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  1. Andrew was just 10 years old when his mom died, leaving him understandably emotionally devastated. His mother, Priscilla, originally hailed from Goran, a small yet prosperous principality. The wealth of this tiny country was attributed to Princess Caroline's honest and efficient administration. The national economy thrived on a robust industry and flourishing agriculture, employing the world's most advanced and sophisticated techniques. Despite Goran's longstanding policy of neutrality for over 70 years, the national army remained formidable. Neighboring countries recognized that maintaining Goran as an ally was more advantageous than considering war. One of the most distinctive features of Goran was its strict matriarchal society, where men were regarded as no more mature than five-year-old children. Every Goran man had a female guardian responsible for their care. Priscilla, had fallen in love with a man who turned out to be a scoundrel, leaving her after learning she was pregnant. However, the young Gorian woman, thanks to the excellent job she had managed to obtain, was able to raise and educate her son in the most loving manner. This, however, was before falling ill with the disease that led to her death, leaving her son emotionally devastated. When the plane landed on the runway, Andrew's aunt helped him unbuckle from the seat belt. the young boy gave his little hand to her aunt while she escorted him out of the plane. Stepping out, Andrew was surprised by the hot climate, having been accustomed to a more temperate one. Fortunately, he was dressed in very light clothes: cotton dungarees and a light blue shirt. Descending the ladder with his stuffed dog "Dany Doggie" in his arms, he followed his aunt hand in hand to the baggage claim area, where he was taken aback to see adult men dressed like children, some even wearing diapers. (Hi. If you want to play with me you can contact me privately. I would like a narrative roleplay then please don't write only two lines for only answer, I would preferer play Andrew in this roleplay but I'm available to play the caregiver in a roleplay proposed by you)
  2. Lucy held the position of local manager at a highly esteemed multinational corporation specializing in early childhood products, generating millions of dollars in revenue annually. Through years of dedication and hard work, she had earned her place within the company. However, she faced a significant challenge in the form of her less-than-competent personal assistant. Despite Lucy's patience, the assistant's repeated errors, some of which were grave, had caused serious issues within the company. Following a severe reprimand from her superiors due to a mistake that jeopardized a $17 million deal, Lucy decided to address the situation. During lunchtime, she summoned her assistant to her office and calmly instructed her to take a seat.
  3. Countess Paule de la Fraise had always been unkind to those less prestigious than her at court, which included everyone except Queen Liza and her courtesans. She particularly looked down on the littles who resided at court, treating them with disdain due to her belief in their inferiority. Not only was she the most corrupt aristocrat in the entire court, but her scandals were so numerous that Queen Liza eventually decided to take action. After her latest scandal, the Queen had her countess arrested to put an end to her mistreatment of others. When brought before the Queen for judgment, it was made clear that the evidence of her corruption and abuse was undeniable. The Queen presented her with three options to choose from: capital punishment, lifelong exile, or de-Amazonization.
  4. Lucy held the position of local manager at a highly esteemed multinational corporation specializing in early childhood products, generating millions of dollars in revenue annually. Through years of dedication and hard work, she had earned her place within the company. However, she faced a significant challenge in the form of her less-than-competent personal assistant. Despite Lucy's patience, the assistant's repeated errors, some of which were grave, had caused serious issues within the company. Following a severe reprimand from her superiors due to a mistake that jeopardized a $17 million deal, Lucy decided to address the situation. During lunchtime, she summoned her assistant to her office and calmly instructed her to take a seat.
