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Found 4 results

  1. So my last post was about how I had been wearing for a few months and was gonna have to stop because I was getting a new roommate, but I never came back to updated it. It turns out its not a problem for her, as long as we manage it bc she has an adjacent kink anyway. With that said, I've been wearing on and off for most of the year since she moved in. Mostly stopping due to activity levels, money, or shame. Cadence has been something like 2-3 months on 2-4 weeks off. Every time I stop my bladder control is worse off than before. At first it was just urges becoming more frequent or dissociating when walking around and nearly wetting unprotected. Then I started having small accidents in my pants, more than dribble wet spots, like straight up boom I started going bc I wasn't thinking about it. I went through a lot of laundry and decided to go back in them through the holidays. I wet the bed once and had to dry out my futon, which was the breaking point. I wore through December, but then for new year's a part of me decided we were gonna be uber athletic, active, and on top of our physical health, but they went too hard all at once and that bacfired, and ended up siezing our thighs and calves. But we were still in grown up pants during that time and our bladder control was wayyy worse, having to go every 15 or 30 minutes and needing to wear liners to keep us dry. Then forgetting its just a liner and flooding.... Anyway, we got a new job and our FSA just turned over, so we're gonna burn through our entire old FSA on diapers and when we have a cadence figured out put them on auto-ship. The new job is work from home and will pay enough for us to move to an apartment with separate bedrooms and hardwood floors so I don't have to worry about leaking. Also will pay us enough that we never have to worry about running out of diapers again. I also found someone local on an abdl personals page and it seems like we get along pretty well so I might have moral support too and a safe space to regress. Once we start getting paid from the new job I'm gonna cut up and throw away all our old undies and never ever ever look back!!!
  2. Another story I wrote awhile back. If you like evil mommies then here you go. "I love you." the young man said to the girl he sat next to on the bar counter. "You literally just meet me an hour ago Chris." She responded as she lit a cigarette. She was an angel in Chris's eyes. 5'10, long dark brown hair, hazel brown eyes, plump cherry red lips, brown skin, and a body that would make Harvey Milk reconsider. "I love Pizza and it only took one slice." He responded before downing his third shot of whiskey. When Moriah first walked in, he saw her from the entrance. She was wearing a navy blue cocktail dress and heels. His draw dropped when he saw her and his heart races when she smiled at him. He then died for a split second when she walked over to him and asked him his name. "Did you just compared me to a slice of pizza?" She said with a smile and her ever sultry voice. They had been talking about everything since her first hello. Chris was ready to go in for the kill and lock it down. "Pizza is delicious, just like you. And anyone who doesn't agree should be imprisoned." "You're a silly little boy, I like that. So cute." she giggled at Chris's joke. "Little boy? Nothing little about me Moriah." He responded by raising an eyebrow and grinning her way. "You can't even rent a car baby, now fuss with me and I'll call you baby all night long. I could just pinch those adorable cheeks of yours, both sets." Moriah reached out and grabbed one of his cheeks and pinched it. "Just a cute baby boy I got here." she teased "I'm a man, a real man." "Oh really? Then how about you come home with me and show me what a real man you are. Make me reconsider calling you a little baby boy." These were the words he'd been waiting for. She wanted him and he obviously wanted her. He did drop 40 dollars on the woman after all. She wasn't acting tipsy, but she had to be, 40 dollars in drinks would do that to you. "Let me call an Uber than." "No need, We can take my car. It's nothing special, a black '09 Toyota, but it gets me from A to B." She stood up from her stool and reached into her baby blue purse. She pulled out her car keys and walked ahead of Chris, leading him out of the bar and toward her car that was parked on the side of the building. She walked over to the driver's seat and waited for the tipsy Chris to his door. "Hurry up baby!" she raised her sultry voice with a little authority. She was smiling and still remaining playful. Chris put some pep in his step and walked over to the passenger seat. He stumbled a little, he wondered how Moriah manages to walk so gracefully in her condition. She unlocked the door and Chris hopped in. Moriah started the car and the two left the bar hiding toward Moriah's home. "So Chris, we gotta make a little stop." She said taking a right at a red light. "And what is this stop?" In Chris's head, he feared the worse. An ass whooping from 3 bulky guys with bats because no one wants to scratch up their knuckles. "Are you going to get me beat up? If so, Moriah, we can skip that part get straight to the robbing." Moriah chuckled and rolled her eyes. "So silly, I'm not that type of woman. Plus, I could never bring harm to that cute little baby face of yours." It was getting a little annoying, but Chris didn't say much about it. She thought he was cute, so why throw a fit over it? The two soon drove up a street corner with a moderately pretty woman in make-up leaning on a wall. She walked up to the car smoking a cigarette. "Hi, Miss..." She paused and looked over at Chris who didn't want to look her in the eye. Was Moriah about to buy a hooker? He wasn't going to say no to a threesome, but like hell, he would be paying for it. "And you to handsome. Two is going to be a 100$ extra." Moriah kept up her smiled and unlocked the back door. "Sure thing. You'll come back to my house with us right?" "Extra." She responded. "Okay." She turned to Chris. "Hop in the back with her." She asked politely but it was still a demand. Chris looked at her confused. He wasn't keen on being in the back seat with a hooker. Plus, he was fine where he was. "Listen, I-" "Shh!" She said placing a finger on her mouth. "Quiet now. To. The. Back. Don't make me throw you back there. I'll get the car seat while I'm at it." Chris grunted and stepped out of the car. He better get some ass out of this. This was embarrassing now." He got into the back seat and sat next to the prostitute who was still smoking her cigarette. He wasn't a fan of them, to be honest, but wouldn't complain. He looked over her clothing. Red crop top, red mini skirt, black heels, and a big leather purse. She looked at him and smiled. "So, wanna start now?" Before Chris could respond Moriah spoke up. "NO! Not yet. Just get to know each other. You'll be getting personal soon enough." She bit down on the side of her red bottom lip. Chris and the hooker talked. She eventually gave her name, Holiday, and then eventually admitted her real name. Her name was Pam, and when she said it Moriah laughed. "Pam? Kinda like pampers. That's cute." Chris glared at her. That condescending tone of hers. They continued talking, Pam explained her want to be an actress but a drug addiction ruin that and she backstabbed a dear friend. A blind New York lawyer. She's now just trying to get by while working as a server in a local diner. They eventually arrive in front of a larger than average size house sitting on a dark silent street. She stepped out of the car and pulled the door open for Pam and Chris. "Come on in darlings, I wanna have some fun. Lots and lots of cute fun." She said with her sultry soft voice. Chris and Pam followed Moriah into her home and the door shut behind them. "Welcome to my home. But this won't be where our fun begins. Not for now at the least." Moriah walked them into the back and up and into a dark room. "Chris baby, close that door for me. Chris did it and just thought if she's up to something she'd regret it. Now in the dark, Chris and Pam notice the scent of baby powder in the room. "Where are we?" Pam asked. "Lights." With one word the lights turned on to reveal a nursery meant for an adult. It was in pastel blue and the most babyish things were there. The room was spacious even with set up this oddball of a woman had. "This is where the magic happens." She winked at them. Chris noticed something, her outfit from before, it was gone. She wasn't naked, she was just wearing something else. The red mini had turned into a solid sky blue dress with an apron around her waist and white heels. "When did you change clothes?" Moriah laughed walked over to the empty crib and lowered its railing. "It's been empty for some time. Now I can finally have some fun." She then looked at Chris. "Wannabe be cute for me little boy?" "What the hell is this Moriah?" He asked in confusion. Chris looked around frantically, noticing the soft white carpet, the corner full of giant baby toys. The chest right next to it. There was a large light blue and yellow changing table across from the crib. It shelves held powder, wipes, and diapers. Chris only counted a couple. They were thick, and all had a different design on them. There was an odd cherry red lipstick on all of them. It was more like a brand. Each mark wasn't exactly in the same spot, just a general area. "Moriah, what the hell are you into?" Pam snickered. "She's an ABDL." "Is that a club sandwich." "Stop fucking with me. ABDL means Adult Baby Diaper Lover. A kink where someone gets off on being in a diaper and what could possibly come with it. It can get...weird." She then turned back to Moriah. "You looking for a Mommy? I can do that for you sweaty." "No. I'm the Mommy hear, and I'm the only one in charge." She walked towards Chris. "No Daddies either. Not in this nursery. So that makes you the-" Chris backed up before interrupting. "I came for sex, not this fucked up shit." Moriah frowned. "Well, that won't do? I drove you here for that reason. I won't have a baby to play with then." "You got Pam. Just pay her the 200 and you can get what? 2-3 hours." "Just about." Pam replied. Moriah was getting annoyed. "I'm interested in putting you in that crib. And Pamper too over there." She sneered at Pam. Pam shook at that, something about what she just said felt off. Pamper. Why pamper? "Know what? I need to get back to my pimp. He's going-" "Nonsense! You aren't anyone's girl." She said looking at Pam with an all too knowing look. "Just a free agent. No one to follow where you go or keep you safe." Pam was getting scared. She gripped her purse and thought about the gun in her purse. A little thing, but enough to fuck someone up. "Your starting to get weird." "I am weird." She stepped closer to the sex worker and reach out and grabbed her by the arm. Moriah pulled Pam close into her and pulled on her blonde hair yanking her head back. She then kissed Pam on her check. She left a cherry red lip mark on Pam's check. "There you go. You're going to feel very weird soon. Whatever you do, don't fight it. Let it just happen. Save you some trouble." "What. Did you poison me?" Pam felt it. The part of her check that was kissed by Moriah was vibrating, warm waves spreading out from it. She felt it, she was losing strength. Something was happening to her. Pam reached into her as she started to stumble. She grabbed the little pistol from her purse and aimed it at Moriah. "What the hell did you do to me?" Chris heart was pumping, ready to fight or run. His night was getting crazier than usual. He couldn't let Pam shoot Moriah. "Pam...Don't do anything brash." "Brash? She just poisoned me or something." The gun was feeling heavy in her right hand. It was tingling...and then her hand gained a plastic shine and turned white. She screamed and tried to pull the trigger and shoot Moriah, but her fingers had turned flat and weak. As it dropped from her hand, Pam grabbed her hand and look at it. She then screamed and looked towards Chris. "Help me." Chris watched on in terror and interest, he wanted to see exactly what was happening. "How?" Moriah walked up to Pam and grabbed her gun. "Dangerous thing. Imagine if my little had picked this up Pamper. And look at that." Moriah grabbed Pam's hand and caressed it with a smile. "Even your other hand is changing too! Be careful what you touch." Pam looked at her hands, both flaps traveling down her wrists. "Now those feet are going next. Ready? 3.." Moriah started counting with a grin on her face. She was enjoying it. "Wait what! Stop!" Pam screamed. 2..1...Gone." Her ankle and toes shriveled up into white thin plastic cloth in her heels. She fell over on her side hitting the soft carpet. Her feet then finally become flaps. "And its going to spread Pamper. You're going to be so cute for me." "Stop this. I don't even know what's going on. What are you doing? Just let me go!" Pam pleads. "Pamper you know exactly what I'm doing to you." Moriah went to get close to Pam's ear. "You're becoming the fixation. What's this little fetish without the most enjoyable part. The diaper." She moved away and laughed. "And I go all the way Pamper. Can't wait to get your cutesy self all done. Moriah reached for her clothes and pulled down Pam's skirt revealing she had no panties on. Pam cried. She was being violated. She had just told the most fucked up thing someone said they were going to do to her. Moriah then pulled off her tank top as Pam squirmed. She then felt her tormentors hands on her body, caressing her flesh. Grabbing her breast running her finger down Pam's tummy and to her groin. "STOP! Chris help me!" Chris watched. He felt like that all he could do is watch. "Moriah...stop this. Whatever it is." He wanted to watch, he had to see if what Moriah was doing was real. He had to stay and watch. "DO SOMETHING!" Pam shouted, tears running down her eyes. Her lower legs were transforming, her joints painlessly popping and bone becoming diaper. Her hands were tapes and flaps of white from the forearms down. Moriah glanced at Chris. "I know you wanna watch it. To see her crinkle away." Moriah had glided across her body, flicking at Pam's nipples. Pam bit down on her lip and protested. Moriah then slid to fingers into Pam's vagina. "Like that Pamper?" She whispered to Pam who squirmed under the force of Moriah's hand. Chris watched on. A part of him wanted to step forward. He couldn't think, maybe he didn't want Moriah's touch and do something like that to him. As Moriah's fingers caused Pam nothing but pleasure, she felt something changing in her. She then felt Moriah pull something string-like from her vagina with a sick grin. "What is that?" Moriah sighed and put it back into Pam's lips. "Just cotton strands." Pam felt her vagina changing from in deepest parts, her very cells were being overwritten with atoms of dry 'super absorbing polymer'(SAP). The SAP then started to spread into her blood and changing her flesh. Her groined turned slowly into the padding. Her thighs thin, crinkle, and turn into long tabs that laid dead on the floor. The transformation took her arms too, reducing them into nothing but flaps of diaper tabs. The diaper Pam was becoming had taken her limbs and already snatched her groin from her. It wanted more, and it would take much more. Pam could fill her shoulders turn, the bones changing into something else and the shape of her arms melt away. She knew they were becoming padding. The feeling of tingling started to act on her chest and neck. She could still feel Moriah's hands playing with her and leaning into her face. "Only a matter of time little diaper!" She then felt Moriah claw down her chest with her nails, causing white trails of ash to appear down her dry skin. "Should have lotion up more." Her nails then touched padding and continued to what was once her sex. "Your one hell of a bitch!" Pam responded with a raspy voice as she tried to spit at her only to find her mouth had dried to the point that barely if any came out. She felt the changing traveling up her stomach and hips. Replacing her organs with sap and padding. Her stomach slowly turned into quilted padding in the shapes of diamonds. "The prettiest bitch of them all." The skin of Pam's hips started to pinch and rode up her sides to what use to consider her arms. Suddenly blue elastic leak guards popped free from the pinched skin. Her legs had been reduced to flat strands of plastic tabs. Moriah with that persistent smile picked at the elastic with just her long nails. "So cute. I think you look much better this way. You're better off." Pam's breast were next to turn. They shifted from warm soft mounds of flesh to even softer padding under Moriah's other hand. Moriah then slapped it and forced it down into flat padding like her stomach. At the same time, her back had been covered in plastic and taken on a noticeable