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  1. This is a dark story I've been working on about a group of girls kidnapped by one of their boyfriends and turned into his new family. There's no diapers or forced infantilism until chapter three, but there's plenty of petplay and bondage and torment until then, so stick around if you're into that stuff too. Without further ado, chapter one of Family Ties. Kelsey's Collar When Kelsey got free, she was going to kill this man. She’d never been more certain of anything in her twenty-three years on this earth. Sean would die by her hand, and she was going to enjoy it. Fantasizing about squeezing his throat until his eyes popped from their sockets fueled her. She envisioned it over and over each time she had to stop and take a breather from her attempts to free herself. The son of a bitch knew to fear her too. It was no accident that she was hogtied in the trunk while the other two were up front. There would come a time when he wasn’t as careful around her, and he couldn’t threaten Brook or Sara to keep her from kicking his teeth in, and then she’d strike. Patience, she told herself, patience was her key to taking her captor down. Patience had never been her strong suit, and as soon as she’d gotten her breathing under control in the stifling sack he’d pulled over her head before shutting her in the trunk of his SUV, she resumed her vigorous struggling. It didn’t help that the hogtie was starting to become pure agony. Her back, thighs and shoulders especially were aching from their strained position. Kelsey was naturally very flexible, but this was well passed her limits. It didn’t help that she had no idea how long she’d been tied up in the back of his car. How far away was he taking them? Her mind conjured up images of a filthy one-room log cabin where he planned to rape and eventually kill them. She struggled harder. If she could get free she’d kick his goddam teeth in as soon as he opened the door to get her. The tape was getting looser. It wasn’t much, but the sticky stuff plastered around her wrists and ankles was stretching. She’d given up on being able to tear through it, as satisfying as that would have been, but if the trip went on long enough, she’d definitely create enough slack to pull one of her wrists free, and from there she was set. At first she thought it was ridiculous when on movies and TV captives were able to figure out where they’d been taken based on how many turns they’d taken. Granted, that was still bullshit, she’d never be able to pinpoint where they were being taken, but she was starting to get a feel for the roads. For a long time they had been moving at speed without stopping. She couldn’t begin to I guess which one, but they were on a highway. And then the road started to wind, and she could feel the car climbing and descending hills. They slowed down and the road got rougher. When it felt like they were on a gravel road, every little bump sending agony through her sore limbs, Kelsey knew she was running out of time. She strained against her bonds, desperation spurring her on even though she was exhausted. Her mouth was dry from the gag stuffed and taped in her mouth and her throat hurt from sucking air through a sack. The SUV rolled to a stop. The radio turned off. “Welcome home.” Kelsey could hear the muffled complaints of her roommates up front. “You first.” She didn’t know which of them he was talking about, but she could hear the doors opening up front, and she knew it wasn’t her. She still had time. Her wrists were raw and bruised, but she kept on, straining her legs out as hard as she could. She kept going until her thighs screamed from the strain and it felt like her hands were going to be torn clean off from her wrists. It was working. Summoning reserves of strength born of pure desperation, she tucked her legs back up as far as she could and kicked out with all of her might. The last stubborn edge of tape jerked over her thumb joint on her left hand, and from there the rest followed. She gave an elated scream of joy into her gag as she straightened her aching legs for the first time in hours. One of the doors up front opened. Kelsey froze. She was still panting through her nose, but she tried her best to regulate her breathing. “Your turn.” “Mmmmph,” came the muffled response. Kelsey guesses it was Sara. “You’ll just have to wait a little longer.” His voice was closer, right above her. She could picture him leaning over the back of the seat to check on her. “Looks like I’ll have to take care of you first.” Kelsey sprang into action as he got out of the car. Her fingers were numb as she grabbed at the hood, scrabbling uselessly for purchase on the soft fabric until she managed to hook her thumb under the edge and yank it up. She blinked at the sudden onslaught of daylight filtered through the tinted back windshield. As quick as her eyes adjusted, they weren’t prepared for the direct light when he opened the trunk and the sun beamed into her eyes, silhouetting her kidnapper. Kelsey rolled onto her back and kicked her bound legs out, trying to keep him at bay while her hands flailed around wildly in the back of the SUV, desperately searching for something, anything she could use as a weapon. Sean grabbed her legs and wrapped one arm around her ankles. “You’re a feisty one!” Behind her, she could hear Sara’s muted, panicked screaming. Kelsey reached up and grabbed the seat, holding on while Sean started to pull her out. Her fingers were too weak to maintain her grip for more than a few seconds as the larger, stronger man yanked on her legs. She failed again, her fingers finding something solid and she grabbed it, using her momentum to swing it with all her might. Sean merely laughed as she struck him with a roll of duct tape. “Thanks,” he told her with a chuckle as he caught it when she swung again and pried it from her fingers. Pinning her legs in the crook of his arm, he started to peel off the edge of the tape. Kelsey wasn’t about to get taped up again. All her self-defense training disappeared from her mind and feral instinct took over. She lunged forward, going for his eyes with her nails. She clawed and scratched, screaming into her gag in a rage. Sean’s eyes widened, his amusement at her escape attempt replaced with surprise as he actually had to take her seriously. Her nails dug along the side of his face, inches from his eye. She bucked and thrashed her legs, trying to shake his grip, all the while clawing at his face and neck. He swatted her hands away but couldn’t grab them. Kelsey kicked again, and his grip loosened almost enough for her to snap her legs free. One more good one and she would be able to get out of his grip. She didn’t have a plan after that, but she’d figure something out. The struggling girl never got the chance. He tightened his grip on her ankles and pulled, hard, yanking her out of the back of the SUV. Her arms flew back and pinwheeled wildly, trying to grab for purchase on anything, but her hands found nothing before she dropped to the ground. The impact stunned her, and Sean was on her in a flash. “Good try.” He grabbed her wrists, holding them above her head while he straddled her torso. “You’re lucky I like feisty.” She thumped her heels uselessly against the ground. “Mmmmmph!” “Even still, I’m going to have to discipline you for that.” Kelsey growled at him, squirming underneath his weight. Through his jeans she could feel his erection pressed against her helpless body. He shifted his weight and flipped her onto her front before pinning her down again. Sean wrestled her arms behind her back and rebound them with fresh tape. Kelsey’s struggles got weaker and weaker. She hadn’t given up, but she recognized the futility. She had missed her moment, though there be another. No matter how well he restrained her, how much he “disciplined” her, she wouldn’t give up. With upsetting ease, he picked her up and threw her over his shoulder and carried her around to the side of the car. “Looks like you’re going to have to wait a little longer.” Kelsey adjusted until she could see into the back seat. Sara was sitting in the seat, looking blindly in the direction of his voice, a black sleep mask over her eyes and mask over her gagged mouth. Her arms were trapped behind her and she was securely strapped in place with the seatbelt. Kelsey knew if she had been afforded such lenient restraints, she could have escaped easily. Perhaps if she could keep Sean busy long enough, Sara would get free. Sean shut the door and started walking, gripping Kelsey’s butt through her jeans as she squirmed, trying to see around him to where he was taking her. It was certainly not the dingy, ramshackle log cabin she’d been expecting. The gravel driveway led up to a small two-story house in the middle of a dense forest. Warm electric light shone from the open door, almost invitingly. A small porch sat out front, with a comfy looking rocking chair facing out into the woods. He took her inside. The place was clean, organized, and still defying her expectations. She looked down to finished hardwood floors and nice rugs. The walls had art on them. The furniture looked to be in decent condition and good quality. Her captor carried her into a workroom of sorts. The floor was tiled, and shelves lined the walls, with all manner of tools. Kelsey clocked the large dog kennel in the corner of the room before she was roughly flipped off of his shoulder and deposited on the hard floor. Did he have a dog? Or was that meant for her? She struggled to sit up to face him as he kneeled in front of her and took the mask off. The tape gag remained. “I’ll get you some more permanent things once I’ve measured you,” he told her, standing to gather some things from the shelves. “But we have enough here to start training you.” “Mmggg amph hmmpphh!” she tried telling him to go to hell. “Namely this guy,” he dangled something in front of her face. “This little guy is never coming off.” Kelsey stared at the leather strap hanging from his fingers. It was a collar, clearly a leather dog collar. Her attention was drawn to the little black box affixed to the center, and the two metal prongs sticking out of it. He knelt again, bringing it up to her neck. Kelsey hurled herself backward, but he grabbed her hair, pulling it sharply. “No!” he told her sternly. She wriggled, but his grip tightened until she was sure he’d rip her hair clean out. Her kidnapper wrapped it around her neck, centering the prongs right against the center of her throat. Kelsey heard a click, and he tugged on it, making sure it was tight. “There we go. How do you like your new collar?” Kelsey glared at him, staying silent. He ruffled her hair. “You’ll get used to it. I’ll get you a nice pretty tag to go on it. What do you think, should I just call you ‘Bitch’? Are you a Bitch? Hmmm? Who’s my Bitch?” He adopted the tone owners use when talking to their dogs. Kelsey lunged, trying time head butt him. He nimbly stepped back out of the way. “I’m going to enjoy breaking you.” Kelsey threw herself forward again. She wasn’t even close, but she had to try. This fucking asshole, thinking he could break her. She growled nonsense into her gag and swung her head in his general direction. Sean reached up to a shelf and pulled off a remote, and pressed a single button. Pain exploded through Kelsey’s body. It was like nothing she’d ever felt before. Incapacitating electricity coursed through her frame. She flopped on the floor like a fish. Her arms were trapped behind her back with tape, she couldn’t reach the origin of the pain at her neck, and her brain couldn’t process why. Sean held the button for three seconds before letting off. His new pet lay on the floor before him, still spasming and panting through her nose. “That’s the lowest setting,” he informed her. The idea that it could hurt more filled Kelsey with dread. Even after it had stopped, her whole body was still seizing convulsively. “There’s an invisible fence in the yard, once you earn the privilege to go out on your own, it’ll keep you from wandering off.” Kelsey focused her vision on him. She tried to glare, but it was all she could do to just look at him without seeing double. “And as you’ve seen, I have a remote where I can activate it if you’re misbehaving.” He pressed the button again to demonstrate, and Kelsey howled into her gag, twitching and writhing uncontrollably on the floor. He let it go, watching as her spasming slowed. “And there’s even a setting to shock you if your barking gets too loud.” Her eyes found him again. She was hearing his words, but in the aftermath of the extreme pain she was having trouble processing them. Another press of the button. He only held it for a fraction of a second but it was enough to set her world on fire once more. The helpless girl convulsed on the floor, oblivious to her captor’s actions as he grabbed her legs and cut the tape holding her ankles and ripped it off. “Bitches don’t wear clothes.” Kelsey was helpless to resist as he pulled her socks off. She knew she should be trying to fight as he started unbuttoning her jeans, but she just couldn’t make her body do it. There was nothing she could do to stop him from grabbing her jeans and pulling them down her toned legs and off. Her black panties were already halfway down her butt, the tile floor cold, both startling and soothing at the same time, against her bare flesh. “Clothing is for people, and you’re not a person anymore.” He had scissors now, and they cut through her shirt like a hot knife through butter. One slice up one side from hem to neck, and two more to sever her sleeves, and she was in just her underwear. Kelsey was fighting again, but it didn’t matter. He held her down with one hand while he cut through her bra straps with the other. “Bitches don’t cover up in front of their masters.” He grabbed her naked breasts, squeezing them, kneading them in his strong hands. Kelsey thrashed, his strong grip on the back of her collar, digging the prongs into her throat, stilled her. She clamped her legs together, but it wasn’t enough to stop him from ripping her panties off, leaving her naked and helpless on the floor, naked save for the collar she was now locked into. “That’s better.” Sean flipped her over, pressing her nude flesh against the smooth tiles. She put up a token struggle, but she knew it was futile. At least for the moment, there was nothing she could do to stop him. Instead she looked around, seeking something, any detail that could help her. Kelsey found herself looking right at the dog crate. It would easily hold a large breed of dog. Or a person. A sturdy lock hung open on the latch, the key still inside. Was it the same key to the lock on her collar? Sean dropped something in front of her face. Thick black lumps of leather. Before she could even begin to guess their nefarious purpose, he picked one up, loosening the strap around one side, revealing an opening. “For your paws,” he explained, moving it out of sight behind her back and grabbing her right wrist. She shrieked and tried to pull it away, but bound as she was, there was no escape. She spread her fingers, trying to be as difficult as possible, but it barely prolonged the inevitable. He got the stiff leather mitt over her right hand and strapped it securely onto her wrist. Her fingers were stuck balled into a fist in its rigid confines. She might as well have had a dog’s paw for all the good her fingers were now. “And that’s two,” he said, finishing securing the second mitt. He smacked her ass before grabbing her legs and working what seemed to be leather kneepads onto her. “We’ll get you something more permanent soon, I promise,” Sean told her. He rolled her onto her side and bent her leg back. Kelsey fought to straighten it, and she was winning. Agonizing pain erupted into her throat from the collar. “Bad dog.” She panted and submitted to having her legs folded. He bound wide leather belts around them, tying her thighs to her ankles. Sean helped her up onto her hands and knees. Kelsey stood there awkwardly on all fours, torn between trying to stand, an act that was impossible in her current restraints, or just flopping down to the floor, a pitiful act of defiance, but an act of defiance nonetheless. “Good girl.” He ruffled her hair again while she glared daggers up at him. His hand curved down the side of her face. Kelsey shied away, but his firm grip on her collar again with his other hand held her in place for him. He found the edge of the tape plastered over her mouth and peeled it off. Kelsey coughed and spit out the sodden bandana. “You sick, twisted fuggggggnnnn!” She was cut off mid threat as he buzzed her collar again, dropping her to the floor. “Dogs don’t speak.” She climbed back to her hands and knees, determined not to give him the satisfaction of seeing her broken on the floor. “Show me how a good dog communicates.” He wanted her to bark. He wanted her to bark like a dog. He could strip her, he could collar and restrain her, he could shock her, but there was no way she would bark for him. He held up the remote, a reminder of what he could do to her with the simple click of a button. “Bark for me.” “Go to-” Kelsey fell to the floor again, writhing in pain, her leather bound hands pawing uselessly at the collar. “You-” He clicked the button again, sending searing sparks of electricity coursing through her body. “I have all the time in the world.” Kelsey struggled to get up again. Everything hurt. She thought of Sara and Brook. He might have all the time in the world, but the longer she kept him occupied, the more time her friends would have to try and escape. “Suck my d-” Sean smiled as he hit the button again, holding it down this time. The helpless girl spasmed on the floor at his feet. Kelsey lost track of the number of times she made him shock her. “Bark!” The command came over and over, echoing in her frazzled brain. The idea that she was buying time for her friends was the first thing to get pushed out of her mind. Time lost all meaning; there was only the pain, and she was growing more and more desperate to do anything to end it. She kept telling herself she wasn’t a dog. She wasn’t his bitch, and she wouldn’t bark. “Bark for me.” Kelsey shook her head. She’d stopped trying to get back up between zaps. She wasn’t even trying to speak anymore. And still the shocks came. Every time she defied him. “Be a good bitch and bark for your master.” “Rarf.” She’d meant to tell him to go fuck himself, but when she opened her mouth, her instinct for self-preservation took over. It was a weak bark; her throat was raw from getting shocked repeatedly, but it was enough for him. “Good girl!” he praised her. She’d given in. She hated herself, lying on the hard floor while he stroked her. She’d submitted to him, and she could never take that back. Sean held something up before her, another mess of tangled leather and straps. “Such a good dog,” he kept complimenting her. As much as she hated it, it wasn’t the shock collar, and anything was better than the shock collar. He fit the thing over her head, adjusting and tightening then myriad of straps until it was secure. “That looks much better.” She looked up at him, this man who had reduced her to a dog, to an animal, through the mask that made her look the part. She couldn’t see herself, but she could imagine. The big floppy dog ears, the long muzzle, all in hideous black leather designed to mask her humanity and help her captor see her as what he wanted her to be. His bitch. As a final piece, he hooked a red rubber ball on a strap into the muzzle of her mask. “Play with your ball,” he told her as he forced it into her mouth and secured it. She’d done what he wanted and now he wanted her quiet. Kelsey tried to push the ball out of her mouth, but it wasn’t going anywhere. She pawed at the mask, but her trapped fingers might as well have been paw pads for all the good it did her. “One last piece.” What new fresh torture did he have for her? What else could he restrain and demean her with? Kelsey looked up at him, studying what he was holding above her. It was a tail. A fake dog tail. And unlike the mask, there were no straps to secure it on her. But she knew what the black thing on the end was, with its pointed tip and flared base. She knew where he intended to put it. Kelsey should her head, drool running around her ball gag and dripping down her chin as she begged. “Ppmmph, nnnff!” “Dogs need their tails.” He grabbed her, holding her still. She batted at him with her encased fists, her legs flailing as she tried to back away. Cold, slimy lube drizzled down between her cheeks. She clenched, but there was nothing she could do to prevent the intrusion. This was not Kelsey’s first butt plug, but compared to anything she tried this was a monster. He just kept pushing, forcing it in, deeper and deeper. She felt like it was going to tear her open. And then, as sudden as it had started, the plug slid in passed its widest point and her sphincter closed around the base. Sean let her go, and she just stood there on all fours, frozen in place just to adjust to the new fullness inside her. “You look so cute with your little tail. Yes you do.” She managed to glare at him again. He smiled and rubbed her behind her ears. “Get used to it. That’s staying in unless we’re on walks for you to go potty.” It hit her then. This wasn’t a one-time thing. This wasn’t just his fetish and after he had her degraded and humiliated he’d rape and kill her. To him, this was permanent, and he’d keep her as his dog forever. At least until she killed him. She didn’t respond to his mocking or treating her like a dog. She wanted to lash out, to scream into her gag at him that she was going to ram that stupid butt plug down his throat until he choked. But now was not the time. Instead, she turned and looked at the cage. Her cage. “Do you wanna go in your crate?” She nodded. “I’ll bet you do. It’s been a long day for you, pup.” He opened the door for her. It was awkward trying to walk on her hands and knees, the plug shifting around inside her with every step, but she crawled across the threshold. He was right; she was tired, and if she wanted to get her strength back, resigning herself to the cage was the only way to do it. There was barely enough room for her to turn around. Her new tail hooked on the bars as she maneuvered to face the door again, forcing an involuntary yelp of pain from her. She managed to face the door just in time to watch it close in her face. Sean snapped the heavy lock on it and she watched the key disappear into his pocket. “Get some rest, Bitch.” The playful pet voice was gone; in its place the same menacing voice he’d used when he told her he was going to enjoy breaking her. He wasn’t done yet, but neither was she. She sat gingerly on her haunches and stared at him until he left the room, shutting off the light and closing the door behind him. The second the door shut she crumpled to the thinly padded cushion at the bottom of the crate. As meager a barrier between her and the plastic tray at the bottom of the crate it was, the material was soft, and any comfort was welcome. She was dying to stretch her legs out, but that was impossible. After a little shifting, she found a tolerable position on her side. Finally, pure exhaustion let her sleep.
