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  1. *Knock knock knock* The sound of someone knocking on wood could be heard through the raven haired preteen’s room on this day. Despite the bright sunlight coming through the window and sending streams of light through the gaps in the lacy lavender curtains, and the bright red numbers on the alarm clock sat on the white bedside table reading 11:20am, the small unassuming lump underneath the thin flower patterned comforter would indicate that the occupant was still very much asleep. The 12 year old girl’s long wavy hair sprawled across the pillow, the only part peaking out into view from her cozy resting place. “Sarah! It’s time to get up! Just because it’s summer vacation doesn’t give you an excuse to sleep all day!” Came the somewhat exacerbated voice of my Mom from the other side of the bedroom door. “Okay okay, I’m up…” I listlessly reply almost on autopilot whilst snuggling deeper into the comforter of my bed, still somewhat drowsy in that state between being asleep and being awake that we tend to find ourselves when we’re bereft of any idea as to what is actually going on around us. I continue to lie there fading in and out of consciousness for who knows how long when I once again hear my Mom’s voice, slightly more agitated now through the door. “I guess we’re doing this the hard way.” She sighs as she opens my door and briskly walks through, coming to my bed before I can make out what’s happening. Normally this would be fine, Mom would throw the blanket off of me and give me a good shake to wake me up properly. However as I stir more awake I’m immediately reminded of something and I quickly recall why I was awake so late last night and squeeze my legs together a little to confirm my thoughts. I’m greeted with the feeling of soft thick padding between my legs, suddenly I’m more awake than I’ve ever been, I’m wearing one of my little sister’s diapers. I try to sit up as quickly as possible to show that I'm up and awake but almost simultaneously my mother has whipped the comforter off of the bed. “Time. To. Get. Up. you know I wouldn’t have to always make a big deal about this if you would just…” My mother’s words trail off as she gets a good look at me. Me, pulling on my pink pajama shirt to try and cover the obvious waistband of my diaper from above my pants, only to get caught in said waistband and clearly expose it to my mom. I can feel my face start to heat up as she focuses down to my waist and I freeze, overwhelmed; my brain is running a million miles a minute trying to find some sort of excuse, some sort of fix for this situation, but nothing comes, all I can do is sit paralyzed in a daze feeling my face heat up from my cheeks to my ears as I look up at my mom. She looked bewildered for a moment, like someone just told her that the sky's the ground, the sea’s made of apple juice, and tomorrow is yesterday, but after what felt like an eternity but also a moment the confusion in her gaze faded and she softly spoke. “Go ahead and hop in the shower, I’ll have lunch ready for you when you get out.” She gently rubbed my shoulder, turned, and walked out of my room leaving me sitting there alone like a deer caught in headlights. I sat in a daze not really knowing what to think, Mom just caught me wearing a diaper, but she didn’t get mad, she didn’t say anything about it, she didn’t really do anything and it confused me to no end. I absentmindedly looked over at my alarm clock seeing it read 11:30am. I know I’ve been sitting thinking for too long and decided to listen to my mother and go take a shower. I enter my connected bathroom and turn on the shower waiting for the water to warm up. I start to undress but come to a stop when I get down to just my diaper, instead my sight is attracted to the full length mirror on the back of the door I've just entered from where I’m greeted by my reflection. My eyes are met with a petite little girl stands there at 4 foot even (~122 cm) with exposed milky white skin and long wavy raven black hair that reaches to the middle of her back and big bright doe eyes of a similarly black color to match, looking down it’s obvious she has yet to start her path to puberty as her chest remains flat, much to her chagrin as a lot of her peers have started to develop in such an area, though along with her somewhat lacking height her mother assures her she’s just a late bloomer and she'll have her turn in no time. Looking down even further I make eye contact with the various Sesame Street characters that adorn the landing strip of the Pampers size 7 diaper, two tapes securely attached to keep the absorbent garment in place, and an assortment of colorful designs outlining a squiggly yellow line; a wetness indicator meant to change to blue when wet. Despite what this stupid thing put me through this morning I can’t help but smile a little as I see myself wearing it, the soft warm padding hugging me in just the right places and the soft crinkle as I move and shift about, something about it just feels so right. I’m glad I finally found the nerve to put one on even if I’m a bit regretful as to how it turned out in the end, I grimace again worrying about my mom before pulling off the diaper’s tabs and deciding to throw it in my garbage before hopping into the now steaming shower. I start washing myself almost mechanically while my thoughts start to wander off as to how this whole situation came about, where did it start. Actually I can’t really pinpoint when it started but for as long as I can remember I’ve always had a strange attraction to diapers, getting strangely self conscious when diaper commercials appear on TV, not being able to look away when the younger kids had their diapers changed at daycare, walking down the baby product isle of the grocery store with Mom after Lily was born. All these years of small little tugs of curiosity here and there have added together to the point where it finally got the better of me and I decided to go through with it and finally wear one. I stayed up past my normal bed time until Mom and Dad both went to sleep, before sneaking into my little sister’s room to steal one of her night time diapers. Putting on my first diaper in 10 years was amazing, even though I was all tingly with nerves, as soon as the tabs were stuck on I knew immediately that I was hooked. Well I still flubbed it in the end but it doesn’t seem like mom is mad at me or anything, maybe we’ll both just forget this happened and I can find another day to try exploring my interest in diapers again and hopefully not get caught then. After getting out of the shower, drying off, and wrapping myself up in a big fluffy towel I make my way back to my room where I’m met with an odd sight, there on my remade bed is a small stack of folded clothes while for school Mom usually puts clothes out for me to wear, but on days without school as long as we aren’t going anywhere where dressing is important she leaves it to me to wear whatever i want, but sitting on my bed today are some clothes she obviously picked out for me to wear. While finding it odd I figure it wouldn’t hurt to wear what she picked out for me and make my way over to the bed but part way there I stop in my tracks when i see a second pile that was previously just hidden from view by the bed frame, there sat on my bed is a pair of pink flowery panties that I would wear any other day, no problem there, but next to those is the real problem one of Lily’s Paw Patrol Pull-up training pants, and next to those is one of her Pampers diapers. My eyes go wide and my head goes blank trying to understand what’s going on, why are there diapers in my room, I mean obviously Mom put them there but why? Is she testing me? Is she trying to be considerate? I honestly don’t know what to think, my blush quickly comes back, imagining my mom trying to decide what kind of underwear I her 12 year old completely potty trained daughter is supposed to wear and just giving up and leaving it to me to decide. I’m honestly conflicted. Part of me is too embarrassed to wear anything but the panties after what happened earlier. However there’s another part of me that’s trying to convince myself that this is obviously a sign that Mom’s okay with me wearing a diaper, otherwise why else would she put them here? I agonized for what felt like an eternity over what to do when I finally decided. “The heck with it, she already saw me wearing them and she obviously left them here with the intent that I might decide to wear them so I’m just gonna do it!” Well even though I psyched myself up for it I still chose to forgo the pampers and instead wear the Pull-up and panties over top for good measure. “Huh, this is different.” I muttered to myself after shimmying the Pull-up up my legs and into place. The Pull-up was snug in a different way from the Pampers, a different fit and the padding was substantially thinner as well after close examination. I moved my legs and waist a bit to get comfortable hearing that distinct crinkle bringing a smile to my face and turning my attention to the rest of my clothes. First a white training bra with pink trim and polka dots dotting the surface, Mom makes a big point that it’s important to wear this so I’m ready for when I really need one, followed by a pair of stretchy light grey leggings, my favorite hello kitty socks, a sunny yellow skirt, and lastly a Pink short sleeve T-shirt with a pretty butterfly decorating the front. Having finished getting dressed I move over to my vanity, a matching set along with the dresser, night stand, and bed frame, to brush my hair. Having successfully untangled any knots and gotten myself looking presentable I confidently make my way outside my room and into the hallway, where all my confidence is immediately replaced with anxiety as I hear the faint crinkle sound coming from my bottom, as I continue meandering down the hall toward the stairs. I stop at the top hearing the sound of my little sister playing in the living room and what sounds like Mom humming in the kitchen no doubt finishing up lunch, I take a deep breath and take my fist step down the stairs “Here goes nothing.”