arch. Pam clench down her teeth in anger at the slap. It stung but it quickly vanished into nothing. Pam then felt Moriah do it once more to the other mound as she kept picking at her elastic. "FUCK YOU MORIAH! FUCK YOU CHR-" She quickly found her mouth covered with Moriah's hand. "Don't be like that. He can't help you. He's just a baby." She laughed and removed her hand. Pam's mouth had been stolen, turned into diaper padding. Like some rapidly spreading disease, it quickly covered her face. Her hair had started to meld with her back and neck, it to just becoming plastic. "Bye, bye Pam-per!" Chris's eyes were fixated on Pam. The madness of this. To watch an entire woman turned into a human-size diaper right before his fucking eyes. He remembered how Moriah referred to him as a baby. He knew he was next. Moriah was going to do something to him. She wanted him in that crib. Pam's face was now completely soft quilted padding. She felt a pull on her neck sucking her into her chest and was popping out of the top of her head. Even her ears were gone, she couldn't hear anything and barely feel. Bunched up elastic popped out of her head and shoulders as her head was sucked into her giant padded body until she was no more. Moriah then took her index finger and dragged in across Pam's new diaper body. She started at where her head had once been and dragged in down her chest, in gliding across the soft padding. She knew Pam could feel it, her humanity was somewhat there, and she knew how she exactly felt about it. Chris had seen enough. He kept trying to move his feet, trying with all his physical strength to move them from the nursery carpet. Like a miracle, a small but monuments one, Chris moved his foot then another and stepped back to the door. Moriah was still focused on the giant diaper before her. He slowly opened the door with his back towards it and once it was wide enough to open he slipped out and ran. Moriah glanced over as he left and looked back at her victim. "Fold." Removing her finger from her poor victim. Chris moved down the hallway and closed 20 feet in a matter of seconds. She was at the door and desperately tried to turn the nob. Pulling and twisting with all his might to no avail. He then kicked at it only to fall on his ass. Pam was now fully a giant adult diaper, motionless on the warm carpet floor. Her arms then started folding over themselves and over her padded chest, the exact process happen with her legs. The massive diaper then folded itself in half, creating a sweet-smelling gust of air. The red lip mark then reappeared on the diaper clashing with the crisp white diaper that was once Pam. "Damn. Okay, Chris, you gotta get out of here!" Chris dashed to the nearest window and tried to pull it open. He pulled up on it with on his strength, but as the door, it was too no avail. It was unlocked, yet it was like the house wouldn't let him leave, or rather escape. "Fuck." Moriah smiled and placed a hand on the diaper and rubbed the soft crinkly plastic. "Almost there. Now just shrink up to the proper size." Chris wasn't going to let himself get caught. He didn't have a plan, but he had a will. That gun of Pam's would be useful right now. Chris ran into the kitchen and grabbed a knife out of a knife block. He wasn't going to face her, he'd play it smart and hide. Chris moved fast and ran upstairs, hoping he can possibly find a way out from there. Moriah watched as the large diaper started to shrink, losing mass right before her eyes. She'd seen it all before, so many times she'd lost count. Maybe once she felt some form of pity for the victims, but now she could only smile with glee down at the diapers she made. Pam was no different. Moriah thought she was giving her a better way out. Instead of dying on the streets from a client or drugs, she just became a cute diaper instead. Moriah grabbed the folded diaper and brought it to her nose. She took a whiff of its sweet scent. "Mmmmm. I can't wait to tape you on my little cutie." Then Moriah spoke up. "Baby! Where are you? It's time to get you diapered up!" She said in a warm, sultry, and inviting tone. She exited the nursery and slowly checked the downstairs humming a tune. Chris heard her and even a part of him wanted to walk to her or yell his location, he knew better. Whatever this woman could do, it was obviously magic. Something that couldn't exist, shouldn't exist, but it did. Science was turned on its head and a woman was turned into a giant diaper before his eyes. He just wished he could have saved her. But he was scared something would happen to him. Still humming, Moriah started walking up the steps of her house. Her heels clicking across the floor making each step sound more and more ominous. Chris slowly crept across the floor, entering the farthest room down the hallway. It was a bedroom, Moriah's bedroom. So much girly stuff he wanted to barf if it wasn't time to be serious. He turned around to exit but the heard her reach the top floor. "Baby! Are you up here? Is this hide and seek? I love playing these childish games. I guess you really want to be my little! I was getting worried." She said as she opens the nearby door leading into a storage closet. "Not in there...to bad you can't hide from me." She then laughed like she already had checkmated him. Chris moved quietly and went under Moriah's bed, slowly his breath and hoping she wouldn't find him. And if she did, she'd get a deep gash for it. He felt shame for being scared of this woman, but after what she did he'd be crazy not to try and kill her. Moriah checked each room and until she got to her own cracked open. "Hmmm. In here? I don't think I left my door open." Moriah entered the room, the diaper in hand. "Chris baby, where are you?" She walked past the bed the one she sought was under and to the closet. She opened it and yelled, "Got ya!" She founding that wasn't already there. It was a walk-in closet but she knew Chris didn't hide there. She looked around her room and then focused on her bed. Moriah walked over to her bed. "I just can't find him." Moriah said in defeat and the plopped her ass on the bed. "I just wonder where your hiding." Chris laid on his stomach as she attempted to hide from Moriah. He tensed up as she sat on her bed just above him. He looked over to see two white heels and two brown calves. He thought of attacking her this way, but he didn't want to hurt her. Not unless he was forced too. If he attacked her, what's stopping her from calling the cops. In the nursery downstairs a single bottle of baby power flew off the shelf and rolled out of the nursery. It was in no rush. Simply rolling down the hall. "Yes, Pam?" Chris hears her say over sudden crinkling. "What do you mean I'm not trying hard enough." Chris then wonders what going on. Was this woman talking to Pam? But she turned her into a diaper. Was she still there! "I know you wanna get worn and get wet but I just can't find baby." Chris shook his head, no way that was Pam's desires. "Check under the bed! I haven't thought of that!" Chris quickly crawled from out under the bed with his back turned from Moriah. "Got you!" He heard her shout as a hand grabbed his shoulder and Pam's diapered form is shoved into his face from behind form off Moriah's bed. He took a big breath before breaking free. He turned and slashed at her with the knife. Moriah didn't flinch as it came in contact with her face and turned into a gray plastic toy knife. She hopped off the bed with a smile. "Babies always want to play, at least let me get you dressed first." She said as she got close, backing Chris into a wall. "You smelt that diaper? It smells so great, doesn't it? Don't you want to smell nice? Be all cute? Once you're in a diaper you'll be the cutest thing ever, well even cuter than you are already." She giggled before grabbing at Chris's belt. The pulled at it with glee. Her touch caused the belt to unbuckle and it was pulled from out his belts loops. His pants then dropped and Moriah bent down and helped his feet out of them. Chris had a chance to stop her, but the scent of that diaper, it left him compliant. But he knew what was happening. "Out those feet go, won't be wearing these anytime soon." She tossed them beside the belt. She then looked at his underwear with a simper and slipped a finger in the elastic of his underwear. "This isn't right! Babies wear diapers, not..." She pulls on it and flicks it. " big boy undies. Chris was kinda freaking out. On one hand, a woman had her's inches his member. On the other hand, he was facing a woman who could alter reality at the tip on her fingers. He then felt a finger inserted back over his waistband and pulled his undies down and had him step out of them. She held them up and close to Chris's face. "No more of these. For now on..." She dropped them on the pants and held the diaper with both hands and squeezing it. "Diapers. Fluffy, thick, absorbent diapers. The cutest thing I can think of for you to wear!" In the nursery, a bottle of powder feel off the shelf and then started to roll across the carpet and out the nursery. Chris wanted to scream. He couldn't, he was helpless. He wanted to run. He wasn't her baby. Her diaper-wearing plaything. He started to shake and tried to move, escape like before. Chris quickly broke free and moved from for the door. Moriah grabbed him by his torso before he got anywhere and slammed him on her bed. It was soft, he wasn't hurt, but Moriah wanted to show she was in charge. He wasn't getting out of this. "You were going to leave without even giving your diaper a try? That's rude, imagine how hurt your pamper is." She pouted as she held up the folded diaper that was once Pam. "You're a monster!" You're just a cruel monster." He screamed at her. "I don't want to wear her." The baby powder rolled down the hall and to a sharp turn and hit the bottom of the stairs. It rolled back slightly and jumped on the first foot of the stair. It continued doing so, climbing the steps at a steady pace. Chris called her a monster. Called her cruel. Begged to not get diapered with Pam. Moriah loved being damned and for her baby's begging. Him not wanting it. Cursing her. It all made her want to diaper him more. To see him diapered up and all hers. Moriah unfolded the diaper open and let it hang open in Chris's face. She then picked at the large thick diaper. "It has nice elastic leak guards to keep the pee-pees you'll be doing from spilling out." She cooed as she picked at them with her nails. It was reminiscent of back when Pam was being transformed into a diaper, now she couldn't yell for help, or anything really. Chris's beautiful tormentor than ran her fingers on quilted padding. "And its so absorbent. You can fill it all you want...and you will fill this diaper." Moriah finished showing off the complete diaper and was ready to tape it on. The baby powder finally reached upstairs and rolled down the hall. It stopped in front of Moriah's bedroom and rolled inside across the carpet. Moriah proceeded to slide the diaper under his ass, but Chris tried to struggle. "Stop this little boy, if you won't wear this Pamper I got here, I'll have you meet the same fate as Pam." Moriah threatened as she lost her smile. Chris stopped his struggling and accepted his fate for now. "That's a good baby," she said with her smile returning. Moriah finished sliding the white thick crinkly diaper under her baby. She reached out her hand and the baby powder jumped into her hand. "Just in time." Chris's captor cooed as she gently applied the sweet-scented powder. Chris felt the cool powder on his skin and the soft pamper under his bottom. It felt so good, so comfy, so warm from what was left of Pam's body heat. "I can see it on your cute little face. You like that the powdering and the diaper right?" Moriah asked knowing what he was feeling." Chris blushed and turned away only to cause Moriah to giggle. "It's okay." She grabbed what was once Pam's head and brought it slowly over Chris's crouch. "Babies love diapers. It's only natural." She said as she reached and grabbed the large sticky tab that use to be an arm. She pulled the tape free and then repeated it on the other side. Moriah pressed down on the front of the diaper and down on Chris's crouch. With her the other hand, she fastens the sticky tap on the left to the head of the diaper. She then did the right side, biting her lip as she did with a smile. The diaper was snuggly taped on to Chris's waist, and he wanted to moan in pleasure at it feeling. The soft warm padding caressing his bottom and groin. Moriah stood up and looked at Chris is a proud smile. "How does that feel baby?" She asked knowing he was enjoying his padded prison, even if he didn't want to. Chris looked at her and blushed again. "I...I..." It was so warm and comfy, like a cloud hugging him. He was loving it. He felt free, protected, and loved. "I hate it...just take her off." Chris said unable to look Moriah in the eyes. He felt conflicted. Moriah rolled her eyes and lean into Chris's face, showing off the cleavage of her big brown breast. "Chris, don't be ashamed." Moriah poked his dry white diaper. "You like it on you. You like her on you. Pamper is warm and comfy, and I bet Pamper likes hugging you too." She then kissed him on his cheek. Chris touched his cheek thinking did she put that terrible spell on him? "Come on baby, let's go back down to your nursery." She then grabbed him by his diapered butt and wrapped her other arm around his back. She lifted Chris like a baby, and with a humming song with ease carried the adult out the room and down the steps. Chris was feeling even more insulted. He could feel her hand under his rear, squeezing the thick padding regularly. Moriah carried the diapered man into the large adult nursery. "Now you're gonna crawl for now on unless I say otherwise." She set him down and instantly he fell down to his knees and catching the rest of his weight with his arms. He was shocked, it wasn't even like he meant to do it, he just felt his legs complying with Moriah's order. "What is going on!" Chris finally shouted! "I can't wrap my head around this. Who are you? Why are you doing this? Making me some adult baby for your pleasure and turning some poor woman in a diaper!" Moriah wipes the hair out her face and kneels down to get eye level with her captive diapered boy. "I'm Momma, Momma Moriah and I thought you were just the cutest thing I've seen. So that's when I decided I just had to have you." Moriah then licked her lips. "And dressing you up like a baby is just even more fun. I got onesies and other clothing for you to dress up in. And then babies need their diapers to keep them dry or you'll just wet yourself." Moriah then touched Chris's diaper and drags two nails down the front. She then tapped on the diaper with them before speaking, moving closer to her baby's ear. "Beautiful women, cute innocent girls, they make some good diapers." Moriah then rubbed the diaper that had once been Pam. "But trashy hookers work well enough I guess." Chris looked on at her in amazement. This woman was out of her mind. He looked over at the diapers and simply thought how many? "You sick fuc-" Chris felt her hand quickly slap him across the face. "Ouch! Wha-" Moriah covered his mouth with her hand and squeezed his cheeks hard. "Curse words aren't what cute babies say. Its a real turn off to be honest. Do that too much and..." She squeezed the diaper with her other hand. "Crinkle crinkle. I want a cute baby, not some sailor kay?" She let his cheeks go. "But why make people into...diapers. How many have you killed? Moriah giggled. "Where to start with that one. I did just tell you why silly but maybe I can go in-depth. I like watching them crinkle and shift. Them freaking out as their limbs and body change before their eyes as they see themselves bleach and puff up. It's glorious, watching terrified crying girls freaking out as their end draws near and are replaced with my pampers." Moriah than looked over at the few diapers stacked under the changing table and gave that toothy grin again. "Just like those diapers over there. I'm getting hot just remembering this college girl I turned years ago. A Chinese national studying her, so trusting and so cute. She like Pam received my deep red kiss, as did any pamper with my lips on them. They were all once-" "Human!" Chris shouted in disgust! Moriah clicked her tongue to signal he had the correct answer. "And a couple of guys who pissed me off or bored me. Not like I can tell the difference. To be honest, I can't even keep count of how many pampers I made. It's like asking how many times you masturbated when you were twelve, get it? "Moriah...how can you live with your self when your killing people." Moriah rolled her eyes. "Boy, you will address me as Mom, Mommy, or if you wanna butter me up, Momma. "Momma.." He said begrudgingly. "Why?" Moriah smiled and tugged on the back of his diaper before she stood up. "I'm not really killing someone if they're turned