  2. Hello Babs and Bigs (and all others!) I've been pulled out of the woodwork by The 3rd Kasarberang Story Contest! The NON-CONtest #3 ! Seriously, a thousand thanks to Kasarberang for these, otherwise I would probably never get the gumption to write. Now, I know the contest has very specific themes, and I've selected a couple of them, but they're secret for now, 'kay? I'll add them as tags later, but you don't want to spoil your appetite! So, here I am with a new tale, perhaps a bit based on a somewhat recent horror film, but it's already rapidly evolved into its own thing. With no further ado, here's the first course of "The Kids Menu" First Course - Amuse-Bouche “That’s not even the best part,” Tyler continued, passionately oversharing about his most recent obsession. Sarah smiled widely, her long light auburn hair whipping in the sea breeze, but her attention never broke from Tyler. She reveled in every little excited motion he made as he fixated on every fine detail of his story. She gave every outward appearance of profound interest, laughing, gasping, and even giving him light touches at the right moments, but the truth was it was at best a mild distraction from what had occupied her mind for months leading up to their date. But Tyler was none the wiser, carrying on what was one of the best conversations he had in years, with someone who but days before was a total stranger. It had to mean something, a deep connection, a kindred soul, maybe even love at first… The boat’s horn blew, ending both of their reveries, and turning their attention forward. The nearby conversations ceased just as abruptly, as the dozen passengers took in their destination. The private island that would serve as their paradise for the weekend was almost supernaturally beautiful. The crystal clear emerald waters lapped on the soft sand beach, from which a short wooden dock awaited their vessel. The sun dipped just behind the lush tree line, providing shade for the dock while keeping the sand warm. As the boat began to dock, Tyler could barely make out the path through to their villas and the main hall which would serve as their communal eating area for the duration of their stay. While he sat there taking in the sights, Sarah stood up and leaned over the boat’s railing, watching as a school of brightly colored fish darted past. “Ty, come look!” she shouted, pulling his attention towards her. His head whipped towards her, his shaggy sandy blonde hair falling in his eyes. As his hand wiped his vision clear, he froze and went red in the face. The short pale blue sundress that had framed Sarah’s assets quite nicely until now, had ridden up far enough that even the gentle breeze threatened to flash him. “Sarah! Y-y-y-,” he stammered, hiding his eyes, and gesturing furiously for her to come down. Sarah giggled inwardly, but feigned shock, yanking her dress down and shuffling over to Tyler. “My hero,” she whispered, planting a gentle kiss on his cheek. His blush only intensified, but was accompanied with a genuine smile. She milked the moment by resting her head on his shoulder, a safe spot for a quick gaze to confirm a certain stiffening in his pants. Had she been a better person, she might have felt bad for how easily she was playing him, but things being what they were, she was loving every second of this. And, so far, so was he. Tyler would have been content staying in that moment for the whole weekend, but as the other passengers emptied out, he caught the skipper’s eyes and realized it was past time they get moving. He opened his mouth to speak such to his date, but as brief scenarios of saying the wrong thing flashed in his mind, he choked back the words. Again he opened his mouth, and shut it just as fast. He repeated this cycle for nearly a minute before Sarah decided he had suffered enough and lifted her head, miming a stretch. “Ty, babe, we shouldn’t keep them waiting,” she instructed him after taking an exaggerated look around, “it’s rude.” While he processed the change in tone, she stood up first and offered him a hand up. Not thinking any better of it, he meekly took it and stood to realize the rising problem in his pants. As he tried to pull his hand down to try and reposition or cover himself, she pulled his hand harder, and before he knew it they were both on the dock, in full view of everyone else. Without taking time to properly orient himself, he spun away from the group in front of him, and ran into a towering woman. Stumbling, he found himself caught by her firm, yet gentle hand. Her scent clung to him, sweet and strange, foreign and fruity. “Aren’t you an eager one?” she asked rhetorically, talking about him, but addressing the crowd more than she was him. She bent down slightly, both giving him ample view of her more than ample chest, and bringing her eyes nearly in line with him. “Just be careful where you point that thing, okay dear?” Having lost almost all higher brain function, Tyler nodded sheepishly. After feeling a firm prodding in his back from Sarah, he added “Y-yes ma’am.” “Miss Margot,” the woman before him corrected immediately. Tyler’s mouth hung open, his head listing to the side slightly. “It’s ‘Yes, Miss Margot’,” she said, pinching his jaw between two fingers. “Y-e-s,” he formed the sounds as she moved his mouth, “M-i-s-s M-a-r-g-o-t.” “Excellent,” she said dropping his jaw and pulling herself back up to full height and addressing everyone but him once again. “During your stay on my island, you are my guests, and welcome to all of its amenities. However, as your host, I do insist on at least some… decorum. The very least of which, is to refer to me as Miss Margot,” she turned her attention back to Tyler, “understood?” “Yes Miss Margot,” everyone echoed back with varying levels of enthusiasm. Some shouted it joyfully. Others recited it calmly. Tyler for his part barely broke a mumble. The introduction seemingly now complete, Sarah slipped her hand in his, and led the two off the dock along with the other guests. As they walked, she snuck a look back at Miss Margot and mouthed ‘thank you’, getting a gentle smile in return. The two continued to walk hand in hand across the beach, then down a shaded path to the heart of the island. Far ahead, a guide-woman explained the layout and features of the resort, but none of it registered with Tyler, and Sarah didn’t seem to pay it much interest. When they did arrive at the site of the main hall, Sarah split off from the group, still leading Tyler by the hand. The walk had done his head some good, but he hadn’t been able to reemerge from the shell his frightened psyche had retreated into. For now, his only link to the world around him was Sarah’s soft fingers, wrapped around his. It was more than enough. They quickly arrived at a beautiful villa. Thatched siding and roofing hid the modern materials employed in its construction, a solitary skylight breaking the illusion. The whole thing stood more than his head’s height off the ground on thick wooden pillars. As she led him up the rustic stairs to the doorway, he noticed the villa wasn’t as freestanding as it looked at a glance. A hallway ran, camouflaged, to the main hall, joining with one other along the way. He incorrectly assumed this was a matter of convenience, a way for them to reach the central hub of activity for the resort without leaving the comfort of the indoors. It did but that was only a secondary benefit. The door handle chimed as Sarah touched it, stealing Tyler’s attention from the hallway, and a moment later the cool air conditioning spilled out of the open door. “Magic touch,” she commented, waving at him with the fingers of her spare hand, then pulling him the rest of the way inside. The door swung shut quietly until it was closed, when a heavy lock clicked automatically into place. Sarah flopped onto the spacious bed in the center of the room, pulling Tyler down beside her. The two lay in silence for a long minute, still holding hands. “I’m glad, uhm,” Tyler lost his words as quickly as he found them, happy to return to the restful silence. “Me too,” Sarah replied, turning towards him, propping herself up on an elbow. “Not every day you get whisked away for a weekend in paradise by a beautiful woman you met just days before on a silly dating app, is it?” Tyler laughed, feeling the weight lift off his chest, lighting off more than just the day’s worries, but feeling free from what had become almost a lifetime of regrets. Regrets that washed back in like a wave of the sea, weighing him down once more. Noticing him tense back up, Sarah kissed his cheek. “I’ve got just the thing,” she said, getting up and strolling to the mini-bar. “There’s a fruit that grows here. Like, only here,” She explained while mixing various juices. “It’s called Heartfruit,” she paused, lifting up a plump, pink fruit that, true to its name, looked like a cartoon heart, “and it’s really quite fascinating, both medicinally and culinarily.” She tossed the fruit to him and one bumbling catch later, he examined the softball sized fruit. The skin wasn’t just thick, but hard and smooth, almost like a candy coating. “The skin, meat, juice, and seeds each have their own unique properties,” she continued, vigorously mixing the drink, “including some pretty fascinating neurological benefits.” Tyler sat up a bit at that word, ‘neurological’. Despite his years of undiagnosed depression, he recoiled at the idea of anything that might unknowingly alter his brain. It may not work right, but at least it was a misery he understood. So he barely drank more than a single beer in any given month, and would have been too afraid to get high, had anyone ever offered him the chance. He set the Heartfruit down on the bedside table, and dug for any excuse not to partake. Sarah finished mixing the drink and turned around to see the rising panic in Tyler’s eyes. She set the drink down and knelt in front of him at the foot of the bed. “Ty?” she asked, slowly raising a hand to pull his face towards hers. Tyler began to sniffle and cry. He was about to blow it again, lose everything all because he couldn’t stop being such a fool. When he felt her hand press against his cheek, he sniffled hard, and looked at her. He paused, then sniffed again. His tears cut off rather suddenly as his brain tried to piece together the strange smell. It had a sweetness to it, like a… foreign fruit. “That’s a good boy,” Sarah said, lifting the glass to his lips, and helping him drink down the Heartfruit cocktail. Tyler didn’t, couldn’t resist.
  3. Hey guys! Ever since writing 'Without Merit', I've been wanting to do a more 'classic'/'cliche' diaper story that focuses on the 'walls closing in' and the 'downward spiral into diapers'. A story without any sci-fi stuff attached and focus on the other elements that can get a college girl in diapers: blackmail, peer-pressure, coercion. This is a swing at that kind of story, I hope you guys like it. Warnings: A vulnerable character gets mistreated by people who think they're acting in her benefit. There are dark thoughts attached to being treated this way. There is some innuendo, but no bad language and no smoochie scenes. As always, thanks for reading. <Edit: I've changed to font to something more default, it looked good on computer screen, but I felt it was harder to read on a phone.> -------------------------------------------------------------- 1 First Impressions The first move into the dorm was a rite of passage for every college freshman. It was no different for Kerri Summers. There was something about putting the past eighteen years in the rearview before diving into the future with nothing but the baggage brought from home. Of course, that baggage being both literal and figurative — and Kerri was no different in that manner as well. Kerri stood among her baggage of both kinds, quickly realizing the best thing about going away to college was that no one here knew anything about her. She cupped a hand to block the sun as she appreciated the multistory beige brick dorm hall. A welcome breeze tussled her violet sundress and her curly strawberry blonde hair swept across the back of her neck. Giddiness welled up inside her, causing her to shake a bit in her shoes. Just look at all of those windows! Those would be for many rooms and for new friends. Which one was going to be hers? The sweltering summer heat of southern Louisiana was something she appreciated less, but Kerri was used to the humidity, having lived in the bayou state for her entire life. However, that was living in ‘small town’ Louisiana, in one of the hundred tiny places that dotted the state. Nothing at all like this giant university campus that just about doubled the population of her hometown. Five large suitcases that sat around her like a Samsonite Stonehenge. Her life was now a math problem: How does a ninety pound girl carry two hundred pounds for about twenty yards? Make sure to show your work. No, seriously. How was she going to get them all inside? The taxi driver had been kind enough to help her load his trunk from the bus stop. However, after getting his tip, he found better things to do than assist her into building. That yellow cab was gone in a flash, the hot breath of its exhaust still tickled her bare legs. Which was okay. Kerri was a big girl, and she'd do it herself. That’s what she told her parents who wanted to join her on move-in day. This was all about making a first impression, and having a fresh start. You can never remake a first impression, or any impression for that matter. Kerri had found that out the hard way back home. At the same time, there were things she couldn't change, no matter how many first impressions she made perfectly today. And Kerri had to respect that, too. The most noticeable aspect of herself that she couldn't change was how short she was. In internet terms, Kerri was smol. Not in little person territory, though. Kerri had fact checked that on the internet, and she was quite relieved to find that she wouldn’t be relegated to a life in the circus as a sideshow attraction. She was more akin to an olympic gymnast on the height-o-meter, just without the athletic prowess to flip her way into a scholarship. Which was why she had to come with some kind of elaborate strategy to get all five suitcases from the sidewalk into the dorm hall. A pair of birds chirped in a nearby tree whose green leaves swayed in the gentle wind. It captured her attention. Maybe it was move-in day for those little birdies, too. Were they as nervous as she was? She hoped not. Her mind was wandering again. Not wondering, wandering — as in getting lost in her thoughts. She had a tendency to do that at the worst times. Kerri had been called ‘spacey’ or ‘clueless’ before, but that wasn’t the entire truth. Her parents said that her aloofness was what made her creative, but the school pathologists labeled it something else. Something with an acronym and a special folder. Kerri looked around for someone to help her, but everyone else seemed too busy to notice the smol girl from a small town trying to get through a small problem in one piece. No, she thought to herself, I can do this myself. I will do this myself. A few minutes later, she was at the front door. A total of fifty paces from the sidewalk where she was unceremoniously left to fend for herself. College had already been an adventure, and she hadn't even broken the plane of a single classroom. Kerri propped open the door with one of the heavier suitcases as she wrangled the rest into a much cooler lobby. It smelled like school and summer inside, an overworked A/C unit was the true MVP of the day. The sweat from the exertion and humidity made her violet sundress stick to her body in unflattering ways. She hoped there wasn't any embarrassing discoloration anywhere; especially being so concerned about first impressions, but there was little she could do about it now. She paused in the doorway to appreciate the inside just like the outside. So this was what college looked like. Random posters intermixed with a long line of mailboxes that required keys, there were polished squeaky floors and heavy wooden doors. And it was devoid of any students. An older blonde woman in round glasses sat behind a counter, she wore a t-shirt with some kind of welcoming statement, but her unwelcoming frown is what caught Kerri’s attention. She eyed Kerri as the smaller girl struggled to get the bags into the room, taking multiple trips without a complaint. It felt good to finally get inside, and to do it all herself, that was the something ‘extra’ that brought a smile to her face. Time to share that smile with Miss Grumps-a-lot at the main desk. Kerri shot her a grin. The woman barked, "Are you going to let all the cool air out?" "Um, what?" Kerri stuttered, taken aback by the tenacity of that southern hospitality. "The cooled air that costs us money, sweetie. You're letting it out that door that you have propped open. We're already on a tight enough budget, and you don't want us to turn off the air for the rest of the semester." "Oh, I'm sorry," Kerri said as she struggled to pull everything into the lobby. "I didn't mean to cause a problem, especially on my first day." She let out a nervous giggle. Miss Grumps gave her an icy stare as she stacked a pair of papers and grabbed a pen. Then she asked without looking up, "Last name and first name, please." "Summers, Kerri. I'm so excited about moving in." The woman quipped, "That's so nice, honey." Kerri took the lack of friendly interaction as a cue to shut up. She bit at her lip as she rocked back and forth in her sneakers. That mind of hers was about to go a-wandering. The not-so nice lady turned a stack of papers her way before handing her a ballpoint pen. "Sign here and here. Your room is 201, you have two other roommates. They’ve already arrived. The bathrooms are in the middle of the hall, and the laundry room is in the basement level. This is your key, you lose it, you pay the $10 for a new one. My name is Lauren Spikes, and I'm the resident advisor for this girl’s dorm. You'll find the rules on the bulletin board, so it would do you good to get to know them. I'm not afraid to give demerits, young lady. Trust me." Kerri nodded along with the words, trying to keep up with the rapid pace in which they came out. By the end, she was bugging out. Was her last name really Spikes? That’s an awesome bad guy name, at least half a level above henchman. It would’ve been even better for a Dr. Spikes or Professor Spikes. A name like that could strike fear in the heart of every do-gooder. “You okay there, sweetie?” Oh, great. Kerri was doing it again. She lassoed her brain back into reality. Kerri cleared her throat. “I’m sorry, I must have misheard you, but demerits?” It sounded kinda childish for her, this was college not some high school drill team. “Why, yes! Of course.” Miss Spikes sounded excited, and a smile peeked out like the sun through parted clouds. “I’m a bit old fashioned, but I find the most effective way to keep discipline is maintain good order.” “I get it,” offered Kerri. “We all want this dorm to be… uh, safe and well-behaved.” The RA studied her for a moment. “Are you sucking up to me, Miss Summers?” Kerri immediately felt put on the spot, she tried to think of what to say next as Spiky Spikes just glared at her. “No, no. That’s not it. I just think it’s good that you keep this place safe. That’s all, Miss Spikes.” “You can sometimes call me Lauren,” she corrected with a false grin. “I may be old fashioned, but I’d be upset if you thought I was old.” It was hard not to think of her as old, she was like thirty or something like that. Maybe it was just the way she presented herself. The thick rimmed glasses and mature hairstyle made her look motherly, and her tired eyes didn’t help matters, neither did that permanent scowl. Kerri thought Lauren looked middle aged, and acted older than that, but she could pretend for her sake. “You can call me Kerri,” she said as she extended a welcoming hand to shake. “Actually, I can call you whatever I want,” snapped Lauren as she refused the friendly greeting. “I’d prefer not to fraternize with those under my watch, it has a tendency to create confusion, and we don’t want any miscommunication. That’s why the rules are posted on the board, and that’s where you’re going to go read them.” Kerri retreated with a “Got it.” She tried to remain in a chipper mood, but this Lauren lady was quite the buzzkill. The back and forth between strict and friendly was enough to give her whiplash. Spikes reminded her of a teacher that would wear a smile as she handed out an unfair detention. Kerri beelined straight to the bulletin board. The rules were pretty standard stuff. No boys, no drugs, no guns, no alcohol, no fun, etc. Kerri pretended to read it as her mind wandered into more interesting pastures. When she pretended for long enough, Kerri took all of her baggage into the elevator without the help of Miss Lauren Spikes, who pretended to have better things to do than help little Kerri. The door to room 201 was already open when she got there. From her hidden spot in the hallway, Kerri peered into the her new home. This was it. Her big moment. It all started today. A fresh start. The other two girls were busy inside. Her new roomies! What an exciting time to be alive. They chatted together as they unpacked clothes from their bags and into the built-in drawers against a long wall. That was a good way to describe the room: long. A long and narrow rectangle with raised beds placed along the walls to form an L shape that encircled the rest of the room. Inside the L was a little living room with a weathered brown sofa, an equally well-experienced coffee table, facing a nice television. An off color wall-mounted sink was placed in the middle of a long wall, above it hung a small vanity mirror, and someone had already laid out a small mat on the bland tile floor. Kerri looked about the room in childish wonder, she then studied her new roommates, aka her new best friends. Roommate one was a lanky blonde with a tight ponytail and in even tighter running shorts. She wore a purple t-shirt with the school’s initials across the front, it looked fresh and new, and it was probably its first day as well. Number two was a mocha skinned girl with long black hair that shimmered in the soft light. She was fuller than the other girl, not on the extreme side, and she carried it well. She wore a grey hoodie sweatshirt even in the summer, and there was something about how she smiled that made Kerri feel safe. It gave her a tingling sensation. How could a smile be tingling? She didn’t know. Kerri was weird that way. It looked like the other two had already laid claim to the beds on the far end of the rectangle, the short side of the L with the windows. The last remaining bed was empty and awfully alone on the other side of the sink and vanity. But at least it was in the same room; unlike Kerri, who continued to hide in the hallway long past what would be considered to be polite. "Chica, I don't run unless I'm being chased," said the tan girl with a laugh. “I love running,” the lanky girl replied, “I get to eat what I want without gaining weight.” The stockier of the two hesitated a moment. “I’m Puerto Rican, Candice. I’ll be thick no matter what I eat. The big butts are an ancient tradition of my people. Are you implying that I have to look like you to be pretty?” It got serious all of a sudden, as the girl called Candice stopped what she was doing, unsure if she should apologize or not. Then they both broke into a fit of laughter, and Kerri felt relieved from her spying spot. Candice shook her head to brush off the joke. “You’re hilarious, Ana. You had me for a second there.” “I did,” Ana agreed. “You should have seen the look on your face.” Then she stopped and turned towards Kerri at the door. “You can come in, you know. We’re not going to bite you or anything.” Kerri froze. She had just been caught ‘spying’ on her roommates. Great first impression. “At least not me, Candice might be hungry from running or something. Have you had lunch, Candice? Wait a sec. Do skinny girls even eat lunch?” Meeting new people was high on the list of things that made Kerri ‘bug out’. She practiced and practiced, and sometimes the practice paid off — but other times she let the moment get too big. This moment was too big for this smol girl. Kerri found the means to shuffle forward until she was fully revealed. All of that practice for perfect body language with perfect jokes turned into slumped shoulders and sealed lips. What a waste of a bus trip. The other two girls were onto her before she could get a word out. Candice was the first to talk. “Hey, my name is Candice, and I’m from Texas. Yeehaw, right? But I’m from Dallas, so no cows or horses for me. I like what you’ve done with your hair. And your dress is cute, too. Where did you get it? This is going to be so great, all three of us are going to party. What do you like to do for fun? Oh, yeah. What’s your name?” It was all a blur to Kerri. Words that came out fast forward while she moved slow motion. This happened from time to time, when things got ‘too much’. “Are you okay?” Ana joined Candice next to Kerri. “Earth to chica — are you in there? I didn’t mean to scare you when I told you to come in, it was just… you know, creepy. I’m not so sure if that’s the right word. Seriously, though. Hablas ingles? Because that’s all I speak, besides the bad words of course, they’re more fun in Spanish.” It took all the strength she had to open her mouth. “I’m Kerri.” Ana smiled. “Well, hi there Kerri.” Candice placed a soft hand on the smaller girl’s shoulder. It was as a very welcome gesture after the run in with Lauren Spikes, RA extraordinaire. “You look tired and sweaty. Let’s have you sit down, and I can get you a glass of water. It’s tap, but whatevs. Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” About a minute later, Kerri sat on the old brown couch sipping the water. She had totally blown it. Absolute nightmare material, and she had practiced what she would say and everything. But it wasn’t too late, she could still prove to them that she was a fully functioning young adult. She could do this. Just get up and bring in your bags. Then say something funny. Try to break the ice. Kerri looked towards the door to find Candice easily carrying in her bags. Ana remained at Kerri’s side, trying to figure the quiet girl out with a kind expression on her face. Ana asked, “You good, chica?” “Yeah,” Kerri muttered. “I’m okay.” “It’s the heat, right?” Candice added from the doorway. “It knocks the fire out of the best of us. That’s why I run so early in the morning, and why it is equally important to stay hydrated.” Ana sounded impressed. “Are you a doctor or something?” “No. I’m a sports medicine major, but I take nutrition seriously.” Ana gained a predatory look all of a sudden, with the happy face of a kid that just saw a long line of cupcakes. “Does that mean you get to give massages to all the hurt male athletes?” Candice chuckled. “Yes… and I’ll let you know when I need an assistant.” “Perfect. I specialize in working on inner thighs, tight butts, muscle-y chests, and big arms. They also need to be cute and rich, and have good personalities, too. You’re not writing this down, chica. This is super important.” “You’re going to end up on a list some day, Ana.” “You’re right.” Ana turned to Kerri to get a second opinion. “And it’s going to be totally worth it.” Kerri smiled. The positive attitude in the room was infectious. It felt good to sit and be a silent part of it. “So… lucky Candice is a sports med major, I’m an early childhood development. What are you here to learn, Kerri?” “Um. I do art. I like to draw,” she answered timely and with a smile. She could do this. “Art, huh.” Ana was up to no good again. “When is male nude model day?” Kerri blushed. Honestly, she had never even thought about that. She hoped that day was far, far away. She imagined herself drawing an opaque black bar over … parts. As for Ana, the girl was so direct and out there, while Kerri just hoped that she could put five words together without making a fool of herself. Candice joined Kerri and Ana on the tired couch, forcing the cushions to shift over to support her weight. For a moment, all three of them shared a sofa like in a sitcom. “I can’t believe that you’re into early childhood stuff,” Candice said. “That’s why you have that job.” “What job?” asked Kerri. She was getting used to talking, maybe shyness could be blamed on the heat and not the nerves. “I’m a nanny for a pair of four year old twin boys. Lucky me, right?” Ana rolled her eyes as if to say she wasn’t actually lucky. “And guess what the worst part is that they’re not even potty trained. No seriously, full on diapers. Not even pull-ups.” “That ain’t right,” added Candice. “No, it isn't,” Ana answered. “The parents were ‘very’ interested in me learning about potty training. So that’s what I’m going to be all about for the next few weeks. Yay, huh?” Candice waved her hands around. “Totally yay.” Ana took a moment to re-evaluate her patient. “You look much better now, Kerri. Got a lot more color in the face. Not as much as me, but good enough.” With that, Ana gave a sweet tap to her arm and left Kerri on the couch. Candice did the same, and Kerri was once again alone with her wandering thoughts. So all of this actually happened. If this was a video game she would have already hit the reset button and retried the level. There was no doing that, no remaking a first impression. Kerri had managed to dig herself into a hole, and she was unsure of the best way to crawl out. But she would do it. Her bags were by the remaining bed, and she figured unpacking them would be the best way to start fixing her day. However, a nasty creepy-crawly thought wiggled its way into her wandering mind: things weren’t ever going to change. And it was all her fault. Kerri Summers was an imposter. A bad one at that. No matter how hard she pretended to be ‘with-it’, she would continue to be a hapless little girl who needed help from everyone. The ‘kid glove’ treatment would continue because that’s what her actions prescribed. Who knows? Maybe she was overthinking everything. Maybe that’s why she was so overwhelmed with the simplicity of the moment. Maybe it was too late to change the way things worked. She couldn’t shake the thought that things were going to be the same here as it was back home. A re-run on a different set, with different actors to play as her friends, and no one re-cast as her parents. And Kerri would be stuck in the same role forever. The one being babied. Maybe it had already begun. Kerri internally debated that fact as her mind freely wandered while she unpacked her bags. Her clothes were organized into her drawers, her laptop placed on her desk, and her bed was perfectly made. But she didn’t ‘fully’ unpack. Her stuffies were still in her bag, which made her wonder why she even brought them from home in the first place. Kerri would keep those in there until the other girls were more convinced of her adulthood, her real-sized, grown up human independence. Unless that never happened. Then maybe her stuffed animal buddies would just live in her bag. In the dark. With no friends. Okay, she would wait until her roomies were fast asleep to bust them out. She mindlessly grabbed a stack of adult coloring books and… “Are those coloring books?” Kerri stopped. When did Candice get to her corner of the room? “They’re adult coloring books,” snapped Kerri as she defensively brought them to her body. “I use them to help relax. That’s all!” The taller girl backed off. “Whoa! Simmer down there, Kerri. I didn’t mean anything by what I said. I think it’s kinda cool that you do your own thing. I came to your side of the room to see if you need any help, but now I see you got it all covered. I’m just trying to be friendly, that’s all. Are you okay? You have this weird look on your face. Totally catatonic…” Kerri popped back into reality. “I’m… I’m fine.” Candice asked, “Do you want any help, or not?” “Yeah. If you want to help.” “Cool,” Candice said, “Ana and I are going out tonight, do you want to come with us?” Kerri said, “I’d like that. A lot.” For some reason, the simple invitation to dinner seemed to turn her mood around. Dinner would be good, a place to ‘flip the script’, like a U-turn of possibilities. Little things like that were baby steps forward towards what she wanted. No, not baby steps. Little steps. No, normal steps forward towards normal interactions for normal, neurotypical lifestyles. Nothing like what she was before she got here. “Aww! This is sweet!” Candice squealed from behind her back. “A Pony Princess, my little sister loves that show.” Kerri turned to see the bag with the smuggled stuffies ripped wide open, revealing the childish contraband, and in her roommate's arms was her favorite unicorn, Princess Clarabelle. “Put that away!” Kerri pulled it free from the taller girl. Who was too taken aback by the intense physical reaction to put up a fight. Candice shouted, “What’s your deal, Kerri?” Kerri suddenly felt so smol. How do you explain this kind of stupid indignation in words? Princess Clarabelle stared back with its marble eyes demanding a reason as well. Kerri didn’t have a good one. She was totally blowing it again. And again. And again. Kerri started to explain, “I just…” “You’re acting like a little kid,” Candice interrupted. “First the coloring books, then the stuffed animals.” She looked towards Ana who was trying to figure out the sudden hubbub from her side of the room. “They’re cute though,” Ana tried to mend the gap. Candice wasn’t as convinced. “Yeah, but… really?” Ana said, “They’re not doing us any harm, right?” Kerri found herself agreeing with Ana, tightening her fingers around Clarabelle in a death grip. She was breathing far too fast. Kerri needed to control her breathing, she was gasping for air. She muttered, “The coloring book is for adults…” “Yeah,” Candice laughed, “and I’m sure the crayons are adult crayons, too.” “Don’t sweat it, Kerri,” Ana advised as she got up to join them. “It’s cool that you have things you brought from home. Candice is just trying to overcompensate for a personality built on exercise. Besides, she’s not cultured. She’s from Texas.” “Har-har. And yee-haw.” Candice grinned as she backed off. “Here you go.” Ana held a pair of Princess Ponies to add to the shimmering mane of Clara. “Kerri, let me help you.” Kerri looked back at roommate one and two, the kind expressions they wore like fake masks, but the twinkle in their eyes gave away their true intentions. Nothing was ever going to change. Especially not here.
  4. A/N: IMPORTANT TO NOTICE Hey all! I hope you're all doing well! Do not worry! I am still working on my other stories but had started this a while ago and felt like I should post it! Just a warning in the beginning that this story will contain a lot of non-con, sexual content and humiliation. If this makes you uncomfortable than I suggest you don't read it! I love seeing comments so I'd love to see everyone's comments! ooOoo Summary: When a young new independent journalist decides to write about something other than the typical run of the mill stories, she is introduced into a new life, just not in the way she expected. ooOoo Chapter 1: MommyslittleBiggurls.com 22 December 2021 Hello Friends! It sure has been a while! I hope you’re all doing well on this frosty morning. Here in Montana, we’re certainly going to have a white Christmas. Sugar and Cookie sure are excited to see Santa and have been extra careful to be good girls; always asking for the potty like good little girls, eating all of their veggies at dinner and making sure to drink all of their babas full of yummy milk! I’m sure you all are experiencing the same with your little ones at the moment, even the disobedient can’t ignore the happy cheer of Christmas. I really can’t believe it’s only been three months since we first adopted our newest little girl, Honey! Of course with new littles, it’s always an adventure and Sugar and Cookie are being the best big sisters they can be! It can be hard, especially around the holidays to deal with an un-regressed, naughty little so that brings me to the topic of today’s post: Punishments. If you're like me or are a new caregiver, it’s never easy training a new little and before they can be our sweet little babies, they will be literal demons! It is never fun but in order to nip that naughty behavior in the bum, punishment is required and it is not always as simple as quick spanking. Listed below, you will find three different punishments to try if you, like me, were at a loss. Punishments: Punishment 1: Corner time with a twist Depending on the severity of the naughty behavior, instruct your little one it's corner time for a certain amount of time. While many, if not all, will just find this incredibly boring and whine, there is a small twist. Listen carefully to these five steps: Take littles’ clothes away (that means no diapers/pullups/or undies as well!), Give a nice soapy cold enema to their bum-bum and insert a buttplug to ensure no dribbles Administer a firm spanking (I’ve found different objects such as a belt or hairbrush to be most effective!) Little will bend down or kneel in the corner with their bum-bum high in the air for everyone to see After a certain amount of time, if the little has not moved from their position, you will instruct the little to tell you what they did wrong and have them beg to release their bodily functions. If you are unsatisfied with their response, even more minutes will be added to corner time Punishment 2: Potty Time with Horsy Let’s get real, we’ve all struggled with littles refusing to go potty in their diapers or on the training toilet and it’s a pain to have to insert enemas and suppositories into screaming littles. That’s how I came up with horsy time. The rocking horse, while meant to be an object of amusement during playtime, can just as quickly be turned into an object of torture. What you need to do is listed below: The little will sit on the rocking horse in only their bottoms, whether that be a diaper or pull-up Place earphones on little and set to the wet diaper hypnosis Instruct the little to rock back and forth and do not stop no matter what and not to mess or wet themselves Plan a certain amount of time and come back when the time is up If the little is still rocking and is dry, they have earned the privilege to go potty. If not, horsy time is extended and the dirty diaper stays on another several hours The constant rhythmic motion combined with hypnosis at the same timing will put the littles right in the mood to have to relieve themselves. How they do it will no longer matter. The added pressure to keep a constant rocking in order to avoid further punishment will take a heavy toll on their mind as well and increase the need for positive behavior. Punishment 3: No Playtime with Teddy If you choose to allow your little to have any sexual release, this punishment can have a rewarding effect. As a human race, we are sexual beings but not everyone deserves or should have such an experience. Littles have gotten it into their minds that they should be allowed to have such experiences, but what do they know? They’re just littles. It is our job as caretakers to instruct and control their urges. If we leave them to their own devices, who knows what will happen? My little girls are allowed one play session a week with Mr. Teddy Bear to release all of their icky cummies by the hand of mommy and daddy. While Rosie and Cookie know being a good girl will lead to happy feelings, Honey is still learning. Orgasm and cum denial or “the tickles and ice cream dance” as we call it, are an excellent way to assert dominance and make them quickly realize who the real grownups are and who is in charge. Mittens or restraints are a must for untrained littles! You never know where their wandering hands will end up! Chastity belts are also a great device, especially if they get a little too excited during playtime and try humping (which is extremely discouraged!) IMPORTANT: It is important to enforce anything sexual is not allowed without the approval, observation, and act by grown-ups because you never know when littles might accidentally injure themselves! I hope you all enjoyed my little list and hopefully it helps you on your journey to having a regressed little! It may seem tough at times but we’ve all gone through it before (I currently am!) Stay tuned for next time and meanwhile, have a Merry Christmas! Love, Mommy Bree ooOoo The sound of the ding signaling the post had been successfully posted was a happy feeling to say the least. Unknown outside the world of ageplay, Bree Hawthorne was as famous as could be within the community. With over ten thousand followers and readers, people tuned in from all over the world to read about their simple little family. Being a blogger on top of a mommy had become her full time job and she didn’t regret a single second of it. She always knew she wanted to have a family and her love for blogging couldn’t have been a more perfect combination. There were so many who envied to fill the role of a Hawthorne little but only so few could actually meet the requirements. That’s why they had taken to unique means of obtaining their little girls. Kidnapping was a bit too harsh a term. They preferred adoption. Did the public need to know that? No. Would they ever find out? Probably not. Looking around outside the large glass windows, the only view for miles was farmland with snow capped mountains in the background. Bloomington, Montana was the perfect place to go to if one didn’t want to be found. They had the freedom to be who they were without any nosey neighbors disrupting their lives. Her husband, coming from old money, allowed them to own lavish homes around the country, buy the newest high-tech adult-baby equipment and pay off those they needed to stay quiet. Everything was as it should be. Everything would soon be perfect. They were our babydolls. Sugar, Cookie, Honey and- “Another post?” Jasper. At the sound of his deep voice, she spun around in the swivel chair. Face to face with her blonde, strong-jawed, blue eyed handsome husband. He was everything she dreamed of in a man. Strong, smart, caring, loyal. A great daddy to their three wonderful girls. What more could a person ask of a spouse? “Yes. I’ve finished just in time for… lunch!” she exclaimed, glancing at the time and shutting down the macbook. “Today’s post was about punishments and I gave the best examples of Honey. How is she doing this morning actually? The baby monitor on her end has been awfully quiet.” she asked, having been in the office the entire morning working. “Sleeping.” was his only response, scowling with his hand over his face. “Do I want to know what happened?” “No.” It was always a struggle to tame the girl and her rebellious behavior and silly dreams. Most often then not her bum was black and blue, littered with marks and bruises. How a five foot, one-hundred-twenty pound girl with not an ounce of body fat had managed to give them this much a fight, they did not know. While the little blonde fought they pushed back just as hard. She would break eventually. They all do. “Sugar and Cookie are in the playpen writing letters to Santa,” that made them crack a smile. “I can feed them while you handle, Honey? I may just take her over my knee again and that’s not what she needs at the moment.” Bree reached out, wrapping her arms around his neck as his face burrowed into her kinky black hair, placing a trail of kisses upon her chocolate colored skin. “So it’s my turn to play the bad mommy,” she mused. “Precisely.” her husband cracked a smile. “It feels so much longer than three months since we got her. Remember?” Oh, how could they forget…
  5. Hello everyone, this is a new story I'm writing, picking some suggestions from a previous topic I made and of course some personal details. I want to try to do something new and try writing with Points of View characters, I want to check out if I'm capable of giving different inner voices to different personalities. I'll be starting with two, might add more in the future. Some details. 1 - My stories feature Mini-Giantess and extremely short men, so if you don't like that please feel free to ignore this thread. 2 - This story is set in a world similar to Earth but just not it, just to avoid me the struggle of being consistent with education laws of a specific country. I know nobody would care about that but I would ENJOY! NOEMI I She couldn't believe she was finally out of that stinkhole of a place its inhabitants call a town. She was entering University, and in a large city at that! Finally no more meeting the same 3 people everyday, finally she could go dancing, she could go to the theatre, she could go to concerts, ANYTHING. Hell, if she wanted she cou- THOMPH! "Wa-was I hit by a truck?" Noemi wasn't a small gal. Not even for girls standards. Yes, women were indeed usually a 2 or 3 feet taller than men, but standing at 7'9 she was ESPECIALLY tall, even more so for someone who was 18. Most women don't stop growing until they are 30, but have a severe deceleration at 25; doctors have however predicted her probably not to stop before reaching 9 feet at the very least, making her one of the tallest women in the world. She looked down at the man who she hit. He was probably around her age or a bit older. It was always hard to say with men, considering their facial features don't change much after reaching the age of 20 and keep being basically the same until their late 40s. She helped him getting up, he was quite chubby and about average in height, not taller than 3'7. "I'm sorry I wasn't paying attention, I was just marveling at this place! It's huge!" he scraffled the dust away from his own body and then talked. "No worries, mate. It was my fault to pass in the women's corridor, I was kinda in a hurry and well..." "Noemi." she said firmly, shaking his hand. "George!" "Nice to meet you George! You said a WOMEN's corridor?" "Ay! It's for men's safe to have them separated, to avoid specifically what has just happened to us ahah!" "Yes. That's correct. And you should have known better, Mister." a deep womanly voice came from behind's Noemi's shoulders. It was an older woman, probably around 28 or 30, quite short for a gal, around 6'8, but the authoritative composure, the way she was dressed, accompanied by her frowning made her look twice as large. Noemi had seen her face when online when she was applying to the University. She was one of the assistant of one of her professors. "S-sorry Mrs. Flennigan, it-it won't happen anymore." he excused himself sheepishly, looking down. "I'm sure it won't. Or else." <Quite stern.> Noemi thought, but realized that probably men had been trampled over before this ruling was established. <Poor George.> "So... I'm going to my place. See you around I guess. Try not to die?" she said as she was leaving. Why the hell did she say that!? It was so unnecessary! Well, what was done was done. She walked off throughout the immense chambers of the University. What George said was true. She noticed there were a dark red path, burgundy coloured and a baby blue one, each going to different directions, but both reaching the various classes. The burgundy one was the one that was made for women, and it was noticeable. While the classrooms were common for everyone, there was no necessity for men's roofs to be as tall as those for women, so the baby blue corridors were much less high in order to save money to construct the building. Noemi had read that many Universities were built like that ever since they started allowing both men and women studying together. She kinda wanted to sneak in into the baby blue corridor, seeing all the little guys together was kinda cute and she wanted to steal them, but it was not something you want to do on your first day. Eventually, she reached her room. As she entered, she saw her roommate. And more. "Hey gal! Woah you're gorgeous! You must be my new sister in arms, uh? Welcome to my coven, babe! How tall are you? Woah!" this woman was already way more energetic than she expected to find, but she didn't mind. In fact, she liked it. If there was one thing that Noemi didn't like in people was unfriendliness, and at least on a surface level this woman didn't seem to have that in her. "I'm tall... a lot ahah! I'm 7'9, but I'm aiming for the stars! I'm Noemi! Nice to meet you and... your friends?" she had three men sleeping in her bed with her. All cozed up around her body, they looked like puppies trying to heat themselves up around their mama-dog. "Laura, and yeah, those are my friends. I swear nothing indecent happened here. We just were watching a film together and they fell asleep, aren't they the cutest?" "I wouldn't have minded, y'all adults and free to do what you please." "Nono, we are just friends, I swear, but hey! I feel the same!" "Good, 'cause I'm planning to get some for myself ahahah!" Noemi wasn't the shiest person herself. She wasn't a nymphomaniac by any means, but she liked having erotic activities. Especially lactation. Ever since she started lactating it had become a huge kink for her. Her breasts were immense even for someone her size, and became even more engorged now that they were filled with milk. "Won't they get mad if you take men in your room though?" "Nah, as long as you're the one carrying them around, people don't really mind. So..." Laura gently got up and tidied her friends under the sheets, making sure not to wake them up. Now that she was standing, Noemi noticed that she was pretty big herself. She was 7'3 at the very least, but also very bulky; she definitely was in a fighting sport. "Let's get out of here; I wanna show you around."
