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Found 188 results

  1. The New Daddy

    Phillip sighed as he stood facing the front steps. It was a large house, with a dozen iron barred windows and made almost entirely out of stone. It was the kind of place he would never hope to afford.The next part was a bit like ripping off a band aid, he supposed. It was better to get it over with quickly. However, he still stood at the stone steps, not moving. He was still on time, but he knew being late would probably make things worse, and he didn't know how strict they were going to be. He laughed to himself. The fact that he would stand still here while knowing he was better off going forward was probably part off the reason he was here in the first place.It was far from the first time he had been here. He had known the owner for years through his sister, and felt lucky that he had. However, the house, and the implication of wealth, seemed far more opposing now then ever before. Of course, there were a lot of reasons he was here. Not studying for his university courses and letting himself get distracted was part of it. Showing up late, or not at all, to his work until he was fired and couldn't pay for the courses he was failing anyway was another. Trying to cheat and hack the system to get his marks raised and his charges lowered was probably the biggest. Now, someone he only slightly knew had a blank check on his future, and he had know idea how she was going to cash it."Oh well," he thought, and walked forward. There was nothing he could do to change it now. He had agreed to it, if somewhat under duress, he better get it over with.He rang the doorbell.The large wooden door opened, and a cherry, blond haired woman poked her head out."Hello Phillip," she said, smiling. "Glad you could finally make it.""I'm still on time! See!?" He said, panicking and showing her his watch.She giggled. Phillip realized she had been teasing him and glared. "Its alright. Come inside, and we will get started.""Yes Ms. Smith," he said."Oh please, don't give me that. Its Rebecca..."Phillip smiled, 'perhaps it won't be that bad,' he thought."For now."Rebecca was almost ten years his senior. She had come from a well to do family, studied business in university, then used her knowledge of stocks to build up the fortune she possessed now. She had known Phillip's older sister in university, and the times he had met her she seemed to be his polar opposite- always on the run, always working, always seeming to be on the exact level of stress that let her stay calm while making her rush to get things done.Phillip gulped in fear. Gingerly he walked into the house, and instantly yelped as he felt something hit the side of his leg."First thing first, lets get you out of those silly clothes.""What? Rebecca, what is that.... OW!"He yelped again as hit him, this time square on the bottom, with a thick leather rod.'I said STRIP. You are to please and serve me as I want. You know the rules. So STRIP!" "What? Is this some kind of sexual thing? I don't know what... OW!""You're going to strip because I'm going to tell you what to wear. You agreed to do what I said when you signed the contract, so do what I say or I'll send you to jail or worse.""Ye.. yes Rebecca."He quickly grabbed the hem of his shirt and tore it off. He reached down to his belt buckle and looked at Rebecca pleadingly. She raised an eyebrow, and he undid his belt.Really, he had known this was coming. This part was essentially the same for everyone in his situation, and he knew it could be much worse. However, no amount of mental preparation prepared him for the embarrassment as he pulled his pants down and stripped bear in front of his new mistress for her inspection.Once he was naked, Rebecca stood in front of him, looking him up and down and thinking."Hmmm... I have to say you're in fairly good shape. I suppose that was one thing you were competent enough to think of.He squirmed under her gaze. "Yes Rebecca."She walked around him, examining him and teasing him with the rod. She hit him hard across the bottom and he yelped again."Now, it seems SOMEONE's been naughty, haven't they.""Yes, Rebecca."Another hit, another yelp. Phillip felt the lines glowing on his cheeks. "It seems someone waisted their time at university. Looking at naughty pictures when we should have been working, were we?"Phillip blushed and didn't answer. She chuckled and continued."And it seems then, instead of working or dealing with their problems, SOMEONE decided to try to cheat their way out, didn't they?"Another hit. "YES REBECCA!" he shouted."Then, that someone COULD have been lined up to go to jail, or even a subby school, weren't they? Wouldn't that have been fun? Ending up having to choose between months in a cell and a massive fine or having to wonder who your new trainer would be? Would that be fun?"Another hit. "NO REBECCA!""And it seems that SOMEONE was LUCKY that their big sister knew someone who was willing to pay their way out of it, make a deal with the university, get lawyers to drop the charges, and all they had to do was show up a few times a month to help that person out. Isn't that lucky?"Another hit. "YES REBECCA!""And THEN, that SOMEONE was LATE! ON HIS FIRST DAY!""I WASN"T LATE I WAS... OW!" That hit was harder then the others."And who was that someone?""Me, Rebecca.""Exactly right. Can you imagine my surprise when the lazy, unmotivated younger brother of my friend Sarah ended up being the one who did all this? Can you imagine when I found out the guy who spent all his time playing games while his sister was working was the one who did this and got caught? Can you?" She was spanking him continuously now, emphasizing each word with a smack."OW! OW! Yes Rebecca!" He shouted, whinning."Exactly right." She stopped spanking him and walked back to his front and rested the rod on his face, pushing into his cheek. "Now. As far as I can tell I am getting you out of a heck of a lot of trouble and not asking for much in return. So, you are going to do everything here. You're not just going to clean and cook, I'm going to put my feet up and relax as you take care of every little thing, understood?""Yes, Rebecca.""This," she moved the rod around his cheeks. "Is my riding crop. It will let you know when you displease me, and I expect you to willingly bend over for it, understood?""Yes, Rebecca.""And, since I paid you out of it when I could have paid much less for a maid service, I expect you to remember I'm doing you a favor. You are here for my pleasure and to serve me. If at any point you don't like it, you can go back, find a way to pay back the money and take your chances in court, along with the additional charges off breaking your contract with me. Understood?""Yes Rebecca.""Good. Then come along." She led him through the massive open foyer and up a wide, twisting flight of wooden stairs toward the second floor. The floors were thickly carpeted, and the walls were a golden color, as if to emphasize the wealth. She lead him down a hallway, and he glanced inside various doors they passed and at the large paintings she had hung in every open space. Was he going to have to clean this all?It occurred to him that he still had know idea what was happening. He was still blushing, one hand in front trying to hide his nudity as the other rubbed his sore bottom. Was he going to be spanked like that every day? Would he have to clean naked? The thought made him shudder, but was still better then the alternative.Finally he asked. "Rebecca, what am I going to be doing here? Am I... do you really want me naked all day? Do I have to be?"She chuckled. "You'll see in a second. Ah! Here we are!" She opened a sliding door to what he realized was a closet. "Don't worry, I won't expect you to be naked."He let out a sigh of relief, then suddenly caught it as he saw her reaching for a dress. Even worse, it was a french maids dress, complete with long silk stockings and a ridiculously short skirt."Wha... wha..." he tried to ask, but the words wouldn't form.She laughed again and pushed it into his hands. "YOU, my little sissy, are going to be my french maid. I had this made for your size and I can't WAIT to see you in it.""But.. but... can't I just be naked all day?"She spanked him again with the riding crop. "No. I told you, you are here to serve me. You wear what I want, do what I want, act the way I want..." She grabbed at her hair in frustration. Phillip stared at her, he never expected her to show such a raw display of emotion. Finally, she breathed deeply, lowered her hands and contiuned.. "This isn't going to work unless you listen. I'm sure neither of wants you to go to jail Phillip. Just do as I say, and we'll get through, ok? Now put the dress on."He got dressed slowly, first pulling on the silken panities. He blushed as he saw them covering him, it was almost more embaressing then being naked. The smooth silkiness was something he never felt before, and something he was ashamed to admit he enjoyed. He pulled on the stockings next, then finally dropped the dress over his head.He blushed. Sissy play was far from rare in these situations, and something he knew might happen, but the fact others had suffered in his place didn't lessen the embaressment.'Good sissy," she said. "Now, for the next part."She reached down to the bottom shelf of the closet and took something out. It was wide and square, and shone with plastic.She handed it to him. It took him a moment to realize what it was- a pink diaper, decorated with rabbits and lambs."A d-diaper..." he stumbled. Sissy play was one thing, diapering was another. He had heared stories about it, dreading but never believing that he might end up as one of the poor, pathetic abdls, condemed to crawl around in full diapers for their master's and mistress's ammusment."Please don't do this to me. Please don't make me wear this. I'll do anything, I'lll..." he stopped as he saw her laughing."Oh silly sissy, I'm not going to make you wear it.""You're not?""No. You think I want to change your stinky diapers? I want the extra responsibility, as you get to play? I told you, I'm not going to do a single thing, and you are going to take care of me.""What?" he asked.In repose, she opened the door beside the closet and flicked a switch. Inside was a giant nursery, painted in bright pastel colors with animals and cartoons all over the walls, and piled high with stuffed animals and toys. There was babyish furniture and clothing everywhere- a high chair, a play pen, even a changing table, all sized for an adult. Not just any adult he realized, but Rebecca. She giggled and skipped toward the centerpiece of the room- a massive gilded crib, piled high with pink sheets and stuffed animals. She picked up a stuffed doll and cuddled it closely."Don't get it yet? Are you slow?" she laughed. "The diaper isn't for you, its for me, Daddy."
  2. first, i must say I'm completely new to this site but I have posted this story on 3 other sights. this story is still ongoing and has (at this point) 11 chapters so far. also, im not the best writer and I'm using this story to help with that. the first 3 chapters are a bit slow but they get a lot better from there. Chapter 1 “FUCK!” I yelled as I ran true a sea of trees. Behind me was a pack of beasts chasing me. “They're catching up!” the small girl strapped to my back yelled. “I know that Bab!” I yell at her as I continue to run. The beasts aren't that strong but fighting a pack of them is a different story. They could easily surround us and kill us before we could do anything. “Why in the hell did you attack the whole pack!” I yelled to Bab as I jumped over a log. “I thought there was only 3 of them,” she told me “left!” “FROST!” I yelled extending my left hand to blast the beast with cold ice magic. It was only knocked back and soon was chasing us again. “Any ideas?” “Ya don't stop running!” she yelled which really didn't help. It wasn't long however before I had to stop in front of a cliff. A raging current below us and a wild pack of beast behind us. We were out of options. I didn't have my sword. Our mana was getting low. And I can feel Bab’s diaper leaking on my back again!. “You trust me?” I asked bab. “Right now? No!” she told me already knowing what I was going to do. “Good, neither do I,” I tell her before jumping off the cliff. Both Of us screaming on our way down, the only thing I could think about was how I got here in the first place. I was just some average guy. Single, working and saving anything extra to start college in a year or two. The luckiest thing to happen to me in the last 3 years was getting a ticket for a hiking trip my friend won in a contest. Sadly his grandma passed away and was going to her funeral. So as to not waste a ticket he gave it to me. And to be honest, while I was having fun I really didn't pack well for it. I didn't know much about hiking and the clothes I bought weren't the best. Just 3 t-shirts, pants, socks, underwear, and a warm jacket. Luckily I did get myself some hiking boots but I also brought my regular pair for when we set camp and I could be more comfortable. The rest of the gear I got from my friend who was already prepared for himself. Camping Travel Cooking Utensils Set (cooking scissor, blender spatula, meat knife, cutting board, soup spoon, stainless steel turner, cook fork and a tongs,) TETON Sports Mountain Adventurer 4000 Backpack Double Sleeping Bag Sundome 2 Person Tent SURVIVAL Traveller First Aid Kit Magnesium Flints Scraper Stone (3) Pocket knife Flashlight 12 Survivors - Hand Pump Water Purifier Extra rope FiveJoy Military Folding Shovel Multi-Tool I was all set for the trip. But after the second day, something strange happens. A freak storm hit us in the middle of the hike. None of us knew what was going on until suddenly I saw a flash of light and the storm was gone. When I opened my eyes I was inside what looked like ruins. Behind me was an altar with some glowing dust scattered all around it. I was too freaked out about all of this that I ran towards the only exit I could see and into a small town. People who looked like they ware from a renaissance fair just stared wide-eyed at me. To make a long story short, I freaked out. It took the townspeople 2 days to explain to me what had happened and why I was here. I was no longer on earth but a place called Caruma. Here everything we know about fantasy is from here. A long time ago two gods fought over an empty world but their fight always lead to a draw. So they decided if they couldn't decide on the winner with their power they would use something else. They created 15 castles and hid them around Caruma. Each crystal summons something from another world. Poruma the black god summoned monsters. Rilla the wight god summoned warriors. Each crystal could summon 1 warrior every 10 years. And the first to destroy all the crystals would be the winner. Over the next 3000 years, the world was populated by man and monster. Humans built towns and temples around the summoning crystals. Out of the 15, 7 white crystals have been destroyed. While 5 dark crystals have been destroyed. When I asked about how I got here they could only give a guess. 31 years prior the town was attacked by monsters and they destroyed the crystal. But because it was already about to summon a hero the remaining pieces must have spent the last 30 years collecting power to summon me here before the crystal died. They then told me who I could go back. The crystals work as a two-way door. On this side, they gather energy and in 10 years they pull someone over. However, if you bring enough magical energy to them you can have them send you back home. The problem with this, it normally takes a lot of magic to do so and there aren't many people who have that type of magic here. So they suggested I go to a city and see if I could find any magic users to send me back. That's when we reached our final problem. I had no way to get them. When the village was destroyed all those years ago most people left and the ones who stayed are now too old or too young to take me. The only exception is a farm boy named John who was 16 2 years younger than me. But in order for him to take me, I had to first make a contract with him. In this world, the heroes learned how to tap into magic but it came with a curse. Each person had to wear a special bracelet and form a contract with another person. This unlocked the power to use magic. However, both people were cursed to never be away from each other long. Should they be away from each other for 6 hours they both will die. If one dies the other has 6 hours to find someone else to form a bond with or they will die as well. The curse can be lifted once the pair completely one of 3 quests and the bracelets can be removed while still granting the person to use magic. The reason he wants to form a bond is that it would make traveling a lot easier through the woods. He said there aren't many strong monsters here but it's better safe than sorry. I had to wait 3 more days before the contract could be made. During that time I the people let me stay with them knowing I had nothing to offer other than some small work. On my final night there I was staying at an orphanage. There were only 5 kids there. 2 boys 3 girls and women who took care of them. She asked me to stay with them for the night as the kids wanted to see what a person from another world looked like. The kids staying here are from parents who either died, left for adventure, or was just left with no idea who the parents were. It was sad but the kids enjoyed playing with me. All except one who only stared at me. The women later told me Ema was the girl's name and that while she was 14 her body was short and looked more like a 10-year-old. Also, she had some problems. For one she couldn't speak. Anything that came out of her mouth sounded like gibberish. Next, her hands couldn't hold onto things well. So she's been forced to use baby bottles. And lastly, she had to wear diapers. For some reason, her bladder was just too weak. I honestly felt bad for her. By the sounds of it, she would have to be taken care of for the rest of her life. Later that night I said my goodbyes to the kids and followed John into the woods. The contract could only be made during a full moon and when it’s made it will make a bright flash so were in the woods so as to not disturb anyone. “Ok this should be good,” he said as we were pretty far from everyone. “Now then let's begin.” He then began to chant something and soon both of our bracelets were glowing. We both raised our hands to form the contract but stopped when we heard something. The contract stopped as we looked around the forest and heard something. Upon investigating we found one of the kids spying on us. Behind them the woman yelling for the girl. Apparently, she chased after us after we left without telling the women. After a brief talk with the women, she was taking the Ema girl when she ran up to me. “be jvy ruwvj ox jvy woz, gy bojv hog c bozupw.” Ema said. As she grabbed my hand wanting me to kneel in front of her. “What’s wrong,” I asked her. “wuhy ik jvy nogyl op oil toilpye cpz gy xuwvj xol jvy luwvj.” she said. suddenly my bracelet began to glow again. “NO!” John yelled. But it was too late. A bright flash hit my eyes and for a few moments, I couldn't see. I just heard the same thing be repeated. “YES YES YES!” a girl cried out in excitement. “EMA! What did you do!” the women yelled and when I could finally see I saw the Ema girl jumping up and down with excitement. “I finally did it! I'll finally be free!” Ema said until the women grabbed her by the hand. “What did you do!?” the women yelled at Ema. “She just formed a contract. How did she even do that?” John asked. That's when I looked at the girl's arm and saw a smaller bracelet on. “Yep and now I can finally get out of here,” Ema said. “How did you even get a bracelet in the first place. And how did you activate the spell?” John asked. “I stole it from miss dumb cunt here.” Ema said and nodded at the women. “And anyone who knows magick knows that spell.” “I think the bracelets mine.” the women told John. “my husband was an adventure.” “But that still doesn't explain how she knew the spell.” he replied. “Wait, didn't she just say she already knew the spell?” I asked and everyone looked at me. “Wait you can understand me!” Ema yelled. “Of cores I can, you're not speaking gibberish anymore,” I tell her. “What are you talking about?” the women asked. “She’s still talking the same,” John told me. “The bracelets! You can understand me because of the bracelets!” Ema yelled. “What do you mean? How can the bracelets do that?” I asked and looked at John who looked very confused. “Enough of this nonsense I'm taking you home Ema and you're going to be grounded!” the women grabbed the girl and started pulling her away. “Stop! My name isn't Ema it's Bab! And I'm not going anywhere!” she said as she tried to resist the much bigger women. “Wait I need to figure this out,” I tell the women. “I'm sorry but she needs to go home. I think all this stimulant is just being too much for Ema.” she tells me. “IM NOT EMA!” the girl screamed as the women jumped when electricity popped out of the girl's hands. Once let go she ran over and got behind me. “She can already use magic!” John said in amazement. “Ema it's time to come home.” the women told her again. “I'm not Ema, I'm Bab. tell her!” the girl said to me. “She said her name’s not Ema but Bab.” I tell the women and Bab nodded in agreement. “Could she be speaking another language and it's only after the contract was formed that you can understand her.” John asked me. After this, it just became a back and forth discussion about me understanding her. We had to prove I could understand her and after a long time, we finally came to the conclusion that I could. But shortly after that, we got into the main and biggest problem. I was now connected to a tiny child and I still needed to leave! After a long discussion about everything, it was finally decided I had to take Bab with me. Because of the curse, we couldn't be more than 40 feet from each other for more than 6 hours and I couldn't stay in the town. I had to find a way home. So, I wound up adopting Bab and forced to take her with me on my journey. Sadly because of her, John could no longer come with us. The plan was to use the magic to get through safely but without it, it just becomes too much of a risk when he would have to come back alone. In the end, this is where our adventure of began dropped in a new world. **** ill post more in a little while. CH 1.2 ********************* i wrote this chapter after i wrote up to chapter 9 on the other sites. that's why its ch1.2************** After dealing with a lot of paperwork on the adoption I was lead back upstairs to the children's room. Bab was being bombarded with questions from the other kids but she just tried to ignore them. She was too busy packing clothes is what was a pink school backpack. It wasn't that big but amazing she fit 3 pairs of pants, 3 shirts, and 3 pairs of socks. Along with a spare blanket and a pillow. “Are you sure that's all you want to bring?” I asked Bab. “Ok kids, it's time for bed,” Alice the caretaker of the orphanage told the kids. I watched as she went to each kid and tucked them in and saying their goodnights before her and I went downstairs to have a little chat. It was now the early hours of the morning and because of everything that happened, the kids stayed up far later than they should have. “Are you positive you have to go?” Alice asked me. “If I don't then I can't go back home. I have family and friends I need to get back to.” I tell Alice who made us tea. “But going out there with a child, I still think it's too dangerous,” she told me. “I know that. But what am I supposed to do?” I asked Alice and took a sip of my tea and nearly spit it out. I really don't like tea. “I know this village isn't much but you could still have a good life. Just you and Ema,” she told me. “It’s Bab, remember. And I do know that. But I still need to go. How would you feel if you suddenly went to my world and you could never see your friends, family, or kids?” I asked her. “I would do anything to get back to them,” Alice told me. “But Bab is still small and helpless.” “I know she has her problems. Which is why I'll do what I can to protect her.” I tell Alice who just shakes her head. “It's not just protecting her. It's everything else. I don't even think she thought it out when she formed this bond. No one else can understand her but you. Her hands are messed up and can barely hold objects with 2 hands. She small body means she can't walk or run as fast as you can and she gets tired more easily.” Alice told me. “I can translate for her, I can feed her, and I don't mind walking slower, or I can just carry her,” I tell Alice but again she shook her head at me. “There's still one last problem,” she told me. “What's that?” I asked. “You'll see,” she told me before she went to bed. I slept in the guest room again and luckily it was still in the safe within 20 feet from Bab that the curse wouldn't affect us. I was awoken the next morning by a knock on the door. “Are you decent?” Alice asked. I was and she came into the room with Bab. “Whats up?” I asked with a loud yawn. “It's time to see the big problem,” Alice said. Confused I looked over to Bab who face was bright red and didn't want to look at me. Alice then grabbed Bab’s Pants and had them fall to the ground exposing her Full diaper. That's when it hit me that I would have to be the one to change this girls diapers and my face got red. “If you still insist on going you are going to at least know this much,” she told me and places a small mat on my bed and had Bab sit on it. Bab was then forced to lay down and she covered her face in embarrassment. I guess she really didn't think this threw. Alice then told me I had to be the one to change her diaper, telling me she would walk me thru it. First, I unfasten the tabs on the dirty diaper and pulled down the front half of the dirty diaper. There the sight and smell nearly made me gag. I was then told to use the front half of the diaper to wipe the bulk of the mess off of Bab's bottom. Next to fold the dirty diaper in half under her, with the clean side up. I was then handed a damp cloth and told to wipe from front to back as this helps keep bacteria from causing an infection. Then I took the dirty diaper and wrapped it up and placed it off to the sided. It really stinks but at least the worst was over. finally, I placed a clean diaper under Bab and sprinkled the baby powder over her area before taping the diaper shut, Alice even told me the diaper should be snug but not so tight that it pinches. Bab was now in a clean diaper but looked like she was close to crying after having her diaper changed by a not only a stranger but a guy. “What do you say to Alex for changing you?” Alice asked Bab how for the first time today finally looked at me. “Thank you,” she said in a meek voice before running off somewhere. “My offer still stands. You can still stay here if you want and I can still help with taking care of her.” Alice told me. “I know this is going to be hard but I think we will be alright,” I tell her Alice could only sigh and give me a diaper bag full so suppose I would need for Bab. with enough diapers to last us quite a while. I strapped the diaper bag to the bottom of my own to make it easier to carry. After a nice breakfast, we said our goodbyes. The kids were crying that Bab was leaving and even Alice looked like she was about to start crying. “Please be good now Ema, sorry for of habit, I mean Bab,” Alice told Bab before embracing her in a hug. “I will,” Bab told her and I translated. They watched as we walked away from the orphanage before disappearing behind the trees. “Please stay safe.”
  3. Be good for mommy