into a diaper." Can't kill a diaper after all." Moriah than walked over to the closet door and pulled it wide open. She pulled out a onesie and showed it to Chris. "Like the color?" "What is that baby blue?" Chris said knowing he'd be wearing it. "Periwinkle actually my dear." She said correcting him. "Baby blue." He restated. Moriah giggled. She walked over to him and looked down on him with a smile that said she was in control. "Baby blue for a baby. Fitting now lift those arms up so I can slide this on." Chris crossed his arms and looked at her. He wanted to cover up and recover his dignity but he wouldn't let her do it. "I'll do it." Moriah's smile left her face and hung the onesie on the crib's railing and got on the floor. "You just don't get it. You a baby, my baby to do with as I please. I've been nice, but I can be mean." Moriah didn't seem threatening, but she was clearly annoyed. She was like a mother tired of a child's tantrum. She grabbed Chris by his arm and with a yank pulled him over to him and on to her lap. She placed a hand on his back and another hand on his diapered butt. He tried to struggle but she was plainly stronger than him. "Stop moving." She said sternly with a smack on the ass. The pain caused Chris to yelp. "Poor baby." She said with another smack on his diapered bottom once again causing him to wince in pain. She placed her hand on it and screwed it. "I get to feel that soft diaper I put you in while you take the sting of this beating. it's so smooth." She lifted her hand up again and struck it a few more times. Chris gritted his teeth, each strike from Moriah's hand felt like she was striking his bare bottom. He took it like a champ, barely moving and sucking up the pain. "All this because someone was so desperate to be a big boy, even though their a baby, and forgot their manners." She said as she leaned into his ear. "Now if the baby wants to put on their own onesie then fine...just say please." "Please! Please, Momma, Stop!" He cried. Fighting tears from flowing from his eyes. Moriah let go of her hold on Chris and he fell on the floor. He glanced up at her and quickly adverts his eyes. He felt embarrassed, and to be cowed in such away. Again, she made him feel so little. "Momma, can I please-" "Nope." She grabbed the onesie off the crib railing and began sliding it over his head. It was quick, Chris going along with it made so much easier. Moriah kneeled down and started doing the onesie's small little clamps. Chris didn't fight it. "Much better." She said as she looked him in the eyes. "No tears...hmm. A little soldier I got." She mentions. After getting dressed Moriah and her unwilling baby made their way into the kitchen. The kitchen was fairly simple but most distinguishing was the high chair sitting at the table. "Can I..." Chris said before Moriah stared at him. A sultry smile and lear that said 'No way in hell diaper butt.' She helped Chris into his highchair and she walked over to the cabinet. Moriah returned with a spoon, baby food, and a bib. Moriah took great pleasure in wrapping a bib around Chris's neck. "Now I going to let you feed yourself. Just don't mess up okay? Than Momma going to have to take over and you don't want that." "Not really." He responded as Moriah set the jar of food in front of him. It was rather large, big enough for an adult. "Is that apple sauce." Chris grunted and began to eat the apple sauce with Moriah standing close by. Chris tried to guide the food to his mouth but he ran into a couple of problems. The spoons weight was off, it was far too heavy for its size with weight being focused on the front end. It caused the food to fall from the spoon and smear his face, some landing on the bib. "Nope." In an instant he found his spoon taken from out his hands and being feed by Moriah. A smug smirk on her lips. "Can't let you do anything can I?" She said with satisfaction in seeing him fail. "Now open up." She cooed. Chris ate, he wanted to get this over with. The apple sauce was rather delicious to be honest. Maybe it was humiliating, but it was decent food. He was still a little tipsy, hopefully, if he sobers up completely he could get free. Then again that seemed unlikely. It might be best if he just played her game and waited for his chance to escape. Chris finished eating and was released from high chair prison. "What now." He asked while on his knees in front of his captor. "Well, I think I'm going to lat you to be and hopefully see how you treat that plain little pamper of yours." Moriah's smug smile still on her face. "Than I can get you a better diaper. Nice and fresh." Chris's stomach turned. Moriah than left the kitchen beckoning him with a finger. "Come." He followed her back to the nursery. She walked up the crib and lowered the railing of the prison. "Come on sweetie." Chris rolled his eyes and slowly crawled closer to her. "Do I really have to?" "I told you didn't I? I want that pampered butt in this crib. So we can fight about it and I drop your butt in here or you get to put yourself in. Take back a little pride." Chris crawled up to the crib and climbed into his baby prison. He felt a hand on his bottom as if Moriah was helping him in. He then watched it was as the railing was raised up and he was left trapped inside. He could try and claim out when Moriah left but he knew it would fail end in failure. Moriah stood above him with her arms resting on Chris's crib. "You know baby...I really do like you." She reached down and stroked Chris's face. "You're absolutely the cutest baby ever. And when you make that diaper sopping wet baby, you'll be even cuter." Moriah smiled sweetly, she meant what she said. The deviant woman grabbed him by the chin and pulled him close and planted a fat kiss on his cheek. "All mine." She said in a sultry tone. She then walked over to a drawer and pulled out a pacifier and walked back over to her baby. She placed it into her mouth and gave him another kiss. "Night." Moriah than left the nursery, turning off the light on the way out. The only light Chris had was the one from the nightlight plugged in the wall. The longer Chris laid, the more tired her became. His cot was soft and comfy. His diaper had a greater level of comfort like a thick cloud was hugging him tightly. He was actually relaxing believe it or not. He slowly drifted off to sleep. Chris found himself in a house. The walls cracked and on a sofa. He was sitting necked in front of a TV. At his side was Pam. She was naked as well. They both faced the static TV. Chris looked around to see nothing but pizza boxes and needles scattered across the floor. "What the hell is this." Pam looked back at Chris and smiled. "This is...was my life. It wasn't the best. Sucking dick. Fucking. All for just a little change. All just to burn it to get high." A tear ran down her face. "But then...I met Moriah." She smiled. Pam stood up. Her arms had turned into flaps just like before. "Moriah than gave me a release. That sweet release." Her torso had been reduced to padding in a blink of an eye. Her breast turned to padding and shrunk down almost instantly. "Being a diaper...It's so fun!" She said with an almost psychotic grin. Her back then bent along with her head until her face was forced to look downwards. "Chris...you don't know how good it is to be a pamper. To have your body shifted from flesh to soft rich padding." Pam's legs buckled and turned into flaps. She fell to the ground into a heap and turned over. She still had a smile on her face. "You're a diaper! That doesn't scare you? Are you fucking crazy? I'd rather be a human than a fucking diaper!" Chris stood up in a fit of rage. He almost kicked her. "So? I was a fucking whore! A worthless whore. Now I have a purpose. I get to tapped around your bottom and pumped full of piss and shit!" Her voice was raspy but she still seemed so content. This wasn't the Pam he knew. She was afraid before but now she was in ecstasy. "This isn't you!" "No this is me." She smiled boldly. She was shrinking. Her legs had disappeared and split. From the bottom down she looked like a diaper. She started crawling towards Chris. "Diaper. I'm a diaper. I'm nothing but that and I love it." Her face was turning into padding along with her neck. "I love Moriah and thank her for this gift." Pam jumped at Chris's torso, pushing him down and quickly tapping herself on. He was diapered again, yet he could still hear Pam. "Don't I fell great! You know I do." had being a diaper done this to her? Or was this truly how she felt? Chris tried to stand. As soon as she got around his waist, she felt the strength of his muscles deteriorate. He spread his legs out to keep his balance. "Damnit." He grabbed at Pam. "Get off me!" "Nope! That would mean I'm not being a good diaper and going against my beautiful mistress!" Chris fought and fought with it but Pam couldn't be removed. Chris fell to the floor. His legs were weak and tired. "Stop this Pam. I feel it. I have to pee bad. I've held it but I just can't." He told her thinking that would make her change her warped mind. "Do it. I've told you I'm a diaper. Wet me. Use me. Throw me away. I must taste your piss. I bet its divine. Once I'm full, Mistress Moriah can just roll my worthless padding up and drop me in the pail where I belong!" Chris gave finally gave in. He just couldn't anymore. He let lose into the thick padding that was Pam the diaper. She soaked it up as she slightly sagged and plastic crinkly skin went taut. Pam was happy. The bitter salty taste was orgasmic. Sweet without being sweet. The scent was overpowering, and only heightening the pathetic diaper's euphoria. The warmth almost covered her entire body. "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" The diaper screamed in delight. Chris felt the warmth of his diaper around his waist. He hated it but a part of him liked it. All of it. The wetting. The warmth. The diaper. And at the same time as Pam, Chris thought of being changed by Moriah. The wet mess being stripped away and balled up all to just be thrown out. Chris awoke from the dream. He felt his diaper around his waist. It was wet and pissy. What had happened in his dream had happened to him. It was wet and only a little cool, leaning more on the warmer side. His heart was racing. In the dream he liked it. He fucking liked it! He thought of Pam and looked down at his pamper covered in the onesie. It was really wet. He really did that to Pam! He was worried about it. Was she really enjoying being treated like that? Was she even still there now? Chris couldn't get the dream out his head. It was so fucked up and depraved. Only something that woman could think up, it could be that. Sadly he knew he liked it and how wrong and twisted that was. He felt like inch by inch he was coming over to Mamma's side. He fea1red becoming a happy and willing partner in her sick sexual fantasy. Chris laid back in his crib, mind racing as he repeatedly thought of his dream and his entire situation. He couldn't tell the time, but it was still dark out. He was scared to close his eyes and fall asleep, he feared to repeat that disgusting nightmare again. After awhile Chris started to doze off and was back to sleep. The nursery door swung open and the beautiful woman holding Chris captive in a crib walked in. She was wearing sunglasses, a white tank top, blue denim jacket, similar pants, and heels. Moriah walked over to the closet and pulled a blue bag out of it. It had some items in it, baby powder, wipes, and other supplies for changing diapers along with some snacks. She then pulled out a white shirt and blue shortalls with an image of stars at the center. It wasn't something Chris would think looked good, unfortunate for him, Moriah thought it was cute. With the bag over her shoulder, Moriah walked over to her captive and softly shook him awake. "Wake up baby." She said sweetly. Chris yawned awake and opened his eyes to the smiling witch leaning over the crib. For an instant, he thought she was gorgeous, but then remembered what she'd done to him. "You." he said coldly. "Baby! Morning! Time to get up." Moriah lowered the crib door and sat beside him as he laid in the crib. "Stay right there." Moriah's hands moved over Chris's diapered crotch and felt it. She then slid her fingers into his diaper and smiled at Chris. The then opened the onesies buttons with a swift movement and started poking at the sodden white diaper. "You're Wet." Chris glared at her. "Yeah...and?" "You wet your diaper." She said as she slid a little closer to Chris and leaned in. She placed her hand on the diaper and gripped it. "How did it feel? Wetting your little diaper?" Chris blushed as he grew more irritated. "Disgusting! I'm sitting in cold piss." "Than how about I change you real quick into a fresh one, hmm?" She proposed. "No! You can't! Don't do that to Pam!" Moriah laughed. "Pam's a diaper. And your diaper probably likes being pissed in. Whatever is left of that slut. Just imagine how good it feels for her when you piss into that thirsty padding? How good it feels for you to just use her up? How helpless you are but how much more powerful you in comparison to her?" She leaned closer to him and grab the pacifier beside him. "What are you talking about. There is nothing good about this." He continued to blush as she hit the nail on the mark. He felt the rubber nipple on his lips and didn't fight as she slid it in. He started sucking as Moriah held it in place for a moment. Moriah smiled. "We can keep that little diaper on, for now, it's still fine for now I guess. We can change it while we're out, I'm sure you have more to do in it Baby.
  3. I was thinking of adding something her again and see if it catches interest. This story is not for the faint of heart. It a dark story of magic, unfair ending, diapers and one evil woman with a fetish. If you like Long-Rifles content then maybe you'll enjoy this. Olivia and Lexus, two friends who did everything together. They'd even lay in the bottom of a waste receptacle too. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Olivia and Lexus walked into the home of their boss Tangent. These girls were in their last years of community college. Tangent had hired the two to babysit for her. The two girls were confused about why two were needed. When Olivia got the offer from Tangent and how Tangent desperately needed two sitters she naturally signed Lexus up. Lexus, always being the more brash and paranoid counter to Olivia's Gentle and trusting nature. It wasn't like Olivia didn't know Tangent, they'd run together at the local track in the area. She'd always be there before Lexus, no matter how early she was. Even at 5 am in the morning, Tangent was there. Tangent soon accused Lexus of stalking her. They worked it out a formed a simple friendship. Tangent would talk about her Supermodel career, Kids and her college days, and the stuff she got up to. She even mentioned how she and her friends would practice magic and summoning demons. In her own words. "It's all bullshit." Tangent would even mention how hard it was to find a babysitter since they'd never came back to babysit. "My darlings are just too much to handle." "Nonsense." Said the ever-helpful Olivia. "I've babysat many kids. I'll win them over. I always come out on top." Olivia responded. "Aww. I love that confidence. But still, I'd feel like I'm setting you up to get...shit on? Whatever you kids say nowadays. You'd be better of with backup. I'd feel more comfortable." Tangent told the young student. "Hmm. Well if I must, I know a girl." As Olivia pondered it. She realized Lexus makes a great bad cop. "So the pay?" "Oh I forgot to mention, it's about 600$ to watch them all day." Tangent said cooly. "Hope that's enough." "DAMN RIGHT IT IS!" Olivia shouted with excitement. 