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  1. We welcome your comments and criticisms. Prologue: A young girl named Abigail will have to deal with her stepmother for six months Chapter 01: Abigail was a beautiful, intelligent girl with bright blonde hair and a clever look in her eyes. She lived with her family, including her stepmother Lilian, who was a strong and dominant businesswoman. Lilian was about to marry Abigail's father, Mike, a man who traveled a lot for his work. Despite having an initially friendly relationship with Lilian and enjoying the moments they spent together, Abigail had a secret that worried her. Ever since her mother left when she was little, Abigail had suffered from the problem of wetting the bed at night. Her father reassured her that it was just a passing phase, and Lilian also tried to be understanding, but deep down she considered her immature and discreetly called her "baby" because she still didn't have proper bladder control.All of Lilian's cruel actions were hidden from Mike, always away from his eyes. Abigail felt helpless and feared what would happen when her father wasn't around to protect her. One evening, during a family dinner, Mike made an announcement that would change the course of everyone's lives. He revealed that his company would be opening a branch in another country and that he would need to move for six months to manage this new venture. Abigail sank into her chair at what her father said, but also felt a certain relief, as she knew that her stepmother wouldn't be staying at the house during this period. Before Abigail could get up and leave the table, her father asked her to stay and announced something that left her even more astonished. He said that, as the wedding between him and Lilian was approaching, and considering the closeness between Abigail and her stepmother, Lilian could look after her during his absence. Abigail lost consciousness for a moment, unable to process what was happening. Still half-stunned by the shock of her father's announcement, Abigail was still dizzy when Lilian broke the silence and said: "You wanted to go to bed at that time, didn't you, Abigail? I'll take you." Abigail wanted to refuse, but some part of her, perhaps the fear of confronting Lilian, made her agree. "Yes, let's go," she said, holding out her hand to Lilian, who promptly took it. The two went up the stairs together, arriving at Abigail's room. The room still bore traces of the girl's childhood, even though she had long since outgrown that phase. Toys scattered around the room, walls painted in pastel colors and a small closet full of children's clothes gave the place an atmosphere that no longer matched Abigail's age. Lílian selected an outfit for Abigail, chosen from among the pieces she had bought months ago, clothes that were more reminiscent of a child's style. She picked out a light blue sweater with floral prints. Abigail allowed Lilian to help her put it on, feeling uncomfortable. After covering Abigail with the blanket, Lilian approached and said, with a tone of veiled threat: "Little one, I have a deal for you. If you wake up dry tomorrow, I won't do anything to you. But if you wake up wet, there will be changes in this house." Abigail, aware that this was her only chance of avoiding trouble, decided to accept the deal. With a little hesitation, she murmured: "Yes.”
  2. Kate had left her laptop at the office, and her phone was acting up. She always hated going into her step-sons messy room, but she really needed to send this email. She navigated the piles of dirty clothes, and tried not to breathe through her mouth. "How can somebody live like this?" She thought. "We are going to have a serious talk about this." She grimaced, as she cleared the immediate desk space of empty soda cans, and various wrappers. She was happy his computer was so nice, and booted up quickly. A Google doc was onscreen when the moniter blinked to life. She tried to minimize it, she wasn't there to snoop. Her perifial vision caught the big bold letters before she managed though, and her brain couldn't help but spell them out for her. "Oh my!" She squeaked. Cheeks turning red. Diapered by my Step Mom Chapter One She knew she should just close the window, but her curiosity got the best of her… My Step Mom Kate, is so gorgeous. She's a big curvy woman, but not fat - by anyone's standards. She still has a tight waist, for all those curves she has. I'm pretty sure Pixar owes her some heafty royalties, for borrowing her likeness. Her bras are all DD, but they