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  1. Welcome to the incontinence machine! Choose from the following options to design your personalized experience. Ready to begin? Here we go! 1. First, let’s decide the severity for urinary incontinence: - Mild (dribbles) - Moderate - Severe / Total incontinence 2. Next determine the primary type of urinary incontinence: - Nonstop Leaky faucet - Squirts, small bladder releases - Intermittent floods 3 Very good! How much awareness do you want to have? - No awareness of having to pee. Total amnesia. - Vague awareness. - Keenly aware you’re peeing. 4. What about nights? - No bedwetting - Heavy wetting, frequent pee dreams - Heavy wetting with infrequent pee dreams. 5. Do you want your incontinence to be reversible or permanent? - Reversible - Permanent 6. Do you wish to have bowel incontinence as well? - No bowel incontinence - Mild/ occasional bowel incontinence - Severe/ Total bowel incontinence 7. Finally, would you like to add toilet confusion, thus impossible to use a toilet? - No - Yes Thank you using this setup wizard, good day!
  2. This isn't so much a story as a short vignette. During a discussion about fan-fiction a year or two ago, rule 34 came up and we ended up arguing whether you could write a story involving diapers for any fandom. I argued in favour of this, and then somebody (I forget who) said "Fine. Robocop." And this is where we ended up. ------------------- <BANG> <SPOING> <CRASH> Everybody ducked down behind desks and filing cabinets as another projectile shot through the broken glass, hit a pipe and ricochetted into the water cooler, breaking the bottle, spilling a gallon of water onto the floor. "Shit! Anybody hurt?" Shouts of 'no' and 'not yet' rang out from around the squad room before somebody said what everybody was thinking. "Can someone put a stop to that?" Officer Anne Lewis looked out from behind a filing cabinet. Her gun was in her hand, more out of habit than necessity. She knew where the shots were coming from. They all did. Officer Alex Murphy, or Robocop as the OCP reps insisted on calling him, had had a bad night. It had started with a simple convenience store robbery, but had quickly escalated to a hostage situation. This again, had led to a car chase which had ended in a fiery crash and two dead robbers. This wouldn't have been anything too out of the ordinary except the soon-to-be crispy criminals hadn't had the good sense to steal the 6000 SUX parked just down the street from the convenience store. Instead, they had gone for the garbage truck. The crash had mangled one of Murphy's legs and torn his left forearm off. Both were easily replaced, but it was still a time-consuming process. And then, five minutes ago, they had found out that there was a problem with the nutrient paste dispenser. Lewis holstered her gun and began crawling towards the closed-off area where the OCP technicians did maintenance on Murphy. Another projectile shot through the glass partition and there was a howl of pain as it hit somebody. Lewis didn't stop to see who it was. Thankful for her body armour, she kept moving forward, broken glass scraping between the armour and the floor. She was almost at the door. She paused for a moment before pushing it open and peering inside. She could see the techs huddled behind some heavy equipment; one of them holding his shoulder where a bloody stain was slowly spreading. On what looked like a cross between a heavy-duty operating table and an industrial assembly station, Lewis could see Murphy lying face-down. His wrecked leg had already been detached and was on the floor next to the table and it looked like he had been shut down for the repairs. Just then, Murphy's body jerked and yet another bolt shot out. Man, that nutrient paste must really be fucked up. Lewis crawled under the table until she was on the other side of Murphy's body, the safe side, before standing up. She looked over at the technicians. "Now what?" she yelled. "Lewis, fetch the kevlar reinforced diapers. This is going to be a long night."
  3. Chapter 1 This is the story of a red panda with pink fur. Her name is Alice. She was not supposed to live past the age of 2. Her parents are both also red pandas but with normal fur. Her mom's name is Jane and she is 5 foot 6. Her dad's name is Cree. He is about 5 foot 9. They were both normal in height and both lived normal lives. They quickly fall in love after meeting at an archery contest. Jane and Cree made it to the semi-finals. Both of them have hit all their shots right on the bullseye, all they had to do was not miss or get distracted. Jane smirks at Cree giving him a cheeky wink. She yells over to him. "Hey, tell you what you beat me and I might let you get to know me better. But if I win you are going to buy me lunch." Jane says and blows a kiss at him. His mind was racing. He was never much of a lady's man. He just liked archery and kept to himself he never had a girl come on to him like this. He took a deep breath In and out. He shook his head and took aim. She might be hot and a girl but she wasn't going to take it easy on her. "Don't miss cutie~" Jane yells at him giggling. This makes the man panic and let go of his arrow pointing straight up. The arrow comes back down, landing right through his foot. Cree screams as Jane runs over to him. "Oh no! I didn't mean for that to happen! Just relax, this might hurt a bit sweetie." She says yanking the arrow right out. This causes Cree to scream trying not to cry in pain. He didn't want to look weak in front of someone so cute. He watched as she took off her sleeved shirt leaving her only in an undershirt and rips it up and ties it tight around his foot. "Let's get you to the hospital, I think I owe you that at least. Then maybe you can buy me that lunch." She says smiling at him. His voice cracks as he goes to speak. "Cree…" He says blushing but still in a lot of pain. She giggled but looked confused. "M-my name that is…" Cree says in a panic. Jane smiles and hugs him. "My name’s Jane, nice to meet you cutie. Though I wish it was better circumstances." This was their first time meeting; they were both about 22 years old at this point. They grew closer and closer before eventually getting married a few years later. Though it had to be said Jane never let Cree play the dominant one. She loved him but also loved to be on top. This might have caused the problem where Jane got pregnant. It was another year later but after some casual sex and wearing out the red panda boy Jane found out she was pregnant. She screamed from the bathroom. She had no intention of having kids. At least not yet. She couldn't believe how badly she wanted him the other day and didn't get off him letting him go full load in her. Cree runs into the bathroom. "What's wrong?!" He asks. She just sighs again. "Looks