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  1. Well, this is my first ever story for a contest - in particular, this is for Kasarberang's fourth contest, and I'll post the link at the bottom. Anyway, without further ado, welcome to the show! - Chapter One: Sentencing - Ferne Beliveau had presented her closing arguments this Sunday of the capital murder trial with confidence, poise, and the expertise of a long-time professional - which was shocking, since she was the youngest (and newest) District Attorney in the history of Louisiana (all of Louisiana, not just New Orleans, her district) at the tender age of twenty-nine, having been in law school since she was seventeen. She was certain the man before her would be convicted by the jury, who had finished deliberations and were standing before the judge. “Have you reached a verdict?” Judge Anderson, a tired old man with little shock-white hair remaining on his nearly bald head, asked. “We have, Your Honor,” the forewoman said. “What say you?” “We the jury, in the case of the State of Louisiana vs. Hedges, find the defendant unanimously guilty on the charges of capital murder and armed robbery in the first degree.” Ferne looked at Tevin Hedges, a Black teenager, who mouthed, “I ain’t done nothin’,” in disbelief, tears pouring from his eyes, the defense attorneys bowing their heads in shock and guilt. She loved every moment of it. Crushing the hopes and dreams of these men was sweet nectar and ambrosia to her. So what if they were innocent? It looked good on her record. Besides, they deserve nothing less for being criminal scum. “Thank you, Jury, for your service today. Court is adjourned.” Ferne left with the various legal documents in her hands, a bounce in her step, her heels clicking on the floor, as she strode towards the exits. She had almost reached it before she was bumped into, a foul-smelling liquid spilling on her expensive white pantsuit. “Watch where you’re going!” she spat at the offending party: a tall middle-aged woman with long straw-blonde hair and green eyes that were glaring at her coldly. “Perhaps you should be more careful, young lady,” the older woman said in a dialect that was clearly Irish, the glare not leaving her eyes, a familiar look. Ferne huffed a bit, ignoring the woman (had she seen her before? No matter; she had more important things to worry about.) as she went to the restroom to clean up. Whatever liquid (probably liquor) was spilled on her had absorbed itself into her skin, and yet…it wasn’t wet. Definitely going to shower after this, she thought furiously, as she washed her hands, peering into the mirror to see her beautiful light brunette hair smartly tucked in a bun, her twinkling ice-blue eyes, the smug look on her face like the cat who ate the canary. The only thing she hated about her appearance was her size: she was barely 4’10” with a small bust to match. “Hello, Ferne,” a voice said next to her. She was joined by her, well, nobody was exactly a rival to her, but her closest competitor, Taneka Stevens, her ebony complexion, long braids, and still-heavyset figure and giant bust from a very recent childbirth contrasting sharply with Ferne’s toned alabaster skin. The other woman was already washing her hands. “Well, hello, Tannypack,” Ferne replied snootily. “Glad I could have your help on the Hedges case, for what little you did.” Stevens didn’t back down, annoying the younger woman. She was the only one who didn’t back down from her “Bitch-mode” amongst her subordinates - something she was going to have to change. “You know the kid was innocent, right?” Stevens said with a sigh. “We’re not the ones to decide guilt; that’s the job of the jury,” Ferne chided. “Maybe having a kid sapped a bit of your brain in the process?” “Why are you the way you are?” She brushed off the question, ignoring how much it hurt inwardly. “You mean a successful head District Attorney in Louisiana’s biggest parish? Maybe you should try it sometime, Tannypack; it might make you less stupid.” “Never mind. I see how you’re choosing to act.” Stevens left, leaving Ferne to her thoughts. What a stupid whore, choosing to get knocked up over the opportunity of being District Attorney. Her phone buzzed in the pocket of her ruined pantsuit, and she looked at the text. Her stupid ex, Mae Jung-Sook, was the guilty party. Hey, I need you to come to court for child services. Urgent, much love! She rolled her eyes and responded. Did you drink bleach? We’re both women, and there was no child. Fuck off. The next text quickly showed up. It’s about guardianship, power-of-attorney. If you back out now, they’ll assume the child isn’t old enough to be their own legal guardian and POA falls into my hands. Please, dear, last chance to back out. Ferne rolled her eyes. Classic manipulation tactic. You can do whatever the fuck you want with your brat, bitch. For the last time, fuck off! It’s over! In fact, I don’t think there ever was anything between us! Goodbye! She blocked the number on her phone. If Mae was going to be manipulative, she didn’t need her in her life. What a fucking