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Found 52 results

  1. Sissyslave

    Demoted to Pampers (private)

    http://diaperedanime.com/forum/showthread.php/demoted_back_pampers-29666/index.html we are continuing from this
  2. Which baby diaper do you think is the best to shoot out a load? I really like baby diapers and want to experience but I don't like adult diapers that much
  3. I'd like to get some input from some members about selling diapers on Ebay. This month I've been successful selling certain brands of diapers I had stored away. I've looked at the going rates of similar products and priced them accordingly. What I have now is a 100 count case of Pampers Cruisers size 7. (photo below) I understand they changed the style &/or quality of them since they were introduced in 2008. The ones I have were discontinued after 2011. And the count per case went down as well. Not quite vintage, but I believe there's a market for them. And I'm ready to let them go. I don't want to be greedy. But at the same time, I'd like to get a fair price for them. A diaper collector/seller told me the 2011 size 7's were made the best in size and quality. I suppose that's true. And I have enjoyed all the Pampers from the case I opened and used. So, does anyone have some constructive input about these particular diapers? Thanks!
  4. Kami-bozu


    From the album: Diaper boy pics

  5. Hi Guys, We are running a 12% discount on Boys, Girls and Aqua design ConvertUps at convertups.com until Black Friday, including free shipping anywhere in the world. We are based in the UK, but ship worldwide. Follow this link: https://www.convertups.com/discount/BlackFriday OR enter code BlackFriday during checkout on our site. Currency is in British Pounds (GBP) but will convert to USD, Euros, etc. automatically at checkout. You can purchase by PayPal, credit/debit card and ApplePay on supported devices. Thanks!
  6. diaperedboilerman

    Diapers with Kitty C.

    I was playing around with a couple images I have of Kitty today. The Pampers box and diapers on top is an image I found on line. The rest is my work. Sadly I don't have any vintage pampers or boxes to use!
  7. As some of you may know, based on the stories I've either written or the posts that I've made that my ideal mommy is more that of a grandmotherly type. A woman with years of experience under her belt, one that doesn't tolerate
  8. DiaperScent

    An Australian mommy

    I've been living in Australia for the past six months and lately it's kind of altered I fantasy mommy a bit. After seeing diaper commercials
  9. Starting a topic related to ConvertUps, a
  10. I am looking for 1 or 2 packages if HUGGIES XL from the late 1980's early 1990's.
  11. ConvertUps

    New ConvertUps designs

    Hi Guys, Just wanted to let you know that we have some new Limited Edition ConvertUps designs on the store at www.convertups.com now. These are special edition cartoon print, in response from a large volume of demand asking for them. When they are gone, they are gone. This fabric was one-off. Please let us know what you think.
  12. DiaperScent

    Diapered by an older lady

    For some reason when I was kid and started to fantasize about being put back into diapers & being changed again, my fantasies usually revolved around being diapered by much older women. Or, at least older than my mother (women in their late 50's and older). I could never really put a finger on why this was, something about their experience changing dirty diapers or maybe
  13. Didn't see this on any other part of the forum, so I'll share the news here.
  14. Tracer

    Pampers pixie

    Fresh after change
  15. DocSissy

    Duckman's Pampers

    Recently, I have been interested in the '90s cartoon Duckman: Private Dick/Family Man.
  16. Kami-bozu


    From the album: Diaper boy pics

  17. The Diapered Doctor

    For those who wear Baby Diapers

    Anyone else wear baby diapers?
  18. Goodnite_boy

    Need new diapers....

