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  1. Only once the lock to the room finally clicked behind him did Nathan breath a long sigh of relief. He had been nothing but a ball of nerves ever since he had left the house— no, even before that. Somehow he had managed to keep it together when he had explained to his wife Jean days before that he had a business trip coming up soon and would be gone for the weekend, probably helped by the fact that this was not the first time he had pulled this similar ruse on her and managed to get away with it. He loved Jean, he truly did. They had been married for fourteen blissful years already, and he was more than ready to spend the rest of his life with her, but there were just some times where he just needed to get away for a few days, to just let himself truly… relax. Looking around himself, he eyed the motel room he had rented out for the weekend. It was nothing special, mostly clean, cheap, and far enough away from home that the risk of possibly bumping into someone he knew. It was the kind of motel room you tended to see on all those cop shows, the ones were the balding husband would be absconding away to to have an affair with some hot girl half his age. Having an affair was the last thing on Nathan’s mind though, as his true goal was something far more embarrassing, something that he knew would destroy his life and marriage in an instant if anyone ever found out. Wheeling his suitcase inside, Nathan picked it up and plopped it up onto the bed before unzipping it. Upon open it, he immediately saw all the business clothes he had packed… and quickly tossed them all aside as he revealed the true treasure hidden beneath, ones that took his breath away for a brief moment. Reaching in, Nathan picked up one of the plastic rectangles stashed inside, smiling at the loud crinkling sound it made and the colourful prints adorning what was obviously a very large, very thick, and very infantile looking diaper to anyone with eyes. One far too big to fit anyone other than a full grown adult. A full grown adult like Nathan for example, though he wouldn’t be acting like one for much longer. Within moments, Nathan had stripped himself out of his stuffy adult clothes and carefully powdered and taped the diaper onto himself, his smile extending from ear to ear as the thickness of the diaper pushed his legs apart enough to give him an adorable waddle, which he spent several minutes doing as the room became filled with the sounds of his crinkling bottom. Once that was done, Nathan reached into his bag and pulled out a large purple pacifier, one that he wasted little time in popping into his mouth and sucking on, an barely audible cooing sound emanating from his mouth as he suckled away. Almost done, the last part of his transformation was the cute baby blue onesie he had packed, which he carefully slipped on before doing up the buttons one the butt flap. The buttons actually seemed to struggle against the sheer thickness of Nathan’s diaper, bulging out in such a way that it was very clear what he was wearing underneath. Like flicking a switch, Nathan felt all the stressed that had been building up over the last few weeks begin to melt away, leaving behind a giggling, excited Adult Baby Boy behind. Minutes later, Nathan was seated on the floor, his diapered butt acting as comfortable cushion as he giggled and laughed at cartoons on the motel tv. During a commercial break, he even traded out his Paci for a bottle of warm milk he quickly prepared, which was gone before the next commercial break. Eventually that milk had to go somewhere, so after a few more cartoons, Nathan felt a telltale tingling in his bladder. Without a second though, he let go and flooded his diaper, smiling at the warmth spreading though his diaper. Reaching his hand down, he squished his now soaked diaper beneath his onesie, imagining himself sitting not in a motel room, but in a massive nursery perfectly prepared to take care of his ever need. Uh oh! Looks like someone needs his diapee changed! In his head, Nathan pictured a woman walking up to him and suddenly checking his diaper, distracting him from his cartoons and toys for a moment as he realized how soaked he really was. The woman would smile and coo at him like the loving nanny she was, picking up with ease as she carried him over to the changing table and setting him down atop it. Once his onesie was undone to reveal the state of his soggy diapers, he would giggle as the woman tickled his belly before gently untaping his used diaper and tossing it into the nearby diaper pail to join the many others like it. He would shiver slightly at the feeling of cold wipes sliding across his crotch, but the woman’s smile would pull him back to smiling and giggling. She would then pull out a diaper with similar designs to the one he had just been wearing—They were his favorite, after all!