    (this was the first story i wrote a little while back and it was full of spelling mistakes. so i delited to old one and fixed hopefully most of the mistakes) It was a cool Saturday morning, The sun just barely peeking out behind the trees. Not a cloud in sight. Such a Beautifull day to be in school detention. As we pulled into the high school, I found it really weird to look at it without all the kids running around. Granite Hills School (random school name) was a medium-sized school with nothing much to it. The only thing the school is well known for is that 4 years ago it was one of the worst high schools for bullying, high pregnancies, and dropouts. Then one day they hired a disciplinary teacher and everything was fixed. Being freshmen I haven't yet seen the teacher myself and for some reason, no one ever wants to talk about it. As we pulled up to the front of the school we were greeted by a tall 6-foot blond girl. She didn't look much older than me and I guess she was a senior also in trouble. “Excuse me, when will the teacher be here?” my dad asked the girl. “That would be me, I'm Mis.Mare the disciplinary teacher,” she said with a smile. To our shock, both dad and I got out of the car to shake her hand and apologize for not knowing. “It's no problem it happens all the time.” she then looked over to me and gave me a smile. “So how does this work exactly. Does Sara have to come here every week? Or….” my dad asked wanting to knowing how long I would be punished. “Ow no for what she did today will be all. Mostly she just has to finish her test and anything else she might not have finished.” Mis.Mare told him before handing him a couple pieces of paper. “This is everything you'll need to know and I would ask you read it as soon as you can.” he nodded in agreement while she looked back to me. she then gestured for me to follow her into the school building. As we walked through the empty halls she leads me to a room labeled D-1. walking in I saw that it was the size of a small class and looked like one except for the one desk in the middle of the room. “Why is their only one desk? Aren't there more students coming?” I asked. “Nope, you're the only one,” she told me as she walked to her desk and held up a folder. I walked over to the desk to sit down. After a moment of silence, she turned around and began writing on the board. 1 finish test. 2 punishment/lines As she wrote that I thought back to yesterday. All I did was not go to my math class and played on my phone in the girl's bathroom. I didn't even know we were having a test until I was caught. At least my punishment is writing lines. “Before we start I want to ask if you have any other homework you would like to do while you're here?” She asked and I shook my head no. “ok so here's how it'll work you after you finish your test you'll have your punishment, lines and then you can go home.” she told me with a smile as she handed me my test and a water bottle. The test wasn't very hard and besides Mis.Mare leaving for a few minutes to check something I was done within 40 minutes. “Done already?” she asked as she picked up both my test and empty water bottle. Throwing the bottle away she placed the test into the folder. “Ok then now please come up to the desk please,” she asked me and I did. I guess she's just going to give me a pen and a sentence to write. Mis.Mare then picked up the folder off her empty desk and put it into a drawer before asking me to lift out my hands. When I did I heard a click and felt a cold metal around my hands and realized I was just handcuffed! “What the hell!” I yelled as I tried to get away from Mis.Mare but she just gripped the handcuffs harder and pulled me over her desk and looped the handcuffs into a lock leaving me lying on the desk with my legs kicking over the edge. “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!” I screamed but she shoved something into my mouth and strapped it behind my head to silence me. “I told you earlier after you finish your test its punishment, lines and then you can go home. This is your punishment before your lines.” this bitch said with that same simple smile as if this was the most normal thing in the world before walking behind me. I tried to kick her but she just grabbed my legs and moved them before she grabbed the sides of my pants and pulling them down to my feet. I tried my hardest to do something, to kick her but she just pinned my legs down by putting her foot on my pants keeping my feet stuck to the floor. “What cute undies you have,” she said as my face blushed beet red. SMACK! I screamed as loud as I could when this woman smacked my bare ass. but the sound was muffled by the thing in my mouth. “That's 1 for ditching class,” she said. my tears started flowing as she raised her left hand and smacked my left butt check this time and I screamed again. “1 for playing on your phone during a class period.” Mis.Mare went on from there with each bad thing I did. Again and again. By the end, I was out of breath and worn out. Mis.Mare walked around her desk and opened a cabinet before looking at my red teary-eyed face and gave me that same smile. “The worst is over, just going to give you some stuff to help the pain,” she said as she took out a paper bag and went back behind me. After a few moments and hearing some rustling sounds she quickly pulled my panties down. I began to squirm again until I felt a cold hand on my butt. “This is some special cream to stop the burning.” she told me before squirting moor cream on me and rubbing it in.” I was so embarrassed but at the same time, I had to agree that the cream was soothing. I soon began to relax a bit, or as much as I could in this situation. Until I felt something weird as she began to poke my butthole and quickly slid a finger in and I bit down hard on the thing in my mouth. “Ow so tight. I know exactly what will work,” she said as began sliding her finger in and out and looking into her bag for something else. When she finally removed her finger something bigger was put in. “good girl, that plug fits you perfectly.” I have no idea what she did next, I could feel that she put something fluffy on my butt and wrapped it around my crotch before taking a marker and writing something on it. She then started sliding my foot out of my pants and underwear and sliding something else up my legs and over the first thing before I heard a click. Mis.Mare then picked my clothes off the floor and walked back in front of me. Still, with that smile, she folded both my pants and underwear and placed them into the bag before taking a stapler and stapled the bag shut. Then with a marker, she wrote ‘for daddy’ on it before setting it aside. “Great! your punishment is over!” Mis.Mare said with an excited tone as I just glared at her. She then undid the gag and I now could see it looked like a big pacifier? She then held up a set of keys in front of me. “Now be a good girl and I'll use this one to let you out,” she said to me. “Fuck... you.” I panted at her but she kept smiling. “I'll let that one go just this once after what just happened,” she told me before she grabbed a key and undid the handcuffs. The moment she did I jumped to my feet and tried to run to the door but with the combination of the buttplug and a bulk between my legs, I quickly tripped and fell down. “What the!” I yelled as I spun around to look at what was between my legs and my brain couldn't comprehend what it was at first. “W-wh..” “It's a diaper, Sara. Something all bad kids get here.” Mis.Mare said to me as she watched me try to take it off but couldn't as it had some type of cover over it with a chain and lock. “That only comes off when you are done with your lines,” she told me. I tried to yell at her, then tried to leave but the door was locked. I wanted to call the cops but my phone was in my pants and she just put them into her cabinet and held out a pen. “You can try whatever you want but you're not leaving until I get my lines. ‘I will be a good girl for mommy’ 100 times.” she told me as she sat back in her seat, that stupid smile not leaving her face. In the end, she was right I couldn't do anything. So I waddled my way back to the board and began to reluctantly write my lines. I had just finished writing 28 linens when I felt a major cramp in my stomach. “Can I use the bathroom!?” I asked Mis.Mare. “You may use the bathroom when your lines are done. I promise.” Mis.Mare told me so I continued. I tried my hardest to focus on my lines but I kept getting those cramps every few minutes and I had to stop until it passed. Once it did I tried to write faster making my handwriting sloppy but I finally covered the entire board and Mis.Mare began counting the lines as I bent over with another cramp. “So close but that's only 97. What bad handwriting,” she told me. “But it's close enough. Please let me use the bathroom!” I pleaded. “Nope, I said 100 and since you can't do it the first time let's erase it all and start over,” she told me as she held out an eraser. “NOOOO!” I screamed. “Please, I'll do anything just let me finish!” I pleaded with her as tears began streaming down my face. “Aww with a face like that it's hard to say no. ok, I have an idea. Be a good girl for mommy and come here.” she told me. I was in so grateful I didn't even bother to correct her that she wasn't my mommy. I walked over to her and she spun me around. I heard a faint CLICK before she turned me around again and pulled the plastic covering off revealing the big white diaper I had on. “I'll make you deal.you can either start over on the board, or you can be a good girl for mommy and finish your 3 lines on your diaper,” she told me before standing up and walking away. I looked down at the diaper and began to writing ‘i will be a good girl for mommy, I will be a good girl for mommy, I will be a good girl for mommy. On my diaper. once I was finished I looked up at Mis.Mare who now held out a pink skirt. “Good girl! Now let's get this on you and let you relieve yourself,” she told me with her smile and I couldn't help but smile back as I let her help me get it on. It was a cheap skirt and it just barely covered my diaper. I was so glad it was Saturday so no one could see me like this as we walked through the school. As soon as we got to the bathroom I reached for the door but it was locked. Suddenly a huge cramp hit and I fell to my knees clenching my stomach. “It's ok. The school is closed so all the bathrooms are locked but don't worry. You'll be able to go soon.” Mis.Mare told me before reaching out her hand. “Now be a good girl for mommy and take my hand. I did as I was told and she helped me back up before leading me by the hand to the front of the school. I could see out the door and see my dad's car already waiting for us as I began to whimper. “you're being a good girl. It's time to go see daddy. Be a good girl for mommy.” Mis.Mare said as we walked to the car and my face was bright red. My dad rolled down the window and looked at us. “How did it go?” he asked “It was perfect. She is almost done.” Mis.Mare told him Wait almost? What does she mean? “Ok I'll wait.” he told us as he took the paper bag with ‘for daddy’ on it from Mis.Mare. “Be a good girl for mommy and put your hands on the car.” Mis.Mare told me with her smile and I did what I was told. She then got behind me to lift up my skirt and slide her hand into the back of the diaper and grabbed the butt plug. I began to whimper more before she whispered in my ear. “You're going to be a good girl from now on. You won't tell anyone about what happened today. You're going to feel really good soon. And if my baby girl wants to feel better then, be a good girl for mommy and use your diaper.” she said and pulled the plug out. My eyes went wide and misty as everything I was holding in was now coming out! My legs began to buckle as I squatted down as everything come out as I began moaning from the pleasure of releasing it all. Without realizing it I began to let go of my bladder as well. I was squatting on the ground shaking when Mis.Mare opened the back seat door and helped my trembling body into the car and helped me get my seatbelt on before looking me in the eyes. She then started rubbing the front of my pee soaked diaper sending a shiver up my spine. “If baby girl wants this again then be a good girl for mommy,” she told me I had that same smile she had as I said “Yes mommy.”
  4. I have had so many different idea's for stories for a while but nothing I really wanted to write even with Halloween coming up. Then one strange dream later and here we are. Not completely sure where this is going to go but I know it shouldn't be too long and will be done before Halloween. Let's Play Diaper Land Chapter 1 "Mommy wow, I'm a big kid now!" A little girl on the TV screen was jumping up and down as she finished pulling up her "big girl" underpants. Laying sideways across the recliner Jess turns her head to face Sam, Karen and Emily who were all sitton on the couch or the ground watching the TV as well. With a coy smile on her face she said, "Hey Emily, you wear those don't you?" The room filled with laughter for a few moments as Emily's face turn a deep shade of red. "I was 12 and it was only at night, you know that!" The four young collage girls were sitting around the TV on a boring, rainy Saturday afternoon. Jess had invited them all over to relax the day away, but as the day was going by it was clear boredom was setting it. That was when the power suddenly shut off. "What the hell?!" Jess moaned getting out of her chair to look outside, she couldn't tell if the other houses had power or not through the ran. She dragged herself over to the breaker box to see if they tripped anything. She had caused the breaker to trip for her bathroom before when she used everything at once so she knew what to look for but everything seemed fine. "Sorry girls, guess we're done until power turns on." The others didn't seem to care one way or another, it wasn't like they were doing anything really exiting anyway. "Do you have any board gamers or something?" Emily asked. Jess made her way over to the living room closet, "Ya my mother loves to pick them up when she goes thrift store shopping." The closet was full of many different board game, Chess, Checkers, Monopoly, Life, Sorry and more. It wasn't until Emily lifted Candly Land out of the way did she see it, a big wooden box with what looked like a diaper engraved on the front with the words "Diaper Land" accross the front. Jess saw the game she had picked up and chuckles, "Figures." "Have you ever played it?" Emily asked. Jess looked at the box for a long moment. "No, I've never seen it. Don't know when Mom picked it up. It looks old." The box was old but still seemed in good shape. Emily opened it with Jess looking over her shoulder, it looked like a Candy Land board but with a baby theme to it. In the middle there was a plastic mound that kinda looked like a magic 8 ball but white. In a triangle around it was writen 3 words, Nursery, Daycare and Playground. On the side sides that had folded out there were four player pieces: a bottle, pacifier, rattle and diaper as well as the rules for the game, which Emily started reading allowed. DIAPER LAND RULES Prove your not a baby! In Diaper Land players take turns rolling 2 dice to move across the board. The first player picks the game location Babies are eliminated from the game Players with a poopy diaper are demoted to baby Players who cheat will be demoted to baby The first player to reach the end and call out "Diaper Land" wins The winner get one wish "Well guess you already loss Emily, your already baby." This time it was Sam making fun of her. "You know what, I say we play and see who the baby here really is!" Emily wasn't mad, but she was tired of being called baby all the time. Even if it was just a game she wanted to prove she wasn't the baby of the group. Before she could say anything else Jess reach over and grabbed the bottle, "I call the bottle!" Sam quickly called the rattle and Karen the pacifier, this left Emily with the diaper. They placed the game on the living room table and the four of them sat on the floor and placed their pieces at START. "We'll let the baby go first, that seems fair. Then go clockwise." That would mean Emily first, then Karen, Sam and Jess last. Emily took the dice in her hand and was about to roll when Jess stopped her. "Did you forget you have to pick a location." Emily Looked down and saw the 3 location on the board, she though for a moment then put her hand on "daycare." "I pick Daycare," she said. As soon as she said it the letters lit up and suddenly a wave of mist started pouring from the game like water. The 4 girls sat in shock as the mist went around the house as everything in the house began to change. The couch was gone and a large toy chest was in it's place. The carpet changed colors and soft music could be heard in the back ground. Bit by bit the room changed until the mist itself was gone and the four girls were in a daycare surrounded with babies all over the room just playing with their toys like nothing happened. Jess's face was filled with shock, confusion and a bit of fear, "I don't want to play anymore..."
  5. Bryson stared at the screen, running his fingers through his thick red hair. It was soaked with sweat. How long had he been doing this?He looked over at the clock on his desk and moaned. It was almost three am, and he still hadn’t finished editing his paper! He looked back at the screen and started scrolling and typing as fast as he could. How could there be so many mistakes? Spelling error after spelling error… It was like he hadn’t even passed high school! God, if only he hadn’t left it until the last minute.Well, he told himself, he kind of had to. He had been working, trying to pay off the bills for university. He had to move all his stuff into his new room, do his readings, aattend classes. Just thinking about it almost made him sick to his stomach.Except that that wasn’t really true. He had also attended his fair share of party. He didn’t really enjoy them so much, he kind of just stood around watching others drink, but he was hoping to meet people. He had also spent MORE then his fair share of time playing video games. Really, he could have started this days ago.He sighed, and looked at his paper. He guess that would have to do. He had class in a few hours, and hadn’t slept much the night before either, having spent his time online. His roommate was already asleep. He emailed it to himself for printing, and turned off the computer.He got undressed, setting his glasses down on the desk and his black shirt and jeans on the chair. He lay down and stared out the window, seeing the stars filling the sky. He was exhausted, but the anxiety and stress kept him up. God, wouldn’t it be better if he could live without all this stress? Couldn’t there be a world where he didn’t have to worry about it? He looked at one of the stars, wishing and hoping beyond hope that somehow it would all work out. A silly thought, he knew. Wishing on stars never worked. But it was comforting to think that somehow it would make a difference, leading him to a stress free life. Slowly, he closed his eyes, and drifted off to sleep.…Bryson woke up to the feeling of someone shaking him.“Hey, Bryson. Get up. Bryson, hey, come on,” a voice said.Bryon opened his eyes to see Mark, his roommate, staring down at him. Mark was a tall, broad shouldered man his own age, with brown haired and brown eyes. He was always dressed very maturely, with a collared shirt on…. Wait, was he always that tall?Bryson sat up and looked at him. No, Mark wasn’t any taller. Everything in the room was proportional. Yet, somehow, he just seemd more…“You know you’re going to be late, right?” Mark asked.Bryson snapped out of his daze and looked at his clock. “#*[email protected]!” he shouted. It was 8:25, his class started at 8:30. He realized he had forgot to start the alarm. Mark must have got up for a later class and noticed he was still asleep.“Thanks!” he shouted at Mark, who watched with a disappointed look on his face. Bryson grabbed his clothes, all black jeans with a chain and a t-shirt, and pulled them on quickly. “Are you sure you really want to go for the gothic look? It really isn’t very mature… Between being late and that, you’re kind of asking for it,” Mark said, in a tone like he was warning someone who he knew wouldn’t listen.“Yes, and don’t tell me what to do!” Bryson snapped, irritated. Normally he wasn’t that angry, but the exhaustion and rush made him upset. “Wait… asking for what?”Mark sighed and shurged, then watched him leave.Bryson looked at his watch and began to run. It was 8:32, he was already late. Papers were handed in at thee beginning of class… “#*&$! THE PAPER!” He had forgotten to print it off. He changed direction and began to run toward the library, where there were printers for student use. It was across campus, and he wasn’t sure if he would make it.Finally, he arrived, and slowed to a walk. He stopped for a moment. Goth cloths weren't designed for running, especially in the summer. Finally he continued into the library, a large brown building designed with odd looping shapes and angled rooms.He walked past crowds of students rushing to get to computer desks or book shelves. Did the people in the library seem different? They all seemed to be a bit older. He looked closely. There was John, Sarah, Michael… No, they all looked the same. They just seemed somehow more mature. They stared at him with disappointment in their eyes. Why did he keep seeing that look?He reached one of the computers and turned it on. Did it always take this long to load? He got on, logged onto his student name, found the email and printed it off. Then he was out again, running toward the class.He finally arrived at the class just as it was ending. People filtered out of the hall, and he squirmed by them. They all had that same look on their faces, somehow more mature, looking at him with disappointment and, he noticed, something else. Was that adoration? Something like looking at a puppy or someone much younger.He finally made it into the class room, a large auditorium with grey walls and chairs seemingly designed to make any class as boring as possible. The professor, a white haired and bearded man in the usual tweed jacket was at the desk at the front, filing papers. Bryson ran down the steps toward him.“Uhhh… Hello Mr... I mean Dr. Livingstone,” Bryson said nervously.He looked up and stared a Bryson with spectacles eyes. “Ahh yes, Bryson is it? Late again? I assume that is your paper.” He pointed at the sheets in Bryson’s hands.“Oh! Yes! I was going to give it to you! I.. uhh… “ Bryson stared at the papers. They had become rumpled as he ran, and even picked up dirt. “I’m sorry. I missed my alarm..”“I don’t want your excuses Bryson,” the professor sighed, taking the papers. He looked through them carefully. “Did you edit this? Look, you misspelled “literacy” in the first paragraph! This is full of mistakes!”Bryson hung his head. “I did, I was just tiered.”“Mhhmm. Let me ask you something Bryson. Have you been doing this sort of thing in other classes?”“Ummm... no,” Bryson said, his heart jumping as he lied. He had been, but he didn't want to professor to know.The professor looked at him with raised eyebrows. “Yes, you have. I know, I had heard the stories. Do you really think that this is the sort of thing an adult should be wearing?” he pointed at Bryson’s torn jeans and shirt.“Uhh… No, I guess not,” Bryson said, blushing.“They aren’t. Most people give up on those 'looks' in high school. You are in university now, you should be beyond that. Now I have one final question. Did you shave this morning?”“What?” Bryson was taking aback by the strange question. He realized he had forgotten. “No I didn’t have time,” he said. He ran his hand along his chin, expecting to find stubble. He was surprised to find himself clean shaven.“That’s what I though. Listen, you might want to reconsider your behavior. This level of immaturity never works out well. I’ve seen several students go through it, and almost always end up… Well, I’m sure you can see where this is going, can’t you?”“Yes,” Bryson said, hearing the implied threat of failing university.“Good, then let’s not have a repeat, alright?”“Yes sir,” Bryson said, and left. What was that all supposed to mean? And why the question about shaving? He felt his face again. Why was there no stubble? (Note: This one is a slow burner, at least compared to my others. Don't worry, it will get to the usual stuff. It is reusing the world I wrote about in "Switch," though that story isn't referenced and it won't matter if you've read it or not. While Switch wasn't my favorite of my own stories, I really liked the world I made, so I am using it again. Also, this was written as part of an art trade with Bryson (masterofevil44 on DA) where I could control most of the plot but use him as a main character. Any comments or critiques are appreciated!)
  6. A New Life

    (Actual title: "A New Life." I am trying to fix that. Slowly, you begin to wake up, feeling groggy. Your bed feels... different. Softer. In your tired state you can't tell exactly what it is, but something isn't right. It feels like your blankets bunched up between your legs, and you can't get your knees together. Something is definitely wrong. Maybe you are still dreaming? You have an odd taste in your mouth. It feels like something is sitting between your lips. You try to spit it out, but can't. You reach over to take it out... but your arm won't move. With a start, you realized your hand is tied. You open your eyes in shock, but in the dim light you can't see much. This isn't your room. Your eyes begin to adjust and you see more and more. You are surrounded by bars... are you in a cage? You try wiggling around, kicking off the blankets. What the hell are you wearing? You are dressed in a pink, footed onesie. Around your waist you see a buldge. With horror, you realize that you are wearing a diaper. This isn't a cage, its a crib! The lights flicker on, blinding you momentarily. "Ahhh I see the baby girl is awake. Did you sleep well honey?" a strange voice asks. You look toward the voice to see a tall women standing in the doorway. She has long brown hair that falls over thick shoulders and arms. Clear blue eyes look at you with compassion. She is holding a baby bottle. A BIG baby bottle. Big enough for you, even. You try to ask what is going on, but can't speak through what you now realize is a pacifier, tied behind your head. Getting a better look at your outfit, you notice cartoon princesses covering your onsie, and "Diapered Princess" written across the chest. Your hands are locked in finger less gloves, rendering them useless, and you can feel a frilly bonnet on your head and tied under you chin. You are dressed like a one year old girl. A nearby mirror reveals the words "Messy Diaper Butt" written on the flap of the onesie. "Awww don't worry baby. Just let mommy check your diaper and we can untie you for breakfast. That sound nice? Just promise not to be a bad baby, or you will get a spanking." The women tells you, standing over you. She reaches down to open the flap on your onsie, revealing a thick, infantile diaper with "Baby" written across the front in pink. "Looks like someones dry!" She says, pinching your cheek, "Good baby! Keep this up and maybe one day we can begin potty training... In a year or so..." At this point your surprise and fear turns to anger. How can this woman humiliate you like this? You try to struggle against her as she unties your arms and lifts you up but to know avail. Your moments turn into uncoordinated squirming, and you realize you have little control over your limbs. A hard smack on your diaper stops you completely. "Now now, if I'm gonna untie you you have to be a good baby. Try that again and I'll give you a real spanking. OK?" You stop the pointless squirming. How can you be so weak? What the hell is going on. The woman sits you in a high chair, strapping you in place. The diaper crinkles underneath you as you wiggle on the seat, wondering what is going on. The padding feels like a cushion underneath you, but serves as a constant humiliating reminder of your diapered state. Even worse, you are seated right in front of a window facing a street and another row of houses. You recognize the neighborhood as one near your own home. What if someone sees you? A bowl of unidentifiable mush sits in front of you, along with the bottle she was carrying earlier. She doesn't intend to feed you this, does she? In answer to the question, she unties something behind your head and removes the pacifier. You try to speak, to ask what is going on, but she quickly spoons mush into your mouth. "Open up for the airplane! Vroommm vrooom!" She says as she forces the sweet goo down your throat. You gag and choke it back, forced to eat by her constant shoveling. Finally you can take it no more. "Wai! Wha goin on?" With horror you realize that is your own voice. A high pitched squeal, with words lisped and barely formed. What had happened to you? "NO! No more foo! Stop oo F---ing b----!" "What! How dare you? Is that how babies talk? Come here!" The woman pulls you out of the high chair and grabs you by the wrist.You scream curses as you are forced to waddle behind her, your thick diaper making walking normally impossible. She pulls you down the hallway and into a bathroom. Once there, she forces open your mouth and sticks a bar of soap into it. The bitter soap instantly fills your mouth with suds, and you try to spit it out, only to have it replaced. "Alright, listen. You are going to learn to be a good baby whether you like it or not. Now I am going to spank you 20 times. If you drop the soap, we restart." She couldn't be serious...! A spanking? At your age? You spit out the bar again. "Oo can't pank me! I am..." You only get that far when her hand smacks the back of your diaper. Even through the padding, it stings. "I told you to keep the soap in your mouth! BAD BABY!" the woman says as she replaces the soap and begins to rain down smacks upon your bottom. SPANK 1... SPANK 2... SPANK 3... You struggle to keep the mouth in as she counts out the blows. You are forced to suck on it, swallowing the suds as you do. Your bottom gets sorer and sorer. She is nearing the end. SPANK 19... SPANK 20. "Good baby!" She sits you on her lap, and takes out the soap. "Will you be a good baby for mommy from now on?" "Wes I sowwy! I be a goo baby!" "Good, now lets get you back in your high chair while I clean your dishes, then we can play with your toys." She pops the pacifier back in your mouth and carries you to the kitchen. You can still taste soap. She sits you in the chair. You struggle to get comfortable on the hard seat. Even through the padding, your sore bottom stings whenever you put weight on it. For once, you are grateful for the diaper. Suddenly you realize you may need the diaper for something else. Your bladder is extremely full, aching for release. Even worse, you can feel your stomach rumbling. If you don't think fast, soon you will be in a very uncomfortable diaper. "uhhh... mama?" you ask, trying to sound as childish as possible to get on her good side. "Yes baby?" "I has do go potty" you inform her, blushing. Surely she can't mean you to use the diaper. "Well that's what your diaper is for silly! Anyway, I am working here, so you won't be let down for a while. I will change you when I'm done" "No! Pwease don make me!" You cry, seeing you please ignored. You squirm back and forth, trying to press your knees together. The padding between your legs isn't helping much. You can't... But it is getting harder and harder to hold it in. Those muscle relaxants really are taking there toll. Perhaps you could wet, but she wouldn't force you to MESS yourself, would she? At least you could keep that dignity. Hoping to meet her half way, you let go of your bladder. Instantly you hear a hissing noise as you feel you diaper become soaked. The diaper inflates around you. Soon you are sitting in a warm, wet, puddle. You blush furiously. How could she make you do that!?! Pissing yourself like a toddler... What the hell was going on? Even worse, you can feel the pressure building in your gut. There is no way it could get this bad that quickly! She must have put something in the mush... Soon your diaper will be full of something much worse then pee. (so this is a much older story I wrote a while ago. I thought I had already submitted it here, but can't find it. If I am mistaken, please let me know. I normally ask or critiques, but since this is an older one and I've sort of moved on from this type of writing, it is fine. Also, more will come)
  7. Saturday in diapers