  5. Michael P.V Hi, my name is Michael and I'm 8 years old. I live in a small city called Nul, which has only 2000 people. It's in the Goran princedom. I'm like the boss at my school, you know? Even the girls are scared of me. That just shows how tough I am because here in Goran, the women are in charge. Nobody can boss me around, not even my mom or my older sister. I do whatever I want. I have complete control over my life. Today, the teacher got mad at me because I was late for class. But when I talked back to her, she kicked me out of the classroom. So, I got really mad and started throwing stones at the school windows. The principal saw me and she was super angry. She grabbed my arm and dragged me to her office. Then, she called my mom. "Mrs. Tyuli? Hi! I'm miss Asiyor the principal of your son's school. I'm really sorry to bother you for the third time this week," I overheard her saying. "Of course, I'll wait for you here!" she said before hanging up the phone. (if you are interested you can contact me privately)
  6. Prologue (part 1) Hi, my name is Antony! I'm nine years old and I live in Oxer, a little town in Goran princedom near the sea. You know what I don't like about this place? The women are in charge and they make all the decisions. They call it "Matriarchy" but I don't really understand what that means. All I know is that I don't like it. I hate being treated like a baby by my classmates. I don't like it when my teacher checks my underwear to make sure I didn't have any accidents. I mean, come on, I can control myself! And I definitely don't like having a teacher assistant accompany me to the bathroom and watch me like I'm a little boy learning to use the potty. It's embarrassing! My mommies say I'm just going through a rebellious phase and that it will pass, but I don't agree with them. I will never like something that I don't like! This morning, I had a brilliant plan to skip school with my friends. We wouldn't learnt anything useful anyway, so we decided to go to the skatepark instead. We were using our skates on the sidewalk to go faster when suddenly, I saw a lady in my path. I tried to avoid her, but I ended up falling onto a greengrocer stand. Oops! Hey there, kiddo! I only remember that I hurt my hand so bad, it made me cry like a waterfall. But guess what? A super nice lady police officer came to the rescue! She took me to her cool police car and let me sit in the back seat. While her friend talked to the angry lady, Officer Koll, that's what she called herself, checked out my hand. She thought my finger might be broken and said we should go to the hospital. But then I got worried that my mommy would find out I skipped school, so I shook my head. Officer Koll understood my fear and said, “Listen, little one, I get that you're scared of your mommy's punishment, but going home like this will make her even more scared. Don't you think that would be worse?” And that's how she convinced me to go with them to the first aid. The doctors took a look at my hand and then went somewhere I couldn't see to talk quietly. While the nurses were treating my scrapes and cuts, I really wanted to suck my thumb, but I stopped myself when the doctors came into my room and told me they needed to take some pictures of my hand. When we were done, I left the room and saw my mommies walking towards me. Mommy Lydia gave me my stuffed koala, Puf, to hug and help me calm down. Normally, I wouldn't take Puf outside, but this time I really needed him, so I hugged him tightly. "Listen, Antony," Mommy Stephanie called me. "A doctor will come here and give you a little shot to make you fall asleep." She told me this just before a nurse and a doctor entered the room where I was. The nurse made me wear a diaper and explained that it was necessary for the surgery. Then I went into a strange room where the doctor gave me a shot and I slowly fell asleep.
  7. (to partecipate contact me privatly) Little part Clare was a little girl who really wanted be famous, for this reason she decided to participate to the first edition of the reality show “the nursery”. She had successfully passed the audition, and signed the contract (even though she didn’t read it completely) and now the 25 years old girl had only to present herself to the rendezvous point. That afternoon after a light lunch she had had a shower and before wear the cutest dress that she had in her wardrobe, a lilac dress with her name embroidered in her chest and a pull up, before styling her red and curly hair in two pigtails (she wanted very much be cute to go in TV), then after brush her tooth with her toothbrush, with the head of Elmo of the Mappets in the end of the handle, and two tube of her favorite toothpaste cherry-flavored in her Koala backpack, and after a deep breath she got out from the apartment where she lived. The taxi was waiting her on the way out of her house and the man driving helped gently her to sat down on the car booster before the taxi driver asked her where she wanted go, then after have given the studios address she relaxed looking out from the back taxi window. When she arrived to the location attacked her badge at her chest and after being helped by the man she paid him and she took her backpack she went to the entry of the TV studio where some littles and some Amazon were just arrived. Amazon part Samantah was a thirty amazon woman who decided to partecipate to the new reality show only for fun, she passed the audition and she signed the contract only after had read the contract very carefuly, she worked for a commercial company and she knew that know only contract before sign it was very important and she was used to do it. That morning after have did the last check in of her suitcase she closed it and she prepare her self to get out from her house. She got in the car where her boyfriend was waiting to start the engine and start for the rendezvous point. She got out of the car and took her big suitcase before kiss her boyfriend lips and go after attack her badge to her pullover she went to meet the other partecipants to the game.