  2. Another old commission that I decided that I wanted to reupload here. And yes, it's Homestuck again. Sorry. ---------------------------------------------------- Padded Playdate It was playdate day in the Lalonde household, that meant Rose had company and her mother couldn’t have been more overjoyed. Rose however wasn’t that pleased. She stomped her feet, throwing a tantrum. After a short session over her mothers knee in which she promised to be a good girl, mom got her ready for her guests, replacing her diaper with a fresh one, and putting Rose in the appropriate clothing. Rose was currently wearing nothing more than a pink teeshirt and diaper when the doorbell rang. She ignored it as she continued to play with her new kitten. But Mom picked her up, making her walk to the door with her as she sucked grumpily on her pacifier. The big baby insisted that she did not need a playdate, but it was already too late as her Mom was greeting their guests. “Hello! Thank you so much for stopping by!” Her mother said, giving the man across from her in the doorway a friendly kiss on the cheek. “I see you brought John as well! Please come in!”. She said, leading Rose back to the living room now in the company of a boy with short spiky hair and glasses. John was wearing pretty much the same thing that Rose had on, a shirt and a diaper. “Now you two play nice while mommy and her friend make some snacks!” She said, disappearing into the kitchen with John’s dad, and leaving the pair of big babies alone in the living room. John gave Rose a big hug before sitting down on the floor to play with some building blocks, she reluctantly sat down and joined him, waiting for her mommy to come back from the kitchen. After a few minutes of playing with John, she looked up at hearing the sound of her mom’s voice. She laughing at something’s John’s dad has said. Ignoring the plate of cookies that she was carrying in her hands, Rose rushed over to her mother, wrapping her hands around her body. “Rose dear, if you want a cookie please be patient!”. All Rose really wanted was her mother’s attention, and she felt like she wasn’t giving it to her while she was in the company of another adult. Rose let go of her mother’s waist, taking a cookie as she sat back down on the floor next to John, who was happily eating his own cookie. “Sorry about Rose, she is particularly clingy!” Her mother would say, causing her blush. “Hehe, your face is red!” John commented, causing Rose to stare daggers at the boy. She quietly ate her cookie, looking back at her Mom from time to time. She was currently sat next John’s dad, taking with him quite intently. Rose watched as the man took her mother’s hand, which caused her to stand straight up and shout aloud. “Mommy, Mommy!” She jumped up and down in place, trying to get the woman’s attention. Her mother quickly turned to look at her daughter, her expression one of concern and curiosity. “What is it dear?” She asked, a little annoyed to see that there was nothing of immediate danger or wrong with the young adult. “Mommy I uhh… think I need a new diapee!” She exclaimed, hoping up at down. Her mother stood up and walked over to Rose. She reached her hand down between Rose’s legs as she felt the crotch and back up of her diaper. Her mother shook her head at Rose. “No, you a good dear, no accidents!”. She said, giving her a kiss on the forehead before turning around and sitting back down next to John’s father. Rose felt a little bit better after that kiss, and sat back down to playing with her toys again. Rose continued to play with John for a few more minutes, but found herself once again staring at the pair of parents sitting on the other side of the room. Rose couldn’t help but feel jealous of her mother. She was so protective of Rose that she felt like she was the only one she loved sometimes. Any other time Rose wouldn’t have been bothered to try and keep her mothers attention, but something about now was different. Rose watched as the man leaned into her mothers ear and whispered something into it. Her mother’s response was to laugh. Rose’s response was to cry, ad cry loud. “Rose, dear. What is the matter?”. Her mother said standing up from her seat on the couch. Rose had tears rolling down her eyes as she pounded the floor in front of her. John didn’t seem to pay any attention to the scene that was unfolding right next to him. Her mother picked her up, holding her face again her bosom as she attempted to calm down the infantile woman. “I’m sorry, she has just been very difficult today!” Rose said to John’s dad. He nodded as he understood himself, watching his own offspring on the floor keeping to himself. Roxanne bounced Rose up and down in her arms, giving her hair a stroke as she would shush her gently. “What is wrong dear, come on, you can tell your mommy!”. She said. Rose shook her head, a little calmer than before now that she was being held by her mother. Her hands grabbed needly at her mother’s shirt. “Mommy do you luv m-mee!?” She said, stiflingly her tears back as she buried her head into Roxanne’s shirt. Her mother stroked her head some more, confused about what her daughter meant. Her mother turned her chin up, looking down at Rose with a concerned look on her face. “Of course I do sweetie! What made you think I don’t?” She asked Rose. Rose lip quivered as she talked. “B-but you kissed him!” She said, pointing at John’s father. It suddenly clicked in her mothers mind what was the problem. She gave a smile down at her daughter, looking back at John’s dad with a smirk. “I see, little miss Rosie is a little jealous, huh?” Rose blushed at hearing the man’s words. Her mother nodded her head in agreement. “I think she is indeed!” She replied, giving Rose another kiss on the forehead. “If Mommy gets you another cookie will you promise to behave?” She asked Rose, giving her nose a touch with the tip of her index finger. Rose thought about it, in fact you could say that she thought a little too hard because before she could say anything the sound of something hissing filled the air. Looking down at her daughter’s diaper, she felt it become soggy and damp. “Well, let’s get you a new diaper first dear…” She said with a giggle. “You don’t mind, I’ll be right back” She said to John’s father. He waved her off with a thumbs up, letting the pair move upstairs to the bathroom so that Rose could get a new diaper and hopefully her mom could have a talk with her about behaving while there was guests around. After a few minutes had past, John’s father took up the newspaper, knowing that his son wouldn’t get into any trouble while he was sitting in the same room. He was just turning to the comics page when he heard Roxanne shout out from up the stairs, followed by the pattering of feet coming towards them. Rose rounded the corner, only wearing her teeshirt as her diaper was missing from her lower half. She came up to John’s dad, looking at him with a grumpy expression. “Is there something I can help you with, young lady?” He asked Rose. The young adult was just about to respond but was cut off by Mom quickly coming down the stairs to stand behind her. “Right, that is it!” She said, scooping up her daughter. “You have been very bad today!” Her mother said in a stern voice. Rose gave a struggle, crying out as she picked up and placed over her mothers knee. “Mommy no!” She exclaimed. But there was nothing that she could do to stop Roxanne delivering a hard smack to her bottom, to which she gave a loud yelp. “I’m going to have to cut this playdate short, I’m sorry.” She said to John’s father. He was already helping John up as she was speaking. He gave a tip of his hat, walking John towards to the door. “Goodbye Rose!” John said, waving his hand at her as they left. Rose gave a humph, sticking out her tongue at him behind his back. She received another smack to her bottom, to which she out another cry.“I hope you are happy Rose!”. Her mother said, not realizing that in fact, yes Rose was happy. She had gotten what she wanted after all and that was her mother’s attention.
  3. Here we go again! This story takes place in the same universe as Classified: A New Life, and if you haven't read that, you should read it first. This is a much less whimsical tale, but one that I hope fleshes out the universe a bit more, as well as being enjoyable to read. It covers some pretty dark stuff as the story goes along, so read at your own risk. Here we go, and please do tell me what you think! ##### Prologue: Starquake “Fuck!” Lily Bronsen snarls. She trembles with rage, wondering how the universe could possibly be so unfair. “What’s wrong?” One of her roommates, Alex, pokes her head out of the kitchen; her blonde hair is tied up in a bun. Alex is a Neutral, and does data-entry for the CLASS branch in their area. “Did you bang your shin on the coffee table again? I keep telling Darren to pick a spot for it.” “No.” Lily snaps, swiping angrily at her eyes and pushing her strawberry-blonde hair out of her face. “I got my results today.” Alex comes over to sit next to Lily on the couch. “What’d you get?” she wonders. “I’m a Little.” Lily says bitterly. “Did you not know that ahead of time or something? I mean...most people don’t suck their thumbs when they get stressed out. Not to mention what happened last week at Shue’s place.” “I was drunk, okay? It’s not like I piss myself regularly or anything.” Lily grumbles. “What about the week before that, at the movie theatre? Or at the concert? Or the theme park?” Alex continues, listing off other embarrassing incidents, as Lily refused to call them accidents. “Too much soda, drunk again, should have gone before we got in line.” Lily huffs. “You got a