    Saturday morning Diaper Day… It was your typical Saturday morning. I woke up ready to do so many things, but where to start. I’m self-employed, so of course some work spills into the weekend. “Simple stuff,” just some shipping and prep for shipping. I knew my tape gun was running low, so a trip to the hardware store was on the list. I also wanted to ride my bike, but I’d gotten a flat and failed to check the tire for what caused the flat, so a trip to the bike store was also on the list. Oh, and the bathroom remodel project and something fun – a bike ride before the rain predicted for Sunday… Of course, trying to accomplish all of this in the most efficient order made me a bit stressed and anxious. I managed to steal away to my computer, click on New Incognito Window and spent a few minutes checking in to DailyDiapers to see if anyone had responded to ‘conversations in progress,’ and who were the most recent visitors to my profile page. things were pretty quiet. I know to avoid the chat room, just because I wasn’t in the house by myself. I logged out, closed the window and was just about to get back to business when… I realized that for the few minutes I spent on DD, I was calmer and more relaxed. I didn’t think much of it until collecting my keys, wallet and phone. I almost made it out the door when I went back to my computer room – where I keep my diapers, panties and ‘other things.’ Pulled out the diaper drawer, grabbed my fave little girls goodnites diaper and slipped it on under my street clothes. Ahhhh. Deep breath! A calming feeling immediately came over me. I then went to my bedroom and grabbed an extra pair of boys underwear to keep my diaper snug. I headed out the door, drove to the bike shop, chatted with the owner and mechanic. I love when the urge to wet happens while I’m talking to someone. There’s just something exhilarating about doing something like that and no one knows but me. They let me try an electric bike – which very cool – and I almost forgot that I was wearing. After buying new tires and spare tubes, I went to Menards, the hardware store. It’s a big store and I often meander about while wetting a little here and there. I got the packing tape as well as a few electrical bits and headed to check out. The cashier was maybe forty something and wearing snug, peg-leg jeans with the cutest little zipper and studs at the bottom. I complimented her and didn’t tell her I much I would have liked to try them on. Too Creepy? Somedays I can cleverly pull it off by saying, ‘women’s clothes are just so much more fun than mens.’ Most women seem to agree. There was a problem with one of the electrical bits not scanning. The flashing help light came on, walkie-talkies came out as two or three people tried to sort it out. Meanwhile, I was getting texts from a client, and getting the urge to wet and was really not in a hurry to go anywhere. I should have been, but wetting my diaper in public was helping me not feel the pressure of what I was supposed to be doing. The cashier was appreciative. Then, a stock boy came out and I showed where I got the mysterious item, wetting along the way. I came back to the cashier and I think she ended up giving it to me for free for being patient. I then came home, taped up my boxes for fedex only to find they had closed just before I got there. 6pm. Oh well. I’d be ready first thing in the morning to take them. Once home, the beautiful fall afternoon was calling, so I slipped into the computer room, pulled out a fresh diaper, changed, and then went to my bedroom to slip on black leggings, bike shorts, a top and a lime green vest. On my bike I went. The day was just perfect. I love repeating to myself while I’m riding, “I’m love wearing a diaper and I’m gonna wet it,” or “I’m a little sissy boy and I love to wear girl panties.” There are plenty of variations. It’s like meditation! When I got home, it was time to make dinner, so I stayed in my diaper, leggings and bike shorts – I’d wear that outfit all day long if I could. After cleaning up the dishes, I started playing on the computer, waiting for everyone to go to bed. That’s when I started writing this story… You know how stuff you look at shows up in your browser? Well, for me it’s Polyvore - https://www.polyvore.com/ - they have the cutest clothes and I just wana buy all of it. I actually love that the adds pop up! I click on a cute outfit, then another. I can’t shop online – can’t leave a trail – so I shop at Target, Walmart and Goodwill when I have cash. Pretty soon I plan to visit Tillys, where some of clothes I like can supposedly be found nearby. Everyone’s gone to bed now. I changed my diaper again, drank a tall glass of water and am about to share this on DD. Who knows what mischief I’ll get into? I love going to the chat room and connecting with people, checking out profiles and pix (and seeing who is checking mine). I confess that when I first found a diaper site online, I immediately went out and bought a pack of diapers! I enjoyed them thoroughly, but sometimes I wondered what was wrong with me. I’ve been on DD long enough to realize that 1.) I’m not alone, 2.) For every person who wears diapers, there’s a story. No two stories are the same. After sometimes throwing out my diapers and girls clothes, I finally gave in and decided to enjoy them. I do have a fantasy that sometime I will meet someone on DD that lives nearby. I get excited thinking about meeting at a coffee shop, sitting at a table chatting. It would be fun to go to a public restroom long enough to share a peek at each others diapers. Or sit in a car and chat while feeling that solid bulge! I’ve told one friend so far that I like to wear and wet diapers. I pulled down my leggings so she could see. I even gave her a diaper to try – she hasn’t yet ;_< I hope you enjoyed my story. Maybe we’ll meet online. Feel free to PM or write.
  8. A Lesson to Learn

    Jack woke up slowly. He glanced at the alarm clock beside his bed. 6:55. Five minutes until it went off.Smiling to himself, he reached over and turned the alarm off. He then looked down at the girl who was lying beside him. Brown haired, fairly tall, muscular, angular face with high cheekbones, and above all beautiful, Steph was the girl of his dreams. She was perfect. Well, except perhaps for one thing, some would say. As far as he was concerned, that was only debatably a flaw. Jack, himself a well built, tall and brown haired man, would probably debate the other side.As the clock neared seven, he bent over and put a hand on Steph’s shoulder. “Good morning baby girl,” he said, “its time to wake up.”She stirred slowly, smiling.“Come on little one, the sun is up! Don’t let the day go away.”“I don’t want to,” she said gruffly, but still smiling.“Awww well that’s too bad little one. You have to go to work.”“Says you, you’re just going to go back to bed.”“And whose fault was it for booking shifts on the weekend so you could go out on a weekday?”“Five more minutes?”“No. Come on, don’t be a brat.”With that, he picked her up and sat her in his lap and kissed her. She snuggled in close. She wiggled her bum over his legs, making a quiet crinkling sound. He turned on the bed side lamp, flooding the room with light. The large wooden bed they slept on was surrounded by a desk, night table, and deep red walls.“You awake now?”“Mmhmm” she nodded.“Good. Then it’s time for a diapie check.”She sat up straight and began to push away. “Hey no! Don’t be mean! Jack, no! I can do it!”“Come on baby girl, if you could do it yourself you wouldn’t need them. Don’t try to hide your widdle accidents.”She struggled half heartedly, pushing for a moment before letting him lay her down again on her back, not really trying to stop him. She folded her arms and made an attempt at a glare that thinly disguised a smile. “I can do it” she mumbled.“Sure you can,” he smiled. Slowly, he pulled down her cotton pyjamas bottoms to reveal a white diaper.Jack looked at it a moment. “Hmmmm… I think we can both guess what the answer is going to be,” he said. Steph blushed, still smiling, and looked away. “But I guess I can give you the benefit of the doubt. Even if it’s just to make you feel better.”She stuck her tongue out at him, and he replied with the same.Jack reached forward with his hand and felt the bottom of her diaper. “Yep, that is one wet diaper little one. Poor little diaper girl, never learned to use the potty I guess.”“Hey!” she whined, “it’s only at night!”“Sure it is Little Ms. Potty Pants. And never mind your excuses. It’s still more then you’re supposed to at your age.”“Don’t be mean! I can’t help it! It’s not fair to make fun.”“Oh yeah? Then why do you smile every time I do?”She struggle a moment, trying to frown, but her lips kept moving up. “Shuddup,” she said. Then, her smile turned a bit darker. “Maybe there is something I know that you don’t know.”“Uh huh. Apparently “how not to be a pants soaking diaper girl” isn’t one of them. That’s something I know but you don’t. Come on, let’s get you changed.” He stood her on her feet, patted her bum, and led her by the hand toward the bathroom. The bathroom was attached to the bedroom. It was black tiled and grey walled, and had the full sink, toilet, shower and bath, with a few long mirrors along the wall.“Heh! I can do it myself!” she said, pulling.“Sure you can. You can also wake up to the alarm every morning rather than my kisses, but we both know you prefer it this way. If you didn’t want me to change you, you’d have stopped me some time in the last 8 months we’ve been doing this.”“Fine,” she said, and lay down.Carefully, he undid the tapes on her diapers. “Tsk tsk little princess, supposed to be all grown up, and still getting your soggy diapers changed. When are you going to grow up and learn to use the potty?” He wrinkled his nose.She made a face that was between a glare and a pout, but the smile was coming through.He continued. He was taking as much time with it as he could. He opened the front of her diaper and wrinkled his nose with an exaggerated disgust. “Jeeze. I bet the entire house would smell better if you did, stinky girl. Look how soaked this is! If it wasn’t for your little baby pampers, we’d of had to through the bed out.”“You know, it’s not nice to make fun of medical conditions. You better be careful!”“Oh, and why is that, smelly girl? What’s gonna happen, one day your wet your diaper-wipers too much for me to handle?” He wrapped up the used diaper and through it out.“I’m just saying, bad things sometimes happen to people who do stuff like that. People don’t like it, and they want to get back at them.”“Sure, sure baby girl. You can’t even get by without me changing your huggy-wuggies. I’m not afraid.” He began cleaning her with baby wipes.“Well, Karma happens, it’s all I’m saying. And stop calling them that! You sound ridiculous.”“What? You don’t like me teasing you with the names of your cute little pamper-wampers? I don’t think the girl who just got her huggy-wuggies should be calling anyone ridiculous.”“They are Dry-24/7s and you know it. Adult diapers, not baby diapers.”“Uh huh… Pretty sure that’s an oxymoron. They are definitely your widdle baby diapoos.” he stopped. He reached inside the pack and took another out, then studied it carefully. “You know… since you’re such a potty pants baby, I’m not sure if I can let you go to work in normal undies. I think you should be in your diapers. Just in case.”“Oh really?” she asked dryly.“Yep. I think little babies who wet themselves should be in diapers 24/7, just like the name says. In fact, I think I should put your bum right back into diapers right now and send you off like that, crinkling away. Then, if anyone noticed, they will know that you’re a little baby potty pants. Seems fair to me.”“Alright.”“What?”“Do it. Diaper me up. I agree. Like you said, little babies who wet themselves should be in diapers 24/7. Totally fair. ”He looked at her questioningly. “You’re serious?”“Yep. Like you said, I clearly need them.”Jack wasn’t sure what to do. He had been teasing her, as he often did. Normally they moved on, kissed, than repeated the joke the next day. He never expected her to actually tell him to do it, and he wasn’t sure how he felt about it. What was she up to?“Well? Are you going to diaper me or not?”“Sure, if you want it. I’ll diaper your bum little girl.” He grabbed the powder.“Buut…”“Here we go,” he rolled his eyes. He knew there would be something else.“BUT,” she emphasized, ignoring his remark. “If I wear this to work, then I get to decide what you wear today.”“So you’ll just put me in diapers? No deal.”She giggled. “No, no. I have a different idea for you. You’ll be wearing my clothes. My NORMAL clothes. Don’t worry, I’m not going to put you in diapers this morning.”He leaned back and thought a moment. “So you’ll wear a diaper to work, and all I have to do is cross dress at home?”“Yep.”“Where no one can see me?”“Yep.”"Why would that be worth it to you?"She shrugged her shoulders. "Don't know. I guess you'll have to wait and find out."He looked at her, then at the thick white garment in his hand. Was this some kind of trick? She seemed pretty eager... but this was the sort of game they often played... What was she planning? He thought a moment more. “Alright, deal” he said. They shook hands.(Part 1 of 4, comments and critiques are appreciated)
  9. Switch

    Crabula pulled at her hair, gritting her teeth in frustration. The little brat just wasn't listening. II don't wanna!" her twelve year old charge screamed. "Well you have to! I'm the babysitter, and I said so! Now turn the tv off!" Crabula replied. He wards mother had demanded tv be turned off by 8:00. "I don't care if you're the babysitter! I'm twelve years old! I don't need a babysitter!" "Well maybe, but you're certainly not acting like a twelve year old! Clearly your mother hired me because you weren't mature enoughugh to be left on your own all night, and now you are proving her right! You are acting like a baby!" just as she said it, she knew it was the wrong thing to say. Her ward, Jessica, a small blond haired girl wearing jeans and a blue shirt, had been acting up all night. Crabula herself, a medium built brunet in jean shorts and a t-shirt, hadn't wanted to be cruel to the young girl, no matter how spoiled she acted. However, there was no going back now. "A baby! I'll show you!" Jessica tried to grab at Crabula, but Crabula just held onto her wrists. "That's it," Crabula said, "I've had enough. Go to bed now!" "WHAT!? Its only 8:00! Mom said I could stay up until ten." "Yes but she also said I should send you to be earlier if you are acting up. Do you want me to have to tell your mother you weren't listening?" The girl pouted. "No..." "Then go to bed,: she said sternly, pointing toward the stairs. "Fine. But you'll regret this." "Oh I'm SOOO scared" Crabula said sarcastically. She watched as the girl walked up the stairs, went into her room, and shut the door. She had to admit, she was a little surprised the girl responded so quickly. Now finally having time alone, Crabula returned to the living room. There was a large flat screen tv, a black leather couch, and several book shelves. She sat down on the couch and turned on the tv. That rule had been made for Jessica, and since she was in bed, she saw no reason to enforce it for herself. As she watched, she turned on her laptop and ran through her school files, checking if her grades had come in. For the most part, she had done well, and a list of Bs with a few As came up. A few hours later there was a knock on the door. She got up to answer it, and saw Jessica's parents standing there. They were a fairly young couple, mid or late thirties, and both tall. The father was brown haired and wore a suit, while the mother was the same blond as her daughter and wore a long green dress. "Oh! Hello Mr. and Mrs. Smith. How was your night out?" "It was amazing. Thanks so much for coming in on such short notice for Jessica. I hope she wasn't too much trouble?" Mrs. Smith asked. "Oh it wasn't a problem to come in" Crabula tried not to sound sarcastic. Getting a call with less than an hours notice was bad enough, and even worse on a Friday night, even if it was summer. "As for Jessica..." she knew she shouldn't be trying to get revenge on a twelve year old girl, but couldn't help herself. "To be honest, Mrs. Smith, she was a perfect little brat. She complained about everything, refused to turn off the tv, and generally acted like she was half her age. She even tried to push me! I had to send her to bed early." She left out the part that Jessica had, in the end, gone to her bed without much of a fight and had been quite all night. She told herself it simply wasn't important. "Oh really!? Well, I'm sure we will have to do something about that tomorrow. Thanks again, Crabula Mrs. Smith sounded generally surprised, though this was fairly common with Jessica. Crabula took the money for the night, said goodbye, and left. As soon as she was out the door, Crabula let out a huge sigh of relief. She got on her bike, a large red Airbourne mountain bike, put on her helmet, switched on the lights and began riding. These nights were getting more and more stressful. Not many of her babysitting charges exactly liked her, and to be honest, the feeling was mutual. Crabula was constantly shocked at how rude and immature they could be. Was she really that bad at their age? She couldn't have been. Perhaps she was a bit stricter then the other babysitters, and more willing to give punishments, but they needed it, it was how she was raised, and frankly she just couldn't deal with it all. She only kept going because she REALLY needed the money to save for college. But between babysitting, school work, household chores, and the million other things she needed to do, she was more than worn out. She just wished she could have a break from it all, no responsibilities, no work... Suddenly her bike jammed and she felt herself flip over her handlebar. She landed with a thud on the ground, and felt her bike land on top of her. "OOPH!" she said. She began rubbing her shoulder and head where she had landed. Thank god for her helmet. She looked back at her bike. What had caused her to crash? She saw something on the path, half buried. Her tire must have hit it. She bent down for a closer look. To her surprise, what she found was metallic. She picked it up, and realized she was looking at a very old lamp. She almost laughed out loud. It was just like the ones she had seen in old stories and the 'Aladdin' movie. It was made of bronze, with a handle, a wide body, and a long, thin neck. Almost as a joke, she began to rub it... And was surprised to see something come out. A long stream of red and gold smoke poured out of the neck, collecting into a massive cloud. She watched, stunned, as the cloud condensed into a being with red skin a broad gold bars wrapping around it. The world around him seemed to change, with colors flowing randomly, things bending and twisting, and everything feeling as if it was a dream. "I am Yasafar, the red genie. I am here to grant you three wishes, whatever they may be,†the being spoke in a deep, powerful voice that shook the ground. Crabula, still sitting on the ground, was to shocked to speak. "Well?" it said. "Is... is this real? Did I hit my head in the fall?" Crabula began rubbing her scalp, feeling for any bruises. "Yes, this is real, and no, you didn't. If it is your wish, however, I can give you a head injury." The being began to raise its massive, muscular hand. "No no, that's ok. NO! PLEASE DON'T." Crabula sunk down to the ground and raised her hands to protect herself. "Well then I must insist you come up with something. I have places to be you know," the genie said. "What? Aren't I supposed to be your master or something? What do you mean places to be?" "Hey listen lady, I have a life outside of work, ok? Not everything revolves around you." "What? What things? What kind of genie are you?" she couldn't believe it. Even having wishes granted was turning out to be stressful. "Look, I have a job to do like everyone else, and frankly, you aren't exactly helping me do it. I happen to be a VERY GOOD Genie. I have many satisfied customers to prove it, so I don't need your sass. Check my reviews online. So why don't we just move this along, ok? What do you want?" "Well... I uh...." Crabula had never really thought about it. Frankly, the idea of a Genie having ratings online had confused her too much to think. "Oh do hurry up," the genie said, creating a watch on his wrists so he could glance at it and emphasis his point. "Perhaps thinking is a bit tough for you. Want more brain cells?" He began to raise his hand again. "Hey, NO! That's not what I want. Jackass!" "Hmm. Seems strange that you wouldn't care about being smart. Says a lot about you." Crabula's jaw dropped. "But if you want a Jackass, then I can definitely do that." "NO! Jackass is an insult, you dumbass!" "Oh it is, is it? Well call me a dumbass if you want, at least I could come up with a wish. Now, what do you want?" "Uhhhh..." "Uhhh? What is uhhh? Is that a wish? Can you make uhhh? Sorry! I don't know what "uhhh" 0is. Anything you want other than "uhhh?" "OH MY GOD, YOU ARE SUCH AN A-HOLE!" "Oh an a-hole am I? Not a nice thing to say to someone offering you free stuff." Crabula moaned in frustration. Why was everything in her life so stressful? "Weeelll?" the Genie said. "Alright alright. Give me a second," Crabula thought back to all the work she had to do, babysitting spoiled kids, having o pay for things, buying books and clothes for college, studying... She knew what she wanted. "I want to be free from responsibilities. I want everything to be taken care of for me, clothes, food, everything. And I want my babysitting charges, especially the ones who always seem to hate me, to know how it feels to go through what they put me through. "Alright. To be quite honest, those where pretty lousy wishes. Like, a four out of ten AT BEST. 2 stars. Anything else, maybe a bit smarter, you'd want? Try thinking this time." "WHAT!? THOSE WERE EXCELLENT WISHES!! THEY ARE LIKE A 9 OUT OF TEN AT LEAST! I DID THINK ABOUT THEM, AND I'M PLENTY SMART! YOU'RE JUST A DUMBASS!" at this point, Crabula was willing to leave with or without her wishes just to get rid of him. She had put up with FAR too much to deal with this right now, so she definitely wasn't taking time to reconsider her wishes. The genie looked a little irritated, but sighed. "Alright, if that's what you want, your wishes are granted." He waved his hand.
  10. The Lost Ones

