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Found 5 results

  1. Hello everyone! Long time lurker first time poster! Please enjoy my goofy little story. I tried to make something fun and silly that I hope everyone can enjoy. I need more fuel to finish off the sequel I'm working on... Thanks for reading!! Chapter 1 - How Baby Cindy was (Re)Born The Berry family seemed like they had the perfect life. They had a nice house in the suburbs. The matriarch Joan ran a very successful Salon chain in the state, all while a single mother of two to boot! But things weren’t always as pristine as everyone thought. Her son Chris had always been the boy who never fit in. He didn’t have many friends and would usually get mixed up with poor influences. Joan would do her best to show her son he was loved, but he just carelessly acted out anyway. Joan decided to get pregnant while Chris was barely finishing high school. She wanted someone to care for when he went away, almost like a second chance. Sally was born and was the apple of Joan’s eye. Sally brought Joan so much joy, but Chris started to get jealous of all the attention of his little sister. Only enabling his acting out more so, not thinking about all the work his Mother had running the Salon while raising a baby girl. Coincidently when Sally was in the middle of her terrible twos, Chris moved back in after failing out of college. The return of her son didn’t make life easier for Joan. An ungrateful brat of a son wasn’t needed while dealing with an over-excitable toddler girl. One who was unfortunately struggling with her potty training. The straw that broke the camel’s back was the night Chris crashed Joan’s Lexus Sedan into a tree while under the influence. Joan didn’t know what to do with him anymore. Looking after a literal toddler had her in no mood to entertain his grown-up temper tantrums. So Joan had a funny idea. She told Chris he was grounded for the foreseeable future. Except he was no longer allowed in his room with his computer and PS5 until he saw a serious attitude adjustment. “You’ve been setting a terrible example while I’ve been looking after your baby sister Sally who is somehow less of a hassle than my 20 year old son! So you’re going to be Sally’s twin, and if I’m lucky her sweetness will rub off on you!” Chris made his disagreements loudly and abundantly clear, all of which were shot down by Joan. For the first time in almost 2 decades, she spanked her son’s bottom bright red. The next couple days Chris was given a whole new wardrobe, Joan had larger doubles of Sarah's rompers and dresses manufactured in her brother’s size. He begrudgingly was put into a romper exactly matching Sally, while being changed into a large disposable diaper. When Sally first saw Chris she was so excited and giggly, seeing her big brother in a completely new, gentler light. Chris had an attitude, but even he wasn’t able to escape Sally’s adorably welcoming energy. They were both fed with bibs and booster seats. They watched the same baby shows and kept the same nap schedule. Along with Joan changing double the diapers, a small price to pay for the much more peaceful house order. A week in, Joan decided that Chris wasn’t a good girl name for Sally’s new sister. So they started calling him Cindy, who was promptly referred to as a little girl ever since. The routine was a drastic adjustment for Cindy. But there were enough days of playing alongside her sister, she began meeting Sally on her level and Cindy’s insecurities slowly began to melt away. The loneliness of college really isolated Cindy from the people who loved her, especially her Mother. But all the thoughts that she wasn’t important disappeared as she was doted on alongside Sally. After only a couple months of the new arrangement, Joan noticed an incredible attitude adjustment from Cindy. Sally really was an incredible influence on her. But this plan ended up working a little too well. It was over the following months Sally started getting the hang of using her big girl potty in the girls bathroom. She even advanced to Pullups, to Joan and even Cindy’s delight. But as the time went along, Joan found Cindy was forgetting to tell her Mom when she needed a change, more often following Sally’s pullups victory. Looking through the nursery camera in the girl’s nursery, Joan watched as Sally would get up to use the bathroom, which was Cindy’s cue to crawl into a corner beside her crib and purposely use her diapers. Returning to play like nothing happened after the fact. Joan was seeing that Cindy seemed to be losing interest in growing up like her big sister. Sally even began coming out to tell her mother when Cindy’s poopy diapers were stinking up their nursery. It was then Joan came to a conclusion. That night at dinner, Joan told her daughter’s how proud she was of how they’ve been behaving over the past six months. Cindy and Sally felt proud as they ate their chicken nuggets and mac and cheese. It was then Joan told Sally that she was going to give Cindy’s old room to her with a brand new big girl bed. Sally looked so excited as Cindy slowly processed what her Mom was saying in between spoonful's of mac and cheese, finding herself to be more sad not sharing a room with Sally anymore than losing her old adult room. Sally also realized that and looked upset. “Wait Mommy, what about Cindy?” she looked back at her sister with soft eyes, the two being close as ever. “Well sweetie, the nursery will be Cindy’s now, big girls don’t have to sleep in cribs, but Cindy is still a baby and needs hers.” This was when it dawned on Cindy, she was now the baby of the family. “Does that mean I’m Cindy’s big sister?” Sally asked curiously and Joan perked up and gave Cindy a grin, “Yes it does sweetheart! You’re my big girl! And now Cindy is going to be your baby sister!” Sally jumped up in her booster seat and cheered, a huge smile came across the messy three year old’s face, taking in her new responsibility as she turned to her baby sister. “I’m gonna be the best big sister ever! I promise Baby Cindy”. Cindy was blushing bright red at the news. Looking over at her sister in her booster chair, with her food divided in little piles. Cindy was sitting in a special high chair she got a couple months ago, and all her food was mushed together in the same bowl and a pink princess crown bib around her neck. Cindy was not becoming the baby sister, she already was. Yet, Cindy really was so grateful and proud of Sally growing up, and wasn’t exactly complaining about her new lifestyle. She put down her spoon and said “Big sister” softly back to her, blushing more and making Sally fall into a giggle fit along with Joan just beaming at the girl’s acceptance. Sally took Baby Cindy’s paci from her high chair and put it in her mouth, keeping an awe-inspiring smile into her big baby sister’s eyes. Baby Cindy suckled the paci and accepted her new permanent role. Shortly after this, the sisters only fell deeper into their roles. Sally moved into her own room across the hall and couldn’t be happier with all her space. She got her own bed and picked out her Bluey bed sheets. She had a lot more room for her big girl toys. She got a boombox and was promptly spoiled by Joan. She was happy to help with the sliding scales of her daughters. Baby Cindy was given a brand new special crib, one that was accessible for Sally to help her baby sister out of. She got all new furniture sized up for her. Her wardrobe went from toddler outfits, to full on infant wear. Baby Cindy never wore anything that wasn’t showing her bare thighs for the world. She continued in diapers and her potty training simply evaporated. Sally loved helping Mommy out with Baby Cindy. Joan felt incredibly lucky to get so much bonding with Sally while taking care of her perpetual big baby sister. Things were finally perfect. So it was on this Wednesday morning two years later that Baby Cindy felt herself groggily waking up in her car seat as Mommy was driving her Lincoln SUV through their quiet town. Baby Cindy was 22 years old now and deeply settled into her baby routines. She looked around and saw Sally, now 5 years old in her own big girl car seat next to her. Sally could hear the rustling and smiled at her, “Mommy, Baby Cindy is awake!” she sang out. “Thank you Hunny, we’re right around the corner from school”. Joan pulled into the parking lot of a big pastel