fucking point to make, ‘Lex?” She growls. “I think you know exactly what I’m saying. One is an anomaly, two is a coincidence, and three is a pattern. We’re at four in the last two weeks alone. I keep telling you to wear protection--it’s not like anyone will see it anyway. Besides, I’m not a Caregiver. I don’t mind helping you out or anything like that, but I shouldn’t have to carry around extra clothes for you either.” Lily blushes. She had been wearing protection on all those occasions. Pull-ups just didn’t work for the magnitude of incidents she’d had, and she’d ended up leaking. She pats down her pockets, looking for her cigarettes and finds them empty. Fucking Darren. “First of all, I didn’t ask you to do that for me. And secondly, what are you saying then?” Lily demands. Alex sets her jaw. “You’d better watch your attitude, Lil. I’ve had a shitty day at work, and I don’t need to deal with your tantrum on top of it.” she snaps. “I’m saying you should have seen this coming miles away. I’ll go and get the ELK, and we’ll figure something out.” Alex disappears for a moment, and then returns with the ELK and a small duffel bag in the same coloring. She opens the container, revealing four tablets, one each of green, yellow, purple, and a white one. Lily tastes each of the colored tablets in turn, mostly to placate Alex while she thinks about how to proceed. She absolutely refuses to become one of them, no matter what. She’s already managed to escape one hellish environment where her every move was decided for her, and she’s not about to go through that again. The yellow candy does taste pretty good though… “So, you’re an L-3.” Alex says. “At least potty training is an option for you, that’s at least something positive…” “How do you know that?” Lily wonders, smacking her lips at the taste of the candy. “That’s literally what the candy is for. The colored coating only tastes good if your biological markers match with that Classification, or something like that, I’m not familiar with the science of it. It’s just to prevent panic attacks over the news.” Alex explains. “You just gave me drugs?” Lily wonders. “It’s just an anti-anxiety thing. Don’t worry. There’s a pull-up in the bag, and I’d like you to put it on, just in case. You’re pretty worked up right now, and I don’t want to clean up any puddles.” Lily immediately stands up, offended and angry at the implication, even if it isn’t exactly off-base. “Oh, fuck you! Really, Lex? I’m not a goddamn baby, or a puppy or whatever, I’m not going to piss on the floor.” “Lily, you’re really trying my patience. I’m only trying to help you out. I might be a Neutral, but I’m this close to taking you over my knee, I swear. If you want to be treated like an adult, then act like it, and let’s have a civil discussion without all the cursing, okay?” “Try it and see what happens, Lex.” Lily snaps, and marches across the room to retrieve her shoes and jacket. “I’m going out. I gotta talk to Bongo and Riceman.” Lily says, double checking that her wallet has actual Coin in it, and not just her card. “Why? All Bongo’s going to do is try to sell you CHITs and fake IDs.” Lily nods. “Exactly.” She zips her coat, too aggressively and makes for the door. “Lily, what the hell are you doing? I know I’m not your Caregiver, but as your friend, this is probably the dumbest thing you’ve ever done. Those CHITs are really dangerous, not to mention illegal, and unless you plan on hacking the CLASS database to change your results, a fake ID is useless.” “You’re not telling me anything I don’t already know.” Lily points out. “That’s what Riceman is for.” “Are you insane? You’re trying to prevent an inevitable biological process from happening with a drug that will at best, delay it, and at worst, kill you. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, you’re going to participate in cybercrime while you’re at it!” Alex’s voice gets progressively louder and she takes Lily by the arm. “Yep.” Lily replies flippantly. “I will not be a Little. Look, only like, three people have ever died from doing CHITs, and I’ll be careful. I refuse to end up as a pants-shitting crybaby who’s incapable of living a normal life. Better dead than useless.” she jerks her arm free of Alex’s grip “ I can handle myself.” She steps out into the hallway and slams the door in Alex’s face. ~CSR~ Bongo and Riceman’s apartment is surprisingly clean, Lily thinks. The furniture is old and well-used, but they take care of the things they have. She tries not to fidget as she sits across from Bongo at their kitchen table. Her bladder throbs, but not too urgently. She slides her pile of coin across the table to Bongo who counts it and nods, satisfied. “I’ve gotta go make your new ID and get the CHITS counted out. Be careful with that stuff, Lily, I mean it. Any more than one a day and you’re in for a real bad time.” Bongo say seriously, his dark eyes intense. “They’ll help with the incontinence part of things temporarily. Keeping your cool, and making smart decisions is on you. The Doctor could probably help with a more permanent solution, but he’s on sabbatical and not to be disturbed for anything. This is the best I’ve got.” Bongo says. “And some of the side effects can be pretty wicked, so like I said, one every day.” Lily nods again. “I get it.” She counts out another stack of Coin and passes it to Riceman. She’s just shelled out almost all of her savings, but if it keeps her from ending up in diapers, it’s worth it. “And I can alter some things in the CLASS systems without getting caught, but it’ll only be surface level.” Riceman explains as he scratches at his stubble, his round face serious. “Any kind of deep digging, and you’re fried. You’ll be able to buy booze and smokes, and get into clubs and shit. But buying a car or a gun or anything like that is a no-go. And, don’t get pulled over either.” “I can handle that.” Lily says, swallowing hard. “Is there anything else I should know before we do this?” Bongo stares at her. “Are you sure about this? There’s no reset button for this kind of thing. Once we do this, you’re stuck. You can live as a Neutral for the rest of your days, but if you fuck up at all, game over. And, we won’t be able to help you either, for obvious reasons.” “I understand. I’m sure.” Lily says, with a confidence she doesn’t actually feel. “Okay.” Bongo shares a glance with Riceman, and both of them stand. “Wait right here.” Riceman says. “We’ll be back shortly.” In another moment, they’re gone, leaving Lily alone with her thoughts at the table. What did I just do? Lily wonders.
  4. Hello everyone, it’s been a while, and I’d like to try my hand at writing again. I know this particular concept isn’t exactly original, but I wanted to do something that doesn’t take place in the Diaper Dimension. This story ignores the Covid-19 pandemic, since I started writing it a long time ago before all that happened. I hope you enjoy what I have so far anyway! ############ Prologue: Day 7,118 Name: Emory Mason DOB: 21/07/2002 CIN: D14R5721 Citizen Lifestyle Assignment Sorting and Sectioning (CLASS) Result: Little Emory stares at the letter in disbelief. She feels numb. Hollowed out. She’s always been good at hiding it, making the profilers say whatever she wants them to say. It’s not hard, the questions are pretty straightforward, the answers easy to manipulate. Or at least, they had been until now. Her eyes burn, tears welling up, making the letter impossible to read--not that it matters now anyway. She’d been a fool to think she could manipulate the results of the most comprehensive, and thorough personality test ever conceived. Although, she thinks, there was more to this test than the basic questionnaire she’d filled out every year at school. Those had been simple things, designed to help the teacher understand their class. The actual CLASS exam had been a different beast altogether. There’d been bloodwork, physical ability tests, cognitive assessments...much more than she’d been expecting. She’s always done well in school, and although she’s no athlete; she’s too small and underweight to really be able to participate in sports, she likes to think she’s in good shape. But in the end, it’s the bloodwork that has given her away, her body has betrayed her in ways she hadn’t anticipated--enzymes and hormone levels can’t be fabricated, not without drugs, and a positive drug test before Classification is an immediate prison sentence. “No…” Emory whispers quietly. Her life is ending. All her careful answers to the questionnaires, all the effort she’d put into studying and getting good grades to get into a good university...all wasted. Her parents will disown her--they’ve made no secret of their hatred for Littles, they see them as inferior, a drain on the resources of society. All her friends are either Neutrals or Caregivers, but all the Caregivers are spoken for, and none of the Neutrals are at a point in their life where they can foster her until she finds a permanent placement. The only other Caregiver she knows is her roommate, Melody, but Melody’s never said anything about having a little, so that might not be an option either--she might not even want one... Emory might be able to continue her university education, but not without a Caregiver to sponsor her, and she certainly won’t be able to live unsupervised, like the adult she’s so desperately worked to become. “No!” She howls, and crumbles the letter into a tiny ball. Not that it matters, not really, every Federal, State, and Local agency already has her classification on file--the letter is really just a formality. She’s had her phone on silent, delaying the inevitable as long as possible until now, but she can’t hide from the results anymore. That realization is like a sucker punch, knocking the breath from her lungs and tying her stomach into an anxious, aching knot. She flops bonelessly onto the sofa, hugs a pillow to her chest, and sobs. The weight