like we are going to have a kid…" Cree was overly excited but Jane not as much. Maybe secretly, over the next few months, she got more and more excited about the idea. Then after finding out it was a girl she was even more excited. She couldn't wait. Her belly grew more and more. Before one night they laid down to go to sleep her water broke just before she was out. They rushed her to the hospital where she screamed and cried as she gave birth to their new daughter. They named Alice this was Jane's idea she was named after her grandma. But something was off her fur was not red like her mom and dad but pinker. She was taken away by the doctors to get the normal check-up and cleaned up. Cree held Jane's hand. "Pink fur huh? What could cause that? My whole family was red I believe?" Cree says. Jane looks down thinking then looks up nervously. "I remember my grandma telling me of a story that she had a boy with pink fur but…" She says then covers her mouth beginning to cry. "B-but he didn't make it…" She continued. Cree tears up. "Surely not! She will be fine… I-" Just then the doctors walk into the room and hand Jane the baby. Alice just cries till she sees her mom before she just smiles reaching up at her. Jane smiles letting the newborn play with her fingers. The doctor then sighs. "I have something important to say. I'm sorry but she… will be lucky to make it past the age of 2. She has a very rare sickness, it has to do with a rare mutation that causes her fur to turn pink. I have never seen a child live past the ages of two but I hope I'm wrong, I'm sorry." They both broke into tears hugging her tight. They wanted to give her the best life they could before she could leave them. They took her on trip after trip, almost never spending time at home. They took her to theme parks and just all over the world, they spent all the money they had on her. But one day on Alice's first birthday all this stress and going out every day for so long put Jane into a heart attack. Cree rushes her to a hospital straight to the emergency room. She was lucky she made it through but she will have to stay at home and try not to push herself. Anything crazy, exciting or stressing on her heart again might kill her. Alice was about a year old now and the family was celebrating her first birthday. Alice was sitting In her high chair looking up at her mom and dad. "Happy birthday princess!" Cree and Jane yell. As they cheer and laugh. This makes Alice laugh and hits her tray with her hands excitedly. Jane and Cree both give her a big cake saying we love you on it. Suddenly Jane begins crying. "Eat all you want baby girl… w-we might not get to do this next year." Cree Hugs her and she begins to bawl. Alice looks excited by the cake and begins to make a mess while eating some of the cake. After a while of playing she looks up at her mom and dad crying then also begins to bawl not knowing what's wrong but knowing something is wrong. The rest of the year was spent as peacefully as possible to make sure Jane didn't go through another heart attack. This was rough on the family after the last year but they made it through. It's been a decent year but no changes are seen by Alice, no worse condition or anything. They ended up taking her to the hospital to be re-tested after hours and hours of waiting as the doctor walked in. Alice was playing with some toys in a small playpen while Cree and Jane watched. "We got good news! We don't understand how but she doesn't appear to have any of the symptoms anymore but there's still some strange things going on. She might be ok if only a few defects later on in life, But keep a very close eye on her." They both looked excited and hugged laughing and crying. But suddenly the strain of this excitement hit Jane as she screamed and held her chest. She was quickly rushed to the hospital. Cree grabbed Alice. He was crying and hugging her so worried about his wife as she was rushed to a different room. Alice was worried about her dad just playing with his shirt and chewing on it looking up at him. They sat out in the waiting room for nearly 8 hours then the doctors walked in looking down. "Cree… we are so sorry but Jane has passed from a heart attack. We did everything we could, we are deeply sorry." Cree hugs Alice tight and cries like crazy. Alice also begins to cry because her dad was crying. Cree knew he was losing someone this year but his wife was not what he expected. Many years pass after this. Alice is now about 10 years old and 4 feet tall. She was oddly short for her age but it wasn't crazy. Cree comes into her room while she sleeps and shakes her awake. "Time to wake up princess and get ready for school. I got to work too. I probably won't be home when you get home so I'll have a babysitter for you when you get home." Cree says. Alice grones and sits up. "But daddy I don't want a babysitter. I'm 10 years old now and I'm not a little girl anymore…" She says rubbing her eyes. Cree smiles and hugs her. "I know sweetie. But I just don't want anything bad to happen to you. I couldn't stand losing you after losing your mom about 8 years ago today." Alice hugs her dad. "I'm sorry dad… I wish I remembered mom. What was mom like daddy?" He smiled and rubbed her head. "Honestly she was a lot like you. Stubborn and going to have it her way. But she was loving and caring. She loved you so much. I miss her so much." Cree says. Alice frowns looking down. “But I'm just happy to have my little girl!” He said as he tickled her. Both him and Alice laughed and she smiled at him after he stopped. "Now get in the shower. Make sure you get clean this time." Cree says as he walks out of her room. She giggled. “Ok, daddy!” She jumped up and grabbed some clothes that were normal for her age. They looked about normal, maybe a little more childish than she wanted but it wasn't crazy for a 10-year-old. She goes to the bathroom and takes a shower and puts on some blue shortalls on then puts on a cute blue hat heading down to the kitchen. Her dad was already gone but had a pb&J sandwich sitting out for her. Alice smiles and takes walks outside and sits on the porch waiting for the school bus. She swings her legs happily and eats her pb&J. She had a pretty decent life. They might not have tons of money or a perfect house but it was a better life than living on the street or something. Suddenly the bus honks. Alice jumps down off the porch and runs off to the bus with her backpack on, She gets on the bus and looks around. There were a few people that stuck out to her. One was a young boy in the front; he always sat up straight holding his books and smiled at Alice. She gives an awkward smile and waves back. He was a human that wore a shirt with Eevee on it. They were playing tug of War and wore some aqua shorts. He was always super nice to her and she pretended to be nice