected to set her alarm the night before as her mother had told her to do, and then whining and complaining about how early it was when her mother had come in to wake her while she was getting herself ready for the day. All of this culminated in Belinda rushing her shower, not bothering to wash her hair, and throwing on her favorite t-shirt and jeans without considering that maybe the fact that she'd picked them up off her bedroom floor, but with them already running behind, her mother begrudgingly said nothing to her daughter as they made their way to the car. "Look, Belle, I know you're having a tough time right now, but if you made a little bit of an effort to present yourself as an adult-" her mother had begun to say before her daughter had turned to face her. "Are you fucking kidding me, mom?! How am I supposed to present myself as an adult when I'm sleeping in my old bedroom and having to answer to you and dad like a fucking child?!" Belinda snapped, her eyes wide with anger and brimming with hot tears of frustration and embarrassment. The car pulled to a stop in the parking garage and Diana squealed to a stop in her spot before getting out of the car and moving to Belinda's side where she threw the door open and reached inside to unbuckle her daughter's seatbelt. "What the fuck are you doing?!" Belinda screamed, the cry ringing out in the parking garage. "Something I should have been doing from the start." Diana responded through gritted teeth as she pulled her daughter from the car by the wrist and yanked her to the front of the car where her latent maternal skills came back in full force as she bent Belinda over the hood and tugged her pants down, sighing when she saw her daughter had failed to put on underwear, and proceeded to deliver a dozen sharp swats to the girl's exposed backside, the cracks echoing off the walls and ceiling quickly joined by the desperate and humiliated cries of her daughter. "Fucking stop, mom, what the fuck?!" Belinda screamed as her pants were pulled down, followed by strings of profanity that rapidly devolved into pleading and further devolved until she was genuinely crying. Diana stopped after she was sure the message had gotten through and righted her daughter before throwing her arms around the girl and hugging her tightly. "I hope you realize that that was for your own good, Belle." she said quietly to her sobbing daughter, feeling the motion of the girl gently rubbing her stinging backside. "I told you not to call me that!" Belle whined between sobs, trying to pull free of her mother. Diana broke her embrace and looked her daughter square in the eyes, the younger and, at the moment, far more vulnerable woman trying to look away but having her chin gripped gently but firmly to hold her gaze in place. "I will call you Belinda when you act like my college aged daughter, until then, I think Belle is a very fitting name, wouldn't you agree, sweetie?" she asked, her tone soft and maternal but only slightly covering the seriousness and authority that she was exerting over her daughter. Belle sniffled. "I'm sorry, please give me another chance!" she pleaded as her tears rolled down her cheeks. Diana bent forward and pulled her daughter's pants up for her, the girl wincing and crying out in pain as the denim rubbed across her reddened backside. "If you can prove to me today that you're ready to be Belinda then I'll forget this ever happened." she said. Belle nodded. "Thank you." she said quietly. "But." Diana added. "If you fail to prove to me that you're ready to be an adult and that you're serious about wanting a job then your father and I are going to have to discuss what we're going to do with you." she said. Belle swallowed hard and nodded again. "I'll show you, I promise." she said. Diana kissed her daughter's forehead and went to the glovebox for some tissues to give the girl. "Dry your eyes and compose yourself and we'll head inside, okay?" she asked. Belle took the tissues and wiped her eyes, blowing her nose a few times before she handed the package of tissues back to her mother before they made their way into the office. Unbeknownst to either woman, Diana's parking space was situated right next to a security camera, and unbeknownst to either woman, said camera and the person watching the cameras had seen the whole show that Diana and her daughter had put on. ************************************************************************ "Belle, this is Patty, she's in charge of making sure everyone that visits gets a badge and finds their way around okay." Diana told her daughter as they stood before a girl that couldn't have been much older than Belle herself, though in comparison, Patty in her smart and professional looking business outfit consisting of a long black skirt and a modest blouse accompanying her high heels whereas Belle looked like she'd just rolled out of bed and was on her way to high school. "It's so nice to finally meet you, Belle!" Patty chirped happily. Belle held her tongue at having this girl use her childish nickname and feigned a smile. "It's nice to meet you too, Patty." she said. "I have to get to my office and check my schedule for the day, but Patty will show you around and get you set up and then I'll come find you so we can start your trial run, okay, sweetie?" Diana asked. Belle nodded and watched her mother depart, thankful that she might be able to salvage some of her adulthood without her around. "Okay, Belle, here's your visitor badge." Patty said as she clipped the laminated badge to Belle's shirt without asking. "That badge will let you into any door that has a blue circle above it." she explained, pointing to the blue circle above the door Belle and her mother had entered through. Belle again feigned a smile. "Thanks, Patty." she said. "Anytime, kiddo!" Patty chirped. "Now, why don't we take a quick tour and then we'll get you set up with the other kids." she said. "Other kids?" Belle asked. Patty nodded. "Oh yeah, we've got about seven of you guys visiting here today!" she said as she started walking away, beginning the previously mentioned tour. "First stop is the restroom, I know my other little tour goers needed that before we really started exploring." she said with a warm smile. Belle rolled her eyes. "I think I'll be fine, Patty." she said. "Why don't you just point me in the direction of my mom's office and I'll hang out there until she's ready for me." she added. Patty's smile faded. "No can do, kiddo, all the kids need to stay in room 1A until their parents come and get them." she said. "I'll take you there now if you don't want the grand tour though." she added, her perky tone replaced by one of fake sincerity as she had already had her fill of her boss's bratty daughter mere minutes after meeting her. "Fine." Belle said simply and followed Patty down the long hall to a boardroom, her eyes widening in disbelief as she saw half a dozen or so children inside playing with various toys. The oldest one in the room didn't look like he was more than twelve while the youngest looked to be about three or four, a distinct bulge beneath the stretchy pants she wore beneath her ladybug print dress. "Nope, no fucking way am I going in there." Belle said bluntly. Patty ignored her and ran her badge over the reader, causing the door to slide open and the full volume within the room to come blaring out. "Have fun, kiddo." she said as she gave Belle a small push into the room just before the door slid closed. Belle turned and banged on the door, reaching for her badge and running it over the reader inside the room, getting a sharp buzz and a red light for her efforts. After five more tries she noticed Patty pointing upward and looked above the door to see a green square rather than a blue circle. "You've got to be fucking kidding me." she said. "You said a swear, I'm telling!" a young boy behind her exclaimed. Belle rolled her eyes and turned around. "Go ahead and tell, you little booger eater!" she shouted, causing many of the kids to gasp and the young boy to begin crying. Belle sighed and moved to him, kneeling down in front of him and putting a hand on his shoulder. "Hey, I'm sorry, buddy, please don't cry." she said, less concerned about the boy and more concerned that her mother would find out she'd already failed their agreement. "Leave me alone!" the boy wailed and shoved her hard in the chest. Given her current position, Belle was almost powerless to keep from falling backward onto her butt, the pain of the impact on her still tender backside bringing a cry of pain and a welling of tears to her eyes. "Jeez, you gonna cry because you got pushed by a kid half your size?" the oldest boy in the room asked with a scoff. Belle wiped her eyes. "Shut up, it just surprised me is all." she said, sounding very much like one of the younger children in the room rather than the adult she actually was. The boy nodded. "Whatever you say, crybaby." he said and turned his attention back to his phone. Belle fumed and got up from the floor, marching over to him and slapping the phone from his hands, sending it tumbling across the floor under the table in the center of the room. The boy stood up from his chair and proved to be nearly a head taller than Belle. "Pick it up." he commanded angrily as he stared her down. Belle felt her face flush as she turned to look for the phone, hoping this boy wasn't the type to hit girls when they made him angry. She lowered herself onto her knees and looked beneath the table, seeing the phone a few feet away in front of her and moving on her hands and knees toward it to reach out and pick it up. The door beeped and Patty entered suddenly, the sound of the beep and the door opening startling Belle and causing her to lift up and bang her head on the table, biting her tongue in the process. Yelping in both surprise and pain, Belle crawled forward the rest of the way and found herself looking up at Patty, meeting the standing woman's eyes and looking down as her face went red. "Well, I'm glad to see you're fitting in with the other children so well, Belle." Patty praised, her tone soft and kind, befitting an adult talking to a child. Belle stood up and glared at Patty, the insinuation that not only was she just like the other children but that she was also playing with them annoying her beyond what she could tolerate without speaking up. "Lithen hewe-" Belle began but abruptly stopped, clamping her hand over her mouth in surprise at the childish lisp she'd developed from biting her tongue. Patty covered her own mouth to stifle a laugh at what she'd just heard. "Yes, Belle? You were saying?" she cooed in mock sincerity. Belle fumed. "Thtop tawking do me wike I'm thum dumb kid!" she yelled. "Listen here, Belle, you will not raise