  8. Julie is a spoiled and rude 10 years old girl, whom her mother can not longer manage. One afternoon in which she come home during school hours accompanied by a police man, because she was accused of stealing a videogame, her mother decided that it’s too much. Then he search someone who give him some advice about how to correct the mistakes in the girl’s education. Some hours after, the man saw an email in her mailbox that said: “do you have a problematic child? Don’t worry! Contact me and nanny Melinda will resolve your problems in four weeks. Satisfied or refunded” Under it there was a telephone number and a mail address. (I'd like play the role of Julie , I can play nanny Melinda role too if you want, the role play start with Julie who is accompanied by a policeman in front of the door of his house. Please don't write short answer but be descriptive and not sissyfication. I hope you like the idea. I am available to modify some details in this Roleplay including the The gender of my character is his age as long as there are not too much difference between the one will be decided and the one that I proposed)
  9. Johnathan is a spolit and rude 10 years old boy, whom his mother can not longer ménage. One afternoon in which he come home during school hours accompanied by a police man, because he was accused of stealing a videogame, his mother decided that it’s too mutch. Then she search someone who give her some advice about how to correct her mistakes in the boy’s education. Some hours after nunny Lorraine responds to their ad proposing a particular educational system. (I'd like play the role of Johnathan , I can play nanny Lorraine role too if you want, the role play start with Samuel who is accompanied by a policeman in front of the door of his house. Please don't write short answer but be descriptive)
  10. The war of sexes ended two years ago when Leonard moved in with his sister. Even during the war he never hurt anyone because he had always believed that no problem would be solved by violence. He was a convinced pacifist. For this reason he never had any problems at the end of the war and since he never committed a war crime, the winners offered him to live in peace with his sister on condition that he changed sex and respected the new laws. He was not dissatisfied with the change because, although his family had never understood him and had never allowed him to live this side of his life, he was always attracted by his infantilism before the war, so now he could live his life AB with an alibi. His name was now Eleanor Knight and he lived with his sister in their new home. She was 52 inches tall and had very dark skin, black and curly hair (which she always keeps in twin tails) and two brown eyes. She was usually a whining little girl, so she was often teased by her sister but never with malice. It was morning when her sister came to her room where she slept with a very wet diaper and sucked her thumb.
  11. We are in 2305: the human species on the planet earth evolved in a particular way: men are gotten gradually smaller (about 2 feet) and women are gotten gradually taller (about 6 feet) . In all the world women, taking advantage of the difference of size, have taken the control of the society confining men in marginal roles. In some parts of the world the fashion of treat men like baby or toddler has caught on, and though usually men didn’t like this fashion the society tolerate it. ‐----------- Mike was a young man 20 years old, he two feet exactly average for men, dark hair and eyes and a very enterprising character , so that in this era and despite the various difficulty he lived alone. He had succeeded with great difficulty to convince her mother and her sister to let him live alone in this world in which women were the masters of the world and he convinced with the same difficulty his landlord to rent him her flat. It was a very big flat and he stayed very well here: he had a very big room that he used like studio too (he worked like game designer for an important company) and with his pay he could live very well. Some month after his landlord phone him to say that she decided that give the other room of the flat to a young woman. (I would like be Mike, please don't write two lines for post but be descriptive. I would like insert some fantascentific elements too like flying cars, robot (not nanny), ecc)
  12. Elisabeth (or lizzie) is a spoiled and rude 10 years old girl, whom her father can not longer manage. One afternoon in which she come home during school hours accompanied by a police man, because she was accused of stealing a videogame, her father decided that it’s too much. Then he search someone who give him some advice about how to correct the mistakes in the girl’s education. Some hours after, the man saw an email in her mailbox that said: “do you have a problematic child? Don’t worry! Contact me and nanny Carola will resolve your problems in four weeks. Satisfied or refunded” Under it there was a telephone number and a mail address. (I'd like play the role of Lizzie , I can play nanny Carola role too if you want, the role play start with Julie who is accompanied by a policeman in front of the door of his house. Please don't write short answer but be descriptive and not sissyfication. I hope you like the idea. I am available to modify some details in this Roleplay including the The gender of my character is his age as long as there are not too much difference between the one will be decided and the one that I proposed)
  13. Charlotte Allen was a wild sixteen year old girl with long brunette hair, hazel eyes, a very stubborn attitude. Despite her mother's warnings she had thrown another party and was now passed out on the couch. To make matters worse the house was a mess, she was drunk, and the couch was soaked from her having an accident. Charlotte was only wearing a wet white t-shirt and some very skimpy black panties even though her mother disapproved of such panties.