to him. She didn't hate him, he was just a little weird and always talked about protecting her and stuff. It was kinda creepy to her. The next was a little lion, his mane hasn't grown in yet but he always teased Alice. He wore a camo shirt and jeans. He smirks as Alice passes. "Hey Alice and here I thought you wore pants to school, not just underwear!" She jumps and quickly looks down but she did put on clothing. Why was she tricked by that? She stomps her foot. "Dang it, Ram! I hate you so much, you are such a jerk!" She yells going to the back of the bus and sitting embarrassed. Suddenly the bus driver yells. "Stop fighting back there!" A few people around ram laugh just mocking Alice. Alice sits thinking to herself. "I hate this stupid school… Why can't daddy just get me out of it? They told me I technically don't have to go. Something about… my symptoms might come back eventually, that when I'm grown up I'm going to be set for life apparently?" She sighs and looks out the window watching as they drive away from her home and slowly to the school. Later she's in class, and the bell was about to ring for the next class. The teacher is talking to the class. It's a Female Cow in a long blue dress. "Ok class, tomorrow is bring your mother to school day! So don't forget to have her sign that paper so she can come in to talk about her work and other activities." The class cheered excitedly. Alice just frowns and lays her head on the table the teacher looks worried and as the class was leaving she stopped Alice. "Hey, Alice? Can we talk?" She gulps and panics. "I didn't shoot the spit wad at Ram! He started it!" The teacher looked confused and sighs. "That's not what I was talking about, but good job incriminating yourself." She said giggling. Alice looked surprised then puffed out her cheeks and crossed her arms. "Not fair…" She smiles and rubs Alice's head but she smacks it off. "So what do you want?" Alice asks, the teacher leans down, getting face to face. "Is something wrong with your mom? You seem to get upset when I talk about it?" The teacher asks. She looks down. "My mom died when I was young… i-i wish I knew her…" She tries to keep talking but she begins crying as the teacher hugs her, Feeling awful. They gave her off mom's day to stay home with her dad. Unfortunately, her dad got called into work too so she had to be with a babysitter. She loved her dad but she wished he could stay home more and be with her. Many more years later Alice is now 16 years old. She has not grown one-inch thanks to her strange illness. She's still 4 feet tall. Just like a normal day her dad walks into her room. "Alice, time to wake up. You're going to miss the bus." She sits up quickly only wearing a bra and panties and jumps out of bed. "Shit! Why did you let me sleep in so late?!" Her dad sighs. "Alice, please watch your mouth. You know I don't like that language." She shakes her head and shrugs. "Dad, I'm 16! I might be small and only 4 feet tall but I'm still 16! You got to let me grow up!" He laughs looking down. "Sorry, I know I know. You are just so cute. I'm happy to know you won’t die. Your mother's probably so happy. But being so small forever is a shame. I know it's been hard with school." Alice got dressed in a similar outfit when she was 10 years old. "I wish normal clothing would fit me at least… I hate wearing such childish clothing. Can’t we order special order clothing?" Her dad sighs. “You know I don't have that kinda money. As much as I would love to.” Suddenly there's a honk. "Shit the bus! Got to go, dad, love you! We can talk later!" She hugs him and runs out of the house just catching the bus. In the front there sat the same boy but definitely more Older. Everyone on the bus was 16 now. Even ram he had a bit of a mane now looked like a mean lion now. But oddly she sits right beside him. He throws his arms around her and she smiles. "Wow, cut it close huh? You didn't even comb your hair." She blushes and puts her hair down with her hands. "Oh shut up ram. My dad woke me up late." She sighs and lays against him. "You are nice and comfortable." Alice says, he smirks and leans down, and kisses her. She blushed and covered her face. "Love you." Ram said. Alice smiled back. "Love you too." Turned out Ram used to tease her because he liked her. It took her a while to fall for him but he was the only boy that seemed to like her. He was still kinda a dick but she was loved, right? After the bus ride, they got off and waved as they went to their classes. She was suddenly stopped by her three girlfriends. One was a squirrel she only wore skirts and dresses. Today it was a yellow summer dress. She was a foot and a half taller than Alice. Next was a mouse. She was white-furred and kinda a bitch but she was kinda nice to Alice. Then last was a cat she was striped with black and orange. "Hey, Alice! Are you still coming over today after school?" The mouse asks. "Hey Brittany, uhh ya I think so? We are staying all night right? I might need to get some clothes to sleep in but definitely." The squirrel smirks. "Oh ya, she needs clothing for a toddler because she is so small." Alice blushes and glares. "I'm not that small Cali!" The cat speaks up next. "Oh, Cali don't tease her. She can't help it if she still needs to wear diapers." The group laughs and Alice blushes like Crazy. "Sam! Ahhh! I'm going to class. I'll see you all after school! Or maybe I won’t, it might be nice." She goes to her class and the group laughs more before smirking at each other. It seemed the group had a plan for her. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Enjoying this? Join my patreon to read the next 10 chapters! https://www.patreon.com/Little_Rie
  4. If you've been reading this story, we have a fancy new 'part one' and the story will continue from the end of that to a first chapter of part two. If you haven't been reading this story, welcome, please enjoy a story that I'm very happy with and feel a deep attachment to the characters in. It is my sincerest hope that I can maintain this story to be enjoyable and interesting for however long it goes but if I can't, let me know if I start to dip in quality. Chaotic Infantile By: The Unknown Author Part One Family Chapter One A Night With The Girls “Why do we have to play this dumb game?!” Petra whined. The other girls seated around the dining room table nodded and voiced their agreements all at once, prompting me to raise my hand beside my head and bring my index finger to my lips, bringing instant quiet to the dining room and a satisfied smile to my lips. “Because I had to move my game night with my friends to stay here and babysit you lot.” I told Petra as I opened the box in front of me. Petra scoffed and brushed her black hair out of her face, her earlier play session knocking her pigtails askew. “We’re not actually