300$ just to watch some kids. This lady was loaded she thought. The next day Olivia had talked Lexus into coming with her. Plus Lexus had a car and walking out to the woods countryside was far too dangerous in her mind. Olivia was excited to make so extra cash, yet Olivia was still hesitant to actually go. "Olivia, this just smells fishy. Some supermodel offers you a 300$ to babysit and you don't ask questions. Do you even know what mag she models for?" "Hmm, some Latin America one. She's really big there she says. Never saw a picture but she's super hot so I'd believe it. Don't look at me like that. She's hot. Especially for 34. Got you beat for sure." Olivia felt a punch in the arm. "Stop playing. It's strange is all. Just be ready to end up some sex toy of hers. Hopefully, she'll keep us as one whole piece instead of chopping us up into pieces. Nah, gotta chop us up to better hide the bodies. No open casket for us." Lexus morbidly joked as they pulled up the Tangent's home. It was definitely a pristine place. Freshly trimmed grass, large house, white fence around the property that was high enough to keep prying eyes out. There was even a pond out back with geese floating on the pond. "A pond. Perfect body dumping place Olivia." Lexus joked again. "You don't stop do you," Olivia responded as they pulled in and jumped out of the car. "No, I don't. At this exact moment, we're walking to our deaths. The tragic murders of Olivia Swine and Alexandra Moonshire." Lexus said with a grin. She was the type to wear funeral attire to a regular event. She wanted to work as a detective one day. "Oh, so that's what I'm plotting to do you." A voice that would only be familiar to Olivia said from above. "Hola Miss. Tangent! Sorry for my friend. She's a horror movie freak." Olivia said covering for her friend. "It's fine. I love a good horror. Even more when I'm doing the scarring." Tangent said with a grin. "Doors unlocked. I'll be down shortly. I'm changing some diapers. Take a seat in the living room. I made some milk and cookies." The girls walked inside. "Gotta say, Olivia. She is really hot." Olivia said with a whisper. "Maybe so off her good looks will rub off on you." She laughed. She felt a pinch on her buttcheek. "Pervert!" Lexus yelped. "So they're still in diapers. Hope you know how to change one." Olivia said as they walked into the living room with a grin knowing her friend hated diapers. "Yuck. Nope. Gotta say no on that one chef." Olivia and Lexus sat down on the sofa and saw the freshly baked cookies and a cold pitcher of milk on the coffee table. It was like Tangent had just sat them down. They then heard the sound of heels clicking against the wooden steps. In the room came Tangent clad in black. Tight black shirt with sleeves and a v-neck where her perky breast stuck out. Her tight leather skirt gleamed from the light. Her ass looked great in them and her black leather boots reached up to her gorgeous thighs. "Girls. I'm so happy you came. I was getting worried." Tangent was wearing black gloves a choker around her neck. "I love your sense of fashion. It screams boss bitch. I love it." Lexus said with a smile. This lady looked cool. She was in love, platonic of course. "I love yours too. Black is always a good choice. And that beautiful blonde hair. Like gold. A catch like Olivia 'otta have some cute friends." Tangent commented. "Thanks." Olivia responded. "So where are the kids." "They're sleeping. Let's just talk. Enjoy some of these delicious cookies." Tangent grabbed a cookie and started to eat it. Seeing Tangent eat on gave Lexus the courage to try one herself. Olivia followed suit and ate the cookies and milk. They talked and talked until they heard the wailing of what sound like a child or more like an imitation. "Oh, the babies are getting restless. They're probably tired of waiting for their new diapers." Tangent stood up and pointed at the ceiling. "See there's a camera watching us. Say hello to our viewers at home." "What! We didn't consent to that." Lexus responded. "Yeah Miss. Tangent you could at least said something." Olivia looked at the camera and waved nervously. "Consent? I grab them by the pussy." Tangent laughed. "You see, I think your buddy Lexus was on the right track. I want to turn you cute girls and into my toys. Promise you'll look a lot better when I'm done with you." "Fuck that!" Lexus screamed. "I'll beat your ass." That's when Lexus felt it. In the pits in her stomach. The insides of her stomach were changing. Her organ turning into absorbent layers. It felt strange. Tickling her organs. Like she had the butterfly. She felt something cotton-like forming. "Did you poison the food?" Lexus was feeling weak. Olivia felt the same thing. Weakness was taking over her body. The feeling of cotton building up. "Miss. Tangent, what's going on?" The tickling was strong. To Olivia. It felt good. Really good. "My magic potion won't work on a witch. One worth her salt anyway. But enough about me. I want to tell you about your wonderful future as stars in my stream and videos." Tangent told them with an evil grin. "I'll make so much money off you two girls." "You're trying to whore us out! I'm not going to be some sex slave." Lexus shouted as she started to stand back up. She quickly collapsed but she kept trying to stand. "Lexus dear, you're all mine now. I'll do whatever I like with you. Don't fret, you'll enjoy your new position in life. You won't even mind it at all after a while. Hahaha." The witch laughed. She seemed to had made some kind of joke. Lexus felt the change spreading throughout her body. The strong tingling was getting stronger. Her torso started to thin, rapidly and turning to cotton. She then felt her torso starting to expand She felt her arms becoming heavy and even more strength slipping away. Her hands and wrist turning pink and her finger started to meld together as the tingling grew worse. Her arms started to thin and become bright pink. Her legs were no exception. The same process took her legs and she fell to the floor. Lexus turned her head and looked towards her friend Olivia. "Olivia!" She said in shock at what she saw. Olivia had gone under the same horrific changes and then some. Olivia's stomach was swollen with padding. Her large breast were mounds of padding themselves. The quilted layer on top of her looked very familiar to Lexus. Olivia's legs were in a permanent split and flat. They were stretching out further and fusing with the rest of her body. Her legs were becoming thin wings. There were sold thick solid lines of blue and green down and across the wings. The same could be said for her arms who were also wings. Her hands vanished completely. These thin flaps of papery plastic didn't even have an inch of thickness. Olivia seemed to be riving in pain. She was practically shaking. Yet Olivia was moaning in a more pleasant way. She had her clothes tight around her distorted mostly white body. Olivia turned over and looked at her friend. In her mouth was stuffing. Cotton-like and stringy from the looks of it. Her hair had receded into her disfigured body. Her cheeks were red and her eyes only said sorry. Tangent walked up to Olivia and squatted down. Her black hair hung at her breast and her thighs were close together. "Hiya, how's the whole transformation thing going. Let me guess. Ain't have bad, is it? I mean becoming something cute and soft. My kids are going to love you." Tangent suddenly snickered. She then grabbed Olivia's fat cheeks that had puffed up with cotton and forced Olivia to meet her eyes with Tangent. Olivia wanted to cry. She had been tricked and betrayed. She wished she could tell Lexus what was happening. What this evil woman was turning them into. Then again, maybe Lexus was better off not knowing. Looking into the eyes of this traitorous woman, she only saw delight and dark satisfaction. The tickling deep inside her was the only thing keeping her from falling into the abyss. The feel of her body. The clothes were pressed up against her puffy giant body. She wishes she could cum, to relieve the tension that continued to build up in her padding. She knew it was wrong, but couldn't resist. She knew what she was and the idea of her face made her even hornier. Olivia felt an almost claw-like hand grasp her breast and squeezed it. She moaned through her padding. By that time her face was covered in padding or rather it was. She had stopped breathing long ago but she no longer needed to even breathe. Tangent smiled at her prey. She liked touching them. Feeling how much they've changed. The quality quilted padding below her fingertips. Oh, how she spoiled her little ones. Turning foolish and beautiful young women into spongy waste receptacles was another bonus entirely. As Tangent felt up the diaper, the facial features started to vanish. The puffed-up belly starts to contract as if it was exhaling. Like the oxygen that was in Olivia's body had finally escaped. Olivia shrunk as Tangent and her friend were forced to watch. A look of horror on Lexus's beautiful soft white face. Olivia felt herself shrinking away. The feeling of moving across the floor was causing her even more unrest. Why was being this so fucking good she thought. She felt leak guards popping up as if they almost forgot themselves. She welcomed the sudden pleasure. Olivia soon shrunk down into something that could never be considered a human. "Olivia..." A raspy voice said trying to shout. Tangent simply pulled away from the tacky clothing her opinion away and off of the garment on the floor. She then grabbed the soft thing by what was once ahead and lifted it up in all of its glory. A diaper. Olivia was turned into a fucking diaper. Not just any diaper. A big one. Oddly it was more fitting for a baby, but these adult diapers were sized for an adult for sure. It is motionless in the hands of Tangent. The question simply remained. Was Olivia dead? "What...have...you done..." Lexus wasn't looking too much better. Speaking was almost nearly impossible. Her arms and legs had become wings themselves. She had become mostly pink. Breather had become laborious, all she smelt something similar to strawberries but artificial. "Turned her into a diaper. What does it look like I did to her?" Tangent rebutted smugly. "I see you're still changing. You should have turned before Olivia here." Tangent made the diaper crinkle in her hand a little bit, just for emphasis and because she enjoyed it. "That look on your face...Lexus. That's it. It's telling. Your friend is still there. I can feel her. She taking stock of her new form. She's a smart one. She knew what she was becoming. A diaper. And so will you Lexus." Her words stung deep. A diaper. Lexus never wanted to come to this place let alone become some fucking diaper. "I'm..." She tried to say but her lungs had been devoured by the cotton within her. She was angry. She didn't want to turn into such a thing. The idea of being used revolted her beyond measure. Even if the tingling felt good, or how the idea of wet padding was making her horny, she resisted it. She knew it was wrong and forced it down. It slowed the transformation but couldn't stop it. Her stomach and tits were expanding. They were mounds of padding. Her arms and legs were the wings of a diaper. She was bright, cute, and pink. Her padding was quilted and the leak guards were popping out of her. She bit her lip so hard in anger she drew blood. It didn't matter. The blood was sucked up and dissolved. Her lip healed and the transformation started to seal her lips. "Harming yourself? The potion is like a virus. This hungry virus wants to survive and keep its host alive. I could shoot you and burn you. It won't stop. You're virtually immortal." Tangent explained putting her hand on her hips. Olivia had folded up, probably meaning the transformation truly completed. "But can try speeding up? Babies need diapers." Lexus looked at Tangent with hate. Pure burning hate. Hate you'd use to warm you at night. He that lights the home ablaze. The hate to burn bones to ash. That's what Lexus felt. And she couldn't do anything but turn into a diaper. Her hair had fused with her. Her face was white and quilted. Her facial features and dimples were still there. Her mounds of padding she would call her tits and stomach had started to shrink. Exhaling just like Olivia. Her eyes wanted to close. Keeping the open was burning her eyes. They were drying up. Lexus held firm. She continued to defy the magical potion that affected them. "Defiant little diaper hmm. You're never turning back. You're going to become a diaper. You're going to stay that way...for...ever. You'll be nothing but a diaper. My little girl is going to love you. You're so cute." Talking down to the diaper was stimulating her. Her fan also loved how she denigrated her victims. Breaking them in so many ways. "Say something. You can't speak? Padding got your tongue?" The witch was feigning sympathy. "Looking at me. Torturing yourself. Why make it more difficult. You're not going to die. Ha ha ha." Her laugh also made Lexus padding crawl. Eyes burning. Lexus's entire body was tingling with repressed pleasure. She felt the floor tremble with her step. The woman in black took the diaper that was once Olivia and licked the slick plastic shell with her long tongue. "Delicious." Rage. Hate. Watching how Tangent uses her friend in her taunt. Her eyes started to shut. Her hate wasn't able to stave the virus off. They shut tight and vanished into the padding. Not even dimples were left. She felt her pink leak guards popping free. Her padding had finally stopped deflating and was now about an inch thick. Lexus then began to shrink just like Olivia, except she was somewhat smaller in the end. She folded up and was a pink rectangle on the floor. She even had little stencils of flowers near the leg cuffs. Lexus felt a hand grab her and lift her up. She was squeezing tight repeatedly. Tangent held the two fresh diapers up at the camera with an evil grin. "I hope you enjoyed the show. But the fun is just beginning." She rubbed the edges of the two diapers together. Tingles by the millions happed when the two diaper girls' plastic shells touched. Tangent then rubbed the diapers close to her chest with a grin. "Can't wait to peel them open." She brought the girls up to her nose and inhaled their new diaper scents. One Strawberry, and Lavender. "Oh god, I love watching them changing these little sluts into diapers. Their permanent new lives as diapers. Yup, these diapers are for my babies. Let's go get these two diapers on some behinds shall we." Tangent walked out of her living room and up the steps. The diapers swing back and forth in her hands. The soft whores weren't able to communicate. Olivia was still relaxing. Calm and patiently waiting for her fate. Lexus was upset. Angry at how things were going. She wanted to be turned back. Tangent walked into the nursery which had two big lights lighting the room and another camera set up. In the room were two adults playing patty cake and wearing two soiled diapers. Both far too old and a boy and a girl. "Mommy!" The two said in unison. Tangent smiled with delight. She's made sure her babies show her the love she deserved. These two children as she saw it had both been successful adults. Tangent took a liking to Julia and months later, she took Conner, Julia's boyfriend when he came looking for her. She enjoyed forcing them to act like clueless infants. Then it was the diapers, tapping them into her special little diapers. The look on their faces when they wear them. They can feel the difference. "Now on the changing tables babies. It's time to remove those soiled diapers. I got fresher diapers right here." She watched as they did what she said immediately. They climbed up on the padded tables and Tangent was setting the diapers close by. Olivia near Conner and Lexus near Julia. She had the wipes and powder set up as she usually dead. She started by peeling Conner's soiled diaper off. It was a messy one and was quickly thrown away. She started cleaning him up with swiftness and was powdering his bum. She then grabbed Olivia and started to unfold her body. "Have fun diaper." Olivia felt herself being undone. Unfolded from the confined boring rectangle she had been. She wanted to get to work and be worn. She then felt herself being slid under and all the weight come down on her face and part of her chest. She then felt what was once her lower torso and vagina press against large genitalia. She was a diaper so why was she being...she was an adult diaper! Olivia started to really tingle again. She was getting put on an adult. Now she didn't need to feel guilt, she could really enjoy being worn by a man. This was gonna be better than sex. Olivia thought of the idea of being used and abuse. The thought even caused even Olivia's inanimate diaper form to tremble and tingle with anticipation. Tangent felt the diaper tremble and could read the diaper's thoughts like an open book. She took satisfaction in the situation. Olivia wasn't trying to fight, she barely did in the beginning and now she was all hers. Tangent could only imagine how she'd react to her wish to be soiled. Tangent yanked on what used to be armed and use the tapes to secure the diaper tight around Conner. Olivia smiled inside being secured. The pulling of her arms and the movement of the legs of her big baby she was worn by. Now all she had to do is wait. She would hold on tight and see what this big boy was packing for her. Tangent then began to care for and clean her up. Another messy diaper being traded out of a fresher one. Lexus felt herself being unfolded. She was cramp stuck like that but she knew why such a thing would happen. "FUCK! TURN ME BACK!" She yelled in her mind. Like she was ignored, Lexus felt the weight of someone coming down on her. Tangent was then yanking and securing Lexus to Julia, another thick diaper to be used. Lexus felt her legs being tucked just above her face and her arms being secured to her butt. Lexus thought about her positioning and the likely fact she'd be messed on by this woman. The ass she was wrapped around wasn't some child but some damn fetish freak. The contortion