— and slid it under his bottom, adding a generous amount of sweet smelling powder to his crotch before pulling up the front and securely taping him into a cute diaper once more. There, all clean! She would say as she patted his fresh diaper before leaning down and kissing his forehead, causing Nathan to gaze longingly into Jean’s beautiful eyes and smile as she— Like a slap to the face, Nathan snapped out of his fantasy and shook the image from his mind. As much as he wished it was true, he knew his fantasy would always only remain that: a fantasy. Many times he had tried to come clean to her while they were dating, but every time he had chickened out. Now that they were married, Nathan assumed he had missed his chance. He loved her, and he knew she loved him, but whenever he imagined himself finally telling her about this side of him he became filled with terror. Images of her scowling at him in disgust and calling him a “freak” or a “disgusting pervert” filled his mind and only made it clearer to him that he would need to continue keeping this a secret from her to keep his life intact, no matter how much it made him feel like he was betraying her to do so. She can never know. ———————————————— Jean idly turned the page of her book as she sat on the living room couch, occasionally glancing up at the clock to check the time. Nathan had left some time ago, and so she had started reading to help pass the time now that she was alone. Though while on the outside Jean looked calm and collected, on the inside she was a excited mess. She was barely even reading the book in front of her, using it as more of a distraction as her glances up at the clock became more and more frequent as time seemed to pass painfully slow. She wanted nothing more than to just abandon the book altogether and indulge in what she really wanted, but her mind was set on being patient. Just an hour, long enough that she knew Nathan wouldn’t unexpectedly return home to retrieve something he had forgotten. She could wait that long… right? She lasted about forty-five minutes before she couldn’t take it any more. Tossing the book aside, she leapt up from the couch and practically bounded upstairs, making a beeline for the master bedroom and practically ripping the doors of her walk-in closet open. Nathan almost never came in here, and she trusted him not to snoop even if he did, so she knew her secret was safe from him. Still, she had been super careful to stash it all behind several rows of clothes, just in case. After a few moments spent pushing clothes aside, she finally found what she was looking for. A seemingly inconspicuous brown box lay before her, but inside lay her real prize. Popping the box open, she smiled at the sight of the partially open bag of pink plastic rectangles, all neatly packed and ready to be used. Nathan and her didn’t really want kids, so it might be a bit odd to see her with a pack of diapers at all, let alone one hidden away in the back of her closet. It might seem a bit more odd once you notice that these diapers are far too big for a baby of any kind, large enough to fit a full grown adult. A full grown adult like Jean, for instance. Smiling, Jean carefully extracted one of the diapers from the bag and held it in her hands, bringing it up to her nose for a moment and breathing in the heavenly smell of baby powder laced into the diapers. Unable to contain herself any longer, she hastily strips out her silly adult clothes, bra included, and lays back before unfolding the diaper and positioning it underneath her. Just as she was about to tape it on, however, she almost slapped herself as she realized she’d forgetten something. Toddling naked into the adjoining bathroom and retrieves a bottle of rash cream from under the sink. With cream in hand, she returns to the waiting diaper and sits back down before unscrewing the top of the rash cream and lathering a sufficient layer on her sensitive skin. With that taken care of, she reseals the bottle of cream before setting it aside and finally pulling up the front of the diaper and taping it on. Still naked save for her fresh diaper, Jean spent a few minutes sifting through her collection of clothes for something more “appropriate” to wear, giggling at the clinking sound she made whenever she moved or wiggled her butt. Eventually she settled on a pink lace nightgown that was practically see through and left nothing to the imagination, giggling from knowing that it would do absolutely nothing to hide her new padding. Slipping it on, Jane posed in the mirror for a few minutes, even going as far as to take a few pictures