complex. She parked and helped Sally out of her seat while Baby Cindy suckled her paci still waking up from her short car nap. Sally started unstrapping Baby Cindy as Mommy pulled out a large plush stroller out of the trunk. The Car door opened and Baby Cindy was helped into her stroller and strapped in snugly. Joan started pushing her towards the entrance as Baby Cindy looked in front of her, giving a happy coo as she saw them approach the building the girl’s would be staying for the day, “Sweetie Pie Kindercare Center!” with a banner underneath reading “Featuring Big Baby Cindy!” with a cutout of her on the end. Chapter 2 - Baby Cindy’s Nursery Morning Mommy was out the door after checking her daughter’s into the building. A teacher leads Sally down the hall to Kindergarten as Sally blows one last kiss towards her baby sister. Baby Cindy coos as a daycare assistant began to push her down the opposite hall. suckling on her paci and smiling at all the other teachers and kids who are walking down the hall past her. Baby Cindy was dressed in her favorite pink princess party onesie with a clear outline of her thick, crinkly disposable diapers underneath. A pair of chunky light up sneakers and frilly socks were on her feetsie’s. A snug and poofy Baby bonnet was tied under her chin to complete the absolutely infantile ensemble that Baby Cindy wore with the silliest look of pride. She was pushed into the "Caterpillar" Nursery room at the end of the hall. This was where Baby Cindy spent most of her day. She gets unbuckled and is helped on the floor by one of her teachers to go play with the other babies who all shared her play skill level. She crawled amongst her peers. Finding some toys and plopping her crinkly bottom onto the soft carpet of the Nursery. Little did she know she was in for a busy day. When Baby Cindy was first enrolled into Sweetie Pie, she was invited into Sally’s Preschool Class (after a large donation from Joan towards the center) , being that was the age she seemed to get along with. But best she tried, Cindy was always sliding into more infantile tendencies than her classmates, despite her size. It was shortly decided that Baby Cindy was better kept as the baby she was clearly meant to be. She was even given her own playpen in Preschool. It was a total delight for the other kids watching their biggest classmate revert to the most infantile in the class, as most anyone would be amused. But the Baby Cindy ripple effect appeared to make an impact on the entire Preschool class, as they all were on their best behavior. It was like having Baby Cindy around seemed to give the kids a better sense of responsibility. All of the kids, especially the girls, were glad to help with her feedings, leading and including her in their playtime, even keeping an eye on her diaper. Baby Cindy was a welcome distraction to the room. When Joan heard about the great success Baby Cindy was having in Sally's Preschool class. She decided to work out a deal with the staff as Sweetie Pie. Now modeled on getting kids an early jump on their maturity. Sweetie Pie ran like just about any other daycare, but for a period every other day. Each class would get a visit from Baby Cindy, and each class would design activities around playing and taking care of her for the day. She was getting the toddlers out of diapers faster, Preschoolers to take care of themselves and their little siblings. All because none of them wanted to end up like Baby Cindy. With that, Baby Cindy was moved into the nursery room to be fed and put down on a similar schedule as the other infants. Baby Cindy was playing with ring stacks and cooing listening to the soft nursery music. She was bouncing around when she felt a hand on her padded bottom, someone was sticking a finger inside and checking that she was clean. This was Miss Harriet, Baby Cindy’s All-Day Daycare Nanny. She was assigned specifically to facilitate all of Baby Cindy’s needs, and oversee other students lending a helping hand. She fell in love with Baby Cindy and was the perfect replacement for Joan during the day. Miss Harriet sat beside Cindy and rubbed her back. “Are you having fun with your rings sweety?” She asked warmly, Baby Cindy nodded quietly with a big smile. Having gotten accustomed to being nonverbal more often than not. Miss Harriet was very excited to bring her around today. She loved watching Baby Cindy bring out the best in the other children. Miss Harriet got back to helping the other Nannies get all the babies settled in for the day. Leaving Baby Cindy to play for a little while longer, which she didn’t feel one way or the other, relying on everyone else to tell her what to do having made her a very obedient baby. As she continued playing, a little baby boy named Jacob crawled beside Baby Cindy. Jacob was in a pair of overalls and sat down next to Baby Cindy, picking up the stuffie beside her. They didn’t pay much mind to one another as they played with their toys. But Tyler started to grunt and soon Baby Cindy smelled the very familiar scent of a freshly loaded pamper. The smell made Baby Cindy’s nose wrinkle a little, but it certainly didn’t bother her much. She had been accustomed to that particular stinky smell for a while now. She just continued suckling on her paci and living in the moment with her fellow crawler. Miss Lauren, the head of the nursery room, walked past and caught a whiff looking down at the pair of babies. She leans down and goes for Baby Cindy before feeling a still dry disposable on her bottom. Miss Lauren giggled and picked up Jacob, confirming he was the stinker. “Wowwe, sorry Baby Cindy, you’re always such a safe bet for Morning poopy’s. But Jacob is gonna give you a run for your money!” She giggles and pats Baby Cindy’s bottom before walking away to change Jacob. Leaving Baby Cindy to coo and crawl around the room as her classmates continue their morning playtime until it’s finally time for Baby Cindy’s grand tour! Chapter 3 - Baby Cindy Goes to Daycare Miss Harriet helped Baby Cindy back into her stroller when it was time to head to the daycare wing with the toddlers. Baby Cindy cooed and bounced with excitement, waving to her little friends, who barely noticed she was leaving. Baby Cindy was always most excited for the toddler room. It was where she felt the most appreciated by the other kids. Maybe it’s because the kids were closer to babies than the others, but they all seem to be in awe of Baby Cindy. Like an oversized baby dolly turned to life that they couldn’t wait to play with. Baby Cindy watched the door open in front of her as she was pushed into the “Butterfly” daycare room to a bunch of toddlers squealing and giggling at her grand entrance, “Hiii Baby Cindy” “It’s Baby Cindy!” “Hehehe big baby is back!” they all exclaim and get excited. The rowdy class of toddlers excited for their morning play date with Baby Cindy. She would coo back and babble softly as her stroller was pushed to the front of the class as all the kids circle around her on the carpet. “Hey kids, Has everyone said hi to Baby Cindy this morning?” Miss Harriet asks smiling. “Yeessssss” They all shout back. “That’s very good, because this morning Butterfly class is going to help me feed Baby Cindy her breaky!” She beamed and the kids all giggled excitedly, a bunch of little girls looked especially giddy and smiling up at the equally excited, bouncing baby girl staged in front of them. Miss Harriet takes out a bottle of formula from Baby Cindy’s diaper bag in the back of the stroller. The kids watch quietly and patiently. “You see, babies can get a little excitable sometimes while waddling around, so you gotta keep them fed so they can keep lots of calories. So this Baby Formula is made special to keep Baby Cindy full and healthy.” The kids giggle again, seeing Baby Cindy smile big at the bottle, her big tummy protruding from her onesie clearly marking that she stays well fed. Miss Harriet pulls out Baby Cindy’s paci from her lips and sets it on the stroller table. Baby Cindy can’t help but whimper as more giggles come at her neediness. But as soon as the bottle was pressed in between her lips. The baby girl begins calming down, as Baby Cindy enjoys her breakfast for the class. The kids all watched and murmured to each as Miss Harriet kept the bottle steady for Baby Cindy. “Who wants to help me out today?” Miss Harriet asked the rest of the