day… Ferne decided to go back home to change; she couldn’t exactly go out for a night on the town in a dirty pantsuit. She saw the Irish woman standing outside the bathroom, her stare making the DA feel a bit uncomfortable, and once again, she had the strangest feeling she had seen her before. Doesn’t matter where I saw her. She’s not my type, anyway. She strode confidently into the parking lot, heedless and uncaring of the other people who were in her way, no matter who they were, as she got out her keys. Her Lexus was ready to go, the front door automatically opening for her (thank God for the money from her job). Ferne sidled in and closed the door, opening her purse that she had hidden in the backseat. It would be the biggest mistake of her life. She checked the open purse, making sure everything was there, seeing an odd canister spewing an odorless gas, barely feeling her eyes droop before everything went black. - Well, here's the link, as promised. Hope you enjoyed the first chapter:
  2. Julie was running as fast as she can from the party that her friend hosted that got busted by cops. She found a window open in a quiet house that looked like nobody was home. After landing in it. Julie decides she will spend the night here. She was a little buzzed still from the drinks she had. Julie sat down then layed her head against some what she thought were pillows. She then picked one up and said "Wait a second these arnt pillows they are diapers! Just what I need! What is this place?" Julie puts on the thick diaper which perfectly. She then stands up and looks at the childish design room, crib, and closet full of clothes. Julie surprised "Oh a daycare! Makes sense and look here we have some cute clothes! They look like they will fit perfectly on me!" Julie then puts on a pink flower skirt overalls that barely covered her diaper. Then looked in the mirror and said "oh yea looking good. Fifty flavors of cute right here". Julie then feels her bladder needing released then let's it all out in her diaper "oh I'm totally filling my diaper up. Is this what freedom feels like!" Julie then grabs her wet soggy diaper and starts rubbing it "oh what's this! Oh my this feels so good. So squishy and warm. I might...uh...hmmm.. oh my I'm such a naughty girl" Julie then gets super tired and falls asleep. Julie then wakes up but finds her diaper clean. Confused who had changed it. The window has been locked. "Whoever changed me must have locked the window. How do I get out of here!" She then looks at a tall window typed door. Julie sees a lock and chain on the other side. She starts to get on her tipy toes to try and unlock it but shes way to short to reach it! She trys to yell out for help but no use. Julie sees a mommy like women enter the door way then yells out "Hey there must be some mistake I'm not really a child. I know how it looks but someone changed me already. I don't belong here and..." Julie then pauses and see a officer come in with the women. The women says "sorry I can't be anymore help officier". The officer then says "well if you do see her let me know". The women picks up Julie then says "What do you need darling?". As Julie is picked up. She wets herself from the officier standing right by holding his radio. Julie trys to play along till officier leaves. She then says in babyish tone "I need diapie changed!" The officer then looks at Julie and says to women "she looks a little big for diapers don't you think?". As the women lays down Julie on the changing table and opens her wet diaper "yea but don't let that fool you she deffinatly does need them. This is her third diaper change today! Isn't that right little stinker. Ran right through her little tummy didn't it? Do you need fed some more sweetie?". As Julie gets up from her diaper change she is super hungry. Julie then says "yes oh my god I'm starving. I mean... baby very hungwy." The officier still a little confused then says "you sure she's not to old. To me she looks to big to be in daycare much less nurse on a boob." Then Julie confused and in her head said to herself "Wait did he say.... nurse on a boob" then Julie sees the women put her huge boob right in Julie's face. Then the women says "your meals already cupcake" The women picks up Julie then the officier says "well your the expert but gosh.. kids these days" the women then pushes her boob closer to Julie's mouth with Julie having a super shocked look on her face and can't believe what she's about to have her do. Then the women smiles and says "they look so mature don't they?" Julie then having to play along starts sucking on the women's boob and starting to feel the milk enter her mouth then start to drip off her face. The women then says "it's all that fast food chemicals and formula they grow up on. Little girls need the real thing" As Julie kept drinking she felt her bowls release. A huge amount of poo entered her diaper. From all the drinks she drank it was super slushie and mushy. The diaper sagged super low in her humiliating situation. The officier then smells the horrible present she made in her diaper then says "that's my cue to leave". The women smiles and says "that's right sweetie get it all out" After Julie's humilating situation. The women then starts changing her diaper. "Peeyeew looks like my girl left me a big present in her diaper. We got to cut back on that big girl food and get you back on baby food" After Julie's diaper change she sees the clip board to sign out of nursery and tells the women "Hey so thank you for the diaper change and all. It looks like it's closing time so il just sign myself out". The women then snatches the clip board "oh I don't think so. Your coming home with me. Il take good care of you before somebody comes to claim you". Julie shocked "oh that's really not necessary" as Julie said that the women swooped up Julie and carried her in her arms and said "but you need a mommy to change your diapers and I got every size diaper imaginable. You can stay in my nursery. It was getting lonely with just me and my cats. The nursery is built for someone my size but your big for your age anyway" As the women walked outside with Julie to her car. Julie confused "big for my age? But I'm not a baby". The women waved to officers "evening officers. Ever find that college girl?". The officier said "no but don't worry ma'am. As per your request we will be stationed here till she shows up" The women smiled then said to Julie "did you hear that? Were going to have a fun time together... for a long time!" After arriving at the woman's home. Julie was carried into the home then up into the nursery room. To Julie's surprise it was a full adult size nursery just fit for her age. The woman then pulled down the crib bars and placed Julie inside then pulled the bars up trapping her inside. It was impossible to escape. Julie wasn't able to hop over or anything. Then the woman quickly shot her with a needle that weaken Julie. Julie's legs failed and she landed on her diaper butt. Only able to crawl around on her hands and knees. "Please let me out. I'm not a baby! I demand to be let go" Julie yelled out. The woman smiled then plopped a pacifier in Julie's mouth. "Now now cupcake your to young to make decisions. Also if I recall the cops are still looking for you. So you can either spend your time in a dirty old prison or stay here as my baby girl. Now which sounds better?" Said the woman. Julie then thought twice. She knew prison would be horrible. So if she had to pick anything I guess it's being this mommy's baby girl. Julie then says in babyish tone "stay with mommy". The woman then smiled. "Good girl. Now lets go over the rules. You will use your diaper for poopie and pee pee. No exceptions. You will call me mommy and mommy will decide when to change your diaper. You will also be breastfed and given a nice baby food diet. If you complain or act bad I will be giving you a good spanking over my knee or even a warm enema to fill your diaper. Since you tried yelling at mommy it's time for a spanking" Julie's new mommy grabbed her from the crib then put Julie over her knee. Then pulled her diaper down and spanked away. "Ow ow ow" SPANK SPANK SPANK. Julie's butt started turning red and she started crying. Mommy then pulled up her diaper and hugged her. "Sorry mommy had to do that but sometimes naughty girls need to be taught a lesson" The woman then slid her hand down the back of Julie's diaper and pushed her finger up Julie's butthole. Julie felt something go up. "Mommy what did you put up my butt" Julie asked. Julie's mommy put her back in the crib "don't worry about it sweetie you'll find out in the morning" Julie then fell fast asleep from the long day. She then woke up and smelled something really bad. "Ewww gross what's that smell? Did I just fart without knowing?" Julie then layed up on her butt and felt something yucky and mushy spread and smear against her buttcheeks and privates. "Noo noo noo I couldn't have! I just pooped my diaper in my sleep! This isn't happening! I'm not some dumb baby" Julie's mommy walks in the room "well good morning sweetie. Uh oh I think I smell someone made a big stinky poopy in her diaper. It's ok sweetie your just a baby you can't control yourself. I think someone also needs some feeding little stinker" The mommy then grabs Julie and heads to the rocking chair. Then places Julie's dirty diaper butt on her knee squishing all the poop again against Julie's butt. The mommy unbuttons her bra. And then grabs Julie's dirty diaper butt with her hand and then pushes her forward. Making Julie suck on her boob. Julie disgusted couldn't do much. All she could do is just suck and hope that her new mommy will change her diaper. The mommy just rocked her back and forth smushing Julie's dirty diaper butt.
