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Found 3 results

  1. Is there a known issue with the Tapatalk app for daily diapers. I just noticed that I am in unable to login using tapatalk app but the web and mobile site works fine. When I try to login it pops up a line of code that looks similar to html coding with some win script thrown in. I had no issue a couple of days ago but I’m unsure what’s going on. Not sure if this has to the mining issue or not.
  2. Should I tell my mom I'm an abdl

    I hope this is the right section to do this in. Ok so I have urges to wear diapers about once every three months or so and to get rid of the urges I have to wear about 5 diapers that week I can't stop thinking about them until I do. I moving into my moms house from my dad and my mom always goes into my room and looks around and snoops. Also she already knows I like diapers because she found a use one in my room but never brought it up but back to my main point I can't have a stash of abdl stuff with out her finding out so I think I should tell her. She is very accepting of most because she is gay and also she let my brother wear dresses when he was little because he liked it so I think I should tell her she would probably let me wear them but I'm still a little scared she would flip out because she is a little strict and she might be disgusted. Or she might offer to buy me diapers and diaper me she always likes to baby me so who knows.
  3. So today I did what i do every few months. diaper self, then give myself an enema and wait and make a huge mess the rub myself until climax. However afterwards cleanup is a pain. I have to hide the smell which is intense. usually end up scrubbing and washing a disposable diaper. Then pouring oatmeal and lisol on it while its on a trash back to hide smell then cover it with garbage and bag it again. I kept thinking. There has to be an easier way i'm not litterally getting my hands dirty. this is so time consuming. i live in a small house so hiding the smell isn't easy. My town went green and there are few like trash recepticals i can drive up to at the back of stores that aren't locked. I'd have to wait until tuesday to go to the dump. So i was thinking. do they make inserts to put in diapers so it can cath the mess or reduce the mess so i'm not scrubbing ick with gloves and spraying a messy diaper in the shower? I love wearing but i have trouble hiding and disposing of them in this town. so Inserts that reduce mess during clean up is what i'm asking about.