  14. I am 20 and a male. So I went on a 6 hour long car ride a few weeks ago. I was visiting a city in Southern California. I didn't bring any ABDL supplies like diapers or anything on the trip (even though I was only traveling by myself). I was there for a while and midway through my stay there, I decided to order diapers through Amazon. I have Amazon Prime so they should arrive the next day and they did. So my plan was at the end of the week to check out of the hotel and wear diapers the whole way back home. The drive is a long 6 hours but more like 7 including stops. I bought a pack of Abena M4 diapers because they had Amazon Prime. Now, these diapers are not discrete at all! They are bulky and crinkly, but they were the cheapest. I didn't want to spend a ton of money and a pack of like 12 was only $20. I ordered baby powder too. So, it is the end of the week and I was heading home. I decided not to diaper myself in the hotel before checking out because I still had to interact with people in public. I just packed the diapers and powder in my suitcase. There are many rest stops throughout the drive so I figured I could just change there. Now! Note that I've never really worn in public, maybe once or twice in a tiny pullup but that's it and now I'll be trying with a huge diaper. But it's fine because I'll be in the security of my car for the most part. Sorry with all the background information but this is where it gets interesting. So I stopped by 7-11 and picked up large drinks and snacks for the ride back. I actually missed the first rest stop back and the next one wasn't for another 2 hours so I decided to stop by a gas station. This is nerve racking because these restrooms are not individual rooms. I got a backpack and slipped a diaper in it. I was wearing slim jeans so I hoped it wouldn't show too bad. I got in and I went in the big stall in the back. The toilet had no lid so I had to like sit on one side of the seat. I honesty thought I might slip in. Anyway, I pulled out the diaper and proceeded to quietly unfold and spread out the diaper. I think it was pretty loud but I tried doing it when other people weren't in the restroom. It was really hard putting it on but I eventually did. I pulled up my jeans and even flushed the toilet to make it seem normal. There weren't any mirrors so I honestly had no idea if it was just like totally noticeable or not. There were a lot of younger people and kids there so I was even more anxious. I walked all the way to my car and the crinkle was really obvious but luckily it was pretty loud outside. The feeling of walking with a thick padding in your pants was definitely weird. But, anyway I made it to the car and sitting on the diaper was surprisingly soft and comfortable. Off we go again. I'm driving and I've already drank a lot of water so I just start wetting whenever I feel the urge. It was actually A LOT of pee. I'm surprised I didn't leak at all. So I was sitting in this for about 30 minutes but then I had to poo. It must've been something I ate or drank earlier. I lifted up my butt a little bit from the seat and out some a moderate amount of poo. It smelt pretty bad. I sat back down and realized the situation I just put myself in. The next rest stop was sure to be an adventure. I arrive at the next rest stop and there is a surprising amount of people there. And up pulled up too large buses with kids so I just sat in my smelly car waiting for the amount of people to lower. It was fairly dark out too so at least it wasn't in bright daylight. So my car smelt super bad! My diaper was nearly about the explode I felt. I dug through my suitcase once again, grabbed another thick diaper and slipped it in my backpack. I looked at the restrooms and realized they were communal and not individual. But I had to do it because I couldn't show up at my house being like this. So I began walking to the restroom and I could feel my butt moving like I had a huge messy diaper on. I pulled down my shirt a lot to make sure it wouldn't ride up above my waistband. I got to the restroom and got in on the stalls. I sat in the same position as before and wow was that a lot of squish. It smelt bad too but I hoped it was blend in with the men's restroom anyway. Anyway, I acted like before and tried being as discrete as I could. I unstrapped the messy and wet diaper and it had squished around the entire diaper so I was practically covered in poo. Luckily I had some facial cleaning wipes that I shoved in my bag or else I would've been screwed. The toilet paper was thin and kept ripping so I was making a lot of noise. I used a lot of