    David struggled, out of breath. He held the bar to his shoulder, and slowly lowered it."Done!" he said in a breathless voice, mentally adding "finally." Lifting weights was far from his favorite pastime. However, under the circumstances, it was necessary.He faced a mirror, seeing his own blue, blond hair and smooth face. He ran a hand down his right shoulder and arm. "Better," he thought, "but not great."He himself didn't care about what he looked like, and especially not about being muscular. He wasn't even sure if he could become muscular, at least not in the same way some people at the gym were. However, he also needed to fit in. While the exercise machines now being built certainly made it easier, the growing trend where people worked out regularly for appearance and fitness made things more difficult. He had free weights in his house, and would need to use them later that night as well.He passed by the front desk, nodding to two staff members at the desk, who nodded back and waved. This may be the last time he came in. He'd been there a few months, longer then he usually stayed at one gym.As he left, one of the staff members turned to the other."You see that guy?""Yeah? The quiet one?""Yes. He's been coming here almost every morning for three months.""So? He's dedicated. That's what I like.""Yeah but.. I know some people at one of the other gyms in the area, and apparently he did the same thing there before switching to this one, and someone mentioned he was at another place before that.""And?""Well... Isn't it weird he keeps switching? And...""What?""Does he LOOK like he's been working like that for a year?"...David was walking past closed shops on a downtown road. It was still early morning, and if he was lucky, he could get home before more people were out. He hated walking around when it was crowded, but hated the dark even more, so this ended up being the best time to get around. He would have to come out later, he knew- there wasn't much he could do before anything was open, and he had to get buy- but for something he could do at any point, like attend a gym, it was ideal.He stopped, his eyes going wide. He was passing by a toy store, one of his favorite spots in town. In the window was a giant brown teddy bear. He stared, pressing his face and hands against the glass. It looked... soo... soft! He loved the material they used for stuffed animals recently. He didn't know what it was, but he loved just pressing it against his face. One like this he could use as a bed, his full body covered with softness...He was already pressing on the door. It wouldn't budge. He looked down at the handle. He pressed again, angrily. He shouted and began kicking the ground. Why wouldn't it open? He looked at the door again, noticing the sign that said closed. "ERRRR" he said about to pound on the glass, then stopped. He couldn't do that in public, what would people think if he saw? It was locked, there was nothing he could do, he thought. The thought made him sad, almost tearing. He looked at the door again. He could always come back later and buy it if he thought of it, he reminded himself. Now happy again, he began skipping down the road and smiling."Drat," he said suddenly, noticing his shoelace had come untied. He knelt down to tie it."One over the other... DANG!" he said. He spread them out to restart. Sometimes he question if he should just give up and get velcro shoes, but that seemed like it would cause more problems then it solved. One thing he didn't want was questions about why he was wearing anything deemed childish."Why hello there!" a warm, elderly woman's voice said.David frooze."Are you lost? Do you need help with your shoe laces?""Ummmm..." he said, not looking up."Let me help you, then you should get on home.""Ye..es," he replied, panicking.The speaker, a gray woman with glasses, bent down in front of him. David blushed and looked around as she began to lace his shoes. He hoped no one was watching. He knew he should have said no, but he couldn't find the words, and he really did need the help..."There, all done! Now you keep practicing and you'll get it one day!""Th..thanks," he said. He doubted he would, though."Now you hurry along, little one."David blushed deeper. He remained kneeling and looked down, avoiding eye contact. Hopefully she would move on before she noticed."Are you alright? Why aren't you getting up? Should I call for help? Where are your parents?"David closed his eyes. "Drat," he thought. "Well, I'd better get it over with." He stood up and looked at her.At first she seemed surprised to find he was as taller then she was, if not by much. She then fixed her glasses, and gasped slightly. Now it was her turn to blush. "Oh... I'm sorry. Please excuse me." She went walked beside him and left, surprised to find the person she had taken for a child was a full grown adult.David sighed. It was always worse with the elderly, and especially woman. Having bad eyesight didn't help either. Anyone looking at him clearly would see him as he appeared- an adult, if with some youthful features. However, they often responded to him different on instinct. Older people with maternal or paternal instincts often felt this the strongest, while younger ones often expected him to play games. Combine that with an inability to seem him properly, and sometimes they just assumed.He put the incident out of his head and kept walking. Hopefully no one would notice.He arrived at his house. He called it his house, but it wasn't exactly a house, and wasn't really his. He lived in a section of the bottom floors of a large house that had been divided into apartments, which he rented from the owner. However, the other apartment was unoccupied, meaning he could often come in and go without anyone noticing. This, combined with its proximity to downtown, gave him everything he needed- privacy, ease of use without needing to drive, cheap price. Also, the fact that there was often someone else in the building that he knew was a reassuring thought, especially at night.He unlocked the door and went inside. He walked down the hall, then stopped. There was a sign in front of him saying "lock the door, dummy!" He kicked himself and went back and locked the door. He then went through, past the sign. He stopped again. There was another sign in front of him saying "take of your shoes." He struggled with the laces, eventually kicking them off. As he stood up there was a third sign reading "and your jacket." He took it off and through it on his chair, before scolding himself, picking it up and hanging it properly. He had a closet full of half-haphazardly hung clothes, most of which he bought after reading online about what 'a man should wear' but never actually put on, finding them too uncomfortable or just not thinking about it.He walked up a small flight of stairs and into his bathroom. It was a full bathroom, with white paneled walls reminding him not to take electronics and stuffies into the tub and what to do if anything began to flood. He faced a mirror and put a hand on his belt. He closed his eyes. He never enjoyed this part, and he was feeling anxious.He pulled down his pants then opened his eyes to see a white diaper around his waste. He reached down and felt the plastic, then ticked his toung. Wet. Second day in a row at the gym. Sometimes, if he was calm and not distracted by anything, he could go a few days dry. However, his mind tended to wander, and when it did he would never know. At the gym, when he was straining, it could have happened at any point. He couldn't always even tell afterwards, and finding it here always made him wonder if anyone in the gym or on the long walk back could tell. He shuddered at the thought.At least he wasn't messy, he told himself. He could normally avoid that one, depending on what he ate and how close he was to the bathrooms. It still wasn't perfect, and he wasn't getting any better. It annoyed him now, as modern advances meant he could get diapers that looked just like regular underwear for public use, but there was no way they'd do the job well enough. As it was, his control took a lot of effort, and he only did it when he was in public. Even then, he didn't like it. It felt wrong.He glanced down. There was another reason it took effort. Under the sink, where he stored his diapers, there was a pile of thicker teddy bear printed ab diapers with a note attached reminding him not to wear them out. The rise of the internet, and with it the availability of abdl clothing, had been like a miracle for him. He struggled a moment, the adorable images calling to him, the softness... and stopped. It already difficult to hide the white diapers, and the few times people had noticed were embarrassing enough. He didn't need to have to find a way to hide the extra thick padding or risk someone seeing his teddy bear prints.He took off the wet diaper, thew it out and got in his bath tub. He filled it, cleaned himself, and got out and left the bathroom still naked.He kept an agenda on the small square table in his kitchen, which he now opened. He used his phone to check the date and matched it. He groaned. The agenda was something he had come up with knowing that if he left himself to his own devices he would never get things done. He modeled it off of examples he had found online, letting them replace the authoritative voice of a someone who could make those decisions. He had work again today, which he despised. Why did people spend so much time doing stuff like that when there was so things to play with? But it was what adults had to do, and for now he had to live as an adult.He opened he fridge. There were rows of sweets and pastries, along with peanut butter and different jams. There were also microwavable meals, as it was the only form of cooking he could do without causing a problem, and some... other things. Being an adult also meant he had to eat certain things, which he didn't like. This was something normally someone else should take care of, he thought, someone who knew better and could decide and make him do it... but he was there, so he had to make himself. He grimaced, grabbing a sweet pepper. "One vegetable with every meal," he reminded himself. He closed his nose, opened his mouth and ate it as quickly as he could. He followed it by drinking water from his tap as fast as he could. He then grabbed a piece of cake and ate it with his hands. He shuddered. Eating healthy was annoying.He went into his bedroom. It was large with baby blue walls and a crib that had detachable rails in case someone was visiting. He had hung pictures of video game and comic book characters on each wall, as he had learned adults had art, and most of the room was filled with piles of toys and old clothes. He opened his closet and struggled to ignore his preferred side, with he soft, cute clothing he preferred. Changes in fashion meant that he could sometimes wear one peice pajamas, and it seemed soon rompers would be acceptable. He loved it when things liked that happened. However, neither was appropriate for work. He began by laying out a fresh diaper, making sure it was plain white rather then printed. He poured a liberal amount of powder on it, taped it on, and got up. He then pulled a pair of boxers over it, covering the edge and ensuring a tear in his pants wouldn't be a disaster while muffling the crinkling sound. Next was an undershirt. He put on soft green pants and the required collared shirt, which was blue and striped with white. He found this worked the best- long shirt hung over his waistline, and the undershirt was tucked into his pants in case anything rode up.He then walked back into the bathroom. He sighed. He reached under the sink, and took out the make up.He began with small lines. Tiny changes, so that if it washed off no one would notice, but enough to make a difference. He had tried more drastic changes, but that had ended in disaster after a sudden rain storm. He put lines under his eyes, emphasizing cheekbones, and making his face seem narrower. He then took a comb to his unruly golden hair and used cream to hold it in place. The result was barely noticeable, but subtly added years to his perceived age.He scowled and stomped his foot. IT. WASN"T. FAIR. He hated doing it. Why couldn't he just got out normally? He pictured his face- cherubic was the right word. He could probably play Cupid if called upon, except he didn't know if Cupid would mind. He looked at his waiste, and angrily pulled up the pants which had slid down, revealing the top edge of his diaper despite all his efforts. He'd be dressed the part too. Why couldn't he just go out as is? He had to dress in all these bizarre clothes, doing everything he could to hide the rest of them, to change his face... He began to tear again.He breathed. Throwing temper tantrums wasn't a way to convince anyone he was mature, and the tears would rinse away the make up. People had already began to question things about him, which was never good. He knew he would have to move soon, which almost made him cry again. It was necessary, though. He had to keep moving, and to hide some things. It was one thing if people began to think he hadn't aged in ten years. It was another all together if they realized he hadn't aged in the last twelve thousand.
  11. The Winceyette nightshirt Definition of Winceyette: Cloth made of cotton that has a raised surface, used especially for nightclothes. I’m fourteen and have to go and stay at grandma’s house for a while. My parents are going through a tumultuous divorce and the constant shouting is having an effect on my nerves. My grades have deteriorated badly at school. I hardly sleep; continually worrying that the screaming might escalate into something much more violent. I lie in bed shaking and only drop off in a very fitful manner dreading the morning when I know it will start all over again. This in turn has led to one or two night time accidents and I wake up to a wet bed, not really knowing when it could have happened as I’d hardly slept. The atmosphere in the house is terrible and I’m perpetually on guard not wishing anything I do adding to the general dysfunction of my family – so I hide my problem. # Grandma (from my mum’s side, my dad’s parents are both dead), thinks it disgraceful they should behave the way they do when I’m around and appear ignorant their actions have on me. She berated both of them and insisted that they “…got their act together or separate and not involve their highly impressionable child (me) in their ‘theatrics’”. As soon as school finished for the Spring Break she insisted that I get away from the relentless bickering and spend some time with her. Now I love grandma, but spending any time at all with an old lady isn’t my idea of fun but her argument is sound; I need to get away and she is offering a sanctuary that isn’t available from anyone else. # It was an hour and a half drive to Grandma’s house and they even argued over whose responsibility it was to take me there. Tempers were rising and I simply couldn’t take any more so, I quickly shoved a few clothes in a bag, emptied my piggy bank and took the four hour, three bus changes ride to arrive completely shattered. This was partly due to the fact she lived at the edge of a village in a rather sweet one-bedroom cottage but which is a mile or so walk from the bus stop. Of course I was expected but she also expected that someone would have brought me. She was furious, she also thinks I need protecting from strangers (not sure what she thinks will happen on a bus); she forgets that I’m fourteen and can look after myself. So, she was once again angry with my self-obsessed parents and called them to let them know her disapproval, and of course that I’d arrived safely. I could hear her lay into my mother about how terrible it was to be subjected to hearing a constant stream of invective and anger even if it wasn’t directed at me. Grandma thought I was far too sensitive to have to put up with such antagonism but also listened to mum bleating on with ‘her side of the story’. Grandma’s final words were. “…no thanks to you two self-absorbed, unthinking bastards.” Yep, that’s what she called them down the phone “BASTARDS”. I was both shocked and amused that she should think in such a way about her daughter and son-in-law. Once her duty to inform them was out of the way then all her energy turned to me and the huge cuddle that followed was very welcome. I didn’t expect it but I burst into tears, perhaps she was correct, I was too sensitive. Whether through relief or what I’m not sure, but granny’s sweetly perfumed embrace meant the world to me. I left a huge wet tear stain on her pale yellow woollen cardigan but she didn’t seem concerned, her only thoughts were that I was safe, away from all the aggravation and determined that I should have an untroubled stay. In recognition of my visit she’d been baking and the homemade pies and tarts that appeared to cover every surface of the small but highly functional kitchen bode well. One thing for certain, I wasn’t going to starve whilst at granny’s house. # When I was younger I’d stayed with grandma quite a few times and I’d always shared her bed, which was OK but now I was more grown up I thought I’d be kipping on the couch. However, granny has a routine, and one she’s had as long as I can remember and that was - guests take a bath before bed. It was only about 8pm but I was well tuckered out and she noticed my eyes start to close. The meal she’d cooked, the lovely coal fire and the lack of any screaming certainly had me relaxing for the first time in many months. She smiled and suggested that, as she’d snuck off to run a bath whilst I dozed, I should take full advantage of the bubbles she’d added. I loved the fact that granny, as old as she was, still wanted to take care of me, something both mum and dad had been neglecting for some time. I went to the bathroom and stripped down piling my sweaty clothes on the dresser and slipped gingerly into the hot steamy suds. The smell of lavender filled the space and the bath itself was slippery from the amount of foam she’d added to the water, the entire effect was one of tranquil bliss so I closed my eyes and just soaked in its warm embrace. I fell asleep. # I woke up to granny peering down at me and smiling. “Gosh, you really did need to get away didn’t you?” I smiled back my agreement. “Well I think you’d better get out otherwise you’ll turn into a wrinkled prune.” She held out a fluffy blue towel and encouraged me to get out of the bath. “It’s ok gran I can see to myself.” I said nervous about being fourteen and being dried by my granny. “I’m sure you can but…” and there was a twinkle in her eye, “why should you when I’m here to look after you.” The towel did look very inviting and I nervously raised myself up but although the water had lost a great deal of its heat it was still very slippery and my grip on the side of the bath slipped as my feet slid along the bath floor and I made a huge splash that soaked granny. I was embarrassed but she was laughing and although dripping herself, still held up the towel encouraging me to make more of an effort. My nervousness about the hairs that I’d developed quite recently left me; after all she wouldn’t be seeing anything she hadn’t seen before. I was still a little ashamed at splashing her but thought I couldn’t delay the inevitable any longer. As she encircled me in the towel it brought back happy memories of when, as a child, she’d do this to me after a bath and the thorough rubbing would be followed, if tradition was being upheld, by a nice mug of milky cocoa before bed. Once she was sure I was dry she led me to her bedroom and I noticed some items piled on top of the blankets. I still assumed that somehow, or somewhere, in that small house there would be another bed, or sofa, that I would be sleeping on but apparently I was wrong. # I looked, somewhat bewildered, at the stuff granny had prepared. In my haste to get to her place I’d not packed any pyjamas and the few items I had in my backpack were just a couple of shirts, t-shirts and undies, I wasn’t well equipped at all. “I’m sorry about this sweetheart,” Granny looked serious and apologetic, “but you mother mentioned you’ve been having night time accidents at home.” This information came as a bit of a shock, I didn’t know that mum knew… she’d never said anything. However, coming home from school I suppose the fact that there was washing still in the machine and perhaps my room had a tell-tale odour, she’d managed to put the pieces together. Maybe she wasn’t as self-absorbed as I’d thought. I was uncomfortable that granny now knew and also ashamed. I felt humiliated and tried to hide my suddenly tearful gaze. “Don’t worry sweetheart, with what you’ve been through I can’t say I’m surprised.” She put her arm around my shoulder and gave me a tender hug. “However, we will be sharing a bed so I need to know that you are both comfortable and safe.” I tried to be grown up and said that I’d brought a t-shirt and underwear for bed but she just gently shook her head. “No.” She pointed to a bundle of items that were there ready for me. Although I’d noticed them I hadn’t paid that much attention as to what exactly was in the pile but suddenly realised that the white cloth item on top was in fact a thick terry nappy. “But granny, I’m too old for that…” “Sweetheart, you’re never too old to take precautions.” “But, but, er, I, er, mmm…” # My argument was slipping away as easily as the comforting towel she gently eased from my shoulders leaving me naked on the bed. She unfolded the huge terry square and refolded it into the shape of a nappy and slid it under my bare bottom. She sprinkled powder and reminded me that as a kid I used to enjoy that part the best. I was mesmerised with what was happening. I couldn’t lash out at granny but I certainly didn’t want to wear a nappy. However, I remembered that I had left my own bed at home in a soaked state so perhaps this thick protection might not be such a bad idea. Anyhow, I just couldn’t see myself arguing with granny and by the time I’d got my thoughts in order I was powdered and pinned in and she was shuffling a large pair of white plastic pants up my legs. She patted them into place and I just knew I’d never get my boxers over them as I looked around for them and my t-shirt. Granny was way ahead of me as she unfolded what looked like a pair of fleecy-style brown plaid pyjamas. She pulled what I thought was the top over my head and gently slid it down over my body. It kept going so she got me to stand up as it came down well below my knees. “Granny, er, I can’t wear this, it’s, it’s, er…” “Don’t be silly, it’s a nightshirt, a lovely Winceyette nightshirt.” She smoothed it down and over my bulging nappy. “This should keep you nice and snug while you’re here.” She patted my padded bottom and suggested we go down stairs for cocoa. I was reluctant to go anywhere, especially with the thickness surrounding my crotch but I figured that granny was probably wise enough to know when ‘protection’ was needed and it would certainly save me some embarrassment should I wet myself in the night, especially as we’d be sharing her bed. I felt strange. In fact, the whole process had seemed totally, how can I put it, er, out of body? It felt like it was happening to somebody else, well, perhaps it was a younger version of me but it certainly wasn’t me now. However, the fabric did feel nice against my skin. The cotton was soft and yet felt unlike anything I’d ever worn before. If I was to compare it to anything I would say it had the texture and smoothness of a fluffy kitten. There was an immediate sense of comfort as I waddled down stairs and settled myself in front of the fire whilst granny went to the kitchen to get our hot drinks organised. # The cottage was detached, had a fairly large garden, which gran loved to potter around in, but was quite small; a kitchen and living room on the ground floor and a bedroom and bathroom upstairs. A few years ago she’d had a small conservatory built onto the back, which was fitted out with wicker furniture; the place really caught the sun when it shined. It was a lovely place to relax in summer. Her living room was just as you’d expect for a country cottage; old but comfortable, well-stuffed chintzy style furniture, wooden dresser and display cabinets. There were photos of the family displayed around the room; me as a seven year-old, mum, dad and me when I was a baby and several shots of mum’s sister Jane and her family. Aunty Jane and Uncle Tom I think were happily married and, whereas I’m an only child, I have four cousins; Thomas is the eldest and the same age as me, Julie is twelve, Toby is eleven and they have a new baby, Benjamin. There were photographs of them all amongst the ones of us, as well as a lovely image of Grandpa when he was younger and in uniform. Three walls had flowery green and brown wallpaper and one wall was painted a dark brown but the overall effect was one of cosiness. The brown wall held a fabulous painting of a sunrise over the village that a local artist had done many years earlier. I loved the cottage; it was homely and always made me feel welcome. The fire crackled in the grate and a small ancient TV sitting in the corner fit nicely with the surroundings but I wondered how gran could put up with such a small screen. When she returned baring a couple of steaming mugs of cocoa and some biscuits I asked her, but she replied that she didn’t, as it hadn’t worked for over two years and not missed it one bit. I sipped my drink and felt the sweet taste and warming glow in my tummy filter throughout my entire body. I had a fleeting thought that this stay was going to be a long one if there was no TV but I had brought my IPad so it should be OK. # Granny was telling me all about the last visit from Aunty Jane’s family and that their eldest son Thomas had stayed with her when aunty was in hospital having little Benjamin. He also had a slight wetting problem and that’s how come she was prepared for my ‘needs’. She smiled as she said how quickly you can get things organised as a result of a wet bed. I swallowed hard hoping that my shame was not that obvious. Again I was embarrassed that she’d brought the subject up but I understood she was just trying to let me know I wasn’t alone and that it wasn’t a huge problem so I shouldn’t worry. That was perhaps easier said than done. However, the cocoa was very soothing and sitting in front of her roaring fire, I soon forgot all my problems and dozed resting my head against grandma’s shoulder. # Time didn’t seem to matter as she guided me upstairs to her comfy bedroom and pulled back the covers for me to get in. The weight and bulkiness between my legs had given me a crinkly little gait but there was no doubt about it, the entire outfit left me feeling both comfortable and, strangely, loved. The nightshirt hung on me with no bunching and the material next to my skin was soothing, just like my old teddy bear. I ran my hand over it all and for some reason it made me smile, it was if it was giving me back a pleasant memory. I wriggled contentedly and was asleep before granny came to bed. For the first time in many months I slept soundly throughout the night. # I woke up and stretched and for a moment the unfamiliar surroundings left me confused. Thankfully, I recognised where I was and turned to see if granny was still sleeping. I’d dropped off before she came to bed and I slept so heavily I didn’t experience her near me at any time during the night. However, I could see the vacant dent and slightly askew sheet and blankets that proved where she’d been. I yawned and stretched further and could vaguely hear her down in the kitchen and if I wasn’t mistaken, she was cooking breakfast. The smell of frying bacon had wafted up the stairs and I was surprisingly hungry. I pulled back the blankets and lifted my legs to get up when I saw that the nightshirt had bundled up past my hips and left my glossy protection on view. I’d forgotten all about that but now its presence was evident I suddenly realised that I was WET. # I was filled with panic as I brushed my hand over the sheets I’d only moments before been fast asleep on. Thank God they were dry. I examined the nightshirt and that was also dry so it was only the nappy that was wet – I was both thankful and appalled. How could I have wet in my granny’s bed and with her in it? I heard her coming up the stairs and quickly climbed back under the bedclothes hoping that I wouldn’t have to admit to anything but granny being granny, she gently set a cup of tea on the bedside table and assumed I was awake. “Morning sweetheart, sleep well.” “Mmmm,” I commented under a mock yawn. “Well I’m making breakfast and it will be ready in about five minutes, meanwhile here’s a nice cuppa to rouse you…” She then added off the cuff as if it was the most normal thing to say. “… don’t worry about your wet nappy now; we can get you cleaned up after breakfast.” She wasn’t asking, she was telling me as if she knew or at least expected it. My face went beet-red as I hid behind a quick slurp of tea. “Would you like fried eggs or scrambled?” She said in the doorway as an afterthought. “Erm, er, scrambled please.” “OK sweetheart, don’t be too long I don’t want it to get cold.” I was sitting up in bed, hugging my tea and thinking what a baby I was wetting myself for no reason. I couldn’t blame my parents arguing as I’d had the best night’s sleep for ages and yet here I was sitting in a soaked nappy. After a few more sips I decided to get up. I pulled the ruffled up nightshirt back to where it should be, covering my damp shame, and even more gingerly waddled down to the kitchen. # I arrived just as granny piled the eggs on the plate with several rashers of bacon, beans and mushrooms. I took my seat and was very aware of the squishiness in my nappy; thankfully there was only a slight crinkle to announce my arrival. For a woman her age granny was incredibly nimble and I could tell that not only had she made breakfast, I could hear the washing machine going, probably the second load as I could see out the window there were already some items hanging out on the line. She asked if I had any plans for the day but in truth, I hadn’t thought about doing anything. I’d stayed in the village on many occasions so had seen all it had to offer. However, there were innumerable walks and pretty sites to visit if the weather stayed nice. # Once I’d finished breakfast granny suggested that I slip out of my damp nappy so she could get it washed and out on the line whilst the sun shone. So I toddled back upstairs to change. I wasn’t expecting her to follow me and became quite embarrassed that she planned to watch me strip but she actually had a confession. “Sorry sweetheart but the stuff in your backpack was all creased and to be honest, smelled a bit funny so I’ve put all your things in the wash. Everything should be dry by tonight and I can iron them and make you more presentable. “What about the clothes I arrived in?” She shrugged. “Sorrrrryy. They were pretty smelly after your long journey. They are all in a long wash at the moment.” “Oh. I’m not sure what I can wear then. Do you have any suggestions?” “Well, if you’re not going anywhere, you can just wear your nightshirt…” She suddenly had a thought. “Have a ‘pyjama day’ I think it’s called.” “Well I suppose I’ll have to.” I didn’t fancy wearing any of granny’s clothes. I laughed at the very idea, what was I thinking? “But let’s get you out of that wet nappy first and into something a bit drier.” # For some reason I thought she must have kept some of my underwear back from the wash for just this occasion but once I was out of the plastic pants and soaked nappy nothing else was forthcoming. Well, I thought, I could just potter around in my nightshirt, although I have to say, the soft and fluffy material was constantly brushing against sensitive parts of my body sending ripples of pleasure to places I’d rather granny not know about. She brought in some wet wipes and more powder and draped over her arm was another pre-folded nappy. “I think we need to clean you up first and I also insist that you wear something next to your… er…” She was pointing in my groin. “But granny,” I was already whining like a two year-old, “I can’t wear a nappy around the house.” “Why not, there’s only the two of us here and I’m not keen on you wondering around not decent.” I know I could have argued that it was her fault that I was in this position but I hadn’t been brought up to quarrel with the elderly and certainly not my grandmother. I think if I had, and it had got back to my parents that I was squabbling with her, then they may well have both got together to give me a sound spanking before they went back to their own quarrel. No I simply had to suck it up and do what she suggested. # I’m fourteen; the nappy-wearing came as a bit of a shock; the fact that she intended me to wear it about the house, as well as at night (when I could see her point), made me feel very uncomfortable. I know she was trying to make me feel loved and untroubled but the idea was nagging at me that this was a step too far. However, granny is such a human dynamo, that she simply set too and removed the saturated object, wiped and powdered my groin and fastened me in the dry one and slipped another pair of white rubber pants up my legs. This time something happened. The nightshirt never left my body during the entire operation. In fact, she’d just pushed it up over my belly and set to work whilst I still enjoyed the fleecy softness against my chest. It rubbed against my nipples and again I felt that shiver of ‘appreciation’ run through my body. Some of the fabric was tickling my neck and chin, which set me off giggling like a baby and I was surprised to feel an emotion I hadn’t felt for quite some time. Utter devotion. Granny certainly made me feel like I was the centre of her world and that everything she did, or was doing, was solely for my benefit… and it felt wonderful. This strange piece of clothing was helping me appreciate so much more. Not only was it offering warmth and comfort but, together with the oddly reassuring nappy, I experienced an inner calm that spread around my body leaving each nerve ending with a special uplifting glow. I stood up and granny kissed me and said that I should be OK for the rest of the day. # I was vibrating with pleasure as the nightshirt gently scuffed the back of my calves, tickling and caressing me at the same time; the nappy no longer making me worry but offered reassurance. I’d never felt more at ease as I settled myself in the tiny conservatory to enjoy the morning sun and catch up with email on my IPad. Ooops, I’d forgotten that granny didn’t have Wi-Fi or broadband so, apart from listening to my music files, the odd game and catching up writing up some of my homework, the wonderful machine was useless. Thankfully, granny knew that the pub and the Tea Room in the village both had Wi-Fi, so, I could catch up by treating myself to a cuppa at some point. However, that wasn’t going to be any time soon as I only had my nightshirt and I wasn’t about to parade around the village dressed like that. I was at a loss as to what I could do to occupy my fourteen year-old brain now the electronic part of my plan had collapsed. The TV was useless but granny spent most of the day with the radio on in the background and seemed more than happy with that as company. She’d already done all the baking so I couldn’t do anything like that. My clothes were gently wafting in the breeze but the sun was un-seasonally warm so perhaps I would just sun myself in the back garden. Granny thought that was a great idea because she had to go off to an old folk’s home later as she was a visitor and didn’t want to let down those less able than herself. Typical of the woman, she was there to help others and I half-heartedly felt I should offer to join her. She thanked me for volunteering but thought it better if I stayed home and relaxed. She was of the opinion that I needed a calming influence and the old folk’s home, she said with a smile, was anything but that. # She laid a blanket out on the grass and told me to help myself to anything in the fridge or food in the pantry and that she’d only be gone for about three hours. I heard a horn blast and granny saying her lift had arrived, after she kissed the top of my head, she was out the door and on her way. Even though it was relatively early, just after 10am, the sun was very warm and as I grabbed a book to read I spread myself out and tried to concentrate on one of the ‘Historical Romance’ novels gran liked so much. It didn’t keep my attention for long and I was getting pretty hot in my nightshirt. Hesitantly I slowly removed it, and giggled as the tickly material slipped over my skin. I was sitting on the blanket wearing just my protection and the bright white of my pants glared for a moment in the sun. I hazily thought that perhaps I’d get an all over tan before summer and that might be nice. I folded the nightshirt and placed it under my head and then spread myself luxuriantly in the sun enjoying its caressing rays. # I woke up to find granny quietly chatting with someone else seemingly also enjoying the early sun. Then I realised that it must be much later than I thought as she’d said she’d be away for around three hours. As I became a little more conscious I realised that she was talking with her neighbour Mrs Davies, they were sat at a small table sipping tea. “Ahh, would you like a cool drink dear?” She asked noticing my eyes flickering against the sun. “Mmmm, yes please granny…” “Good afternoon.” Mrs Davies smiled and nodded in my direction. “Oh, er, yes, good afternoon Mrs Davies, er, how are you?” Her smile broadened even more before a wistful look came into her eyes. “Well I wish I could lie out in the sun like you dear, but alas, those days have gone.” “Me and you both.” Granny nodded sagely. It was only then I become conscious of the fact that I was lying there dressed in so little. Suddenly overcome with embarrassment I made to rise and get the drink myself but gran was already on her way to the kitchen. Laying there and looking at Mrs Davies I took in the fact that I’d slept for quite a number of hours wearing just my nappy. I was very warm and I was sweating heavily and the damn thing appeared to have soaked up every bit of perspiration. It took me until granny arrived back with my drink to realise that I had in fact wet myself again. How the hell had that happened? I wasn’t sure what to do by way of hiding myself but I suppose it was way too late for that as granny brought my drink. “Here you are dear,” she handed the cooling glass to me, “but I don’t think you should lie around in such a wet nappy for too long, I don’t want you getting a rash.” How on Earth did she know? Mrs Davies took another sip of tea. “My Sally was forever wetting her nappy,” she shrugged, “I don’t know what it is about young ‘uns but sometimes they seem to forget how to use the bathroom properly.” “Yes I remember,” Granny was joining in, “Thomas was the same… kept forgetting to go potty” I coughed, trying to hide my embarrassment and divert this course of conversation, so asked how long I’d been asleep. “Well, it’s two thirty now, so…” She left it for me to work it out. Again I flushed red even though the sun had given me enough of a tan to hide my shame, but granny beckoned me to follow her into the house. First I went to check on my clothes hanging in the sun and they were almost dry but granny said she wanted to iron them all before I should wear them. Again, I’m not going to argue with her so I just shrugged, grabbed my nightshirt and followed her inside. My shiny waddling bottom no doubt letting Mrs Davies know exactly how wet I was. # Mr Davies continued sipping her tea as granny and I disappeared back into the house. “Sorry gran, I don’t know how it’s happened, I feel such an idiot.” I was looking down at the bloated mass between my legs and thankful that the plastic pants had kept everything in place. “Don’t worry dear, accidents happen and, after what you’ve had to contend with over the last few months, I’m not surprised.” She was being very supportive. “But why I should have piss… er, wet myself…” I was confused and embarrassed though it appeared not to be worrying gran. “Look sweetheart, you’ve had plenty of things to worry about so now you are here… all I can suggest is that you let them all go and let granny look after you.” She looked both serious and understanding and I desperately wanted to forget about my home life. She patted my shoulder sympathetically. “Look let’s get you changed and, might I suggest, you need some after-sun, you’ve already got a bit of a tan.” I was glowing so once I’d wriggled out of my plastic pants and dropped my nappy you could see a nice little tan line. Within seconds granny had a soothing cream which, despite my mild protest, she was intent on spreading into me. I’d never felt as relaxed as granny’s fingers gently smeared the oily lotion into my shimmering skin. I closed my eyes and let my thoughts drift as her fingers soothed. Once she was satisfied that I wouldn’t burn or peel from my sunbathing, she slipped another nappy under me and pinned me in. She did it all so fast I didn’t realise or have time to object, besides, I was getting used to granny looking after me. As she once again pulled the nightshirt over my head I felt the comforting soft, fleecy material tickle as it enveloped my newly tanned body. The thrill as it slipped across my skin was electric and welcoming; I never wanted this incredible sensation to stop. The fact that I was once again wearing a nappy under it made me walk slightly differently, but when we joined Mrs Davies back in the garden, any inhibitions I might have had had disappeared. # The warm afternoon with me floating around in my nappy and nightshirt made me think I was on a tropical island or maybe some hippy commune somewhere (I’d heard about them but never experienced either of these places). Whatever granny’s secret was, it was most definitely working because my cares had drifted away and I loved the easy attitude and lack of worry she had given me. Mrs Davies asked me about school and friends, ambitions and general topics, never once delving into family matters, well not my family anyway. We all sat chatting for some time and I was amazed at how often the conversation crept round to wet nappies and the problems both these adults had with getting their children and grand-children toilet-trained. Thankfully, such talk no longer embarrassed me and I zoned out for most of it although I did realise, or at least thought I realised, they were saying what they did to make me feel better about my little ‘accident’. It was strange, the way they talked it was as if they almost expected kids to have accidents and it was all normal and taken in their stride. Once Mrs Davies had gone back to her own place granny started on our evening meal, which included one of her fabulous meat and potato pies with thick gravy, a personal favourite. She knew of my liking for anything pastry based so there was a fruit pie and custard to finish, I was in seventh heaven. No doubt when I eventually did return home I’d weigh a good number of pounds more… and I wasn’t bothered, granny just kept the fantastic meals coming. # That night after my bath granny once again had a nappy ready for me to sleep in. I could hardly object seeing as how I’d wet myself both night and day but I hoped this would be the last time. She’d ironed all my clothes and they were waiting on the dresser all neatly folded and ready for the morning when I had plans to go down to the Tea Rooms and use their Wi-Fi. This time she unfurled a plain red winceyette nightshirt over my head, which if it was possible felt even more wonderful. There was just something about the way the fibres tickled and caressed my skin that gave it an unbelievable quality, one that made me immediately at peace with the world. I felt quite floppy, whether it was the hot bubble bath or the nightshirt or a combination of both I’m not sure but I felt like a little kid again. I was giddy and childish and if granny had blown on my tummy I’m sure I would have been giggling like a toddler, and yet it didn’t feel disconcerting. When we returned to the living room I was in two minds whether to listen to my IPad with my headphones but decided that would be incredibly rude. Granny turned on the radio and it played some really old songs from her era, which at first I didn’t like but gradually they grew on me. At one point there was one I actually remember from when I was quite small myself. It was a kiddie sing-a-long type of tune and before I knew it, both granny and I were singing along like we were competing at a karaoke competition… or more likely a baby’s birthday party. # That night granny and I both retired together. She smelled wonderful and it didn’t take long after a kiss on the cheek I fell into a wonderful deep sleep. I woke up and once again granny had disappeared and there was a cuppa on the bedside table. I could see it was steaming so had only recently been placed there. Granny was no doubt busying herself with whatever it was she found to do, whilst I just sat up in bed and enjoyed my morning brew. It took a couple of minutes to realise I’d wet myself and I sighed in frustration hoping against hope that this wasn’t going to be a regular occurrence. I toddled to the bathroom took off my nightshirt and slid the offending soaked items to the floor. Grabbing a flannel I cleaned myself up and, like granny had done before, slicked on some lotion before completing the operation with a sprinkling of talc. I returned to the bedroom and of course all my clothes lay on the dresser all washed and neatly ironed. This is the type of service mum hadn’t provided for quite some time and I was grateful that granny had gone to so much trouble, even my underwear had been pressed. I quickly got dressed and wondered down to the kitchen. # I sat down and for some reason it was very noticeable that I didn’t have the padding that I’d become used to. My underwear seemed very sparse and unsubstantial and I wriggled trying to get comfortable but the chair felt very hard under my bum. Over cereal gran asked me if I had any plans as I appeared dressed for a trip out. “I thought I’d wonder down to the Tea Room and catch up on my emails and stuff.” “That sounds like a plan dear.” She encouraged, “But don’t forget you’ll have to buy something whilst you are there, I don’t think they’ll let you use their facilities for nothing. Do you need any money?” Once again gran was all concern and helpfulness and I suddenly felt guilty about leaving her alone, which was silly because she was one of the most independent women I’d ever met. “It’s the Carter’s who own it, Deidre and Malcolm, if you need anything tell them I’m your grandmother and I’ll…” “It’s OK granny, I’m sure I can manage… anything.” I smiled although I noticed a strange note of irritation creeping into my voice. “I’m fourteen for Christsake; I can manage to buy a cup of tea… I don’t need mollycoddling.” The thought ran through my head. “Er, I’m sure I can cope… thanks granny. I have my own money so should be OK.” “OK sweetheart.” Whether she’d detected my brief testiness I wasn’t sure as she just carried on with the washing up. However, I was shocked as to why I’d suddenly become irritable with the very person who was doing all she could to free me from my worries. Guiltily I asked if there was anything I could do to help before I set off and she requested I peg out the washing, whilst she cleaned upstairs. It was the very least I could do so emptied the machine into a basket and sauntered out into the fresh morning air. Actually, it was already quite warm with a very gentle breeze, a perfect day for drying. I hadn’t given it much thought but as I pegged each item out I realised that they were mostly my terry nappies, they looked huge hanging in the sunshine. My plastic pants were there, my brown nightshirt, a couple of towels and tea towels, a yellow sheet and that was about it. I stood back and looked along the line and watched as the breeze slowly flapped my nappies. For some reason I began to feel a bit ashamed. Not about having worn them but at not wearing them now. My thin underwear beneath my jeans failing to offer the fullness and protection my nappies had. What a strange thought to have suddenly come into my head. I shivered in confusion and wondered why I should even think such a thing. I shook my head in disbelief but thought it best to start on my way to the Tea Room; after all it was over a mile to walk. # It didn’t seem as far as when I’d arrived in the village but there again I hadn’t travelled for over four hours or been incredibly tired. As I strode along the country road I passed several gardens and everyone seemed to think it was a wonderful day to hang out their washing. In almost every garden there were several billowing terry squares and colourful plastic pants fluttering in the breeze. I wondered if the village had suddenly increased its population by an explosion in the birth rate. However, it seemed only a few minutes before I was ensconced at a table in the Tea Room with my IPad open and a fizzy can of Coke at my side. Time just shot by as I replied to my emails, downloaded some more music and caught up on a couple of my favourite TV programmes. During that time I’d also downed a couple of fruit juices and a pot of tea complete with a piece of fudge cake. Yum. It appeared that Deidre Carter knew who I was, well at least that I was staying at my grans house, as she asked me to take a message back with me. She was very friendly and chatty (the place wasn’t that busy) but again I found myself getting irritated that I wasn’t being left alone. However, she didn’t charge me for the use of her Wi-Fi and I even got that first Coke for free so I couldn’t complain. # With all that liquid inside me it would have been sensible to go to the toilet there but seeing the time, I’d spent almost five hours engrossed with my gadget, I guiltily wanted to get back as soon as possible. Deidre gave me an envelope to give to gran and, smiling sweetly said the strangest thing. “Nice seeing you again, I remember you as a baby… happy days… it’s good to have you back.” As I left the shop I wondered when we’d met but couldn’t recollect having ever seen her before. Alas, as I walked back along the road my bladder was pleading with me for release and I knew I’d not make it all the way without an accident. I saw some trees down a slight embankment and thought they would shield me from the road while I did what I had to do. Unfortunately, as I stepped onto the grassy verge, I wasn’t really looking where I was going and my foot got caught up in a low lying bramble. I stumbled over that and found myself careering down the slope. My newly washed jumper was suddenly covered in soil and grass stains as I plummeted the short distance to the bottom ripping my jeans in the process. However, that wasn’t the end of it as a small, muddy brook pooled there and I slid head first right into it. As I lay there semi-stunned my bladder gave way and I soaked myself. The warm pee was quickly doused by the cold muddy water seeping into everything. Even my IPad was awash in the canvas satchel I carried it in. I was angry but had no one to blame but my own stupidity. I only hoped my electronic gadget wasn’t damaged. I sat in the murky brook trying to turn it on and get it to work but it was useless. The mucky water had not only killed my IPad but soaked my clean jeans, splattered my t-shirt and jumper and I could only guess at the soiled state my underwear was in. As I trudged the half mile or so back to granny’s place I was furious with the world and all my worries and anger at my parents returned with a vengeance as inexplicably I began to cry in exasperation. # “Oh dear, what’s happened?” Granny greeted me at the door as I stumbled in covered head to toe in muck and filth. “I fell in the brook.” I was a mess and through my tears the words came out as a pathetic childish whine rather than the voice of a fourteen year-old. “Oh my poor darling,” she was so sympathetic, “let’s get you changed and into something cleaner and drier.” I pulled the sodden and filthy envelope from my pocket. “Sorry gran, Mrs Carter asked me to give you this but, er, it might be illegible.” “Not to worry dear, it’s probably just a special order for some pastries… I make them for the Tea Rooms. Mrs Davies makes the cakes - we both have our secret recipes that are in demand. It’s quite a little industry.” She beamed. I think it was yet another demonstration of how self-sufficient granny was and not in any way some sad old lady shuffling around in her final days. She helped me out of all my clothes in the kitchen and left them by the washing machine; it seemed that the job of doing my washing was going to be a never ending process. She wrapped a towel around and led me up to the bathroom and, because she didn’t have a shower, again filled the bath. The confident, if agitated young person who’d walked into the village had returned nothing more than a mucky little tyke who couldn’t keep themselves clean. As the hot water flowed I stood worrying about this peculiar anger that had, thankfully only fitfully, suddenly come over me after I’d been so happy and relaxed. Now I was standing naked and wrapped in a towel I felt more like a stupid kid than my real age. My body shook like I was a naughty child who was about to be punished and I sensed my bottom lip quiver as if I was about to burst into tears. However, once gran had checked it wasn’t too hot I slipped under the warm water and let myself soak. This time there were no suds but granny cheekily grabbed something off the shelf and dropped it in next to me, it was a plastic yellow duck. “Have fun while I sort out your clothes.” My initial thought was ‘how childish’ but soon I was pushing it around making quacking noises completely absorbed in my own little world. The clear water began to get slightly discoloured as the mud was washed away but not before I noticed a slightly pale yellow stream of pee get caught up in the bath’s undercurrent and slowly dissipate. It took a few seconds to realise it was me who was responsible because I’d had no forecast it was about to happen. However, the duck was providing me with enough entertainment so I didn’t let the shame distract me from my watery fun. # Granny came back and, after shampooing the dirt out of my hair, dried me with a huge fluffy towel. I was led back into the bedroom where another pile of clothes lay waiting. “I’m sure you don’t want to sweetheart but…” She pointed to the nappy already arranged for my bottom. “I think it will be safer in the long run dear.” She must have noticed that I’d peed my pants on the way home and was taking further precautions. Perhaps she somehow knew I’d peed in the bath. I couldn’t blame her; she quite rightly didn’t want some pee-happy person ruining her nice furniture. Bizarrely, I wasn’t as bothered about it as much as I thought I should be. In fact, as she oiled, powdered and pinned me into its terry thickness that feeling of annoyance I’d had brooding all day completely disappeared. She fished a new pair of thick pink plastic pants from under the pile and wriggled them up my legs and into place. They were such a colourful contrast to the white ones she’d previously had me wearing something clicked and I had a smile on my face - I didn’t know why. Granny smoothed them over my nappy; the subtle rustle announcing I was now well protected, which made her beam with satisfaction. “Well sweetheart, these are definitely the right pants for you.” She stroked the front and back arranging for the white terry pillow between my legs to be completely encased by the thick bright slippery cover. # I looked down at the glowing shiny bulk and wriggled with pleasure, even though I’d never worn pink before, it did look nice. As granny patted my well cushioned bottom I produced carefree murmurs of childish delight, which were echoed by her. Finishing off she pulled a fleecy pink nightshirt over my head that had blue cartoon rabbits gambolling all over it. I was giggling with glee as the material delighted different parts of my skin. It was incredibly childish but the soft cotton fabric once again enveloped my body making me instantly feel as if I was being nuzzled by a hundred fluffy bunnies; their warm silken coats producing an exquisite, feel-good sensation. No matter how infantile it may have appeared, I never wanted to leave this garment’s furry embrace. “Oh sweetheart,” granny was smiling, “you look so… so… so cute.” I didn’t care. Dressed in my nappy, the new, sturdier plastic pants and the wonderfully infantile nightshirt I was no longer worried about anything. Granny was snuggling with me on the bed and saying I was her sweet little baby who looked very sleepy and perhaps should take a nap. I did feel tired but didn’t want to sleep it was still too sunshiny outside. However, as granny soothed me by stroking my hair and patting my well-padded bottom I slowly felt my body drifting into peaceful slumber. When my eyes fluttered shut I could hear granny whispering to herself. “There, there little darling, time to let go and enjoy a life with no worries.” She continued to stroke my hair as I slipped further and further into a calming bliss. “I think we’ve found the right nightshirt to suit your sweet, sensitive temperament - tomorrow, we’ll find you some new playmates.” An intense tingling glow radiated around my body. I yawned and stretched and surprisingly gurgled as the warm sensation settled in my reassuring nappy. As granny pulled the blankets over me the emotion of complete contentment engulfed my mind. “Night-night sweetheart… granny will take good care of her sweet little baby.” ************************************************** to be continued....
  12. A Reason Why