of her despair is crushing, the ache of her dreams being shattered winds around her chest like a band, squeezing the life out of her. Emory fumbles for her phone, crying and shaking so badly that she can barely dial the number she needs. “Hey, Emmy, I just got done at work, is everything okay?” Emory sucks in a shaky breath, forcing herself to control her breathing so she can speak. “Mellie, you gotta come home…” she chokes out, hiccupping. “Em, you sound really upset, what happened?” Melody’s voice is unbelievably tender and gentle, and the bands around Emory’s chest loosen a little. “I got my results today…” “Oh? Were they not what you expected?” “I’m...I’m a Little…” Emory manages to explain, before bursting into tears again. She’s said it out loud now, so it’s real, and definitive and inescapable. “Okay. It’s gonna be okay, Emmy, I promise. I need you to listen to me very carefully though, alright?” Emory nods, then realizes that Melody can’t actually see her. “Mhmm.” “I put an Emergency Littles Kit in the medicine cabinet. It comes in a bright blue box with a white ribbon on the front, like a Christmas present. I need you to get it for me and open it okay? I’ll be right here with you the whole time.” “O-okay…” Emory forces herself to get up and go to the bathroom; her legs feel like they’re made of lead. She opens the medicine cabinet and takes out the box. Inside the box are four round candies that look kind of like lifesavers, one each of green, yellow, purple, and a clear one. There’s a chart on the inside of the lid, with the color of the candies and a corresponding string of letters and numbers, but it’s indecipherable to Emory. “I’ve got it Melody…” Emory sniffles, sitting down on the closed toilet lid. “Good. You’re doing such a wonderful job Emmy. I need you to taste the candies and tell me which one you like best. If you don’t like one, you can just spit it out into the garbage, okay?” “Okay. Here goes…” Emory says, swallowing nervously. The green and yellow candies taste horrible, and she spits them out immediately. The purple candy tastes incredible, and she feels a little less awful after eating it, though she does wish there were more of them. The clear candy is completely bland--not as bad as the first two, but she spits it out anyway. “I’m all done. I really like the purple one, but the green and yellow ones were nasty. The clear one didn’t really taste like anything.” “Alright. I’m going to be home in five minutes. I want you to go into the living room and turn on Super Squad; you like that show, right?” “Yeah…” Emory frowns. She’d never really thought anything of her interest in the childish TV show until now, and it irritates her that she’d been so oblivious. “Good. Just try to relax and wait for me to get back, alright? I have to go so I can drive.” “Okay...I’ll see you when you get back, I guess. Drive safe.” “I will. See you soon.” Melody replies, and then she hangs up. A fresh wave of tears rolls down Emory’s cheeks at the silence, and she shuffles out to the living room to follow Melody’s instructions. She curls up on the couch dejectedly with her pillow, trying to focus on the cheerful music and whimsical nature of the cartoon, but it doesn’t really help all that much--she’s too busy catastrophizing, imagining all the ways her life is about to be upended. She feels so incredibly alone and vulnerable, and the only thing she can do is watch TV and cry about it. After what feels like a lot longer than five minutes, Melody is kneeling down in front of Emory. “Oh, sweetheart...you’ve had a rough day, haven’t you?” Melody says, in the same gentle, lilting voice she’d used on the phone. Her face is kind and understanding, her brown eyes warm and inviting. She’s put her hair up today, in a messy bun. Her hair is a slightly darker shade of brown than Emory’s. She opens her arms for a hug, and Emory lunges into her arms, bursting into tears all over again. “Mellie...What am I gonna do?” Emory presses her face into Melody’s chest. She’s probably getting Melody’s shirt all snotty, but Melody only holds onto her tighter. She smells like baby powder and vanilla, and her embrace is warm and safe. At least for now, Emory doesn’t feel quite so terrible. “Shhh, honey.” Melody reaches underneath Emory’s shirt to rub her back. The skin-to-skin contact is soothing, and it helps to ground Emory amidst the swirl of emotion she’s feeling. “One thing at a time. I know this must be pretty scary for you, but I promise, it’s gonna be okay. First, we’re gonna cuddle here for a little bit until you’re calmer. Then, we’re gonna get you in a nice warm bath, and then we’re going to go to the store for some things, okay. We’re not gonna worry about anything else for right now.” Emory wants to protest, to say that of course she’s worried about literally everything else, but she doesn’t. Melody seems so sure that things will work out, so in control of a situation that’s completely unfamiliar to her, it seems foolish to argue. “Okay…” Melody rocks them for a bit, continuing to rub Emory’s back. The fact that Melody is so much bigger than her had always bothered Emory, because she’d wanted to be seen as an equal, which was hard to accomplish with Melody being so much taller than her. But now, it’s not so bad, since Melody can easily hold her. As much as she wants to deny it, Melody’s affections really are helping to calm her down. Melody stands and carries Emory into the kitchen, before sitting her down on the counter and filling up a glass with water. “Here,” Melody says gently. “You must be thirsty.” Emory nods and drains the glass; she hadn’t realized that she was thirsty until Melody’d mentioned it, and she drinks a second glass, then half of a third for good measure. “Thanks. I guess I was really thirsty.” “You’re welcome. You said you liked the purple candy?” Melody asks as she puts the used glass into the sink next to Emory. Emory nods, smiling a little at the memory of the taste. “It was really good! There was a chart on the inside of the lid, but I don’t know what the codes mean.” She reaches out to hold onto Melody’s shirt, keeping her close. Even the little bit of distance between them now seems like too much, like the world might just swallow her up in her newfound helplessness. Melody smiles gently and presses a kiss to Emory’s forehead. “That’s because those codes aren’t for you to worry about honey. Those are for me, so I know what to put into the kiosk at the Little’s Supply store--it will generate a shopping list for us to make sure we don’t miss anything. The candy should help you to feel a little more relaxed for the rest of the day.” “Oh.” Emory frowns as an awful thought occurs to her. “Will you take me to an assignment center? I know I won’t be allowed to live on my own, and I’m not sure if you even wanted a Little or not, so…” Melody raises an eyebrow, and Emory suddenly feels chastised and small. “Didn’t I just say that we’re not gonna worry about all that right now?” Emory looks at her lap, eyes welling up with tears all over again. “Yeah. Sorry.” Melody smiles and lifts Emory onto her hip. “It’s okay, sweetheart. And no, I’m not going to take you to an assignment center, those places are horrible. I don’t have a Little, because I haven’t really bonded with anyone in that way yet. Taking on a Little is kind of a big deal, you know, it’s a big commitment and a lot of responsibility. Caregivers are required to do lots of stuff to make sure Littles are taken care of, and if things don’t go well, we can end up in a lot of trouble.” “Really? I didn’t know that…” “Yeah. Mostly it’s just to make sure that Littles aren’t taken advantage of or abused. If someone takes on a Little, then they’re required to provide for them, just like you would for a child. There are things to help with all that of course--the government gives out a pretty hefty stipend to make sure people have enough money to get what they need, but it doesn’t always get used for the things it should be. Some Caregivers are only after status, and they’ll use the money on themselves and neglect their Little in the process.” “Oh.” Emory nibbles her thumb absently. “That seems pretty scary.” “Not really. It’s just something you’ve gotta take seriously. Sometimes Littles and Caregivers will have to part ways like if the Caregiver gets sick and can’t be responsible for the Little anymore. But outside of really serious stuff like that, it’s very difficult to separate from someone once you’ve made that commitment, at least legally speaking.” “Is that why you don’t have a Little yet?” Emory wonders. “Partly. I don’t want to let anyone down, you know? I mean, I know I can handle it, it’s just a lot to think about before making a decision. And, not all Caregivers are the kind who want Littles. Some people just like to help others in need--a lot of firefighters and police and stuff are Caregiver types. And, not all Littles need to have a Caregiver around all the time--it really depends on the person.” “Wow. That is a lot to think about.” Emory plays with Melody’s hair thoughtfully. “But don’t worry. Right now, I’m going to take care of you.” Melody heads back into the living room and then sits down on the couch with Emory in her lap. Do you mind if I read your letter? I’m gonna need some info from it for when we go to LS later on.” “Sure.” Emory uncrumples it as best she can and hands it over. “Does it say anything bad? I don’t really understand the technical stuff.” Melody is quiet for a moment while she reads, pausing occasionally to take notes on her phone, and then she smiles at Emory. “No, it doesn’t. It basically just says that you’ll be required to have supervision at all times. It also says that you’ll need diapers if I’m reading the section on bloodwork correctly--the rest of that stuff at the end is just info for the machine at the store.” Emory frowns and folds her arms. “How is having to wear diapers not a bad thing? What