babies, Zack.” she sneered. “You probably stayed so you could see a bunch of cute girls in diapers.” she added, getting blushes and giggles from the other girls. She was my wife first and my baby girl second, but the more I saw her dressed down in her infantile regalia, the harder it became to not inject the Daddy side of my personality into our every day life. When we’d met she was straightforward about her little side, laying all her cards out on the table before we’d even had a first date, and it was that bold fearlessness that drew me to her, but then she showed me how submissive she could be and that juxtaposition drove me absolutely wild. In all fairness, she wasn’t entirely wrong, I didn’t need to stay home and watch them, they were all grown women, but these same grown women had managed to stain several pieces of furniture with grape jelly from peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and somehow lose a dirty diaper that we didn’t find until three days later, turns out it had “magically” wound up behind the dryer, so needless to say I’d been very insistent with “adult” supervision on this gathering. “First of all, you know the rules about what to call me when you’re little.” I warned, eyeing her as I unpacked the box. She blushed and picked her pacifier up from where it dangled from the front of her pastel purple onesie and put it into her mouth. “Sowwy, Daddy.” she said through the thick bulb of her pacifier, scowling at her friends as they giggled at her being chastised in front of them. “Secondly, as much as I love my friends and my weekly game night, I think I actually do prefer watching you girls, but why shouldn’t I get the best of both worlds?” I asked, looking at the other three girls seated around the table, smiling warmly at them. Ducky, Petra’s oldest and dearest friend smiled back at me. Her name was Deandra, but she’d gotten the nickname “Ducky” years before I’d met Petra when they were feeding ducks at the park and Deandra had thrown a piece of bread too short to go in the water and gone to retrieve it from the grass when a great big goose had flapped it’s wings at her and scared her so bad she farted, making a sound like a duck quacking. Ducky was the same age as Petra and they’d known each other since birth, more or less, they lived two doors down from each other all through school and had gotten an apartment together after graduation, they’d experimented with a more romantic relationship for a time, but ultimately settled on being “Sisters from different misters”. “Unka Zack, what’s dis game about?” Ducky asked, slipping effortlessly into her little girl voice, something I would never get used to hearing coming from a grown woman, no matter how cute it sounded. Ducky was adorable in every conceivable way, her features tiny to match her slight frame, her Asian and African American heritage blessing her with flawless skin the color of caramel with almond eyes that sparkled green of all colors. Petra had established early on that Ducky was her “hall pass”, the one person she could sleep with that wouldn’t result in any negative reaction from me, and in return for my acceptance of this arrangement, Ducky offered herself to me with the same agreement she and Petra had, and we’d all agreed that that was acceptable, though I’d yet to cash that offer in, I wasn’t opposed to doing so in the slightest. I shook my head. “Not just yet, Ducky, I need to get everything set up before I explain the rules.” I told her calmly, watching over the top of my glasses as she picked up her bottle from the table and began to suck down the strong alcoholic concoction within. Illiana, the oldest of the group by a year or two shifted on her seat, her diaper crinkling beneath her tutu as she leaned forward and reached out for one of the dice on the table. I lightly smacked the top of her hand and wagged my finger in the air in front of me to admonish her further. “Not yet, sweetie.” I told her. She’d yanked her hand back as if she’d touched something burning hot and held it against her chest as she looked at me with her big, pitiful looking blue eyes, her bottom lip protruding in a childish pout. Petra and Illiana had met at the gym a few years ago and had hit it off in the sauna, somehow getting on the subject of kinks and lo and behold, another baby joined the party. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think Petra had some kind of innate ability to seduce women into being adult babies given how many of her friends had show up at our house over the years with distinct bulges beneath their pants, any doubt to the nature of such a bulge being removed a short time later when they were brought to me for a diaper change alongside Petra herself. “Is it a hard game?” Rochelle asked. I’d met Rochelle exactly two hours earlier when she’d shown up at the front door, diaper bag slung over her shoulder, doubled up pink, princess adorned diapers straining against the fabric of her sunny yellow onesie. She was smaller and younger than both Ducky and Petra, so much so that I’d whispered my concern about the legality of her presence to Petra just after she’d arrived. Her dark skin made the brightness of her onesie pop as she sat at the end of the table, on a makeshift booster seat I’d had to rig up for her using a few books from my office/study, her lovely hair done up into twin puffs on either side of the top of her head. I smirked. “It’s probably much too hard for babies like yourselves, but we’ll make it work.” I told her. With the box empty and my Dungeon Master screen set up in front of me I looked out at the girls around the table, at least one of them was wet, the hint of ammonia beneath the mixing scents of baby powder and the booze in their bottle giving me pause. “Before we begin, does anyone need a change?” I asked. Ducky’s hand went up first, a proud smile plastered on her face, then Illiana’s, much lower and more sheepish, Petra shook her head and continued sucking her pacifier while Rochelle chewed her bottom lip nervously. “Not yet.” she said softly. Ducky, who was seated next to the girl giggled. “I fink she’s twyin’ to go poopy, Unka Zack!” she declared. I cleared my throat to keep my own laugh from escaping. “Rochelle, is that true?” I asked. Rochelle avoided looking at me and shrugged her shoulders as she looked down at the table. Standing up, I made my way over to her and knelt down beside her chair. “It’s okay if you are.” I told her. “Believe me, every one of these girls has given me a stinky diaper to change.” I said reassuringly. “Right, girls?” I asked the group. Ducky nodded. “I fink Petwa holds her poopies for a whole month just to make the biggest, stinkiest poopy she can!” she said, giggling wildly at her own statement. Petra crossed her arms in front of her chest and glared at Ducky. “Shut up, Ducky, everyone knows