    There was a great flash like lightening, and heat filled the room. He felt himself burning and woke in panic, not understanding what was going on. All around him was piercing noise, sirens slowly twisting into screams. His breath was cut off. In the noise he wasn’t sure if his calls for help were going unanswered or simply never left his mouth. He was in the air, moving without will as he was crushed against a mass of rough brown cloth. Screams still followed, distant and barely audible under a moaning, lurching sound, but piercing into his ears and his mind none the less, and going answered. He was outside. He felt the ground under his body. The cold air cut into him after the intense heat and he fell shuddering. The screaming continued, but morphed into a moaning, crashing sound, and stopped. Noise filled the gap. People were crying. Sirens wailed. The screaming remained inside him, echoing in his mind, and mixing with the ice cold wind. Something wrapped around him and he was warm again, and he hoped to never feel that cold again. He was in another place. The cold was gone, but the screaming remained. It was a different sort, a deeper, thicker, rougher shout, but still there, and he shuddered. Steven awoke in a cold sweat. The alarm was going off, screeching for his attention. He hit the button. He would have to get that sound changed.He got undressed and headed into the shower. He turned on the nozzle, and the heat came with a loud hiss… Burning, screaming… He shook his head and removed the thoughts. He blanked them out, turning his mind to other things. He had to get up. He had to get dressed. He had his job to do and a random nightmare was no excuse not to.He got clean as quickly as he could, dried off, and got dressed. His typical black suit and tie, along with permanently polished shoes and watch. He grabbed his long coat to go with it, and headed down stairs to the kitchen. Breakfast was already waiting for him. He thanked his maid and moved out the door.He got in a car - this one was a red sports car, for every second day of the work week- and turned the ignition, preparing himself for the noise. He had paid more than enough for it, and as the salesman said “if it doesn’t wake the neighbors, its not doing its job.” He never really enjoyed it too much, but it was almost expected to own something similar where he worked. He could drive in something cheaper. No one would really say anything. They would think it, though.The engine came alive and roared loudly… Crashing, moaning…“DAMINT!” he shouted. He thought he had gotten rid of those images. Years of hard work and secretive therapy sessions should have ensured it.He could call in sick. No one would say anything, of course. He was allowed to.They would all think it though. Just like the car. His boss was on his fifteenth year without a break. His step father had gone the full 35 years before his age granted him the leniency for sick days.He cursed, and drove off.He arrived at the office twenty-five minutes early, or, as he called it, ‘late’. He walked through the long grey hallways dotted with cubical and water coolers and made his way to his office. He passed by people he knew by name and department and flashed polite, empty smiles. He opened the door and went in. He had a large, lightly decorated office with a massive desk, a garbage can and a window whose blinds he kept perpetually closed. People started drifting into the building, chatting around his office. He concentrated on his work, but the noise built until finally had to slam his door shut.The time drifted by in odd bursts and lulls. He didn’t pay it much mind, he had work to do, and wouldn’t leave until it was done.A loud screeching noise made him jump.Screaming, shouting…He looked down at his phone and lifted the receiver.“Hello is this the Henry Berran Brokers?” a shrill voice asked.“Yes, this is Mergers and Acquisitions,” he replied.“Excellent. Do you know…”Something was happening outside. People were speaking, loudly.“if that is true, should we…”He took out a pen and began copying down what she told him.The voices were getting louder. Through the closed door, he couldn’t make out what they were saying.“And then I’ll need…”He made out the sound of his senior, Michael McNaughton. He began to shout at someone. He was always shouting.Shouting, screaming…“large tubes of..”He was getting louder and louder. He could picture him, red faced…Burning, steaming…Shouting louder, louder…Screaming, calling…“place it inside…”Someone was crying.Crying, moaning…“it may hurt a bit…”He was throwing things, tearing them apart.Moaning, crashing… The last remains of sunlight cut through the blinds, hurting his eyes.Burning, cutting“But I think we are ready…”Steven shouted and through his phone from his desk. It crashed into the wall opposite of him. He stared at it, breathing heavily.Finally he ran up to it again and picked it up. The women was still speaking.“Hello? What was that? It sounded like a crash!” she said.“Sorry, I, uhh… dropped my phone,” he replied.“Alright. Well is there anything else you need to know?”“No, that is fine,” Steven said. He was sure he had everything he needed in his notes.“Aright, well, goodbye! Thanks for everything.”“No, thank you.” He hung up the phone.He stared down at his notepad. Gibberish, completely illegible.He tried to remember any detail of the call. Her name, where she worked… nothing came to mind.He tore the piece of paper from his notebook and threw it into the trash bin. Hopefully it wasn’t anything important. He thought about calling back the same number, but it would probably only lead to a directory, and that was useless without knowing the department which called.He looked at his watch. It was late, most people were probably clearing the office. Never the less, he sat back down at his desk and kept working. There was still work to do, and leaving too early would always look bad.When he finally finished it was dark. The air was cold,Cold air, howling wind… and he pulled his jacket against it. He got into his car and began to drive away.He watched the road as closely as he could. The images from the dream kept coming back, and he shook them out of his mind.He turned the radio on, hoping it would help him clear the images out.He didn’t know the station. It seemed good enough at first, people talking calmly. They were announcing a new song. It came on gently, with a moment of silence. There was a voice whispering something, getting louder, and louder..Suddenly the singer was screamingScreaming, shoutingThe guitar came blasting randomly, pouring out notes faster and faster.Moaning, burning…The drums pounded.Crashing, falling. Screaming, shouting Falling, biting Burning, chocking, Flashing, cutting Howling, whining He screamed and fumbled at the radio. He looked down to turn the nob, and didn’t notice the light changing in front of him. He sped through, and a truck smashed into the side of his vehicle.…Steven woke up again, this time to gentle singing. He had no idea where he was. He was surrounded by warmth, and felt cushions piled around him. Everything was soft and silken, from the voice to the blankets. He sank into them and wished he could go back to sleep. He hadn’t felt this way in as long as he could remember.Finally he opened his eyes completely, and saw a white tiled roof he did not recognize. He sat up completely. He looked down at himself. He seemed to be fine. He didn’t seem to be injured and couldn’t feel pain anywhere. He was wearing long white pajamas. They weren’t his own, but they were comfortable and fit perfectly. The room he was in was painted a golden hue, and had wall to wall carpeting.There was a women sitting on a chair in front of him. She had been the one singing, and stopped when he saw her.“What is going on? Where am I?” he asked.“Don’t worry about that right now. You are safe,” she replied, in a voice as soft as the cushions.“But I need to contact someone. I need to get back to work, I…” he stopped as she shushed him and put a finger on his lips.“Don’t worry about that, sweetheart. Don’t even think about work. It will all be alright. You are with us now, and we are going to take care of you. We will take care of everything you’ll ever need, and everything you could ever want. All you have to do is trust us.”Despite their strangeness, he felt a calm reassurance at her words. He realized he really did trust her. He nodded, and smiled. (If anyone is wondering, there is going to be ABDL material later. The story just needed some set up. So don't worry your pampered butts :p)
  13. Diapered & Dominated by FulldiaperMichael Copyright 2012, All rights reserved. Legal: this story is a writing of fiction and therefore any resemblance of persons living or dead is purely coincidental. Chapter 1: The Lure. I have been a closet AB/DL for a number of years and I’m always looking for websites and physical brick and motor type businesses where I can see my fetish. Well while I was online once with a Female Dom, she asked ma, “have you ever through about some of the wetting websites?†I said, “no I haven’t but I’ll investigate them, any suggestions Ma’am?†She said, “Peeing Cupid†was a great place to start, also “Patches wet spot†So, being the tech savvy guy I am, I decided to check it out. I went to Peeing Cupid first and like many websites for fetish or any type of kink, they want you to register, so I did. The site stated wetting was ok, but no messing posts would be tolerated by the moderators. I was able to post a masked image of me in a diaper and away I went. I wish I could say that I had hundreds of women that wanted to talk to me, but alas, that wasn’t the case, and when I had just about given up on any chance of meeting a kinky Dommy Mommy type. I checked the website and sure enough I had mail. As my hands were shaking as I entered my user name and password to open the email. Behold, there was a message for a dominant woman that was located in another State, but she wanted to talk and see if there were any commonalities between us. I thought that’s a safe bet. A little background before I proceed. I was married for 17 years to a woman that knew about my fetish and used it as a weapon against me every chance she got. She exposed me in our church and community and I was urged (more like forced) to seek mental health as they viewed this as an OCD affliction. So, like a good God fearing person, I sought mental health. I was amazed at how many professionals had never heard of Psycho-Sexual Deviant Behavior – Infantilism! Needless to say after so many years of abuse, I thought “she’s right, you’re a looser and no woman will ever want to be with youâ€. It took me a year after my separation and divorce to figure out that nothing was wrong with me and have a better self-image. When the divorce started I lived in the back of business, where I built a small apartment and being the geek bABy I am used to log onto Prodigy and Compu-Serve and go into the AB/DL chatrooms. When they disappeared, I migrated to IRC and AOHell (AOL) and found like minded people. It was on AOL I met a nurse that was in college and having to dialup AOL long distance to the tune of about $400.00 a month for research access from the Internet. I explained that “why didn’t she use a local ISP?†She stated “she couldn’t get online locally with her computer. Many had tried and failed.’ I told her, â€I can get you on the Internet!†She said, “Sure you can.†I had told her about my fetish and she stated, “I’m ok with that. I’m a nurse I change diapers all the time.†I then had this brain-fart, make a bet with her. So I said, “I’ll bet you I can fix it.†She said, “what’s the bet?†I said, “Diapers while I’m there and a home cooked meal.†She said, “ok, and I control the bathroom usage.†I almost climaxed right then online. I slowly recovered and said, “You’re on.†I then made arrangements to travel the 12 hours to her State and repair her computer for a four day weekend. I informed my secretary Paula that I was leaving early to make a Long Distance service call. She asked, “do you want me to diaper you for the trip?†I blushed and said, “Thank you, I would.†I got back online and told Prillcillia that I would be traveling in diapers. She informed me that I was not to stop for the potty or change my diaper until I got there and she would change it. Paula knew about my fetish as onetime on New Years Eve I got a little tipsy drinking and leaked in my diaper onto my pants legs. Paula worked at the bar I was partying at and she whispered, “somebody leaked.†Then drove me back to the apartment and changed my pants and diaper before us both returning to the bar for New Year festivities. Now, every morning I’m not up, she comes back into the apartment and checks my diaper and gently wakes me up. I think back in retrospect that maybe Paula wanted to be more that a friend and employee Thursday morning was clearing my repair calendar of clients systems and about noon I aske Paula would she like to go to lunch with me? She accepted my invitation and we walked down Main Street to a local diner and the special was ham and bean soup with cornbread and honey butter. I was going to order just a cup, but Paula took the reins and said, “We’ll both have the bowel and four cornbread and honey-butter. She order us some fried mozzarella sticks also for appetizers. I have to admit it tasted so good!!! Not thinking that what goes in, must come out and here I was getting ready to start a 12 hour long drive. I had an old Olds Cutlas V-8 gas guzzler all packed with my software and hardware. Paula came back and knocked and said, “are you ready for me yet Michael?†I had spaced it, but said, “yeah, sure†Paula came back and very professionally cleaned me up and diapered me for my trip. As I got up, she patted the diaper and said, “hold on, let me make sure it’s on good. Don’t want you leaking.†She gave me a hug and squeeze on my padded posterior and told me, “drive safe and be careful.†I had gassed up the car the night before and got in and started the car, turned on the radio and found a station, checked my mirrors and car contents and diaper inventory, then I did the unthinkable. I went back inside the apartment and grabbed my locking vinyl pants and hollered at Paula. I said, “mail this key to this address†and handed her a note with Prill’s address.†I knew if Paula got them in the mail before 2:00, they might get there by morning, The drive was awesome. I was running through scenario’s in my mind as to what could be wrong, high jacked winsock, bad modem, malicious programs or viruses. About four hours into my drive, I needed to stop for fuel and empty my bladder. I cheated and used the lil-boys room and peed and pulled my diaper back up. Grabbed a Mountain Dew and some chips and hit the road again for another four hours. I had now crossed over into the next State and speed limit went up and my mileage went down. I had to stop about every three to four hours. Each time after the first, wetting the diaper. Just about an hour out, I felt my car seat and I had leaked. I grabbed a chux pad and put it under me, so not to ruin my interior. I’m usually a safe driver, but at about 1:00 AM I was so tired, so when my radar detector went off, I nearly dropped load in my diaper. I got off the Interstate at the exit Prill had instructed me to. I was now less than an hour away. I was told to call her when I a half an hour away. So, in thirty minutes I placed the call on my cellphone and she answered and sounded kind of sleepy. I said, â€calling as instructed Ma’am.†She said, “Where are you now?†I said, “I’m about 20-30 miles away, based on the instructions you gave me Ma’am†She said, “good boy. Got your diaper on?†I said, “Yes Ma’am.†She said, “good boy. Is it leaking?†I said, “umm I think so Ma’am.†She said, “ok, well I’ll be ready for your when you get here, alrighty?†I said, “Yes Ma’am†and hung up my cellphone. …to be continued
  14. How long and what to do?