  3. Hello Babs and Bigs (and all others!) I've been pulled out of the woodwork by The 3rd Kasarberang Story Contest! The NON-CONtest #3 ! Seriously, a thousand thanks to Kasarberang for these, otherwise I would probably never get the gumption to write. Now, I know the contest has very specific themes, and I've selected a couple of them, but they're secret for now, 'kay? I'll add them as tags later, but you don't want to spoil your appetite! So, here I am with a new tale, perhaps a bit based on a somewhat recent horror film, but it's already rapidly evolved into its own thing. With no further ado, here's the first course of "The Kids Menu" First Course - Amuse-Bouche “That’s not even the best part,” Tyler continued, passionately oversharing about his most recent obsession. Sarah smiled widely, her long light auburn hair whipping in the sea breeze, but her attention never broke from Tyler. She reveled in every little excited motion he made as he fixated on every fine detail of his story. She gave every outward appearance of profound interest, laughing, gasping, and even giving him light touches at the right moments, but the truth was it was at best a mild distraction from what had occupied her mind for months leading up to their date. But Tyler was none the wiser, carrying on what was one of the best conversations he had in years, with someone who but days before was a total stranger. It had to mean something, a deep connection, a kindred soul, maybe even love at first… The boat’s horn blew, ending both of their reveries, and turning their attention forward. The nearby conversations ceased just as abruptly, as the dozen passengers took in their destination. The private island that would serve as their paradise for the weekend was almost supernaturally beautiful. The crystal clear emerald waters lapped on the soft sand beach, from which a short wooden dock awaited their vessel. The sun dipped just behind the lush tree line, providing shade for the dock while keeping the sand warm. As the boat began to dock, Tyler could barely make out the path through to their villas and the main hall which would serve as their communal eating area for the duration of their stay. While he sat there taking in the sights, Sarah stood up and leaned over the boat’s railing, watching as a school of brightly colored fish darted past. “Ty, come look!” she shouted, pulling his attention towards her. His head whipped towards her, his shaggy sandy blonde hair falling in his eyes. As his hand wiped his vision clear, he froze and went red in the face. The short pale blue sundress that had framed Sarah’s assets quite nicely until now, had ridden up far enough that even the gentle breeze threatened to flash him. “Sarah! Y-y-y-,” he stammered, hiding his eyes, and gesturing furiously for her to come down. Sarah giggled inwardly, but feigned shock, yanking her dress down and shuffling over to Tyler. “My hero,” she whispered, planting a gentle kiss on his cheek. His blush only intensified, but was accompanied with a genuine smile. She milked the moment by resting her head on his shoulder, a safe spot for a quick gaze to confirm a certain stiffening in his pants. Had she been a better person, she might have felt bad for how easily she was playing him, but things being what they were, she was loving every second of this. And, so far, so was he. Tyler would have been content staying in that moment for the whole weekend, but as the other passengers emptied out, he caught the skipper’s eyes and realized it was past time they get moving. He opened his mouth to speak such to his date, but as brief scenarios of saying the wrong thing flashed in his mind, he choked back the words. Again he opened his mouth, and shut it just as fast. He repeated this cycle for nearly a minute before Sarah decided he had suffered enough and lifted her head, miming a stretch. “Ty, babe, we shouldn’t keep them waiting,” she instructed him after taking an exaggerated look around, “it’s rude.” While he processed the change in tone, she stood up first and offered him a hand up. Not thinking any better of it, he meekly took it and stood to realize the rising problem in his pants. As he tried to pull his hand down to try and reposition or cover himself, she pulled his hand harder, and before he knew it they were both on the dock, in full view of everyone else. Without taking time to properly orient himself, he spun away from the group in front of him, and ran into a towering woman. Stumbling, he found himself caught by her firm, yet gentle hand. Her scent clung to him, sweet and strange, foreign and fruity. “Aren’t you an eager one?” she asked rhetorically, talking about him, but addressing the crowd more than she was him. She bent down slightly, both giving him ample view of her more than ample chest, and bringing her eyes nearly in line with him. “Just be careful where you point that thing, okay dear?” Having lost almost all higher brain function, Tyler nodded sheepishly. After feeling a firm prodding in his back from Sarah, he added “Y-yes ma’am.” “Miss Margot,” the woman before him corrected immediately. Tyler’s mouth hung open, his head listing to the side slightly. “It’s ‘Yes, Miss Margot’,” she said, pinching his jaw between two fingers. “Y-e-s,” he formed the sounds as she moved his mouth, “M-i-s-s M-a-r-g-o-t.” “Excellent,” she said dropping his jaw and pulling herself back up to full height and addressing everyone but him once again. “During your stay on my island, you are my guests, and welcome to all of its