your voice to me like that again, if you want to talk to me you can use your inside voice like a good girl." Patty said condescendingly. Belle growled and started to say something but Patty cast an icy stare her way and she instantly quieted. "I think you should apologize for your little tantrum, Belle." Patty told her. "Not just to me, but to your friends as well." Belle's expression soured and she shook her head. "I'm noth apowogizing thoo thum dumb kidth!" she spat. Patty nodded decisively. "Fine, then you can come with me and have a nice timeout to think about your behavior, young lady." she said as she reached out and took Belle by the hand firmly and began to tug her along behind her. "Hey, lemme go!" Belle squealed and pulled against Patty's iron grip, her shoes still sliding on the carpet of the meeting room as she fought against the stronger woman. Patty had had enough and released her hold of Belle sending the girl tumbling backward into the table, the edge hitting the backs of her thighs causing her to roll onto it and over it to the other side where she fell to the floor square on butt, a blinding white flash of hot pain jolting through her body the instant her spank damaged bottom connected with the unforgiving surface of thinly carpeted concrete. Belle wailed in pain, tears forming in her eyes instantly as they began to cascade down her cheeks. Patty sighed and rolled her eyes. "Good grief, Belle, I've seen toddlers that are less crybaby than you." she chided as she went around the table and stood above the sobbing girl with her legs splayed out in front of her and, looking down disapprovingly for a moment before kneeling down and putting her hands beneath the crying girl's armpits to hoist her to her feet. Belle's thoughts were spinning out of control as she was helped to her feet, she couldn't stop crying no matter how hard she wanted to, the pain in her bottom was almost too much to handle. She felt Patty take her by the hand and shuffled along behind her as she wiped her eyes and continued to cry. "Kids, I need to take care of Belle, but I'll be right back with some snacks for you guys, okay?" Patty said to the group of children after scanning her badge and opening the door. "Are you gonna make Belle take a nap?" one of the younger children asked innocently. "My mommy makes me take a nap when I throw tantrums." the little girl added. Patty looked at Belle thoughtfully and then turned back to the room. "You don't worry about Belle, we'll get her calmed down and then I'll bring her back here so she can apologize for being so disruptive." she explained. "In the meantime, thank you all for being so well behaved." she added before leading Belle from the room. As they walked down the hall Belle found it difficult to walk normally as her bottom throbbed and tingled with every step and she found it easier to walk in short little steps, shuffling her feet to avoid the flashes of pain that came with lifting her feet and bringing them down on the floor. "Someone told me an interesting story about you after I put you in the playroom." Patty said as she pulled Belle down the hall past the many cubicles and offices. "They told me that they saw you get quite a spanking from your mommy in the parking garage this morning." she continued, sure that Belle wasn't likely to engage in conversation as she was still sniffling and choking back sobs. Belle's blood ran cold. "Thumwon thaw dat?!" she lisped in a hushed whisper. Patty nodded. "Saw and recorded." she clarified as they reached her desk and she turned to face Belle. "Now, if you want that video to stay a secret, I think you need to work on doing a much better job of being a good girl for the rest of the time you're here." she said. Belle wanted to fight, but not at the risk of a video of her being spanked by her mother finding its way onto the internet or worse, her own social media pages. "I'wl be good." she said quietly. Patty nodded. "A smart choice, but we'll see if you can actually manage it." she said as she gave Belle's head a gentle pat and took the girl by the hand once again and continued on to the break room where she went to the fridge and pulled out a small stack of plastic containers and handed them to Belle. "You carry those and I'll get the drinks." she said. Belle took the containers and watched Patty grab a plastic bag containing a large bottle of soda, a jug of grape juice, and small pink lunch bag and then went to the cabinet and grabbed a small stack of plastic cups. "Now, when we get back to the playroom you're going to apologize to the other children for being a brat and serve them their snacks and once you've done that you'll sit on the floor like a good girl and eat your snacks, do you understand?" Patty asked. Belle blushed and nodded, completely humiliated but powerless to fight, choosing to agree and obediently follow behind Patty back to the playroom, entering the room after Patty unlocked the door. "Kids, Belle has something she'd like to say to you all." Patty said as the door closed behind them. Belle blushed again and looked down at the floor. "Thowwy fo being a bwat." she said quietly. "What?!" the oldest boy in the room called out as he put a hand to his ear. "Speak up, Belle." Patty commanded as she gave Belle a sharp swat on the behind. Belle yelped and almost dropped the containers in her hands as she jumped in surprise and pain. "Pweath fogib me fo being a bwat!" she squealed. The children nodded and all confirmed they forgave her and Patty smiled and patted Belle on the head. "Good girl, now set those down on the table before you drop them and I'll give you things to take to everyone." she said. Belle flushed and set the containers down on the table and stood silently as she watched Patty open the containers and pull out carrot and celery sticks, apple slices, a chocolate chip cookie to place them in a napkin and hand them to Belle. With the snack portion handed to her, Patty poured some grape juice into one of the plastic cups and handed it to Belle. "Juice goes to the little kids and soda goes to David because he's the oldest." she explained and gave Belle a gentle nudge to get her going. Belle moved to the end of the table in her same shuffling baby steps, watching the juice in the cup slosh around, worrying what Patty would do if she spilled any. "Set it on the table, Belle, little ones need to sit at the table for snack time." Patty told her as she prepared another snack and drink combo for Belle to take upon her return. Belle performed her task over and over until all the younger children were seated at the table with their snacks and juice, David, having come and gotten his own, was seated off in the corner looking at his phone while he ate. With her duties complete, Belle returned to Patty and waited for her own snack and drink and frowned when she was handed a cup of grape juice and led to a seat at the table. "Thith ith whath the withle kidth are having though." Belle protested. Patty nodded. "I think that with the way you've been acting today you're much closer in maturity to them over David." she replied bluntly. "Truth be told, I probably should have given you a sippy cup like Athena." she added, gesturing to the youngest girl in the room as she sucked down her juice from the princess themed pink sippy cup. Belle looked up at Patty with a scowl. "I'm not a baby!" she declared, sounding all too similar to a young child arguing their status to an adult after doing something that proved otherwise. "No?" Patty asked. "So, you haven't been a whiny brat all day? You weren't crawling on the floor when I came in here to get you to help me get the snacks? You haven't cried because you fell down on your bottom?" she asked and leaned in to whisper into Belle's ear. "You didn't get the spanking you obviously deserve and probably need a proper reminder of?" she asked. Belle seethed and shot up from her seat, slamming her hands down on the table in rage thinking Patty would finally understand that she'd had enough of this and was demanding to be treated like the adult woman that she was, but as she brought her hands down onto the table, her juice cup bounced toward her and spilled grape juice onto the bottom of her shirt and down the crotch and leg of her jeans creating a small pool on the gray carpet below. Patty sighed and went to grab several napkins,shoving them into Belle's hand. "Clean up that mess, young lady and then you're coming with me, I've had just about enough of your behavior today." she growled. Belle began wiping off the table and soaking up what she could from the floor before Patty grabbed her by the arm and dragged her to the door. "David, please watch the kids while I handle this." she asked the oldest boy who had a wicked smirk on his face as he watched Belle awkwardly try and cover her stained pants. "Yes, ma'am, take as much time as you need." he said politely. Once through the door, Patty turned to face Belle. "What do you have to say for yourself, young lady?" she asked in exasperation. Belle tried to look away but had her chin grabbed and her gaze guided back to Patty's. "I-" she started to say but was cut off. "Save it!" Patty shouted. "You and I are going straight to your mother to explain what a colossal brat you are." she proclaimed as she roughly grabbed Belle's hand and began to drag her along behind her. "No, pleathe donth!" Belle protested, cursing the fact that her tongue was still swollen from biting it earlier. Patty turned and faced her again. "And why shouldn't I?" she asked. Belle was starting to cry again. "I'm thowwy! Pweathe give me anotha chance, I'wl do anything!" she pleaded. Patty looked at her watch. "It's time for my lunch." she said. "If I use my personal lunch time to take you shopping for clean clothes do you promise to do everything I say and not argue with me no matter what?" she asked. Belle nodded and wiped her tears away. "I promith." she said. "If you do argue with me, for any reason whatsoever I will not only drag you right back here and dump you off in your mother's office, but you'll also get another spanking that will make the one your mother gave you feel like a tickle party." Patty threatened. "Am I understood, little girl?" she asked. Belle nodded again, cringing at being called a little girl and at the thought of being spanked by someone so close to her own age. "Yeth, ma'am." she said sullenly. "Good, then let's go." Patty said as she took Belle by the hand once more and led her to her desk to get her purse and then to the parking garage to her car. ************************************************************************ In the backseat of Patty's car, Belle watched the world outside, wondering why all of this was happening to her, cursing Patty and her