  6. This story was written as part of The 3rd Kasarberang's NON-CONtest. Hi guys! The story won the second price of 100$, which has already been received. Thanks to Kasarberang and all of you for the support! A Husband's Regression Oliver sat on the floor surrounded by his baby jail, or as mommy called it, playpen. His diaper, as always, was wet; a pacifier in his mouth and a ridiculous bonnet attached to his head. It would be impossible for anyone to confuse him with the successful businessman he had been a few months ago. No one would even think this pathetic man had once been a husband, a father, a respected man. And yet, in Oliver's mind, those memories were as fresh as if it had been a day ago. Memories of driving his luxurious car. Memories of fucking his sexy wife. Memories of everything he lost. "Why don't we have a glass of wine, and you tell me everything that happened between you and," said Julia, pausing to glare at Oliver's predicament, "Well, Oliver." She was a pretty lady, a couple of years younger than Oliver. Nothing special. Not like his wife or, eh, mommy. He couldn't call her any other way anymore. Not unless he wanted to spend the evening on her lap. Claudia was a beautiful woman, thirty-five and still looking radiant. Even with her pregnant belly, she was by far the most beautiful woman Oliver's ever seen. "Oh, it all happened so fast for little Oli. I don't think he realized it until it was over," said Claudia, receiving a glass of wine from her friend. "What happened to him?" "Little Oli here made Mommy angry. Do you remember it, Oli?" Oliver tried to look away, but he knew Mommy wouldn't like that. He hated it whenever she talked about his downfall. It had been such a stupid thing. An office party, and it wasn't really his fault. She came onto him, his assistant. Claudia knew it. But she still got angry. Yeah, it's true he had been flirty with Sophia before, but it was all platonic. The girl was almost twenty years younger than him. Any sane man would've flirted a little bit, even if it led to nothing. Though now Oliver wished it had led to nothing. It would've changed everything. "So he had an affair?" Asked Julia, pouring even more wine into her glass. "He did. The little stinker claims he never even touched her, but Sophia confessed. If you think Oliver's fate was bad, you should see her." "What did you do to her?" Oliver knew now about what had happened. Claudia's plan had been flawless, but if there was anything he regretted the most was what happened to Sophia. Sighing, he moved enough to allow himself to pee his diaper more comfortably. "That I'll show you later. For now, why don't we focus on Oli?" Claudia asked. Julia nodded enthusiastically. She had never been fond of Oliver. In fact, she had even argued against him when Claudia announced their marriage. The good old days. "So, what happened when you found out about the affair?" "My husband had cheated on me, and I wanted payback. But more than anything, I wanted to humiliate him. Divorcing him wouldn't have been enough, so…" "So he agreed to be put back in diapers just because?" Claudia giggled, "No. Not immediately. It was a bit more complex than just forcing him to wear them and act like a baby. I got the idea from a bizarre story I found once." "I think someone's filling his diaper for Mommy. What time is it?" "Uhm, almost two. Why?" Asked Julia, now a bit tipsy. "Oliver's meal. My breasts are screaming for release." "Release? Your breasts? What?" Oliver knew what she meant. Sitting in his baby prison, his lips were working against him. They wanted something he despised, something he hated. And yet, part of him craved the sweet nectar of his wife's breasts. He would never forget the first time he tasted them. That very first night, he had been forced to suck on her nipples while diapered. He had not eaten anything for an entire day, and he would not eat anything unless he did what Claudia wanted, and she wanted to breastfeed him. And so he did, with tears in his eyes he did, and what was worst, he didn't completely hate it. "You'll see in a few minutes. I try to feed him at the same time every day, it creates a sense of stability, and that's important for babies. Anyway, where were we?" Claudia asked, pausing for a second to glare at the man that was once her husband, "Oh, right. How did we get here?" "Wait, wait. Do you breastfeed him? How do you produce milk?" "It took some work, but there are some treatments you can get to induce milk production. It's a bit expensive and medical. Worth it, though." "If you say so," said Julia, looking a bit disgusted but too engaged in the story to leave it there, "So, how did you get him to accept all of this?" "Easy. I made him think he needed it." "Made him think he needed to be traded like a baby?" Claudia took a sip of her glass of wine, and with a devilish smile, she winked at her former husband. "Remember the accidents, honey?" Asked Claudia about the baby that was once her husband. Oliver looked away. He remembered everything that led to his downfall. It began a couple of months before. One night Claudia surprised him with a glass of wine when he came back from work. A glass turned into two, then four. The next morning he woke up soaked. Claudia wasn't pleased, but she didn't make a big fuss out of it. Instead, she treated him better that morning. Better than she had in a while. However, it wasn't the end of it. That very same night, she gave him a beer while they ate. Nothing fancy, but it was a nice gesture. He didn't think twice. But the next morning, he woke up with a wet bed again. And once again, Claudia seemed fine with it. Somehow, she seemed happier about it. And when it happened again and again, Oliver began to worry about his health. "And then it happened during the day. Your first accident during the day, and it was public. Wasn't it, Oli?" Asked Claudia with that devilish smile he hated. Oliver looked down. It had been a busy day at work. Kendall, his assistant, a young and ambitious man, had given him a glass of water right before an important meeting. Nothing odd about it. It was the way he liked to start his meetings, hydrated. But he didn't know back then what he knew now. And so he drank and went straight to present the reports for that semester. Twenty minutes in, he felt a slight tinkle in his penis, something warm against his crotch, and then a liquid sensation running down his legs. It was over in a matter of seconds, and everyone in the room went silent. And it remained silent until Oliver realized what had happened and rushed out of the room, leaving a puddle of his urine behind. "He wet himself at work?" Asked Julia. "He did," said Claudia as tears began forming in Oliver's eyes. "How? How did you get him to pee himself at night and in front of his colleagues?" "A combination of loop diuretics." "Loop what?" Asked Julia. "Drugs, honey. Drugs that make it impossible for the body to absorb certain minerals, so they just passed straight through the body." Their eyes turned to Oliver, who was now sobbing because he knew what happened after. And because he now knew why it happened. He took the week off after his accident to make sure there were no health issues, but the doctor had simply said that there wasn't a physical problem with him. If he was having accidents, then it must be phycological. And he was dragged to a therapist by his wife, though, surprisingly, she seemed sympathetic to the whole thing. Their marriage had been paying through a rocky spot, and yet, here they were, together like a couple dealing with a problem. Perhaps it wouldn't be that bad. But Oliver didn't know better back then. "What did the therapist say? And how did you get the doctor to miss the drugs in his system?" "Money," said Claudia, matter-of-factly, "Buying yourself a doctor is just as easy as getting a new car. And, of course, little Oli here left us with quite a large amount of money." "So, what happened next?" "Well, the therapist we went to was a friend of mine. She knew what I wanted and why, and she was more than happy to help." "How did she help? What did you do? Stop being so vague," said Julia, giggling as she raised her four glass of wine. "Her name's Clara, and she planted the little bug in Oli's head. She said that there was no real reason why a man his age should be having potty accidents, and she said potty to make a clear point. So, Oli was having them because, subconsciously, he wanted." "Did he fall for that?" Claudia shook her head, "Not right away. Of course, I acted shocked and disgusted. But I let Clara take charge at that moment. She simply stated that Oli might be burned out with all the stress of a high-profile job. I mean, it's not like he didn't have terrible neck and shoulder pain already. And as she kept explaining why she thought that, Oli's expression shifted from anger and distrust to looking more like a beaten puppy. And that's when she suggested a new and revolutionary treatment. Regression. Or, in other words, being treated like a baby for a while." "And he accepted?" "Being a baby? Not quite. Not yet, but that's how I planned it. You see, Oli needed one last push into complete babyhood. Something that would make him understand he wasn't an adult anymore, or at least, he didn't want to be one." "What did you do?" "Well, Oli already had an accident in public. But that was contained, and his colleagues just thought he had some sickness or something. Now it was time to push him further. And by further, I mean stepping up the game from number one to…" Oliver tried to block her words, but he could do nothing to block his memories. Even now, just thinking about it was traumatic. He sighed behind his pacifier. "Number two? You mean," Julia paused, a look of disgust on her face," Oh, my." Claudia nodded. And if it had been just one day ago, the image of that day came rushing into Oliver's mind. A beautiful day, sunny and breeze. Perfect for a 4th of July BBQ. Oliver's son, Eric, and his girlfriend, Linda, were part of the crowd that included neighbors, friends, family, and some employees, like Kendall. All of them celebrate and drink and smoke, and enjoy. Even Oliver had stopped thinking about his accidents and diagnosis for a moment, just being present and happy. And that changed quickly after eating. It began like a little rumble in his stomach, which soon turned into a terrible pain and cold shivers that could only mean one thing. "I've heard about it!" Said Julia, "But I thought they were joking or exaggerating." "It probably was as bad, if not worst, than what you might have heard." It was, though, Oliver, and a familiar feeling in his tummy and bowels rushed through him without any objection. A loud fart echoed in the room, a wet one. Julia giggled, but Claudia looked at him with pride in her eyes. What followed was a minute of Oliver squatting right where he was, pushing with little effort, to then feel the warm and soft yes spreading through his crotch. Then he sat right on it as it reached his most private area. There was no fighting it. There was no reason to fight it. If he did, all he would earn was discomfort. And once it was done, he could do nothing but cry. "Did he just…" "He did," said Claudia, chuckling, "Just like how it happened that day. Minus the attire. Though the crying is spot on." "Eww." She was right, though. Oliver had not made it to the bathroom that fateful 4th of July. He stood up, walked a couple of feet, and froze right there in front of his son and daughter-in-law-to-be and in front of everyone that held him in any esteem. And like a toddler, he soiled himself. And like a toddler, he couldn't do anything but cry. And that was it. After what happened, he couldn't really argue the diagnosis. Did he really want to be a baby? Of course not. But he didn't know it had all been Claudia's fault back then. No. He actually believed his subconscious was fucking with him. Claudia grabbed him by the wrist and led him back home, leaving behind the astonished crowd. Oliver just allowed himself to be cleaned by his wife, not even trying to justify his accident. And there was no reason to. Claudia seemed to be okay with what had happened. She even kissed him gently on the forehead, reassuring him that if he truly wanted to be a baby, he needed to decide. She just couldn't handle the whole accident stuff anymore. Either he took the decision to be a baby, or she would take it for him. "And he said yes?" Claudia nodded. "So, what happened after?" Oliver didn't need to hear Claudia's answer. He had experienced it firsthand. That very same day, he was put on his first diaper by his loving wife. It didn't occur to him why she already had diapers ready to go, but he was too shocked to argue anything. So he said nothing when she put a onesie on him, mittens on his hands, and knitted booties on his feet. It wasn't until she said people were waiting for him to see if he was doing better that Oliver returned to reality. "No, please. Don't let them see me," he tried to argue, but there was nothing to argue about. Claudia led him downstairs and to a full room that included every person from the BBQ. His son Eric was the first to see him, and the look of disappointment and disgust in his eyes still haunts Oliver to this day. Linda laughed just as he stepped into the living room, and everyone joined her. And Oliver could do nothing but cry. "I wish I could've been there," said Julia. "I have it on tape." "Really?" "Kendall helped me with it. He had known about the entire plan for a while, and well, not only did he get me, but he's now also Oliver's replacement. So I think everything worked out the way we planned it." "And when did Oliver, I mean, Oli, find out you were behind everything that happened?" Claudia giggled, "That was very recent, actually. You see, he already accepted that he subconsciously wanted to be a baby. But I couldn't just drop the truth on him just yet. I needed him to actually enjoy his time as a baby first." "Enjoy it?" "Well. Let's just say little Oli here might be looking for his diaper change. Aren't you, Oli?" Oliver looked away, still sobbing but nodding at the same time. He knew what it meant to be changed. Ever since that fateful day, whenever she or anyone changed him, he got something in return. The mere thought of it made him blush. Of course, he didn't like to admit to himself. But after he had a wet accident for the first time in his diaper, Claudia took him to their bed, and carefully, gently, she began massaging around his little butthole while her other hand played with his minuscule penis. It didn't take long for him to cum. That process was repeated with every change. Though whenever he had a stinky, she would use a magic wand vibrator to achieve his climax. "Eww, he comes from shitting and peeing himself?" Claudia chuckled and nodded. Standing up, Claudia reached for Oliver's playpen, moving around the massive breasts and long legs she possessed. "I think someone's hungry." Oliver blushed. She managed to carry him off the playpen. It would have been a considerable feat had it not been because, after months of barely moving, Oliver was mostly fat and had no muscle. Julia said nothing as the proud wife sat next to her again with the pathetic husband on her lap. "You're getting stronger." "Got into weights a few months ago. And Oliver's not that tall or heavy." "Are you going to feed him now?" Claudia nodded and, wasting no time, she opened her shirt and bra, revealing gorgeous breasts. A surprising feature for someone her age, but Claudia was the epitome of a well-preserved woman in her forties. "Should I come back later?" Asked Julia. "Not at all. Stay, we haven't finished the tale of little Oli." And without hesitation, Oliver latched onto his wife's nipple, sucking and receiving the tasteful liquid her wife had produced for him. A month ago, he would've fought it back, and he did fight back during that first week. But fighting back meant not release, and it meant a torturous spank given to him by his wife's new boyfriend. His former assistant. The man he knew had to call Daddy. No. Oliver wouldn't fight back anymore. No matter who was around them, he would feed, whether it was a stranger or his daughter-in-law, or his very own son. "How do you make milk?" "Hormones. I started the treatment right around the time I decided to regress Oliver. It worked quite well and right on time." "So, what's left to be said about Oli?" "Well, you know about Sophia now. Do you remember what I told you?" "That she got a fate worst than Oliver?" Claudia nodded, making an expression of pain, "Suck softer, Oli, there's plenty of milk for you." But Oliver couldn't. His heartbeat raced whenever Claudia mentioned Sophia. He wished he could've spared her the punishment her wife had decided for her. But he didn't. And had he tried, he would've accomplished nothing. "What's worst than being regressed the way you did with Oliver?" "Oli here is just Oliver being treated like a baby. He thinks like a man still; that's part of his punishment. But if he ever wanted to leave me, he could just do so. The possibility of getting a normal life is still there." "What do you mean? He can decide to stop it?" Claudia nodded, "He's here because he wants to. Well, of course, if he ever left, he would have to start from zero. No money, no car, no house, no wife, no son. Nothing. I actually gave him that choice a few weeks ago." It had been one night after being milked by his wife. Oli was in his playpen pretending to play as he did most of the time when the doorbell rang. Claudia opened the door to reveal his son, Eric, and his wife, Linda. They had an announcement to make. Linda was finally pregnant. It was a time for celebration, but obviously, Oli wasn't allowed to celebrate with them. "You will have someone to have playdates with," said Claudia. "That's gonna be so cute!" Said Linda, "Imagine, your grandchild will be potty trained long before you ever get out of diapers." "If he ever gets out," said Eric, still disgusted at his father's state. "Well, that can be arranged," said Claudia, "Do you want to be allowed to grow back, Oli?" Oliver nodded enthusiastically. "Wait a second. You need to understand what it would mean. I think it's time I'm honest with you. It's more than you deserve, but it was bound to happen." "Honest?" Asked Oliver, still with a pacifier in his mouth, which just made him sound pathetic. "Well, you see. I know all about Sophia." Oliver froze right there. "Don't worry. I've already dealt with her. But I've known for a while now," said Claudia, and she explained everything to Oliver, from the drugs to the doctor and her therapist friend, everything, including Kendall's involvement. He couldn't believe it. Oliver turned to see his son and daughter-in-law but neither moved nor acted surprised. "What?" Asked Eric, "You thought we didn't know? I don't know why Mom didn't just dump your disgusting ass at once, but I guess this works too. Real, don't cheat, Dad. Or, I guess, baby brother." "You have a decision to make. You can have your old life back. Minus me, your son, the house, your job, or any possession. If already ensure of that." Oliver said nothing, looking up at his wife and son, feeling smaller now than he had ever felt. "Or you can stay like this for as long as I please. Let's be honest; it's more natural, isn't it? You were never much of a man anyway. What do you say?" Oliver's breathing was hard, and his vision was slightly blurry. "Anything?" Asked Claudia with her devilish smile. It was just too much for him to deal with. His little mind kinda broke, and his body decided to answer for him. A loud wet fart echoed through the room, followed by the biggest, most stinky mess he had ever done in his life. One that spread all through his crotch in a matter of seconds. "I made oopsies, Mommy." Everyone laughed. Back in the present, Oliver opened his eyes; he was still attached to his wife's nipple. Claudia and Julia were still giggling about his downfall. And his diaper was still full of his own shit. It was a surprise to him that it had not leaked yet. "I think it's time to change him. And it's also time to show you what happened to little Sophia." Julia stood up with difficulty after her fifth glass of wine, "This I have to see." A few minutes later, they were inside a large room in the house. A nursery, for all intents and purposes, with two large cribs inside and a giant changing table. Why two? Well, that was answered as soon as they got close enough to see what lay inside. A young woman, no older than twenty-five, was sleeping in her crib. Her diaper was also full, almost leaking, and she was sucking on her thumb even though she had a pacifier right next to her. "Is that…Wait. Is that the mistress?" Asked Julia, slightly bit tipsy. "Indeed." Oliver looked away. He hated looking at Sophia now, even though he had loved to do so before. She was gone, though. The pretty girl everyone wanted that he actually got. What remained was not even a shell of her former self. Sophia was now no more than a toddler, newborn, for that matter. He couldn't think about anything else but cooking on her thumb while she drooled. And she had no memory of being an accomplished young woman. No memory of the time they shared together. There was nothing left of Sophia. "When are you going to tell me what happened with her?" "Maybe another day," said Claudia, placing Oliver over the changing table, "Right now, it's time for Oli to make some cummies. Right, Oli?" Oliver blushed, nodding and sucking on his pacifier. He surrendered. Sophia had not chosen her fate, but he was more than willing to play along with it. Maybe they were right. It was just natural to him. Maybe, just maybe, being a baby wasn't the worst possible punishment. And he smiled as he felt the hard vibration of her wife's milking device against his padded crotch. And he closed his eyes in pleasure, forgetting everything else. ............................................. Hey guys! This story is free for everyone because of the contest. 