    New to wearing diapers but I wanted to know if I wet a diaper how long can you stay in it and what fun can I get up to in wet or messy diaper?
  15. “Okay Aisling, it’s your turn. Tell us a little bit about yourself.” “Ahem” I cleared my throat to buy a little time, I wasn’t expecting to have to talk so soon into the meeting. Well…Geronimo! “Hi! My name is Aisling, my friends call me Ais. I am 27 years old. This is my first support group meeting. Like you all I am incontinent, so, also like you all I wear diapers to manage my condition. I am not from around here, if you can’t already tell by my accent. Uhhh…Yeah…I like sappy movies, country music, and whiskey.” I wrap up my little introductory spiel, and look to the girl sitting next me, she does not speak next. I guess she is a veteran. I hear the leader speak, and the rest of the group echo back his words. “Thank-you for sharing, Aisling.” The group moves along to the other new members, I pay attention but just as quickly as I hear the names of the people they are gone. Us Irelanders my have the gift of the gab, but this one has an added talent. The gift of the bullshit. I can avoid using someone’s name in any conversation. I will know their face, but their name will escape me. It is a double-edged sword. Anyhow like you heard: My name is Aisling, I am 27, and I am incontinent. What I didn’t tell the group is that I chose to be this way. I chose to wear and use diapers. Ever since I was little I have been attracted to diapers. This is my story: I first really remember wanting to wear diapers again at age 9. I mean let’s face it, who among us really remember their formative years. You might get the occasional glimpse of a memory from your younger years, but for all intents and purposes you are remembering the stories people have told you about you. You don’t really remember your young childhood. I remember it was rainy, I was watching the T.V. I don’t recall what. What I do recall is that a commercial came on for adult incontinence pants. I was transfixed. They made diapers for grown-ups!? Where, when, how can I get my hands on these. Like I said, I was hooked. It was all I thought about. I mean I was still functioning, I went to school, did my class-work, played with my friends, went to church, etc. ad nauseum. It was always there though, in the back of my mind. I dreamt about it, thought about. I almost asked about it once, but my Mum was busy and I lost my nerve. Fast forward until I was 12 years old. I have been thinking about diapers more and more often. It was like an itch I couldn’t scratch. I had to know. I schemed, and plotted. Eventually I came up with a foolproof plan. I would simply start wetting the bed again, eventually I would get what I wanted. Out of sheer necessity I would get diapers again. So, I began. At first it was really hard. Have you ever tried peeing laying down, it is tough! But I persevered, I would leak a bit into my jammies and then bolt as loudly as I could to the loo. Hopefully waking my Mum in the process. It took two weeks of that until she noticed. “Ais? Can you come here for a moment, I need to ask you something?” I was watching T.V. this had better be good. I came around the corner and saw her holding a pair of my pyjamas. THIS WAS IT! The crucial moment, the fulcrum. It all came down to how I handled myself right now. I started walking over to her, she was holding my jammies in front of her. “Yes Mum?” “Sweetie-pie, I was just going through your clothes and I noticed that all your pj’s smell like pee. Is there something you want to tell me?” I started to fidget and I looked at my feet. This was more for me than her, I was nervous as heck. “Yes” I said this very quietly. “What is it baby” “Mummy…” I broke down into tears. And I buried my face into her stomach, and gave her a hug. This had the added effect of buying me time as well as catching her totally off-guard. I am not a huggy person. “Ohmygoodness, sweetie! What is it?” “Sniff. I have been having accidents Mum.” “What do you mean?” There was no scolding in her voice, just concern. She was buying it. “When I am sleeping. I keep having these weird scary dreams, I wake up and I really, really hafta go to the loo. I don’t always make it though. Sometimes it has already started before I am up.” “Oh?” She replied. “Anything else?” “No” Once again I said this really quietly. “Okay then sugar, if this keeps up though I am going to take you to a doctor, it is not normal for girls your age to start wetting the bed again.” Not normal? Give me a break, Mum. I just want to wear diapers. If it was not normal, do you think that there would be T.V. commercials for it? “Okay Mum. Can I go back to the T.V. now?” “Yes, you CAN go back.” Opps, it has always been one of her pet-peeves. The difference between “Can I” and “May I”. I rephrase. “May I go back to the T.V.?” “Yes you may honey. Thank you for being honest with me, I know that it is hard to talk about things like this. You shouldn’t be embarrassed.” “Okay Mum, thanks!” I went back to the T.V. I thought to myself, “That did not go as planned, where are my diapers?” I guess that this is going to be the long-con. Time to get to work. I kept up the partial wettings sporadically at night, keeping myself awake and then peeing a little and going back to sleep. And another week passed of me not sleeping all the way though the night. I heard her voice again. “Ais? Can you come here for a moment?” Round two, I think to myself. “Mum I am doing my maths, can it wait until I am done?” “No, it can’t.” “Coming then!” I shout back. I go into the living room where she is once again holding my pj’s “Ais, these still smell like pee, are you still having accidents?” “Yes. But if I don’t go to sleep I don’t pee the bed, so it’s okay Mum, we don’t need to see a doctor.” “You mean to tell me that you have been not sleeping at night so you wouldn’t pee?” “Yes Mum. Sometimes I make it, but sometimes I don’t then I wake up wet.” “Honey! That’s not healthy for you! You should have told me you were still having issues.” “Sorry.” “It’s not your fault baby, stay right there I am going to phone the doctor, we are going to get this sorted out.” So, I waited, the doctor, bugger. How am I going to fool him? She returned a couple of minutes later, and sat down next to me. “Okay. I phoned the doctor to make an appointment. The soonest he can see you is in two weeks. In the meantime, so you can get some sleep, he recommended that you wear ‘protection’ to bed. Do you know what he means?” Of course, I did, I was not an idiot. The commercials on T.V. had said that they ‘protect’ you from any embarrassing leaks. She was talking about DIAPERS! I had to play dumb though. So, I shook my head “No”. “Well Ais, what he said to me is that it is not uncommon for people your age to wet the bed, so there are special products you can wear that are just like underwear that keep you from wetting the bed. Let’s go to the store okay?” “Okay Mum, but first can I finish my maths, I am almost done.” “Sure, thing kiddo.” I finished my homework, and we were off to the store. We walked down the holy of holies. The diaper aisle. I was in heaven. I always avoided this place when we shopped together, for fear of staring. Now we were here! Mum pushed the trolley and I followed behind her, staring at the shelves. “Mum?” “Yes dear?” “Why are we in the diaper aisle? I am going to be wearing diapers?” I tried the hide the excitement in my voice. By masking it with uncertainty. I think I succeeded. “No Ais, not diapers. Protection, for big kids. Not diapers.” She really stressed that they were not diapers, if not diapers what were we getting then? “Ahhh, here they are. I think you are a size “L”. Lets get one pack and see how it goes okay?” “Okay Mum.” We finished the rest of our shopping, and went to the checkout. The clerk who scanned us up gave no sign that the ‘protection’ was anything unusual. Maybe it was common. I would hate to be common! We got home and put away all of the groceries, except for one. My new ‘protection’. I was so excited to try them on, but I couldn’t let on to it. She had to tell me. The day progressed, we ate dinner, she did the washing-up. I helped. Bath time was next. Bedtime was approaching fast. Finally! The magic hour had arrived. “Ais, lets get you into this thing and off to bed okay, I bet you are really tired.” “Yeah, I am Mum.” “Okay, start by taking off your towel.” I did that, heart pounding through my chest, in excitement. I saw her open up the bag, and take out a pink object. “Can you come over to me hon? I need you to step into these for me.” I walked over to her, and raised my left leg and put it in the hole, then my right. She started pulling them up my legs. These weren’t diapers! They were pull-ups! I felt ridiculously cheated. I could not let my disappointment show. She finished pulling them into place. Satisfied with her work she got my pj bottoms out and had me step into them, covering this thing. This non-diaper imposter around my waist. “Okay, you are set for bed. Sleep well honey.” “I will Mum.” Little did she know I would not. A week went by with me wetting the ‘protection’ nightly. I was getting pretty good at this now. I could pee laying down and without having to concentrate so hard at it. I would also say a mantra in my head before falling asleep: “It’s okay to wet your bed. It’s okay to wet your bed. It’s okay to wet your bed…”. By the middle of the second week I was wetting through the ‘protection’. Mum said they were called Drynites. They were anything but for me. I was wetting through them and once again my pj’s smelled like pee. I told her I was leaking, and getting wet at night. She had no good answer and told me as much. Finally, the day came to see the Doctor. I loaded up into the car and we were off. We got to the offices and I had a seat in the waiting room, while Mum checked us in. it wasn’t long and we were shown into the exam room. The Doctor appeared, make the introductions, and got down to business. “So Aisling, what a pretty name, I hear you have been having accidents at night care to tell me about it?” So I did, I told him the fib I told my Mum. Mum confirmed my story and said although we were following his advice I was leaking through the Drynites and was still waking up in a wet bed. The Doctor looked puzzled, but not worried. He explained that: “With the onset of puberty some girls can develop ‘nocturnal enuresis’, commonly referred to as bedwetting. Generally, it sorts itself out in due course. I would like to run some tests though to exclude any infections and such, but I am not too concerned at this point. To that end, Aisling, if you would be a dear and urinate into this cup in the bathroom over there.” I did and when I re-entered the exam room things were just as they were before. “But” he continued “The fact that she is wetting though the Drynites is cause for concern. Not medical concern, just concern for her general wellbeing. I would suggest a more absorbent product, geared towards heavier wetting episodes.” My Mum looked worried and confused. “What do you mean Doctor?” “Ms. O’Byrne, I am simply referring to a more specialized product, not found in grocery stores, but rather at medical supply stores and the like. I can recommend a good one not too far from here.” My Mum looked aghast she knew what he meant. And I knew what they were talking about, and I was excited about it. I had to hold it in though. Must not look happy. “Are you sure Doctor? D-I-A-P-E-R-S? For a girl, her age?” “Ma’am, it is my considered opinion that your daughter Aisling would benefit from greater protection at night. This is the only way to ensure that that happens.” He then looked and spoke to me. “Aisling? Are you sleeping well at night?” I shook my head “No” That was true. But only because I was staying awake to wet. “Are you tired at school and at home?” “Yes.” I said that very quietly. Truth be known I was very tired. “That settles it then. Your daughter is not getting enough rest at night, this is a solution that will help with that. Kids need sleep. End of story in my books. If you want what is best for her health and wellbeing it should be the end of story in yours too.” My Mum, still didn’t look happy about it. Diapers for a 12-year-old? The Doctor sensing my Mums conflict asked me to step outside for a moment so he could have a private chat with her. I don’t know what they said, but when my Mum exited the room she thanked the Doctor and we were on our way. We got back to the car and headed out. But not home. I suspected where we were going, but I wasn’t sure. We arrived at a non-descript building, with lots of handicapped parking spaces. Mum got out of the car. I followed. We entered the store, and Mum made a bee-line for the service desk. The clerk looked up and asked: “What can I do for you today Ms.?” My Mum replied, “I was recommended your store by Dr. Danielson, I am looking for some…” She dug around in her handbag for the note. “Youth incontinence briefs, size small, poly backed.” She read that ad verbatim from the note. “Okay, that is no problem at all, do you know what brand you would like?” My Mum looked flabbergasted, there was more than one? I however was in heaven. There was more than one! “Um…whichever is the most absorbent.” “Sure thing, that would be these right here, they are a new item from BetterDry. Specially sized and designed for youth. May I presume that the youth in question is you young lady?” She asked while looking at me. I looked at the floor, continuing the charade. “Yes” “Well these are going to be perfect for you, now you can go about your day and not have to worry about leaks! May I recommend some PVC overcovers for added security? They really help keep in odours so others won’t know what you have done in your diaper. That’s a secret between you, your diaper, and your Mum. Aren’t you lucky to be getting these?” He finished that little speech of his with an exaggerated wink. I felt I had to play the part here. Therefore, I shouted: “They are ONLY for nighttime! I am fine during the day!” The clerk looked abashed. “Sorry there little miss. I just made an assumption.” My Mum was shocked. She paid for the diapers and we were off home again. When we got into the car, she broke down into a fit of laughter. I looked at her strangely. After she was done, she reached over and gave me a big hug, and said, “That was the cutest thing I thing I have ever seen! You were so mad! And rightly so. This is a private matter, what we need them for is none of her business. Even so though, so, so cute.” We drove home, got pizza, and soon enough it was time for bed. Mum approached me, bag in hand. “Sweetie, it is time to get ready. Can you help me?” “Sure Mum, what do you need?” “I need you to get undressed for me and lie down on this towel, okay?” “Okay, but why do I need to lay down, aren’t these step in and pull up like the other ones?” “No sweetie, they are a little more complicated than that. If you would like I can explain all the steps while I do them. Would you like that?” “Yes please.” If only she knew how much. “Then lay down over here please, and let me get started.” I did as she asked and lay down. Once again, my heart was pumping through my chest, finally diapers! “The first thing I am going to do is unfold the brief. Next I need you to raise your bum off the towel.” I did, and she slipped the first of many diapers under me. “You can lower again.” I dropped my bum and felt I the diaper. It felt wonderful, soft and warm. It felt right. “Next I am going to use this cream to protect your skin against wetness. It is going to feel weird , but I need to get it in the right places.” She creamed me, it smelled good, and felt good. “After that I am going to take this powder and sprinkle a little bit all over you. It helps keep wetness away from your skin. Like the cream.” I felt a cooling sensation, and I smelled a smell I immediately loved. A smell I still love. “Now it is time for me to do up the brief.” I felt the front get pulled tightly up against me and rest on my stomach. “Then the tapes. They have to be tight or else you will leak, and this whole thing will be a waste of effort. Tell me if it feels okay, okay?” “I will Mum.” I heard a gentle ripping noise, and felt the bottom left get tighter, then the bottom right. After that I felt the top left get pulled tight. Finally, the top right. “Everything done. I am surprised how easy that was, I thought I would have lost the knack of it, but it came right back. How does it feel?” I sat up and examined the white bundle between my legs. I shuffled, and squirmed. As I did the diaper made rather loud crinkling noises. I did not expect that. Nor did I expect the feeling of fullness between my legs. It felt nice. It felt safe. It was right. I told her as much. “It feels okay Mum. Kinda thick”. I got up and went for a test waddle/walk. “I feel like a duck.” I was not altogether unhappy about that. I loved this. She smiled at me. “It has to be thick Ais, or else where is all the pee going to go? The Drynites were for small accidents. This is for bigger ones. That is the only difference. Now off to bed with you.” “Yes Mum.” I crinkled and waddled my way to my bedroom. I closed the door, and lay down on my bed. I smiled the biggest smile, I think I have ever smiled. Finally! I got diapers. I said my mantra in my head: “It’s okay to wet your bed. It’s okay to wet your bed. It’s okay to wet your bed…”. I drifted off to sleep with those thoughts. I only woke up once briefly, and it was to pee. I did, and I went back to sleep. I got up in the morning, and a felt a ponderous weight around my waist. Then I remembered, I was wearing a diaper. I looked at it, it was yellowed and discoloured. I looked at my bed. Dry! Now to keep the diapers. I went down the hall into the kitchen, my Mum was already up. She was worshipping her coffee cup. She perked up when she saw me, and asked. “So, how was the night?” I felt I really had to sell the diapers at this point. So, I did. “It. Was. Great! I slept all the way through, no wetness. I think I am dry even!” I knew I was not, but I couldn’t let her know that. “Really? You’re dry? Let’s have a look.” She walked over to me and poked at the back of my diaper. “Ais, you are not dry. You are very wet. But the bed is dry?” “Yeah, I know.” “What do you mean you know?” So I explained, “When I woke up the diaper felt different, I figured I wet last night. But the bed is dry. And I slept. I love this, I am not tired, I don’t smell. In my books this is okay.” My Mum looked so sad. “Why didn’t you tell me it was this bad Ais? If you are this happy to having slept, how long has this been happening. Really?” I lied. “About three months now.” She was shocked. “How did you keep this hidden for so long?” So, I explained again. “I would wait until you had wash on, then I would sneak my jammies out of their hiding spot and put them in. You never noticed that you were doing the extra wash. And I made sure to keep switching out jammies so you wouldn’t get suspicious.” She was still shocked. “You are a very smart little girl. I think you deserve a special breakfast, how about waffles?” “Yes please!” While we ate, I wet again, not much, but enough to know that I liked it. The diaper, MY diaper absorbed it all, with Mum being non-the-wiser. I knew what I had to do next. The week progressed as usual, save for the fact that I was getting diapered nightly. But I suppose that was usual, so nothing exciting happened. The test came back negative for any infections. Which was a relief to Mum, it confirmed in her mind the Doctors hypothesis. This was only temporary. The weeks turned to months, turned years. I was now 15 years old, the single packages of diapers picked up on the fly became a standing order of cases. I went to school, I did well. I did not go to any sleepovers. I was now wetting the bed in earnest, and I could not have been happier. It was time for phase two. I opened the door to the house and bolted into the lav. Mum hearing the commotion came running. She knocked. “You okay in there?” I replied, in tears. “No” “Ais. What’s wrong!?” “Go Away!” “Ais!?” “Go Away!” “Aisling Maeve O’Byrne! If you don’t tell me what’s wrong I am coming in there, and you are going to have some serious explaining to do young lady!” “I pooed my knickers Mum!” I was hysterical, it was a well practiced cry. “Come again?” “I. Pooed. In. My. Knickers!!” “Oh…well then, how about opening the door and we take a look at the damage? Okay?” “Sure, just don’t laugh. All the kids on the bus laughed at me.” Actually, that part was true. I had to spread the seed of it. Teenagers love telling others, and teachers listen to those tales, and report them to back to parents. I opened the door and Mum saw the wetness down my legs and the smell coming off of me, the look of compassion she gave me almost made me want to tell her the truth. But only almost. “Oh, no. Baby. I am so sorry that you had to go through that. Come here.” She wrapped me up in a tight hug. I am not a huggy person, but even I wanted one after embarrassing myself intentionally to my peers. “Mum” My voice was muffled by her body. She released her hug, and held me at arms length. “Yes?” I looked at the ground. “This isn’t the first time.” That’s all I had to say. I watched her mind drop into high gear. Filling in the rest of the blanks. “Yeah…I have been wearing my Drynites to school. I started to wet myself a little bit during P.E. Then it got worse sneezing, laughing, coughing all made me leak. Until I couldn’t control it at all. I was wearing the Drynites so you wouldn’t have to worry about me. I have been buying them for a couple of months now” “Honey. I am your Mum. It is my job to worry about you. How long has this been happening?” “The leaking has been going on for about a year now. This is not the first time I have pooed either.” “What!?” “Yeah. It is just that this is the first time it has happened so badly. Normally it is just a little bit, I just lower the pull-up and grab it with some paper.” “I am taking you to the Doctor. Right now! No. Not right now. Let’s get you cleaned up first.” “Can you take my clothes. I need a shower.” “Sure thing Ais, whatever you need.” I stripped off my shirt and jeans. To reveal the very well used Drynite beneath. I blushed. It was an unconscious, if useful reaction. I handed Mum my clothes, and she handed me a bin bag. I figured it was for the soiled Drynite. I closed the door to the loo. I looked at myself in the mirror, and I asked myself. “Self, is this worth it?” I answered “Yes”. I pulled off the soiled pull-up and placed in the bin bag, and left that by the door. I hopped in the shower and proceeded to clean myself. Paying particular attention to the area I would forevermore refer to as my diaper area. Getting out of the shower I toweled myself dry. I grabbed the bin bag as I left the loo. I placed the bag on the floor by the door and headed upstairs to get dressed. Mum met me on my way up the stairs. “Feeling better then?” “Yes. Much. I am just on my way to get dressed and we can go. Does that sound good to you?” “Sounds fine pumpkin. One thing, seeing as you have been leaking during the day too. Don’t you think it wise that you took the precaution and wore one of your night diapers to the doctor. As a just in case measure?” My heart did a flip, and stopped beating for a moment. When it started again I answered. “Actually Mum, I was going to suggest the same thing. It will be so nice not having to worry about leaking for a change.” I am rather excited about this prospect. Day diapers! She looked at me with pity, and said: “I am glad we are on the same page Ais. I would have hated to make the suggestion only for you to fight me on it.” I smiled at her and thought, “If only you knew.” I went to my room and got my supplies together. I am still changing on the floor, at least I have a dedicated mat for it. If all things go to plan I will get a proper changing table sooner rather than not. I diapered myself and put on leggings and a skirt. Being in a proper diaper in the daytime. I finally felt whole, I finally felt like me. Normally I don’t really walk around in diapers, it is a quick tape up and into bed. But since I am wearing a diaper out I wanted to see how it felt. I waddle/walked in a circle in my room. Just like I thought, crinkling all the way. How lovely. I went down the stairs and met Mum. We got into the car and went to the Doctor. She explained that although we did not have an appointment, any time the Doctor could spare us was needed. We were told to wait. It was a long wait. I wet myself twice during the time. Nobody save me knew. Finally, we were told that he could see us. We went into the exam room. The Doctor entered. “So…” He looked at the chart “Aisling, I hear you have been having daytime control issues as well as continued nocturnal issues. Care to elaborate?” I told him everything I had practiced in my mind. Some were lies, others only half-truths. Regardless he was starting to look concerned. He said as much. “This is highly unusual. I am going to recommend a battery of tests. Also, I think you should see a Urologist and a Proctologist to rule out any structural abnormities. Furthermore, this is probably not the greatest thing for a teenager to be dealing with, therefore, I am prescribing that you see a Psychiatrist until a conclusion is reached regarding your specific concerns. Sound good?” He really didn’t give us much choice, I agreed. So, did Mum. He continued. “Until this is all sorted, what measures have you taken to mitigate the problem?” I answered: “Well Doc. I have been wearing my old Drynites to school, but they are no longer cutting it. I am barely able to tell when I am going anymore. Also they don’t really contain my messy accidents all that well. Why? Do you have a suggestion?” Mum’s head snapped in my direction. I didn’t tell her that lie, the lie about how often I was messing. I needed another party present before I could trot that one out. “As a matter of fact, I do. You wear adult briefs to bed correct?” “I do” “Excellent! Then it will be a simple matter to transfer your strictly nocturnal undergarment to fulltime wear.” I was ecstatic! Here was a doctor telling me to wear diapers during the day. Everything was falling into place. My Mum piped up at this point. “In fact, Doctor, she is wearing one right now.” “Is she indeed, do you mind if I take a look?” This question was asked to both me and my Mum. We both shook our heads: “No, I don’t mind”. “No time like the present then. May I?” “Sure thing” I hopped off the exam table, and started to lower my leggings. After that I started to raise my skirt, it was the moment of truth. The doctor saw that I was wet. Mum did too. She asked the question first. “Ais? Did you know you were wet?” The Doctor nodded confirming the question. His pen poised to take notes. I answered: “Uhhhh… what are you talking about. I haven’t peed yet.” They both shot me looks of pity. “Actually Miss O’Byrne, that brief has indeed been wet. More than once if I am any gauge.” My Mum nodded her confirmation, I could see her sadness. All I could say is “Oh.” I tentatively touched the front of my diaper, and feeling the squishiness I racked a sob. My Mum swooped in and gave me another hug, she said. “Shh…shhh…It’s gong to be okay dear…shhhh.” I stopped crying, but my eyes were still watering. The doctor saw all of this and took notes. He started to talk again. “Welllll… seeing as there is nothing I can do here. I have made my suggestions and recommendations. All I can say is that you act quick, this looks to be rather serious.” I nodded my ascent. I pulled my leggings up and put my skirt down. Concealing my diaper. We left the office rather quietly, save for my gentle crinkling. What could be said by anybody? On the drive home, I felt the need to pee. So, I peed. It felt good. It felt right. It felt normal. We got home, and I said to Mum. “I am going to bed, g’night Mum.” “Goodnight baby, sleep well.” I waddled up the stairs to my room. Closing the door, I laid down on the changing mat, and proceeded to ball. Not out of sadness, but out of regret. Regret for having to deceive my Mum. To deceive in order to achieve. After crying myself out, I changed my diaper. Got into bed and fell asleep. Of course, I wet myself. I was after all a bedwetter. I woke up in the morning to a wet diaper, nothing new there. The only new thing is that instead of knickers I got to put on another diaper. What a great feeling! I re-diapered myself and started to get dressed for the day. My trousers didn’t really fit all that well. It was pretty clear that there was something going on under them, that something being a diaper. I smiled to myself thinking of the shopping that I could do. I settled for a knee length skirt and leggings, again. What can I say? It is an outfit that works. I got into the kitchen and made a bowel of cereal for breakfast. Mum entered shortly after. “What are you doing?” She asked. “Eating Breakfast.” “Why?” “Because I have school. Duh. It is a Thrusday.” “Oh, I was going to call you in sick for the rest of the week. Give it some time to ease off. I know how kids can be.” “Don’t do that Mum. That just lets the rumour mill run un-checked. If I show up today I can come up with a reason. Like a UTI or something to explain it away.” “If I have said it once, I have said it a thousand times. You are a very smart little girl. Sorry, young lay.” “Thanks, Mum!” I give her a kiss on the cheek and I grab two bags from the foot of the stairs. One is my books, the other contains my fresh diapers. I am going to have to get used to carrying a diaper bag I hope. I leave the house and start my waddle/walk to the bus stop. School as you can imagine, sucked. The kids were merciless. I got called to the heads office as soon as first period had begun. I had to explain the situation, to him. Yes, I am wearing diapers. No, I don’t know if it is going to be permanent (I hope that it is). Yes, I need a place to put my extras. So, I went on a merry excursion to the nurses office. I handed her the note that the head had written for me. She read it, and said: “You can put your things over there in the empty cubby. If you need any help I will be at my desk. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you need it, I am a trained professional.” I thanked her and I said that I would if I needed. After lunch, I went back to her office. Knocking on the door. I heard: “Come in.” So, I did. She did not look surprised to see me, actually she looked rather glad. I think she is really bored. “Need a change?” She asked. I nodded my affirmation. “Need any help?” I was torn, only my Mum had ever helped me and only at night. I took a leap. “Please, that would be great.” “Sure thing, lay down on the table I will take care of everything.” True to her word, she did. It was the fasted, most professional diaper change ever given. I was un-taped, wiped, creamed, powdered and re-taped before you could say “Boo”. She pulled up my leggings, I put down my skirt. Wow. That was fast. “Thank-you Ms….?” “Oh you can call me Abigail, or Gail. It was nice to meet you. Eh-Sling.” “Actually, it is pronounced: Aeeshling.” I am used to having to correct people regarding my name. “Sorry, dear. I will try to remember, I am horrid with names.” “That’s okay. I am too!” We both smile, and exchange knowing looks. The looks that say, I know your name now, but come tomorrow, you will be a familiar blank. School ends and I get home. I am very wet, having opted out of a change I figured I could wait until I got home. I was right, I didn’t leak. I open the door, head upstairs to take care of pressing business. There is a new item of furniture in my room. I new what it was; from the online searching I had done: It was an adult diaper pail, I played dumb. “Mum!” “Yes?” “What is this?” “What is what?” “This can thing in my room!” “That’s your new diaper pail. If you are going to be wearing diapers for a while, I thought it would be a good idea, cuts down on odour.” I am so excited! I have an adult diaper pail! Must not sound too pleased. I answer in a monotone: “Oh, alright then. I guess that makes sense.” Days turn into weeks. I have just seen the shrink for the first time. Straight off I asked him: “Is everything I say confidential between you and me? Or do you have to tell my Mum?” He replies: “Whatever you choose to tell me stays in this room, provided that it is not against the law, nor does harm to yourself or others.” Having heard that. I spill. I tell him everything. How I have always wanted diapers, how I got my first diapers, how I kept them. How I got them in the daytime. How I am going to keep them in the daytime. Exhausted, I finish my tale. “That is some story Ais, from what you have just told me it looks to me like your mental wellbeing has been fixated upon diapers for so long they are an emotional need for you. You need diapers. Maybe not physically, but mentally to help you cope. We will keep talking. This has been a very, very informative first session.” “Thank-you Doctor.” “If it makes you feel any more comfortable please call me Ben” “Thank-you Ben.” “You are welcome Ais.” I leave his office ten thousand pounds lighter. As expected the Urologist and Proctologist found no physical reason to explain my developing incontinence. I was therefore referred to a Neurologist, just to rule out anything really nasty, MS for instance. That was a waste of NHS funds, nothing there. My sessions with Ben have been going very well. Also on the plus side I have continued to wear and use diapers for the last several months. I now know that this is the life for me. Weeks turn into months, and months turn into years. I have been meeting with Ben every week for the past 5 years. Diapered full-time the whole time. My Mum has since adjusted, her daughter needs diapers. I finally have an adult sized change table in my room. This is my last session with Ben, never once has he recriminated me for the diapers. Leaks on his furniture, bad smells in his air. It doesn’t seem to faze him. I love him for that. After the first several months he made the official recommendation that I remain diapered at all times, it was clear it was what made me happy. My Mum noticed a change in me, my friends at school noticed a change in me. I finally felt like who I was meant to be. But it was time to move on to greener pastures. I was moving out, moving up. Actually West. A long ways West. Canada West. There was an opining for a nurse in a public (In the colonies they say private) school. Having finished by degrees early, I was now a fully qualified nurse practitioner (not needing a bathroom has some advantages), I accepted the position. My Mum was sad to see me go, ever the traditionalist, she held a living wake for me. It was eerie, all the sadness, and the black. I am a single flight away woman! So, I went. I took the job started to set down roots. And that is where you met me. “Hi! My name is Aisling, my friends call me Ais. I am 27 years old. This is my first support group meeting. Like you all I am incontinent…” The meeting ended, and we all broke down our chairs and stacked them up. It was a real treat to see this many adults in one room wearing diapers. The girl who was sitting next to me walks up and says. “Hi, I am Emily. I just want to say, thanks for being brave enough to come out and meet up. It is not many people our age who are comfortable enough with themselves to sit with a group of strangers and say ‘My name is (blank) and I wear diapers’. Kudos to you for your courage.” I smile at her, and reply. “Well, it has been an interesting couple of weeks for me let me tell you, new flat, new city, new country, and most important of all new places to source diapers. I have been having a hard time finding a store with any kind of selection. Do you have any tips?” “What do you mean?” “Well Tena pads and underwear are fine for some, but I need- how do I put this delicately- more substantial protection.” I give her my best knowing look. “Oh…Ohhhh…Ohhhhh! I see what you mean. Most of us just have minor leakage issues, but if I am picking up what you are putting down, you have no control at all.” “That’s it exactly!” “Well I know of one store that might help you. It is not too far of a drive, only a couple of hundred klicks away, just in Waterloo.” She said that like it was nothing. A couple of hundred Kms? That was a long way to an Irish Lass. I said as much. “That is a really long way away!” “No, that’s nothing. I grew up in British Columbia and I drive back every summer. That is a long way 3000 Kms.” I looked at her aghast. 3000 Kms? Holy Moley. So, I trotted out an old Irish saying. “To the Canadians, a hundred years is a long, long time. To the Irish, a hundred kilometres is a long, long way”. I looked at her and smiled sweetly. “See it is all a matter of perspective.” “Smart-ass.” “Diapered ass, actually.” We both laugh at that. I feel myself wet. I am nearing capacity. I must have had a look of distraction on my face because Emily said to me. “Looking for a place to change?” I couldn’t lie, I was done with that. “Yes”. “Come on, my place isn’t far. I take it you have your diaper bag?” “Yes, always” in this new country it was my only friend. Besides Fetlife, and Facebook. “Good, my needs aren’t quiet as severe as yours, I make do with pull-ups. I don’t think that they would cut it for you as a loan” “Really? I couldn’t stand them when I was using those. Always leaking, not substantial enough for my tastes”. “Oh?” “Yeah, but I was out of pull-ups at 15 so my views may be a little foggy with time. I am sure they make them better now.” We walked in as much silence as two diapered women can. Arriving at her flat she let me in. It was immediate, I felt my diaper begin to leak. “Shit, and Bugger, and DamnitalltoHell!” “What’s wrong Aisling?” “I am leaking” “Oh, don’t worry about that, come on, I’ll show you my sanctum sanctorum.” I followed her, walking as gingerly as I could. I felt the wetness trickle down my leg. She opened a door, and revealed a loo. Or at least it looked like one. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that it lacked one key feature common to most loos. There was no toilet. I guess this was her bathroom. She motioned to the change table and closed the door behind her. I undid my now wet trousers and tossed them aside to get stuffed into the wet bag later. My diaper was toast. I mean saturated. Having worn them for so long I hardly notice wettings. I am aware that I am peeing only when I let out an involuntary dribble into a fresh diaper, or when I feel my diaper warm. But I leak constantly, so my diaper is always damp and warm, and therefore I seldom notice. Thanks, be to God I was not messy, I barely notice those either, only when I sit in it or feel it squish do I know for certain. I wear diaper covers to help partially mask the odours associated with that aspect of my incontinence. That overly enthusiastic clerk all those years ago, was right. They helped keep what I did in my diapers a secret between me and them, for the most part. I would have hated to stink up her place on my first time here. I begun wiping up the urine soaked lotion and powder that coated my diaper area. I move next to my bum, making sure it is clean. After being in diapers for the last 12 years I am accustomed to diaper rashes. They come with the territory. But I do everything I can to avoid them. I finish cleaning myself and begin to prepare my new diaper, still sitting on my old one. I can no longer not be in or at least on a diaper. I have learned from experience to keep tape in my diaper bag to give the tapes an ‘assist” (use a hockey term, why not I am in Canada now Eh.). I unfold my fresh diaper and place it under me, only then moving off the used one. I am never not protected. Like I said, I leak constantly. I grab the Vaseline and begin to spread it all over the required areas. I next take the powder and puff it where it needs to go. Taking a wipe, I clean my hands. I tape myself in to my new, clean, dry private toilet for the next couple of hours. I dig out my spare trousers, pull them up and I am good to go! The crotch of my pants bulges a bit. Not too noticeable unless you were staring at it. I don’t really care if my crotch bulges a bit or you do stare. I am wearing a diaper, I need them. What is your hang-up, why you perving out on me? I leave her bathroom, and I see her relaxing on the couch. I sit down next to her. “Mind if I join you?” “Not at all. I welcome it” “Thanks” “Pleasure” We sit in silence for some time, not an awkward silence, but the kind where there is nothing that needs to be said. She breaks it. “So…you said substantial protection, how substantial? I mean, are you aware?” I am a little taken aback by the directness of her query, but I was warned that people in North American are just that direct. I do her the courtesy of a direct answer. “Do you want the short or the long answer?” “Let’s start short, and maybe go long.” “Short Answer: Very substantial, I am completely unaware or either function.” To illustrate my point I stand up and un-button my trousers to show her my diaper, it is already a little wet I can see. I pull them back up. She notices the bulge. “Oh. My. God! You can totally tell, you are wearing a diaper! Aren’t you a little embarrassed that someone will say something? “Not really, I mean if they do, they are perving out on me by staring at my kitty. It just so happens that it is covered by a diaper. They are gross for doing it, if I notice them staring I will say so.” “Okay, well you are brave. Most people are embarrassed by their need for diapers, me included, and I only wear pullups during the day! You just changed, right? It looked to me like your diaper was already damp, am I wrong?” I give it an experimental poke. Affirmative, wet and getting wetter as per the norm. Unconsciously I check the rear for mess. None yet. “Did you just check yourself for wetness?” “Yes, and in case you were wondering, no surprise poops either.” “Wow, you really weren’t kidding about the needing substantial protection.” “No. No I was not.” “Let me get you a glass of something. Whiskey, was it? I want to hear the long version now.” As I sit thinking about how I am going to tell it, she returns with my tumbler. I decide to go for it, tell her the truth. “Okay, but promise not to judge.” “I’ll do my best.” “I first really remember wanting to wear diapers again at age 9. I mean let’s face it, who among us really remember their formative years. You might get the occasional glimpse of a memory from your younger years, but for all intents and purposes you are remembering the stories people have told you about you. You don’t really remember your young childhood. I remember it was rainy, I was watching the T.V. I don’t recall what. What I do recall is that a commercial came on for adult incontinence pants. I was transfixed. They made diapers for grown-ups!? Where, when how can I get my hands on these. Like I said, I was hooked. It was all I thought about. I mean I was still functioning, I went to school, did my class-work, played with my friends, went to church, etc. ad nauseum. It was always there though, in the back of my mind. I dreamt about it, thought about. I almost asked about it once, but my Mum was busy and I lost my nerve….” We Irish, born storytellers
  16. Wetting or messing?