and stretching of her plastic body were uncomfortable. "Perfect. My babies are in their most adorable diapees yet." Tangent then turned to the camera. "Two best friends become two of the best diapers. I've outdone myself today." She turned back to her children. Tangent's arrogant smile was always on display. "Now show me those diaper butts." The babies did as they were told and flipped over. They felt one feminine hand clasp their behinds each. She squeezed them and slapped them. "Soft and cute." Her voice sounded like sweet syrup. "I just love seeing these diaper butts. You two just fill these whores out so well. I know you feel them. That warmth. You two are probably a little aroused." She slapped their butts. "Go ahead, get on that play mat, and go wild. Hump to your heart content." She pointed at the playmat on the floor. The two jumped at the chance. It's been long, so damn long since they got close to each other. They tried to remove the diapers, and the magic made sure that wasn't happening. On top of that, Tangent saw that and smacked their butts again. "I said hump. Do it now before I change my mind." The Adult Babies were on each other. Their diapered groins bumping and rubbing against each other. Julia was on the mat and Conner was on top. Missionary, but they weren't trying to please Tangent or her viewers. As the diapers collided, the two started to form a link. They felt the electricity shooting through their soft squishy diaper bodies. When the two were rubbing, Lexus heard a moan in her mind. She felt her dear friend pounding and rubbing against her. "Olivia! Olivia! Can you hear me?" Lexus shouted out. "Yes, I can! Lexus, I'm so happy to know you're here. I was a little worried. I feared you'd be put on the self or something. I can't have you miss out." Olivia said not thinking whatever she said was wrong. "Miss out? Olivia! We are being used as fucking sex toys. I can feel his dick and this chick is wet as fuck. She's leaking into me...I don't like it. I don't want to like it." Olivia heard her friend and a part of her understood. That part however was getting smaller and smaller. The growing diaper that she was couldn't understand its fellow diaper's plight. "But it feels good. Right? Them wearing us and humping with us on. I'm jealous you're starting to get a little wet. How does pussy juice feel? I know you taste it." "Shut up Olivia! What the hell are you talking about." Lexus cried. "This isn't us. We're women. Not fucking diapers." "Sure don't feel like a woman. I feel soft, contorted, squishy, and every sensation feels like heaven. The idea of getting used and wet. We're babysitters. Let's do our best. Whatever she was paying us, we're getting way more. Be grateful diaper." Olivia said to her friend. "No. I'm not! This isn't you! Fight it Ol-" Lexus felt what was like an eruption of ooze that spilled onto her padding and the rhythmical action of grinding slowed to a halt. She felt her body dragging it in. "WHAT THE FUCK!" The worse was how it felt to drink it in. The taste and warmth. She tried not to think about it. Olivia was happy. Ecstatic as she felt her wearer release his load on her padding. It was right over where her vagina use to be. It was all working out perfectly. Olivia wanted to thank him and Tangent, but as a diaper that was impossible. She hoped they all knew she was grateful. "Ha ha ha ha! Enough darlings. You had you feel. Such a beautiful show of love." She walked over to Conner and pulled him off Julia. "Those diapers need more than grown-up messes. They need baby messes too." They knew what that meant. "Now play. I'll be back in a couple of hours to check on these precious little things you cuties got on. Play until I return and just relax." Tangent left the room and the two were left alone. The two played in silence, except for a radio that played an infantile melody. It made them relax and forget. Forget about the situation they were in. They simply played. Conner and Julia had no issue relieving themselves. Within the first hour, they caused the two former women to became wet and taut as they filled up. Lexus hated feeling her body warm, the vibrating of pee hitting her padded body. She cried out in rage. She couldn't talk to Olivia, but she figured she'd be cumming 10x over if she could. "Why is it so bitter!" It was strangely sweet to her but she refused to admit it. Olivia loved the warmth that seeped into her padding and was dragged down to her core. Her body gently sagging from the first pee had been orgasmic. She was grateful for using her. "Thank you. So delicious. I'm all yours baby." Olivia didn't even remember she was human. As time passed the diapers grew more wet and saggy. Lexus was starting to resist mind-altering and the tingles were becoming less and less effective. "I'm winning. If I just focus. I can overcome these freaks and turn back to normal probably." Olivia on the other hand was on cloud 9. She was content, beyond anything, she wished she could go even higher. Olivia's sense of self had mostly evaporated and what was left circled around the idea of being a diaper. "I'm diaper. I'm wet. Need more. SO good being diaper." Tangent had entered the room. She checked on each of them. She pulled back Julia's diaper and stuck her finger in the leg cuffs. "Sure she loving that accident huh?" She then went to Conner and did the same. "Wet butts. Good babies. But those diapers aren't what I'd call messy. Our fans want to see you two really soil those diapers. And you know that. On the couch babies. The naughty little rears in the air too." The two did as they were told and the woman in black walked over to the propped-up wet butts. She grabbed the diapers and gave them quick smacks. "Yes. I can feel it. One of them is almost gone." Tangent leaned her arm on Conners diaper rear and looks at Julia's diapered butt. She grabbed at it and squished it between her thumb and index finger. Pinching the wet pink diaper was similar to if she was pinch Lexus's cheek. "Lexus. I know you can hear me. And only me. You're friend...she ain't much for a meaningful convo...she's barely hanging on by a thread." Tangent thought it was funny. A woman's mind is reduced to a state to fit their new body. "Lexus, will you end up like her? I think so." Lexus heard what Tangent said. Her taunting was getting to her easily. "Fuck you. I'm going to turn back and kill you. Whatever you did to Olivia, I'll make you fix it." "Fix it? There's nothing to fix. You're a diaper. So cute too. You're perfect as a diaper. You're never turning back. You'll never taste anything but urine and mess. You'll only feel the warmth of your foul dirty present that babies make in you. Lexus, you're a diaper. You're NOTHING." Tangent words struck like a hammer on hot iron. Degrading her and put Lexus farther down in a hole with only her anger to keep her company. But she had misery accompanying her too. That's when she felt the gust of hot smelly gas hit her padded face. "Disgusting!" More gas followed. Olivia was being given the same treatment. She was in a euphoric state and her thoughts only consisted of happy thoughts. Not the human happy thoughts, the depraves and twisted ones of a human turned pamper. Soon Olivia felt it. It was pushing into her and dropping a disgusting mess into her body. The warmth and strong pleasant taste were amazing. Olivia moaned as his contents spilled onto her. "Yes. Good. Happy. Fill me." She thought in pure pleasure. As the mess continued to spill over her and corrupt what was left of her humanity. Part of her knew this was wrong, the small dying part of her was snuffed out by one final push from Conner into Olivia. She screamed in her mind before it became a moan. Her thoughts slowly faded and cease into simple waves of contentedness and happiness. Tangent placed a hand on the used diaper and smeared it with an evil grin. "Good baby. That's how we treat those diapers." She cackled and place a hand on the Lexus diaper and felt a bump push into her palm and her smile grew wider. "I can feel it, Julia. Keep going. I think she'll like that." Lexus felt the balls depositing into her. The mess wasn't firm but not liquid. Lexus shuddered and gagged at the disgusting taste in her mind. It tasted bottle and like bile. The chunky mess spilled out into her and began to stain her helpless body. The scent was just god awful as you'd imagine and the hat for Tangent and the freak wearing her was just as bad. Lexus felt a woman's hand smearing the mess that was safely inside her. The claw-like nails being dragged across her plastic shell. She was drooping low as the hot mess burnt her. The diaper felt very little pleasure as it faded away. Lexus hate had defeated this magic...yet she was still just some diaper, a dirty one. "Fuck. I can't stand this. Help me! Someone save me." "You could have saved yourself...be like Olivia. Practically mindless and joyful. I was wrong about you. A little dirty diapee like you were made of stronger stuff than your friend. Maybe you could have become a witch...to bad that's out of the question now. You're probably going to be like this forever. I mean maybe after 200 years or so you'll finally be gone...maybe." Lexus couldn't believe what she was hearing. 200 years...as this thing! As something full of human waste. She couldn't believe it. She wanted to disappear. To vanish. To die. Yet she knew she'd be completely intact...mentally at least. "Well, I better change those butts. Silly babes made such a mess. I might let you sit in it for a little. Rub it in for those diapees real quick." She cackled like a cartoon witch. Tangent pilled the diapers off her babies about 15 minutes later. Olivia didn't care when she was pulled away and had her body rolled up into a ball of waste. Olivia didn't care one bit. The diaper was happy and joyous. Lexus knew where she was going. When she was untapped and pulled away she only grew more miserable. She hated the feeling of Tangent's hands rolling her disgusting body up. Her hands were being used to tape the dirty diaper tight and securing the filth for decades to come. "No. Not fair. I'm not some diaper. I'm Lexus Moonshire...I'm a woman." Tangent walked over to the diaper pail. Switching her ass in the black leather skirt. The diapers were still warm and in her gloved hands. She lifted one of her legs and placed her stiletto on the paddle. It caused the lid to open revealing soiled diapers resting in their wearings mess and Tangent could only smile at them. She then dropped Lexus down on the diapers. The falling was quick but traumatic. Plopping down on the used diapers below, their plastic touching hers. "No. No. No. No. No." She repeatedly thought to herself. She then felt another diaper plop down on her. Far warmer and equally revolting. She hated the fact it was her best friend. "Olivia! Olivia! Please answer me! Someone answer me!" If Olivia was there, she wasn't in any mood or state of mind to reply. The other diapers were the same. Lexus wonder if those below her were even human once. Lexus felt disgusting diaper after disgusting diapers plop down. She was cold and used and the pail was close to being thrown out and a new liner being placed inside. Tangent came into the nursery to do just that. Stiletto on the peddle and the used diapers being hoisted up out the can and being escorted out the nursery and down the steps. Lexus felt herself being swung back in forth. "Tangent! Don't do this. You can fix me. I'll do anything. Praise Satan. You're glorious. Your power is great. Please, just make me human. I want to be someone. I wanted to be a fashion designer!" Tangent heard it but ignored the pleas. The begging was fucking turn-on and added to the idea of tossing her out to the curve, especially knowing Lexus still had a mind. So rare. So hot. Tangent was out the door and dropping her victims into the trash can. In the hot trashcan, she warmed up as the sun beat down on her. Eventually, the trash collectors would come and she'd be sent to some landfill. "No. No. I don't want to be fucking diaper." Tangent recorded throwing the diapers out on her phone. She'd add that on to the messy clip she took from the live stream. The dark web had plenty of people into this. She cut the live stream up into clips and make even more money by selling them off. She named the clips creative names such as "Messy and Helpless Girls" "Dirty Pair" "Babysitters Getting Changed" "Mommy Masturbates To Dirty Girls" and "Babies Playing in and using Babysitters." Life was great for Tangent. As Tangent finished releasing her videos, she heard a knocking at her front door. She smiled and licked her chops. More toys to play with. She promised a pack of college girls some money if they cleaned her house. Too bad for them, a woman named Kayla ordered a pack of college girls to be shipped to her house and for the event to be filmed solely for them. Tangent really did love her job. Being your own boss was the best.
  4. (Age Regression and Diaper Mess Humiliation) "There is no way for you to possibly defeat me! I am the great sorcerer Feirlaw!" I boasted, staff gripped. "This spell will return you to a much more fitting state!" "You will not hurt anyone from this point onward!" Tyrine declared, holding her sword close, prepared to fight. Unfortunately for her, I was the most powerful sorcerer in the entire kingdom, and a lowly warrior had always been useless against my curses. For some reason, even though I threatened to destroy her like the rest of her kind, she never seemed to back down. She called her utter stupidity "bravery." "Goodbye, Tyrine of Gilyr." I waved my staff in a circle in the air, before pointing it at the hero, about to destroy and humiliate her like the omnipotent sorcerer that I am. So ridiculous it was that she even dared go up against me when I have the ability to raze entire cities with a snap of my fingers. "You took my baby sister away from me, Feirlaq! To avenge her soul, I will take you down! For her, and for all the good people of Gilyr that you tried to destroy!" She exclaimed annoyingly as the bolt of magic from my spell flew through the air towards her, about to end her and put an finish to my troubles in taking over Gilyr. But then something strange happened. It was going towards her, I could tell as it grew smaller from my field of view, but then the lady knight swung her sword at the bolt of magic, and it didn't hit her. Did she dodge? Well, that's no problem, I can cast it again! She cannot dodge forever, and one hit from this spell is enough to ruin somebody for good! When I looked back at her, about to cast the ruining spell once again, I noticed that the purple bolt of magic coming back towards me! This was my most powerful spell! How could it be returned to my wand like this? This hero was nowhere near as powerful in magic as I am- And then it hit me. I blacked out to the sound of Tyrine cheering in victory, my grip on my staff failing. ----- And then, when I woke up, something felt different. In fact, a lot of things felt different. Before opening my eyes, I felt that my comfortable, magic-resistant robes were no longer on my body, and I no longer clutched my magic staff close. A heavy sleeper, I mumbled and felt at the clothes that had replaced my robes, to determine that it was a single garment. At first, I assumed that I was just in my plain shirt, which I was wearing beneath the robes during my battle with Tyrine, but I quickly realized that it flowed down to my waist and seemed to flutter at the bottom. What the hell? I hadn't been wearing a kilt! My hands felt soft and it was hard to grip them onto my clothes without them slipping off the fabric, like they hadn't spent hundreds of years holding a wooden staff and casting intricate spells. As I felt below the strange top that replaced my sorcerer robes, I realized something new had taken the place of my pants as well. Before, I had a pair of leather slacks that went all the way down my legs to warm me, but now what I was wearing only reached below my thighs, and when I laid my suddenly soft hand over it I realized that the hide was replaced with something that felt like the paper I wrote my spell scrolls on. I patted at it and also realized that it was nearly an inch thick, almost smothering my crotch and ass with its soft, feeble material. Crinkle, crinkle was the sound it made, like the peace treaties that I crumpled up and threw away. What had happened to my clothes? I opened my eyes to inspect the strange clothes that my robes and pants had been swapped out for, but quickly realized that there was way more to interpret. The grassy hill outside of Gilyr was no longer where I laid, but rather on top of a cushion. I turned over, producing more annoying crinkling sounds, to look down at the pillow that I was splayed out on and determined that it was only about 3 feet long, yet somehow it was big enough for me to lay on perfectly. What kind of illusion was this? My hands looked smaller and stubbier as well. Beneath