amenities. However, as your host, I do insist on at least some… decorum. The very least of which, is to refer to me as Miss Margot,” she turned her attention back to Tyler, “understood?” “Yes Miss Margot,” everyone echoed back with varying levels of enthusiasm. Some shouted it joyfully. Others recited it calmly. Tyler for his part barely broke a mumble. The introduction seemingly now complete, Sarah slipped her hand in his, and led the two off the dock along with the other guests. As they walked, she snuck a look back at Miss Margot and mouthed ‘thank you’, getting a gentle smile in return. The two continued to walk hand in hand across the beach, then down a shaded path to the heart of the island. Far ahead, a guide-woman explained the layout and features of the resort, but none of it registered with Tyler, and Sarah didn’t seem to pay it much interest. When they did arrive at the site of the main hall, Sarah split off from the group, still leading Tyler by the hand. The walk had done his head some good, but he hadn’t been able to reemerge from the shell his frightened psyche had retreated into. For now, his only link to the world around him was Sarah’s soft fingers, wrapped around his. It was more than enough. They quickly arrived at a beautiful villa. Thatched siding and roofing hid the modern materials employed in its construction, a solitary skylight breaking the illusion. The whole thing stood more than his head’s height off the ground on thick wooden pillars. As she led him up the rustic stairs to the doorway, he noticed the villa wasn’t as freestanding as it looked at a glance. A hallway ran, camouflaged, to the main hall, joining with one other along the way. He incorrectly assumed this was a matter of convenience, a way for them to reach the central hub of activity for the resort without leaving the comfort of the indoors. It did but that was only a secondary benefit. The door handle chimed as Sarah touched it, stealing Tyler’s attention from the hallway, and a moment later the cool air conditioning spilled out of the open door. “Magic touch,” she commented, waving at him with the fingers of her spare hand, then pulling him the rest of the way inside. The door swung shut quietly until it was closed, when a heavy lock clicked automatically into place. Sarah flopped onto the spacious bed in the center of the room, pulling Tyler down beside her. The two lay in silence for a long minute, still holding hands. “I’m glad, uhm,” Tyler lost his words as quickly as he found them, happy to return to the restful silence. “Me too,” Sarah replied, turning towards him, propping herself up on an elbow. “Not every day you get whisked away for a weekend in paradise by a beautiful woman you met just days before on a silly dating app, is it?” Tyler laughed, feeling the weight lift off his chest, lighting off more than just the day’s worries, but feeling free from what had become almost a lifetime of regrets. Regrets that washed back in like a wave of the sea, weighing him down once more. Noticing him tense back up, Sarah kissed his cheek. “I’ve got just the thing,” she said, getting up and strolling to the mini-bar. “There’s a fruit that grows here. Like, only here,” She explained while mixing various juices. “It’s called Heartfruit,” she paused, lifting up a plump, pink fruit that, true to its name, looked like a cartoon heart, “and it’s really quite fascinating, both medicinally and culinarily.” She tossed the fruit to him and one bumbling catch later, he examined the softball sized fruit. The skin wasn’t just thick, but hard and smooth, almost like a candy coating. “The skin, meat, juice, and seeds each have their own unique properties,” she continued, vigorously mixing the drink, “including some pretty fascinating neurological benefits.” Tyler sat up a bit at that word, ‘neurological’. Despite his years of undiagnosed depression, he recoiled at the idea of anything that might unknowingly alter his brain. It may not work right, but at least it was a misery he understood. So he barely drank more than a single beer in any given month, and would have been too afraid to get high, had anyone ever offered him the chance. He set the Heartfruit down on the bedside table, and dug for any excuse not to partake. Sarah finished mixing the drink and turned around to see the rising panic in Tyler’s eyes. She set the drink down and knelt in front of him at the foot of the bed. “Ty?” she asked, slowly raising a hand to pull his face towards hers. Tyler began to sniffle and cry. He was about to blow it again, lose everything all because he couldn’t stop being such a fool. When he felt her hand press against his cheek, he sniffled hard, and looked at her. He paused, then sniffed again. His tears cut off rather suddenly as his brain tried to piece together the strange smell. It had a sweetness to it, like a… foreign fruit. “That’s a good boy,” Sarah said, lifting the glass to his lips, and helping him drink down the Heartfruit cocktail. Tyler didn’t, couldn’t resist.