barely contain her perfect breasts. And she should have a CDL for that dump truck she drove around all day. She always bosses me around, and treats me like a kid still. Even though I'm 24. "It's a bit mosaganisic, but I guess it's kind of flattering." She laughed. It was no secret Chris thought she was hot. She would catch him staring at her all the time. "And maybe I wouldn't treat you like a kid, if you didn't act like one." She thought, before reading it on screen. She always tells me that if I would start acting my age, then she'd treat me like an adult. Little did she know that I didn't want her to treat me like an adult at all. "I wonder how she will treat me after this?" I thought. As I relaxed my muscles and wet my bed. I fell asleep in my wet sheets. Knowing that Kate would come wake me up, and find me. Kate was flabbergasted. It was like a trainwreck, she couldn't look away. She scrolled down a bit further to see how much of this story was written. Then one afternoon, after experiencing a few more embarrassing mornings like the first, Kate sat me down for a talk. I acted like I didn't want to wear them, but my heart jumped for joy when she pulled out the package of diapers. They weren't the pull-up kind either. I would have to be taped into them. Like a little baby. "I don't even know how to use those. I've never changed a diaper." I argued - fishing for her to offer her assistance. A performance worthy of an Oscar. It was like music to my ears when she started talking. "Well… that's no excuse. I've changed lots of them in my day. Come on, lay down." Kate's phone went off, startling her back to reality. It was her secretary asking for the email, again. "Oh shoot!" She was so entertained with the story, that she completely forgot what she was in there for. She quickly sent the email, and noticed the time. There was no way she would be able to finish the whole story before Chris came home. She sent a second email, to herself this time, and put the computer back to sleep. In the kitchen, Kate found herself quite flushed, thinking about what she had just read. "I'm not… I wouldn't actually…" she poured a glass of wine, and started sifting through all the thoughts racing around her head. It wasn't long before Chris was pulling up the drive. Her phone chirped, as he walked in the door. It was the email she had sent herself. "About time!" She said. "I just got off practice, and there was traffic." Chris said, somewhat puzzled. It was only a few minutes later than he normally arrived. "Oh… not you. My phone was acting up all day, I just started getting my emails on it again." Kate said. "I'm going to go upstairs, and read for a little bit. Don't run off though. I want to have a talk with you in a little bit. There's pizza in the fridge." Chris rolled his eyes. "I was going to meet Shayna at the cafe though." He groaned. "Well how about you clean your room up a bit first? I'll be down to have that talk in a little bit." Kate didn't know what she was going to say to him yet. She wanted to read more, before she made any decisions. "Are you serious! I'll do it later!" Chris groaned again, throwing his backpack to the floor. Kate would normally get annoyed with such a reaction. But all she could see was a toddler throwing a tantrum now. "If you don't clean it, then I will." Kate said. "Great, thank!" Chris yellped. "I'll see you later!" He then thought about the diapers he had hidden in the closest. And the several wet ones stashed under his bed that he hadn't found time to properly dispose of. "Actually. I'll start now, she isn't going to be at the cafe for another hour." In her room, Kate lay on her bed. Reading more. With every word she fell more in love with the idea. The further she read, the further she realized it was litterally a playbook to make her step son behave. Her friends were all over for their weekly wine night. They get together every Friday. I always sneek some, when they aren't looking. It was probably the wine, but who's to say. I made sure to do it when they all could see me. "Oh Chris!" Kate's friend Tiffany shouted. "Kate! Chris is…" she just pointed at me. As a dark stain grew down my jeans. Kate took me by the arm and drug me to my room. She was so mad at me. "This is so embarrassing. In front of my friends? Do you seriously need diapers all the time?" She yelled at me, as she pushed me on my bed, and pulled off my wet clothes. "I wonder what your friends will think of your diapers?" She asked as she tapped one around me. "My friends?!?" I quailed. Not thinking my little scheme