you poop the most!” she spat, her pacifier falling from her mouth. “Petra!” I said, my Daddy voice cutting through Ducky’s giggles like a knife through butter. “You know better than to tell people to shut up, apologize to Ducky.” I commanded. “But Daddy, she-” she started to whine. I stood up and looked at her for a moment. “Sorry, Ducky.” she said quietly. “What are you sorry for?” I asked. She sighed. “I’m sorry I told you to shut up, Ducky.” she corrected herself. “Good girl.” I praised. “Now, Ducky, you apologize for saying something mean to Petra.” I told Ducky. Ducky nodded obediently. “I’m sorry I told a fib about you, Petra.” she said, keeping her little voice but dropping the baby talk. Illiana tugged at my shirt. “Mister Klein?” she asked softly. I turned and looked down at her. “Zack, Illiana, please call me Zack.” I told her. She’d been coming over to our house regularly for over a year now and still insisted on being formal when she addressed me, it was endearing, but it made me feel like she wasn’t at ease which made me feel like I shouldn’t be at ease. “Zack,” she corrected, as though this was new information she’d just learned, “I think I might also need to do a number two.” she admitted. I nodded. “Okay, pregame time!” I said with a clap of my hands. “Everyone in the living room!” I declared, watching as each girl slid from her chair and crinkled her way to the living room, Ducky and Rochelle opting to crawl while Petra and Illiana toddled ahead of them. With all four of them gathered on the rug in the center of the living room I took a seat on the couch in front of them and leaned back with my arms stretched across the top of the couch. “The rules are simple, the first one of you to make a poopie gets an advantage in the other game while the last one to make a poopie gets a disadvantage.” I explained. Illiana raised her hand politely, waiting for me to approve her question before she asked it. “What will the advantage and disadvantage be?” she asked. I shook my head. “That’s a surprise.” I told her. “Now, everyone get into whatever position you need to.” I said, watching Petra get down on all fours, Ducky get up into a squat from her crawling position, Illiana bending her knees slightly, and Rochelle laying flat on her back with her feet in her hands looking every bit the infant she was playing. “GO!” I called out. The room filled with the sound of tiny grunts and strains that gradually built into muffled toots from each girl at one point or another until Ducky leapt up from her squatted position a short time later. “I winned, Unka Zack!” she cheered. I sat forward on the couch and pulled her to me with my hands on her hips, turning her around so I could pull back the top of her diaper and peek inside. “Ducky is the winner!” I declared, giving the lump in her seat a gentle congratulatory pat. Rochelle was the next to present herself for inspection and the next to assure she wasn’t going to lose the game, getting the same pat on the butt that Ducky had, producing a nervous giggle from the girl as she went to stand near Ducky. Illiana sighed loudly and walked bowlegged to me, cementing Petra as the loser once I’d finished my inspection and patted Illiana’s bottom toward the winner’s circle. “I’m sorry, baby, but you lose.” I told Petra as I stood up and walked over to her. She was starting to cry, she tended to do that when she lost games, especially when she lost games she was playing when she was little. “It’s not fair, Daddy!” she whined. I sighed and knelt down, scooping her up from the floor and hugging her tightly. “You had the same opportunity that everyone else had, sweetie.” I told her. She pouted and buried her face into my chest. “Maybe we need to put you to bed?” I asked rhetorically, knowing she’d snap out of her fake sorrow at the mere mention of being put to bed. She jerked back and shook her head. “No, please, Daddy!” she pleaded. I kissed the tip of her nose and patted her bottom softly. “Okay, no bed, but I do expect you to be ready for a change by the time I finish with these other little stinkers.” I told her. She nodded eagerly. “I will, Daddy!” she agreed, her body tensing up in my arms as she resumed her attempts to fill her diaper. ********** Nearly forty-five minutes later we were all back at the table, each girl had a fresh diaper and was dressed in her pajamas. Illiana was wearing a two piece sleep set made of soft cloth, the shirt and pants colored a soft pink and adorned all over with little images of sweets and ice creams. Rochelle was in a yellow footed sleeper that perfectly matched the onesie she’d arrived in, tucked away in her diaper bag for safe keeping. Ducky’s choice of pajamas was also one piece but had a hood that, when pulled on top of her head made her look like a panda bear, while Petra wore her fancy princess pajamas that looked like someone had mixed an elegant princess dress with a baby’s sleeper, it had ruffles and frills and was a lovely blue color that made her eyes sparkle. All of the girls were nursing their bottles of mixed drinks, some stronger than others for obvious reasons, but all were well on their way to various degrees of buzzed or outright drunk. “As the winner, Ducky gets an advantage in our game, and that advantage is that she’s the leader of the party.” I explained as I slid a premade character sheet down the table to the panda bear, watching her beam proudly as she picked it up and began reading it. “As the leader, she has an ability that forces each of your characters to consult her before making a choice and should she tell you no, you’ll be unable to do that thing.” I continued. “Like a Mommy?” Rochelle asked softly. I smiled and nodded. “That’s right, Rochelle, just like a Mommy!” I praised her warmly. “Can I tell everyone what to do?!” Ducky asked excitedly. I stifled a chuckle. “I suppose you could,” I said, putting emphasis on the last word, “but what if they don’t like being told what to do and leave the party?” I asked. She thought for a moment, her lips pressing down on her slightly protruding tongue, “I’d spank them if they tried to leave!” she declared. “I guess we’ll have to see how that goes for you.” I told her. “Now, because you didn’t win, Petra, your disadvantage is that you will be playing as the Bard, and your instrument of choice is the washboard.” I told her, sliding a character sheet in front of her. Petra looked down at the paper and then up at me. “Daddy, no!” she whined. I nodded. “I’m afraid so, baby.” I told her. She pouted and sullenly nursed her bottle. “What’s a Bard?” Rochelle asked. “It’s a person that plays music that helps the group,” I told her, “they sing songs that can make everyone stronger or make enemies weaker, things like that.” I explained. “But a washboard sounds so bad!” Petra whined. I nodded. “That’s why it’s a disadvantage, sweetie.” I