class. Many of the girls raised their hands and only one girl near the front was picked out. Emily, one of the girls teachers have noticed is most receptive to caring for Baby Cindy. Emily approaches Miss Harriet and Baby Cindy, still suckling away at her bottle. “Keep it nice and still for her. Remember you’re the one feeding her, you just want it to be easy for the baby to drink.” Emily puts her hand on the bottle, keeping it tilted as Miss Harriet lets go. Emily smiles big as Baby Cindy continues her hungry noisy suckling for the beaming little girl. “She’s so hungry” Emily giggled as Baby Cindy finished off her bottle shortly afterwards. Emily gave the bottle back to Miss Harriet as she put it back in the diaper bag. She then went to unstrap Baby Cindy, leaning her forward and keeping her steady in her arms. “Now we need to help the baby make burpees ok?” Emily nodded already well aware of what came next. Standing on her tippy toes, she starts to softly pat on Baby Cindy’s back. Baby Cindy looked forward to the rest of the class while being held by Miss Harriet. She could feel a bubble come up from her belly and she let out a big baby burp to many more laughs from the little crows sitting watching the special baby care presentation. Miss Harriet leaned Baby Cindy back and wiped her lips for any milk dribbles and started a little clap, “Let's hear it for Emily for being such a big girl today” Miss Harriet pulled out a yellow star sticker from her back pocket and taped it onto Emily. It read “I was a big kid today!” The whole class clapped and Baby Cindy just smiled and bounced, as she had her paci returned to her by Emily, suckling happily with it returned to her lips. Emily took a seat back in the group and Baby Cindy was unsnapped out of the stroller and helped out, before being placed on the floor and getting a pat on the bottom from Miss Harriet, “Go on honey, join the others for now” Baby Cindy crawled over as the kids smiled, The same group of girls Emily came from made room and Baby Cindy sat around them, their hands all over her excitedly, as they felt her onesie and bonnet and little sockies. Her diaper crinkled a little as she settled into being another plaything for the girls. They made her feel included in a funny way, cooing softly behind my paci. The toddler teacher, Miss Wendy took over and sat in front of the class opening up a story book. The kids learned about colors and shapes, while Baby Cindy mostly was distracted by the girls who had brought little tinker toys and were all trying to get Baby Cindy’s attention. She kept looking around, staying giggly and distracted as the other kids listened to the little lesson. Shortly after story time, the girls lead Baby Cindy over with them towards their favorite play table, they all like to color with Baby Cindy and bring her over as she stays on the floor, a little too big for the table. Emily was feeling very confident having helped feed Baby Cindy earlier, so she was a little bossy with her friends Sophia and Bonnie, two other toddlers who also like having Baby Cindy around. They all started coloring together in their books and showing each other what they’ve been working on. Baby Cindy looks and coo, not saying much with them. Happily listening to their excited chatter, finding herself having much in common with the girls. Baby Cindy colors in her princess coloring book, though wasn’t doing great at coloring in the lines. Bonnie peeked over and decided to help her color in the lines easier. Miss Harriet watches behind and admires how well all the girls play together. Baby Cindy felt her bottle start to catch up with her and began to wet herself while she watched Bonnie, suckling her paci slowly as she felt urine flood her diaper and soak up the padding in her crotch as the swell hugged her chubby thighs, her onesie settling as it fills up. Bonnie looks over to tell Baby Cindy her favorite color for skies when she sees the big baby’s frozen stare, looking down and noticing Baby Cindy’s padding sagging under the table. Bonnie giggled and bounced up for her seat, “Miss Harriet Miss Harriet!” she squeaks to the close by teacher, grabbing at her hand with a little bounce. “Baby Cindy pee-peed her diaper” she giggles and points Baby Cindy’s way. Baby Cindy looked a little blushy only just realizing she had wet, given she doesn’t totally retain all that goes on in her diaper anymore. Miss Harriet walked over and felt the back of Baby Cindy’s pampered bottom, feeling its squishy heft and smiling. “Wow Cindy you really had to go huh?” She chuckles and turns back to Bonnie. “That was really good work Bonnie.” She goes into her pocket and hands her a little star sticker like Emily’s. Sticking it to Bonnie’s shirt, she gets a big grin. Miss Harriet gives her a pat on the head and turns back to Baby Cindy. “We’ll get you changed before lunchtime, baby doll” she rubs her back gently before getting up to talk with Miss Wendy. Bonnie returns to her spot next to Baby Cindy with a slightly jealous looking Emily. Chapter 4 - Lunch and a Diaper Change for Baby Cindy The clock hit 11:45 and Miss Harriet started to lead Baby Cindy back into her stroller. All the kids waved good-bye to her as she got strapped back into her seat. sucking her paci and looking around at all the toddlers faces. Some of the kids were laughing at Baby Cindy, in a way that didn’t always feel nice. It used to make Baby Cindy embarrassed but she was starting to lose some of her social skills after being babied for a couple years now. But other toddlers were all giggly and smiling at Baby Cindy, appreciating their time with the big baby. Before they left, Miss Harriet tapped Bonnie on the shoulder and knelt down to her level, waving over Emily as well. “Bonnie and Emily dears, since you were both such a big help today. I want you both to be today’s Junior Nannies with me in the Caterpillar room!” Both of the girls squeal excitedly, jumping up and dancing around together. Baby Cindy giggles and coos back, smiling at the two girls, having enjoyed their coloring time, excited to play with them more. The girls walked over to the stroller beaming back at Baby Cindy. Giggling as they hold hands and stand beside the stroller as Miss Harriet starts pushing Baby Cindy out with Emily and Bonnie. “So girls, first we’re gonna need to get Baby Cindy into a fresh diaper, and then it’s going to be lunchtime. So we’ll need to feed her. Can I count on you both?” She asks doubtfully, giggling as they bounce up and down making sure Miss Harriet knows they’ll be a big help to her. They enter the nursery as the other babies start rotating through their lunch time. “Awww so many babies!” Emily coos as she skips inside and looks around the nursery. Bonnie giggles and squeezes her hand, “hehe, but we get to help with the biggest one ever!” They both let out giggles as the stroller is parked and Baby Cindy is helped out, standing up with Miss Harriet. Bonnie holds her other hand and they all walk over to Baby Cindy’s special changing table. With Baby Cindy joining the daycare full time with no sign of graduating, she needed appropriate furniture. Baby Cindy’s Mommy was happy to supply everything they’d need to make her baby fit right in with the others, while also making something to enhance the special program. For one, the changing table was in the back of the room with the regular nursery table. But beside it sat a larger, plushy table, fit for a baby of Cindy’s size. It was covered in Princess’ and was fully stocked with only the best changing accouterments available, including special ones produced by Joan. And it was monogrammed with “Baby Cindy” on the poofy white changing pad that sat above it. The girls giggled and looked over it in awe, as Baby Cindy approached the changing table, or as Miss Harriet called it, “Her royal throne”. Baby Cindy was helped onto the table and rested comfy, bringing her legs up to her and rocking back and forth. Waiting for yet another change out of her very soggy pampers. As blushy as she could be perpetually in diapers, she had found acceptance, as well as a sense of entitlement. With all the attention that comes from being a big baby. Miss Harriet looked back at the girls, “Bonnie I’m going to have you stand under and hand us what we need to change Baby Cindy, Emily you’ll hop up with me and be my assistant.” Bonnie pouted a bit not getting to be the