would ever bleed into my social life. As much as I wanted her to diaper me. I didn't want my friends to know. Most of all my girlfriend Shayna. "You seriously think you're going to wear anything else after that? So embarrassing." "No!" I cried. It was just an accident. I don't actually need to wear them all the time. It was just an accident." I realized then, that I may have flew to close to the sun. "Well let's just see if you can be a big boy for the weekend. And we will talk about what you'll wear to school on Monday." Kate was enamoured with the idea of having her step son under her thumb. Chris apparently had mixed feelings. I hated that I had to do everything she said now. I had really enjoyed just acting like an immature little brat. But, it's not like I never had a fantasy where Kate was a stern mommy... That weekend was all… 'yes Mam, I'll do the dishes' and 'yes Mam, I'll clean my room.' as annoying as it was, I could still relish in my victory. I just hope I get out of them in time. Kate had already resigned to putting him back in diapers. She honestly couldn't shake the thoughts, since they started pouring in this afternoon. But now… she started to form a plan that would work in her favor. She met Chris downstairs, just as he was hauling a big trash bag out of his room. If she knew it was full of dirty diapers, she would have just started then. "Oh wow! I didn't really expect you to actually clean your room up." "Mostly. I'll finish when I get back. Unless you still wanted to clean the rest?" Chris smiled. Pretending it was a joke. Knowing full well he would love to not have to clean up after himself ever again. "We'll see how I feel when I get back from the store. But if you need your mommy to clean your room for you, I don't know how you expect me to let you keep going on dates." Kate jested. "Okay…" Chris stammered, his cheeks flushed red. Kate could tell he liked that she talked to him like that. "Okay. Well… like I said, I'll clean it when I get back." "Ten o'clock!" Kate yelled, as he raced out the door. As much as Kate wanted to throw a diaper on him the second he got home, she didn't want him to think this was her idea. Even if the thought of him as an obedient little diaper boy got her excited, it was part of her plan to wait… The next few nights, Kate made sure Chris didn't wake up dry. Sneaking melatonin into his dinners, and skulking into his room with a warm bowl of water in the middle of the night. She half expected him to jump right into it, but he seemed genuinely embarrassed every morning. "Uh oh! It looks like we had another accident!" Chris woke up to his step mom in his room again. "I… I'm sorry Kate!" Chris whined. His embarrassment was indeed real, wether he pleasured himself to the awful show every night or not. "Well… I know you are sorry. But I really think it's time we talk about some protection. I don't want to be cleaning this mess up every morning." Kate kept stern eye contact as she suggested diapering her step son. "Like… diapers?" Chris choked. He couldn't believe he was really having this conversation. It was his fantasy, but he was too embarrassed to enjoy it. "It's okay. You just haven't woke up dry at all this week. I already bought some." Kate smiled. "You don't have to wear them untill tonight."
  3. 🧸🧷🧸 PART I THE FIRST ACCIDENT, OF A SECOND DIAPERING "Nah nah nah, uh uh… Where do you think you are going? Do you see your nephew climbing over the gate? You are supposed to ask for help. Seriously, how is a 3 year old more well behaved than you? Now get back in there with all of the other jobless freeloaders." Stephanie laughed, gesturing for her step son to rejoin his two young cousins in the playpen. "Hey! Bella isn't a jobless freeloader. She still gets royalty checks for that Gerber ad she was in last year!" Kate huffed, quickly coming to her daughter's defense. "How bout that, two times already today that a toddler proved they are more of an adult than you. HaHaHa. I really think this baby punishment was the right move Mom. For sure. The playpen is definitely more his speed. You should have seen how stupid he used to make himself look at the clubs." Kate started talking to her mom about her brother like he wasn't right there. "It's not BABY PUNISHMENT, It's regression therapy. And I wouldn't even be doing it, if it wasn't court ordered!" Chris hated that his sister got away Scott free, and he got passed all the blame for burning down the neighbors barn full of antique tractors last summer. "I have to go to the bathroom. And I'm already out