  4. The following story was created for 'The 3rd Kasarberang's NON-CONtest'. ______________________________________________________________________________________ “This will be the last time I stop by Leah… I miss you so, so much. But I need to go now.” “I… Hope that wherever you’ve gone is a better place.” “It’s just that my heart breaks at the thought that place is not with me-” “-and that I may never join you.” ~~~ A Succubus is said to be a feminine demon or supernatural entity that appears in the dreams of men to drain them of their ‘vitality’ to survive. At least, from a classic interpretation. Modern depictions tend to paint them as less demonic. Fun loving creatures looking to spread sin for sin’s sake. Popularized and made friendly for audiences of popular culture. The truth is that for as long as humanity has existed on this vast expanse of rock, so too have we. Our lustful physiques birthed from their mental energies, emotions, and desires. And unless we continue to consume the forces that gave us being, we will perish. We find ourselves in an evolution arms race against humanity to better feed off them. In more conservative eras and locales, Succubi would be born to cater to the demographic. Perhaps a Succubi dedicated to classical taboos; adultery, provocative clothing, or even (location depending) homosexual relations. In the modern era with the advent of fast convenient travel and the internet, Succubi are born even more specialized. Catering to specific niche interests, kinks, and fetishes which the spread of ideas has proliferated across the globe. Ours is a hierarchical society. Succubi born of kinks more mainstream or known throughout history are well respected and powerful, as they have general appeal. Those on the other end of the spectrum can have it rough. I would know. My specialization is ABDL. I am a Mommy-Dom. It was in the latter half of the 20th century that I came to be. Thrown into a cold and unforgiving world when enough humans had developed this kink. And while the appeal continues to grow with the internet, it is not mainstream enough to grant me the power or respect others wield. … It’s time to put this little self-reflection aside. There are more important things to focus on. Like finding a human. One to hold. To adore. To feed from and have feed from me. I’ve moped around like a lost puppy for a year and I’m more than a little starved. My leathery, black wings carry me through the warm nighttime sky of the mid-western United States. Perhaps I’ve picked a bad direction to head in… Or perhaps I’ve flown in circles. Despite having flown for what must have been half a day there’s still nothing in sight. Just the occasional house separating vast fields of corn and beans. Hmm... What I need is a… Aha! Off in the distance the first sparkles of city light reflect in my eyes. I zip down to the edge of the city. A quiet, desolate location to work on my appearance. Using the glass of an abandoned storefront I take inventory of my reflection. Obscuring much of my 6ft tall frame is a black dress that ends just above my knees. It’s strapless, so it shows off not only my toned tan legs, but also my arms and shoulders. The girls, my leaky 36DD breasts, rest secured in their lacy black strapless maternity bra. My black hair runs straight and down to my shoulders, bangs swept to the right. Eyes, currently a very dark brown. Of course, the dress has no back allowing my wings to come and go as I please. Below the dress my long, thin tail pokes out. It ends with a triangular point. And perhaps least impressively, my black and white tennis shoes. If anyone were to guess by looking at me, my age could range between mid-20’s to early 30’s. … Needing to look my best I smooth my hair over. Ensuring not a strand is out of place. A deep breath in, and then an exhale. I’m as ready as I’ll ever be. With a quick hop, I’m back in the air. Going slow to avoid undoing my work. This time aiming for the city’s downtown. Flying through the city proper, I spot signs of another Succubus’ presence. Namely marked humans and buildings, signs that only we can see. It would seem a powerful one has claimed damn near the whole city as her territory. Following the signs leads me to an alleyway. The location she greets visitors. I land, gracefully, and step inside the dark hall. Wrapping my tail around my right leg and tucking my wings back as a submissive gesture. My shoes squelch on the damp pavement. The skittering sounds of pests in the trash and distant city noise my only company. I’m alerted by the sound of rustling chains. No longer am I alone. In the shadows I sense they’re ready to ensnare me at a moment’s notice. “For what purpose and with what tidings have you come here. To my domain.” A cold, unwelcoming voice calls out from above. With difficulty I can make out her form hovering silently in the overhead darkness. She’s shorter but far stronger than I. Inherently I can tell her specialty is Masochism. She’s a Sadist. S&M is a genesis kink; for as long as humans have existed so too have they found pleasure in pain. There’s is no telling how old the Succubus before me truly is. It could range in the thousands or greater. “Greetings, your