told her, reaching over to gently stroke her hair. I slid the remaining character sheets to Illiana and Rochelle. “How about you all introduce yourselves to the rest of the party and we can begin?” I offered, looking to Illiana to begin. She picked up her character sheet. “I am Esta Reyqirelle, an Elven Ranger from a small forest village looking for adventure as well as treasure to aid my village’s struggling economy.” she read. “Umm, I have a panther familiar named Calla and she’s been my loyal companion since I rescued her as a cub from poachers.” she added. I nodded and looked to Rochelle who sat up on her perch of books. “I am Shilky, a Gnome Rogue!” she proudly proclaimed. “I grew up in a traveling circus and honed my thieving skills on the patrons that came to our shows, I’ve grown bored of the small jobs and am looking for a great challenge to test my abilities.” she concluded. Ducky didn’t even wait for me to look to her, but launched right into reading her own character sheet. “I am Naydri, a Half-Orc Barbarian!” she bellowed. “I rule my party with an iron fist and command respect and obedience from all that serve under me! I’m a veteran of countless battles and I seek to prove that no living being can match my awesome power!” she read excitedly, giggling cutely once she’d finished. Petra continued pouting as I looked to her. “It’s your turn, baby.” I urged. She shook her head. “I don’t wanna play if I hafta be a stinky, stupid Bard!” she whined. I sighed. “I guess we should put you to bed after all.” I said, moving to stand up. She sighed heavily and grabbed her character sheet. “I am Rosamund Day, a Human Bard.” she read in a monotone voice. “With my trusty washboard, I perform songs that are meant to aid my companions but the intricacies and complexities of the washboard sometimes fail to produce the desired effects.” she continued. “I seek to hone my skills on the field of battle and in the most dire of situations to become the greatest, if not most unconventional, Bard of all time.” she finished, tossing her character sheet onto the table with a petulant grumble. I patted the top of her head softly. “Try and get that attitude under control before we start or you’ll be playing from the corner with a red bottom, baby.” I warned lovingly. I cleared my throat. “I am your Dungeon Master, ladies!” I bellowed majestically. “I make the game and the rules and will guide you on your quest, testing you with traps and monsters, enemies and friends and we will see if you have what it takes to discover what lies “Below The Raven Queen's Garden” I said, throwing a dramatic cackle in for good measure. “How do we play?” Rochelle asked. “It’s like make believe, you pretend to be your character and interact with people and things within the world and I guide you and move the story forward until you win,” I explained. “Or die.” I added ominously. Everyone nodded their understanding and I began to read. “The carriage jostled and bumped along the dirt path carved out in the dense forest, four strangers and a panther seated within, having only recently disclosed their names and intentions to the rest of the group, they sit in silence as they travel to their destination.” “Bard, play me a song to pass the time!” Ducky commanded, a silly grin on her face as she looked at the still pouting Petra. Petra glared at her. “How do I play a song?” she asked me. “Just like you would in the real world.” I told her. She sighed. “I pick up my spoons and run them over the surface of my washboard to play a song for Ducky.” she said. “Naydri!” Ducky forcefully corrected. Petra scowled. “I play a song for Naydri.” she corrected. “Does the song have words?” I asked. Petra rolled her eyes and began to make up words to her song. “Four friends in a carriage, bouncing up and down,” she said, a smirk coming to her face, “if we check Naydri’s underpants, we’ll probably find them brown.” she finished, suppressing a mischievous giggle. Ducky pounded the table with her fist making each of the girls jump in their seats. “You dare to mock the mighty Naydri, Bard?!” she howled. “I do.” Petra told her, sticking her tongue out at Ducky. Ducky growled. “I’ll see your hind end tanned by my hand before this carriage ride is done!” she threatened. “The carriage suddenly jerks wildly to the right, careening off the path and coming to an abrupt stop as the sounds of gruff voices can be heard approaching from somewhere up the road.” I said. Rochelle fidgeted nervously in her seat. “I don’t think I like the sound of that.” she said quietly. “Fear not, Gnome, Naydri will keep your tiny body safe with her mighty sword!” Ducky declared. “Outside, the sounds of many feet and voices can be heard, their words indecipherable, but the menace and ill intent are all too clear.” I told them. Illiana sat forward. “I pull out my bow and kick the door of the carriage open, slipping out with Calla following close behind as I move to put the carriage between myself and our attackers.” she said. “With a cautious glance around the side of the carriage, Esta spies half a dozen Kobold, small, reptilian like creatures approaching with spears and bows and daggers at the ready.” I explained. “I barge out of the carriage and rush the stupid little creatures, roaring threats loudly to frighten them away.” Ducky explained. I smirked. “Roll the twenty sided dice, please, Ducky.” I said. She picked up the dice and rolled it, producing a five that she shared with the table. “Kobold’s don’t speak your language, so you get an automatic minus five to the check.” I explain. “The Kobold’s stare at you and then attack, saying things to one another that you can’t understand.” I told her. Ducky gritted her teeth. “I would like to murder them.” she said grimly. Rochelle cleared her throat. “I sneak out the small door in the roof of the carriage and climb down between the horses and into the trees to get around behind the Kobold’s.” she said. Petra giggled. “I scoot to the end of the carriage and play my washboard to drive them away with the awful sound.” she said. The battle commenced, Naydri slaughtered two of the more well armed Kobold’s while Shilky came up behind one of the archers and dispatched him with her daggers. Esta and Calla handled one archer and an enraged Kobold holding his ears to block the sounds from Rosamund’s washboard respectively while a single Kobold ran off into the forest at the sight of his comrades deaths. “We did it!” Rochelle cheered happily. I nodded. “With the threat dispatched, our heroes find themselves with some distance between their broken down carriage and their previous destination, but a gap in the trees shows the spires of a great castle off in the distance.” I told them. “We should check out the castle.” Illiana said. Ducky nodded. “I agree, we shouldn’t be out in the woods after dark, that