here, can I just go?" "How are you ever going to learn to be a respectful young man, if I keep letting you get away with stuff like this?" Stephanie rested her hands on her hips. And sternly glared at her stepson. "Now get back in that playpen and ask for help if you need to make potty." "I need to go to the bafroom!" Bella shouted from the playpen. Okay then, let's go then. Thank you for asking. Who's my big girl!" Kate cooed as she lifted her daughter over the gate, and walked her towards the bathroom. "I'm so proud of you. I bet by the end of the month you will be wearing pig girl undies like your big sister!" "That's not fair! I asked first!" Chris shouted. Angry that the only toilet in the house was now occupied. and, Annoyed that his 3 year old cousin was going to make it out of pull ups before him. "I really need to go!" "Well you actually didn't ask. So let's start with that shall we?" Stephanie said waiving her hands, ushering her stepson back into the playpen. "Stephanie please! I really need to go to the bathroom." Chris sighed after climbing back into the childish play area. "Can I please go first? I will be quick." He pleaded. Already starting to wiggle behind his discomfort. "Are you seriously going to make it three times in an hour, and prove that you can't even hold your wee wee long enough for your cousin to go potty?" Kate huffed, as she lifted Bella onto the toilet, and shut the bathroom door. "Stephanie! Can I just go out back?" Chris urgently asked, dancing on his tippy toes, holding his crotch behind white knuckles. "And give Mrs. Martin another reason to complain to the neighborhood watch? I don't think so!" Stephanie quickly denied. "If you can't hold it, just go. You are literally wearing a toilet!" She laughed. She didn't take as much joy in her step-son's embarrassing penance as her daughter Kate, but she sometimes could help but just laugh at him. "What is taking so long?" Chris was at the bathroom door now. "I'm coming in!" Chris shouted excitedly. as the first little spurt of pee escaped into his pull-up. Only to be met by the firm unbudging weight of a locked handle. "Jesus Chris! Hold on. Bella is a little constipated. I told her not to eat all that cheese." Kate hollered from behind the door. "Just listen to Mom, and go in your diapers. It isn't healthy to hold your pee in this long." Tears were welling in his eyes, as the first battle was lost. "I don't wear diapers, and you know I don't really use them!" Which was true, until about 6 seconds ago. Tears rolled down his face, as he flooded his pull-up. But that wasn't the worst part. "Please! If she's constipated, just take her off the toilet for a minute, and let me use it! I am very very NOT constipated!!!" Chris shouted. Painfully aware that he had very little time before this little accident became much bigger. "Uh-oh. I think he's trying to say he needs to go number 2. I was wondering why he is still doing his little potty dance." Stephanie said. "What do you mean, you were wondering why he is STILL doing his potty dance. Is there a reason he should have stopped? I can only think of one reason someone stops doing a potty dance." Kate was laughing hysterically. "Did he really just pee his pants out there?" "Well he isn't actually wearing pants. But Im pretty sure his pull up is wet. The little balloons disappeared." Chris didn't even notice Stephanie take a few steps towards him. "Ope, yeah definitely three times. I wonder how many other ways we can find for Chris to come in second to a toddler in the 'im a big kid now' game." Chris jumped back as he felt his stepmoms hand prodding his sodden shame. That was it. Being startled like that was too much for his little sphincter. The second battle had been lost... and, the end of the war was hearalded by a thunderous fart, and a desperate moan. "NOOO!!!" Chris screamed. Hearing the lock click, and door swing open just in time for Kate to wittnes the exhibition. "Thanks alo… uhh.. grrmmpf… a lot!" "Why are you just standing there? I thought you still needed to use the…" Kate stopped talking, as she noticed the strained distant look in her step-brothers eyes. his slightly bent knees, and balled fists. "You are not seriously! Oh my God! Get out of my way! I can already smell it!" Chris tried to get to the toilet and at least get some of the mess into the bowl. "Hmmpppfff… hmmppfffff…" he grunted, only making it another step or two before his body decided it wasn't really worth it. He conceded, and decided to just push the rest out, since it was already coming. The relief