grace. I am but a humble wanderer captivated by your city. Truly its sight is second only to you.” I stifle the dread and fear and pressure her presence instills. Then I take a respectful, slight bow and speak confidently with a silver tongue. She pauses. I feel her eyes burrow into the top of my head. “Hmph. You have manners on you. How long do you intend stay, wanderer.” Another question spoken in an unquestioning way. “Truthfully, I had given it no thought. If the sight of one such as I displeases you… I can be on my way.” “I see.” Her gaze pulls away as she mulls my response over. A breath I’d been holding escapes. Nearly a minute passes before she resumes speaking. “Your stay is permitted so long as you adhere to my rule and keep from my targets.” She doesn’t view me as a threat. One of the perks of not embodying a more popular kink. Or maybe one with power such as her can afford to feel pity or generosity, however slight. “I thank you wholeheartedly, your grace.” She was gone before I’d finished. Doubtless to partake in her definition of fun or defend what she’s deemed hers from less compliant Succubi. I exit the alley mightily pleased that ‘negotiations’ didn’t break down. Negative vibes shed from my mind now that the difficult part is over. Now is the time for shopping. ~~~ A quick peruse to get the lay of the land has made it quite clear that my darling host has picked clean the best this city has to offer. Her picking of all potential Masochists in the city has left me without easy targets. ABDL in some respects can be related to the humiliation aspects of Masochism, therefore allowing me an easy ‘in’. But it’s fine. It’s fine! I’ll still make this work, and hey, besides… I say cracking the egg is the most fun part of making the omelet. I just need the right person… The right egg… A beefy man? No. I prefer ladies and a meathead is no fun. A married woman? No, not my wheelhouse. A college student? Hm… There’s potential, but their schedules can put a damper on things. An older person? It could work but there’s an energy concern… And our time together would be rather short… While I observe the passersby on the street and rule them out, the ideal human starts taking shape in my mind. An adult woman ideally under 40, already established in a career with no relationship, preferably homosexual or bi. Most importantly she must not have already been selected by the city’s Succubus. My heart and breast ache in tandem at the thought of this perfect, mystery human. The mental image of them suckling and consuming a part of me as it goes to work inside them. Binding us together… … Focus. With a blink of my eyes my perception of vision shifts. The mental signatures of humans capable of fulfilling my criteria float about in a trail that will lead me right to them. I spot nine potential threads leading off in different directions throughout the city. ~~~ The four closest leads took me to apartments and a hotel where I could quickly gather information on the occupant. I am particularly picky, so none received passing marks. It may not be in Succubus nature, but I prefer to bond for life when able. Having exhausted the residential options in close proximity, the next lead takes me a bit aways to a long lane of businesses and eateries. Specifically, into an upscale Italian restaurant. That’s where I spot her. 5ft tall. In her late twenties. Long dark brown hair tied up into a ponytail. Glasses over her green eyes. Average build on the thinner side with a smaller albeit noticeable bust. She looks like she just got off work, wearing a tailored dark grey suit with slacks and loafers. Seems business oriented. Probably working in management. The read I get on her mental energies is very mature and adult. However, there’s something buried beneath. A certain lost sadness. And a string to unravel. The kind of thing I love to see in a target so seemingly mature. She’s perfect. Physically the spitting image of my type. Mentally something to work with, something to nurture. She needs me. I am enthralled. With my inherent presence masking I walk in undetected and stand close to her. It’s all I can do to not place a hand on her shoulder. Instead, I listen in on her mind, grasping at her active thoughts as they spill forth. [Another wasted Friday night… Hopefully they bring the check soon.] My fixation on her breaks and for the first time I look at the table. She’s on a date. A man seated directly opposed to her prattles on excitedly. Snatching glimpses at her barely exposed bosom. Glimpses she clearly takes note of. [Going to need a smoke before I catch a ride home.] Ooh an oral fixation. And a convenient chance to catch up with her... My how the stars align! The date ends without much fuss or flair. She nods her head and smiles lightly when appropriate. He offers to pay for their meal, but she firmly pays her own way. While she informs him that she had a lovely time she dodges the attempt at a hug before departing. Alone, purse in hand. I watch as she walks down to the end of the street where she stands near an ashtray at a designated smoking