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Found 45 results

  1. babybub

    Babybub 13.jpg

  2. babybub


  3. bazza37

    Plastic diapers

    Is there any plastic covered diapers out there
  4. 160

    ABU Diaper Help

    Hey! So i am looking for a diaper that is very similar to the modern baby diapers, just for adults. For example pampers, but that isnt a plastic diaper and more the material they use on modern baby diapers. Ive looked at two diapers from ABU, Kiddo by ABU and PreSchool Cloth backed. Kiddo diapers looks very improved and very alike a baby diaper, but it says its "Plastic Backed". Does this mean its the same plastic as on Super Dry Kids? Second is the Preschool Cloth backed.. I read about these, and they say they made these to be discreet.. Doesnt that mean less bulk? :S Dont think i understand what "cloth/plastic backed" means, so would love is somebody could explain this aswell! Would love recommendations and reviews on one of these two diapers with pics if you guys know about any!
  5. Hi everyone, About a half year ago i reviewed the Tena Slip Maxi Medium diaper. The old "vintage" style original plastic backed version, the one everybody's in love with! Link: Tena Slip Maxi Medium Review I've reviewed some more diapers i like and wear, just check out my YouTube channel. Diaper Reviews YouTube Channel Hope you'll like it! And if not, tell me please and i will do my best to make you happy ;). Cheers, IvoDL
  6. I'm a collector of attends and am selling parts of my collection on eBay
  7. Diaperboy34


    From the album: Diapers

    Very Thick Diaper
  8. I'm a huge fan of plastic backed, extremely thick, absorbent diapers. Baby-ish is a plus, but not always necessary. I'm going to buy a few different types, and I've tried a few of the following types, but please let me know which of the following is your personal favorite, and why. Information about tape strength and reattachment, quality and feel of the plastic backing, thickness, landing zones, wetting and load capacity, as well as personal experiences are extremely welcome. Please limit your comments to the following brands, unless you feel their is something I ABSOLUTELY MUST try. Thank you for your help and comments. DC Idyl- Tena Slip Maxi- Cuddlz - Rearz Spoiled- Rearz Safari- ABU Space Diapers- Tykeables Overnight- MyDiapers- Crinklz- ABU Lavender- Bambino Belissimo- Northshore Supreme- Dry 24/7- AwwSoCute- Abena Abriform Plastic Back- Absorbency Plus- Total Dry X-Plus-
  9. Hi! I'm a 17 year old girl and today for the first time in my life I wore a Diaper made by myself and peed in it! So
  10. hey everyone, first time being on this! im a 19 year old girl, and get very aroused by not only wearing diapers but also being forced to wear plastic bibs and spoonfed. however since im still living at home i can never really act on these fantasies! looking forward to reading you guys'
  11. diaperedboy101

    Abena Abri Form X-Plus L4

    So I ordered this package from Santhema in Switzerland:
  12. Diaperboy34

    Diaper And Plastic Pants

    From the album: Diapers

    [b][i][color=rgb(0,0,205)]Me Wearing Cloth Diaper And Plastic Pants[/color][/i][/b]

    © diaperboy34-2012

  13. I have a pack of the max absorbency CVS diapers (they were cheap and I was jonesing for some in the moment… don't judge), and I noticed that, like a lot of diapers with the cloth backing, you can strip it away to get to a layer of plastic. For those of us with cheap diapers like this, or those of us that are increasingly upset with our favorite diapers going to cloth backing, I feel like this is a relevant issue. The first couple of times I tried this I ended up ripping holes in the plastic cover. I can seal them with tape, which works relatively well- but I would rather find a way to loosen the adhesive so that the cloth just peels away with no issue. Does anyone have any ideas on how to do this? Has anyone else been otherwise successful in this endeavor? Would love to know! -Andy
  14. ~Pamperchu~


    From the album: 2009

  15. ~Pamperchu~

    I love my dady

    From the album: 2010

  16. Looked briefly, and this has probably been covered before, but... I found these:
  17. sissybabysamantha

    Sissy baby in his pvc gear

    From the album: Baby me

    Sissy baby showing of his nappy and plastics how pathetic

    © Me

  18. ~Pamperchu~


    From the album: 2009

  19. ~Pamperchu~


    From the album: 2009

  20. ~Pamperchu~


    From the album: 2009

  21. ~Pamperchu~

    Inflatable wolf

    From the album: 2011

  22. sissybabysamantha

    IMG 0168

    From the album: Baby me

    sissy baby in his dress and suspenders

    © me

  23. Diaperboy34

    Nice Fit

    From the album: Diapers

    The Perfect Fit

    © Diaperboy34-2014

  24. Diaperboy34


    From the album: Diapers


    © diaperboy34-2103

  25. Diaperboy34

    Diapered Crotch

    From the album: Diapers

    Cloth Diapered

    © diaperboy34-2103