helper. But Emily was a little bit older and had been working her way out of pullups, unlike Bonnie. So Emily got picked up onto the table. “Hi Baby Cindy, we’re gonna get that soggy diapie off of you!” She giggled. Baby Cindy cooed and rocked more. Miss Harriet then went right to it like every day. She unbuttoned the snaps on Baby Cindy’s onesie, pulling it up and showing her soggy Bunnyhops. Emily giggled at her cute, yellow diapers as she sat on her knees and watched Miss Harriet. “Bonnie! She’s got Bunnies on her diapie!” she called down to Bonnie who giggled and bounced from the side trying to get a peak. Miss Harriet opened up Baby Cindy’s diaper and started to wipe her down. Baby Cindy looked up and started to drift into her baby space, where she usually goes when she’s getting changed. Especially at daycare. Which helped her be less blushy during diaper changes with Junior Nannies. As Miss Harriet wiped down Baby Cindy’s sticky little privates. Emily giggled and asked without a second thought, “Does Baby Cindy like being a girl even when she used to be a boy?” A question that made Baby Cindy blush bright red, unsure if she should say or do anything, just lying helplessly in her open wet diaper. Before she could think anything else, Miss Harriet chirped up “Baby Cindy is the happiest big baby I’ve ever seen, and she’s especially happy to be a baby girl isn’t that right pumpkin?” She tickled Baby Cindy’s tummy and made her wiggle and giggle bunches, making Emily and Bonnie giggle and awww. Answering that question for everyone. Miss Harriet pulled out her wet diaper under her bottom and rolled it up shut. Tying it up and handing it to Emily to put it in Baby Cindy’s diaper pail beside her. As Emily took care of it, Miss Harriet asked for a diaper from Bonnie, who kneeled down and picked up a clean diaper for her. This time a special diaper, brought in from Baby Cindy’s Mommy. A XXXL Bluey huggies made for babies like Cindy. “Ooo great choice” Miss Harriet smiled as she laid down the diaper and slid it under Baby Cindy’s bottom. “Now what am I gonna ask for next” Asked Miss Harriet to Bonnie. Who was already pulling out the baby powder and rash cream. “Wow so smart!” said Miss Harriet. Giggling as she applied some cream onto Baby Cindy’s bottom. She then took the Baby powder bottle and had Emily hold onto it with her as they sprinkled a little over Baby Cindy’s baby bits. Emily beamed as Miss Harriet taped down her diaper and snapped her onesie back over the fresh crinkly huggies. A little pat on the butt signaled to Baby Cindy she was clean. Giving out happy gurgles and smiles behind her paci. “You did such a good job changing Baby Cindy today girls! Let's cheer for them Cindy!” Miss Harriet would clap for them as Cindy joined in, the girls were bouncing and bowing feeling so proud. “Can you say thank you Baby Cindy?” Miss Harriet asked the excited baby, “Thwank wuh” she made out with her paci still in her mouth. Making everyone laugh. Now that she was fresh, Baby Cindy was brought over to her special highchair with Bonnie and Emily in tow. Baby Cindy took a seat with Miss Harriet's help and strapped into her chair, tall enough that her chubby legs dangled from the seat. Bonnie and Emily were brought to her height with an extra seat built into the highchair. “Now girls, I’m gonna have Bonnie help me feed Baby Cindy her lunch ok?” Emily immediately got pouty, “What do I get to do then?” she asked. Miss Harriet ties a big bib around Baby Cindy’s mouth, it reads “Princess Pamper Packer”, she also hands a little cloth to Emily, “You’ll help keep Baby Cindy clean. She can be a messy eater” giving Emily so much joy as she dances in her seat. The girls feed Baby Cindy two jars of big baby food. The thought process around Baby Cindy has become to keep her as the youngest infant she can be. So she’s been without solid food for almost a year now. Her Mommy thinks she is doing just wonderful on a strict formula and baby food diet. Even Baby Cindy has been enjoying it, especially when it’s a special blend Mommy has been making. Giving her yummy different dinners all mushed up in a jar. Or just some regular flavors, to keep her level and not expecting something too exciting for her sensitive tummy. Bonnie feeds Baby Cindy a jar of carrots and peas and a jar of banana strawberry. Baby Cindy fills her cheeks and still chews, feeling it drip down her chin as she doesn’t eat with her mouth closed and having the girls work to get it all in. “Sit still silly!” Emily giggled as Baby Cindy wiggled around as she had her face wiped. Miss Harriet laughs at how much of a handful she was being. One that was thoughtfully watched over by someone as experienced as Miss Harriet. After she’s all fed, Baby Cindy is put back into her stroller and the girls follow behind. “Thank you so much for all your help today, girls. I know Baby Cindy really appreciated it.” The girls giggle and skip back to their class, where they’ll go to have their own lunches. “Goodbye Baby Cindy!” they call out as their teacher brings them back inside. Baby Cindy waves and Miss Harriet kneels down beside her stroller. “Alright Baby Cindy! Are you ready to play with the preschoolers!” She pumps her fists up. Baby Cindy nods and bounces excitedly. Miss Harriet started to push the stroller down the hall and through a door leading outside into the playground. Chapter 5 - Baby Cindy’s Playground PratFall The “LeapFrog” Preschool class had been taken out to the playground following their lunch. Young kids aged 3 to 4 ran around the fenced yard of the building, making up games to play with one another. They were all being watched by a young woman named Miss Carol. As Miss Harriet approached her with Baby Cindy, Miss Carol waved them over. Most of the kids were still playing but others ran over when they saw Baby Cindy getting pushed over. “Welcome Baby Cindy! The kids have been excited for you to join them!” Miss Carol said as Miss Harriet helped Cindy out of the stroller. A couple kids approached Baby Cindy, Patty was an eager little girl bouncing in place with her friend Peter, a more shy little boy. “Miss Harriet, Miss Carol, can Baby Cindy play tag with us?” Patty asked shyly. Miss Harriet nodded, “Sure thing kids, but Baby Cindy can’t always play big kid games well. So if she gets fussy just let me know.” She giggled and patted Baby Cindy’s bottom as the kids took the big baby’s hand as she toddled out onto the grass. Baby Cindy followed obediently, if not a little shy herself, a little shyer around the preschoolers, who were already becoming more advanced than she was. “Okie Baby Cindy, we’re gonna play tag. We're gonna run around and someone is it. Don’t get it or you gotta tag another kid.” Patty explained this to Baby Cindy who was barely listening, looking around at the green grass and screaming toddlers running around the playground and swings. She smiled but didn’t realize that all the kids were running away. She started to toddle around in circles, doing her best to fit in. But was soon tagged by another boy. “Baby Cindy’s it!” the boy yelled out laughing. Baby Cindy saw the boy running away from her. She started waddling after him, but he quickly outran her. She tried chasing other kids but everyone was a little faster than her despite her longer legs, her thick diaper bottom seriously slowing her down in the grass. After a minute or so, Baby Cindy was getting tired of everyone running away. She stopped in her tracks and pouted, sitting in the grass and huffing, a minor temper tantrum compared to what Baby Cindy was capable of. Patty saw Baby Cindy wasn’t having fun and ran back to her, trying to console her, “Awww I’m sorry Baby Cindy, you can tag me if you want?” She kneeled on the grass and rubbed her back. Miss Harriet, having watched everything, started to approach, deciding that for the sake of the other kids, Baby Cindy played something less challenging. Patty raises her hand “I can take Baby Cindy to the sandbox. I don’t mind playing with her.” Miss Harriet pulled out a gold sticker for her. “That’s a great idea sweetie, have fun you two. Make sure she doesn’t put any sand in her diaper.” She giggled as Baby Cindy crawled after Patty in the grass towards the sandbox. Baby Cindy and Patty played around in the sandbox for the next 15 minutes. Patty had picked out some sand buckets and started filling them up to work on a castle. She found a little shovel and gave it to Baby Cindy, “Do you want to build the moat?” she offered as Baby Cindy started digging a hole around the space. The girls worked together and admired their sandy princess castle. “Wow we did so good, Baby Cindy, do you want to live in the castle together?” Patty asked. Baby Cindy cooed and went to sit on the castle, her big diaper bottom smushing the castle and getting her onesie all sandy. Patty giggled a bunch and patted Baby Cindy on the head, giving a big silly smile back. The two bonded playing together quietly, much calmer than most of the other preschooler’s. “Have you played Patty Cake before Baby Cindy?” Patty asked curiously, Baby Cindy cooed remembering playing it before with Sally. Patty smiled and sat in front of her, the two of them clapped hands together and Patty sang to the claps, “Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, baker's man, Bake me a cake, as fast as you can; Pat it, prick it, and mark it with B, Put it in the oven for baby and me!’ She gave Baby Cindy a tummy tickle when they finished and made her giggle. “Good job Baby Cindy! What do you wanna do before we go inside?” Patty asked curiously, wanting to let Baby Cindy pick something. Cindy looked around nervously, there were so many fun things to do and she didn’t know what to pick. But when she saw the slide in the jungle gym. She just pointed at it while sucking her paci and Patty understood. “Let’s slide Baby Cindy!” The two joined hands and made their way to the jungle gym. Baby Cindy toddled up the tough stairs, getting in line with Patty as they both waited to slide. Suddenly, Baby Cindy felt a familiar ping in her tummy, clenching as the feeling was a bother, one she knew how to easily get rid of. She started to grunt and push besides Patty. Patty looked over seeing her face scrunch up and started to realize what she was doing with a knowing giggle. Baby Cindy huffed and felt her lunch make its fated return, taking a large, soft poopy plop into the seat of her diaper. It made a small lump on her bottom as she emptied her tummy, Just Patty and her left on the jungle gym. Baby Cindy finished as turned back to Patty, giving her a knowing smile and a little giggle. Patty gave Baby Cindy a pat on the bottom, feeling her mushy lump and giggling more “Hehe, what a good baby.” to Baby Cindy’s soft, appreciative coos towards the positive reinforcement by her new friend. The girls looked from the top of the jungle gym as Miss Carol began to call the kids back inside. Patty quickly jumped down and slid a few feet down to the bottom. Looking back up at her padded playmate. “Come on Baby Cindy, slide down to me!” Baby Cindy looked at the slide and smiled, Getting in position to slide down and falling a bit onto her bottom with a harsh squish as her butt met the contents of her messy diaper, giggling to herself, almost like she did it intentionally. Baby Cindy slid down and joined Patty who gave her a friendly hug, before walking her to the doorway back inside. Miss Harriet followed with the stroller, letting Baby Cindy use her legs with Patty, who was doing a great job of making sure she didn’t leave the baby behind. The two of them entered the classroom and joined the rest of the kids in the middle of the classroom for storytime. Patty walked in holding onto Baby Cindy so they could sit next to each other. Patty could smell Baby Cindy, trying her best not to mind it so she wouldn’t lose her new baby friend. They sat together on the carpet as other kids joined them, leaving some distance between the two. As Miss Harriet walked through the door. It was pretty clear something was up with Baby Cindy and Patty. But the mystery was solved when Peter called out, “Ewwww, Miss Carol! Baby Cindy smells like poop!” Chapter 6 - Baby Cindy’s Poopy Preschool Predicament Miss Carol looked down at the carpet and could see Baby Cindy looking rather shy, along with a suspicious Patty beside her, but it was an unmistakable smell that someone in here had dropped a load into their pants. The suspect list dropped to one being Baby Cindy was the only one in the room still wearing diapers full time. Miss Carol smirked and came up with an idea, happy to make an example of the big baby sitting in her classroom. “Patty, can you bring Baby Cindy up to the front of the class for me please?” she asked Patty. The preschooler walked Baby Cindy to the front beside Miss Carol. Miss Harriet joined her on the side, standing close by the kids and getting a whiff of Baby Cindy’s bulging behind. Miss Carol looked at the class, “Well it smells like someone had a stinky accident huh kids?” she mocked, all the kids nodding and exclaiming “YES!” Baby Cindy looked around shyly with all the eyes on her being so judgmental. Miss Carol turned back to her, “Baby Cindy, did you make poopy on the playground?” Baby Cindy looked back and was so shy. She was used to the act but all the questions made her lose any big kid words she had left. “Patty, you were watching Baby Cindy? Didn’t you notice that she’s so smelly?” Miss Carol quizzed Patty, holding her nose and looking down shyly like she was in trouble. Miss Harriet decided to step in and cooed towards Cindy, placing her hand on her back. “Kids, remember Baby Cindy is still a baby.” she explained earnestly. “Babies like her don’t know when they need to potty like you guys.” More kids giggled and Miss Carol nodded. “Well if you don’t mind Miss Harriet, I want to check Baby Cindy with the class even if she isn’t so sure.” She smiled to more giggles from the crowd. Miss Harriet nodded, respecting what Miss Carol wanted to do and kneeled down next to Patty. “Patty do you wanna help me dear?” Miss Harriet asked her, Patty smiled and agreed. Holding Baby Cindy’s hand as they turned her around for the class. Cindy was suckling her paci and spacing out more as all the attention went to her, and specifically her bottom. Miss Harriet unbuttoned the onesie and pulled it open with a small gasp. “Oh Cindy hunny.” she tsk’d as she opened up the onesie to see a little bit of runny poop pushing out of the leg creases in her diaper. The back of her huggies were shaded a heavy brown, discoloring the dancing Bluey and Bingo palling around over her heinie. The class got really rowdy with giggles and ewws. Pulling up the onesie further showed the mess had crawled up her back and got on her onesie. Baby Cindy had a big blowout on the slide and the class couldn’t handle it. “Ewwww you can see all her poop!” The kids were giggling as Baby Cindy was turned around and blushing at all the noise, looking more shy at all their jeers. Feeling all of their negative energy as she started to well up behind her paci, genuinely not being able to help what the poop did in her diaper. “Now kids can we please go easy on Baby Cindy, it’s not her fault!’ Miss Harriet tried to hush the crowd, rubbing Baby Cindy’s back to calm her down. She sighed, trying to roll some positive in with this particularly embarrassing lesson. She looked to Patty who was blushing standing next to the huggies disaster beside her. “Patty sweetie. Do you know what it’s called when this happens to Baby Cindy?” Patty started to smile and nodded. “Baby Cindy had a diaper blowout Miss Harriet, sometimes my baby sister plays too long in her poopy diapers and then it starts to come out too” she giggled after she finished her sentence. “That’s right. Cindy is a very active baby and her diaper can’t always keep up with her.” Miss Harriet nodded and gave Patty a second star for the day. Not before saying, “And that’s why we need to tell a teacher when she needs a change. So she doesn’t get a rash alright?” Patty nodded bashfully and took her second sticker on her shirt. “Thank you kids for letting me know. I think It’s time Baby Cindy got changed out of this stinky old diaper.” Miss Harriet smiled and tugged Baby Cindy’s onesie back down, but not snapping it back, her full diaper peeking out below, giving it one last pat. “Can I please help Miss Harriet? I’m really good with my sister” asked Patty genuinely. Miss Harriet just chuckled. “I think I’m gonna handle her myself for right now. But maybe next time?” Patty nodded and gave Baby Cindy a pat on her thigh and smiled up. “Have a good changie Baby Cindy” she giggled, Cindy cooed sadly as her new friend sat back with her class. Miss Harriet went behind the stroller