mother for treating her like a child and looking disdainfully down at her stained clothes, angry that the table had been so flimsy that it couldn't manage to keep her drink cup on it after a little bang of her hands. Patty drove them in silence to a big box store and pulled into the parking lot before getting out and opening Belle's door for her, the child safety locks preventing her from doing so herself and took the girl by the hand once more. "You don't need to hold my hand." Belle told her, smiling as she realized her tongue had finally returned to normal and was allowing her to speak like an adult again. Patty stopped. "Strike one, Belle." she said coldly as she grabbed a cart from the nearby cart return. "Get in." she said simply. Belle looked at her incredulously but stayed still. "One." Patty said, placing her hands on her hips. Belle furrowed her brow, not understanding until Patty continued. "Two." Patty said. Belle looked at the cart and then to Patty. "You can't be serious." she said. "Two and a half." Patty continued, the look on her face deadly serious. Belle sighed and climbed up and into the cart, gingerly sitting in the large basket area before Patty took hold of the bar in front and nodded to her before pushing the cart forward to the entrance of the store. "From now on, resistance will be met with further reduction of status and privilege, young lady." Patty said. "I can't spank you here in the store, but I can make sure you understand that your actions have consequences." she added as they drove through the sliding doors and into the store. Belle sat glumly in the cart, avoiding looking up to see the face of people they passed, sure that everyone was staring at her, hoping no one was taking pictures of the grown woman riding in the cart like a child. The cart stopped in the Women's section and Patty looked at the clothes on the rack, modest skirts like hers mostly before Belle took notice and sighed. "Can I just have another shirt and jeans?" she asked. Patty grabbed the bar of the cart and moved out of the area and into the Girl's section to look at shirts appropriate for a high school aged girl. "These clothes are so ugly!" Belle moaned. Patty sighed and drove the cart further into the section, looking at more juvenile styles. "Nothing here will even fit me!" Belle whined as she looked around at the clothes on the racks meant for girls on the cusp of tweenhood. Patty looked down at Belle and just shook her head in disappointment as she pushed the cart to the back of the store and down the aisle dedicated to baby supplies. "Where are you taking us?!" Belle asked loudly. Patty stopped the cart and plucked a package from the little peg hook to her right and ripped it open before going to the side of the cart and pushing the item in her hand into Belle's mouth. Belle reached up to pull the pacifier from her mouth but had her hand slapped away by Patty. "If that leaves your mouth before I give you permission to take it out, you'll be standing in front of your mother when we get back to the office with a diaper on over your blistered butt, little girl." she threatened. Belle looked up at her with wide eyes and found only a stern and serious face looking down at her which made her shudder from fear and quietly suck the pacifier. Patty nodded, tossing the opened package into the cart. "I finally found the solution to my noise problem." she said smugly as she returned to the front of the cart and began pushing it again, turning around and driving back to the previous section to look at the juvenile clothing while Belle fumed with her arms folded across her chest. Several items were put into the cart beside her, Belle looking at the bright colors and prints with growing rage as she bit down on the pacifier bulb and glared up at Patty. The item that sent her over the edge was a light yellow pair of footed pajamas with Belle the princess on them, causing the real world Belle to climb over the side of the cart and spit the pacifier out. "This is fucking bullshit, I'm out of here!" she shouted. In one smooth motion Patty had grabbed her arm and dragged her to where the pacifier had landed, picking it up and stuffing it back into Belle's mouth before dragging her off to the restrooms, the errant woman behind her thrashing against the pull futilely as she again spit the pacifier out and was screaming obscenities at the top of her lungs causing everyone they passed to take notice. Patty led them to the women's restroom and shoved the door open with a loud bang before hauling her charge to the counter and bending her over it where she tugged her pants down and began smacking the still red cheeks beneath with all her might and fury. Patty punctuated each of her words with a smack followed by a yelp of pain from Belle. "You." SMACK "Will." SMACK "Learn." SMACK "To." SMACK "Behave." SMACK "And." SMACK "Do." SMACK "As." SMACK "You're." SMACK "Told." SMACK Belle was a blubbering mess by the last blow, her legs shaky as she bawled and lay with her top half limp on the countertop as Patty shook the sting out of her hand and tried to catch her breath. She knelt down and removed Belle's shoes, socks and pants entirely and dragged the girl to the handicapped stall. "I'm going to finish shopping for you, and you're going to stay right here until I'm done and when I come back we're going to get you dressed and take you back to the office." Patty explained as she took the bundle of clothes with her and left the bathroom, throwing the garments in the trashcan outside before making her way back to where she'd left the cart. Belle stood in the stall whimpering and sobbing naked from the waist down and wishing she could just run away or disappear altogether. Her butt was on fire, the sting causing her to wince each time she shifted her weight when the cold tiles became uncomfortable on her bare feet. The door opened again a short time later and Patty made her way to the stall with two bags in hand and a package beneath her arm. "Alright, Belle, unless you want another spanking you'll let me get you dressed without a fuss." she said as she set the bags down and pulled another pacifier from one and held it up in front of Belle. "Take this and put it in your mouth to show me that you're ready to behave." she said simply. Belle took the pacifier and begrudgingly slipped it into her mouth, sucking it sullenly as she watched Patty retrieve several items from the bag and go to the package on the floor. Belle whimpered when she saw the diaper come out of the pack, its pristine white plastic seeming to glow under the florescent lights of the bathroom. Patty took her by the hand and led her to the baby changing station secured to the wall and opened it to let the table down and laid out a plastic mat from one of the bags, patting it to beckon Belle onto it. Belle climbed on, sure that the table would snap off and send her to the floor but as she lay down she found herself looking up at Patty from her new position, not falling and not hearing the breaking of plastic and bolts. Patty went to work wiping Belle's sensitive flesh, dragging the cool wipe over the red bottom of her charge slowly, bringing soft mewling sounds of contentment from the girl. The diaper was unfolded and slid under Belle's bottom before a flurry of powder began to coat her private parts and the diaper was brought up between her legs and taped firmly around her waist. Helping the girl off the table, Patty smiled and allowed herself a chuckle seeing a girl not much younger than her sucking a pacifier with a bulky diaper peeking out below her shirt. Belle checked out mentally after the diapering began, choosing to escape to a place in her mind where none of this was happening to her and she was having fun with her friends or enjoying her adulthood somewhere rather than having a diaper put on her by a woman she'd met only a short time ago in a public restroom while she sucked on a pacifier. "Arms up." Patty commanded suddenly, bringing her out of her blissful world of make believe and back to reality. Belle lifted her arms and had her shirt lifted off her, followed by her bra, the horrible secret of the secret padding within the cups finally revealed, allowing Patty the opportunity at another wave of laughter at her expense when she saw the flatness of her chest and her puffy pink nipples that she covered with her hands. Patty went back to the bags and pulled out the yellow pajamas Belle had lost her cool over before and unzipped them and helped Belle guide her feet into. Belle smirked despite herself, confident that Patty had wasted her money and would find that the pajamas wouldn't fit and she'd have to go find her more age appropriate clothing, but as the pajamas began to slide up her body she became less and less confident she'd see that outcome, and once her arms went into the sleeves and the zipper began to come up, she felt tears start to roll down her cheeks as she her fate was sealed with the zipper stopping below her chin. She felt Patty messing with her hair and knew after the pink ribbons came out that she was affixing her locks into pigtails to maximize her humiliation. "There!" Patty proclaimed as she took Belle by the hand and led her to the mirror, the rustling of her diaper beneath her pajamas faint but unmistakable in the quiet bathroom. Belle began to cry in earnest as she saw herself, the bulge of her diaper beneath her infantile pajamas coupled with her new hairstyle making her look like an overgrown toddler ready for a nap rather than a college aged woman ready for a life of independence. Patty turned Belle to face her and hugged the crying girl, rubbing her back softly. "Shh, it's okay, Belle, I promise to take good care of you." she whispered and gave the girl's crinkly bottom a few gentle pats. Belle found herself feeling comforted by the hug, and despite her resentment and hatred of Patty, found herself wrapping her arms around the woman and hugging her back as she continued to cry and suck her pacifier. Before they left the bathroom, Patty affixed a clip and tether to Belle's pacifier and clipped it to her pajamas. Grabbing the bags and the package of diapers before leading the girl out of the bathroom and back to the car. ************************************************************************ The stares and laughter from the people they'd passed on the way out to the car had turned Belle into a sobbing mess, adding credence to the belief that she was a little girl in desperate need of a nap rather than a grown woman being humiliated against her will. By the time they reached the parking garage of her mother's office, Belle had mostly calmed down, but was nervously sucking her pacifier at the thought of her mother seeing her this way, but the