felt amazing even though he was about to die from embarrassment. "This is all your fault!" He screamed at Kate, tears still pouring down his face. "How is it my fault that you waited to go to the bathroom this long. You are an adult. You should really be able to have a little more control. This is on you little brother. You pooped your pants, not me." Kate snorted. "Hey! What the fuck!?!" Chris shouted at the flash of Kates camera. "Did you just take a picture?" He asked. Trying to pull his Tshirt down far enough now to cover his soiled diaper. "Uh oh! Uncle Chris, It's okay. My mommy said that it's is. She told me that everyone has an accidents sometimes." Kate was able to avoid the question, as bella approached Chris. Who's knees had buckled under the weight of his Shame, sending him to the floor where he tried not to move, and feel the mess squish more. "Yepp. Everyone has them. Even Santa Clause, and Tinkerbelle, and um… well I don't. I don't go poop in my pants anymore. Because I am a big girl." The two women were laughing hysterically at the young girls savage burns, executed from a place of pure innocence and sincerity. "Please tell me you got that on video, and not just a picture. I think we could win the TikTok with that one!" Stephanie wheezed between laughs. "Geez mom. Your skin says you're still in your 30's but sometimes you really show your age. Nobody 'wins' TikTok. But yes. I do have a video." She opened the file, twisting the knife in Chris's wound. Making him hear it all over again. A fucking 3 year old, reminding him that she doesn't poop her pants as he his litterally sitting in the mess he just made. "Oh yeah. That is perfect! too fucking funny!" She laughed, starting the video again, so Stephanie could watch. After a few screenings, the two ladies had found a calm in the storm of laughter. "Maybe you are right Mom. Maybe this is the video that is going to win the tiktock." "You can't! I DO NOT give you my permission to post a video of me!" Chris tried to act as big as one could, when they are looking up at their mom and sister from the ground, sporting a very full pull-up. "Um… conservatorship. I am literally your legal guardian. I can post all the pictures and videos I want. But I tell you what. If you decide that, after you get cleaned up, you want to start acting like a big kid again, and not someone in the tralls of their terrible twos, I promise I won't post them. Deal?" Stephanie said "I promise! I promise I'll be good!" Chris obviously took the deal. Not only would his friends not see him wearing the same pull ups their all their younger siblings were wearing, it got him in the shower, and away from the twos' infuriatingly embarrassing laughter. "Good, after you get yourself cleaned up, come back to the living room. You can clean up the play area, while we get the twins ready for their naps." Stephanie demanded. Knowing how much Chris hated picking up after himself, let alone a bunch of sticky Rugrats. "Yes mam, I'll be right back down… can I have… a clean pull-up to change into please." Chris nearly choked on the words. But he wanted to be as sincere as possible, until he found a way to delete that video. "I'll bring one up. Just hurry on, and go. You smell absolutely dreadful. Just… hurry up." Stephanie nasally honked, pinching her nose shut, as she helped Chris to his feet with her other hand. "Wow… did you see that attitude change. If I knew making him shit himself was the key to making him more obedient, I would have pumped his breakfast full of laxatives weeks ago. Heck… years ago!" Kate laughed. divulging her morning mischief to her mother, as soon as Chris was out of earshot. "Oh Kate… you didnt!" Stephanie tried to act like she didn't think it was the funniest thing she had heard all week. "I mean… you can't argue results. Do you still have any more laxatives left? In the shower Chris kept wishing he would wake up. But he knew in his heart of hearts that he wasnt dreaming. The nightmare that just unfolded was very much his real life. For the next 32 months anyway. He tried to not let his repulsion to being under the thumb of those two blonde bimbos fester. He knew he had to stay on their good side, as much as he hated it. He let the water run cold as he thought about all the stupid decisions that led him to this point… To be continued… Act II The flashback, and a New Deal
  4. This role play is about a stepdaughter who has to go live with her father and stepmother. I'll play the stepdaughter named kelly.
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