the wet wipes to wipe as much as I could but I was still making a complete mess and the smell was getting worse. And there was a constant flow of people in and out of this restroom. I rolled up the diaper and put it to the side and continued to try and wipe myself clean. I was making so much noise in addition to the crinkle of the diaper! I was sooo anxious! But I cleaned myself as much as I could but my body still smelt really bad. I grabbed the fresh diaper and powdered it before putting it under me. I then powdered my legs and butt and everywhere a lot to try and cover up the smell. But if the poopy diaper smell wasn't already a dead giveaway then the baby powder smell was because I put on so much! The diaper is so crinkly too OMG! So I waited when there was a brief period where no one was in the room so I quickly wrapped myself and tapped it on. I forgot how stiff and bulky a fresh diaper is on your body. But anyway, I puled up jeans once again over my thickly padded butt area. I packed my backpack but now I had to discard of the messy diaper. I tried rolling it up in some toilet paper but the paper kept ripping so that was no use. I decided to make a run for it for the trash can which was just outside the door. Luckily nobody entered the restroom at that moment so I was in the clear. So, I washed my hands Thoroughly and starting walking back to my car. The diaper under my jeans must've been so obvious. Regardless, I made it back to the car without any confrontations. Furthermore, there was about 2 hours left on the ride back and half was spent in another wet diaper. It was all the water and Poweraid I drank earlier. I didn't mess this time and figured I could hide a wet diaper at home easier. But I still filled it up pretty good anyway. This is a long story. I eventually made it home without any problems and to my backroom where I could change and shower. I went to bed that night thinking about how babyish I was and was thinking about uncontrollably messing and wetting myself like a little baby who wears diapers and needs a pacifier. I wish I could wear 24/7 but wow, wearing and changing in public, especially in a messy diaper is nerve racking. If I can't wear 24/7, I hope to be a bedwetter someday. Anyway, that's my true story! I hope you all enjoyed although it was quite a long story. Thanks for reading!! Please feel free to comment any of your stories of wearing on road trips or changing in public! Note: I didn't grammar or spell check this so please forgive my errors. I just wrote this quickly because I wanted to share and didn't have time to edit.
  15. Chapter 1 You lay sprawled, legs resting open naturally to either side of your wet diaper. Cold slender hands slide to take a firm hold of your soft wrist cuffs to transition them with a click to the locking clips by your shoulders. This was standard practice of all households enrolled in the program; although for you, it was almost unnecessary of course since by now you’ve learned it’s better to lie still. A pacifier nurses in and out of your mouth as the first tapes are ripped free by the practiced hands of your Civil Caregiver. Today Sammantha appears in no rush. You feel the diaper lowering, slowly, coaxing you to look at the yellow patch between your legs. Your cheeks burn and you look quickly back to the side to ignore the knowing look on your Caregiver’s face. A wipe is dropped dismissively before a hand joins it. A firm hand gathers your ankles and lifts them to reach any wetness that spread to your bottom. A few moments of loud crinkling follows until the brush of your newest diaper is under you. As the first light tap of cool powder begins, the doorbell rings. Samantha pauses mid-shake, the powder bottle hovers poised above you as she seems lost in an internal debate. You were clean and safely strapped down so she didn't see the harm in leaving you. She lowers your legs to either side of your diaper and sets the powder aside to answer the door. “Ms. Withers?” The voice reaches the nursery and you can glance far enough to see a man in a dark suit and tie standing on the doorstep politely removing his hat. “I’m here for a routine inspection of your charge. May I come in?" "Oh, yes of course!" Samantha beams, eager to show him inside. “I’m sorry if I don't shake. I was just dealing with a very full diaper!” Sam was always completely hygienic with your changes of course, but couldn’t pass up the chance to be a little showy. “That's impressive considering Y/N's age and short length of time sentenced to your care." The inspector said, referencing a file and clicking his pen to take