if I don’t want to be supervised all the time?” “The supervision is for your safety, and as far as the diapers go, you might not need them right away, but it’s indicated in your letter. You don’t want to be having accidents all the time do you?” Emory frowns. “No...but I’ve never really had a big problem with that.” “That’s part of why getting Classified is so important. You wouldn’t want that to be a surprise, would you?” “I guess not. But I haven’t had any accidents for a long time. I don’t see why it would just suddenly become a problem now.” “It’s different from person to person. Some Littles have accidents all their lives, and some only start having them after classification. The genetic markers in your bloodwork that identify you as a Little all activate at different speeds for different people. You might not be having problems now, but they’re coming, and it’s better to be prepared, right?” “Yeah...I don’t want to be a Little though.” “I’m sorry sweetheart. But there’s nothing that can be done about it. Just like you can’t help how tall you are or what color eyes you have. It’s not a terrible thing though, I promise.” “It’s not fair.” Emory points out. “I know. But that’s the way it is. Thank you for letting me read your letter. I know it’s a big adjustment, but I really think you’ll be happier once everything isn’t so new and different to what you’re used to. And I’m gonna be here to help you too.” “Thanks…Won’t you be in trouble at your job though? If you’re here with me?” Emory wonders. “No. There are all kinds of legal protections for Caregivers who live with someone who gets classified as a Little. They don’t last forever, but there’s nothing to worry about yet. I don’t actually need to go into the office anyway, it’s just nice to get out of the house sometimes.” Emory lets out a breath she hadn’t realized she was holding and rests against Melody’s chest. Her future is still very uncertain, but knowing that Melody will be with her makes it a little less terrifying. “You’re very welcome, munchkin. Now, what do you say we get you into a nice, warm bath, and then we’ll get ready to go to the store. Sound good?” Emory nods, nibbling on the thumb of her free hand. “Yeah.” And then, before she can stop herself she says: “Will you stay? I don’t wanna be alone right now…” Melody scoops her up and settles her on her hip. “I’ll be right here with you the whole time. I know this must be really overwhelming for you. Just relax and let me handle everything okay? We’ll talk more about what to do next in the morning; right now we’re just going to try and relax. You just do what feels natural to you, okay, I’m not going to judge you or tease you.” Emory slips her thumb into her mouth experimentally, cheeks heating up in embarrassment, but Melody doesn’t seem fazed in the slightest. She feels a few soothing pats against her bottom, and she just relaxes into Melody, feeling safer than she has in a long time. She’s conflicted--she knows she should be mortified, appalled at herself even. But, all the same, she...isn’t. Emory’s life has been turned upside down in an instant, and if Melody is volunteering to navigate this crazy situation for her, maybe it’s best to just let her. And besides, maybe knowing her...tendencies as a Little will be helpful in the future. “Do you want bubbles in your bath tonight, Emmy?” Melody asks, setting Emory down on the floor so she can begin filling the tub. “Yes please.” Emory says around her thumb, taking hold of Melody’s shirt again. She squirms, the tiles are cold against her feet, and her bladder has begun signaling that it’s probably time to start heading for the toilet. It throbs painfully, and Emory can feel her eyes welling up with tears all over again. “Mellie, I gotta-” And that’s as far as she gets before her bladder throbs again, and then she’s wetting herself, liquid splashing down the inside of her thighs and dripping onto the floor beneath her. She just stands there, wet and pathetic and horrified by what she’s just done. Sure, she’s had her share of close calls, but she hasn’t actually had an accident like this since she was a little kid. “It’s okay, sweetheart. Accidents happen, it’s not a big deal.” Melody pulls Emory into a hug despite her wet clothes, and Emory is eternally grateful for the comfort. Melody’s statement doesn’t feel very true to Emory, but it’s easier not to be so upset about it since Melody isn’t bothered by it. “Okay, Emmy, I need you to put your hands on my shoulders so you don’t fall, alright? I’m gonna help you get out of these wet clothes.” Melody’s voice is soothing and gentle as she helps Emory to get undressed. Emory’s beginning to feel like she’ll never stop crying at this rate. “I can-I can do it myself…” She hiccups and tries in vain to stop the flow of tears. “Shhh, babe, it’s okay.” Melody soothes. “I know you can. But, I’ve got it this time, okay? Emmy, please, just let me help you.” Emory doesn’t really feel embarrassed at being naked in front of Melody; it’s not the first time it’s happened, and anyway, she mostly just hopes she doesn’t pee on the floor again. The air in the bathroom is cool against her skin, and she shivers, hugging herself for warmth. “Come here,” Melody says softly, gathering Emory to her. She presses a kiss to Emory’s temple. “How are you feeling right now?” “Lost. Scared. Angry. Confused...Sad...It’s a lot. I had my whole life planned out, a good career, a nice apartment on the ritzy side of town...But it doesn’t matter now.” “Just because you’re a Little, doesn’t mean you can’t be successful. Sure, you might not be able to live on your own or do certain jobs, but there’s plenty of stuff out there for you if you want it.” “But-” Emory begins to protest some more, but Melody interrupts by taking her by the shoulders and giving her a serious look. “Shh. No more ‘buts’. I know you probably have tons of questions, and I will answer all of them, tomorrow, after you’ve had a good night’s sleep. This is how things are now, and you can either spend your energy worrying over how things are going to be, or you can try to be open about the experience and take things as they come. I promise you, I won’t let anything bad happen to you okay? So try to relax. I’ve got you.” Melody presses a kiss to Emory’s forehead, probably to emphasize her point. Emory nods. “Okay.” “Is this a good temperature for the water?” Melody asks, as she adds the bubble bath solution to the tub. Emory tests the water, and is pleasantly surprised to find that it’s just the right temperature. It usually takes her a bit of fiddling to get the water how she likes it, and Melody has nailed it on the first try. It’s a small thing, but it makes it a little easier to put her trust in Melody to look after her. “It’s just right,” Emory says with a smile. “Good,” Melody answers, smiling back at her before lifting her into the tub. “Do you want to wash on your own this time?” It’s a simple question with monumental implications. Emory sucks on her thumb absently, thinking. The warm water has eased her stress levels a bit more, and she’s beginning to realize how worn-out she feels. She thinks back to what Melody’d said earlier, about experiencing this new reality and taking things as they come, and she makes her decision. “Could you do it please?” Emory says around her thumb. “Sure thing! You just sit back and relax. Thank you for trusting me little one, it means a lot to me.” Melody says, and reaches for the soap and washcloth. Part of Emory is irritated at the new nickname. But, if she’s being honest with herself, it makes her feel warm inside, and it’s not really all that embarrassing either. The cognitive dissonance is exhausting and it’s giving her a headache. She doesn’t have the energy to keep protesting and behaving like pre-Classification Emory would. So, she decides to just let Melody take charge for the night. Melody is very gentle when she scrubs Emory down, but not so gentle that it’s inefficient, and she even takes extra special care to avoid getting soap in Emory’s eyes. When she’s finished, she pulls the plug on the drain and wraps Emory in a big, fluffy towel before picking her up again. “Thank you Mellie. That was...really nice.” Emory says honestly. “You’re welcome sweetie. Now, let’s get you dressed, and we’ll head over to the Littles Supply. Do you want to get ice cream when we’re finished there?” Emory nods. Ice cream sounds like the perfect comfort food after a day like today. Melody brings her to her room instead of going to Emory’s and lays her down on the bed. “Stay still, okay munchkin? I’ll just be a sec.” Melody rummages around in her closet for a moment before getting a moderately-sized blue bag with the same ribbon on it as the ELK from the top shelf. She takes out a plain white diaper, powder, and some lotion, as well as a pastel purple onesie with a snap crotch. Emory fidgets, uncertain. She’s a little embarrassed, but she’s also very curious about how it’s going to feel to be in a diaper for the first time since she was a baby. “This will only take a minute, sweetheart. Try not to wiggle around too much, okay?” Emory nods and slips her thumb into her mouth again. “‘Kay.” She says softly. Melody puts lotion on her entire body, not just her diaper area, which she hadn’t been expecting. It’s hard not to squirm, since Melody seems to have a knack for finding all of her ticklish spots, but she does her best. The lotion has a very pleasant smell though, so she doesn’t mind. Melody doesn’t even ask Emory to do anything during the diapering portion of the process, she just lifts Emory by the ankles before sliding the diaper under her. She dusts Emory with powder before pulling the diaper up between her legs and securing it snugly with the tapes. The smell of baby powder and lotion in combination is incredibly relaxing, and it takes Emory a moment to realize that Melody is talking to her. “Are you okay?” Emory nods, giving an