and got Baby Cindy’s diaper bag around her arm. She took Cindy’s hand and started leading her into the Preschool bathroom as Miss Carol got the kids attention again with a new story to be read. Baby Cindy waddled into the bathroom and started to head towards the potty to sit down. Miss Harriet held her back, “Sweetie just stand still please. We don’t want you getting your poopy on the big kids potty.” She rubbed her tummy with a smile and placed the diaper bag on the sink. Baby Cindy’s diaper bag was a necessity in most any situation, stocked with everything one could need looking after such a stinky big baby. Miss Harriet pulled out Baby Cindy’s Moana changing pad and rolled it onto the floor of the bathroom. “Come come, stand here please” she patted the floor and Baby Cindy waddled on top of it. Miss Harriet took off Baby Cindy’s Bonnet and set it aside, she pulled up her onesie and tossed it on the floor for now, it didn’t stand a chance against a Baby Cindy Blowout. In just her very smelly huggies, Baby Cindy sucked her paci and hugged her body. Looking down as Miss Harriet untapped her diaper and gently brought it to the ground. A big swath of brown covered the inside of the diaper, with plenty left around Baby Cindy’s waist. She had successfully caked herself in her own mess after the bumpy slide ride. Miss Harriet sighed a little and looked up at Baby Cindy, finding her smile again saying, “You can be quite the handful baby girl.” She chuckled as she started to use some baby wipes to clean off Cindy's mushy bottom. Baby Cindy felt her soft touch wiping her off, feeling cleaner as Miss Harriet worked through, wiping down her little privates, feeling them flinch a little at her touch but barely growing by any noticeable measure. “Patty looked like she really liked playing with you sweetheart.” she cooed. Putting down the last wipe as she spun Baby Cindy around to make sure she was clean from all her mess. Baby Cindy smiled, feeling less yucky and also cooing at her words. “So many of the girls love being able to help take care of babies, and you’re really the best baby I’ve ever seen Baby Cindy” she kept gushing to her as she balled up the messy diaper and put that on the side of the stinky onesie. She helped Baby Cindy down onto the changing mat, reaching into the diaper bag and pulling out a fresh Tykables Unicorn for her. “I’ve looked after a lot of babies hun, and I’ve never met one as obedient, darling, and quite as adorable as you Baby Cindy.” She pulled open the diaper and laid it down, scooting Baby Cindy up and sitting her back into the fresh crinkles. “Plus growing up is good and well for the other kids, but babies as special as you deserve to stay that perfect forever.” She cooed, rubbing Baby Cindy’s privates and bottom in diaper rash cream and adding a sprinkling of baby powder, filling Baby Cindy’s nose with all her favorite nice smells. “So don’t ever worry about making lots of pee pee and poo poo’s in your diaper baby for me. Because I’ll always be around to change them” Miss Harriet taped up her diaper and gave her a gentle tummy rub. Seeing Baby Cindy’s confident smile behind her paci as proof she was good as new. Baby Cindy sat up on the changing mat and bounced softly. Hearing the familiar crinkles of a clean diaper. Miss Harriet leaned over to peck Baby Cindy’s forehead. “All clean!” She smiled as she stood up and put the changing supplies back into the diaper bag. “Now we need to get you a new outfit Princess!” She looked down as the happy baby, rocking gently on the floor in her diapers and sketchers. Miss Harriet’s eyes lit up as she pulled out Baby Cindy’s spare onesie. A sparkly pink onesie with princess dress prints along the chest and tummy. Complete with poofy sleeves, back ribbon, and ruffles on the butt, it certainly made a statement for the wearer. “How darling!” Miss Harriet giggled as she showed Baby Cindy, who cooed happily at her new onesie. Mommy told her Sally picked it out for Baby Cindy’s birthday, and it was one of Sally’s favorites for her sister. She cooed and lifted her arms as Miss Harriet pulled the onesie over her head, bringing Cindy up and snapping the crotch and fixing out the frilly Princess outfit. “I don’t think that’s all” Miss Harriet smiled as she pulled out the final pieces for Baby Cindy’s outfit. A poofy bonnet with green gems on the brim. “I swear no one works a bonnet like you Baby Cindy.'' Miss Harriet giggled as she tied it around Baby Cindy's head. Next was a bedazzled pacifier, Baby Cindy felt her old paci replaced as well as a new frilly paci clip attached to the front. Last but not least was a little rattle toy, blinged out like a scepter fit for a baby. “Wowwe, you look like the most regal crinkler I’ve ever met Baby Princess Cindy!” Miss Harriet turned Baby Cindy around and showed her. She looked like the most frilly, fanciest baby who ever lived! With so many different odds and ends, Baby Cindy sucked her paci with her usual grin, not sure what else to do in the moment but bouncing around all excited. Miss Harriet folded up the messy onesie and put it in the diaper bag with everything else. She picked up the messy diaper in one hand and Baby Cindy's free hand with the other. Taking her out of the bathroom just as the preschooler’s were getting ready for naptime. “OH MY GOSH LOOK AT BABY CINDY” Patty screamed. All of the kids looked over and got a big reaction out of Baby Princess Cindy. A mix of oos, aahs, and giggles for sure as Baby Cindy was led into her stroller and smiled back at the other kids, shaking her rattler to more giggles. “Can we please play with her later!” Patty asked from her mat up at Miss Harriet, giving Baby Cindy the most glassy eyes in awe. “I’m sorry hunny, I gotta take Baby Cindy back to the nursery for her nap. She still needs to sleep in a crib. But she’ll certainly be back another day” Miss Harriet explained empathetically to the kids. “Now say bye-bye Baby Cindy” she called out, “BYE-BYE BABY CINDY!” They all spoke in unison. Cindy gave everyone a wave with her rattler as she was turned around and pushed out the door by Miss Harriet, leaving the kids to their nap. Baby Cindy and Miss Harriet made it back into the Nursery as naptime was already in progress. The blinds were pulled down and the infants were sleeping on floor mats, a few others taking cribs in the back. That was where Baby Cindy was heading. Baby Cindy was brought over to the crib area, where her specialty plush crib was set up among other smaller regular ones. “Wow, we're being visited by royalty today in the Caterpillar room huh?” giggled Miss Lauren. Getting a smile from Miss Harriet and Cindy. Miss Harriet unstrapped Baby Cindy and opened up the crib for her to climb into. Baby Cindy got on her back and the bars were pulled up. She saw Jessa, a pink poodle, one of Baby Cindy’s favorite nursery stuffies still in her crib. Snuggling it in her arms and giggling. Miss Harriet smiled back at her through the bars and pulled out an apple juice bottle cut with water for Baby Cindy. “Sweet dreams Princess” she smiled and gave her one last tummy tickle before walking away and letting the sweet nursery music play. Baby Cindy took a few sips of her bottle before she was lulled to sleep.