note.Samantha excitedly ushers him to your nursery. You still lay dusted with powder caught in the middle of your diaper change. Seeing the man enter, your knees instinctively crunch closed in your concern for modesty. "Nuh huh!" Sam shakes her finger storming right over to you. ”You know that's a no-no! Even when guests arrive. Open!” Sam spanks you, so suddenly and so hard, you flinch against your changing straps and tinkle a little. Samantha despite a fair amount of strain can’t keep her composure and breaks into a fit of giggles at your toddler-befitting accident before grabbing a wet wipe to drag down your front again and dust the spot with another quick cool puff of powder. The inspector nods approvingly. "She seems very far along." he observes, noting the time and incident. “Now, before we go any further. I need to see more evidence of her regularity." He crosses the few remaining steps inside the nursery to inspect your diaper pail. "...My goodness.” He pauses peeking at the taped bundles inside. “Does she really need changes this often?" He sees your used diapers are almost filling the pail to the brim. Undeterred, he begins counting the number of times you've failed to keep clean, tallying each used pair in his notebook before praising the healthy ratio of wet to messy diapers he sees. "That's right.” Your Caregiver gleefully adds with a self-satisfied smile. “She needs her diaper changed after every nap or bedtime; she fills them right up. Doesn’t even notice not even when she's messing." She grins. "Incredible work," the inspector mutters writing that down in his notes as well. "Now what about when she's awake?" "I'm so glad you asked.” Sam intoned with a pompous air and smile. “She ends up having accidents, like you saw, wetting them mostly. I always give her more than the recommended number of chem bottles and fiber feedings so she’s almost always ready to let go. I know it's not strictly necessary, but I just love catching her in the act. One time, I was cradling her in my lap for her bottle feeding, and I could tell she was struggling, so I gave her just the tiniest of presses, and the little girl completely let go! She was wetting her diaper so heavily against me, I wondered if it was even going to hold it all! Speaking of which...” She eyes you trapped on the table. “Let me finish up her change before she might make a mess." She tuts over to you on the changing table and makes a big show of pulling up her big girl's diaper, once so defiant, now being wrapped up in a disposable. "Then can see why you've chosen the thicker variety." the man observes over your caregiver’s shoulder while she readies your diaper’s tapes. "Oh my yes. I can only keep her in the most absorbent overnights." Sam says securing the tapes over your crinkling diaper’s bulk as if to demonstrate. “She is just such a heavy wetter and her messes need somewhere to go." She pinches you, finishing up the last tape seal with a rub. "But I do love how these diapers still come in the little baby prints. Don't you? She really does look like an overgrown baby this way. Yes she does. Yes she does," she coos and tickles you. "And what a good baby you've been! Waiting quietly while the grown ups talked. You didn't even fuss for your paci." "And how is the progress there?" "Let me show you." She deftly procures your pacifier from where it had fallen and slides it between your resigned lips. They see you suckle tentatively at first, then more prominently and Samantha's grin widens. She leans in, praising her well-trained suckling baby, pressing a hand strategically into your diaper's noisy thickness. She coyly steals a glance at the inspector for his reaction. Needless to say, his eyebrows are high with appreciation as you fidget and turn to hide the heat building in your face. He clears his throat. "Well, I certainly have no further questions." He states tidying up his materials. "Ms. Withers your work here is outstanding. I am recommending you for a higher position in our efforts, and I'm sure our director will want to meet with you," he adds confidently, tucking your folder away and donning his hat. "Oh pish posh." Samantha says bashfully still idly groping at your softly rustling diapered crotch. “Simply following the prescribed number of spankings and dirtying of diapers have gotten us to this point, Mr. Inspector." She smiles. Chapter 2 - A Teaching Moment Locked in your car seat and thickly diapered for what was becoming a lengthy road trip. Your binky rattled with each curious suckle watching the scenery speed past. Your head bobs and eventually the blur of trees lulls you off to sleep. You awake hours later, groggily lifting your head to feel cool air against your thighs and the probing rustles of Samantha’s fingers checking your diaper. She had pulled the car into a rest stop and was leaning through the opened back door for your inspection. "As expected...Come on honey let's get you a new diaper and that stinky one changed.