only thing that kept her from panicking was the shred of hope that her mother would be so irate with Patty's treatment of her that she'd fire the girl right then and there and apologize to Belle for her having to endure such abuse. Belle was retrieved from the car and led by the hand once more, forced to carry the open package of diapers in her free hand, into the building and to the room with the kids where she was unceremoniously nudged in. "I'm going to go have a meeting with your mommy, Belle, play nice until I come back." Patty said through the closing door, leaving Belle in the room with a growing assortment of giggles behind her. "Well, she really did handle you, didn't she?" David said as he got up and walked toward her. Belle was sure that David hadn't been so much taller than her when she'd seen him last, but with him standing in front of her now, she felt like she was the child and he was the adult and all she could do was blush and nod as she sucked her pacifier. David reached behind her and patted her bottom, the crinkle of her diaper seeming impossibly loud in the small room. "Wow, she even put a diaper on you, you must really be a baby." he said with a guffaw. The chant of "Baby Belle, Baby Belle, how bad do her diapers smell?" began from nowhere and reached such a fever pitch that Belle didn't even have time to realize she was crying and had slumped down to the floor before she was looking up at David as he towered above her. "Don't cry, baby." he said and knelt down where he proceeded to start tickling her under her armpits and on her sides as she tried to wriggle out of his reach. Belle hated to be tickled, but her peals of laughter did little to convey that as she fell to her back and squirmed against the stronger boy's assault, gasping for air and giggling as she felt her bladder let go into the thick absorbent material of her diaper making her cry out in despair and begin to cry altogether to which David calmly put her pacifier back into her mouth to silence. The door behind her beeped and opened and she looked up, on her back crying and sucking on her pacifier wearing babyish princess footed pajamas and a still swelling diaper beneath to see her mother and Patty looking down at her. "Belinda May Prescott!" her mother exclaimed. "I didn't believe Patty when she told me that you'd wet yourself and had to be taken to the store for new clothes and picked out the most infantile thing you could fit into, but seeing is believing!" she shouted angrily. Belle looked up at Patty and scowled. "She wyin'!" she said with her pacifier still bobbing between her lips. "Get up this instant!" her mother snapped. Belle did as she was told and yelping as she was grabbed by the wrist and pulled to her mother where she found a hand being pressed into the sodden padding of the crotch of her diaper through her pajamas. "It certainly feels like she's telling the truth." her mother said before unzipping Belle's pajamas and exposing the yellowed diaper beneath. "And it definitely looks like she's telling the truth." she added, poking a finger into the leg gather of the diaper and looking at Belle with disappointment and shock. "So, my daughter flunks out of college and decides she'd rather play baby than accept her adult responsibilities, well, I can't say I'm surprised with the way you've been acting lately, but I'm still incredibly disappointed in you, Belle." she added. Belle began to cry again as her pajamas were zipped back up. "I din wan dis, mommy!" she pleaded. "That's quite enough out of you, young lady." her mother said sharply, shooting a gaze at her daughter that probably would have induced another wetting had she not just emptied herself. "Patty, I am so sorry for my daughter's behavior today, I'll make sure you're well compensated for having to play babysitter instead of being able to do your actual job." her mother said. "It was really no trouble, Mrs. Prescott, a little strange, certainly, but no trouble at all." Patty said politely. Belle's mother sighed. "Well, I'll take Belle into my meeting so you can go back to your normal routine." she said, grabbing her daughter's wrist. "Say thank you to Ms. Patricia for taking care of you today." she commanded her daughter. Belle hung her head. "Fank oo fo tagin' cawe'a me, Mish Patwicha." she mumbled quietly around her pacifier. "Anytime, cutie." Patricia said with wink and a knowing smile as she reached out and pinched Belle's cheek. Belle was led down the hall to her mother's office and told to sit quietly on the floor which she did without question and watched as her mother sat behind her desk and organized some papers on her desk before a knock on the door got both of their attentions. Belle looked at the tall man in the suit with the young boy in tow and gave a quizzical look to Belle before her mother went to him and drew his attention. "Mr. Atkins, welcome, and who's this?" her mother asked as she knelt down to greet the boy. "This is my son, Davis." Mr. Atkins said. "It's nice to meet you, Davis, my name is Diana and that's my daughter, Belle." her mother said, shaking the boy's hand politely and gesturing to Belle. Mr. Atkins smiled politely at Belle. "Is she special needs?" he asked, taking a moment to try and find the most tactful way to phrase his question. Her mother shook her head. "No, she's decided that she'd rather be a baby than a grown woman, so a baby she can be." she explained dismissively as she led the pair to her desk and gestured them to the seats in front of it. "Davis, why don't you go play with Belle while daddy has his meeting." Mr. Atkins said with a gentle nudge to his son in the direction of the overgrown toddler on the other side of the room. Belle stewed as she sat on the floor with Davis. Her mother carried on her meeting like nothing was out of the ordinary and Belle found that her diaper had cooled and was now becoming uncomfortable. None of this was fair, she wasn't supposed to be where she was now, she was supposed to be in college having parties and making questionable life choices, not wondering when she'd be let out of her wet diaper! Her mother had known that the diaper was wet before taking her to her office, yet she hadn't even offered her the chance to change out of it, if she was supposed to be a baby why wasn't she being taken care of like one and having her diaper changed? What if she got a rash? The more she thought about it, the more angry she got, and she decided that if her mother and everyone else wanted her to be a baby then they were going to have to deal with taking care of her needs for her. Belle rose from her seated position on the floor and got into a squat, looking at her mother as she talked to Mr. Atkins with as much defiance and rebellion as she could manage in her footed pajamas and pacifier in her mouth, and began to push, her grunting getting the attention of the two adults and of the younger but obviously more mature boy as they all watched her fill her diaper. ***************************One Year Later***************************** "I'm surprised to see you again, Belle, I hope you're going to be better behaved than you were last time you were here." Patty said sweetly. Belle smiled at her and nodded softly. "Yes, Miss. Patricia." she replied politely. "Good!" Patricia declared. Belle's mother handed the large pink bag with Belle's favorite princess emblazoned on the side over to Patty. "She'll be a perfect angel for you, won't you, Belle?" her mother asked as she gave her daughter's hand a gentle but firm squeeze. Belle nodded again. "Yes, mommy, I be good girl." she assured her mother. Patty took the bag and set it on her desk. "Not ready for the potty just yet, Belle?" she asked the girl. Belle shook her head. "No, ma'am, Miss. Patricia." she said sheepishly, the warmth in her diaper only now registering after a year of being denied access to a toilet. "Well, I'm sure you'll be ready some day." Patricia said warmly as she leaned forward and booped the tip of Belle's nose with her finger. Belle's mother scoffed. "With as often as she needs changing, I wouldn't hold my breath." she said. Belle blushed and grabbed for her pacifier where it hung clipped to the strap of her pink corduroy shortalls and put it into her mouth, sucking on it softly to calm herself. Beneath the cartoon sun decal on the bib of her overalls was a purple shirt with Belle the princess on it. The shirt stretched down beneath her overalls and buttoned over her thick diaper, keeping it from sagging as it bulged under the snaps on the inner thighs of her shortalls. On her feet were frilly ankle socks inside pink velcro shoes with Belle the princess smiling on the side of those as well. Patty took the girl's hand gently and picked up the diaper bag from her desk. "Wave bye bye to mommy!" she cooed. Belle waved to her mother and murmured a tiny "bye bye, mommy" through her pacifier before beginning to follow behind Patty. "After all the trouble you gave us last year, your mother decided that it was probably best to open up a daycare center for everyone to bring their children to." Patty explained as she led Belle down a long hall and through a door with a blue circle on it. "Whewe's mah baj?" Belle asked as she toddled behind the older woman. Patty laughed. "Oh, sweetie, babies don't get badges, that's only for grownups." she chided. "Are you a grownup, Belle?" she asked. Belle thought back to the events of the morning, her father coming into her nursery and giving her a bottle of juice to drink while he changed her out of her soaked overnight diaper and got her into a nice dry one and dressed her for the day before putting her in her highchair so she could eat her oatmeal that he spoonfed her. Once her messy bib was removed she was put in her playpen while her mother finished getting ready, she remembered giggling at the cartoons daddy had put on for her and the silly noises her toys made as she played with them. The ride in the carseat had almost put her back to sleep, but she'd seen puppies being walked outside and had prattled on about them to her mommy the remainder of the trip. Now, with her diaper warming once again, without her knowledge or consent, Belle could only shake her head. "You're a baby, aren't you, Belle?" Patty asked as she opened another door and led Belle into the daycare. Belle sucked her pacifier and began to nod as she bent her knees and began to push, filling the seat of her diaper with her morning mess, the bulk straining against the interior of her diaper and finding room to fit only barely as she grunted softly behind her pacifier. As Patty and the daycare worked discussed Belle and openly mocked the adult woman turned diaper filling infant, Belle decided to toddle over to the play area, fell down, and finished her journey on hands and knees thinking how fun it was as she sat down on her squishy bottom that she could go to work with her mommy.