of padded rear for her secret Instagram (making sure to delete the originals once they were uploaded). Once she was satisfied, Jean toddled back downstairs and into the kitchen, where she quickly prepared a bottle of warm chocolate milk for herself. Minutes later, Jean was back to sitting on the living room couch, only now she was giggling and laughing at the cartoons playing out on the tv in front of her. Sucking away at her bottle, it wasn’t long before she had drained it completely, setting it aside and quickly forgetting about it. That was a problem for adult Jean later, not Adult Baby Jean now. All she had to worry about were the colourful sights and sounds coming from the tv. As Jean settled into a much simpler and younger mindset, she felt a slight twinge in her bladder. With barely a thought, Jean let go and flooded her diapers, knowing for experience that they could handle whatever she threw at them, and more. Indeed, while the diaper noticeably expanded as it absorbed her little “accident”, it held fast. During a commercial break, Jean took a moment to examine her how saggy diaper, smiling as she hiked up her nightgown slightly and placed her hand onto her diaper, feeling it squish beneath her touch. As she focused on the warmth of her diaper, the world began to melt around Jean, replacing her normal living room with a huge and fully stocked nursery, one more than ready to see to her every need as she played without a care in the world. She wasn’t alone in her fantasy though, as she had a playmate joining her. The pair would laugh and play the hours away, not caring in the slightest as they soaked their diapers. Eventually though, she would crawl up behind her playmate and take a moment to check their diaper. “Uh-oh!” She would say with a mischievous hint in her voice. “Looks like someone needs his diapee changed!” Then the fantasy would change in a few ways. She would still be diapered as well, obviously, but she would suddenly go from being a playmate to a caregiver, smiling as she picked her playmate up and carried him over to the changing table. After unbuttoning the flaps on his onesie, she would take a moment to tickle his now exposed belly, causing her adorable playmate to giggle and laugh as she went to work changing him out of his sagging diaper and into a fresh one. One diaper change later, she would proudly declare him, “All clean!” Patting the front of his new diaper, she would then lean down and give him a kiss on the forehead as she stared longingly into Nathan’s eyes and— Snapping back to reality with a shake of her head, Jean felt a bubble of shame start to grow in the pit of her stomach. As much as she wanted to, she knew that telling Nathan her secret was simply out of the question, to say nothing about potentially asking him to join her as well! She loved him with all her heart, but that idea that he might react negatively to learning about her secret fantasy horrified to her very core and had kept her from ever telling him while they had been dating. Now that they were married, it was far too late now. Her fantasy would simply remain as that forever: a fantasy. As she turned her attention back to the antics of Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck in the hopes of getting back into her little headspace, she only reaffirmed to herself that she could never be honest enough to tell Nathan what she really liked to do while he wasn’t home. He can never know. ——— And so, the pair would both go to bed that night alone, snug in their freshly changed diapers and knowing in their heart that they could never tell the other about their secret fantasies, no matter how much it hurt to keep them secret. Maybe someday the two will discover that they have even more in common that they first realized when they got married, but for now they were both content with continuing to happily indulge in private.
  2. First Timer Jane the newlywed dialed her mother-in-law, Kathy. “Hi, Jane. How are you today?” “Good, good. Do you have a moment?” “Sure. Is Timmy okay?” She was anxious; she’d never even sent him away to camp, and now someone else owned him. “He’s fine,” Jane replied, looking through the living room to where Timmy was standing in the corner. “I’m having a little trouble with him and was hoping you could help me out.” “Of course. Whatever I can do.” Her son had been married to Jane for two, now almost three, days. It was a big transition for everyone but especially Tim, like it is for all men, and doubly so because he had only ever had one owner, his mom. When she gave him away, she knew Jane would do things a little differently than she had in rearing him to age twenty-three, but of course that was much easier for Kathy to understand than Timmy. “We’re having