“ You’re confused and burning withshames, but she simple repositions your clothes over your used diaper and unbuckles you from your car seat. Your packed diaper bag is already waiting for you by the curb. She takes your hand, but your head shakes ever so slightly. "...Are you telling Mommy no?" She warns. You nervously look past her again at the crowded rest stop full of proper citizens happily picnicking and enjoying the springtime sun. But one more stern look from your caregiver and you slide yourself out from the car. She walks you past the chatty vacationers towards the public restroom, swinging your packed diaper bag over her shoulder and tugging you along in tow, waddling and struggling to keep up. Some onlookers paused their conversations to snicker at your pacifier and your struggles to walk some even outright laughed noticing your loaded seat was most likely to blame. Samantha drags you inside the woman's restroom to its designated diaper changing counter. She unfurls one of your Issued changing mats to place your mushy pants on top of. She babytalks gleefully proudly pulling down your outergarments, and opening your diaper to reveal your mess. "Phew. I'm glad we stopped when we did or this would have gotten ripe honey. You're also so soaked!" Your cheeks flared. It was still so difficult to accept you were filling your diapers without any indication, but only while you slept! She pushes your legs up to your chest causing your hips to rock back off your dirty diaper to remove it. She dumps it neatly into the restroom's fragrant pail, then gets to work cleaning you up with wet wipes. "That's it honey." She coos. "Just lay still so Mommy can clean all your poopy peepee..." She takes her time. Each chilly stroke longer than the last; slowing even further when people start to enter the public restroom, hoping they’d take notice. "My my." An older lady sneers noticing you on the counter with diapers and dirty wipes. "And here I thought they could control themselves." "...Oh no.” Sam chuckles finishing up her last clean swipe. She holds up your next massive diaper for the woman to see; its rounded thickness hangs open bottom heavy in the air. ”See how much protection she needs? And they get put to good use, believe me.” Sam whisks the diaper beneath you, shaking her head like a put-upon mother accepting potty training was never going to happen. The lady puffed with patriotic pride. "See to it.” She sniffed haughtily before thanking Sam for her service and taking care of her own business the grown up way while Sam continued your change with practiced precision. She was just finishing up arranging you bottoms-up for powdering when another woman approached. "Excuse me...” She began. “I couldn't help but notice...I've been thinking of volunteering for the cause myself. Do you mind if I lend a hand with the rest of her diaper change?" Happy to oblige, and eager to recruit Caregiver potential, Sam agrees wholeheartedly. She dusts a few light groupings of powder onto your waiting bottom before passing the bottle on to your babysitter-in-training. “See? Nothing to it. Just sprinkle some more of her baby powder onto her bottom...” Sam prompts waiting for the woman to begin. "...Just like that! You're a natural! You can add a little more powder if you want. Yes, yes, unfortunately for her, that is a small case of diaper rash. We've been on the road so it's hard to change her when she needs it. Go ahead and add lots of powder to keep her dry. Perfect! Now use your hand to rub it in...spread it out evenly...her little bum-bum is so soft all powdered up, isn't it? Now, I'm going to lower her down onto her diaper." Your powdered bottom is soon cradled in soft padding and Sam arranges your legs to allow plenty of room to work. "She's smooth?" The woman asked inquisitively as she fiddled with the baby powder. "Can you imagine if she wasn’t?" Samantha smirked, wiggling one of your lazily hanging toes. "With the amount of poo-poo and pee-pee this one can squirt out, her changes would take hours!" Dustings of powder tickle down with their giggles and side laughter, adding a thin fragrant coating between your legs. You do your best to ignore it, but cool teasing fingers spread the powder all over your diaper area then you