experimental wiggle. The diaper isn’t uncomfortable, but it’s definitely going to take some getting used to. Still, it’s not nearly as bad as she’d been afraid it would be. “Mhmm.” She answers. “It actually feels kinda nice…” “Oh? Well, I’m glad to hear that!” Melody says, before helping Emory to sit up. “Arms up, please.” Emory complies so Melody can dress her in the onesie, which feels strange, but like the diaper, it isn’t uncomfortable either. She smiles at the realization, maybe this won’t be so bad after all. Melody reaches into the bag and takes out a black pair of overalls and an oversized purple hair bow and helps Emory dress before tying her hair back in a ponytail. She takes a few items out of the bag and sets them aside--apparently there were different sizes of everything in, and they’d only needed what Emory was wearing. Emory looks at the pile and is kind of embarrassed to realize that the only size missing from the pile is ‘extra small’ and she hadn’t thought that she was that tiny… Melody helps Emory stand and guides her in front of the mirror. “All done, what do you think?” Melody wonders. Emory blinks at her reflection, her own blue eyes staring back at her. Her lighter brown hair is tied back with the oversized bow that Melody had taken from the bag, and she realizes that she looks like a toddler, only a bit bigger. She’s a little embarrassed to notice that the overalls also have snaps in the crotch, but other than that, it’s a pretty normal-looking outfit. She’d even go so far as to say it’s cute...And, as an added bonus, the diaper isn’t obvious at all, it’s the snaps in the crotch that give that away. “I like it. It’s comfier than I thought It would be, but walking around in a diaper feels a little weird.” Emory confesses, turning to look up at Melody. “I’m glad you like it. The bag didn’t leave me with many options, but you’ll have a chance to pick some things out at the LS. They make some pretty cute stuff, but it’s okay if you prefer the plainer side of the spectrum.” Emory shrugs. “I’m not sure what I’d like best...I’ll have to see what they’ve got.” She feels a little nervous at the prospect of going out in public as a Little for the first time, and without really thinking about it, she lifts her arms toward Melody, hoping to be picked up. It’s only after she’s lifted into Melody’s arms that it dawns on her what she’d just done. “Alright, little one, let’s get a move on. I’d like to get you to bed at a reasonable time tonight, and we have lots to do.” Part of Emory bristles at the thought of being given a bedtime, but she ignores it and says: “Okay.” Melody smiles and kisses Emory’s temple--Emory doesn’t think she’ll ever get tired of being shown affection like that, and she snuggles a little closer to Melody without really meaning too. Melody pats Emory’s bottom; it’s something she’s done many times before, but it’s somehow more comforting now, and it makes it easy to put aside her fears of going out. “Don’t worry,” Melody says as she heads for the door. “I’ve got you.” *~*~*~*~* The Littles Supply store isn’t very busy when they arrive. Or, at least it doesn’t seem that way, as Emory spends most of her time looking at the ground. She still hasn’t gotten used to walking in a diaper, and she’s almost sure she looks a little awkward. She just holds Melody’s hand and tries to keep pace with her much longer stride. “Well hello there!” Someone says. “Aren’t you just the cutest little thing?” Emory can feel her face heating up a little and she makes herself look up to see who’s speaking to her. There’s a lady sitting in a chair by the entrance with red hair, blue eyes, and a bright smile who’s waving at her. She’s got on a name tag that says ‘Beth’, with the Littles Supply logo on it. Emory moves a bit so she’s mostly behind Melody. The employee’s greeting doesn’t scare her, not exactly, it’s just that she feels kind of exposed, and she isn’t quite sure that she’s ready to be seen like this by people other than Melody. “Hi…” Emory answers, very quietly, giving the employee a small wave. “Aww, someone’s a little shy today. That’s okay. Would you like a lollipop or a sticker?” Emory shuffles forward a bit to see her choices, before looking back at Melody to make sure this is okay with her. Melody smiles at her and gestures at her to continue. “Go on sweetheart, it’s alright. Pick anything you like.” “You can have one of each if you’d like.” Beth whispers, like she’s letting Emory in on some big secret. Emory gasps a little in surprise without really meaning to. “Wow…” After a moment of deliberation she chooses a purple lollipop and a sticker that says ‘Superstar’ with a golden star wearing sunglasses. “Thank you.” Emory says in a small voice, and then goes back to Melody, taking her hand immediately. She hands the sticker to Melody once they’re inside the store. “Oh, is this for me?” Melody wonders. Emory nods. “Mhmm. I just wanted to say thanks for taking care of me. I’m really glad you’re my friend.” She feels like she’s said too much, but it’s too late to take it back now. “Aww, thank you sweetie.” Melody says, and puts the sticker on her shirt. She stops in front of the carts, some of which are much bigger than the usual-sized ones and looks at Emory. “Do you want to ride in the cart? You don’t have to if you don’t want to.” “Yes please.” Emory says, she’s already feeling kind of drained from the day, and the less walking she has to do, the better. Melody lifts her gently into the cart. “If you want to get out to look at stuff, just let me know, okay?” Emory nods. Their next stop is the kiosk that Melody had talked about earlier. It’s kind of unassuming, just a big screen with a keyboard under it and a little printer beside it that has a sign above it that says: ‘First Time? Start Here’. Melody pauses to consult her notes, types a few things into the machine, and after a moment, the printer whirs to life and spits out a ribbon of paper. “Okay, we’ve got our list. Are you ready to get started?” Melody asks. Emory nods. “Alright then, Off we go!” Melody says cheerfully. The store is a lot like the other big-box retailers in town, but it sells exclusively stuff for Littles, everything from clothing to those giant inflatable bouncy castles. Their first stop is the section Emory has been dreading the most, the diaper aisle. There are tons of options to pick from, and although she’d rather not even be in this section, she knows that it won’t do any good to complain about it. She looks around at the packages and finds herself drawn to the ones with animal designs and some of the ones with spaceships and stars. “I like those.” Emory says, pointing to them. Melody takes a box of each of them and puts them into the cart. “Those are pretty cute.” Melody says. “We can have more delivered to the house in bulk, so we’re not gonna get a bunch right now. Do you see any other kinds you like?” Emory points out a few more that also get put into the cart. They head to the next aisle, one that has pacifiers, bottles and formula on one side, and various comfort items like blankets on the other. “You don’t need to have formula, don’t worry.” Melody says before Emory can ask. “But you are going to need a cup with some kind of no-spill lid. Do you want to pick some, or do you want me to just go by the designs on your diapers?” Emory shrugs, blushing a little at ‘your diapers’. It’s true, but it’s still kind of embarrassing to hear it out loud. “You can pick. I think I’d probably take forever, and I’m kind of tired.” “Okay. If you see anything you like just shout.” Melody says, and begins sifting through items and putting them in the cart. Emory lets her eyes wander before they land on a bottle with zoo animals that comes with a matching set of pacifiers and a very soft blanket. “Can I have that? Please?” It’s embarrassing to ask for it, but she really wants it, so she swallows her pride. Melody adds it to their rapidly filling cart. “Of course you can. Thank you for using such good manners, sweetheart.” She tosses in a few other pacifiers and clips for good measure. Emory smiles at the praise. They turn the corner into the next aisle, one that has carseats, some of which are just upscaled versions of seats for toddlers. “Wow...They’re huge!” Emory points out. “Yep. They’re meant to replace the actual seat in the car. We’ll just get a ticket and take it up front, and they’ll install it overnight. There’s a shuttle that will take us home, and we can come back in the morning for the car. If you were a little bigger, we could probably just get away with replacing the seatbelt with a harness, and you could still sit up front. but I think the full-size carseat is the would be the safest option for you. Do you wanna try some of them out and see which ones you like?” Emory feels a bit sad at the realization that her days of sitting up front are over, but nods. All of the seats are comfortable, but she settles on a black one with light blue cushioning. It’s got a cupholder, a built-in charging port for her phone and it even reclines. It’s a little on the pricier side though, and that makes her think of something else. “Um, Mellie? How am I gonna pay for all this stuff?” “When you got classified as a Little, there was an account set up in your name that’s tied to the ID on your letter. You’ll get a card for it later, but until you get a Caregiver, the government stipend for Little care will go into that account. All we have to do is put in that ID number at the register, and everything will be taken care of. Didn’t you read any of the info things they gave you at Classification?” Emory shakes her head. “Only the ones for Neutrals and Caregivers. I was so sure I wasn’t gonna end up as a Little that I didn’t bother with those.” She realizes as she says it that that lack of foresight is exactly the kind of thing one would expect from a Little. It seems so obvious now… “That’s okay. We can talk more about all that later. We’re almost done, we just need to get you a crib, a changing table, and some clothes. Unless you want to look at some toys first? I know you’ve got your computer at home and the Playstation, but I thought you might want to do some other things sometimes too.” “I have to sleep in a crib too?” Emory frowns. It doesn’t sound all that bad, but she feels like she should protest on principle. “Yes, babe. Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to get out in case of emergency, and I’ll put a monitor in your room in case you need something.” Mallory explains. “I can’t really have you up and roaming around the house if I’m not awake to watch you, at least until we Little-proof things.” Emory huffs. “I’m not gonna go around sticking forks in light sockets or eating the dishwasher soap thingies, Mellie.” “I know, but you aren’t really in Littlespace right now either. Once you get more comfortable with things, I think you might be surprised. Besides, you can keep your TV and stuff so if you wake up before me, you won’t have to sit in there and be bored.” Emory just pouts. “Do you want to look at toys after we’re done picking out your crib and changing table?” Emory smiles. Even before she’d gotten Classified, she’d enjoyed walking through the toy section just to look around, even if she’d only ever gotten her stuffed bear, Rufus, from there. “Okay!” It doesn’t take them long to order their furniture, but Emory lets Melody handle that part. She does hope that the people coming to install it don’t take a long time to do so though; she’s uncomfortable enough with all this without a bunch of strange people in her house... Emory stays close to Melody at first when they get to the toy section, since none of the toys for the really little Littles are very interesting. The shape-sorting toy seems like it would get boring pretty fast. She does like the blocks though, and gets a pretty big assortment of those. The aisle with all the Legos is the most exciting though, since she’d always loved playing with them as a child, and it’s really cool to see how complex some of the things she could build are now. She spends more time than she probably should browsing, and when she looks up to ask Melody if she can get a few things, she realizes that Melody is...gone. Inwardly, Emory knows that Melody wouldn’t abandon her, but she can’t stop herself from panicking. She manages to stave it off momentarily by remembering that she can just call Melody and ask where she is. But, when she pats herself down, looking for her phone, she remembers that it’s still on the floor at home. The gravity of being alone hits her like a freight train; now that she’s a Little, she doesn’t have many options for getting back home by herself. Without her phone, she can’t use a ride-sharing service to get home, if she’s even allowed to do that now, and she knows for a fact that buses won’t take unattended Littles either. She might even get taken to an Assignment Center. Her breathing picks up, and her vision blurs as she bursts into tears, her heart jackhammering away inside her chest. Before she can really start crying, someone’s pulling her into a tight hug--she knows it’s Melody by the smell of her perfume. “Oh, sweetheart, what’s wrong? Why all these tears, hmm?” Emory just cries, unable to pull herself together quickly enough to respond right away. She just holds on tighter to Melody. “Can you tell Mellie what’s wrong, little one? I can’t help you if I don’t know what the problem is.” “I c-couldn’t see you. An’ I got scared…” Emory chokes out. “I’m sorry little love, I thought you heard me when I said I was going to the next aisle over for a minute. You know I’d never leave you here all by yourself, right? Never ever.” That makes Emory feel a little better, and she feels kind of silly for getting so worked up over such a little thing. “I know…’M sorry I freaked out like that…” “You don’t ever have to be sorry for having feelings, Emmy. It’s perfectly okay to cry if you’re scared. Did you find anything you’d like?” Emory nods and gives Melody a watery smile before moving to show her what she’d been looking at. After picking out a few things, they move on to the clothing section. Their trip through the clothing section is by far the longest part of their visit to the store. Emory gets out to help Melody pick out some things--she gravitates toward the plainer, pastel colors, but Melody is definitely a fan of the more overtly cute stuff with designs and little sayings on it. Thankfully, she doesn’t pick out anything too outlandish. And that’s when it happens. Emory’s trailing behind Melody a bit, pausing to look at things, but always making sure that she can see Melody, when her bladder throbs. She suddenly regrets her decision to drink so much water earlier and she knows immediately that she doesn’t have long to get to a toilet. And, with the extra steps to undress because of the overalls, onesie, and diaper, she isn’t even really sure that she can. She squirms a bit and opens her mouth to let Melody know what’s going on, when her bladder fails entirely with a painful spasm, and she wets her diaper. She stands there awkwardly, brow furrowing at the unfamiliar sensation. She’d had to go even more than she’d realized, and she ends up rooted to the spot, hoping she can finish before Melody notices what’s happening, as unlikely as that is. The feeling of wetting her diaper isn’t bad, but it’s foreign to her, not to mention embarrassing. She’s glad to be wearing it though, since no one knows what’s happened except her, and maybe--probably--Melody. At least she hasn’t left a puddle on the floor… Emory looks up to see Melody in front of her, arms open for a hug, like she knows exactly what just happened. Emory doesn’t waste any time taking advantage of the offer. “‘M sorry…” Emory says quietly, fighting back tears for the umpteenth time that day. “You don’t have anything to be sorry for, Emmy” Melody soothes quietly, rubbing Emory’s back. “That’s what your diaper is for. It’s better than leaving a mess, right?” Emory nods. Melody reaches down to pat Emory’s bottom. “Your diaper can hold a lot more than that, but I understand if you want to get changed now. We’ve got a little time before the shuttle gets here to take us home, and they already set up delivery for your diapers, so we don’t need to do that. We can hurry and go to get ice cream after we pay, or I can change your diaper, but we might not have time for ice cream after that.” “But you said we could…” Emory feels her eyes welling up with tears at the thought of missing out on ice cream. She rubs them gently with her fists, trying to stop herself from crying again, and sort of surprises herself when she yawns. “Oh, little one, you’re so tired...I know I did. Can you wait to get changed until we get home?” Emory nods. A wet diaper doesn’t feel great, but it’s not terribly uncomfortable either. And besides, it’s worth enduring if it means she gets ice cream. “I can wait…” “Okay.” Melody says and fishes a tissue out of her purse. She holds it up to Emory’s nose. “Blow, sweetheart.” she says, and Emory does. Emory’s thumb drifts toward her mouth, but Melody stops her. “Oh no, Emmy, don’t do that, it’s icky. We’ve been touching lots of stuff that other people have handled, and I don’t want you to get sick. Do you want to try a pacifier instead?” Emory thinks about it for a moment, and then nods. No one has teased her or mocked her since she arrived at the store, so maybe she’s worried over nothing. Melody hunts through her bag for a moment before finding one, it’s the same shade of purple as Emory’s shirt.. She takes out a clip for the pacifier and clips it to Emory’s shirt for her. “There you go, sweetheart.” Emory gives it an experimental suck, and realizes two things: First, that it’s faintly vanilla flavored, and secondly that it’s way better than sucking her thumb. She suckles on it happily and smiles at Melody. “Thank you!” Melody chuckles. “You’re too cute. You’re very welcome Emmy. Do you want to walk, or ride in the cart to go back up front?” “I can walk,” Emory says, afraid she’ll fall asleep if she sits in the cart, and she doesn’t want to miss out on her opportunity for ice cream. “That’s fine. Hold my hand though, I don’t want you to get lost.” Melody says. “I’m not gonna get lost…” Emory protests. “Emmy, you almost got lost earlier because you weren’t paying attention. We’re not gonna do that again, okay? I know this is all very new to you, but I need you to listen to me.” “I can do it myself!” Emory responds, too loudly, and stomps her foot without really meaning to. She’s exhausted and out-of-sorts, and it’s so hard to keep a lid on her emotions when everything is so new and overwhelming. “Excuse me? That’s not a very nice way to talk to someone, Emmy.” Melody says, raising an eyebrow, and taking Emory by the shoulders. “I’m just trying to keep you safe. I know you can do it yourself, but I don’t think that’s a very good choice right now, do you?” Emory harrumphs and turns around to face away from Melody, too upset with everything to speak. She’s mad at herself for not being able to control her emotions better, mad at Melody for not letting her prove that she’s capable of doing things on her own, and mad at the Classification test for doing this to her. “I’m mad!” she says, like it isn’t already obvious. “That’s okay.” Melody says, and her calm, gentle voice is somehow even more irritating--a reminder of how grown-up and in-control she is, everything that Emory isn’t. “You’re allowed to be mad. Do you need a minute to calm down so we can talk?” Emory folds her arms and flops down onto her butt without answering. She’s grateful for her diaper, since sitting down so hard would definitely have hurt otherwise. She feels Melody’s lips against the top of her head. “Okay.” Melody says. “I’ll be right here when you’re ready to use your words.” Emory’s crying again before she can stop herself. She knows she’s made a mistake, but everything is so different and wrong and it’s hard to know what to do. She gets up and turns around to face Melody, sobbing and reaching for her. “Oh, honey…” Melody’s voice is almost a coo as she lifts Emory into her arms. “We’ve had a stressful day, haven’t we, little one?” She wonders, but she doesn’t seem to expect an answer from Emory. Emory presses her face into Melody’s chest. “‘M sorry!” she bawls. “It’s okay sweetheart, everything is forgiven. But do you understand why I want you to hold my hand?” Emory nods. “So I don’t get lost and scared again.” “That’s right. I don’t like seeing you so upset. Do you know what makes me feel better when I’m sad?” Melody asks. “Cuddles?” Emory ventures. “Yes, do you know what else cheers me up?” Emory shrugs. “Ice cream. Would you like to have some after we pay?” Emory nods. “Yes please.” “I think that can be arranged,” Melody says, and smiles at her before setting her down in the cart. “Let’s go pay for our things.” With their cart piled high with loot, they head for the registers at the front. Emory falls asleep before they get there, dreaming of ice cream.