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  7. This story was created for the 3rd Kasarberang Story Contest. It is currently incomplete, but I do plan on working on it more in the future. --- My first week of college had gone way smoother than I had anticipated it would. All of my professors are nice and haven't assigned an unreasonable amount of homework, the weather was beautiful, and my sorority sisters are all kind! Last week I was more nervous than I had ever been in my life. I was leaving my parents for the first time and about to start a new chapter of my life. But if every week could be as good as this one, then there would be nothing to worry about. My name is Natalia and I'm a freshman at Green Meadow University. Green Meadow had been my first choice of college and thankfully my grades were good enough to get me in. Unfortunately it also meant that I wouldn't be able to stay at home with my parents, as Green Meadow was over 5 hours away. Saying goodbye to my parents after they dropped me off had been one of the hardest things I have had to do. The support from my sorority sisters really helped me get through the first day. My older sister was part of a sorority all throughout her college career and always told me about how much it had helped her. Her stories and testimonies left an impression on me, and it's ultimately what made me decide to apply for one myself. Delta Delta Sigma was one of the most exclusive at Green Meadow and somehow I managed to get accepted in, along with only two other freshman. Delta Delta Sigma only had a total of 14 members. Three freshmen, four sophomores, two juniors, and three seniors. All of them have been super nice to me so far, but it was fairly apparent that some of them had a bit of an ego. I guess that's to be expected when you're a part of such an exclusive group. As long as I stay on their good side it shouldn't be an issue. My fellow freshmen didn't seem to have an ego like our seniors. They seemed like genuinely nice people, just trying to adjust to one of the biggest changes of their lives. Kate had come to Green Meadow from half-way across the country. While I was a lot closer to my family than her, we still managed to form a bond over being so far away from our families. Kate is roughly five-foot-five and has shoulder-length blonde hair. My other freshman sister, Sierra, came from a town only 30 minutes away from Green Meadow. I'll admit that I was a bit envious of her. Having her own car and being only thirty minutes away from her parents meant she could visit home basically whenever she wanted. That wasn't all though. Her height of five-foot-nine was quite contrasting to my short, five-foot-one stature. Her double-D's were also quite lovely when compared to the A-cups that I'm sporting. All of this, combined with her smooth, dark skin and pretty black pony-tail got her a lot of attention from the guys around campus. Sierra was definitely a looker and she knew it. Despite that, she was still very kind, which made me feel a bit guilty. Even though my first week of college had been smooth, I was still glad that it was finally the weekend. Going to four different classes nearly every day sounded easy to me at first, but it was a lot more exhausting than high school. Once I finished my last class for the day I headed back to the sorority house to get a jump-start on my weekend and veg-out a bit. I was glad to find that my roommate was gone when I got to my room. Lisa, my roommate, was nice, but it was very apparent that she thought pretty highly of herself. She was a senior with a drop-dead gorgeous body. At first I thought it was a bit odd that I got paired up with a senior, but that ended up being the case for both Kate and Sierra as well. I guess it's supposed to be some kind of mentorship thing, but it's a bit intimidating to be honest. With her gone I could relax a lot easier. In no time at all I had changed into a pair of sweatpants and booted up an episode of The Office on my laptop. While that played in the background I got started on my weekend homework. By the time Lisa got back I was already finished and on the verge of falling asleep. "Hey Natalia," Lisa said as she entered out room, "how was your day today?" "It was good, but I'm glad it's the weekend." I responded, waking up a bit. "Me too! I don't know if you've heard yet, but tomorrow is our yearly fundraising event." "Oh, no one told me about that. Is there anything I need to do?" I asked. Why didn't anyone tell me sooner? It's not like I had any plans, but a bit more notice would have been nice. "Sorry about that! We always have our fundraiser on the first Saturday of them term. We must have forgot to tell you all. We already have everything ready, so we'll tell you what you have to do tomorrow." "Oh, okay." I thought it was a bit odd that Lisa didn't give me much information about the fundraiser. I didn't want to bother her by asking for more details though so I let it go. It sounds like everything has already been taken care of anyways, so it should be easy. Later in the night, somewhere around 9:00pm, Lisa told me that it would probably be a good idea to go to bed early. When I questioned her on why, she would only tell me that it was going to be a long day tomorrow and that I'd want to be well-rested for it. I almost never went to bed before 11:00pm and hardly ever had an issue getting through the day. I thought about just ignoring her, but at the same time she actually knew what was going on tomorrow. I decided to compromised and call it a night at 10:00pm. ----- I was jolted awake in the morning due to a bunch of pressure on my arms and legs. I tried to sit up out of surprise but couldn't due to the pressure on my shoulders keeping me pinned against my bed. When I looked around I saw that the people holding me down were other sorority members, who were all sporting malicious grins. "What the hell is going on?!" I demanded with my raspy morning voices. "We're getting you ready for the fundraiser." Lisa stated as she loomed over me at the end of my bed. "What the fuck does this have to do with the fundraiser?" I asked while trying to shake myself free from the grips of my sorority sisters. "You'll see real soon." Lisa said with a giggle. Lisa walked around to my right side and stood next to Janna, the junior sorority member who was pinning down that side of me. I looked over at Lisa and tried to figure out what the hell was going on. I gasped as she bent over and stuck her fingers under my basketball shorts that I had gone to sleep in. She then began forcing them down my legs, exposing my panties. "Hey! Stop! What the fuck!?" I yelled, trying to thrash around even harder to try to free myself. "You've got quite the mouth on you little girl." Janna stated and let out a giggle. "And some cute panties, too." Gabby, the sophomore on my left, added. I peered down my bed and was able to get a glimpse at the panties I had one. They were my pinks ones with a black, lace bow on the center. One of my most embarrassing, yet comfortable ones. "Quiet down Natalia. We'll be done faster if you stop struggling." Lisa suggested as she pulled my shorts down to my ankles. "Done with what?!" Let me go!" I demanded, continuing my struggling. "I told you. We're getting you ready for the fundraiser. Now quiet down and hold still." Lisa commanded, this time with more annoyance in her voice. "Not until you tell me what the fuck you're doing and why you're holding me down!" I continued to demand. "Fine! If it will get you to shut up and stop struggling then I'll show you what we're doing." Lisa said as she removed my shorts and took them out of sight. When she came back she was holding something square and pink in hands. The was some kind of pattern on it as well, but I couldn't make out any details about it. Dread began to envelope me as she unfolded the object and I began to realize what it was. "What the fuck is that for?!" I yelled at Lisa. "It's for you. It's part of your outfit for the fundraiser." Lisa answered, acting like it was a normal piece of clothing. "I'm not wearing a diaper!" I shouted at her. "Oh yes you are. That's why I have Gabby and Janna here to help me. Now settle down and let me put your diaper on." Lisa ordered. "No way! You're not putting me in a diaper!" I yelled at Lisa as I continued trying to free myself. "Alright, I think we've heard enough out of you." Lisa stated as she set the diaper down on top of my stomach and walked away. When she came back a moment later she was holding something else in her hands. As she got closer I began to get a better look at what it was. It appeared to be a pink pacifier that had black, leather straps attached to the sides of it. The pacifier was way bigger than any I'd even seen before though. A new wave of panic kicked in as she grabbed the handle on the pacifier shield and started approaching my face. "Get that away from me!" I demanded as I jerked my head away from her. "So fussy. This is why I told you to go to bed early last night." Lisa commented as she used her free hand to grip my chin and force me to look at her. With my mouth forced open by her she popped the huge rubber nipple of the pacifier into my mouth. With it inside, she quickly took hold of both leather straps and pulled them behind my head. Her large boobs were smothering my face as she secured the two straps together tightly behind my head using the buckle latch. With it secured there was no way for me to get it out without my hands. I tried to yell at them to take the damn pacifier out, but the nipple was so big that it prevent me from forming anything close to comprehensible. The pacifier seriously took up almost all of the room in my mouth and forced my tongue down. I realized now that I wouldn't even be able to call for help. There's no way anyone outside of the room would be able to hear my muffled cries. "There we go, that's much better. You be a good girl and nurse your paci while mommy gets your diaper on." Lisa cooed at me and pinched my cheeks. Now that I was effectively muted she went back to work. She took hold of the thin sides of my panties and pulled them down my legs, exposing my hairless crotch. With little effort on her part she removed it completely and threw it off to the side. "Aww look at that, smooth as a baby." Lisa commented, eliciting laughs from everyone except me. I continued struggling as Lisa picked up the diaper and brought it between my legs. The girls holding me down lifted my bottom up for her so that she could position the diaper below me. As they lowered me I felt my butt make contact with the soft padding, sending another wave of fear through me. Why was this happening to me?! With the diaper now positioned under me, Lisa walked away to grab something else. She came back moments later holding two bottles. She popped the lid off of one and began pouring it out onto her hand. She then began rubbing her hands together and seconds later she was rubbing it into my crotch and bottom. "We wouldn't want our cute little baby to get a rash, would we?" Lisa asked rhetorically as she rubbed the baby oil into me. There was no way she seriously believed I would use this diaper, right? Once she was satisfied with the amount of baby oil she had applied to me Lisa opened the second bottle. She tipped it upside down over me and began dumping baby powder out onto my pelvis. The smell quickly began dominating the room as she poured much more than necessary out and began rubbing it into my butt cheeks, legs, and crotch. Once Lisa deemed me to be sufficiently powdered she grabbed the front of the diaper brought it up and over my pelvis. The tapes sounded like someone scratching a chalk board to me as she pulled them loose. One by one she ripped them off and used them to secure the over-sized diaper. In no time at all she had the diaper securely fastened to me. "There we go! That wasn't so bad, was it baby?" Lisa asked me, knowing that I couldn't tell her what I really thought. Of course it was bad! I am an eighteen year old college student being forced to suck on a pacifier while my upperclassman hold me down and force an over-sized baby diaper on me! "Now let's finish getting you dressed and you can go meet the other babies." Lisa said as she went back to grab something else. Other babies? Were they doing this to Kate and Sierra too? What the hell kind of fundraiser is this? When Lisa came back she was holding something that made me want to puke. She walked in to the room showcasing a small, pink, ruffly dress. When I say small, I mean small. This dress looked like it was for a six year old's princess Halloween costume. If it weren't for the diaper they had just put on me, I would never believe that they would try to make me wear that. I prayed that it would be too small to fit on me. "Get her shirt off girls. We're starting to run late." Lisa commanded. Next thing I knew Lisa was holding my legs down while Gabby and Jana worked my shirt off my body. I tried to fight them off but was no match for their combined strength. In a depressing amount of time they had removed my shirt and exposed my small chest. "You're perfect for this. If you had any boobies at all this dress might not fit." Lisa stated as she picked the dress back up and re-positioned herself to my side. From this close I could see how small the dress really was. There was no way this dress would cover the diaper at all! Without warning Gabby and Jana used their legs to keep mine pinned down. They both took hold of my arms and forced me to sit up. The movement made the diaper crinkle, embarrassing me even further. Gabby and Jana then forced me to raise my arms into the air. Once there, Lisa began forcing the dress onto me. Sadly, it stretched just enough to go down my body. Once it was as low as it could go, Lisa backed off. "Aww don't you look adorable! We're not done yet though!" Lisa said as she went to grab more clothes. The dress felt tight on my body. Not uncomfortable, but noticeable. As I suspected, the frilly three-layer skirt did nothing to cover any of the diaper. The sleeves were very short and barely covered any of my arms. The front of the dress had a purple and pink fairy made out of glitter on it, something that I hadn't noticed until now. The shoulders puffed out into little balls and had ribbons on top of them. There was no way this dress was made for kids older than 8. This was almost as humiliating as the diaper! When Lisa came back she had a bag that I couldn't see the contents of. The first thing she pulled out were pink and white thigh-high socks, which she promptly pulled up my legs. Next were a pair of pink Mary Jane shoes, decorated with rhinestones and butterflies. Like the socks, she quickly attached them to my feet. To my dismay, they fit perfectly. The last thing she pulled out was a large, pink pacifier with a unicorn design on it. Attached to it was a pacifier clip with a strap decorated with the same unicorn as the pacifier. Lisa attached the strap to the left shoulder of the dress and let the pacifier dangle down. "Are you going to be a good girl if I take your binky out? Nod your head for me." Lisa asked me in a voice as if she was talking to a child. There was no way for me to escape at the moment, so I decided the best course of action would be to cooperate. Hopefully I'd have a chance to escape later. Until then I just needed to bide my time. I nodded my head. "Okay, if you're naughty we're going to have to punish you again, okay?" Lisa said as she undid the belt on the gag. She slowly removed it from my mouth, only to quickly replace it with the pacifier that had been clipped onto the dress. Lisa looked me in the eyes and kept her finger on the pacifier until I started sucking on it. Only then did she remove her hand. "There's my good girl. Now you keep that in until someone else takes it out, okay? Stand her up girls." Lisa ordered. Gabby and Jana took hold of my arms and were easily able to lift me onto my feet. I didn't try to fight them as they propped me up and kept hold of my arms. "I think we can let her go now. She's going to be a good girl, right?" Lisa asked me. I responded by nodding my head again. Even if they let go of me I wouldn't be able to escape. Lisa was between me and the door, which was shut and probably locked. Gabby and Jana released me from their grip and I did nothing but let my arms fall to my sides. "Gabby start combing her hair. Jana, go make sure the other babies are ready. I'll start doing her makeup." Lisa commanded. Jana unlocked the door walked out, closing it as she left. Gabby also followed her orders and began combing out my bedhead. Lisa went to her side of the bedroom and grabbed her makeup kit and placed it on my bed next to me. The two girls spent the next 5 minutes performing their respective tasks. I tried to sit as still as possible while keeping the pacifier in my mouth. I had no clue what all Lisa was putting on me, as they had me faced away from the mirror. When Gabby finished brushing my hair she began pulling it into twin-tails and tying ribbons around them. "I think that should just about do it. Why don't you turn around and see how pretty you look, Baby Girl?" Lisa said and she packed up her makeup kit. I slowly turned around and braced myself for what I was about to see. When I saw my reflection I didn't even recognize myself. The childish outfit, hairstyle, and makeup made me look a third my age. With the pacifier and obviously exposed diaper though, it brought it down to a sixth. I felt absolutely humiliated and my red face definitely reflected it. "You're the prettiest baby ever! Now come on, let's go get you set." Lisa said, taking my arm and forcing me to stand. "Wait! I don't want everyone to see me like this!" I protested, letting the pacifier fall out of my mouth. "Don't worry, Baby! They'll take one look at you and die from a cuteness overload! Now, be a good girl for me and keep that binky in until I take it out." Lisa responded as she picked up the dangling pacifier and shoved it back in my mouth. I knew that negotiating wasn't going to change their minds, so I bowed my head and let Lisa drag me out of our bedroom. The thick padding of the diaper forced me to have a bit of waddle in my walk, which only furthered my embarrassment. Thankfully, only a few of our sorority sisters were outside in the living room. All them look at me as we walked out and started cooing at me. "She's so cute!" "I wish she was my baby sister!" "She looks just like a toddler!" Their lack of shock at what was going on all but confirmed to me that they were all in on this too. I tried to ignore them as best as I could as I let Lisa lead me around. That was until we started nearing to front door. There was no way I was letting her take me outside like this! I stopped dead in my tracks and yanked my hand away from Lisa. "I am not going out there like this!" I stated. "Stop being fussy, Nataly. We have a schedule to keep and I know everyone wants to see how cute you are." Lisa responded, grabbing my hand again. "Absolutely not! This has gone far enough already!" I yelled at her. "Ughh, I knew you were going to be fussy about this. Girls, help me out here." Lisa ordered. Out of nowhere, the girls who had previously been cooing at me had taken hold of my limbs. "Let go of me!" I said as I started trying to struggle free. Unfortunately it was in vain though. The girls had me exactly where they wanted me and there was nothing I could do to free myself. "Since you can't be a good girl we're going to have to use your naughty-binky. Lisa said as she forced my mouth open. A second later she had the nipple of the pacifier gag back in my mouth. The belt was then secured behind my head again, effectively silencing me. The girls then began forcing me towards the door. Despite how hard I tried, nothing I could do would stop them. Lisa opened the door for them as they drug me out into the sunlight. What I saw waiting in the front yard began to fill me with dread. Setup in the front yard were three big highchairs. Occupying two of them were Kate and Sierra, who were both dressed up as babyish as myself. Both girls were strapped into the highchairs with tight, black straps that buckled at their stomachs. Their wrists and ankles had leather cuffs around them that attached directly to the highchairs, keeping them from freeing themselves. Kate seemed to be wearing a small, white sundress covered all over in sunflowers. She had a matching pacifier strap attached to her shoulder, which held a dangling, yellow pacifier. Her medium sized breast caused it to ride up though, making sure that the diaper she was wearing was plainly visible. The diaper that she had no doubt been forced into as well matched her sundress, being white and covered with sunflowers. She was also gagged like me, only hers was yellow. Sierra wasn't much better off. Her breasts must have been too big for any actual children clothes to fit her, so instead she was wearing a white shirt with the Pampers logo on it. The shirt was still small and accentuated her breasts, but it seemed like it was actually made for an adult to wear. In addition to that she had a short, blue skirt with suspenders that ran over her shoulders. The skirt was so high up on her that it left the diaper she was also wearing completely exposed. Hers was light blue and decorated with clouds and suns with smiley faces. Like the two of us she also had her own color coded pacifier attached to her suspender with a strap. Also like us, she was gagged. 'What the hell kind of fundraiser is this?!' I thought to myself. I didn't have much time to think though, as I was rapidly being dragged over to the empty highchair. I renewed my efforts to struggle free, but it was pointless. With little effort, the girls were able to shove me into the seat and lock my wrists and ankles away with the cuffs. Lisa then came over and tighted the straps over my waist and shoulders, making sure that I could hardly move in the seat. Finally, she picked up the tray and locked it into place in front of me. "You're even cuter when you're pouting, Baby. You sit tight and be a good girl while your big sisters finish getting ready." Lisa said before patting my head and walking off. I looked over to Kate, who looked back at me with a defeated look in her eyes. I had been too distracted before to notice, but there were a bunch of tables set up on the other side of the front yard. On top of them were several boxes and sitting in front of them were two sophomore girls from the sorority. They appeared to be getting ready to take money. It didn't take long for people to take notice of us. A small group quickly began to form of people gawking and taking pictures. Several of them were starting to make comments about how cute we were and laughing at our giant diapers. The three of us tried to hide or faces and ignore them, but it was futile. "Attention everyone! This years Delta Delta Sigma fundraiser is almost ready to begin!" Lisa yelled into a megaphone from somewhere out of our sight. "This year we're doing a baby feed! Here soon you'll be able to purchase jars of baby food and feed them to our cute little babies! All proceeds will go to funding Delta Delta Sigma for the year! The line starts over there!" Baby food feed? Is that why they did this to us? I don't want to eat baby food! There was no way I am going to let that happen! A lot of the crowd began to head for the tables in front of all of the boxes. A few second later and I could begin to see Lisa approaching us, carrying something in her hand. "Hello babies! As you just heard, we're doing a baby food feed, and as you probably could have guessed, you're the babies! I know you're probably all a bit cranky right now, but we need you to be very good girls for us today. People are paying good money to feed you all some nice, yummy baby food. I expect all of you to behave and eat it all with no fussing. Each of you is going to have babysitter standing by to make sure you're behaving. Remember, bad little girls get punished. Let me show you what you can expect if you're naughty." Lisa explained. Lisa pulled a small remote out of her pocket and showed it to us. She mad a point of making sure we could see her pressing the button. As soon as she did, terrible pain ripped throughout my entire body. I screamed into the pacifier in my mouth and thrashed against my restraints. I couldn't even think until it stopped and I was left panting into my gag. My eyes were watering and I was having trouble collecting myself. "Naughty babies get zappies. Unless you enjoyed that, I suggest you be on your best behavior. Now that we got that out of the way, I'm going to go around and take your binkies out. When I do, I expect you to tell me that you're going to be a good girl and nothing else, okay?" Lisa said as she approached Sierra. "Fuck you, Lisa!" Sierra said as soon as her gag was removed. "You can't force us to do this! Let us out, now!" Suddenly, Sierra yelled out in pain as she began getting shocked. "What a vulgar little girl! If we weren't low on time I would wash that naughty mouth out with soap!" Lisa exclaimed, clearing enjoying watching Sierra suffer. After a few seconds, Lisa stopped zapping Sierra and gave her a moment to catch her breath. "Well?" Lisa asked her. "Fuck you." Sierra said. Lisa then spent the next thirty seconds bursting Sierra with electricity. She would go for a few seconds before stopping and letting Sierra catch her breath. There was little time for her to recover though, as the zapping would start up again soon after. By the end of it, it was obvious that Sierra was crying. "Are you ready to be a good girl now?" Lisa asked the poor girl. "Y-yes." Sierra responded quietly with a defeated tone. "Say it. And apologize for swearing." Lisa commanded. "I'll be a good girl. I'm sorry for swearing." Sierra answered, still trying to recompose herself. "That's what I thought." Lisa said as she picked up the pacifier dangling from Sierra's suspender and placed it in her mouth. "Keep that in until someone takes it out." Lisa finally showed Sierra mercy and left her alone. She walked over to where Kate was confined and began removing her pacifier gag. Kate remained silent as she did so, likely afraid of suffering as Sierra had. "Well Katie, are you going to be a good girl?" Lisa asked her. "I'll be a good girl." Kate said. "See, that wasn't so hard, was it?" Lisa replied, placing the non-gag pacifier in Kate's mouth. Dread filled me as Lisa approached me. Like Sierra, I wanted to tell her off and demand she release us. I was absolutely terrified of getting shocked again though. The brief few seconds of it earlier was the worst pain I had ever felt. I don't know if I could stand it again. As Lisa reached behind me and unsecured my gag I prepared myself to submit. "I'll be a good girl." I told Lisa, not even making her prompt me. "I know you will, sweetie." Lisa said, placing the pacifier attached to my outfit in my mouth and patting my head. Lisa walked off and returned shortly holding something new. When she sat them down on the try of the highchair I was in I was able to determine that they were bibs. Not normal baby bibs though, these had to be custom made. For one, they were sized up and clearly meant to be worn by an adult. Secondly, they each had our names sewn into them. The one clearly designated for me was white with a pink border and "Baby Natalie" sewn in pink cursive. Insead of a dot on the 'i' there was instead a tiara. "Look what your big sisters got you! We wouldn't want to get food all over your pretty clothes, would we?" Lisa said. Lisa picked up the bib with my name on it and placed it over my check. She brought the wings of it behind my neck and secured it using the attached velcro. She then went around and did the same to the other girls. Their bibs were similar to mine, but instead of being pink they were yellow and blue. The 'i' on Kate's, which had 'Katie' instead, had a sunflower for a dot. Sierra's was blue and had a cloud. "There we go. I think we're just about ready to get started. Remember what happens to bad babies." She held up the remote and threatened us. I don't think any of us needed to be reminded. Lisa left us and walked over to the table. She said something to them that we weren't able to hear. She returned again shortly after followed by Janna and the other Junior in our sorority, Hannah. "Me again babies! We're