hear loud crinkly rustling, and feel the firm press of your newest diaper pulled up tight. "Now we keep it nice and snug. Oh, no pun intended!" Samantha giggles. "These are adult Snuggies diapers. I'm so glad they make them for us. I find they work best for her." A few more giggles and sticky adhesives were required before Samantha finally helps you sit up, crinkling all the while against the counter as she takes your binky. "What do you say now sweetie? Oh, what was that...?” She cups her ear. “I'm sorry dear we couldn't quite hear you. Shouldn't you say something about your diaper? Remember? Use your words..." Finally you just break down and say it. "That's right!" Samantha cheers patronizingly. "Your diapey is all nice and changed thanks to her. We appreciate your gratitude." She returns your binky, pulls up your pants, and takes your hand thanking the woman herself and exchanging contact information before walking you back out to the car. Chapter 3 An industrial complex looms from your vantage point in the rear car seat. The car pulls up to a security gate and a guard steps out to meet you. Sam hands him her ID with a smile. He moves to check the back seat, and upon seeing you, smiles wickedly, hands your authorized CG her ID back and waves her through with a respectful salute. You feel the squish in your pants from your long trip and watch nervously as the car pulls into a parking space. You had fought the urge for as long as you could. You had your wits about you and so could fight, but one miss-timed bump in the road had left you gasping as you sprayed into your thirsty diaper. Sam knew those sounds well and had simply smirked into the rear view. Samantha gets out the of the front seat taking your diaper bag from the passenger and comes back to open up the door to unbuckle you. She keeps a firm grip on your hand as she walks you through large automatic doors and up into a reception area. "Ms. Withers, Welcome!" a beaming young professional greeted with a file folder in hand. She crouches down condescendingly to you. “And who is this? Y/N? They thought she'd be more trouble..." She teased suggestively with a knowing smile back up to your 'Mommy.' "Oh no trouble at all." Sam waved off the compliment. "In fact do you have a place where I can change her? She's always wet after her naps." "You've perfected that technique?" The receptionist asked with a hint of surprise. "She's only a few years younger than you...” She looks down, flipping open your file. “It says here she's soiling her diapers as she sleeps while under your direct influence. I must say, Ms. Withers, your progress is unprecedented." "It's the least I can do." Sam simpered. "It's my civic duty after all, and I've been working on ways to make it happen while she's awake too. That's what her types really need. Sure she can have accidents from what not, but it's more beneficial when she doesn't realize her diaper is, how we say, growing right out from under her.” She grinned down, shaking your hand a little at your shared, but obviously one-sided joke. ”I know certain treatments have been proposed,” she continued, “but I find we as the Caregivers lose too much control over them that way as well. It's so much better when the baby gets commanded. Isn't it honey?” She taps your hand. "I eventually want to be able to snap my fingers and I see her diaper droop, but I understand her kind have been a stubborn nut to crack and we are still a ways away from that ideal." The receptionist smiles. "And that is precisely why we've called you in today, Ms. Withers. We're hoping you can bring new innovations to our program. If you would just follow me,” she holds out her hand. “I'll lead you to one of our examination rooms where you can change her." A maze of stark corridors followed then a steel door was unlocked with the beep of a keycard to reveal a brightly decorated examination room obviously designed to embarrass bigger babies. ”Feel free to use the diapers provided.” The receptionist indicated the stacks. “And of course any of the changing supplies." She added Sam got right to work after expressing her thanks by unceremoniously tugging you up onto the room’s padded table for a change. Just as your nearly leaking diaper was being brought down the receptionist gave a little wave by the door. "Bye bye, Pottypants." She giggled. “Be good for Mommy, okay? I'll be back to check on you in a little while." Quick Note: I was considering reworking this to be a third person story. I'm happy to hear ideas! I almost always edit a few parts after posting.
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