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Found 5 results

  1. Omujo! Omutsu Joshi

    If you're like me, you've gone looking more than once for diaper references in Japanese anime and manga. If so, you've likely discovered the regular stuff is just often one off gags or instances and the hentai (porn) devolves into mindless sex about 99.9% of the time. Omujo is neither of those. It's a legit manga, albeit one made by an artist with a hentai-ish origins, and the most sexual thing seen to date is a fantasy by the main character on chapter two of (as of this writing) twelve. The story follows Shouta Oone (pronounced Oh-nay because Japanese works that way) whose humdrum high school life takes a turn when he gets a peek up the skirt of his classmate Ichigo Otohime and discovers a diaper where panties would normally be. Ichigo is a shy girl with a nervous bladder, so her interactions with Shota often end in a wet diaper for her and, if she's particularly unlucky, her and Shouta in some kind of compromising position. Morei Nekomata is a childhood friend and neighbor of Shouta who's loved him since they were kids. When she sees one of the above compromising positions, she assumes Shouta has a diaper fetish, but her attempt to exploit it and declare her feelings causes her to unknowingly convince Shouta SHE'S the one with the fetish. Muni Nunota is an upperclassman who sees another incident and makes the same assumption as Morei. The difference is she actually IS a diaper girl with a preference for cloth and an eagerness to include Shouta in her games. And with that we have the cast of Omujo. Chapters are ten pages long with the majority focused on Shouta and the last few pages flipping to whichever girl he interacted with that chapter. Though later the cast is big enough to play with the formula a bit. The first three and most recent three chapters can be found here http://www.zenyon.jp/lib/top.php?id=110 Manga scanlation sites have all but the most recent chapter translated in English so you should be able to find them at your site if choice of you have one.
  2. So for anyone who likes cutesy japanese stuff, there is this independant group that makes these absolutely irresitable soft plushies and has the same characters on t-shirts, messenger bags, phone charms, etc. it's all so adorable that it's like a little girl sugar high. I absolutely love their products and buy from them super often. It's not abdl related by any means, but all the same I figured someone with a lolita/kawaii esc little side would enjoy their products http://www.tastypeachstudios.com
  3. My tattoos

    Finally got the money to do it. I'm going to get an estimate from the tattoo shop about it. I am going to have: I like to wear diapers tattoo d on my right arm in japanese symbols. So In order for you to find out what it says you would literally have to chop my arm off and take it to a computer or some translator and have them decipher what it says. I'm saying japanese symbols instead, is because its just a lot better than having idiot tattoo d on you. I want to get it right now but I got to wait two more weeks. I tried to climb a fence and my arm got snagged on the fence. The metal tip all most went under my skin 4 inches if it would have poked a hole all the way through so I got to wait for my arm to heal. Its all ready healed but its just white and red. Got to wait till it looks like its 100% skin. I don't want the healing process to mess up my tattoo so its better for me to wait.
  4. Japanese women wearing diapers

    You've probably heard that adult diapers sell more than baby diapers in Japan. That's largely because of the elder population far outweigh the number of babies. But these articles may explain another reason for the phenomena. https://ca.news.yahoo.com/blogs/daily-buzz/adult-diapers-surprising-trend-among-japanese-women-172721799.html http://www.yourtango.com/2012162941/weird-news-diapers-now-fashionable-japanese-women
  5. This page http://www.sanwapub.com/taciyomi/mook/omorasi/ have some amazing AB/DL videos, saddly you can't buy any of those outside japan. Any of you know how to get one of those videos? It's there any site with this videos available for download?