the pillow, the mattress that it was placed on had a pink cover sheet. My royal bed was black! And this mattress seemed to only be a small fraction of its size! Confused and slightly embarrassed I sat up to look around the room that I was now in. Sitting on the garment covering my crotch felt strangely comfortable as if I was covered in padding. It was soft, unlike the way a sorcerer should dress. I was in a log cabin, I figured out quickly enough. There was a fireplace, that seemed larger than normal. The door also looked rather tall, and sitting down I could see that the opening handle was high above me. Was this some sort of giant's house?... My eyes darted to the wooden table, which also seemed larger than a table was meant to be, especially since my villainous figure stood at a menacing 7 foot tall, which normally was enough to strike intimidation into the eyes of my rivals, including Tyrine. Somebody was sitting at it, and as I looked up at their figure, which was way larger than I now was but perfectly sized for the furniture in the room, I became alert when I realized who it was. Out of instinct, despite not having my powerful staff on me, I jumped up to my feet, the padding around my waist creating more crinkle sounds that I was starting to get sick of. "Youw time has come, Tywine!" I exclaimed at her from my height as I stood atop the mattress, evidently not even tall enough to reach the table that she was sitting at. My face went red with embarrassment as I heard my own voice, a high pitched string of baby talk. What the hell?! What happened to my terrifying, villainous voice that struck fear into the villagers of Gilyr!? "D'awwww..." Was all she said, in a tone entirely separate from the one she used when confronting me about my plot to destroy all of Gilyr. "Good morning, cutie." She got up and walked over to me, with no trace of the immense fear she once had when addressing me in all my awe. When she walked up, I got a glance. Before, I would constantly make comments about her height, reminding her that a hero can't be 5 feet tall and that she needed to wear a diaper to suit her age better, but now she was almost twice my height! I had to glare straight up at her, and then I stumbled and fell backwards onto the mattress, producing more loud crumpling noises from the paper padding that I had woken up in. "Dow't you caww me a cutie! Excuse you, stuwpid hewo! I am the gweat sowcehwoo Feiwlaq!" I yelled up at her, desperately trying to produce the same terrified look on her face as I always could before, but finding it difficult to pronounce some words. I completely fumbled the word 'sorcerer!' But I was a sorcerer! I am the most powerful sorcerer! "From the looks of things to me, you're an adorable little girl wearing a diaper." Tyrine giggled as she looked down upon me. "Wha!? What the fwuh aww you tawking about!?" My high voice resembled that of a young girl, similar to the ones that cried when I threatened to destroy the orphanage. It sounded completely different from my horrifying deep voice that I made those threats in! What happened? I wasn't a girl! I was a grown man, and a villain! Wait, did she say I was in a diaper? My eyes went wide as I immediately recognized what the padding was. "No! No wah! I am nawt weawing a fwuhing diaper!" In a panic, I glanced down between my legs as I sat on the mattress. I lifted my garb, which now that I looked closer more resembled a skirt, and right below it, was a layer of thick padding surrounding my crotch, where my undergarments used to be. It was white and spread my legs, and I immediately went red. "NO! NO WAY! A SOWCEHWOO DOESHN'T WEAW DIAPERS!" I exclaimed. The padding crinkled as I felt at it, mocking me as I saw myself dressed in a garment meant to be worn by babies. I had not worn a diaper for over 400 years! I was a powerful sorcerer! My waste was disposed of with magic! I refused to accept this! A series of humiliating crinkles ensued when I reached down to slip the diaper off my body, not wanting to associate in any way with something worn by babies to hold their disgusting urine and mess, not wanting to even think about that! Before I could get the grip necessary to pull it from my body, which was more difficult than usual due to my small, weak hands befitting a little girl more than a sorcerer, a larger arm wrapped around my chest. "I would love to explain more about what happened right now, but I actually have a speech to give now that I've saved Gilyr from a diaper-wearing villain." Tyrine giggled, and I tried to growl at her in response for accusing me of actually enjoying anything about this diaper that I had been dressed in, but all I could manage was a cute hum. "So I'm going to drop you off at the Lil Darling's Daycare for a couple of hours, something more fitting for a little baby like you." "I AM NAWT A BABY!" I yelped as her arm lifted me up, and my struggles to free myself from her grapple proved useless. "DOW'T CAWW ME THAT!" Seriously!? A DAYCARE!? I was threatening to destroy this entire kingdom an hour ago! What could possess her to think it fitting to leave me at a place where parents dropped off their kids to play with dumb toys all day!? I kicked and screamed as she carried me into the air, but my feet had no muscles to deal any sort of damage to her chest, and my punches were reduced to small bats down her back. She kept one hand on my back, and the other laid against my padding, pushing it up against my ass as I was forced to feel the embarrassment of knowing that I was actually wearing a diaper instead of the wizard robes that I battling her in. My head sat on her shoulder, and there was little for me to do to move it. "WET ME GO!" I screamed loudly, sounding like my weak victims. This was completely wrong! How could the best magic-user in all the lands be wearing a diaper and be held by a weak, pathetic hero with such ease!? She started walking, ignoring me as I kicked and screamed my baby-sized head off. Outside of the log cabin I was carried, and I quickly realized that Tyrine was carrying me through the capital city of Gilyr. The streets were packed with people walking by, cheering and singing in a level of happiness that I was supposed to have crushed by now! They were staying inside and mourning their impending doom! The ones who wanted to live held my flag and swore their allegiance to me! My screaming for the hero to unhand me, while ignored by her, caused crowds of townsfolk to turn their heads and glance at me in her arms. They giggled as well. "I heard a rumour that Tyrine's new baby is actually Feirlaq. Crazy, huh?" "Really? That beautiful, heroic knight must be powerful to turn him into a baby girl like that!" "I wouldn't have been so scared of him if I knew that he couldn't even control his own bowels." The entire group giggled. "GWET ME OUW OF THIS DIAPER! I DO NAWT NEED TO WEAW IT! I HAWVEN'T NEEDED IT FOW HUNDWEDS OF YEAWS! I DOW'T NEED A FWUHING DIAPER!" I yelled, and the people only started to giggle at me more. I was infuriated! Feirlaq the sorcerer was the most feared name in the entire kingdom! They were scared to even mention me, in fear that it may summon me to burn down the building! That was me! Not some tiny baby wearing a diaper! This was not me! I was stronger than this! "I told you that you were an adorable little girl." Tyrine said as she patted my diaper again to remind me of the shameful situation that my dominant one was involuntarily replaced with. "Almost to the daycare." "THIS IS NAWT THE WAY THINGS AWW MEANT TO BWE!" I yelled. Tyrine continued to ignore my failed assertions of my adulthood. "Hey Tyrine! Is that your baby?" Someone else said, and I turned my head in frustration to see that it was Raylen, one of my henchmen that betrayed me. She was living in Gilyr now? She should be killed for turning against me and helping these heroes! I had a whole punishment set up for her once I took over. "It is, in fact. Would you like to hold her?" Tyrine presented me to her, and I squirmed in her arms trying to free myself. She moved her hand from my diaper, only to further reveal the padding that I was now in. How could I be the most feared person in the kingdom when random people were seeing me in this stupid diaper!? "No thanks." Raylen giggled. "I already have one stinky, poopy baby to put up with. Hey, maybe we can have Kelli and Luna play together sometime!" Luna was Raylen's daughter that was born in my lair less than a month ago. One of the reasons that Raylen turned against me was because I insulting her baby, calling Luna a smelly little ass. I still get flashbacks to when I had to put up with the disgusting stench of that little girl's diapers, and suddenly feel better about Raylen betraying me and running away to Gilyr. How could she be the one calling me stinky now!? "Sometime later. And I feel that, putting up with a smelly diaperbutt is hard work!" Tyrine told her. "I DO NAWT SMELL! I DOW'T EVEN NEED TO WEAW THIS STWUPID THING! QUIT TAWKING ABOUT ME WIKE DAT!" I yelled, my diaper crinkling, ashamed to have those sounds coming from my clothes as I recognized them from Luna's diapers. "Does she need a changing or something?" "Not yet, but probably soon." Tyrine giggled. "Goodbye for now." I pouted and growled in disgust. Changing? Diapers? Did they not know who I was? I was sure that I was more than capable of making it to the bathroom whenever I had to go! This diaper served no purpose other than to make annoying wrinkle sounds. Even if I was made to look like this dumb padding was something that I needed, I would prove to them that I was still an adult, and a powerful sorcerer at that. This diaper would soon be off of my body and I'd be returned to my proper form, which everybody fears the might of. I had to! There's no way that this piteous hero could keep me held like this for long! Before long, I was carried through the entrance of a building called Lil Darling's Daycare, a place that resembled my secret lair from its size compared to me, but with much more pink walls and diapers. "Greetings, lady Tyrine. Thank you for saving the world from that nasty Feirlaq. We'll never have to hear about him again." The woman inside of the daycare told Tyrine. "Yeah, definitely not." She giggled. "Anyway, here's Kelli." She held out her arms holding me, and I was passed to this random woman as if I didn't have the power to destroy entire villages in the blink of an eye. I kept kicking, wanting to be able to walk where I wanted and not be left at daycare. I was not a baby! This was nonsense! "She's feisty but cute." The other woman smiled as she held me, my kicks doing nothing to her. I heard the laughing and running of toddlers from the other room, and I was disgusted. "Yeah, she is." Tyrine laughed and smiled back warmly, in that dumb confidence heroes always got. "Anyway, I'll be back in about 5 hours." She turned around and walked off, leaving the most powerful sorcerer at a daycare, trapped in the body of a toddler in a diaper. The other woman carried me into another room and sat me down, finally able to stand up again. The relief from no longer being lifted against my will was short-lived, as I looked around the room I was placed in. Kids ran back and forth, chasing each other and screaming, some laughing. All of them looked to be five or six at the most, and I seethed as I realized that they somehow had more height than I did. I grunted as I stood up and my diaper crinkled, as I had always hated the annoying way that children express themselves. Their screams were so loud, and some of them were off in the corner pretending to fart. Children are disgusting. I was the only one in the daycare wearing a diaper, frustratingly. In my anger with being placed where I was, wearing what I was, I simply sat in the corner on my padding as the other kids screamed and yelled playfully. I tried to lower my skirt enough to hide my padding, but the white bulge between my legs was large enough for the lower half of my diaper to always show. "Is that kid wearing a diaper?" "This isn't a baby playroom!" A couple of boys walked up to me, pointing at my diaper and making humiliating comments. "S-Shut uwp..." I mumbled at them and crossed my arms, trying to sit with my legs together but the padding thick enough to keep them apart, which caused me to raise my skirt. Wearing a girly, pink skirt was humiliating enough for someone who was supposed to be wearing dark robes and destroying villages, but the constant crinkling of my diaper filled me with enough rage to destroy a kingdom. "Aww, what's wrong little girl? Need somebody to change you?" One of them said. "I AM NAWT A GIWL! AND DOW'T NEED CHANGES!" I snapped at them. I was probably hundreds of times older than these kids, yet they had the audacity to treat me like a stupid baby? "Really? Then what is this?" Without warning, he reached down to my crotch and grabbed me by the diaper, pulling me out of the corner, with my skirt lifted to completely expose the padding beneath. The kid didn't look very strong, but I was easily overpowered and dragged over by him like I was weightless. "Hey everyone! Come look at the new girl and her thick diaper!" Three more boys approached me, and all of a sudden I was surrounded. "WEAVE ME AWONE!" I yelled around at them, my diaper crinkling as I turned. "I CAWN DESTWOY AWW YOU!" "Aww, she even talks like a little baby!" "I haven't worn diapers in 3 years!" "So cute! I wish I had a baby sister to play with like this!" Somebody smacked my diaper. "Spank! Hehe~" I turned around to face the person who smacked me on the bottom, forcing me to feel the padding against my bare ass again, but I was consecutively spanked again after turning. How could people this young be overpowering me so easily!? I struck down the kingdom's most powerful warriors, and now I was being spanked by random annoying kids! "Cute little baby loves spankies on her diaper, doesn't she?" "STWOP IT... OW EWSE!" I covered my ass with my tiny hands, only making more humiliating crinkles. "Or else what, hmm? Will you cry like a little baby? Will you throw yourself on the ground and throw a fit, like a little girl?" I was boiling over. How could this happen to me!? Everybody is treating me like a baby girl! I have never worn or used a diaper, and that is not going to start now! I was restraining myself, but I finally decided to show off some of my power to these snotty kids who are supposed to be on their knees begging for their families' mercy from my destruction. And I didn't need my staff in order to cast magic! I was the most powerful sorcerer ever! "Wavawia Wotus!" I exclaimed as I waved my hands around, casting one of the more simple yet powerful spells that can be done by hand. Lavaria Lotus, as its meant to be pronounced, was the spell that I always cast before battles, as it blesses me with superhuman strength and agility. When cast perfectly, this spell would surely be enough to knock out a bunch of weak little boys without breaking a single sweat. They looked at me confusedly as I hyped myself up, already feeling the tingly feeling inside of my body. I formed a fist and pulled it back, ready to punch one of these kids into the wall and give him a concussion as punishment for treating me like a baby. I would be sure that these annoying children knew to fear the name Feirlaq. But after ten seconds, the time after which I would usually have been buffed by the spell by now, my muscles felt the same; weak and babyish. What? What is wrong with my magic!? This is not a hard spell! I have cast this piece a hundred times without fail, so what is going on now? "She's pretending to be a princess!" "Silly girl! Princesses don't wear diapers." They teased, clearly not knowing how I was the one that kidnapped princesses and killed the heroes that tried to rescue them. The tingly feeling that I usually associated with the spell's immense strength didn't go to my arms to provide extra force, nor did I feel it down in my legs to indicate that I could now run at the speed of a roadrunner. Instead, I felt an intense build-up in my bladder. "What the fwuh..." I mumbled. You can't cast a strength spell on your bladder! Whatever had happened, it didn't feel like strength in the slightest! If anything... I crinkled my legs together and my eyes went wide as my bladder suddenly brimmed. A few seconds ago, I hadn't felt any build-up at all, yet now the retention was at a max level. "Oh! She just needs to pee! Well go on, little girl, use that cute little diaper of yours." "Ewwwww..." "NO! NO WAY! THIS ISN'T HAWPENNING!" I winced as I felt the water retention inside of my bladder cause it to weaken. My strength spell made me have to pee!? That is entirely different from what it's supposed to do! And as a sorcerer, I could hold in my bodily functions for days on end, but this time, I had to clench my muscles to prevent the warm urine from escaping my body. "Aww... don't worry little one, we can change you after." I couldn't believe this! I