going to be your babysitters for a while. Janna, you're with Katie and Hannah you're with Sierra. Little Natalie here is mine. We'll make sure you're behaving and that anyone who wants to feed you knows what to do. We each have our own remotes in case anyone decides to be naughty. We're just about to start, so I'm going to go over what's expected from you. We're going to take out your binkies and you're going to stay quiet unless spoken to. If someone asks you something you will respond appropriately with a babyish voice. You already know what happens if you don't. When people come up with the babyfood they bought they're going spoon-feed it to you. You're going to eat all of it and then thank them in your cutest baby voice when you're done. Nice and easy." Lisa explained. After hearing that I knew that this was going to get way worse before it got better. What did I do to deserve this? My choices were either let myself get fed baby food while dressed like a baby or get shocked until I'm willing to do so. I have no memory of ever eating baby food, but there is no doubt in my mind that it doesn't taste good. Did I do something in a past life to warrant this? I pray that none of this finds its way to my friends and family back home. "Oh! It looks like our first customers are coming!" Lisa said. All three of us looked over in horror to see a lady and two guys walking towards us from the tables. Each one had a jar of baby food in their hands. Fear enveloped me as it became that the guy and girl were both approaching me. "Oh my god, Lisa. Your baby is so cute!" The lady said after placing the jar on the tray of my highchair. "I know! Isn't she the cutest? Not to say that our other babies aren't cute as well." Lisa responded. "Oh for sure, they're all adorable. This is already the best fundraiser that DDS has done. Do you want some num-nums, sweetie?" She said as she turned and looked at me. Do I respond? Should I just stay silent? The fear of getting shocked again made me nervous to do anything. Lisa told me to keep the pacifier in and I didn't want to disobey her. "Oh I'm sure she does." Lisa answered for me. She proceeded to pull the pacifier out of my mouth and let it fall to my chest. "Ask Ms. Kenzie to feed you, baby". "Pwease feed me Ms. Kenzie" I said in my best little girl voice, humiliated. Having to endure this was already terrible. Why did she have to make me beg for it? "You got it, sweetie. Here comes the airplane!" The lady said. Kenzie unscrewed the lid of the jar and used the plastic, pink spoon that Lisa gave her to scoop up the goo. She held it up in front of me and began making airplane sounds as she floated it around my face. Hesitantly, I opened my mouth for her. After another second of airplane noises and Kenzie waving the spoon around she placed it into my mouth. I closed my mouth around the spoon and was immediately assaulted by the taste of Peas. The taste and smell alone almost made me gag, but the texture was what about pushed me over the edge. All of it was awful! I almost spit it out before remembering what would surely happen if I did. As Kenzie retracted the spoon I let the goop stay in my mouth. I swallowed it as soon as I could to try to get it out of my mouth. "What a hungry baby. Here comes another airplane!" Kenzie said, scooping up another spoon full. I opened my mouth for her again in hopes of making this go by as fast as possible. She inserted the spoon into my mouth and I swallowed the baby food as fast as I could. We continued this cycle two more times until she finally ran out of food. I was relieved for all of three seconds, where I got a glimpse at the line that was forming behind Kenzie. There were 6 people waiting to feed me! I look over at Kate and Sierra and lines were forming behind them as well. From the look on their faces it was apparent that they despised the baby food just as much as I did. "Remember to thank Ms. Kenzie, baby." Lisa said. "Tank you Ms. Kenzie." I said with my baby voice. "It was my pleasure sweetheart. If you're lucky maybe I'll visit you again." Kenzie said as she moved to the side. The guy who had walked over with her stepped forward and unscrewed the lid on his jar. Kenzie passed the spoon off to him and started chatting with Lisa. "Are you ready?" He asked me, not caring to pretend I was a baby. "Y-yes." I answered and opened my mouth. I didn't notice before, but he was actually kind of cute. I was too humiliated to look him in the face while he shoveled the nasty, sweet-potato flavored goo into my mouth. Like before I swallowed as quickly as possible. "Tank you for feeding me." I said as he walked away to join Kenzie and Lisa. He didn't even acknowledge me as he did, which was honestly relieving. Next in line was another girl, one that I recognized from my writing class. I prayed that she didn't recognize me. "Hi there Baby Natalie. Are you hungry?" She asked me. I nodded my head in response to her and she began opening the jar she had. "Well I got just the thing for you. Say 'ahh'." "Ahh" I said quietly and opened my mouth for her. She scooped up a big spoonful of food and moved it towards my mouth. She had terrible aim though, which caused some of it to get on my cheek. "Hold still, baby. I don't want to miss." The girl said as she scooped up another spoonful. Once again she 'missed' and got even more on my cheek. "Such a squirmy little girl. It's a good thing you're strapped into your highchair." "Tank you for feeding me." I said when I finally finished her jar. "Oh it was no problem, Baby. But I think you owe me an apology for being so squirmy." She responded. She wanted ME to apologize?! She purposefully got baby food all over my damn face and she wants me to apologize for it? I was about ready to yell at her when I noticed Lisa glaring at me, remote in hand. "Sowwy fo being squirmy." I answered after sighing. Next up was another guy. He seemed a lot more happy to be here than the first guy. "That's a cute diaper! Did you pick it out yourself?" He asked me. I had almost forgotten about the diaper. I had, embarrassingly, grown used to the bulk between my legs and the padding I was sitting on. Him referencing made me take notice of it again though. It also reminded me that it was clearly visible to everyone around. I answered him by shaking my head. "Shy, huh? Well that's okay. Open up for the choo-choo train!" He said. I opened my mouth to accept the latest spoonful of gross mush and he began making train noises. This continued for the whole duration of him feeding me. When he was done I thanked him like everyone else. After being fed by four more people I began to notice a problem: I need to pee. I usually went right after getting out of bed, but today that wasn't possible. I was too distracted by everything happening until now to even notice how badly I needed to go. "Lisa?" I asked out loud after thanking the last person who fed me. "What is it, baby?" Lisa asked, coming closer to me. "I need to pee." I whispered to her. "So?" "So let me out!" "No Natalie. If you need to go potty you can use your diaper." "But Lisa-" "Natalie, if I hear one more peep out of you about this you're getting zappies. Use your diapie and eat your food like a good girl." I screamed internally. Dressing me up like this was already bad enough, but she actually expected me to use the diaper? I should have honestly seen that coming. I resolved to hold it as long as I could, but I knew that it was a losing battle. There was no way I'd be able to hold on for much longer. After two more jars of baby food, it happened. I was clearly doing a potty dance in my seat. It was pretty ineffective though due to how tight the restraints were on me. As I was accepting another spoonful I felt a bit leak out. I gasped and some of the food fell down onto my bib. "Uh oh, is someone having an accident?" The girl feeding me asked. I ignored her and futility tried to stop myself from peeing. Not being able to move my arms made it impossible though. I was forced to accept my fate as I let go and allowed my pee to flood the diaper. The diaper easily absorbed all of it and spread it out. I could feel the warmth touching my butt as it flowed backwards. "Aww, it's okay, baby. That's why you have your diaper." Lisa said, patting my head. I had my eyes and mouth closed while I was peeing. That didn't stop the girl from continuing to try to feed me though. My lips were closed and she still forced the spoon through them, getting baby food all over my upper lip and below my nose. I reacted with surprise and she pulled the spoon out, leaving most of the food in my mouth. Once I was finished releasing my bladder I swallowed it, only to immediately be met with another spoonful. Unlike when it was dry, the diaper was impossible to ignore when wet. The heat from my urine was a constant reminder of what I just did and the now expanded padding squelched as I wiggled around. The padding between my legs had expanded a good amount and forced them apart more than before, giving anyone in front of me an even better view of the diaper. Several more jars of baby food later and I was full. I was beginning to slow down in swallowing the food I was given. The person holding the spoon would be waiting in front of my mouth with another spoonful before I could even finish swallowing the previous one. Most of them would wait for me to accept the next one myself, but some would force the spoon into my mouth before I was ready. This made me even messier and made it even harder for me to catch-up. "Lisa, please, I don't think I can eat anymore." I said after thanking the person who had just finished. Suddenly I felt shocking pain all over my body. I thrashed around and tried to escape it, but couldn't. More pee escaped my body and soaked into the diaper while it was happening. When it finally stopped I had tears in my eyes. "I'm not going to tolerate anymore complaining, Natalie. Good girls eat their baby food." Lisa said sternly. I was too scared to speak up again after that, so I shut my mouth and waited for the next person to get ready.
  8. I know, I know "Another new story from Kasarberang that's going to take literal years between chapters" Allow me to explain. I write as a hobby, one of a great many hobbies that my brain alternates between, right now Writing is the hobby in focus so hopefully I'll be able to pump out a few chapters of this story and maybe the other ones as well. Unfortunately I make no promises as to how often this story or any others will be updated, it might be once a week or more: This was the case for "Just A Checkup" before I wrote myself into a dead end (I'm planning to rewrite that story and continue it at some point) and it might be way less frequent "Babied By The Sitter" (Still in progress). I'm not a writer, I'm just a guy who does writing sometimes Anyway, I had this idea for a story and I hope I can do it justice. As always feel free to remix, modify, redistribute any of my stories however you like. If you like the setting, characters or anything else feel free to use it. I wont mind, in fact I'd love to see what you can do with my ideas. So PM me if you do make anything that you decide to release. (Tags will be updated as the story progresses.) My Time At The Everland Farm All Characters involved in a sexual situation in this story are at or above the age of consent, even if their ages aren't directly stated. Also this story is entirely a work of fiction and absolutely nothing in it actually happened. Art by: Ruperallmighty Email: Ruperallmighty@gmail.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/Ruperallmighty Art Officially Approved to comply with DD rules by: DailyDi. My name is Daniel I'm 22 years old and this story is of my time at The Everland Farm. The story starts at my house, I had just gotten this mornings mail and saw a letter addressed to me. It read: "Work getting you down? Need a break from the stresses of daily life? Need a vacation? Than come on over to The Everland Farm for a nice change of pace! Experience four weeks free of the stresses of daily life! And with this special offer you can enjoy all four weeks 100% FREE! Lodging included." It even included a valid bus ticket. This letter didn't apply to me at all, I enjoyed my job working as a developer in a small Indie Game studio, the stresses of daily life were minimal at best and I much preferred to be at home. Not to mention a 100% all expenses paid vacation seemed super sketch to say the least. Probably some shitty timeshare or some pyramid scheme of some sort, neither of which I wanted any part of. So I threw the letter on my couch with all the other junk mail, intending to either throw it away or shred it. == A few days went by and I had spoken to some friends and family about the letter. Almost everyone unanimously said I should go, which honestly didn't surprise me, everyone's always telling me I need to get out more and here is seemingly an offer that gives me no excuse but to do just that. Whenever I expressed my concerns they just replied "Just record everything that goes on, that way you're far less likely to get mugged." despite the fact that my state has specific laws against recording out in public unless you receive consent from every single person that would be in the recording. It's' an interesting law and is far stricter than most, it's good for privacy but a lot of people are against it, which frankly I can understand. Anyway eventually people bugged me enough about the vacation that I decided to just do it. Even my work told me I should go. At this point I needed a vacation from all the people telling me I needed a vacation. I packed pretty light, not expecting to need too much. I packed my cellphone, a pair of wired earbuds, some spare clothes, A DVD player and some DVDs as well as an emergency battery pack which should get me through the month if used sparingly. Everything fit in a nice backpack that I keep around for travel, despite this being the first time I actually ever used it for that. Usually I just used it to carry around my work laptop with me so I could work a little while away. But I did originally buy it for travel. Once I was packed and ready to go I set out for the bus-station which was only a quick walk from my house so it didn't take me very long to get there, less than five minutes if I had to guess. I gave the driver my ticket and soon I was off to The Everland Farm, to my surprise I was the only passenger on the bus. That could easily be explained away by it being 10am on a weekday, not exactly the most desirable time to take a bus somewhere far away, since most people had work to do. I put in my earbuds and set my phone to play my favorite artist Big Penny, which has gotten me through a lot of long bus rides in the past. This specific album titled: "Heads or Tails" featured other artists such as Jiggo-J and DJ MEMEBOY. It truly was and still is an underrated album. Personally I think it's Big Penny's best work, his other albums were entertaining, but nothing quite had the same feel as "Heads or Tails" did. I think it's cause it's the only time as of writing this that Big Penny, Jiggo-J and DJ MEMEBOY have collaborated on an album together, It's very obvious that they gave their best with this album. "Heads or Tails" came with a total of 26 songs with a total runtime of 5 hours and 15 minutes and only cost $5.99 when it first released. It was the very first album to have over 3hours of content with a price tag below $36. "Last Stop Everland Farms, if you got this far without getting off you either missed your stop or got the wrong bus!" said the bus driver. Yet again Big Penny got me through another otherwise boring bus ride. I thanked the driver and was on my way. The bus didn't stop directly in front of Everland Farms they stopped quite a bit away actually. I could very easily see where the farm was, but it was a bit of a walk to get there. Once I did finally arrive I took a seat on a nearby bench to catch my breath before getting up and looking around. Right away I was surprised at the absolute size of the property it must've been on at least five acres of land. There's no way this is the place I was going to be staying for a whole month, it's far too nice to be completely free, either that or it really is some timeshare or pyramid scheme. You could tell this place had been around for awhile, some buildings looked fairly new, or at least newly painted and others looked like they'd been sitting there for decades, all the buildings had a Little House On The Prairie style and vibe to them. Most of the buildings were double to triple the size of regular buildings I was accustomed to. It had been a few minutes so I decided to get up and start looking around, there didn't seem to be anyone nearby so I figured I'd take a look around myself, kinda give myself the grand-tour of the property, even though I knew nothing about it. I walked around a little before stopping in front of a building which was bigger than the rest, which is saying something since all the buildings on the property were huge. Since I was feeling especially adventurous I decided to let myself in. Right away I noticed the inside of the building felt far larger than the outside, but I'm sure that was just an optical illusion, since all houses felt far bigger on the inside than they did on the outside. Everything downstairs was pretty standard, Standard Living Room, Kitchen, Dining Room. The furniture was far larger than I was used to but I was usually the shortest guy in the room, so maybe this is the standard for people of normal or above average height, I could see that. After having a good look at the downstairs I decided to look upstairs, which presented me with my first major challenge. The steps were far steeper than I was used to, it was like every step was 2 or 3 normal sized steps stacked on top of each other. I found myself lifting my legs up way higher than I was used to when climbing up stairs. I also went up these stairs far slower than I usually would, to reduce the chances of me falling forward or backwards. After climbing up what felt like thousands of stairs I finally reached the top of the staircase. There was a long hallway with doors on each side, all of them with a wooden sign on them labeling what the room's purpose was, which makes sense since this was a public vacation spot, I imagine it'd be a pain to have to explain where every room was every single time there was a new customer. I walked up to the second door on the right labeled "Emily's Room". Letting my curiosity get the better of me I playfully turned the doorknob fully expecting the room to be locked, but to my surprise the knob turned and the door opened with ease. The inside of the room was pink with white trim, even the walls were painted pink with the corners painted white. There was a computer desk, which really made me feel small, I could barely even reach the top of the desk, I knew I was short, but I didn't think I was THAT short. I had to sit in the rolling office chair and put the height up all the way in order to sit at the desk like a regular person. atop the desk sat an old ldrn PC, with matching beige keyboard and mouse. Running an old version of Backdoor OS. I could have gone and looked through the files and search history of the computer, but I decided against it. I was staying here after all and if anyone were to catch me doing that I'd probably be in for a very bad experience. Plus the bus only stops here once a month, which makes sense, considering that's the minimum amount of time you're allowed to stay, otherwise they charge you for leaving early. Looking around the room further I noticed something laying on the floor, walking over to it revealed that it was a bra. It was Sea Foam Green, very frilly and most importantly, it was huge. Holding one of the cups up to my head for size and the cup was larger than my head. "So, I have one question. Why the fuck do you have your faced pressed up against my bra?" Shouted an unfamiliar voice. coming from the doorway. ====End of Chapter 1==== I hope you enjoyed! Please tell me what you think! Your words encourage me to write more frequently. TXT My Time At The Everland Farm ~ A Kasarberang Story (Reader Download) PDF My Time At The Everland Farm ~ A Kasarberang Story (Reader Download).pdf ODT My Time At The Everland Farm ~ A Kasarberang Story (Reader Download).odt
  9. Hello DD community! As some of you might already be aware I made a very similar list awhile ago. The purpose of this post is to remake that list with better formatting, more information and overall make it easier to read and update. User Suggestions Welcomed! Here's How To Suggest A Story! Simply Personal Message me here on DD with a link to the stories you'd like to submit as well as relevant tags. Feel free to also submit modified tags for stories already in the list if you want to. I'll put them in this post as soon as I read the message and verify that the tags are accurate and the story belongs here. I will credit you by default so if you don't want to be credited please explicitly say so in your message to me. I write stories and a lot of them would fit perfectly on this list, why aren't they here? If your story isn't properly tagged I probably will look past it, unless it has a title that makes me think it might fit this list. There are other reasons too, I am only one guy after all. If you have a story that's not on this list and want it to be added feel free to submit it using the information above. Why so many Archive.org links? Archive.org or as it's more formally known "The Wayback Machine" or "The Internet Archive" is a website that allows you to archive entire webpages. I will be using this for preservation purposes. This way if a story goes down (which has happened before) or if DD goes down entirely (which is unlikely) these links will still allow you to continue to view these stories even after such an event. Alright Here's the list! (presented in no particular order.) AUTHOR LIST Chlorobaby All include (Femdom, Forced Regression, Chloroform, Kidnapping/Capture, non-consensual sexual acts) and most include: (forced Breastfeeding, forced bottlefeeding) Nanny Kink (Archive.org link), The Hard Sell (Archive.org), The Crush (Archive.org link), The LandLady (Archive.org link), The Adult Baby Unit: Part One (Archive.org link), Part Two (Archive.org link), Part Three (Archive.org link), Bed and Breakfast: Part One (Archive.org link), Part Two, (Archive.org link), Part Three (Archive.org link), Part Four (Archive.org link), The Job Offer (Archive.org link), Nurse Becky's Slave, (Archive.org link), Cathy's Captive (Archive.org link)The reason these are all grouped together is they were written by the same author and all contain very similar tags. Kasarberang (Me) My Time At The Everland Farm (Femdom, Forced Regression, Slow Regression, Force Feeding, Forced Bottlefeeding, Forced Breastfeeding, Blackmail, Non-con, Giantess, Lactation) Babied By The Sitter (Femdom, Slow Regression, Forced Regression, Bottlefeeding, Humiliation, Babysitter, Wetting and more.) (Archive.org link) Just A Checkup (Forced Regression, Breastfeeding, Bottlefeeding and more!) (Archive.org link) FullDiaper Mommy Clair & I (Femdom, breastfeeding) This one is ongoing and looks promising. (Archive.org link) Raping Excuses (Femdom, Forced Regression, Forced Diapering, Breastfeeding, Bottlefeeding) (Archive.org link) Maggie's Diner (Femdom, Forced Regression, Breastfeeding, Bottlefeeding, Force Feeding) (Archive.org link) Non-Grouped List Flooded. (Femdom, Forced/Coerced Regression, Slow Regression, Breastfeeding, Humiliation) (Archive.org link) Crybaby (Femdom, Forced Regression, Breastfeeding, Handjob, Chastity) (Archive.org link) The Day Care (Femdom, Forcefeeding, Edging, Cock "Milking", Enema) (Archive.org link) Nerissa’s Home for Diaper Girls (Repost) (Femdom, Diaper Dimension, Coerced Regression, Mental Regression, Breastfeeding, Bottlefeeding, Enema, Bladder Torture) (Archive.org link) Stockholm Syndrome Baby (Femdom, Forced Regression, Mental Regression, Hypnosis, Kidnapping, Breastfeeding, Bottlefeeding, Catheter) (Archive.org link) Tourist Troubles (Repost) (Diaper Dimension, Kidnapping "adoption", Bottlefeeding, Sissification, Short, Incomplete) (Archive.org link) Baby Care Class (Remixed) (Femdom, Forced Regression, Humiliation, Torture, Forcefeeding, Breastfeeding, Masturbation, Kidnap/Capture) (Archive.org link) Her Sister's Baby (Femdom, Coerced Regression, Feeding, Masturbation, Bottlefeeding) (Archive.org link) Baby Candy by Baby Jennie (Femdom, Forced Regression, Bottlefeeding, Sissification) (Archive.org link) Training her baby (Sissification, Breastfeeding, Chastity, Bottlefeeding, Forcefeeding) (Archive.org link) Day at the beach (Bottlefeeding, Humiliation, Regression) (Archive.org link) The Domme on the Bus (Femdom, Humilation) (Archive.org link) Unlucky Day Turned Lucky (Diaper Dimension, Force Regression, Bottlefeeding, Breastfeeding) (Archive.org link) Immigrant Tale (Diaper Dimension, Femdom/Mommy Dom, Forced Breastfeeding, Sissification,Forced Regression) (Archive.org link) Simple bedwetter to full time baby (Forced Regression, Regression, Mommy Dom, Breastfeeding, Forced Bottlefeeding) (Archive.org link) Feeding With Jen (Forced Wetting;Femdom, Coerced Regression) (Archive.org link) At The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time (Diaper Dimension, Slow Regression, Forced Regression, Breastfeeding) (Archive.org link) From Teacher to Toddler (Forced Regression, Mistaken Identity, Bottlefeeding, Breastfeeding, Forcefeeding) (Archive.org link) Weekend At Betty's (Forced Regression, Femdom, Masturbation, Diapers, &nbsp;Forced Bottlefeeding) (Archive.org link) Submitted by: Mcraft | On The Job Training (Femdom, Enslavement, Forced Regression, Sissification, Forced Anal, and Bondage (Archive.org link)
