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Found 1 result

  1. Hey guys. This is my first attempt at a story. Not sure how exactly it's gonna turn out. But I figured there was only one way to learn how to write stories & that's by writing. Any constructive feedback you can give will be welcome & appreciated. So then, without further ado… Angel Hunter Chapter I 5:37am Ugh! Why am I awake at Five-thirty in the Goddamned morning on my day off? Normally I sleep like a rock on Saturday. Was it something I ate? Well, best not to dwell on it I guess. Maybe I'll make up for it by staying in bed an extra hour or so. “Arise, mortal.” Now if I didn't know any better, I'd think I just heard someone say “Arise, mortal” right next to me. But that's just plain ridiculous! I must still be dreaming. Yeah, that would explain why I'm awake so- “GET UP!” I shot up in my bed and looked towards the source of the command. What I saw defied all logical explanation. Standing there in my doorway was the form of a woman. Her body was pitch-black from head to toe. But what caused my blood to run cold with terror was her glowing red eyes staring me down. There's a demon in my bedroom. “Fear not. I do not wish you harm.” Well that takes a load off of my mind. But it does beg the question: why is there a demon in my bedroom? “I am here because I require your assistance.” So she can read minds too? “Yes I can.” “Stop reading my mind!” I immediately clamped my hand over my mouth. I just yelled at a demon in my bedroom! I was fully expecting her--I mean It--to pounce on me and tear me to pieces for lashing out. But it just stood there staring at me. Her head cocked slightly as if she found my outburst intriguing rather than infuriating. We just stared at each other for another long, terror-filled moment before she spoke again. “Well? If you wish to speak your mind then do so. I do not have all night!” Huh? Oh! Right. I told her to stop reading my mind so she's waiting for me to speak. Are demons normally this accommodating? “uh, what are you doing here?” I asked with more than a little trepidation. “I need you to look after my host.” Well, that answered one question. And raised about a dozen more. “Your host?” She sauntered into the room and only then did I realize how much she reminded me of the Enchantress from that Suicide Squad movie. Not sure if that makes her more or less terrifying. “This body belongs to a woman named Julia. When I release her she will be too weak to move or speak. I could just leave her in an alley somewhere, but I think you would agree that this is a much better solution. Unless, of course, you wish to see harm come to an innocent woman?” “what? No! Of course not! It's just,” it's just that this situation is completely insane! It's just that I'm not in the habit of helping demons! Come on, say something! “Why me?” She stepped up in front of me. I tried not to react but my body had other plans. I instinctively leaned back & shut my eyes tight as she approached. “all in good time, Luc.” she placed her hand under my chin and gently turned my head so I would be forced to look into her eyes if I opened mine. Suddenly her hand clamped around my throat. My eyes went wide with shock & I was forced to look into her fiery gaze. “But know this, Luc,” she said sternly, “If you should find yourself tempted to take advantage of her in her helpless state, I shall be forced to manifest myself again.” She leaned in close. Her face inches from mine. “And you will know the fullness of my wrath!” With that she released her grip on my throat. I gasped for breath as she nonchalantly sauntered back into the center of the room and laid herself down on the carpet. Before my very eyes she began to transform. The first thing I noticed were patches of pink flesh as the blackness of the demons skin (or scales. It was too dark to really tell) started fading away. The second thing I noticed was her jet-black hair returning to its natural blond. In mere seconds the transformation was complete. And where there had once been a terrifying demon now lay a beautiful, normal-looking girl. Eyes closed. Breathing steady as if she were in deep slumber. That's when I noticed a third thing: She was completely naked. I looked away as a reflex. The demon’s final warning now making a lot more sense. Had she been naked the whole time? Given the circumstances I suppose it's possible I could've missed that little detail. My thoughts were interrupted when the girl's eyes suddenly opened and she started gasping and wheezing as if she'd just nearly drowned. I jumped out of bed and rushed to her side. Kneeling down beside her, I started saying anything I could think of to try to calm her down. “It's okay Julia. I'm here. Nobody's going to hurt you. The demon is gone. She won't be coming back. Just breath normally. You're safe here.” Eventually her gasping devolved into sobbing. Tears began flowing down the sides of her face like rivers of pain and sorrow. Well that's hardly an improvement! I knelt there for what must have been several minutes stroking her hair & telling her everything was going to be all right. When she finally started to calm down I decided that it would be best for both of us if she were clothed. So I went over to my dresser & got out a pair of gym shorts & a T-shirt. It'll have to do. I started with the shirt. Have you ever tried to put a shirt on a completely limp body? I do not recommend it. Through some miracle I was finally able to get it on her. Well that's half her modesty preserved. I moved to her lower body and that's when I discovered that the carpet underneath her thighs was soaking wet. How did I discover that in a dark room you ask? Simple: I accidentally stuck my damn hand in it of course! At first I thought I must be mistaken. Surely she wouldn't… All it took was a quick sniff of my hand to confirm my suspicions. She peed all over my floor! I gave her a quizzical look. Which only elicited more sobbing. Not good. I wasn't angry at her or anything. Just a little confused. The demon said she wouldn't be able to move or speak. It didn't say anything about this! Now she's crying again. “shh it's okay. I'm not mad. You've had a rough night. These things happen.” damn. If this is what demon possession does to you I might have to start going to church again! Once I got her mostly calmed down again I went to the bathroom & got a wet rag. The carpet would have to wait. Right now I need to get Julia cleaned and dressed. I moved her away from the wet spot and proceeded to wipe down her legs and crotch. I had imagined many scenarios involving a naked woman in my room. But I had never imagined anything like this! Once I was pretty sure she was clean I grabbed the pair of gym shorts and slid them up over her legs. As I suspected putting pants on her turned out to be much easier than the shirt. Now that she's fully clothed I… I… hmm… What do I do now exactly? The demon had instructed me to “look after” Julia. I guess really the only thing I can do now is try to make her as comfortable as possible. “All right, Julia,” I said to her, “I'm going to put you to bed. I'm sure you could use some sleep after what you've been through.” I was trying to gage her reaction. But she didn't even act like she heard me. Her eyes were vacant; devoid of all feeling. Had I not known better I would've guessed she were stoned out of her mind. Yeah, sleep sounds like the best thing for her right now. I went over to my bed. Briefly wondering if the couch would be a safer option. She did just piss herself after all. No, I'm sure it was a one time thing. Probably happened the moment she woke up. However, just to be on the safe side I went into the bathroom & laid a towel under where her butt would be. An ounce of prevention… I picked her up--no small feat mind you--and laid her on the bed. “alright Julia. I need you to try to get some sleep okay? If you need anything just,” just what, moron? “just, I dunno, let out a cry or something. I'll try to remain within earshot. But even if you can't manage that I'll make sure to check on you fairly often, okay? Now just close those little eyes…” she closed her eyes and after another minute or so her breathing started to settle. I gave her hand a reassuring squeeze. “Good girl.” I said before covering her up and going back out to the bathroom to try and find something to clean the carpet. What the literal hell have I gotten myself into?