  5. So, I've been trying to find different narrative voices to try out and see what speaks to me. I did the sissy, typical abdl story thing, which I will continue, don't poop your pants! I did a dark short story that probably no one should read, it's seriously so dark that it screams "Wakanda forever!" after you read it. Now I'm here with something unlike either of those two things, a love story! Yay! I've never written a love story and I've only written one short story, so this may or may not be a complete dumpster fire outside the zoo on animal haircut day kind of terrible, but it made me happy to write it and maybe one of you lovelies will find it enjoyable. Anyway, I'd very much appreciate it if you told me what you thought in the comments below, if you liked it, great, if you hated it, also great, let's talk about it and see if we can't make me a great writer when I grow up. Anyway, here's my new jam! Her Lullaby By: RambleLamb The screen glowed in the dark of the room, bathing the bed and it's occupant in the cold light, destroying what useful eyesight she still had left. A quiet yawn competed with the sound of the laptop's fan ramping up as the young woman in the bed stared at the screen in anticipation. Without taking her eyes from the screen she felt around the bed, searching the sea of cutesy, colorful sheets for her prize. Her search ended with disappointment and had to be called off prematurely to rub her sore and puffy eyes, the hours she'd spent crying up to now having taken their toll on her physically as well as mentally. Her search resumed and quickly bore fruit as she found her pacifier down near her knee, her pale white skin glowingly in the monitor light making her look like some kind of primordial cave monster, a wretchedly adorable primordial cave monster, but a primordial cave monster all the same. Pacifier in mouth, she shifted her position, the plastic sheet beneath her childish bedding crinkling with deafening loudness in the quiet night air of her bedroom, and laid on her stomach, moving the laptop to the end of the bed. Fresh thoughts of her latest romantic failure bubbled up to the surface of her mind and the tears started to form again and she buried her head in her folded arms and began to sob. She wasn't sad that he'd broken things off with her, her low self esteem and shallow belief in herself and her value as a human being ensured that she was prepared for that inevitable outcome from the jump, no, she was sad because she'd made a fool of herself by trying to step out of her comfort zone and play the role of a sexy, normal girl and that had gone over about as well as a dog trying to teach a university calculus class. She knew her place. She knew her station in life. She knew that her role was that of cute little girl that can't seem to handle using the potty. How could she forget that when the thick padding around her waist was currently swollen with hours of reminder juice? No, she knew who and what she was and what was expected of her, or rather, what she assumed was expected of her, and she'd stepped up and out anyway and now here she was, alone on a Friday night waiting for a response from the person she actually wanted. She'd gotten together with Chad, the name voted "Most Likely To Ensure Your Kid Grows Up to be a Douche Canoe", out of desperation more than anything else. She was lonely and horny and he was there and conscious so she'd approached him as he left the counter at the coffee shop. Chad was a government issued "Red Flag Checklist", and she saw a lot of them but rationalized that since her loneliness was reaching Sarah McLachlan benefit concert for shivering animals in cages and alleys levels of depressing she needed to ignore his platinum blonde hair tied into a man bun and put aside the fact that he was dressed like a tennis instructor that was having a midlife crisis and decided he wanted to be in a 90's era Seattle grunge band. She had to overlook the "electronic cigarette" in his hand, ready to deliver that sweet sweet S'Mores smelling vapor into his lungs and into a cloud that everyone in the immediate area would just have to deal with because hashtag yoloswag. Despite being a completely socially retarded person and having the anxiety level of a chihuahua in a mosh pit when faced with the prospect of talking with people face to face, she'd done well, even though she asked if he wanted to get coffee sometime while standing in a coffee shop with her already holding her beverage and him waiting for his to be finished being prepared. She left the coffee shop with his number and practically ran home to share her news with her friend. The site was a forum for stories and discussions about the lifestyle and fetish of adults wearing diapers and pretending to be little kids and babies in their behavior. She'd joined the site to share her writings, but was also hoping that that would open the door to meet new people and make friends, possibly even find someone to be more than friends with. She wasn't sure whether a Mommy or a Daddy was what she wanted for herself, but she knew that she wanted someone compassionate and patient, someone that would be able to manage her emotional shortcomings and mental hangups. She sent her message sharing the accomplishment of asking a guy out and waited to see if she'd get a reply. She smiled to herself as she put her dirty blonde hair into a loose ponytail and heard the chirp from her phone followed by the little red number '1' popping up on the little letter icon in the top corner of the page. She wiggled her bottom happily, wetting her diaper a little as she clicked the icon and brought up the response. "Meeting" the girl that went by the username "ApexofEloquence" was something unexpected. The new girl, deciding to beat people to the punch, had decided on the name "BigDumbBaby" and had stumbled upon of one of the prolific writer's stories while posting her own first attempt at writing. She drank the story up, entranced by the deft use of language that was reserved for best selling authors, not someone on a diaper fetish story board. The juxtaposition of this unfathomably amazing writing prowess in a realm full of barely literate masturbatory fantasies given life was intoxicating to her and she shared her thoughts in a comment that basically boiled down to a small child babbling about how wonderful their new toy was while no one actively listened and just kind of nodded and smiled. Apex took the praise well and established similar interests in the response she'd posted, leaving Baby full to the brim with happiness over the spark of a connection, a chance encounter turning toward possible friendship. As more comments and more responses were filed Baby found herself feeling more than friendly toward Apex. She'd never been in love before and had certainly never been loved before, at least not by anyone that wasn't legally obligated to love her by the laws of shitting out a child, but no one had ever loved her romantically before. When the personal messages had started was when Baby realized she was in love with Apex. Every word that this woman used filled a role within a sentence and that sentence took its place within a paragraph of opulence, pregnant with emotion and raw strength to move a person at their very core. Baby read and reread each message, delighting in them as she swam in the feelings of infatuation, her face plastered with a ridiculously happy smile that nothing in her life had managed to ever come close to replicating. Baby had confessed her love to Apex on a whim one night, her heart racing and her diaper warming as she hovered the mouse over the "send" icon. Her mind swirled with possible outcomes, rejection mostly, imagining Apex turning on her in an uncharacteristically cruel manner, laughing at the naivety of this young girl that conducted herself in the general population of the forum like an overgrown toddler with the attention span of a piece of cotton. She imagined Apex posting the confession for all to see and everyone laughing at her and commenting about what a stupid baby she was for thinking she had any kind of chance with someone as universally respected as Apex. Regret filled Baby as she sat numbly staring at the screen, chiding herself for thinking any good could come of this gambit. She wished she could take it all back but assumed that the length of time between sending the confession and receiving a response was due to Apex reading it and possibly having to clean up an unfortunate wetting accident because she'd laughed so hard at Baby's expense and thus deleting it now would serve no purpose, the damage had been done. Baby had fallen asleep crying, her pacifier doing little to quell her embarrassed sobs, and she dreamed that night of Apex towering over her, pointing and laughing, the sound booming in Baby's ears like a thunderous drum. She found herself in a crib with a dunce cap on her head, pages of her story strewn about the crib bedding with large red F's on them circled hastily like a teacher with little time or patience for an underperforming student had graded them between sips of heavily "Irished" coffee. Baby had stood up and toddled to the side of the crib yelling pleas of mercy at the giant woman, but every word came out not as the intended word, but as a drool soaked, infantile babble which only brought further peals of laughter from her tormentor. Baby began to wail in earnest, dropping to her bottom in resignation as the air above the crib was filled with more giants, all laughing at her derisively, shrinking down and morphing into a mobile above her head as she looked up with tear blurred vision. She clutched her stuffed otter to her and began to suck her thumb, pausing as the stuffed otter struggled to pull free of her grasp, revealing Apex's head on the stuffed otter's body. "God, you're pathetic." the Apex otter spat in disgust. Baby tried to protest but remembered that her words were meaningless anyway and continued slurping noisily on her thumb as she watched the Apex otter climb her side and march across her tummy. "Did you really think I would want to have anything to do with a sniveling infant like you?" the Apex otter sneered. "What would we even talk about?" it asked as it sat down crisscross applesauce on her tummy. Baby hiccuped sullenly between sobs and babbled wetly around her thumb. The Apex otter laughed uproariously at her, falling onto its back and kicking its stubby stuffed legs, holding its stomach as it rolled around. "I-I-I can just imagine me starting the conversation with an insightful anecdote about the duality of