    So, i'm new to the diaper scene by about a year. I have always loved wearing goodnight diapers for girls size L/XL and have never had a problem with them fitting. Maybe after wearing them all day and sleeping with them I might get a little tear in the side, but that's it. I want to try and find a cute new diaper set that will still fit me. I keep hearing about under jams and even pampers and huggies. I have a 34" waist, that's what I wear for pants and like I said I never have a problem with goodnites sliding up on me and never tearing.
  19. Guest

    Luvs Question

    So, after many forum reading and posts I think I've come to find from my research that people say not only that Luvs smell stronger than Pampers, but they have more of a classic scent from the 80's & 90's. Some may disagree but I'd love to buy a pack to see if its true, but I was wondering if its a certain brand of Luvs that I should get. Meaning, like with pampers you have baby dry, cruisers, ect. What type of Luvs should I get and for hardcore fans of disposable diapers which do you think will be the best? Thanks!
  20. This may be one of those repetedly asked questions. In fact I may have brought it up before. But I don't remember. For myself, being a DL since I can remember, I always tried to find an opportunity to find diapers. Since I was the youngest, there weren't younger siblings still in diapers.
  21. One day when I was bored, I measured and took some pictures of Pampers to see how big they really are. The Pampers USA diapers are size 5. And then I opened my only package of first generation Pampers Cuisers size 7.
  22. ILuvPampers13

    Doctor'S Appointment In Diapers

    I woke up on a bright and sunny morning and sat up in my crib watching the sunlight stream though my windows as I squirmed in my wet diaper "Mommy, I went potty." I called to her as I felt a sudden urge to poop. I pulled myself to my knees and smiled as I felt the warm sqiushy mess spread around my bottom. Feeling content I sat down and sucked my thumb, lightly bouncing as mommy came in. "Good Morning Sweetheart" she said as she pulled my thumb out of my mouth "It smells like mommy has a messy bum to change doesn't she?" "Yeth mommy, I poo poo" I said not noticing my lisp returning. "awww cutie pie." "alright let's get you changed, we have to get you to your doctor's today." she said as she scooped me up. "Aww moooooommmmyyyyyyyy, whhyyy" I whined pouting as she picked me up. "Because baby mommy wants you to be healthy." "But I don't wanna" I said feeling a tantrum building. "I realize that babe, but I'm afriad that you don't really have a choice." she said she began changing me. "NO, I'M NOT GOING" I screamed at her crossing my arms and becoming more frusterated as I tried to sqiurm against the safety strap. "Watch it mister, you don't want a spanking to stat the day do you?" she said as she smacked my leg. "No mommy I'lw be good. No spwankin pwease." "That's what I thought, now stay still and let mommy finish okay" "Okay mommy I's sowwy" I said still pouting "I know sweetie, I know. Mommy loves you" she reassured me as she kissed my forehead. She finished taping up my diaper and re-snapped my onesie before she picked me up and carried me over to my glider. She sat down and began rocking me "Now tell mommy why my baby is so upset about the doctor,hmmm" I buried my head into her breast as she rocked me "a'cause she's mean and she makes my arms hurt, and I don't want hewr to swee my diapewrs." "Baby she's seen you in diapers for 18 years, and besides mommy's a doctor and she's not mean is she?" "Not most of da time. Why can't I chwoose when I see her mommy I'm big enough." I said shyly looking up at her "Oh really, you think you're big?" she said as she looked down at my 42" frame. "Not funny." I snapped at her "And you know why not it's because of your autism and the Medical POA. Or are you forgetting daddy's a lawyer." she said as she stroked my hair. "Oh yeah,I forgots" I said looking down sadly. "Hey cheer up baby, mommy promises you won't get your blood drawn if that's what your upset about? Or does someome need a visit from the TICKLE MONSTER." "hehe m-m-mommy s-s-s-stop" I succumbed to her tickling and collapsed against her in fits of laughter "you pwomise" "I promise baby, cross my heart. Come on let's get your sisters up and then we can go get breakfast alright"
  23. Am I just Pamper obssessed or do you remember the diapers that were around when you were little? I have gotten pretty good at knowing if a box of Pampers came out before 1972. Because there were no custom fit tapes prior to 1972 yet. Mothers, (or whoever was changing the baby) used diaper pins that were still around. Wish I could find some old diaper pins, btw. But, I guess many kids were still using cloth at home and then disposables for convienence when going out back then. I remember wearing both and Pampers until that darn potty had to ruin it. Guess that's why they could sell them at about a dozen per box back in those days. That wouldn't last very long anymore. Maybe a day and a half you think? Do you know your diapers??? Here's a bunch I screen captured just to see who all is a diaper afincianado among us.