was standing in a daycare, wearing a diaper, with a full bladder! This wasn't me! I was an adult, and older than anybody else in the kingdom! I don't pee myself in public! I made fun of children who were so pathetic that they couldn't hold in their waste, and now these same kids are surrounding me and treating me like an actual baby. Where had all of their fear and submission gone? For the past hundred years, everybody knew my name as the subject of fears. Sometimes grown adults would pee themselves just hearing about me, but now... I turned my focus for a moment, expecting nothing truly major to come from my bladder. ... The tension overflowed. ... Before I knew it, the waterworks opened. Hisssss... A couple of drops seeped from my bladder, and I felt the front of my diaper start to moisten with disgusting, stinky pee. Before I could halt my involuntary release, I could look down to see the large yellow stain, standing out amongst the white paper in my diaper. I couldn't believe it! I had actually just wet myself like a baby! And my bladder continued to teem with unbearable fullness. As humiliating as it was, I really needed to relieve myself quickly. I turned towards the door that said "Restroom" and dashed for it. With each step, besides the loud crinkles that made the entire room glance at me as I struggled not to piss myself, there was the sensation of more drops of my pee leaking from my bladder to be absorbed by my diaper and expand that shameful stain that I usually hated little kids for showing. Splat, splat, splat more pee escaped as I waddled, was horrified to feel my own sticky wet stain at the front of my diaper. Why was this happening? WHY WAS I WEARING A DIAPER!? I NEVER HAD TROUBLE HOLDING IN MY WASTE! I SHOULD BE TAKING OVER THIS KINGDOM, NOT THIS! I made it to the bathroom door and instinctively reached for the doorknob at my chest's height, accustomed to being a height taller than 2 feet. The hissing continued, and the kids around me cringed as I helplessly was forced to stain my padding with the pee that I accidentally filled my bladder with. I could not believe that I had gone from the most powerful sorcerer known to mankind to a little girl that was having trouble holding in her pee. It was just walking into a bathroom and slipping down my diaper! How difficult could it be!? I reached up desperately for the knob, which towered over me. Failing to reach a doorknob was never a difficulty that I even considered probable. I was so frustrated with this new size, but I had to adapt fast or else I'd be sitting in a puddle of my own waste. The involuntary flow of pee from my strangely-weakened bladder persisted, despite my best efforts to hold it in, the moistness now forming into a puddle at the bottom of my diaper, the part that could never be hidden by my skirt. The kids around me were doing nothing but watching as I was forced to present myself as a baby-talking, pathetic little girl that couldn't even hold in her bladder. I used to look down at them for wearing kid-sized clothes while I wore magical robes, but now I had little to brag about, as I felt the puddle of piss splashing and spreading all down my crotch, being held against it by this padding. "PWEASE NO!" I yelled and I frantically reached my short arms up at the handle. It was only a few feet up, but I couldn't reach it! In a moment of panic, as the flood works of pee rushed out of my bladder and soaked the diaper that I was forced to wear, I came up with a new idea to open the bathroom door so that I could get to the toilet. "TEWEKINESIS!" I exclaimed, casting the force push spell that allowed sorcerers to grab things from afar. Even if my height was gone, I could prove my abilities with my super strong magic prowess! The hissing continued, and I felt the puddle of pee that I had made grossly swishing back and forth in my diaper as I tried to keep my legs together. The crinkling was replaced with a series of loud splats as I was forced to feel a wet diaper around my legs, and have the shame of knowing that I filled it. I was supposed to be a sorcerer! What kind of sorcerer can't even open the bathroom door at daycare and pees himself!? Telekinesis didn't allow me to grab anything from afar, and I continued to pathetically attempt to grab the mocking doorknob. "What is that smell?" "It's the new girl. She just peed herself!" "Gross!" The stench of piss surrounded me, overpowering any of the other smells in the room. The other kids were right, the odour was absolutely one of the most disgusting things I had ever endured, made infinitely worse with the knowledge that I had personally created it. I had peed enough for the puddle in my diaper to splash like the waves of the ocean whenever I jumped at the doorknob. All I wanted was to open the restroom door, and I was useless to even do that now! By the time I finally gripped the doorknob and twisted it, the welling in my bladder was all gone. With the door finally opened, I looked down at myself to see that the entire surface of my diaper, front and back, was now a dark yellow. The squishy surface pressed against my skin, dripping onto the ground. Since my skirt was incredibly short, the shame of knowing that I just pissed myself was obvious to all the kids that I once looked down upon. "You're dirtying the room, diaperbutt!" "STAHP CAWWING ME THAT!" I walked into the bathroom, but I had already expelled the entire bladder full of urine, and it now stained my diaper, drooping below my skirt, for all the kids to see that I had wet myself like a baby. But I wasn't a baby! I know that I wasn't! I was still a powerful sorcerer! And before long, I would be ba- I finally felt the tingling feeling from the Telekinesis spell I had cast, once again not in the correct place. Instead of encompassing my hands so that I may move things without physically touching them, I felt it also down below... ... My flatulence built up, a feeling that I had magically removed from my body hundreds of years ago, as the smell and sound of farts always annoyed me. ... I clenched. It only increased, beyond the point where my weakened muscles could hold it in. ...No way... BRAAAAP! PBBBBBBBBT! I let out two wet farts from my behind, that were louder than anything else in the daycare even with the muffling from my diaper. "Ewwww! She farted!" "Don't need to tell us, we all heard... and can smell." A bunch of the other kids plugged their nose, and I was surrounded by the smell of poop from my diaper, still standing there in front of the entire daycare wearing a dripping, peed diaper. "Did you just poop yourself, stinky girl?" One of the boys asked me. "NO! I WOULD NEVEW! HOW DAWE YOU ACCUSE ME OF SOMEFING SO GWOSS!? I AM NAWT A STINKY G-" SPLOOOOORT! FAAAAART! My flatulence grew louder, and all the kids in the daycare, whom I once called the grossest group of people, all looked at me in disgust as I farted. I couldn't blame them either, as the stench made me want to vomit. Before I could defend myself more, I was interrupted by a new build-up. Splort! Brap! Pbbbt! The sequence of farts failed to stop, foreshadowing something else about to happen if I didn't do something quick, something much more shameful than peeing yourself in public. My bowels were welling up, and I felt as if I was holding in a storm several times larger than myself. Clenching my thighs barely slowed it down as the build-up increased, and judging from the number of stinky farts that were involuntarily bursting from my ass, the foulest smell and sound that I had ever experienced, I would fail to hold this in for long too. "NO! PWEASE! PWEASE NOT NOW!" I yelled as I hurried into the bathroom, my diaper splatting and swashing with pee as I walked. The bathroom had a small toilet, about half the size of the normal ones, designed for potty training toddlers, I assumed. Even though I was too ashamed to acknowledge it, I needed the training toilet in this moment as I felt my bowels suddenly full of poop. PFFFT! SPLAT! My farts continued, growing louder, attracting more attention as kids gathered at the door to the bathroom, watching me as I grew ever closer to soiling myself. I wasn't tall enough to reach the locking latch to have some privacy as I used the toilet, but it would at least show these children that I was not an immature baby girl. I sat on the training potty, which didn't muffle my farting at all. All of the kids swatted the stench away from their noses, and I was humiliated at the idea that my farts were so horrible-smelling that these obnoxious children, who laughed at burps and pretended to fart with their elbows, were disgusted. "I'm so glad that I'm a big kid. P U!" A kid covered his nose. "She's just a little baby, they can't control when they do that." Another one said, infuriating me as I was used to being in control of my entire life, from the people who respected me, a world that bowed down to me, and, obviously, being able to control my bowels. Desperate to get this over with quickly, as I sat on the toilet, still feeling the disgusting squish of my pee on my diaper, I reached down to my crotch and tugged at it. "Phew, I made it in time..." I thought as I pulled at my diaper with a medium-strength, trying to slip it down my legs. To my surprise, the pee-soaked padding stayed glued against my crotch, and my pulling didn't even cause the thing to budge. What the heck!? This was just a thick piece of paper! I could rip this diaper off if I wanted to! SPLORT! FAAAAAAAART! My ass continued to expel the most repulsive smells as all the kids watched, and I could feel my reputation as anything but an incontinent child start to dwindle. My bowels were gurgling, and the loud farts failed to hide the fact that I really needed relief soon, whether in a diaper or not, as much as I was repulsed by the idea. I tugged with all my strength, but nothing happened. For a second, I abandoned the strength in clenching my bowels to keep desperately trying to take my diaper off my crotch, and less than a second later, I realized my mistake. BRAAAAAAAAAAAAP! The loudest, wettest fart yet was expelled from my ass, louder and smellier than anything that I had ever endured before, yet ashamedly coming from my own body. It didn't come alone, as I promptly felt a warm mass push itself from my ass into my diaper. The log of poop formed a visible brown stain at the back of my diaper that the kids began to point at, and as I sat on the toilet I was forced to feel it smearing against my ass. "PWEASE, DOW'T HAPPEN! I AM NAWT A BABY!" I continued to feel at my diaper, continuing to try and slip it down my legs to spare any shame that I could. But it wasn't coming off at all! My hands were too weak and the urine already in my diaper was causing it to stick to me! The log of poop already smudged all over my ass surely wasn't helping either. I pulled and tugged, but my wet padding wouldn't budge. I tried to sit on the edge of the toilet and slowly pry it off by dragging my ass against the porcelain, which only spread the large brown stain on the seat of my diaper, and caused my pee to swish around even more. I attempted clawing at the bottom of my diaper, to rip a hole in the padding so that the massive weight of my own waste could fall out into the toilet where he intended it to land, but the padding proved tougher than it seemed and I only got my hands covered in my pee. And before I knew it, I was sitting on the toilet, frantically trying to come up with an idea to free myself from what was about to happen, when... PBBBBBBBT! Another large log of poop was pushed from my ass to join the smearing brown stain already forming, obvious for all the kids watching through sight, sound, and most of all, smell. It smeared against my ass and I shuddered in disgust. How could I be the one doing this!? PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFT! With a long fart that lasted over ten seconds, I was forced to fill the seat of my diaper with a load of thick, fresh, hot mush. The load was even larger than I thought, now forming a two-inch-thick barrier between my padding and my ass, constantly spreading its disgusting texture all over me as if I chose to fill my diaper with it. As I pooped my diaper, the kids could watch as it expanded, and the puddle at the bottom of my diaper drooped a few inches farther down as several logs of poop rubbed all over me. And all I could do was sit there as they pointed at me, making jokes and plugging their noses. The farting had finally stopped, so besides the disgusting sounds of the warm mush spreading all over me, all I had to listen to was their teases. "I have two little brothers and I've never seen a baby poop so much in her life!" "Ewww... she couldn't even close the door so we didn't have to watch her poop herself? Babies are so gross..." "Can she even walk with that much poop in her diapey?" "W-Weave me awone..." I said quietly, desperately trying not to cry as I was subjected to quite possibly the grossest thing in my entire life. I had just peed and pooped in a diaper, when I was supposed to be dominating cities and sending fear into the hearts of townsfolk! Some of the kids walked away, more so because the unbearable odour of my poopy diaper was too much for them to handle than out of respect for my privacy, but some continued to watch me as my expanded in it's dark brown, humiliating, well-used form. At the briefest glance, anybody could see that I had been reduced to the point where I couldn't accomplish a task that only babies failed at. I refused to get up from the toilet, out of shock from being forced to push a squishy mess of poop into my diaper, out of disgust of that warm, wet defilement spreading all over me more once I stood up, and with a fleeting bit of hope that I'd be able to get out of this diaper still. I sat there for another hour, useless to do something as simple as taking off my own diaper. It seemed that the massive load of poop that I had involuntarily put into it made it sticky enough to attach to me beyond my own strength. It was as if I were holding a massive, smelly sign that said: "I am not only wearing a diaper, but I just pushed the stinkiest load of shit of my entire life into it and now I'm just sitting in it!" The smell only grew worse as the warm, squishy mush turned into a cold, solid mass. It had now solidified around my ass, and my continued attempts to pull the diaper off my body did nothing but make it squish even tighter up against me, making loud splattering sounds as if I hadn't already announced my soiled diaper to everyone enough. After about an hour and a half of sitting on the toilet, perilously trying to free myself from the heavy, messy load around my waist as everybody watched my inability, another boy walked into the bathroom. "Hey diaperbutt, get out of here. The bathroom isn't for babies anyway. You can use that stinky diaper anyway. Let us big kids use the toilet." He growled down at me, trying to look mean. He wasn't actually intimidating, as I was hundreds of years older than him, but it was annoying to see such young kids thinking that they can boss me around like this. "I-I awm a big kid..." I said to him weakly, tired from all the prying at my wet padding. This body evidently had a low stamina span. "A big kid?" He chuckled. "Big kids don't poop themselves." He reached behind me and felt at my poopy diaper, before forcefully squishing the center of the brown stain against my ass, spreading my own gross waste even more over me. "You look like you haven't had your mommy change you for a weak. This smelly thing is almost as big as you are!" He teased me as I felt the heavy mass of warm, mushy poop squelch against my ass. It was several inches thick, constantly held up my skirt for everybody to see, and made sounds even more humiliating than farting every time I wiggled my bare, baby bottom through it. I winced as he touched my diaper, frustrated to have such an embarrassing thing attached to my body for anybody to insult and win arguments on the base of. "Fiwne..." I mumbled, not wanting my diaper touched anymore. It's not like I could fight with such a heavy thing around my waist, the smell of which being enough for me to want to wear a gas mask. I tried to stand up, but I had been sitting on the toilet for so long that my squishy diaper was stuck to it, and it was heavy enough to make it hard to stand. Embarrassingly, I estimated that the mass of poop inside of the padding weighed over 20 pounds. The boy stood there, tapping his foot as I grunted to free my diaper from the toilet that I had failed to get my poop into. Eventually, it released from the toilet with a Plop! and a splash of cold, liquid shit splattered between my legs. My eyes filled with tears. I couldn't believe that this was happening. I refused to believe that I was stuck with this diaper around my legs, inescapably a reminder that I had been enfeebled to a state of total incontinence and incompetence, that everybody could see and smell from a mile away when I was