man and you'll smile at me and fill your little diaper." the Apex otter said between gasps for air and giggles. Baby flushed crimson and munched her thumb as she began to grunt and- She'd woken up just as she'd fallen asleep, crying, her feelings of inadequacy and sadness compounded by her dream which was thankfully fuzzing out of her memory even as she rubbed her wet eyes with the back of her hands and retrieved her pacifier from next to her pillow and put it into her mouth sullenly. She looked up at her laptop, the screen black after hours of inactivity. She stuck her leg out and nudged the mouse with her toe bringing the screen to life once again, revealing a little letter icon with a red number "1" on it. She sucked nervously on her pacifier and leaned forward to move to the end of the bed and put her hand on the mouse, moving up to the letter icon and taking a deep breath before clicking onto it. Baby, I can't tell you how wonderful it is to know that you have feelings for me. I confess that I've been feeling similarly about you. I find you to be quite delightful to talk to, you're funny and I love the words you use in your story. Your writing style is very entertaining and I find myself rereading every message you send me just because of how lovely a picture it paints about who you are as a person. I would love to continue talking to you and learn more about you and see where things go from there. Thank you for reaching out to me, I greatly admire the braveness you've demonstrated by taking a chance to share your feelings with me, I think you're a wonderful girl and I'm very proud of you as I know how hard taking the initiative in this instance must have been for you. I can't wait to hear from you! All my love, Apex Baby squealed loudly, her pacifier dropping from her mouth as the near sonic frequency of her excitement filled the room and she flopped backward onto her bed giggling happily and kicking her legs. She wiggled her way back down to her computer and typed as fast as her excited little fingers could go. Apex, I am so ridiculously happy right now, you have no idea! She stopped typing, her mind working on the downsides of being overly eager with Apex, proving herself to be a silly little girl with no restraint that just vomited up all her thoughts without even trying to collect them into some kind of coherent message. She thought of all the wonderful words Apex used to describe her, wonderful among them, she thought of those words and the tone with which they were strung together. Apex obviously cared for her, that much was apparent even without the girl's admission, but the more Baby thought about it, the more she began to notice a pattern in the messages of the past and went back through them to confirm. She found that every message from the first to the most recent was written in such a way that it was clear Apex was more of a Big, the term for a caregiver or dominant partner in the community they were currently chatting in, to Baby's far more little demeanor. When Baby sent her messages out they were written by a girl that was happy to have a friend, excited to share things with that friend, eager to garner the approval and praise of that friend, like a small child with an older sibling or parent. The love was there, but it wasn't romantic. Baby didn't want to be with Apex in a carnal way, she just wanted to be with her. Rereading her confession message she found that she'd basically told Apex how great she was and how pretty her words were and how jealous she was of her talent but the important message, the one that she'd agonized over and had bad dreams about was relegated to one small statement at the end, "You make me feel little and safe with your pretty, soft words. I wish I could sew them into a blankie or jammies and have them keep me warm and safe all night always.". Baby wondered if Apex was romantically interested in her or if she simply saw her as a little girl to be cared for. Baby furrowed her brow wondering if that was such a bad thing, on the one hand she'd never been romantic with anyone before and the stress of that was something she wasn't sure she could deal with while also sorting out this tangle of crossed wires she found herself bound up in, on the other hand, if Apex was interested in being someone in her life that looked out for her and wanted to take care of her what would be the problem there? After all, Apex had been there for her when things had gone south with Chad, her words calming the crying girl almost instantly, the sweet sentiments about Baby's value and worth as a person making her feel as if nothing else in the world existed beyond the two of them and she was light as a feather being swaddled in the other girl's adoration as the words melodically flowed around bringing her serenity in her time of turmoil. She smiled as she thought of these feelings and started writing. My dearest Apex, I've been struggling to organize my thoughts and make them make sense to me so that I can present them to you in a way that will make sense to you. I thought when I wrote you that I was telling you how in love with you I was, but somehow I'd written something that came across to me after reading it later as a confession of love more akin to a younger sister talking to an older sister or parent and I think I've figured out why that is. I was an only child growing up so I never had a sibling to look up to and admire and think the world of, to love. When you talk to me I feel very little, but not in a bad way, not even a little bit. I never feel like you're talking down to me, more that you're meeting me at my level to talk to me, that you're tailoring your message to fit me and my level of emotional development, which is obviously quite stunted. I've never had anyone care enough about me that they crafted their statements just for me. I've never really had anyone talk to me rather than at me and you doing it resonates so strongly with me on a subconscious level that I instantly and completely loved you. You're so smart and compassionate and you take time to listen to me and to fold my feelings into your responses because you want me to be okay and to be happy. I come to you a blubbering mess and you don't get annoyed with me, you don't get frustrated with my myriad of mental and emotional issues, you embrace them as a part of who I am and assure me that I'm valid and my feelings are valid and that I'm lovely and deserve to be loved and that's not something anyone has ever told me before. I was trying to come up with a profound analogy for your words, something that would do them justice but that would also crystallize my feelings so perfectly that you would instantly know exactly how you make me feel and what you mean to me, and all I could think was that your words are like a lullaby. When I read your messages the world falls away and I'm at peace, no matter how sad I am or how anxious, the moment I start reading what you wrote I'm calmer and the more I read the calmer I get and by the time I'm done reading I'm content and feeling warm and safe. To say that your words make me feel little isn't entirely accurate as it doesn't fully capture the magnitude of the effect your words have on me. When I read your words I start wetting myself, not even intentionally, it's almost Pavlovian at this point. As soon as I see that the little red number belongs to you the trickle starts and as I start to read it grows steadily until I'm finished. That calmness is profound to me, even if it's completely embarrassing. This is probably going to sound weird, but trust me, it's meant to be wholly positive, you're the human embodiment of every item that brings joy to little me. You're the pacifier that stops my fussing and helps me to calm down. You're the soft, dry diaper that wraps around me to protect me from ruining the things around me. You're the baby shampoo that smells like lavender and helps me feel at ease before bedtime. You're the bottle of warm milk that warms my tummy on cold nights and puts me to sleep with a satisfied smile on my face. You're the soft melody being hummed to me as I'm rocked to sleep. I think all of this means that you're the perfect Mommy type person, but I'm not an expert or anything, I mostly just make awkward jokes when I'm nervous, so you might just be a living nursery...and there it is. I don't expect you to respond with anything like "OMG of course I'll be your Mommy!", I know that you're little too and I don't want to make you feel like I'm trying to encroach on that in any way, I mainly just needed to tell you how you make me feel in the best way I know how, and I hope that I did a good job. You mean the absolute world to me, and I thought you should know. Love always, Baby She hit send and flopped onto her side with a contented sigh, feeling incredibly free and good about her message. She didn't know what Apex would say, but she was sure it would be positive and she was sure that even if she wasn't interested in being a Mommy, given that Apex herself identified as a little, though she seemed so much bigger in Baby's eyes than Baby seemed to herself, she would more than likely have a lifelong big sister, and that was just fine with her. When the little red number popped up on the screen an hour later Baby smiled and calmly shifted herself into position to read it, no doubt or worry in her mind, just the warm happiness that she carried with her always in her heart and mind thanks to Apex's words.