Kobold could return to silence our terrible Bard for good.” she said. “Though I’m sure he’d run once he smelled the mess she made in her trousers.” she teased. “I did not!” Petra yelled, causing the other girls to giggle. Rochelle set her now empty bottle down. “It’s okay, Rosamund, I was scared too.” she said reassuringly. Petra glowered at her. “I’m going to learn a song that makes you all poop your pants and then we’ll see who’s laughing.” she threatened. “With the sun slowly sinking in the sky, you all begin your journey to the castle, the trek providing ample time to continue getting to know one another and work on being a more cooperative and kinder team.” I said, looking at Ducky specifically. “I’m hungry!” Petra whined. The other girls nodded in agreement. “Alright, we’ll take a break and get some food in those tummies and then we’ll see what mysteries the castle holds.” I said as I stood up and went to the kitchen to make a few of the frozen pizzas we’d bought for the night. A shuffling and crinkling caught my attention, finding Ducky standing in the doorway. “Are you mad at me for teasing Petra, Unka Zack?” she asked. I shook my head as I turned the oven on to preheat. “No, but if you keep pushing her she’s going to end up getting herself in trouble and having to go to bed.” I explained. “You don’t want her to be punished on your girl’s night, right?” I asked. She shook her head. “No, but I want her to play the game right.” she said. I went to her and picked her up, supporting her bottom with my thick forearms as she wrapped her legs around me and hugged me. “Sweetie, there’s no right or wrong way to play this game.” I told her. “It’s a make believe adventure and you all can play however you want to, but Petra would probably play better if you didn’t tease her so much.” I explained. She nodded and leaned back to look at me. “I’ll be nicer to her.” she told me. I hugged her and patted her back softly. “Good girl.” I told her before setting her down. “Why don’t you go see who needs more party juice, okay?” I asked. As I watched her scurry out of the kitchen I smiled, happy that I’d smoothed over the building tension that would’ve ended with a tantrum and at least one spanking and early bedtime, and curious as to what these girls were going to do when they saw the things I had in store for them. To Be Continued…
  5. Part 1: The bell rang and the little Amy hurried up to the door followed by her mother. “Hi Peggy,” the little girl stretched her hands to the tall girl standing in front of the door. Peggy lifted her in her arms and got a tight hug from Amy. “Hello Amy,” Peggy kissed Amy’s forehead. She was Amy’s babysitter and now they had the whole afternoon and evening ahead; Amy’s parents went to a party and they had to return about midnight. Amy was a cheerful and intelligent little girl; she knew the alphabet and numbers at the age of three and she was able to read simple sentences but, on the other hand, she still was in diapers. Amy occasionally asked for potty to poop but she mostly used her diaper. It was unclear if she refused potty training out of some kind of rebellion or she considered diapers comfortable. She always knew when she needed a change and she was able to prepare everything for the change. Amy also was too clumsy to dress and undress herself. Peggy was a social sciences student. She lived in an apartment together with two roommates; they also were social science students and they supported each other. Peggy considered babysitting a part of her practices; Amy loved her and they had lots of fun together. Peggy’s roommates teased her about her idea but she ignored their comments. “Peggy, Peggy, would we go to the playground?” Amy made puppy eyes at her babysitter. “Of course, Amy. It’s a sunny day today. Let’s go inside now,” Peggy carried Amy and put her on the floor again. “Okay, we can leave now and we’ll be back at midnight,” Amy’s mom smiled at Peggy and the little girl. Amy apparently ignored her parents and focused on Peggy. “Amy, you are wearing your pajamas; did you wake up from your nap?” “Yeah,” the little girl nodded and yawned. “Well, you should get dressed then. Let me check your diaper now.” Peggy reached down and felt the heavy and soaked garment between Amy’s legs. Amy turned around and ran away; she headed towards her bedroom. Peggy smiled only and followed Amy slowly. The little girl was carrying a clean diaper and she hopped onto the changing table and relaxed. “I need a clean diaper,” Amy grinned at her babysitter and spread her legs. Peggy pulled down the pajama pants and untaped the wet package. “Amy, you are a clever girl and you even brought me a clean diaper. Wouldn’t you like to potty train?” Peggy was cleaning Amy’s crotch. “Why? You change me when I need it, don’t you?” “Are you about to wear diapers forever?” “Why not?” Peggy shrugged only; Amy apparently didn’t intend to potty train. She took the clean diaper from Amy, diapered the little girl and dressed her into a T-shirt and jeans. “Well, let’s go,” Peggy took the diaper bag, a bottle of juice and some small snacks along with the toys. While walking through the park Amy turned to Peggy: “Peggy, do you know what I want?” “No idea.” “I’d like to be the big girl like you are.” “Why?” “I’d like to know how it is.” “Wait and you grow up.” “No, I want it now.” “How do you want to do it? It has to be a miracle.” “Yeah; let’s find a magic gem.” “What? Magic gems don’t exist.” “They do. Didn’t you read that fairy-tale?” “Yeah but this is a fairy tale. The magic gems exist in fairy tales only.” Amy shrugged and they got to the playground. She headed towards the sandbox and Peggy gave her the toys. Peggy sat down on the bench, pulled out her mobile and started chatting with her friends while watching Amy and the other children. Amy seemed to have fun. “Peggy, I’m hungry and thirsty,” Amy interrupted Peggy’s chatting. “Hey, Amy; didn’t you forget something?” “Oh, sorry. Can I have some snacks and juice please?” “Of course, here you are,” Peggy gave her a snack and the baby bottle. Amy was able to drink from a cup but it was better to use the baby bottle outside. Amy ate the snack, took the bottle and started sucking on the nipple. Sucking was pleasant and comfortable but it made Amy pee instinctively. She felt the diaper getting warm and heavy; however it wasn’t soaked yet. She passed the bottle back to Peggy and ran away to the sandbox “Thanks Peggy.” About an hour later Amy ran to Peggy again: “Juice please, Peggy.” “Of course, princess,” Peggy passed her the bottle. “Peggy, I’m all wet,” Amy announced when she finished the bottle. Peggy smiled only and put Amy onto the bench to change her. “It’s getting late Amy; we should go home.” “Five minutes please,” Amy begged and Peggy smiled only. However the other children left for home and Amy was