the most feared and respected figure in Gilyr not so long ago. "Now get out, diaper butt." "Dow't caww me that..." "Don't be the smelliest dang baby in the entire daycare and I won't call you that." He pushed me out of the restroom and slammed the door behind me, causing the puddle of pee at the bottom of my diaper to swish. Instead of the crinkling, each step I took now produced a loud Splat! as my waste was thrown around my diaper, and I was forced to endure all of it as it smeared and squished against my ass. The kids all glanced at me and giggled. I had to spread my legs far apart to avoid the logs of poop squishing between them, and the extra weight slowed my walking in general. All because I tried to use a strengthening spell. "I'm a sowcehwoo..." I mumbled in frustration, before returning to the corner. I tried to lay down on my side so that the poop would all pooled at the back of my diaper and I could get some peace, but after laying down the puddle seemed to drift towards me. The poop and pee were utterly inescapable. No matter what I did, I emitted and was forced to endure the terrible smell of a stinky diaper, the very thing that I once teased Luna for. I have to get back to my sorcerer body soon before my entire life is destroyed by these diapers! How can I take over the entire world and make all the heroes into my servants when I can't even cast a spell without pooping myself!? Laying there, I expected to just think of a plan to save myself from this new role that I had accidentally gotten myself into, but without warning, I fell asleep. ----- I dreamt of my secret lair, where I had once planned to destroy the entirety of Gilyr before that hero Tyrine had to show up and mess everything up. I was commanding my sorcerer's henchmen. "You see, the main goal is less about destroying them all and more about making them scared because a scared population can be manipulated easily. Gilyr has nearly a million people. That's a lot of souls to help me improve my magic." I said in my adult, lisp-less voice. "Should we send anything special to this Tyrine figure? She has been destroying entire armies of our soldiers!" "Tyrine? Oh, I have a special plan for her." I said with an evil chuckle. "Let's just say that before long, she won't even be able to hold up her own sword." "Understood, your evilness. Oh, and one more thing." "Yes, henchman?" I asked with a smile, as my entire plan was going perfectly. "Would you like your diaper changed?" "Diaper? I am a 500-year-old sorcerer! I don't wear diapers!" I exclaimed in confusion. "But sir... look down..." "Have you been going cra-" I looked down at myself to find that my beautifully intimidating sorcerer robes were gone, and I stood there wearing nothing but a paper diaper, in front of all my henchmen. "Where did this come from?" "You're nothing but a smelly diaperbutt, Kelli, remember?" "I am not! I'm Feirlaq, the greatest sorcerer of all time! Shame on you for calling me such a stupid name!" I yelled at the henchman, before raising my staff and casting one of my many intricate killing spells. This spell was hard for anybody to cast but me, as I was the best sorcerer ever. "I'm pretty sure you are and have always been just a stinky diaper-wearing little girl." The henchman continued to live, despite me casting my killing spell as a punishment to them. "What? Why are you still al-" BRAAAAAAAP! I loudly farted, all around my most trusted servants that I had instilled the utmost loyalty into. "Excuse me," I continued, embarrassed that I had just let out such stinky flatulence. "Don't worry about tha-" PBBBBBBBBBBBT! FAAAAAAAAAAAART! "I-It is nothing to worry ab-" PFFFFFFFFFFT! And then I felt my bowels start to erupt and giant logs of poop begin to force themselves into the seat of my diaper, despite my best attempts to hold them back. I had absolutely no control over my bowels, and all I did was stand there as my diaper's clean white colour faded to a deep, smelly brown. It began to expand to hold the massive load that I was pushing into it, drooping down my legs and causing me to spread my legs to hold all of it. PBBBBBBBBBT! FAAAAART! BRAAAAAAP! PBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBP! I was unable to speak to assert any of my dominance, and all I could do was let out a loud series of loud, wet farts as logs of poop continued to push into my diaper, which now drooped to my knees with its fullness of solid, thick, mushy poop. My bowels kept on erupting, and the farts only grew louder. The warm mush came out of me in an endless stream. "Wow boss, you really are a diaperbutt. And I thought that you were good at magic." "Is your plan to destroy the entire kingdom with that terrible stench? Because it's working! You smell worse than anything I've ever seen, and I work with actual kids." "Good thing you have that diaper, eh? Your adult pants never would have held all that poop." FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAART! PBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBT! Was all I could reply with as my own henchman started treating me like a baby, and my diaper continued to expand. Before long I couldn't even walk because it was so full of my own poop. This wasn't right! Why was this happening to me!? I was Feirlaq... not Kelli... I was supposed to take over the world... Not helplessly wear diapers and fill them up with disgusting poop... ----- I woke up to a tap on my head, and I tiredly felt at my waist, desperately hoping to be back in my adult clothes where I didn't have to constantly feel my own shit pressing against my ass, but it seemed that I wouldn't be that lucky, as I was still in the same soiled diaper that I couldn't get off despite my best efforts, that I had messed when I tried casting a spell while in this baby body. "I see you had fun at daycare, Kelli," Tyrine told me, and I opened my eyes to see her staring down at me with a patronizing smirk, obviously happy to call me Kelli and to find me in a loaded diaper. I didn't even consider this "hero" to be a threat to my evil plan, let alone now able to see me as I'm forced to present the embarrassing amount of poop that my used diaper squished against my ass. "F-Fwuh you..." I would have gritted my teeth at her, but I only had a few small baby teeth in my mouth, instead of the well-kept set of adult teeth I had before. "Let's go, you little stinker you." The hero reached an arm under me and lifted me up slowly, once again. And then her other hand went over my diaper once again, pushing the shameful mush inside of it against me. Even though I was disgusted both by being held like a toddler and by having Tyrine pushing my poop against my body, I didn't try screaming or kicking this time. The only thing that screaming accomplished before was attracting attention from the townsfolk to my diaper, which I definitely didn't want now that it was full of poop and urine, and kicking my legs would only cause the waste in my diaper to splatter against me even more. She carried me out, and all I did was keep quiet and still, as I suffered in a puddle of my own shame. Even though I wasn't yelling like before, I could tell that plenty of people were taking note of me as Tyrine carried me through the town. Pretty much everyone that we passed had to plug their nose or shoo the odour of cold poop away, looking at me with a disgusted face as if I chose to soil myself. "Tyrine's new baby is really fucking smelly, ain't she?" "Yeah, but I heard that she's actually the reborn soul of Feirlaq." "Ah, that makes sense. He was always a gross dude." "Always wondered, but I guess we now know that he was diaper dependent. Kinda cute." I had to restrain myself from crying as I could hear and smell my terrifying reputation begin to slip from me like how the pee leaked out of my bladder to stain my diaper. I had spent years destroying and threatening entire kingdoms with my immense magical power, getting kings to bend down on their knees in respect for me, training to become the most powerful sorcerer of all time... all to suddenly be known as Tyrine's baby daughter who wears and fills diapers with mushy shit? This could not be my legacy! I had to do something about this! But there was nothing for me to do while being carried by the person that did this to me in the first place. Before long, Tyrine had me back at her log cabin. The cushion I had slept on before was now replaced with a wooden crib, which was painted pink. "The walls kinda blend with your diaper, you know." She giggled as she pat me on the bum, causing the urine and defecation to splatter again. "I onwy shat mysewf because the wittle kids were teasing me!" I exclaimed, now that nobody else was around. "I dow't need diapers!" "Right, the other little kids pushed that stinky load into your diaper?" She chuckled, laying me down on the table, still wallowing in my own waste. "You know, if you went the entire day without pooping yourself, I was going to consider switching your diapers for pull-ups, but you clearly showed that you need them." "I DOW'T NEED 'EM!" I kicked my legs up at her, sounding like a child. "Look, I get that it's hard to adjust to your new life, but you can't deny that you absolutely filled that to the brim diaper today. And I didn't even feed you!" She turned me onto my back and I kept squirming. "WHAT AWW YOU DOING, BIWTCH!?" "I suggest you don't call me that unless you don't want me to change you. I can just leave you in that messy diaper for the rest of the day!" My eyes went wide. "No! Pwease change me! And wet me take them off mysewf!" I screamed, flashbacking to the hours of trying to get the diaper off my body and being unable to free myself from the load of poop I had been forced to fill it up with. "Only mommies can change diapers, and after your behaviour, you don't deserve a change right now, little missy." "PWEASE!" I whined, on the brink of crying, kicking my legs. I was humiliated to think of myself begging for Tyrine to take my diaper off, when earlier that day I was planning on destroying her kingdom, but I saw little choice at this point. She had me at her mercy, and from the looks of things, she will for a long time. Splat, splat, splort! went the poop in my diaper. "Admit what you did and I'll take your diaper off, Kelli." She said, angrily. It was a different tone from when she told me that destroying the orphanage was wrong. Now she was using a disappointed voice as if she really was my mother and not some dumb hero that got lucky with a spell deflect. "F-Fine..." I sighed and felt the poop squishing inside of my diaper, and decided that it was worth it to swallow a little bit of my pride for this. "I... I shit my fwuhing diaper..." Tears welled up in my eyes, as I didn't want to admit the obvious, stinky, visible, audible fact. "Those are adult words. Say it like a good girl, or else." I'm not a girl... and I don't answer to you of all people... "O-Okay..." I cried, unable to handle being treated this way when I was once revered so much. "I pooped my diaper..." "Closer, but can little tiny babies like you talk so clearly? Act like a real baby, or no changies, since that is going to be your role for a very long time, Kelli." She smirked, patting my bum, pressing the mush against me as if I needed a reminder of how disgusting it was. "A-Are you..." I whined, crying more pathetically than my victims ever did. "I went poopey..." "Poopey in what?" "Poopey in my diapey..." I started crying, my face almost as wet as the front of my diaper. I couldn't believe that she was actually making me say this, knowing that I was an adult not that long ago! This was so unfair! I deserved to win that battle! Not her! I shouldn't be the one pooping my diaper and begging her to change me! It's her fault that I'm like this! "Aww, little girl, you don't need to cry just telling your mommy the truth. Every time you want your diaper changed, just tell me like a good little girl and I'll change it. Of course, from now on, using big kid words will make me leave you in it full for another hour or two." I kept on crying in embarrassment at being forced to say something so childish until Tyrine's hands felt at my sides, and without any effort from her at all, my diaper slipped off of my body. She hardly even had to use both hands to cause it to slip beneath my ass and over my crotch, leaving me naked, when I spent over an hour just trying to get it off before the poop inside even dried! What the hell? I couldn't be that weak, right? There was a brief moment of relief when I didn't have to constantly lug around the giant load of poop that I had disdainfully filled the diaper with earlier. Some of the smeared poop was still stuck against my ass, but I would take that over being forced to carry around my heavy poop for all to see. "You definitely make a cute baby, Kelli." I felt a fresh set of padding press up beneath my ass, and I jumped into survival mode, desperately not wanting the events of earlier to happen again. "I'M NAWT WEAWING ANOTHER DIAPER!" I screamed as I sat up on the table and scooted away from Tyrine. I reached the edge before realizing that I was a tiny toddler and that there were not many escape routes on this table. This size of this body is infuriating! "Oh, Kelli... you stubborn little squirt. Get back here and let me put this diaper on you now, or else." She glared at me with an expression of disappointment yet also patience. "OW EWSE WHAT!? I AM INFWINITEWY MOWE POWEHFOO THAN YOU!" I started trying to climb down onto a chair, but my muscles and grip in this infantile body were weak enough for me to fall down and slam my bare ass into the seat of the wooden chair. "OWWWWW!" The fall from the table to the chair was less than three feet, and I had endured numerous near-fatal wounds during my hundreds of years of training to become the greatest sorcerer, yet when I fell down onto the chair, surges of pain all through my weak, unpadded ass was the most unbearable thing I had ever endured in my life. Before the thought to restrain my weeping occurred, I felt streams of tears rush down my girlish face. I could also hear one of the most annoying noises in this world; a baby's cry, all through the house. While hating the high-pitching screaming of an infant's cry, I immediately knew that it was coming from me. The pain from that 3-foot drop caused my life of tyranny to flash before my eyes, as I sat there in the chair, crying my eyes out, unable to get myself to stand up to finish my escape from Tyrine. Why did it hurt so much!? "I have a feeling that you're going to be crying like that a lot more from now on." I felt her arms wrap around my small body, to lift me up again with a frustrating amount of ease. My crying increased as she set me down on the table, and I felt another poofy, padded diaper close press up against my ass. I kicked a few times, but the pain from my fall crippled me, so I just laid there in utter shame until I felt Tyrine tape the diaper once again onto me. "I wiww be bwack to a sowcewoo soon! And I cawn just tawke off thwis diapew!" I cried at her as I felt my ass once again smothered by the soft, patronizing padding. After being forced to relieve myself in a diaper once, and sit around with the shame of my own poop squishing up against me, I wasn't excited at the prospect of growing up again. "Kelli..." She stroked my long hair with a smile. "It's only fair that for taking away my baby sister, that you're going to spend eternity as a diapered baby girl." "A-AWN ETEWNITY!?" I screamed, my teary eyes going wide. "Well of course. It's not fair to the world to let a dangerous villain grow up again, and I took it upon myself to raise the little, pathetic, diapered thing that you're going to stay us, forever filling up those diapers and being dependent on me to change and feed you." "NU! NU WAY!" In a knee-jerk response to being threatened with an eternal hell of helplessly filling up my diaper, which I had grown to establish as the single most disgusting experience I had ever been forced to take part in, I frantically started casting killing spells at Tyrine. "WAVARIA WOTUS! TWILI YEWETS! POWEW DWAIN!" I continued to yell spell after spell, desperately trying to kill Tyrine, not even paying attention to the effects of the last spell before I chanted the following one. After about 20 spells, I looked up at her to see her continuing to smirk down at me, completely unfazed by all my most powerful spells, much to my dismay. "You're adorable, Kelli. And I suppose this would be a good time to explain to you what happens when you try to cast your magic, wouldn't it?" She giggled down at me as I felt all the magic held up still within my body, and to my own horror it concentrated down in my bowels. "Each spell will permanently cause your stinky messes to be larger and larger every time." As my eyes went wide, I felt a loud rumbling down in my bowels, exponentially larger and more humiliating than the last one.
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