  6. This turned into something completely different than what I'd initially started out wanting it to be but I like the changes that occurred and I hope someone out there finds this story enjoyable. I had fun with this and tried something new for myself so, horizons expanded! Yay! Now on to something else! If you have time and desire please comment and let me know what you think after reading, like or dislike is fine by me. Hopefully you enjoy! Baby and the Beast By: RambleLamb If there's a creature on this planet more stupid than human beings I haven't found it yet. In four hundred years of life I've watched these animals evolve and change, patting themselves on the back every time they achieve something, feeding their delusion that they're at the top of the food chain and are the pinnacle of life on Earth. The reality is that everything they do is a step toward making them weaker and more susceptible to being a meal for the creature that's actually at the top of the food chain, me. I go by many "names", my true name only known by me and never shared because names carry power. To invoke the name of something gives you the ability to manipulate it, control it, destroy it, and none of those things are what I have planned for myself, others certainly so, but not for me. Different cultures throughout the span of my existence have called me different things, I've been called a demon, a devil, skin walker, doppelganger, face dancer was one I particularly enjoyed, but no matter what the name was, I was always just a shapeshifter, a being that could look like anyone. When humanity was still in its infancy life was harder for me than it should have been, you'd think that being what I am in modern society would make getting my next meal harder, but it's actually easier now than it ever was back then. Back when towns were tight knit, highly religious settlements people took notice when someone disappeared and the first person to be looked at suspiciously was the newly arrived person, me. The very first person I'd fed on was an old blind woman in a small settlement that was barely more than a glorified campsite. I'd taken the form of a young girl on the cusp of womanhood when I saw the fire in the center of the settlement. They'd welcomed me in and given me a blanket and a portion of their food, setting me up near the fire to warm me up from the cold of my journey. I'd spent my time near the fire looking for the right person to take, spying the old woman bundled under several large blankets, being spoonfed her warm broth by a younger woman, probably her daughter. When the younger woman came to check on the scream of her mother later that night she'd found me latched onto the woman's throat, my true form showing in the flickering lantern light within the small tent. She'd screamed and run to get the men of the camp and I'd shifted into her and bolted into the darkness of the prairie. My carelessness had kept me from finishing my meal and I'd had to suffer through many weeks of going hungry as I wandered around looking for somewhere else I could get a meal. With the advent of electricity and more complex building materials came more densely populated feeding areas, structures with more privacy to allow for uninterrupted feeding. I was able to pose as a prostitute most of the time and get my meals to come to me, taking on the form of my prey afterward and enjoying what would later come to be called "roleplaying". I remember one Summer taking the form of a factory owner, living his life, fucking his wife, raising his children and then devouring them all when I'd fulfilled my need to play with my food. By the time the modern world, the always on, always connected landscape of smart this and smart that, came along I was a seasoned veteran and my prey had become weak and soft, the challenge was nonexistent at this point, so I had to find ways to make it fun for myself. Learning about the internet and discovering chatrooms and message boards, finding out that the world was full of people that wanted to meet other people so desperately that they'd willingly give out their personal information with little prodding and open themselves up so completely to a stranger, thinking about nothing more than their own selfish needs. Learning about fetishes was when rubber hit the road though, lonely old people were one thing, but people actually asking for someone to tie them up or "pretend" to hurt them was something that had actually made me laugh. I found it ridiculous that I'd suffered and struggled my entire life to survive in the shadows and here in this period of human history my meals were delivering themselves to me on a silver platter. I found the Adult Babies to be the funnest to cull from, their need to be loved and cared for allowed me the chance to play the big bad wolf role, pretending to be the loving family member, lavishing them with words and phrases to trigger their littleness into being, watching as they dropped their defenses and then gobbling them up like the delicate little morsels they were. The Mommies and Daddies were even funner than the babies though, working to wrap them around my little finger, dangling the hope of having finally found their dream little in front of them and waiting for them to welcome me into their lives, pulling me into a cuddling embrace and having their last thought be of how unfair it was that their baby was eating them. Recognizing that my food supply was stable enough to allow feeding literally whenever I wanted, I took the time to indulge in the world I'd adopted as my feeding ground. I was still a wolf in sheep's clothing, but the clothing was so cute and soft, how could I not want to wear it or see others wear it? In several hundred years of lives lived I'd amassed more wealth than I knew what to do with. That factory owner I'd become way back when? I kept his company running after the "disappearance" of his family, becoming his family members throughout the years, passing down his money and property to myself, investing in other businesses and taking over whatever I saw fit in order to set myself up for the future. My bank account was bloated to the point of bursting and my financial portfolio was unparalleled, but no one ever met the real me, the one with all the power, they always met someone else and never thought twice about the stories of family wealth or trust funds, whatever lie I spun to explain away my ability to live comfortably without any responsibilities like a job or a meaningful family life. I'd been working on my newest project for a few days now, wrapping the adorable little girl in kind words and sentiments, providing her with all the right answers to her questions, giving myself the appearance of her ideal caregiver, a tall muscular man slightly older than her twenty six years. I always loved being African American, their skin and features had always been pleasing to me, to the point that I often lived as a young black woman, her explosion of hair creating a striking first impression on everyone I met. Her soft, Southern tinged accent bringing smiles to people's faces, especially when I called them "Honey" or "Baby". One of the skills I'd picked up over the years was the ability to change individual parts of myself rather than just shifting into a whole person at once, I could shift specific features to make myself whatever I wanted to be. This had come in handy numerous times when someone had a specific look they were after in a partner, being able to add or remove weight from myself, adjusting breast or penis size as desired, generally making myself the perfect someone for an individual. Monica, the little I was currently courting, had specified that she wanted a Daddy that was at least six feet tall, muscular but not jacked, black was preferred but not required, and he had to be prepared to take care of a princess' every need. The only thing I had to do was shift myself into her ideal Daddy and redecorate the nursery in my house to fit a princess' tastes since it had last been used for a darling little boy I'd shifted into. That had been a really fun experience, being a slight boy of twenty who's wealthy parents had left him everything after they'd perished in a sudden plane crash. Phillip, the name I'd taken on for the role, loved everything super heroes and the nursery was a shrine to comic books and everything spandex and punching. Phillip was gay and looking for a Daddy to take him under his wing and protect him from the big scary world, to say that I had a wide selection of dinner guests that year was an understatement. I'd purged the nursery of all things super hero, blue became pink and the various costumed heroes and villains became beautiful princesses. The crib had gone from a simple wood finish to white with a sparkly canopy above it, the blue diapers were replaced with pink ones and when I was finished with all of my work I knew that no little princess on Earth would be able to resist falling completely in love with the room, melting into a puddle of euphoric goo that I would lap up like a cat with a saucer of milk. I waited at the airport on the day Monica was coming to visit. I people watched, a favorite pastime of my kind, taking in every face and body type like a computer analyzing bits of code, storing it in my brain for future use. My species has a photographic memory with no known limit to how many different faces and forms can be stored, I can be over two million different people that I've come into contact with over the years and be any amalgamation of said people if I so desired. I saw her before she saw me, she'd listened to her Daddy and had worn a diaper for the trip, her pink corduroy shortalls puffing out near her groin, her thighs slightly parted as she walked with her pink suitcase rolling behind her. She was small, only around five feet or so, her skin was the color of a chocolate bar and I smiled despite myself as I thought of her dark little nipples perking up under my soft touch. Her hair was done into to poof balls on either side of her head making her look sort of like a little poodle except for the fact that she was undeniably adorable. I was actually starting to wonder if there was a way I could keep her, spare her from the fate that had befallen a multitude of others before her, but the nature of creatures that live for eons is one of disposability, knowing that she would grow old and die while I remained the same outwardly kind of put a damper on things. "Daddy!" she squealed excitedly, her sneakers slapping the loudly on the floor of the baggage claim as she rushed over to me. My smile beamed at her as I knelt down to meet her open arms, her suitcase falling to the floor as she nearly dove into my embrace, giggling as I stood up with her, resting her on my hip. It probably looked ridiculous to anyone watching, and a lot of people were watching, but as I held her like the small child she wanted to be seen as in my eyes, I decided not to dismiss the idea of keeping her just yet, maybe nature would win out, but nurture was putting up one hell of a fight with this one. She hugged me, wrapping her legs around my waist as I knelt down and grabbed the handle of her suitcase, wheeling it behind me as I walked out of the airport with her. Monica sat in the backseat, her pacifier bobbing rhythmically between her lips as she looked out the window at the city she'd never been to before. Las Vegas was a perfect place for someone like me, loads of people coming and going, no one batting an eye at odd occurrences or people disappearing. It was a playground for adults, and a veritable treasure trove for me, Monica, being a little wouldn't get to experience most of what was on offer, but I knew from experience that she wouldn't regret not seeing and doing those things. "Was the flight okay, Princess?" I asked her, looking at her in the rearview mirror, wondering how much longer she'd be awake given her heavy looking eyes and the slowing of her pacifiers movement. She merely nodded and rubbed her eye sleepily, a