alone. Back at home Peggy led Amy to the bathroom to wash her hands and face. “Amy, do you need a change?” “Not yet,” Amy shook her head. “Okay, let’s have our dinner now.” Peggy helped Amy eat even if Amy was quite capable of eating on her own. Amy somehow liked the care and Peggy also liked to feed her. After dinner Peggy washed the dishes while Amy watched a child show on TV. She felt the pressure in her guts and considered asking Peggy; however she didn’t want to miss the show and relaxed plainly. When Peggy came to the living room, the smell revealed the condition of Amy’s diaper. “Hey, little princess; time to have a nice warm bath and go to bed.” Amy shook her head but she yawned at the same time. Peggy lifted her and carried her to the changing table. The diaper was overfilled and Peggy had to clean Amy thoroughly before putting her into the bathtub. Amy seemed to be tired and Peggy lifted her from the bathtub, put a thick night time diaper on her and dressed her in a pink onesie. “Good night, princess,” she put Amy into the crib and took Amy’s clothes. The T-shirt was dirty and she put it into the laundry basket. When she took the jeans, something fell out of the pocket. Peggy lifted it and stared at a small pendant with a green glistening gem. “Amy, what is this?” Peggy asked the little girl. “Where did you find it?” “It was in the sand.” “Somebody has lost it, I think. However it looks expensive. I never saw this kind of gem.” “Is it the magic gem?” Amy jumped up in the crib and clapped her tiny hands. “Amy, this is not a fairy-tale. The best we can do is show it to your mom. Maybe somebody is looking for their lost pendant already and we can give it back to them.” “No, no,” Amy pouted. “Let’s play for awhile; this is a magic gem while we are playing. Can I have a single wish? I promise I’ll go to sleep and you can give it to my mom.” “Okay, little princess, why not? After all, nothing can happen,” Peggy laughed and gave the pendant to Amy. “Dear pendant, I want to be a big girl,” Amy put the pendant to her mouth and whispered her wish. The gem changed its color and turned red. All of sudden Amy’s view got blurred and seconds later she was standing in Peggy’s clothes in front of the crib and looking at herself. Somebody was standing in the crib in Amy’s onesie and holding the pendant. “It worked!” Amy exclaimed. “I’m a big girl but … are you Peggy?” she asked the little girl in the crib. “Yeah, I am Peggy. You are a big girl but I turned into a toddler.” “Isn’t it fun?” “I’m not sure Amy,” Peggy sighed; she had to recover from the shock. Although she never believed in miracles, one of them just happened. “Amy, we should change back. It isn’t as fun as you think.” Peggy tried to convince Amy. “Wait a bit please … please. We change back before my mom and dad come back.” “Okay, take the pendant and put it onto the table.” Peggy passed the pendant to Amy. However she noticed that the gem wasn’t red anymore; it also wasn’t green; it was dark gray. “Peggy, what would you do while waiting for my mom? What do big girls usually do?” Amy suddenly got confused. She didn’t have any idea what to do in her new role. Playing with dolls didn’t seem to be the right option. “I’d watch TV or browse the internet or chat with my friends.” Amy realized that the idea wasn’t as good as it seemed to her originally. Anyway she still was curious. “Come with me and we can watch TV,” Amy knew how to switch on the TV but she was disappointed by the program; no child programs were running already. “I’m thirsty,” Amy announced but she realized she should drink on her own; big girls didn’t need assistance though. She headed towards the kitchen. At that moment Peggy realized that something was wrong. Her big girl’s bladder was a bit full before they exchanged their bodies and Amy would pee soon. “Amy, wait; you aren’t wearing a diaper. What if you have to pee?” “Big girls don’t wear diapers,” Amy protested but she stopped; Peggy was right. She always used her diaper and didn’t have any idea what else to do. “What do big girls do if they don’t wear diapers?” “They have to go to the toilet, pull down their panties, sit down and pee.” “No, it’s unpleasant and difficult,” she reached down and tried to pull down the jeans she was wearing. “Diapers are better.” “Don’t you know how to unbutton your pants?” Amy shook her head. Peggy sighed only; she had to help Amy. “Let’s play a game; you are the big girl and use the toilet.” “Okay,” Amy shrugged, “What should I do?” “Come with me,” Peggy headed to the bathroom “Turn back.” Peggy unbuttoned Amy’s jeans, pulled them down along with the panties. “Sit down and pee.” Amy sat down on the toilet bowl but she was confused about what to do. She was used to a diaper, she never tried to control the bladder muscles and didn’t feel the urge yet. No pee came out. “Sorry, Peggy, I didn’t pee.” “Bring your night time diaper and lie down on the floor,” Peggy pulled Amy’s panties and jeans back. Amy brought the diaper and lay down. Peggy pulled down her jeans and the panties. Amy instinctively lifted her behind and Peggy slid the diaper underneath her. The tapes hardly reached the front but she somehow managed to tape it shut. She pulled up the panties and pants and buttoned the jeans as well. There was a bulge on Amy’s crotch. Amy jumped up and headed to the kitchen again. However she faced another problem. She always got her juice in the baby bottle or in a cup; now she had to find it and pour it into the cup. It was a new task and she spilled a little of the juice until she managed to fill the cup. Peggy also was thirsty and she poured the juice into another cup. Amy watched her and she was taken aback how quickly Peggy filled her cup. “Peggy, will I learn it?” “Of course you will; it is quite simple.” Peggy smiled. Amy drank up the juice and turned to Peggy: “What will we do now? I’d like to play.” “Aren’t you tired?” “No,I’m not.” Amy’s teeneager body wasn’t tired and Peggy also wasn’t tired out of excitement. The toddler body was a bit tired but she had to stay awake and convince Amy to change them back in time. “Okay then,” Peggy sat down and Amy joined her and pointed at the dollhouse. The scene looked normal even if their roles were switched. While they were playing, Amy’s bladder filled up. This time she felt the familiar diaper on her crotch and peed instinctively. However she had a big bladder and the diaper got soaked by a single wetting. Peggy realized she also had to pee but the overall had the zip on her back and she wasn’t able to reach it. Peggy shrugged and decided to wait until they would change back. However the weak bladder muscles betrayed her and Peggy peed herself like an actual toddler. All of sudden they heard key in the lock: “Amy, we are too late; your parents are back.”
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