    If you could only choose one, would you rather wet or mess your diapers? I would rather mess. There's nothing like putting on a fresh diaper and immediately filling it! So naughty...
  17. Here we go again. This story won't go as quickly as the last one, one update a date will be pushing it I think. This story is about a 2 reporters, one Little one amazon. They have been tasked with finding out unknown history between Littles and Amazons. Trying for an Indiana Jones / uncharted Diaper Dimension story. Chapter 1 The Little War The Little War marked a turning point in Amazon society, it changed the face of our world in ways no one could have seen. For hundreds of years amazons had no knowledge of a whole population of Littles that lived on our planet. Littles had lived unknown to the population due to their isolation on small islands far away on the ocean. It is unknown how long wild and primitive Littles lived on their islands alone before the war, though it is believed they would not have lasted must longer if the war hadn’t taken place. One day the great amazon Kathleen Bosh found the main Island of the Littles. Seeing the poor state of their lives she attempted to use the amazons advanced technology to help make the lives of the Littles better. Due to Littles only having the emotional control of toddlers Kathleen’s generosity had only served to anger the Littles, much like an older child having a toy a younger child wants. With overwhelming numbers the Littles killed Kathleen and took her ship, quickly massing their forces for an invation of the main land. The Littles believe that they had the numbers to win the war quickly and take what they wanted, however even being left unprepared that amazons were able to repell the Littles. The war dragged on for months, but even then the Littles were losing ground. It was at this time the amazons finished their newest weapon against the Littles, code named Brain Drain. The Brain Drain was designed to turn Littles into mindless babies in mere moments. In the final battle the Little's leader Joan was captured and became the first test subject. Before the Littles eyes they watched their leader become what she truely was, a mindless baby. As the Littles watched their former leader poop her first diaper they abandoned the front lines and scattered to the winds. In the months that followed the Littles spread accross the world. Many who were captured would share their leaders fate, others were just given nice home with their new mommies. Others would attempted to live as amazons, something that many still attempt to do to this day. Finally a number of them returned to their home island, hoping to rebuild after their crushing defeat. Almost 100 year ago the home island of Littles was rediscovered. Though relation are tense they've been peaceful. The Littles have even allowed amazons to have an embassy on their main island. Amazons in the embassy currently help Littles find and track down Little poachers who attempt to capture some of their people to sell on the black Little market. Amazons and Littles have lived in peace since the end of the Little War, and all it took was for Littles to accept their place in the world. Closing the book Bree let out a sigh, yet another book that told almost the same story. Though this version had mentioned Joan by name which was different then all the others she had read. "Oh god Bree," said a tall blond amazon women walking toward her. "I swear, how did I get you for a partner? My Little sister's diapers aren't half as bad as yours." "Shut up Karen, you know the law. All Littles have to wear diapers when in public area's." As Bree slid off the chair while Karen glared at her. "You're just lucky Mr. Stone likes you, if it wasn't for that workers pass around your neck your brain would be a mushy as your diaper." Giving Bree diaper a firm pat. Bree ignored her partner and started waddling to the exit when she suddenly felt herself being lifted into the air. "Let's go stinky, I don't want to have to wait for you to get to the car. The sooner we get to the office the sooner I won't have to smell you anymore." Karen carried Bree to her car, placing her in the car seat in the back before they made their way back to the office. As they were driving Bree went over all the notes in her head. All written history seemed to start with the Little War, everything before that is just called "ancient times" with nothing else to go on. Everything writing about how Littles lived before is based on nothing but opinions from people that brain wash Littles for a living. If she was going to get this report done about the Pre Little War she would have to try someplace else. All amazon history seemed to be written the same, what they needed to find was Little history that predates the Little War, if it even exists.
  18. I think building tension in stories is the best way to excite the reader. They are especially helpful when reinforcing power dynamics (a major part of any story with D/S elements) amongst the characters. When you're writing for a fetish, you have the benefit of assuming that your reader is aroused or is looking to become aroused. Because of this, I think the best approach is to tease them a little and to hint at what's to come then from there build it by dragging out. For example, say you're making a scene where the tension is wetting, it would go something like this: "You were such a good girl drinking both your bottles for Nanny! Weren't you? Yes you were!" Katie hated that this woman could do this to her. Her Daddy knew she didn't like Nanny, a woman only 10 years older than her, yet fully in charge while Daddy was at work. But in her marriage, she didn't make the rules. So here we have a power dynamic created, the reluctantly submissive infantilized wife, who is competing against her caretaker while her Daddy is away. The use of a Nanny is especially good because the reader knows that Daddy will win no matter what, even Katie has accepted that. If we wanted Katie to get punished for something she could compete against him. But this Nanny, well...maybe Katie can retain some control over her situation after all. Nanny might be an agent enforcing Daddy's will, but she isn't Daddy. We've also introduced an element that will have to be addressed, the not one but two bottles Katie has ingested. The fact she was praised for this implies it was somehow harder to do and potentially challenging. It also implies she has done something Nanny wanted. So, score the first point for Nanny. "Now come along Katie, crawl alongside Nanny to the rocking chair. That's a good girl. Up on Nanny's knee, it's ok to stand up." Using her helpless mitten-encased hands, Katie pushed up and begrudgingly sat on the vile woman's lap. Her large pacifier hid most of her scowling expression, but her eyes still blazed resentment at her situation. Her thick diaper crinkled as she lowered herself onto Nanny's knee. "Sit up straight now darling," Nanny corrected. Katie straitened up, her naked breasts peeking out from under the bottom of her bib, nipples dangling in front of Nanny and ensuring she had no modesty here. So these were just a few little battles that Katie has chosen not to fight Nanny on. Maybe she has tried earlier and lost. Maybe her bottom is still sore from the last time Nanny had to tell her to sit up straight. She had to get permission just to stand up? More to the point, Katie didn't stand until she was told it was ok. The point is, these are easy little ways to reinforce who is in control here. Even calling her darling, when Katie has clearly shown she is not her darling, is a great way to reinforce who is running the show. Nanny is scoring more points, but they're small ones. But allowing Nanny to score them is important, because the reader likes being reminded in unique little ways that Katie isn't in control. We've set the stage for something larger though, now let's find out what it is. Nanny reached up and removed the pacifier from Katie's mouth. "Don't worry little one, I'll make sure you get it back as soon as we're done." Nanny's smile was not returned. Suddenly Katie felt a hand gliding up her back, stopping in the middle below her shoulder blades. Gently, yet forcefully, Katie felt the hand rhythmically begin patting her back. "Let it all out little one. That was a lot of milk you just drank." Katie stared at the wall in front of her, feeling her face redden. Nanny only smiled. A text alert came on Nanny's phone, but she didn't lose pace for a second as she reached for it with her free hand. Katie felt a slight urge to burp and, with embarrassment, gave a little squeak. "Very good baby!" Nanny cheered as she unlocked her phone, never lifting her eyes. As much as she hated it, she knew her caretaker wouldn't stop until Katie had done this at least two or three times. Katie lowered her face to try and sneak a peak at Nanny's phone, held in the hand that now rested on Katie's smoothly shaven legs. Without taking her eyes off the phone Nanny told Katie "eyes ahead" with a tone of warning, all the while never stopping her rhythmic patting. "Well baby girl, it seems your Daddy will be home early today." Katie's heart practically lept for joy with the knowledge she would be freed of her tormentor earlier than expected. "How long?" Katie could feel angry eyes looking up at her, so she quickly added, "Nanny". This seemed to placate her. "He'll be here in an hour or so, maybe a little longer." This was excellent news. If Daddy was going to be here in an hour, that meant she wouldn't have to put up with Nanny giving her another change. She was beginning to feel the first inklings of pressure from her bottles, so she knew would be close, but Katie could manage. Buoyed by this pleasant news, Katie gave another little burp, much to Nanny's delight. Now we know what's at stake here. Katie does not like being changed by her Nanny. She can prevent this by waiting until Nanny leaves to need a diaper change. Note that it's inevitable that she will use her diaper, the two bottles Nanny gave her at the beginning of the scene have determined that, but she does have a chance at winning some control. This is what the audience loves. It's such a low bar to meet that requires such little control, yet we've magnified the stakes because it takes place in the larger context of the power struggle between Katie and Nanny. All the little battles Katie has been losing throughout the scene won't matter because if she can just get this one victory, she will have won the game. She demonstrates this by happily burping, indicating that there's only one fight she wants to take on. Now, let's add the tension. "Well Katie, I think that's enough of that for today. Those bottles should be nice and comfy in your tummy." Nanny gave her a little poke in her stomach to press her point. This annoyed Katie, but she was ready to get off Nanny's lap and back to her play pen to wait for Daddy. Katie shifted her weight forward to bring her toes to the floor. From there she would plop down and await the instruction to "crawl". Before polka dotted socks could touch the carpet however, Nanny pushed her back into her seated position. "Just where are you in a hurry to get to, little one?" Nanny demanded, looking a bit surprised. "I...I wanted to go back to playing with my toys," Katie lied. "Ummhmmm," Nanny hummed with a skeptical look. "Slide over just a little bit sweetie," Nanny commanded. Reluctantly Katie slid on her lap, guided of course by Nanny's hands, until she faced away from Nanny and towards the room, her diapered butt squarely on the tops of Nanny's knees. This shift had caused her legs to spread wide on either direction of Nanny's. The position caused a slight uptick in pressure in Katie's bladder. "Nanny, what ar-" "Shhhhhh," Nanny quieted Katie's worried question. She lifted her pacifier back up towards her mouth, the rubber barely clipping her naked breast before it found its way between her lips. Nervous, Katie gave a cautionary and accepting suck. "Thaaat's a good girl," Nanny said as she stroked her hair. "I wanted to surprise little Katie with a ride today! Yes I did!" With that, Nanny began a gentle bounce with her knees, causing Katie to breathe in with surprise. "See?" Nanny asked. "You're riding a horsey! Isn't that fun?" Katie looked alarmed. The gentle knee bounces couldn't get much more violent before the escalating pressure they put on her bladder could cause a problem. "Nanwy, I don't wike this game." Katie pleaded from behind her pacifier and over the loud crinkles of her diaper. Both the reader and Katie know about the urge to pee she is fighting. We also know that Katie is supposed to be in control of her situation. She picked her battle knowing she only had to beat the clock, but now Nanny has thrown off the routine! But it's too late to change the objective. Katie just has to work harder for it now, meaning we've raised the stakes. The greater the challenge, the greater the reward...but also the bigger the potential fall. Katie tries to get a handle on things by pleading with Nanny to let her off to play with her toys, not good in a battle of wills. Will it work? "Now now little one, this is a fun game. See?" With that, Nanny put her arms around Katie and intensified her bounces. Of course not! Nanny shows her power as the conflict escalates. Katie lowered her hands, pressing them into the front of her diaper in a bid to fight the building pressure. If she could only close her legs! Nanny reached out and grabbed her wrists, pushing them up above her shoulders. "Hands up on the horsey, baby girl! It's like you're in the rodeo! Weeee!" With a grimace and a look of disdain Katie bit down on her pacifier, meekly holding her hands up in the air as she bounced up and down, up and down...Her arms now bouncing as much as her exposed breasts, her childish bib flailing as if in the wind. The pressure was rapidly building, but Katie knew Nanny couldn't keep this up forever. She just had to hang on... Suddenly she felt fingers at her exposed sides. Just below her ribs they danced quickly across her skin. By reflex, Katie shot her arms down to defend her sides. She arched her back in an attempt to get away, her diapered butt knowing better than to try and escape from Nanny's knee. An unwilling smile formed and she bit down to try and keep her pacifier in place, another object that was forbidden to leave by anything by Nanny's hand. A pained giggle emanated from behind the plastic guard. Nanny stopped momentarily to lift up her hands and to remind her, sternly, that she was at the rodeo, doubling her bouncing efforts at the same time. Immediately, her fingers continued their torment. Katie was on the edge of bursting into tears, as much from the tickling and squirming she was helplessly doing as from the exponentially rising pressure in her bladder. Just hang on! Katie was yelling to herself on the inside. She was giggling uncontrollably, and each laughter weakened the dam she was trying desperately to hold up. She could feel Nanny's legs slowing however, weakening from the weight of bouncing an grown adult woman. Her fingers seemed to be tiring as well, as Katie forced herself to try and relax and stop being tickled. We're at the climax now, and in her darkest hour Katie can see rays of hope. She's at the breaking point. Nanny has thrown surprises at her but she has so far persevered. Can she hang on and win her battle? "Pleaseeee Nannnyyyyyy," Katie pleaded through gritted teeth. Finally, her tormentor removed her fingers. A few surrendering bounces stopped as her tired legs came to a halt. Nanny laughed as she looked curiously at the woman on her lap. Katie was breathing heavily and still desperately hanging on. A drop or two had been absorbed by her diaper, but only she would know. "Well, didn't you have fun at the rodeo, little one?" Nanny asked casually, quickly slipping two fingers under her diaper to check for wetness. They were a little slow to withdraw, almost as if disappointed. Katie smirked behind her pacifier, though from her position she was confident Nanny couldn't see. Ah haaa. Now we see that Nanny knew what game they were playing the whole time. Was this always her plan? Is that why she gave so many bottles, to force out a wetting? We don't know if Nanny has planned this from the beginning or adopted it when she got the text, but now we understand Katie has won a game with even higher stakes than she realized. This is a big victory for a woman (dare we call her by her real age? Has she earned that?) who doesn't get many at all. Taking one more deep breath to recover, her confidence was growing. With an air of victory Katie responded, "Yeth Nanny, I di-" Suddenly she felt two arms on her tummy, squeezing in tight. She had been looking towards the ceiling to conceal her little smirk and didn't realize Nanny had reached around her waist to give an apparent hug. With a gasp Katie exhaled, her pacifier falling towards her dangling legs. The force of Nanny's squeeze caused her top half to lose her balance, her back pressing into Nanny's waiting chest. The back of her head came to rest beside Nanny's own, gently on her shoulder. If someone had taken a picture, they would have seen a smiling caretaker holding relaxed adult baby girl, her legs spread wide and high in an attempt to regain balance, and a diaper puffing out on the superior woman's lap. Before she had even realized what was going on, Katie heard the sound she had dreaded every day she spent with this woman. The dark spot already forming on the white and puffy elevated diaper. Though their faces were right next to each other, they watched with different expressions. Katie's dismay at her failure bore out on her face as she bit her lip in an attempt to ward off tears. A confident smile appeared on Nanny's face, a quick flash a sadism telling the world she had achieved the result she wanted. Katie tried to sit up, but Nanny pulled her in tight. "Good girl Katie, just let it all out." Defeated, Katie simply relaxed against Nanny's body and froze into place. A muffled sniffle managed to be heard above the wetting, but the tears would soon form. "It's alright sweetie, we'll go straight to the changing table and get you a fresh clean diaper. I might make it a nighttime one, we've been saying these daytime diapers just don't do the trick for too long now. Yes, this one's gonna be sooo full when you finish." With that Katie could no longer contain herself. She let out a wail that filled the room. Nanny simply cooed and patted her head until Katie had finished. After the diaper could take no more, Nanny gently let the baby back on the floor. Soggy and wet, Katie waited instruction as she tried to quiet herself on all fours. Picking up Katie's pacifier from the floor, Nanny cleaned it on her dangling bib before plopping it back into her mouth. Katie looked up at her with defeated and watery eyes. Nanny gave her a gentle smile before looking forward and beginning to walk towards the door. She allowed herself a few feet a which Katie, surprised again, only looked at the back of her caretaker. "Crawl," she said to the front of the room. Soggy diaper in tow, Katie did. Ah yes, it's always fun to keep the reader on their toes. Even when Katie thinks she's won, Nanny snatches back a victory. It was a humiliating defeat for Katie and she can't even contain that she lost. She cried when she wet her diaper because she knew both of them knew she was trying to hold it in. Ironically, if Katie had just submitted and wet like a good little girl without a fuss, the victory for Nanny would have been like the others, uncontested and un-noteworthy. If the story had continued, it's this game where it's best if you don't play that slowly breaks down a submissive character. We can see in the future where Katie has lost so many battles like this she doesn't even try, she becomes the compliant baby that Nanny wants. But for right now, she is still fighting and losing, and that's the potent spice to the story. Katie chose to fight and because of that she lost more than just the right to avoid one of Nanny's diaper changes. That is how you can use power dynamics and tension to build up your story.
  19. Wet M4 Crinkles