  2. Hello everyone! This is a story that I have posted elsewhere. I've edited it a little bit though, changing a few characters genders. So if you've seen it before, you might enjoy it more now! Chapter 1 What about diapers?” He said. I stared at him blankly for a second. Then I looked at him skeptically. “What do you mean, exactly?” Adam smiled deviously and sat back on the couch. He sipped his beer and then explained. “Well, the loser has to wear diapers. All day. Every day. For… I dunno. A month let’s say.” “Whoa…” I paused, trying to absorb what he was suggesting. Let’s back up a little though. First, an introduction. My name is Mike, and I am currently hanging out with my friend Adam, trying to decide on suggestions for the yearly poker game. Each year, a few friends and I have a poker game, and the first person who goes out has to draw a single punishment from a hat. We have played it each year for the past three years, and each year, it has gotten more and more intense. The first year, we were pretty timid. All that ended up happening was that our friend Kay had to go commando under her skirts for a week. We all got a good kick out of it, and she was a good sport. Ever since then, it has just escalated. The second year, Adam ended up in chastity for three weeks. By the end, he was so desperate to cum he was offering me bjs if we let him. We didn’t of course. The loser HAS to follow the rules, and that was it. No exceptions. Last year, Kay lost again (She’s really quite bad at poker), and she got the worst one yet. Butt plugs in at all times during the day. For three weeks. I can’t imagine what it was like. I actually started to feel bad for her after a while, but those are the rules. And now back to our conversation. “A month in diapers?” I repeated the suggestion, just to make sure I had it right. “And… using them?” “Well duh” Adam said, rolling his eyes. “That seems like… A lot..” I said. Adam had always been the most excited about these. Each year, he would put 5 or 6 ideas into the hat, while the rest of us would really only put in one. “Plus, it’s not like we have to worry about it.” Adam said again, sensing my hesitation. “You are really good at poker, and I am just lucky.” Adam smiled. It was true. Adam was just lucky. He knocked Kay out last year by having a royal flush when Kay went all in on a full house. And he was right about me as well. I was pretty decent at poker. I was the only one of them who could actually bluff. “And what about Ellie?” I asked. “Well, she could lose. That’s true. But wouldn’t it be even better that way? Seeing the big track star in diapers?” Adam asked, grinning deviously. “I guess it would be.” I said, laughing at the thought. There are only four of us that play each year. Adam, Ellie, Kay, and of course, me. We all go to college together. Adam and I are currently roommates, and Kay and Ellie are roommates as well. Ellie is the quintessential star athlete. Perfect hair, face, and the most amazing toned body. She has long blonde hair, which is usually pulled back tight in a ponytail. She was the tallest of us all, as well. She could probably go into modeling if she wanted. Kay is kind of the opposite of Ellie. She is short, and she has long blonde hair that is usually all over the place. She is shy, but really funny, and whenever the four of us go out to the clubs, she would be the one to go home with some stranger. She does have a nice body though, so that probably helps quite a bit. She was skinny, but still had plenty to work with. Neither Adam or I had ever really tried to sleep with either of them. We were just really close friends. I am bi, and I’ve always had questions as to what Adam is. As far as I know, he’s never dated anyone else. Adam is kind of the leader of our little group. He is very outgoing, and is never short on something to say. He could talk for an hour straight, and you would never lose interest at what he has to say. Adam has short blond hair with the sides shaved. He is always wearing some tight pants and a brightly colored shirt. And as for me, I am average height, and skinny, but I work out with Ellie enough to actually have a pretty toned body. I have medium length brown hair. Ellie always says that I am the best looking one of the bunch, but I’m not so sure about that. The four of us are the same age, and we are all graduating college this year. Maybe that has put more pressure on this year for the poker game. Being the last hurrah and all. That’s why, when Adam suggests diapers, I don’t immediately say no. “Diapers then.” I say. “Yep. Diapers.” Adam smiles as he writes it down on a piece of paper and tosses it into the hat. “This year is going to be crazy.” I say. “It better be.” The week went by quickly, and the hat started to fill up with other ideas. Most of them were Adam’s, but Kay and Ellie dropped by to add stuff as well. By the time the night of the game arrived, there were probably 20 or 30 of them in there. “Alright guys.” I said. “Are you ready to get this show on the road?” Everyone nodded and we started the game. The first 30 minutes or so went by quickly. We all won a little, lost a little. Well, all of us except for Kay. She really is pretty bad. She has no idea how to bluff, and is really easy to read. She would always sit up straight in her chair whenever she had a good hand, and her eyes would light up. We were all poking fun at her. Then things started to go south for me. I lost big betting on a full house against Ellie. In one hand, I dropped all the way down to Kay’s level. Then, it kept getting worse. I was dealt hand after hand after hand of absolute crap. By the time we were into our fourth drink of the night, I was close to losing. Adam smirks at me as he shuffles again. “Hey Mike, how are you doing over there?” “Oh shut up Adam. I’m doing fine.” I respond. “Just shuffle the cards.” I can’t help but glance over nervously at the hat, sitting stuffed full on the coffee table. Ellie pipes up, “I hope you get mine! Get ready for a week of cheerleader uniforms!” Everyone but me starts to laugh. “Yeah?” I say, “Well I haven’t lost one of these yet, so you should probably be talking to Kay.” Kay grins at me as she raises the pot. “Well well well… Looks like the poker master is having a rough day. Why don’t you put your money where your mouth is?” Ellie and Adam both fold, and after a series of raises, I am faced with the dilemma of going all in on this hand. A 9-king straight. Having been dealt utter crap for the last few hands, I make the decision and go all in. Kay does as well. Adam and Ellie both stand up in anticipation. “Well.” I say. “I guess it’s all down to this hand. Let’s see what you’ve got.” Kay shows her hand. A ten-ace straight. I’ve lost. The three of them start jumping up and down all over the room, yelling incoherently. Apparently, they were all pretty psyched about me losing. I slowly lower my head to the table. After a few minutes of unabashed celebration, Adam grabs the hat from the table and brings it over. “Ok, Mikey. Time to pick your poison.” Adam says, grinning evilly. I sigh and lift my head off the table. I grab my drink and chug it. Then I look at the three of them. “Alright. Let’s get this over with then. I’m not afraid.” I say. I reach my hand up towards the hat and pick a piece of paper out. Adam does a drumroll on the table as I unfold it. I open it up, read it, and then read it again. ‘Diapers for one month” It reads. Adam leans over my shoulder and shouts. “HOLY CRAP! YES!” Ellie and Kay both hurry over and read the paper as well. They both look at it in shock. “Whoa.” Kay whispers. “I am so glad this one got picked.” Adam says. “I have so many things and ideas. It’s so perfect.” Ellie chimes in. “Wait so like… he has to wear diapers? Like… all the time” Adam nods “Absolutely. Them’s the rules.” Adam looks at me. “You can’t chicken out now!” I groan as it starts to dawn on me… In truth, I have no idea what I am about to get into. Kay chimes in, “So… where are these diapers anyway? I mean, I have no idea where to even get stuff like that.” “Oh don’t worry.” Adam says. “For now, we can just walk over to the pharmacy and grab some, but I think there are actually a lot of options when it comes to adult diapers, so we can definitely have some fun with this.” “Oh definitely,” Ellie says. “Yeah, I have a few things in mind already.” Kay agrees. She is clearly thrilled that she won for once. “Well,” Adam says. “There’s no time to waste. Let’s go!” I manage to get up, and I follow the three of them out of the apartment and across the street to the 24-hour pharmacy. The three of them eagerly walk in and head straight to the incontinence aisle. I meander around slowly, listening from a distance as they look through the brands. I hear words like “Absorbancy, tapes, and leak guards”. Eventually I just tune them out. I walk over to the cooler and pretend like I am looking at getting some soda. After a few minutes, the three of them walk back to me. I see that Kay is carrying a large white package of adult diapers. She holds it up so I can see. It says “Tranquility overnights”. I blush and lower my head, fearing what is to come. Also, Adam is carrying a package of wipes, as well as baby powder and baby lotion. The three of them are grinning ear to ear. “So..” I say nervously. “Why did you pick that kind?” Well,” Ellie says, “basically, these were the thickest brand that they have here. I’m guessing we can find something better online, but these will definitely do for now.” I sigh as we walk to the checkout. Much