a little power struggle,” Jane reported. “Someone didn’t want to eat his vegetables because they’re not the way his mommy makes them, and that led to a tantrum, and now someone is waiting in the corner for a spanking.” “O my.” Kathy knew Jane was pro-spanking when she agreed to give her Timmy to her. Kathy was not pro-spanking. “Well, what can I do?” “Could you maybe have a little talk with him to reiterate things are different now and he needs to follow my directions?” “Um, I can. Won’t that undermine you?” She didn’t want to undermine Jane, and she didn’t want to participate in her son’s spanking in anyway. “No, I don’t want to force him if I don’t have to, and I think he’ll cooperate if he understands me being in charge means kn charge of everything. I know we’ve both had that talk with him several times, but one more time from you would help.” She drove hard a bargain on the dowry because, obviously, the best trained men didn’t need to be told that more than once. “But do you really have to spank him,” Kathy asked. She didn’t want her to. “Well, I definitely do now. I can’t go back on it the very first time I give him a punishment.” “No, I suppose not.” “And I may not in the future. We’ll just see how he responds to it. It doesn’t work on every man.” Though she knew it worked on the vast majority; she expected it would work very well on a man who needed it as much as Timmy did. “But since I told him he’s getting a spanking, I have to follow through.” “No, I agree,” Kathy said reluctantly. She hoped this would teach Jane to think twice before deciding on a spanking. “But I don’t want to scare him or traumatize the poor guy. I could force him, but I was hoping you’d have a little talk with him and maybe convince him to cooperate like a good boy.” Kathy didn’t respond for a moment. She was in a crummy position. She didn’t want her son spanked, but he wasn’t just her son anymore. Her son was married now, and she had to support her daughter-in-law. That would be best for Timmy in the long run. “Okay, I’ll do my best.” “Thank you. I’ll put you on speakerphone.” She did and walked to the living room, coming up behind her obstinate husband and taking him by the ear back to the sofa. “Ow ow ow,” Timmy whined. He was such a drama queen, but his ows only made Kathy more concerned. She swallowed it down. Sitting on the sofa with him, Jane said, “Your mother is on the phone and has something to say to you.” She said it calmly but firmly. Timmy was sure his mom would get him out of this. She’d gotten him out of lots of things. She didn’t even let the daycare teachers spank him, and they spanked everybody. “Timmy?” “Hi, Mom. Jane wants to spank me because I wouldn’t eat her vegetables and I like vegetables but yours are good and hers aren’t yours and I don’t get spanked tell her I don’t get spanked ... please?” Kathy listened to the rush of words and let him finish. “Timmy, remember what we talked about at your bachelor party before the wedding? Things are different at other people’s houses, and your Jane’s husband now. You live at her house now. You need to try different things and do as she tells you.” “But I don’t like her vegetables.” “Did you even try them? I bet she makes yummy vegetables.” “No ... but she says I need a spanking and I don’t and never have and don’t want one because everybody says they hurt and I don’t want one and people aren’t allowed to because you always said.” “Timmy .... Timmy,” Kathy cut in. “You need to listen to Jane. If she says you need a spanking, you need to be a good boy and let her spank you.” That was so hard for Kathy to say, but she thought of it like pulling off a band-aid. Her Timmy would not respond well to spanking, she was sure, and Jane would come around to Kathy’s way of disciplining Timmy. “But I don’t get spanked. I don’t. Other men get spanked. I never get spanked. You never spanked me. I don’t get spanked. That’s for other men...” “Timmy ... Timmy ... Timothy Edward! Things are different in different houses. I never spanked you, but now Jane is your wife. If she decides you need a spanking, you’re getting a spanking.” “But ...” “No. You’re ... you’re getting a spanking, Timmy.” Timmy sniffled. “But I don’t ... but you never spanked me, Mommy.” Jane silently chuckled at how the prospect of a red butt turned Kathy from ‘mom’ into ‘mommy.’ “I know, baby ... but Jane is your wife now and she’s in charge of you. You love Jane, don’t you?” “Yes (sniff).” “And she loves you. She knows what’s best for you now, like we talked about. You need to listen to her.” “(Sniff). Okay.” “Be a brave boy and cooperate. Will you do that for Jane and me?” “Yeah ... but just this once?” Kathy hoped so, but replied, “Whenever she says, Timmy. I’m going to go now.” “Can I call you after?” “You can call her tomorrow,” Jane answered. “Say bye bye.” “Bye bye. Love you, Mommy. (Sniff).” “I love you too, Timmy. You’re such a brave good boy. Night night.” Jane took the phone off speaker and left Timmy sitting on the couch, walking back into the kitchen. “Thank you, Kathy. I know that was very hard for you.” She didn’t respond right away. “I ... that was very hard ... (sniff) ... but learning to respect your authority is important. He’ll be better off for it.” “He will,” Jane agreed, and chose not to add that had Kathy spanked him growing up and let other women do the same when he needed it, he wouldn’t be at all confused over who was in charge. She needed to train the man, but she didn’t want to frighten him or be harsh, hence calling her mother-in-law to have that heart-to-heart talk rather than spanking him into submission. She wasn’t ruling that out but wanted to avoid it if possible. “I promise he will,” Jane added. “Thank you again for talking to him. You made this much easier for both of us ... well, I’ll call again after breakfast.” “Promise me you’ll be gentle with him?” Jane opened the cupboard door, on the back of which hung a paddle just like the one that hung in her mother’s cupboard. Many is the time she’d fetched the paddle and handed it to her mom, who would thank her as she took with her right hand while she held her father or whichever brother was in trouble with her left. Jane ran her finger down the edge, debating whether it was too harsh an introduction to spanking or if a harsh introduction is what Timmy needed to learn she was in charge and to want to avoid future spankings at all costs. “I promise. Thank you again. I’ll give him a kiss for you when it’s over.” “Thank you.” “Have a nice rest of the afternoon.” “You too.” Jane hung up and considered her choices again. Turning back to look into the living room, she saw Timmy quietly crying where she’d left him on the sofa. She turned back and took the paddle down, thinking she’d see how he responded to her hand first but intending to give him at least two with the paddle at the end to drive the point home. “Timothy,” she said as she stood over him. He looked up at her and then at the paddle, his eyes transfixed by it. She sighed and sat down next to him, placing the paddle behind her and rubbing his back. For a moment she thought he was going to collapse onto her shirt front, but he didn’t. “Timothy, look at me please.” He did. “I’m very glad you married me, and I love you very much. Do you believe that?” “Yes ... I love you too.” “Husbands live with their wives, and their wives are in charge like their moms were in charge before. Things are different here, like your mom and I have both said. Does that make sense?” “Yes.” “That means you need to do what I say when I say it, even if it’s different than it was at your mom’s house. Understand?” “Mhmm.” Jane sighed. Her brothers and her father all knew the proper way to respond; she’d worry about driving that lesson home later, but she did add, “Then you say, ‘Yes Ma’am, I understand.” “Yes Ma’am, I understand.” “When you don’t do what I say, that tells me you need a spanking. So because you didn’t do what I said, I’m going to spank your bottom. It’s going to hurt, and the next time I tell you do something, you’re going to remember that spankings hurt, and you’re going to do what I say.” At least, Jane thought, that’s the goal, but men never do fully grasp the lesson no matter how many times it’s taught, at least not in her experience. “Do you understand?” “Yes Ma’am, I understand.” “Stand up, please.” Timmy stood slowly. Jane reached out and took him by his belt, tugging him gently in front of her. As she undid his belt, she decided she’d be dressing him in things with elastic waists for a while, at least until their first anniversary - much easier to take down for a quick on-the-spot correction. “Keep your hands at your sides,” she told him as she pulled his pants down. She noted his pants were wet and sighed. “Step out.” He did, leaving him in his socks, tee shirt, and a pullup that had been dry fifteen minutes ago. Jane thought it was really great how Kathy put so much faith in her husband and two sons, but she was more of a realist. The changing table she told Timmy was just for bedtime and was only stocked with overnights had plenty of room for daytime diapers, which were stacked in the no-no room in the basement. That was next week’s transition. She tore the sides of the pullup away, and Timothy covered himself. Who teaches men to be modest, she thought. She liked Kathy, but just didn’t understand why she’d go to such lengths. She’d be moving Timmy to a new daycare if they couldn’t handle Timmy the way she knew he needed to be handled, a change