    From the album Abena M4 Crinklebutt

    The morning after lots of big wettings. <3 Definitely needed a diaper change after all that. :3
  20. Father's day suprise

    So what a suprise from the wife on Father's day. Woke me up to put me in a diaper, still sleepy. She went to the kitchen and made a pot of coffee, and after drinking a lot of coffee this morning. Needless to say I needed to wet my diaper several times. So now I'm soaked and she then has me go to our bedroom for a fresh change into a new diaper. Her plan is to have me diapered all day. After a nicely cooked breakfast, and some more liquid. I had wet my diaper again several times. But now I needed to poop and I told her so, she said go ahead that's what a diaper is for. She let me sit in my mess and enjoy it for two hours and then I needed to change. She insisted on changing my messy diaper herself, let me tell you that to have your bottom wiped and cleaned was pure bliss. She has only done this a few times in the past few years, so what a treat and what a great start to Father's day. So I now get to stay diapered up to bed time today, and it promises to be a great day.
  21. So I blame bbbkimmy for me typing this all out, good stories remind me of the ones I have that aren't all on paper yet. In truth I made this story back when "The Promise" and "Chasing Emily" were just getting started but never post any of it until now. Chapter 1: Little Time Daycare "Little Time Daycare," Bryce read on the front of the building as this amazon calling herself "mommy" carried her inside. Her "Mommy" kept patting her thickly diapered bottom as she was carried inside, though Bryce wasn't sure if this was in a strange attempt to comfort her or a way to show her dominance she wasn't sure but she was sure she didn't like it. As they approached the front deck and young amazon women greeted them, "Welcome to Little TIme Daycare, how can I help you?" "I'm Jessica Mills, I have an appointment today." Her smiling captor answered. Bryce for her part was already hard at work figuring out her escape plan for this place. The lobby was almost a large triangular room with a door leading to the left and right. However where the point of the room would have been it flattened out and about half way up the wall it was glass to the ceiling and a figure was standing there looking down on them. The figure was clearly another female amazon, she seemed to touch her ear for a moment and a voice came over some kind of intercom that was in the lobby. "Sarah please see Ms. Mills to my office." The young amazon quickly moved to the door on her right and opened it and lead them through into the main daycare area. The room looked like any other daycare one might see, however there seemed to be no amazon children just Littles, clearly diapered Little at that. None of them wore much else at that, short dresses or skirts for the girls but it did nothing to hide the amazingly think diapers. The boys and some of the girls wore nothing but a t-shirt and a diaper, if they were lucky many were naked save for their diapers. It had only been a minute and Bryce already felt like she had entered hell. The far left wall was almost all glass letting everyone see outside and let people walking by see all the Little, Bryce wasn't sure if this was a daycare or a Little baby store or both. On the right of the room it was just a long wall with a door on the back right corner. The receptionist quickly lead them through this door into a room in the centere of the building into what looked like a lunch room in this back half with a storage area in the front. There was only one robo nanny in this room who seemed busy with....someone Bryce couldn't tell what. They were taken to an elevator in the back and made their way to the second floor. This room was amazing, the second floor was one giant office and looked down onto both sides of the daycare at once. While the left side of the building she had seen was a "normal" Little daycare the other seemed a little off. There was a small room in the corner with a number of cribs with cords hanging from them, though Bryce couldn't get a better look as her "Mommy" was quickly moving into the middle of the room to sake this new amazons hand. "Ms. Mills it's so nice to finally meet you," The amazon said. "This must be little Bryce, she is such a cutie. Are you ready for all the fun your going to have here?" Bryce couldn't tell if the amazon expected her to answer as many didn't but she answered anyway in a sarcastic tone, "Loads." A quick swat on her padded butt made her yelp which was fallowed by, "Don't be rude BeeBee." Their host laughed and asked Ms. Mills to sit, which she did setting Bryce on the ground at her feet. As the two amazons started talking Bryce quickly moved to the window showing the right side of the building, she needed to scope the area while she could and didn't know how long her "Mommy" wouldn't be watching her. "Thank you for meeting with me Mrs. Jacobson, I am really hoping you can help," Ms Mills began. "Bryce is a great girl, I love her but she is still a "free range" Little lets say. I only adopted her 3 weeks ago and in the time she has attempted to escape almost every day, I'm at my wits end." Nodding her head Mrs. Jacobson answered, "From the file you want to make her a baby but not to use hypnosis regression on her, is that correct?" "Yes, while I could use hypnosis to regress her into a baby she wouldn't be my little baby anymore. I still want my little BeeBee to be...herself but to accept being the baby she is and not always trying to run away, I want her to be happy with me. All the research I have read said I need to punish her into being a baby or regress her with hypnosis but I don't want to hurt her. She has an energy, a fire about her and I'm afraid hypnosis would destroy who she is" Mrs. Jacobson waiting for her newest customer to finish before speaking, "It is true we may be able to help, we are working on a new type of regression that will make a Little accept their life as babies without the need to use hypnosis to turn them into babies. However we haven't completely finished it yet and are working on our first full test group. If you would like we can set her up as the last member of the group." This was why Jessica had come here in the first place, this was in her mind the last chance she had short of wiping BeeBee's mind and making her a drooling, stinky baby. "What are the risks? What happens if it fails?" Mrs. Jacobson sighed, "I won't lie to you, if she fails there will be one of two outcomes. Either it will fail completely and nothing will change with how she is now or her mind will be wiped clean and all her memories and personality will be gone, she would be a clean slate. More or less what she would be if you used hypnosis on her." She added. Jessica looking out the window and down to all the Little's in the play area. She wanted Bryce to be able to play with them and be happy, for them both to be happy. Right now Bryce wasn't happy so she wasn't happy. Bryce meanwhile was busy, she wasn't paying to much attention to what the amazons were talking about. She knew this was about weak training her captor was sending her to so she would be a "good baby," it was just another change to get away. Looking down onto the right side of the building the had a small play area along with many cribs with what looked like head phone on the sides, this didn't bode well for her. In the corner there seemed to be a small rooms inside to room but the door was closed and she couldn't see in. As she was looking down at the robo nanny getting the room ready she felt a sudden warmth in her crotch, it was clear her diaper was now wet. After a weeks of the milk she had been fed she figured she should be happy the only control problems she had now were wetting ones. From the deck Jessica looked at her Little BeeBee looking down into the training area. She knew her baby was looking for a way out, and now she had no other choice. She looked up at Mrs. Jacobson and simply asked, "Where do I sign?"
  22. James's Problem

    WARNING: While I don't have any sexual content. This story is very very graphic. I am VERY descriptive. Anyway I am back, this time with another name that starts with the letter J. Enjoy. Chapter 1 College... Never thought that I would see the day that I would be heading off to college. I thought as I lay in my bed, starring up at the ceiling fan. Tomorrow would be the first official day of summer and the first day of not having to go to high school anymore. I’m never going to miss that horrid place. I hope college will be better than high school. Knock knock “So, how does it feel Jamie?” “Being done with high school, great” “I can’t believe my baby boy is all grown up now. I’m proud of you James” my mom said as she shed a tear and hugged me. “Thanks mom” I said as I wrapped my arms around her. “I’m sure you’re tired from such a long day. I will let you get your rest” she said as got up and went to the door. “Goodnight, and sweet dreams” “Goodnight mom” I turned on my CD player and let the relaxing ambiance drift me to sleep. “James?” I cracked my eyes open and felt very cold. “Why is it so cold? … and wet?” It felt as though I had been swimming. Then it clicked. Not again... “You seemed to have had another accident?” Damnit. That makes this the third time this week. I just sighed. “Look, Jamie, I’m not upset. It’s not your fault. But, this is getting frequent” “Yeah, I know. I just don’t know why” “The doctor said it is just something you will grow out of” “I’m 18, I would have thought I’d have grown out of it by now. Also, why is it getting more frequent? It only used to happen once every one or two months” “Somethings just take time. It is probably just a phase like when you were ten. However, you are going to wreck the mattress at this rate” I know where she is going with this. “Maybe you should consider wearing some protection again. Just until this dies down” I sighed as I knew where she was going to go from here again. “Let me guess, Goodnites again” “Cheer up, you didn’t seem to mind it when you were younger” She was right. I didn’t mind wearing them at all. They were soft and comfortable. They also allowed me to not wake up in a smelly frozen lake. But, it was something that prevented me from sleepovers and made traveling more complex. “I guess you’re right. I mean it is only at night. But, I’m pretty sure I won’t fit into Goodnites” “You probably won’t. But I will take care of that. Now you go off and shower while I take care of things here” The cold damp underwear clung to my skin as I jumped up to have a nice warm shower. As the water washed away last night I began to think. Diapers... it has been eight years. Why did I have to start wetting again. However, somewhere deep down, I didn’t mind them. They made me feel young again and I wasn’t sure if I was quite ready to grow up yet. I shut off the water and got dressed. “I’m going to the store” my mom called out bringing me out of my thought. “Okay” I called back. Life is to short to get caught up thinking about these things. I will just roll with whatever comes of it. That was just how I was. I tended to just roll with whatever life gave me. Can’t really get caught up thinking about things that you have no control over. I threw on some clothes and played video games. Hours seemed to fly by as I enjoyed the first day of summer. I heard the door open. “Jamie, I am home” I heard my mom call out. I quit my game and went to help her with the bags. “Hi mom” “Thanks for the help” she smiled as she handed me some bags. “What all did you get?” I asked as I closed the door. “Some groceries, supplies, and these” She pulled out a large light purple package. Molicare Super Plus, so is that what they call big Goodnites? “So, are those my new Goodnites” I sighed. I still was not really looking forward to needing them but, as long as it was just between my mom and me, I think I could manage. “Sort of. They are a bit different to take on and off” “How so?” “Well, I might have to help you a bit with putting them on or at least show you how to do it. Also, you can’t really slip them on and off” She mumbled. “So how do I take them off and put them on?” “They are more like diapers than Goodnites, they have tapes. Which means that you can’t really take them off without needing a new one. I would prefer that we didn’t have to waste three or four diapers a night. So, once they go on, they don’t come off until morning” “What if I wake up and have to go in the middle of the night?” “Either try and hold it” “That probably will not work” “Or you can just go. They are meant for it. You wouldn’t even have to get out of your warm bed” That would be nice. I remember doing that with the Goodnites on a few chilly nights. I was just to comfortable. That also led to them leaking on a few occasions. “Wouldn’t that cause them to leak?” “No, these are better than your old Goodnites” A rumble from my stomach also reminded me of something that I rarely have to do at night, but on occasion. “What if I have to do more than pee?” “Oh, other than trying to wait until morning. In that case you can come and wake me” “Ya, wouldn’t want to lose another set of sheets like that time I had food poisoning” I replied, remembering when I nine I had food poisoning. I went to bed in my Goodnite like normal, but I was feeling rather ill. The next morning I woke up to a disgusting grime. I still remember clearly how awful it smelled and how the Goodnite leaked everywhere. “Unlike Goodnites these are able to handle such events. Not that I expect any to happen. But, your sheets are ‘protected’ either way” she giggled. “Okay” That was a terrible pun. But, at least I will never have to repeat having to fill my pants. Though she oddly said it would be alright? I guess it is comforting to know that they are better than Goodnites in some aspects. I was still a little annoyed a the fact that I would not be able to take them off. But, I could live with it. “Anyway, what’s for dinner?” I asked sort of wanting to change the subject. “Pasta” “Cool, I will take these upstairs to my room and play about on my computer” I said as I grabbed to purple package. “Alright sweety”
  23. Life in Pull-ups

    Chapter 1 - after school change Sarah was walking home to her aunts place with her friends after school. As any other teenagers they were giggling about everything under the sun. Sarah looked at her watch to see it was 10 to 3 she should hurry, though that was also reaasured by the urgency in her belly, her bladder ached for relief . - I got to run you guys my aunt is waiting for me with lunch - oh lucky you ! No chores no watching annoying little kids - yeah lucky me - sarah muttered as she ran off. True she had no chores or responsibilities at her aunts house , but she had no freedom either . Well a freedom of a 2 y o. That's how she was treated anyway. - auntie auntie I m home ! - she called out as she hurriedly took of her school shoes and put down her bag - oh there you are Sarah - said Lilian walking out of the kitchen smiling with a knowing look on her face - you are in such a hurry to get home to me aren't you little girl ? - yes auntie - Sarah said in a little girls voice though in her had she wanted to scream . She squirmed uncomfortably . - what's the matter little one? - her aunt asked in a sweet voice though she knew exactly the cause of her nieces invinvience . sarah bit her lip struggling to get the words out. - do you need to go potty ? - Lilian asked sweetly extending her hand for Sarah to take . Sarah nodded as she took her aunts hand letting her lead her up the stairs. - have you been a good little girl and did as you were told ? - her aunt asked as they walked into the main bathroom . - yes auntie - she said . She did as she was instructed . Not allowed to use those "filthy dirty germy bathrooms at school " as her aunt would say. Lilian stirred the girl into a big bathroom which already had everything she needed layed out. Looking at her niece up and down and though she could see the squirming brought on by a full bladder, she added like everyday her niece got home - I hope you didn't use those nasty toilets at school like I taught you ! - no auntie - Sarah said squirming more desperate for relief. She always felt her aunt doing the entire "after school change " process in the bathroom just to mock her. She looked at the pink unicorn decorated potty chair wishfully though she far passed the age it was meant to . Lilian slowly closed the tiolet lid and set herself down - come here darling let auntie get you out of this uncomfortable uniform . Sarah stepped infront of her aunt with her back to her knowing that resisting is pointless. -raise your arm little one - Lilian instructed as she pulled off Sarah's dress leaving the girl standing infront of her in just her socks panties and bra. Next she unhooked her bra . - let's get this uncomfortable thing off and put on your nice comfie shirt - her nice comfie shirt was in reality not comfie nor a shirt . It was a snap crotch pink bodysuit. The bodysuit was pulled down but the crotch remained unsnapped. Sarah instinctively closed her eyes shut as she felt her aunts fingers fiddling around her wait pulling down her panties . - step out , oh such a good girl ! Now let's get you nice and ready for your special panties ! Lilian expertly spread a generous amount of cream over her nieces crotch - here we go now step in good girl ! Sarah felt the fluffy pullups or as her aunt referred to them her special panties around her ankle. - ups we almost forgot ! - Lilian exclaimed though not for a second did it slip her mind - Your little medicine ! Here we go sweetie be a good girl for auntie and bend forward . Sarah bent uncomfortably . It pressed on her very full bladder increasing the need to relieve herself unbearably and she hated the suppositories her aunt inserted into her. She groaned softly as she felt the first one pass her spinchter - now now Sarah you are not going to be a silly little girl are you ? These are your special little friends to help you go potty . There all done now . Here let's pull up your panties now . Sarah felt her aunt adjust the waistband of her pullup and clenched her spinchter as thighs as she could knowing no matter how much she had to go it wasn't time yet. - there now let's get you dressed up nicely - Lilian said as she closed the buttons on the crotch of the bodysuit. - and step on now - She proceeded to add a pink girly skirt over her bodysuit. - now don't you look just adorable! Well almost let auntie get your hair fixed all nice before we have some nice lunch Lilian turned Sarah around standing her between her 2 knees. She started brushing her locks into 2 plaits. Sarah took a deep breath as her aunt pulled her hair with the brush knowing she couldn't fight her need to pee longer, she closed her eyes as she let her bladder loose. - aw did my little girl need to go pee pee ? - Lilian asked smiling , though of course she herself knew Sarah was desperate to relieve the pressure in her bladder . Sarah blushed as she felt her aunts hand on her crotch as the warmth of her pee filled the pullup and made her uncomfortably warm . - oh yes this little girl needed to go pee pee didn't she ? Good thing she has her special panties that can keep all her pee pees now isn't it ? Sarah nodded . Still blushing . She felt humiliated having to wet her pullup right infront of her aunt but she had no power to resist the urge any longer. - my my you should have told auntie you had to pee pee now auntie doesn't have time to put you in a clean pair of panties it's time for lunch ! Sarah knew very well that begging to use the bathroom wouldn't have changed the process . Lilian would have told her that big girls can hold their pee pees and little girls who don't have special panties. Lilian led Sarah to the table by her hand . Sarah felt as if she was sitting on a towel as she sat down on her now soaked pullups . She glanced at her aunt . She doesn't seem mad she thought so maybe today I could use the potty instead of the pullup . She stopped herself angrily . How could she be wishing at her age to be seated on a child's potty chair with her aunt sitting beside her ?
  24. diapereddude-.jpg

    From the album carolinaboytoy

    © carolinaboytoy