  5. Hi there, YunicornSparkles here again. If you don't know me, that's fine. I'm mainly here for rp, plus I'm shy and trying to become more active. I know I made an RP interest thread months ago but I am making a new one because the original's been lost many pages back in this forum. I did actually find a good rp partner from that! (and our rps are still ongoing, and very fun!). But I'm wanting to find different partners this time around because it's fun to rp with other people as well. * I'm really interested in doing rps based on fandoms I like and am into. Or talking about setting up a creative group rp that's open for anyone to join. Emphasis on creative. Or one x one rp with multiple characters played by each person. * I want to compromise on rp plots. That is, pick something that makes both of us happy and is interesting for both/all rpers. For instance, if we have a fandom in common that we both like. We can also help each other make a good plot by talking about ideas together, and share ideas and brainstorm to keep the story interesting and moving forwards. No one likes a boring rp. * I prefer a medium to slow posting rate. Or...a few rp sessions a week/every 2 weeks that last a couple of hours each time. It's more manageable for me because I have mental and physical health issues that often make me tired easily. I tend to be patient and understanding with my rp partners too, and if it's been a long while between posts, I'll send them a friendly reminder. * I don't rp on days that I am working because I'm too tired after work. I might have the energy to post a single reply on an rp but not to do a session. Luckily, I only work 2 days a week which leaves me with 8 free days in a row, usually. I do have other projects/commitments outside of rping tho, so I won't be rping all day, every day. If you ask me to rp and I don't feel up to it, I will give you a time and day that I will rp (and try to stick to it). * I prefer non-sexual rp content when it comes to ABDL. For me it's very much about the innocent joy and lifestyle of a baby and familial feels and parent-child bonding, so nothing erotic or sexual please. Romance is allowed though. And of course, I can make exceptions for certain characters, like two caregivers who love each other. But yeah, try to leave the sex out of it please. * I love fantasy and magic. Fairies, spells, unicorns, unique fantasy races, etc. * Be creative with your posts! Google toys, outfits, baby items, types of diapers, furniture, and you can paste images into your post to show me exactly what the character in the rp is wearing, using or playing with, or describe the setting. And also think about what your character can see, smell, feel, taste and hear. Be as descriptive as you can. * I want to RP here in the forums, not over chat. Forum rps tend to run slower and are easier for me to keep up with. I learned to rp on gaiaonline's forums and that's what I like best. * I prefer literate rpers. That is, try not to make one liners, (the occasional one is fine), don't use text/SMS talk in a post, use proper punctuation, all that. I get really bored with posts that aren't creative or well thought out. For example: one or two word replies (bluh! XP), one liners without much detail, shifting from 3rd person into 2nd and 1st person randomly....just, don't. * I have trouble writing small posts. My posts are usually medium to large-ish (2 paragraphs up to 4). I'm writing a story with you. I can try to write less, but I do struggle to do so. * I prefer cute boy ABDLs in rps. So I'll often want to play as a cute male AB or baby boy. I also like to play caretakers AND littles both! It's great if we can each have (at minimum) one caretaker and one little each, so we both get the best of both worlds. Though of course that depends on the rp. Fandoms I am craving RP for currently: (I have some ideas but need help making the plots) Teen Titans - I wanna play Dick Grayson/Robin (as a TBDL). Ideas: all the titans made into babies (regression, forced, magical etc.) or just Robin. Nightwing - Dick Grayson being an adult baby and having parental issues (or magicked, cursed, brainwashed into it, regressed), daddy Bruce, caring grown up Titans love to babysit him and care for him, he wears diapers under his suit, or maybe gets cursed or something that slowly turns him into an adult baby (has accidents, babyish urges) Bat family (Batman and family) baby bat boys with dad and grandfather, baby catwoman (kitten Selina Kyle) with daddy Bruce (plot: Catwoman tells Bruce she will stop being a villain if he will let her be his girlfriend/partner, or maybe says if she can be his kitten and he can be her daddy and that she’s been looking for a good daddy, Selina might have found or stolen a treasure that grants wishes and she wished for all cats to have happy forever homes and it works but then something backfires and she gets turned into a neko and/or regressed mentally and/or physically at the same time, maybe Selena gets punished by being mentally or physically regressed or it could be an accident Plot: Dick starts being more open about being an adult baby around the safety of the mansion (after telling Bruce) and his brothers see him getting attention and pampering from their dad, so they get jealous and start to wear diapers and be adult babies too. Now they all vie for attention from their daddy and grandfather, their friends and girlfriends. Also, no one ages physically past the prime of their youth. They aren’t immortal, they can still die and get hurt and sick and stuff, they just won’t ever get old and wrinkly) Rugrats – with OCs put into episodes from the show to play it out their own way, or new adventures with the canon characters but they are anime style Fruits Basket Ritsu, Kyo, Momiji, Tohru, Yuki, (haven't seen the new anime yet so no spoilers. Have read all the manga and seen the old anime tho) Homestuck – trolls and kids (so many characters that I love) Karkat, Dave, Tavros, Rufioh, Nepeta, Meulin, Cronus, Kankri, Eridan, John, (could do a group rp as an open daycare for them, can also do one x one rps, just need to pick what characters and make plots. Idea; the juju lollipop that turns people into Trickster mode also turns them into babies) Irondad and Spiderson (Ironman/TonyStark as daddy and youngest, newest Spiderman/Peter Parker played by Tom Holland, as the Little) Avengers also care for him as their baby Osomatsu San (Karamatsu as the baby, played by me, but all of them could be babied by other characters, OCs too) Osomatsu, Choromatsu, Jyuushimatsu, Todomatsu, Karamatsu, Ichimatsu Undertale (baby Mettaton EX) with daddy Burgerpants (getting revenge), Mommy Alphys, Mommy Toriel, or an OC, discuss plots and characters Tokyo Mew Mew aka Mew Mew Power – all the girls, I play Zoe/Ichigo ….Kisshu (and co) as baby with girls as mommies OTHER INTERESTS: Nekos – neko versions of canon characters (cat people) pet play, slave/master play, pet and owner play ABDL Daycare for all worlds and fandoms and for OCs; could be like a hotel where they check in to relax, (I have a few daycares made up in Word documents, one magical and one normal that was made for Homestuck but can be repurposed) ABDL Orphanage - it's a place for ABDLs to live at and be cared for by mummies and daddies, aunts, uncles, big siblings, etc. Getting the lifestyle they always wanted in a setting with little playmates and lots of carers. Has a playground made for big babies, with everything being babyish but sized up for adult bodies. Need help making plot and setting. Christmas Wonderland: - it's a holiday place for ABDLs, based off the Christmas Wonderland games by Big Fish Games for PC, and based off Christmas movies, and theme parks and the board game Candyland etc. It's a place for people to visit and play as littles. Need help making the setting. Christmas trees, worlds inside snow globes, giant candy canes, snow, ice skating, living snowmen, presents, magic, elves, Santa and Mrs Claus, reindeer, toys, and everything that comes with Christmas (themed diapers and baby items) CONTACT ME IF INTERESTED in a fandom or want to discuss a plot or share ideas with me: please reply to this thread (quote me so I see it). Or PM me.
  6. This is a story of two friends who you would never guess were not father and son. Born on the Earth Kingdom of the four nations. The date is 195 BG. The current Avatar is Kyoshi but this story is not about her and she probably won't be in it. Our two leads is the fatherly protective earth bender Jiang Xiao age 25 and his little sidekick and aspiring merchant, the 16 year old, unpotty trained, lava bending, Xiǎo Gǒu. They travel around town to town buying and selling to make a living
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