she negotiated with Kathy without too much difficulty (she’s just too much of a softie, Jane reflected), but when she told the daycare she’d be transitioning him back to diapers and expected them to discipline him like they did the other men, the head teacher practically had a new spark in her eye. With their help, she knew Timmy would be much better behaved by his twenty-fifth birthday. She set the wet things aside. “I said hands at your sides,” she told him firmly. She knew you didn’t need to raise your voice at well trained men. Timmy slowly complied. One more thing to work on. She felt a little sorry for him. She saw men’s lack of modesty as one of the few things about being a man that seemed enjoyable, that sense of bodily abandon (if not freedom). She looked up at him. “It’s time for your spanking. I’m going to lay you over my knee and spank your bare bottom until I think you’ve learned your lesson, and then we’re going to snuggle until you’ve calmed down and talk about what you will do differently in the future, and then we’ll get you in your jammies, and you’ll finish your dinner. Then it’s an early bedtime. Understand?” He nodded. “Do you have any questions?” “Am I allowed to cry,” he said with tears already running down his cheeks. “Yes, sweetie, you’re allowed to cry all you want.” She guided him over her lap, and he meekly let her, just as she hoped the little talk with his mother would lead to. “Ready,” she asked, when she got him situated. “Is it over when I start crying,” he asked. “No, sweetie, it’s not over when you start crying. Try to hold still.” She took a firm hold of his hip with her left hand and raised her right.
  3. So here it goes. The absolute love of my life has had this fetish since he himself was in diapers. I'm completely new to the scene and I need help with tips, advice, anything helps! We as a couple have just opened discussion into exploring this together. He's bought his preferred type and we've been through 3 nights of him being super comfy! I'm happy for him, now that he's comfortable with himself he's so much happier. But my dumb ass normie brain keeps getting her feeling hurt! How can I try learning about the desire for this when the community is so obscure!? I need a guru. I need links. I need friends who are going through this or wish to help me understand how my love feels and how to better make him comfortable. Also ya girl is a XXL and needs a site for cute sizable diapers to try this thing out!! Wish me luck, even if I get no responses airing this has kinda been therapeutic in a sense. Anyways, peace and love. Thank you for the time.
  4. I know I have other unfinished stories - my excuse is that I need to get back into the mood with a new one. I've pasted this from Word - sorry about the big spaces between lines. No time to fix. Joe and Sue Chapter One - The Start Joe look fearfully across the bed to Sue, who was still asleep. Joe carefully rolled himself off the soaked bottom sheet and stood next to the bed. He was wondering what todo next when Sue groaned and stretched out her arm. Joe was frozen to the spot. He watched as Sue’s hand rested for a moment on the sheet. Her fingers investigated the wet condition of the sheet, then her eyes opened. She looked up at Joe. ‘Not again, Joe,’ she said, not kindly but with exasperation. ‘I think it must have been the…’ he began. ‘No, Joe,’ said Sue, wide awake now and getting out her side of the bed. She stood up. Joe couldn’t help looking at his wife’s two magnificent boobs pushing out the soft fabric of her nightdress. ‘I think it must be you behaving like an irresponsible toddler,’ Sue said. ‘That’s three times in a week. We agreed last time that if it happened again, we’d see Kathy, didn‘t we?’ ‘Sue, it’s ok, it won’t…’ Joe said. ‘No Joe, I’m not taking any more of your excuses. I’m ringing Kathy this morning. I’m sick of this, on top of your filthy undies as well,’ said Sue. Joe felt his shame and anger rising simultaneously. He often leaked a little into his underpants. No big deal. Wetting the bed was worse, but he was under pressure at work, and it was an accident. There was no need for her to call him a toddler. He hated her doing that. It screwed him up inside. As if to make the point, Sue picked up a pair of Joe’s underpants from the clotehs on the chair where he usually left them. She sniffed them at a distance and threw them at Joe. ‘Urine, Joe,’ she said. ‘You probably should be in training panties.’ ‘Pants,’ Joe said crossly, daring a quick glance directly at his wife. ‘And Sue, I don’t want you to ring Kathy,’ he added with as much conviction as he could. ‘I don’t have to see her.’ The last person Joe wanted to know anything about his little problems was Dr Kathy Vincent. She was one of Sue’s gym mates, and she was even taller than Sue, who at 5 feet 11 inches was already a good two inches taller than Joe. Kathy gave a new meaning to the word buff as applied to females. She didn’t walk, she swaggered, and she scared Joe. It was hard enough maintaining his manly status in the presence of an Amazon like Kathy, and telling her he wet the bed didn’t bear thinking about. Sue laughed. It wasn’t the reaction Joe had hoped for. ‘So Mr ‘I’ve-just-wet-my-bed-again’ doesn’t think he has a problem,’ said Sue, walking around to where Joe stood. ‘Little Mr ‘I-can’t-keep-my-jarmies-dry mummy’ doesn’t need help, is that it?’ Sue said, reaching down and grabbing Joe’s private parts through Joe’s wet pyjama pants. Sue gave Joe’s balls a squeeze, and was rewarded with a flood of warm pee over her hand. She withdrew her hand in disgust. Joe was about to cry. ‘I’m sorry,’ he said. ‘I couldn’t help it. I was getting up to go…’ Sue stood still for a moment, leaned forward and gently but quickly kissed him, then said calmly, ‘It’s alright, baby. Of course you can’t help it. That’s the problem isn’t it? Now go and have a shower and get dressed for work.’ Joe bit his lip and turned to go to the bathroom. As he reached the door, he felt the warmth of a stream of pee on his inner thighs. He didn’t even try to stop the flow, but traipsed wetly across the bathroom floor and sat peeing through his pyjamas on the toilet, crying as he did so. Joe and Sue Chapter Two – Sliding Back Work hadn’t been going so well for Joe. He was in customer service for a national computer franchise. He wasn’t particularly attached to the place, nor it to him. He got on well with most of the staff, who were mostly women, aged from about 20 to around 50, so Joe sat square in the middle of their age group. He was young enough that the women in the office under 30 treated him more or less as an equal, and the older women found him youthful enough to fuss over. But the work seemed to be becoming more difficult, and several times the most junior girl in the office had taken him aside and explained easier ways to do the work especially the calculations. Joe began to feel that his status in the office slipping as he required more help. He was also finding urination more urgent, and had had a few close escapes, unknown to the women. It was bad enough the office junior helping him with some work he had got stuck with. Having them know he sometimes wet a little would be the end. Increasingly, Joe’s superiors would assign to others the work Joe felt he normally did. He found himself making more coffee, and doing more photocopying and filing than actual work. Joe’s role in servicing customers was formally changed a few weeks later. The office manager, a kindly older woman, told Joe that he seemed to be struggling a bit, and that she felt he might be getting and stale and so it would be better if his role changed a little. Joe was to become ‘office support’ although, the woman assured him, he would certainly be considered for a different role if his standard of work was consistently good. ‘I’m sorry, Joe,’ the former office junior had said to him that afternoon. ‘It’s the last way I would have wanted to get the promotion.’ The penny dropped for Joe. He hadn’t really considered his move a demotion, but now, as smiled weakly at the former junior and wished her well, he realised what had happened. His smile changed to a bitten lip, and he felt like crying as he turned away from the girl. He did cry, too, all the way home in his car. He straightened himself up by the time he reached the front door. Sue was home, and met him with the news that she had made an appointment with Kathy for the following day, and that she had rung Joe’s manager to secure a day off for him. The office had told Sue that they had a work experience girl who could fill in for Joe, and that he should take the rest of the week off. That news surprised her, and Sue listened to Joe tearfully relating how he had been demoted, that his pay had been reduced, and that he didn’t feel confident he could get back to where he was. ‘Now I’m just doing coffee and photocopying and stuff, and running errands,’ said Joe through his tears. ‘Even for the young ones. It makes me feel, you know, like I’m, you know…’ he added, his voice trailing off unhappily. ‘Not equal?’ Sue suggested helpfully. Joe nodded his head. ‘And the, and then, with…’ said Joe. Sue guessed what he was talking about and felt for him. They knew each other well enough that she could usually read his thoughts. She knew how embarrassed he felt about his bedwetting and his damp undies. She was looking forward to seeing Kathy and finding out what could be done for Joe. There was something that was unsaid between them. It occurred to Sue sometimes when she was putting on her sheer nylon panties, and watching Joe pull on the thick cotton underwear she bought for him. She always bought for Joe briefs with a double panel at the front. It wasn’t much, but she felt it would help Joe if he was a little damper than usual. No wonder he felt unequal. Having that childish problem, then effectively being made the most junior staff member at work couldn’t be an easy load to carry. Joe and Sue Chapter Three – A visit to the doctor The next day, Joe showered and dressed before the visit to Dr Kathy. He walked into the living area ready to go, to find Sue on the phone. ‘Yes, he wet last night, but he’s showered and ready now. No, just undies. No, I don’t think he would. Oh, here he is now. See you soon!’ said Sue, putting the phone down. ‘Who was that?’ Joe asked urgently. ‘Don’t worry, honey, it was just Kathy. She and I have been best friends for years, so don’t worry.’ Sue kissed Joe and stroked his hair. ‘But you said, you know, last night,’ objected Joe. ‘She needs to know everything,’ said Sue reassuringly. ‘And she is a doctor,’ she added with a smile. Joe felt worried. He squeezed his thighs together as he felt a slight trickle in his underpants. ‘Do you need the bathroom before we go?’ asked Sue. ‘No,’ said Joe stiffly. ‘I’ve been.’ It was a little annoying to be reminded to use the bathroom, especially by a well dressed, adult woman wearing tight, light grey pants which would have shown the slightest dribble from down there, while he was wearing his usual dark loose slacks and thick cotton underwear, which were now damp. ‘OK then, hop in the car, sweetie, and we’ll get going.’ Joe didn’t have to ask whose car they would use. The thought occurred to him that he was being subtly demoted at home, too. Wetting the bed didn’t help his self-confidence about his status relative to Sue either. It seemed to underline his lesser position in the house. And now he was definitely earning less money than Sue. Thank God they didn’t know about his night time issues at work, Joe thought. Joe walked towards their two cars. Sue marched straight to the passenger door of her SUV and held it open for Joe, who quickly climbed in. Sue got in the driver’s seat, then turned to Joe. ‘Buckle up, honey, please,’ she said, guiding Joe’s hand to the seat belt. ‘I was just going to,’ he said crossly, and buckled himself in. ‘Good boy,’ said Sue, and turned her head away from Joe as she backed from the driveway. Joe was quiet during the 15 minute drive to Kathy’s rooms. He had an uncomfortable feeling that he was being taken to the doctor’s against his will. He had had no say in it, that was for sure. Clearly, Sue and Kathy had discussed the whole thing, too. Sue pulled into the carpark of the surgery and was out of the car and holding Joe’s door open while he was still fumbling with his seat belt. ‘Don’t dawdle, honey,’ she said. ‘We’re a couple of minutes late as it is.’ Joe was not looking forward to this. He felt himself wet a little as he clambered out of the car. Sue grabbed his hand. ‘Come on, slowcoach,’ she said, and led him across the carpark and through the glass doors of the surgery. Joe looked back to see a mother dragging her young child across the carpark by the hand just as Sue had done. The sight gave Joe a jolt, and he managed to let go of Sue’s hand as they went along a corridor to Kathy’s rooms. The first room the entered was the waiting room, and Sue went straight to the receptionist. ‘And this is Joe,’ said the immaculately groomed receptionist with a smile. ‘Hullo Joe,’ she added. ‘Hi,’ muttered Joe, and plonked himself on one of the chairs in the room. The lady from the carpark arrived, still with her young son in tow. ‘Doctor will be a few minutes late,’ the receptionist told Sue, then she looked at Joe who looked less than comfortable on his chair. ‘There’s a bathroom just along the hall, if you need,’ the receptionist said with another pleasant smile. ‘I’m OK,’ said Joe quietly. ‘Thank you,’ Sue reminded him as she sat next to him. ‘Thank you,’ Joe dutifully said, and received another smile. Why did she mention the bathroom, Joe wondered. He really didn’t feel in charge of anything here. Surreptitiously, he rested his hand on his crotch. He could feel it was a little damp, but his pants were very dark and he had got away with similar situations before. A few minutes later, Kathy put her head around a door into the waiting room. ‘Would you like to come in now, Sue?’ she asked. ‘Hello Joe,’ she said, turning to him and smiling. ‘Hi Kathy,’ replied Joe, and followed Sue into the room. The two women discussed some paperwork while Joe looked around. To be continued…
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