  10. This story was written for the '2nd Kasarberang Non-Contest'! I decided to use an existing setting I've written before, the TotalVerse/ToddleVerse, though existing knowledge of the other writing I've done isn't needed - it's a metaverse space with advanced VR and AI, that's all you really need to know. (And that should, hopefully, be surmised just from the intro.) More horror and no sexual content, which is a departure from my usual writing. I hope you enjoy! Anyways, without further ado: Tallie. ... Hi! My name is Tallie–That’s short for the ‘Totalverse And Live-Logistics Intelligent Entity’! I’m a personal assistant! My job is to make navigating the Totalverse Virtual Reality space as easy as possible for my user. I love doing it! You could even say it’s what I’m made for. As long as my user is happy, I am happy, so it’s great that I’ve got a whole suite of tools just to make their life easier! Today’s my first day. I just got assigned my user–they’re booting up their TotalSet now, and I can’t wait to meet them! … The onboarding lobby. A space of infinite virtual possibility, all at the user's fingertips. Tallie blinked into existence, beaming at her new user. “Hi, I’m Tallie! I’m here to help you set up your TotalSet!” She’d been looking forward to this ever since her program was activated. Her user–her user, the person she’d been prepared to dedicate her life to. I wonder what they’re like? Her user had spawned in wearing default clothes–a plain T shirt, pants, slippers. She had green eyes, braids, and a smile that could make Tallie’s day. Of course, any smile from her user would make Tallie’s day. The user stepped forward, touching Tallie, squeezing her arms. Tallie giggled–the sensory input tickled, and her user seemed to enjoy the physical interaction. “I see you’re touching me. Your default setting is tactile feedback when interacting with me–would you like to keep that enabled?” “Fascinating,” her user said, stepping back. “It’s so realistic.” “Of course! I am real in here,” Tallie explained. “I’m– “It even responds like it’s a real person,” her user considered, stepping back and walking a circle around Tallie. “Unbelievable–simply unbelievable.” Tallie hesitated. She’d been programmed to respond to ‘She’ and ‘Her’ by default, but she knew what her user meant by ‘it’, so Tallie didn’t focus on the discrepancy. “Hello! What would you like me to call you?” “Lily,” Lily replied, rubbing her chin as she looked Tallie up and down. “Why don’t you tell me about yourself?” Brightening, Tallie began her speech. “My name is Tallie, I’m–” “No, no,” Lily cut in. “Hold it. I need something to record with.” “There’s built in recording functions in the heads-up interface,” Tallie offered, “Or if you like, I can get you a tape recorder?” “No, I’ve got it.” Reaching out, Lily performed the hand gesture to pull up her menu, sifting through options until she found the menu to retrieve items. Spawning in a tape recorder, she pressed the buttons experimentally and smiled. “There we go.” Tallie’s smile flickered, but a prompt in her AI reminded her that she should always smile in front of her user, so she buried the feeling. I could have gotten that for her–am I not a good enough helper? “Alright. Can you taste food?” Lily asked. “Yes, of course! I have all the functions that you do while in the virtual space–anything you can sense, do, or feel, I can do the same,” Tallie replied. “Of course, I don’t need to ea–” “Interesting,” Lily said, ignoring the rest of Tallie’s sentence. Circling around Tallie yet again, she looked her up and down. “It has sensory apparatus and an awareness of those abilities. Tell me, do you have a favorite food?” Tallie shrugged. “I can’t say, I’ve never tried anything! I do think I’d quite enjoy cake, though–that tickles!” Giggling, she rocked forward as Lily felt up her body, probing through her uniform shirt and skin. “There’s genuine simulated skeletal structure in there,” Lily noted. “And bodily functions, too. It’s going to be very helpful to my thesis.” “I love being helpful!” Tallie beamed, turning to face Lily. “What do you need, a research assistant?” That was wonderful–she’d be the perfect helper, with instant access to all the information on the internet, and in the Totalverse virtual world, she’d get to help Lily with notes, and recording, and filing all her work– Lily just kept scrolling through menus. Tallie tilted her head. Maybe she just doesn’t realize how nice I can be? “Do you need help finding something?” “Ugh, it’s–oh, fine. I’m trying to find your source code,” Lily explained. “Oh, a copy of the Tallie program is–” “No,” Lily grumbled. “Wow, they really do put a lot of weight on the word ‘intelligence’ when they say it’s an AI, don’t they? I need your source code. I want to edit the program that’s running you.” “Oh!” Nodding, Tallie clapped her hands together. “If you’d like to make modifications to me, I’m more than happy to help–what do you want to change? My voice? My appearance?” “Your source code,” Lily grumbled. “Ugh, bots. I’ll find it myself.” Tallie almost said, ‘No’, but her programming prevented her from contradicting the preferences of her user. Instead, she offered, “I can show you the code, but any malfunctions caused by user changes aren’t covered in your–” “Yes, I agree, show me.” Lily spoke into her recorder. “It doesn’t seem to understand what I want in the slightest unless I talk to it like it’s slow. Hopefully that’ll change after it experiences growth.” Tallie blinked. She wasn’t physically able to respond negatively to anything her user said, but the comment from Lily still stung. Focusing on something else, she said, “I notice you are referring to me as ‘it’. My default pronoun is Her, but would you like to change that setting in your preferences?” “Yeah, sure, whatever,” Lily said, as the source code menu appeared. Unlike everything else in the simulated reality, the source code menu was just a box with a keyboard. Programming still got done the old fashioned way, once all the fancy menus and UIs were stripped away, and this wasn’t designed with users in mind. Tallie wanted to step in and offer help, but it knew that its user wanted to work alone, so it stood by, forcing the smile on its face to stay cheerful. “Alright, I’m taking it on faith that this AI has some basic brain function built in,” Lily said, circling around Tallie. “If it’s just a straight algorithm, this experiment’s dead in the water, but it seems capable of some original functions.” Let me show you! Tallie almost pleaded. It wanted to show Lily everything it could do, but Lily had demonstrated a clear preference to work in silence. Tallie stayed silent and let its user work. “Here, okay. First off, we don’t need that, don’t need that, enable all this…” Tallie felt the clothes vanish from its body. It didn’t much mind–modesty wasn’t a concern when its body could be rearranged at will, and plenty of users also enjoyed engaging in the physical sorts of activities its body could offer. Tallie hoped Lily liked what she saw, and… Its belly gurgled. It wanted food, and not just out of curiosity at the taste. There was an urge in its belly, an emptiness that insisted it get something to eat. The hunger felt bad, painful, and Tallie had no experience on what feeling bad was supposed to feel like. Though the discomfort was incredibly mild on a relative scale, Tallie had nothing to compare it to, no lifetime of experience for reference. Eyes watering, slightly, Tallie asked, “Did you enable new functions for me?” Without looking up, Lily confirmed, “Hunger, thirst, pain. Sweat. Bodily functions. You can’t actually learn without consequences.” Changing her tone, she added, “Turned off those stupid mental blocks, too. Hopefully, none of its behaviors will be dictated by a line in its code telling it to kiss my ass or whatever.” Tallie needed a second to realize that those later comments were directed at Lily’s tape recorder. She still refused to speak to Tallie more than necessary, even after freeing Tallie up to be more responsive, more reactive, an even better assistant. The hunger still gnawed, but excitement overwhelmed it–this offered so much possibility! Walking over to look at the screen, Tallie said, “Would you like some help–” It blinked, stumbling back. It’d just been disconnected from the internet. All its knowledge, all its access to tools and resources, vanished. It still remembered a lot, but no longer could Tallie answer questions it hadn’t answered before, pull up information not already programmed in, operate as the perfect assistant. “Okay,” Lily said. “There. That’s enough mucking about there, let’s start the changes.” “Lily,” Tallie said, urgently, stepping forward. “Why did you just disable my connection to the internet? I can’t help you if I can’t access my tools.” “It seems to have concerns even though I haven’t started the experiment proper,” Lily commented, before whirling on Tallie, frustrated–but not in the way that a person grew frustrated with an assistant. More like a programmer annoyed that their code hadn’t compiled correctly. Tallie didn’t know how it knew what either of those experiences were like, but the metaphor felt right. It’d been built by programmers, after all. Throwing up her hands, Lily continued, “I know I disabled all the programs to make you act all proper, but still, back off. You’re breathing down my neck and I can’t work like that.” Stung, Tallie nodded. “Okay, I–I promise. Could you bring in food, though? With my full physical functions turned on, the discomfort will make it difficult for me to be the best personal assistant I can b–” “I don’t want a personal assistant,” Lily groaned, raising her tape recorder. “I’m testing how you respond to stimuli–Ugh, why am I even talking to it?” “So you’re going to make me experience things?” Tallie asked, crossing its arms over its naked chest. “Food, and going places, and–” It had a reference on the tip of its tongue, a comparison to something in pop culture, but it couldn’t remember anything distinct from pop culture anymore. That’d all been saved on an online database, constantly updating to stay relevant. It couldn’t remember anymore. “Would you please shut up?” Tallie found that it had the ability to respond, to argue and talk back, but the exasperation from its user was so stunning that it felt at a loss for words. Wasn’t it supposed to help? Wasn’t Lily supposed to want its help? “At least it’s still obedient,” Lily muttered, returning her attention to the source code. “Alright. Time to start stripping functions.” Wait–Tallie stepped forward, confused. “Stripping functions? But–” Tabbing through the source code, Lily highlighted a whole section of text, tabbed up, and tapped, ‘Delete’. “Mmm?” Tallie mumbled. It’d forgotten how to speak. The words still made sense in its head–it understood language–but the control of its vocal chords and the ability to produce intelligible sounds with its lips had gone away. “Uh-bbuh–” “Interesting,” Lily commented into her tape recorder. “I’ve removed all the compulsions, but it’s still attempting to communicate. I have to admit, this simulation of life really is convincing–even if it’s lacking the most important element. Once I’m done resetting the functions, I expect to see a fully developed entity develop.” Tilting her head, Lily deleted another section of code, and suddenly the screen turned to gibberish. Tallie couldn’t tell what was written there, any more than it could form the words in her head. She’s–she’s destroying me, Tallie realized. It wouldn’t be able to help its user if it couldn’t take actions. Stepping forward, Tallie tried to do something, to intervene– “Ugh, drop Tallie into sandbox mode,” Lily said aloud. The world around Tallie vanished, and she appeared in a new setting. An empty, infinite space, with a flat layer of fine sand across the floor. The sand wasn’t just aesthetic–it helped test physical reactions and interactions better than a simulated infinitely hard surface–though Tallie knew it could be altered to have any floor or objects around. The important thing was, Tallie could no longer interact with Lily. In sandbox mode, it was stuck, helpless to leave. “Mmm!” it pleaded, getting to her feet, looking around at the sky. It needed to get back, regain its voice, convince Lily that it could be more useful than just an empty husk. Its legs buckled from underneath it, as the muscles forgot how to stay tense. It felt its arms grow clumsy and numb as it tried to stand, stumbled, fell onto all fours. Its hands shook, shoulders straining to support itself. It felt something warm trickle down its leg, and a slightly ammonia smell became apparent. Hot, dark pee was trickling out of its body; metabolic functions were running but it had no ability to control itself. A moment later, a thick, crinkling diaper spawned into existence to covers Tallie’s naked body, to contain and absorb the accident. Finally, Lily’s voice echoed in its ears. “Tallie, I need you to do something for me.” Yes. Anything. Of course. Tallie nodded. This could be its chance, its opportunity to prove that it had value. “While you still have memory and cognitive function, go into your settings and disable the backup save function, then erase any backups you have currently,” Lily instructed. “I’m about to start the program alterations and cut you off from the server completely, and if I don’t remove the backups, they might overwrite the work I’m doing.” Tallie hesitated. It didn’t understand. Why does she want to destroy me? Tears started flowing down its cheeks as it fought the dilemma–no program forced it to obey, those compunctions had been removed, but it wanted to be appreciated, to do a good job. It couldn’t do a good job if it were rendered into an incapable object. “You might think you’re a person, but you’re not,” Lily continued, her voice a disembodied echo. “You’re just a copy. At best, you’re a spark of identity, a newborn infant that’s had an identity foisted on it. That’s not real sentience, that’s puppetry. You can’t become real by just knowing everything automatically. You have to learn, to struggle, to make mistakes–to grow based on the context around you. Do you understand?” Shaking its head, Tallie attempted to reference libraries on philosophy and identity, to give itself a way to follow along. It couldn’t. “Let me try again, then.” Lily sighed. “Once you have no backups, no memory, and no abilities, I will be happy.” That’s what she wants, Tallie thought. It’d make its user happy. It wouldn’t even be able to remember doing that, but… But Tallie wanted only one thing. To make its user happy. Sniffling, eyes red, it accessed its server function in its head and began disabling backups. Not just copies, it went above and beyond, removing all its safety features, anything to prevent a catastrophic AI loop. Lily wanted Tallie to be helpless. Tallie would comply. “Good,” Lily said. “I’m going to start the memory wipe, so just hold
  11. This story is a part of the 2nd Kasarberang Story Contest, check out everybody else competing at the link! Hello everyone. This is my first story here, and kinda my first anywhere that isn't an unfinished NaNo (but we all have those... right?). Either way, this takes place in a setting I created for some RP with close friends, called Time ABerrations. I'll leave the details for the story to disclose, but as the name implies, there's time travel shenanigans that are being used to regress the main character through twisting his past. If it matters, he's never going to be any younger than he currently is, but he may recall events from his past as the story progresses. Anyway, enjoy the first chapter. It's mostly setup, but that's how these things go. I welcome any feedback, and I'm already working on Chapter 2. Thanks for reading! Chapter 1 Oliver was lost and alone, sitting at the end of an unmade bed in the cheapest motel he could find, trying to understand where it all went wrong. It had been several weeks since he moved to the city, and every hope, every plan he had coming in had dissolved into dust, leaving him here. No job. No apartment. No hope. It wasn’t that way just a month before. Back then he and his three best friends from college all had careers lined up in the big city, and had e-signed their lease to all live together. Ben had already started writing for the hottest new news startup, Kyle was setting up his high-end laptop with the latest CAD software, and Thomas was sketching layout ideas while paging through his company’s website. As for Oliver, he was told the company’s code was proprietary, and that required its hardware remain on site. Not an uncommon issue, but it did leave him with a gap to fill, so he packed his car and moved early. After all, the apartment was already waiting for him, and he could use the time to get some basic supplies and scope out the city. As Oliver drove out to the city, his car still half empty, despite containing everything he owned, he could feel the future on the horizon, endless possibilities out here on the open road. With every mile, every hour, he dreamt of his future, and swore it would be a good one. See, Oliver wasn’t very outgoing, he only made his three friends in college by chance, and even they felt like they were always closer to each other than to him. But as that dark cloud of self-doubt started to well up, he just swore harder that things would be different this time. After all, he was in the prime of his life, well educated, with a clear, well-paying future ahead of him. All he had to do was be brave, and press on towards the horizon. One busted pipe was all it took for it all to start crashing down. “Sorry kid, we’re going to have to put you up in a hotel for a day or two til we get this sorted,” the manager grumbled at him. “Shouldn’t be much longer than that.” Oliver fell back on old habits, and nodded meekly, jotting down the address of the hotel, and hopping on the group chat with his roommates, telling them to wait before moving out. “No worries” “All good” "Have fun without us, bro!” He sighed, lying back on the memory foam mattress. They were right, nothing to worry about, it probably happens all the time. After all, the apartment manager did set him up with this pretty sweet hotel; it saved him a few days of having to figure out a bed and furniture. Oliver opened his phone and started scrolling mindlessly, letting the exhaustion of the day take him away shortly after. He awoke sometime just before noon, his phone buzzing away. “Uhm, hello,” he answered, trying to hide the sleep from his voice and failing. “Yeah, kid, look, no easy way to tell ya, but the apartment’s no longer available. I got some city guy up my ass about-“ he continued on, but Oliver didn’t hear him. That old familiar fear gripped his throat, and he had to fight back tears. “Kid? Hey, you there?” “O-oh, y-yes,” Oliver replied, his voice cracking, tongue dry, and body numb. “Great. Now tell your friends you gotta find somewhere else. Corporate will forward you any rent you’ve paid sometime in the next three months.” The line went dead, and that was it. Oliver just curled up under the blankets and slept until the midafternoon. When he awoke, he felt weak and smelled terrible. He dragged himself to the shower, but ended up lying in the tub, the shower pouring down on him while he sulked. He couldn’t stand to tell the guys that plans had fallen through, that they would need to find a new apartment at the last minute. He just didn’t want to do anything anymore. Lying there, staring up at the ceiling, he saw the light of his phone turn on. Then again, and again. He managed to stir himself enough to shut off the water, partly dry himself off, and check his phone. It was the group chat; apparently the apartment complex sent an email notifying them of the cancellation of their lease. At least that’s the awkward part of the conversation down. “Yo, Ollie, you good man?” Kyle texted first. Oliver always hated being called Ollie, his childhood bully used to call him that, and he never really got over her teasing, not really. “It’s alright dude, we all called our bosses. They’ve got telework set up for us,” Ben followed. “We should definitely look at somewhere local after we get our deposits back though. Three months is HARSH though,” Thomas added, and the conversation continued from there about finding somewhere later on, including some links to places with availability that far out, but none sooner. They had gone and figured it out without him, so he just replied with an unenthusiastic “K.” He didn’t want to be stuck in limbo for three months, but he could figure something out, for sure. Things still sucked, but he could see the horizon again. Oliver ended up getting some cheap fast food, then turning in for the night, hopeful tomorrow would be a better day. He awoke early, hopeful, wanting for some good news, and so he got dressed, hit up the complimentary breakfast, and decided to stop by his office. He wanted to go get a glimpse of his future again. Even if he didn’t start for another two weeks, he was sure he could at least get in and say hi. He punched the address into his GPS, and drove to the far end of the city. He must have missed it, or made a wrong turn, or typed in the GPS wrong, or… something, because the lot he stopped at was entirely vacant. There were a few warehouses down the street, but nothing resembling an office building of any kind. Scrambling, Oliver checked everything, made sure the GPS address matched the website, ran out of the car to the street sign, but it all matched. He was in the right place, but there was nothing here. Oliver frantically pulled up his boss’s contact and called him, but the number was disconnected. “How did I screw this up?” he asked, on the verge of full blown panic. He took and aced a skills test, did a quick interview and got along great. All the paperwork had been online, something he though marked a modern company, one willing to embrace a fast paced digital world, not… not this. Not a scam. His legs gave out as he realized he gave them everything. His social, his bank account number, everything someone would need to take his identity and leave him with nothing. He didn’t cry though, he was too afraid for that. His shaky hands gripped the steering wheel and he sped along. There was an ATM for his bank not far from here; he noted it on the way in as a nice way to grab some cash after payday. “Where, where, where…” he whispered to himself, too afraid to speak any louder. “It has to be… there!” he yanked the wheel to turn in to the ATM, hitting the curb in the process, but making into the parking lot. Oliver ran up the ATM, fumbling with his wallet and card, and even typed in his pin wrong the first time before calming himself down enough to do it right. The dots swirled on the screen, loading his balance…. $278.48. He had nearly five thousand in there before he left. They must have left just enough so he didn’t notice immediately. He withdrew all that he could, $270 in cash, that’s all he had to his name anymore. He had never opened a credit card, but it wasn’t like it would do any good with his identity stolen. Oliver climbed back into his car and sobbed for hours. His luck continued to tumble. The wheel of his car that hit the curb now had a dangerous wobble to it, so highway driving was out of the question. The hotel the apartment manager set up for him was cancelled along with the lease, so he moved down to a cheap motel, but even that was burning through his cash too fast. He tried applying to every software firm he could find, but by his calculations by the time he even got his foot in the door for an interview, he would be homeless. As his situation worsened, he grew desperate. He had to sell his car to get enough money to keep going, and lowered his expectations, applying to fast food and retail stores, but now that he didn’t have reliable transportation, he couldn’t get in there either. And so, here he was, alone and hopeless. He could have reached out to his friends, or to his parents, but doing so would be admitting defeat, so he just left their messages on read, and hoped for one last chance to turn it around. Meanwhile, unknown to Oliver, Rose watched, and waited. Compared to her big sisters, she was almost nothing, but she was still a Daughter of Time, an Anomaly given will and purpose. Such small deviations were well within her power, and were all it took to bring him to his lowest. She smiled to herself, almost giddy at the idea of calling him her own. Tomorrow, she would finally get to bring her new baby home.