small yawn causing her pacifier to drop from her mouth into her lap to be snatched up and replaced by her quickly. A few minutes later her small snores came from the backseat and I stole another glance back at her, my heart melting a little at the sight of her passed out in her seat, her pacifier drooping, threatening to fall well before we reached our destination. Something was happening to me, something that was very unexpected and quite upsetting to me, I was actually feeling love for Monica. Normally when I'd made it this far with someone it was the beginning of the end for them, we were on our way to their demise but with her, I didn't see that outcome. As I watched her sleep, through stolen glances in the rearview, not watching her while driving, I'm a monster not an irresponsible asshole, I saw myself carrying her from the car into my house and to the nursery. I saw myself taking care of her probably soaked diaper on the changing table, carefully getting her into a dry one and into the Frozen footed pajamas I'd made, that's right, I've picked up many talents over the course of my four hundred plus years on this Earth, and sewing happens to be one of them. I saw myself gently lowering her into her crib and kissing her on the forehead as I looked down on her with love while she napped. At no point did I see myself holding her tightly with her arms pinned at her sides, my true form slithering over the one of her Daddy's, her screams filling the house before I bit into her throat and she was silent for the rest of her natural life. At no point did I see the light withdraw from her eyes as her vital lifeblood gushed from her into my mouth, the front of her body coated in the substance, her dark nipples glistening in the dim light as they were coated in blood like the little candies I imagined them to be. At no point did I see myself carting her body down to the basement to be completely dissolved by the acidic vomit I produced as a defense mechanism, watching as the last bit of the perfect little princess melted away into a putrid puddle. The problem I was having was that I didn't have a whole lot of options. I could keep her as mine, love and care for her for the rest of her life, shift myself to appear to be getting older along with her and wait for her to die naturally before moving on to my next target, but what would be done about my need to feed? Certainly, with her as my little girl she wouldn't know that I'd slipped out in the middle of the night while she slumbered in her crib to eat, but then I'd find myself back in those dark times, having to make my kills in places where being caught was a very real possibility and then she'd wake up the next day crying for her Daddy to come change her and I'd be dead or in a lab somewhere. I wondered if the hurt she would feel in that instance, the pain of abandonment, wouldn't be almost as bad as the pain of death for her. My only other option was to come clean with her, to explain to her what I was and how I survived, show her what I could do and hope against hope that her love for me was strong enough to look past the fact that I was a creature of the night that preyed upon the innocent. I didn't have a whole lot of hope for that option, but at the very least the ensuing freak out would give me reason to take her life, to force me to do what I was having trouble thinking about doing. When we arrived at my house, the garage door closing behind us, I got out of the car and opened her door, replacing the pacifier between her sleeping lips from the seat next to her where it had fallen before unbuckling her and plucking her still sleeping form from the backseat. As I walked into the house with her in my arms, the warmth of her body against mine, the sweet smell of her flowery shampoo filling my nose, only barely covering the acrid odor of her sodden diaper I knew that I couldn't end her life. What it was about her that made her the lucky recipient of my first ever act of mercy I didn't know, but as I gently lay her down on the changing table I didn't care what the reason was, I just knew that I loved her and would never willingly harm her, even if it meant my own death sentence. Her shoes and socks were removed first, she was beyond passed out, and gave no indication that anything I did would disturb her. I undid the snaps along the inside of the legs of her shortalls and unclasped the arms that went over her shoulders, shifting her carefully to allow the garment to be removed. Beneath the pink corduroy was a light purple onsie that I carefully removed from her as well leaving her naked save for the swollen pink diaper, its outer surface looking almost bruised with how much of her liquid had been emptied into it. Undoing the tapes as quietly as I could I opened her diaper and grabbed a wipe from the nearby warmer and gently cleaned her most intimate area, lifting her legs to wipe her bottom before depositing the wipe inside the used diaper and balling it up to throw into the diaper pail. I finished the job by grabbing a fresh diaper from the stack beneath the table top and unfolded it and slid it under her, applying powder and rash cream to her before taping the diaper snugly around her waist and fetching her pajamas to get her into them. With my new baby girl all dry and happy and tuckered out I deposited her in the crib, turning on the mobile made up of little plushie versions of all the Disney princess character's little animal friends and slipping out of the room to go have a nap of my own. For a creature like me nightmares aren't what you would expect. I would imagine you'd think I would be haunted by the faces of every person I'd killed throughout my life, the look of terror on their face as I sank my rows of jagged teeth into the soft flesh of their throat, the sound of their screams devolving into a bubbling gurgle as the sound drowned in their own blood. The truth is that I don't ever see their faces, I see my own face. Part of eating these people transfers their thoughts and memories to me, and with my ultra powerful photographic memory I get to relive the sight of my horrible visage through their eyes every time I sleep. I see the younger me shifting into the gray, hairless creature with a mouth too big for its face, the eyes losing the whites of whatever form had originally possessed them in favor of blood red eyes that seemed to glow in the light like a cat's would. I see the mouth of the creature opening too wide to be real, the serrated, too long tongue slicing across my throat as it holds my arms at my sides with its taloned fingers attached to gnarled looking hands, like an old tree in a horror story. I see these things from hundreds of different perspectives in the course of a night's sleep, I think the final thoughts of all these people in the course of a night's sleep and I wake up feeling a weight on my heart and mind that only gets heavier with every kill. I wake up to the crash of thunder outside, my bedroom dark as a storm begins outside. I sit up in bed and wipe the sweat from my brow, taking a moment to make sure I'm still Monica's Daddy and haven't sleep shifted into one of my past victims or worse, into my true form. I rise from the bed and make my way to the door and out into the living room, the nursery door across the large room, open a crack. I quietly enter and make my way to the crib and to the sounds of Monica quietly snoring. Looking down into the crib I'm shocked to find Monica is gone, at least the girl that I knew to be Monica is gone, in her place is an ebony skinned creature sleeping in the little Frozen pajamas I'd put her in. Ragged talons replacing her perfect hands, her adorable little hair puffs now gone leaving a hairless, jet black creature. The thing's face is strikingly lovely, feminine looking despite its unnatural color and symmetry which makes it look more lethal than it's being asleep in a crib, diaper and footed pajamas should. I know this creature, I know what it's called by the books that depict it, it's a succubus, my sweet baby princess Monica is a monster just like me. She must lose her disguise when she sleeps like I sometimes do, though if I had to guess she probably hadn't quite mastered the ability to keep her disguise while sleeping, maybe she was a very young succubus. She stirred as another crash of thunder rang out and her dark eyes began to open. I quickly picked her up and held her to me as I shifted into my true form, feeling the impossibly smooth and cold skin of her face on my bare chest. "I know what you are, Monica." I said calmly. "You won't find a meal here, but I hope that you can find love and someone to take care of you here." I added, gently rubbing her back, feeling her skin writhe beneath the fabric of her pajamas as she put her disguise back on. "Daddy?" she asked in her sweet little voice as she looked up at me with still dreaming eyes, a smile forming on her lips. "What are you?" she asked, no trace of fear or disappointment in her tone. I carried her to the large rocking chair in the corner and sat with her, shifting back to her Daddy as I did. "I'm a shapeshifter." I told her. "I feed on people and have used the same website I found you on to take many people from this world." I explained. She giggled sweetly. "What are the odds of us meeting each other like this?" she asked me as she snuggled against my chest. "I'd have to say it's kind of amazing, almost like-" I hesitated. "Destiny." she finished for me, looking up at me with warmth and love in her eyes, knowing that she could be herself in every way without having to end the game because she'd sapped the life from her lover. Over the course of the next few hours we talked, I told her my history and she told me hers. As it turned out, she was only eighty years old, explaining her limited abilities and also her desire to be treated like a baby. We talked as the storm raged on outside and we talked while I made her breakfast and we talked while I changed her diaper and got her into something she could go out in as the storm passed and a new day began to dawn outside. We'd come to an agreement in those hours of talking, she'd stay with me and be not only my baby princess, but would also accept me as her teacher, guiding her in the ways of honing her abilities and hunting safely and smartly to ensure she had a long full life. As I took her hand in mine, I felt better than I had in a long time, decades at least. I'd found something I'd been searching for, something that I hadn't realized I'd even been looking for, I found love and her name was "Princess Monica of the Kingdom of Crinklebum" and she would be mine forever and I would do everything in my power to make her feel loved and safe while I made her into the perfect hunter.