to my dismay, the three of them are very quick to tell the cashier exactly who the diapers are for. Thankfully, no one else is in the store this late, so I just get a strange look from the cashier as we walk out and back to the apartment. They make me carry the bag of supplies. I do as told, knowing that in this situation, the last thing I want to do is complain. I wasn’t exactly prepared for being diapered, but there was no way I was going to back out of our poker game bet. Little did I know, the diapers were just the beginning. Back at the apartment, I get inside and walk straight to the fridge. I grab another beer and quickly drink it. The three of them look at me funny as I chug it down. “What?” I say. “Liquid courage, that’s all.” Adam smiles, “Oh I don’t mind. I would watch how much you drink though.” The three of them giggle as I blush again. “So… how do changes work exactly?” Ellie asks. “Do we let Mike do his own changes, or… what?” “I don’t think we should.” Adam responds. “Think about it. He could cheat so easily that way. I think it falls to the three of us to change him.” Kay and Ellie exchange a worried glance. Adam continues, “I mean think about it. We are in a lot of his classes at school. Ellie, you and him are at the gym together pretty often, and I LIVE with him. It really shouldn’t be a problem.” “Whoa whoa whoa!!” I say. That definitely wasn’t going to happen. “No way. I’m not letting any of you do that.” “Mike, you don’t really have a choice. You lost the game, remember?” Ellie says. “Kay wore butt plugs for ages and she never complained once!” I look down at my feet. It was true. Kay was always a really good sport. I didn’t want to ruin one of our most fun traditions. “Yeah!” Kay says, agreeing with Ellie. She was blushing a little. Kay turns to Adam. “I gotta say though… changing diapers is… blegh.” She sticks out her tongue. “Well I think we are all going to have to get used to it.” Adam responds. “This is important. It was my dare, and I am putting my foot down on this. The three of us have to be responsible for all changes.” Ellie sighs, but responds. “I guess I am fine with that. I mean… How bad could it be? Right Kay? Plus I’m guessing since Adam lives here, he will be doing most of the changes.” “Yeah. I guess that’s true.” Kay cedes. “Ok deal, but if either of you is around, I won’t be touching him.” “Wait. Guys, what about my opinion?” I ask hesitantly. “I mean… what if there’s an emergency or something and you can’t show up?” “Well that’s just too bad I guess Mike.” Adam says flatly. “Oh come on.” I say under my breath. “Was that a complaint?” Adam asks, threateningly. “No! Nope!” I say quickly. “I’m fine. Whatever you guys say.” Adam squints his eyes at me suspiciously. “Because you know that for every complaint, we get to add something to the dare, right?” I nod quickly. Remembering that when Kay was doing the butt plugs dare, for each complaint she made, we made her switch to a larger size. The last thing I wanted was for them to have even more power over me. “No you guys go ahead. Just let me know when you are ready I guess.” I smile, trying to act as innocent as possible. No complaints. Adam starts to laugh. “Oh man. This is going to be so much fun.” Adam looks at Kay and Ellie, “We can decide on the rest of it later. I think for now, we need to start this process. Who wants the first change?” Kay and Ellie look at each other nervously. They were blushing a little. “Um.. Why don’t you take the first one, Adam?” Kay suggests. “Show us how it’s done.” “Fine by me.” He says. “Come on Mike, let’s get you diapered.” Adam motions for me to follow him as he walks into the living room. He grabs the package of diapers and rips it open. He pulls one out and tosses it to me. I catch it, blushing deep red. The plastic diaper is a completely new feeling for me. I follow Adam into the living room. I get the feeling that my privacy isn’t really a concern for any of them, so instead of complaining about changing in the living room, I just keep my mouth shut. Adam grabs the powder and lotion out of the bag and motions for me to lay down on the floor. I set the diaper down on the floor, and then, with a deep sigh, I sit down on the floor in front of Adam. I feel the blood rush to my face as he reaches forward and unbuttons my jeans. Kay and Ellie are standing behind Adam, watching every step. Kay is blushing, and Ellie is smiling. “Do you guys mind?” I ask. “This is a little much. Can’t we just do it in private?” “No.” Adam says. “They are gonna see it eventually.” “I’ve seen you naked before too, Mike.” Ellie says. “Remember? At the beach that one time? Your suit came off?” “That was different! That was for like.. two seconds.” I say. “This is… just… weird.” It doesn’t matter though. Adam is going along with it, despite my protests. Adam doesn’t say anything as he pulls down my jeans, revealing my bright red briefs. Ellie and Kay both look away, blushing and smiling as Adam pulls them down and off. Adam holds up the underwear in front of me. “As cute as these are, you aren’t going to need them for a while.” He says, smirking. He tosses them to the side. “Lift up your legs Mike.” He commands. I do as told, just wanting not to be naked anymore. I put my hands over my face in embarrassment as he slides the diaper underneath my butt. I set back down on top of the diaper. The softness of the diaper surprises me, but that surprise is quickly taken away as Adam squirts lotion onto my privates. It is frigid and I can’t help but jump in surprise. “Ah!” I let out a little gasp. “That’s… cold.” I say quietly. “Well get used to the feeling. This definitely isn’t the last time.” Adam says, matter of fact. Adam spreads the lotion around and I close my eyes, concentrating on not getting hard. That would just be too much embarrassment for one day. Adam smiles as he knows exactly what I am trying not to do. I can feel him take extra time rubbing the lotion in. I manage to not get hard, and I open my eyes. Adam is smiling. I see Adam grab the baby powder and I let out a small sigh, as Adam starts to poof it onto me. It feels cool on my skin, and the air around me turns white with powder. I close my eyes and choke a little bit. “Way too much!” I say between coughs. Adam coughs as well. “Yeah. Sorry..” He replies. I hear Ellie and Kay giggle as Adam waves his arms around me to dissipate the cloud of powder that surrounds me. Adam then reaches down and starts to adjust the diaper some more. “Lift up again Mike. I have it too low on you.” He says. I do as told, closing my eyes in humiliation. He adjusts it a few more times, and then I feel the sides of the diaper lifted up around my waist. Adam rips the tapes open and tapes the diaper up tightly. “Ok Mike, you are all set to go.” Adam says, giving my padded butt a playful pat. I open my eyes and sit up. The diaper crinkles loudly as I do, and I blush again. I look down at the diaper and groan. I look completely ridiculous. I look up and see all three of them grinning ear to ear. “Well come on! Get up! This party isn’t over yet!” Adam says. “The night is still young!” I let out a long sigh and stand up. Each movement I make is accompanied by what seems to me to be the loudest crinkle of my life. Kay starts to laugh at me. She wipes tears out of her eyes as I glare at her angrily. “I’m sorry! It’s just…” She laughs again. “It’s just I am so glad I didn’t lose that game!” I groan and walk to the couch where my pants and shirt are. Ellie reaches down and grabs my clothes. “What do you think you’re doing?” Ellie says suspiciously. “I… was going to get dressed..” I say slowly, guessing what’s coming next. “Oh no you don’t.” Ellie responds, holding my clothes hostage behind her back. “I don’t think you need them. At least, not while we are hanging out tonight.” I open my mouth to protest, but realize I don’t really have a choice. I sigh as Ellie throws my clothes into my bedroom and shuts the door. The three of them smile and walk back to the table. Kay gestures for me to come over. I walk over, trying to get used to the feeling of the diaper between my legs. I sit down at the table. Adam smiles and hands me another beer. “Well, everyone!” Adam says. He holds up a beer to toast. “I think we should toast!” Kay and Ellie hold up their beers. I sigh and do the same. “To new baby Mike!”
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