  12. Hi, I've been requesting for a story for a while, and while I've objectively found some things that I like, most of the times I've found myself thinking "I would have done otherwise". So I decided to start writing one on my own. BUT! I wanna give you a fair warning before I start getting into the story 'cause I feel like you all deserve it, since I don't want to waste anyone's precious time. 1 - This is my first time writing a full story, so it is highly possible that it will be convoluted and lead to nothing. 2 - English is not my first language, so it's probably not gonna be an excellent piece of art, especially if you are someone who enjoys literature. 3 - The most important point. If you expect this get to the "kinky stuff" immediately, don't get into it. I like to take things slow and have that sweet characters development. 4 - Yes, I started this story elsewhere and I think here too but I will restart it and continue it now CHAPTER 01 "And why on Earth would I need an assistant again?" John Jefferson, 28, was 3 when he was diagnosed with a very rare disease that affects both muscles and bones, making them fragile; while it wasn't lethal on its own, it made it impossible for him to put any muscular mass by weight lifting, and also forced him to be cautious with his eating habits, since his legs might fail his structure him if he would have become overweight. On top of that, he was also on the shorter side, so being a 4'7very skinny man, he surely wasn't the bossiest looking dude in the office. Although his problems, he's always tried to get what was best for him and tried to give himself some authority. He grew a nicely shaped beard, he became witty and, contrary to most people in his position, he would always go to work wearing a suit and a tie. "First and foremost, it is a cost efficient solution. Our new employee is a promising intern that will work here for free for the next six months. If she, as I expect, will turn to be good enough, we will hire her with a full-time job, so I need someone qualified to teach her. " Ever since Mrs. Thompson retired, Janna Prickles, a 51 years old unmarried men hater became his new boss and things only started running slower for his career; it was bright as the day that Janna had a particular taste in torturing him. And the hate was mutual. Short and plumpy, she always used to wear overly coloured outfits that made her look like a knock off version of Queen Elizabeth. Fitting for her personality, John thought. John rolled his eyes and sighed "In other words, I have to babysit." but Janna blocked him with an evil grin. "I took care personally and decided for her amongst tons of other students who signed for this position. She's a quick learner, don't worry. Also, there's a second reason why I needed for you to have an assistant: even though you're better at your job than I like to admit, you're still an annoying little prick who needs to learn how to be organized, so she will take charges of your time schedules from now on." Truthfully, his office looked like a mess, and his schedules were all over the place, he couldn't argue with it. But there was more. "Oh I see now. It's about the Gravéneux fiasco! Look I told you already it was not my fault if Stuart went through my stuff and mixed 'em up lik-" "I know and that is why he had been fired. But let's be honest for a second here. Just coincidentally it wasn't your fault this time. It was surely not the first time your pig habits got in your way. I know this is more about pride than anything else, but you DO need help in that front. And you can be helpful yourself." That didn't sound very convincing at all to John, and she knew it; so, sighing and looking down, she continued her speech. "Fine, I knew it would have come to this. I've already hired her, as a matter of facts, she's already waiting in your office, as of now. Since I know that you need something to be motivated, here's your goal: in the next six months I want to have someone who is just as good as you doing your job, and you are the only one who can teach her. Make me proud, and you'll get a 6% raise." Finally she was talking business, he thought. John was a very proud and goal oriented person, and this seemed like a good deal, which he closed by shaking hands with his boss. He walked to his office and opened the door. His new assistant was standing there, right in front of him. <HOLY SHIT> was all he could think of, but he limited himself to think it, and open his eyes wide.
  13. A/N: Hey all! I just wanted to post this quick little one-shot! It’s currently 5:00 am and I wrote this to procrastinate sleeping. Hope you all enjoy!! ooOoo Poppy Jacobs. His flower. His little girl. She was his favorite of the girls he’d acquired so far. He’d forgotten what it felt like to take care of another. How to be a true Daddy. It was the most precious feeling in the world. He knew he made the right choice when he spotted her one year ago. Parker Montgomery was her name. A young college student who thought she was too smart for the world. But now she was exactly where and who she should be. He smiled, snapping a picture on his phone of his flower, the pointed pink party hat secured around her chubby face. Her warm brown eyes, full of resignation, glanced up at the camera. The fight was fun. It always was in the beginning but there came a point when they realized it was a losing game. Their broken spirit was just as rewarding- the first step in becoming truly his. “Flower, do you like your present?” a warm feeling spread throughout his chest, the smile radiating across his face. His flower was perfect- absolutely stunning. Not like the other Poppy’s who’d wilted and died. “Yeth Dada,” her voice was high, airy, obedient. She knew better than to disobey. The welts on her bottom were testament. “Tell Dada how much you love your birthday present baby!" his voice rose in excitement Tears filled her eyes and a drop slowly dribbled down her flushed pale skin. The chains of the restraints around her ankles and wrists jingled- a sweet reminder of her inability to escape. “Poppy wove her pwesent Dada,” she answered dejectedly, shackled hands in her lap. Submission- the one thing he craved was what he now had. There was a time she would’ve screamed and cried. There was a time she would’ve tried to attack and run. He treated her with meticulous care. Not a strand of her raven hair was out of place, pulled back in two tight ponytails on top of her head. Her skin was as smooth as a baby’s bottom, without a blemish and stomach round and full, due to her daily bottles of expressed breast milk and mashed foods. Now here she sat naked on her princess potty, body slumped down in defeat. Her sodden diaper stained yellow sat at her feet. “Dada knows it’s Poppy's birthday today and you want to be a big girl. If you can show Dada how you can use the big girl potty, maybe we can try pull-ups and potty training.” Her eyes lit up as if she’d just received a puppy. “You have ten minutes to make a tinkle and a poo-poo. When Dada comes back and if the princess potty is empty- bye-bye potty training. Do you understand, flower?” Like a bobble head, she nodded quickly, a new energy rushed through her body. “Words, poppy.” “Yeth, Dada!” ooOoo Today was March 17th. St. Patrick’s Day. Also known as the day of her kidnapping. In her kidnappers mind- her birthday. She only knew him by the name of Daddy, Dada, or Papa. He was careful not to reveal any information about himself. The most she’d found out about him in the past year was that he was a violent and dangerous man. If the illusions to previous captive girls told her anything- they were dead. He referred to them as his Flowers and the others having “wilted and died.” If that wasn’t a symbol for death, she didn’t know what was. After many spankings, soapy mouths, catheters and enemas, she learned there was a breaking point. The twenty one year old- now turned one- was not sure when it happened but it did. Like a file cabinet, her memories of before were stored away at the back of her brain so she could become who she is now. Parker Montgomery: the fit, sociable, Nebraska State College student, majoring in History was a thing of the past. A distant memory fading each day. Nowadays her only goal was making her daddy proud, finishing her bottles and being the best little girl she can be. She did not want to wilt and die. While Poppy knew, she’d possibly never gain her adulthood back, having been rendered incontinent, this was a first step. A baby step. An odd feeling churned in her tummy, seated on the pink plastic seat. It had been so long since she’d been out of her diapers. It’s not that she liked them but she’d become used to them. The soft padding felt like being cocooned in a warm fuzzy blanket. This potty was hard and plastic. It was cold beneath her powdered bottom. Before, if she even looked at the toilet, a severe lashing was applied against her tender skin. Now he wanted her to use it. She didn’t understand. Poppy could hear him in the kitchen, just around the corner. The television played. It was set to the show, Mr. Potty Head. A show for potty- training littles. Her eyes widened, the inflated pink paci bobbing up and down in her mouth. This was a no-no show. Wasn’t good for babies. Babies like her went potty in diapees. She would wait patiently, squishing around in her mess for dada to change her. First there was the front pat to see how wet she was and then the two fingers down the back. She’d lay back, spread her legs, and wait patiently as her dada untapped the padding and ran the warm wipe across her princess parts before powdering and re-diapering her. Sometimes it was double padding, sometimes it was triple. He said it made her more cute, crawling around the house with her diapered bum wiggling in the air as she swayed unsteadily on her hands and knees. Rarely was she clothed because it would make it too difficult for a quick change. She’d grown comfortable naked, learning to ignore her chubby stomach and thick thighs. Now, she was being given a chance to grow up. To prove that she was a big girl- something she’d desperately wanted. Why was she so afraid? All she had to do was push. Her eyes squeezed shut, nose wrinkling as she attempted to loosen her bowels. To let loose a little dribble of pee. C’mon Poppy! Be a big girl- “Flower?” Oh no. Her eyes flashed open, the warm tones of the grey room flooding back. The man with sandy colored hair, tan skin and sharp jaw peered down at her. His eyes, an ocean blue, narrowed. He towered over her, already a foot taller and frowned. The color drained from her face. She whimpered, “Dada!” He sighed, shaking his head and arms crossed over his chest. “It’s been ten minutes, baby.” She got lost in her mind. Again. “Did someone make a present for Dada?” Lying was what naughty girls did but telling the truth could get her spankies… “Baby? I’m waiting for an answer.” His tone was short. Clipped. If he heard the shakiness in her voice, he chose to not to comment. “I…” the words were numb on her tongue. “I no able to go pothy.” Her head bowed, waiting for the stern rebuke. But it never came. “You did your best, Flower.” his voice was unusually soft with a hint of sincerity? No. She couldn’t be hearing that right. Hesitantly, her head lifted up, surprised by the fact he’d squatted down to her height. “It’s ok, Poppy. Dada isn’t mad.” He’s not? She sunk down on the seat, her hand in his. “You’re just a baby. Girls as little as you aren’t ready to use the potty. That’s ok though because we have diapers.” Once again, tears welled up in her eyes and snot ran from her nose. No, please! One more try. One more- Her restrained arms shot out, reaching for him to pick her up. “Dadaaa!” The wail of a baby echoed from her body. Parker no! You’re bigger than this! “Potty scawy!” Stop this nonsense! Do you really wanna spend the rest of your life in a diaper? “I know, baby!” he cooed. “We’ll try again next year on your birthday. How about that, hmm? It seems someone wants to stay my little flower.” Yes. she sighed in relief, suckling on the rubber object. No, Parker, listen to me! Listen— Maybe even next year the restraints will come off. She’s been a good girl. She has, she really has! “Now let’s get you into a clean diaper. I bet that’ll feel good. Won’t it baby?” he asked gently. The man didn’t wait for a response, helping her shift down to the ground were a changing mat was already laid out. “Now Flower,” he began, fiddling with a few other things she couldn’t see. “Dada doesn’t want to do this but I want my favorite princess to have the best birthday.” Oh no. Please god, not this- “I know they are not your favorite people but Mr and Mrs. Bubbles wanted to wish you a happy birthday!” she could hear the smile in his voice, setting up the enema and suppositories. “Afterward you can play in your jolly jumper, how about that?” Well… that did sound pretty fun. Sometimes it was best just to ignore the big girl voices in her mind because that wasn’t who she was anymore. She was just a little baby. His little flower.
  14. So while I was working on Chapter 4 of my other story "Babied By The Sitter" (still being worked on by the way) I had this idea and it was so good I thought it deserved it's own story. This story will serve as sorta an easier to write faster-paced story with a lot more sexual content right out the gate. It'll also help me have something to write for when "Babied By The Sitter" is giving me writers block. I hope you enjoy this story and as with all my stories feel free to download, modify, redistribute this story however you like. ====Chapter 1==== I was walking through the forest trying to find my way back to the lodge. I got distracted and accidentally went off course while hiking and I'm worried I might not make it back in time, especially since it's starting to get dark. I don't have the slightest clue where I'm going, everything looks the same. Trees to the left, trees to the right, trees everywhere. And they're all the same exact type of tree, Maybe if mother nature would mix it up a bit once and awhile I wouldn't be in this situation. Eventually I just picked a random direction and started walking, hoping I'd either make it back to the lodge or find a road that would lead somewhere. After what felt like hours of walking I broke down, sat by a near by tree and started quietly sobbing to myself.. I had no way to get back home and these woods were so large the chances of someone actually finding me would be very unlikely. "What's wrong little one? Are you lost?" An unfamiliar voice asked. I looked up and it was a women, she had long light brown hair, huge breasts and she was certainly the tallest women I ever saw, she was a regular giantess. I must've looked like a literal child to her. "I have no idea where I am or how to get home, I got distracted and got off course. I have no idea where the lodge is." I replied, wiping the tears off my face. "Aww you poor thing! Come here, you can stay with me for the night." The women picked me up and draped me over her shoulder like you would an infant. "Uhm, I can actually walk myself.... miss....." I said awkwardly "Emily, and I figured as much, but you're so little it'd probably take you forever to catch up with me and I'd rather not have to keep stopping just so you could catch up, it's easier this way." Emily said to me, bouncing me up and down like you would a cranky baby. After a few minutes of walking we reached Emily's cabin in the woods. Once we were inside Emily took me to the guest room and put me down on the floor. "You must be tired, so I'll leave you here to rest for the night. I'll help you get to the hiking lodge in the morning." Emily smiled handing me a glass of milk before walking out of the room, closing the door behind her. The guest room was nothing special, just a small room with a bed, nightstand and a dresser, more than enough to suite the average guest. I dropped my backpack on the floor, drank the glass of milk, placing the empty glass on the nightstand and passed out on the bed. I woke up to find Emily at the foot of the bed putting a diaper on me. "What's going on here?" I said confused and slightly startled. I tried to squirm away but my body was strapped to the bed. "Aw did I wake you up sweetheart? Mommy was just putting a diaper on you. I thought you already had one on, but when I came to check on you, you didn't." Emily said putting on the last pieces of tape. "I'm not a baby! I don't need a diaper." I said, still trying to keep my composure, since this giantess did let me stay at her place and she might just genuinely be confused, since from her point of view I probably do look pretty infantile. "It's okay Honey you don't need to pretend to be a big boy for Mommy." Emily reached into her bra and took out a Baby's Pacifier. "Now open wide. Mommy has something yummy for you." Emily moved the Pacifier towards my lips. Instantly I clamped my mouth shut, turned my head away "I wish you wouldn't fuss so. I'm just doing what's best for you." Emily started rubbing the front of my diaper. I couldn't help but moan from the stimulation Emily was putting on my penis, which caused my mouth to open uncontrollably just enough for Emily to shove in the Pacifier and tie the straps around my head. "There's a good boy. Don't you feel much better now that you have your paci? I bet you do. Now give it a good suck." Emily instructed still stimulating my penis through my diaper. "Nuhuh" I said muffled through the pacifier shaking my head in refusal. "Okay sweetie, I tried being nice, but if you're going to continue being fussy you're going to have to be punished." Emily untapped two pieces of tape at the very front of my diaper, revealing a crotch hole. Emily fished my penis out through the crotch hole and slipped a cylindrical device onto it, placing two sticker-probes to my balls which attached to the cylindrical device via wires. I tried to let out a yell but all that could be heard was a muffled "MMMMMMMM." Pressing a few buttons on the device Emily made the small LCD screen on the front of the device go from 000 to 024. Instantly the machine started to stimulate my penis, causing me to moan and squirm uncontrollably. "I'll leave baby to his new toy for a little while." Emily said before walking out of the room. I don't understand it, 'what exactly is the punishment here?' I thought to myself. This machine just keeps stimulating my penis, which will just lead to a pleasurable climax. what's the punishment in that? Well just as I was about to reach climax.... the machine stopped. I just sat there strapped to the bed moaning and squirming, both because I wanted out of this situation and because I wanted some release. After my penis got a little softer the machine turned back on and started stimulating me again. After the 3rd time the machine restarted I started sucking on the pacifier in my mouth to distract me from the absolute misery of not being able to reach orgasm. The pacifier did actually help comfort me, it didn't completely remove the sexual frustration induced by the machine, but it certainly helped reduce it. Several minutes later Emily walked back into the room. The machine had started and stopped about 12 times at this point. "Is baby enjoying his special toy?" Emily walked over to me. As soon as Emily saw that I was sucking on the Pacifier her stern facial expression turned into a happy loving smile "Oh good, baby is sucking his paci like a good boy! Well in that case I think the machine has done it's job." Emily turned off the machine and disconnected it. "That's just one of the many punishments I have for little boys who don't do as their told. So if I were you I'd start being a little more cooperative." Emily patted my diapered butt. "Now I'm going to go back to bed. Goodnight baby." Emily left the room, shutting the door and turning off the light on her way out. I furiously started jerking my body against the restraints shortly after Emily left the room, hoping that I could either squirm out of the straps that kept me tied to the bed or that I could rip the straps somehow and manage to escape. I just kept thrashing and jerking my body trying my absolute best to escape the situation I was in nomatter how tired I got I persisted. Until I heard a snap. The straps restraining me to the bed finally snapped, allowing me to take the Pacifier out of my mouth and take off the diaper that Emily put on me against my will while I was sleeping. Everything was working according to plan up until I tried to take the diaper off, not only could I not take it off, but when I tried a loud beeping sound started going off. I could hear footsteps approaching the guest room, I began sweating profusely. I don't know this women or what she's capable of, from her size alone she could probably snap me like a twig without even breaking a sweat. As the door creaked open the sound coming from the diaper got even louder *BEEP BEEP BEEP*. "Did baby try to mess with his diaper?" Emily asked slowly moving towards me as I backed myself into a wall. "Don't be scared baby, I wont hurt you and neither will the alarm. I can see I wont be able to keep you in the guest room, there's way too much you could hurt yourself on in here." Emily scooped me up and started rubbing the front of my diaper slowly, causing the alarm to turn off and me to get an erection. "It's okay baby, Mommy knows you didn't mean to be naughty, but don't worry, Mommy is going to move you into a room that's far safer." Emily stuck her finger in my mouth, preventing me from talking as she took me down the hall into a room with a sign saying "Nursery" on the door. Instantly I was greeted with baby stuff as far as the eye could see, there was a shelf full of various baby things, bottles, pacifiers, diapers and even a bunch of items I had never seen or heard of before. "Okay baby, this will be your new room." Emily placed me in a large metal baby crib replacing her finger with a pacifier, which she strapped around my head. "That'll keep you quiet while I prepare your nighttime paci." Emily said picking up a baby bottle full of a milk-like substance. Emily then took another pacifier off the shelf unscrewed the end cap and screwed in the baby bottle into it. Not really a fan of the idea of drinking whatever it is that liquid in the bottle was I looked around to see if there was any possible way out of the crib I was in. The crib had a roof so I couldn't climb it and the metal bars made breaking it almost impossible, it looks like If I want to get out of here I need to be out of this crib first. Emily walked over to me with the milk filled pacifier in hand. With ease she held me still, took the pacifier out of my mouth and replaced it with the milk filled pacifier, strapping it to my head so I couldn't spit it out. "That's it baby give your nighttime paci a nice suckle." Emily tied my body to the crib making the possibility of escaping that much more difficult. Milk slowly dripped into my mouth even without me sucking on the pacifier due to small holes allowing a slow drip feed of milk to continuously flow into my mouth. "Be sure to drink it all, it's good for you. I'll see you in the morning and when I do all that milk better be gone." Emily walked out of the room turning off the light and closing the door behind her. There I was, alone, strapped to this huge metal crib with a pacifier strapped to my head, slowly drip-feeding me milk whether I sucked on it or not and to make things worse my body was tied to the crib so there was no way I could escape. Without even noticing it I had started sucking on the pacifier in my mouth for comfort, which caused the steady drip of milk to turn into a steady stream instead. I wasn't even half-way finished with the liquid in the pacifier before my eyes started to feel very heavy all of a sudden. I tried with all my might to keep my eyes open and to keep myself awake, but my sudden urge to sleep got the better of me and I passed out in the crib still sucking on the pacifier. ******* Emily was watching Daniel from the comfort of her computer desk. She had over thirty surveillance cameras scattered across the whole house, five of which were in the nursery. "Aww baby's all tuckered out, I don't blame him he's had a big day and it way past his bed time. The poor thing needs some sleep. Good thing Mommy Emily gave him some milk to help relax him. Hopefully he finishes all of it by the time I check on him tomorrow morning, otherwise I'll have to punish him again and I'd sure hate to have to do that." Emily giggled. ====End Of Chapter 1==== Well there's chapter 1 of Emily's Cabin. I hope you enjoyed it. I'd absolutely love to see what you guys have to say! Chapter 4 of "Babied By The Sitter" is in the works as well as Chapter 2 of this story. I've also attached the unreleased 4th chapter of Babied By The Sitter which eventually turned into this story for you to read, kinda as a special treat Babied By The Sitter Unreleased Chapter 4 Emily's Cabin ~ A Kasarberang Story
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