area. Needing to prepare, I stop by the alley next to the restaurant. Quickly I become visible, hide the tail and wings, manifest a large purse (my diaper bag), and exit. Now heading in her direction. As I draw closer, I feel her attention shift from her cigarette to me. Her eyes lingering around my bust and thighs which peek out above and below my outfit. [Damn. I wish I’d gone out with her instead.] The stray thought pulls a smirk out of me. We can make that want a reality. Now within earshot I call out to her in a playfully sarcastic tone. “No one ever told you that smoking is bad for pretty little things like you?” Her eyes widen slightly in surprise as she plucks the cigarette from her mouth and knocks ashes into the tray’s sand. “I suppose I didn’t hear it enough. You work with kids?” A question directed at me; she’s interested. Taking notice of the large pastel pink bag around my shoulder and attributing my words to my profession. “You could say that. I actually just got off the clock doing some late nannying. What about yourself?” “I manage the marketing team for the city’s tourism initiatives. Got off late and had a bit of a dinner thing.” Aha, I knew she looked the managerial type. “Wow, really? I’m new ‘round here. Perhaps sometime you could show me around or give me a recommendation on a place to grab a drink.” She takes a long drag of her cigarette. Thinking. [Should I invite her out now? Wasn’t going to do much but maybe drink at home anyway.] Hearing this little conflicted thought I continue and give her a slight nudge. “Actually, I’m feeling a little thirsty now…” I say, adding a slightly sultry tone to my voice. A powerful hint that is not lost on her. Her nearly spent cigarette gets extinguished into the ashtray’s sand. And she blows a plume of smoke away from us. “You know what? I could go for something too. Want to join me Ms…” She trails off. Her cheeks tinge red at the realization that we’ve yet to exchange names. I chuckle and answer. “My name is Lilith.” She smiles and puts out a hand that I shake. “You can call me Eve.” ~~~ “Myyy god, you’re shhooo good at drinking!” “Oh, I don’t know about that. Good company helps it go down quicker.” We’ve been knocking back drinks for more than an hour now. Shots, beer, mixed drinks. A bit of everything. She’s pushed herself to match me drink for drink. I can taste it. However, I couldn’t feel a buzz if I tried. Eve on the other hand… She’s told me a fair bit about herself as her inhibitions have weakened. Both in conversation and in mind. · She’s alone in an apartment [her ex moved out three years ago]. · She really likes this bar [the drinks are cheap]. · Her work is going well [personal life not so much; hard time finding friends or ‘good’ dates]. · From age 10 she all but raised her younger siblings [she doesn’t see her family much anymore]. · She complimented my dress [she enjoys the view of my tits]. While the last point made me happy to hear… The second to last point piqued my interest. It must be the ‘something extra’ buried in her. My instincts were on the money, she’s the one for me. Polishing off the last of her amber drink, Eve places the glass down and calls it. Wincing at the burn as it slides down her throat. “I thinkkkk I’m good to go. Come with?” [Please let her come!] “Of course. We’ll go back to yours.” My hand moves from our table and lightly rests on her thigh. Tracing up her leg and ending at her lower body. Her face flushes pink. While she’s aroused, I detect a hint of dissatisfaction that she didn’t take initiative. “I-I’ll get our tab.” Eve’s already digging around her purse for her card. I stand and carefully pull her chair from the table. Then I bend at the waist and whisper into her ear. “Already paid dear, lets head out.” Shuddering despite herself she stands up quickly. Now adding embarrassment on top of arousal. I drink the feelings up. Making her feel small is helping tune it to something more filling for me. Eve takes the lead. Grabbing my hand and leading us out of the bar. “My apartmench’s jus a few blocks away. S’ not a bad walk.” While the woman’s speech contains the occasional drunken slur of her words, her motor skills seem no worse for wear. As we parade on to her abode, I am treated to the turbulent thoughts in her head. [What was with that smooth move she pulled?] [No one’s ever done anything like that to me…] My mouth contorts into a slight smile as we walk. It’s all I’m able to manage without it taking up my entire face. Despite her conflicted thoughts she’s able to play it cool externally. Pointing out some of the other establishments she frequents on the street and what businesses the tourism initiative places emphasis upon. We arrive at a large complex with multiple gated entrances. From her purse Eve produces a key fob which she places onto a thick albeit fancy metal gate. She swings it open, holding the door for me. We’re basically in an alley, with apartment doors on the left and right. I’m led three doors down on the left where she takes a key on the same ring as the fob and unlocks the door. We place our shoes on a rack, and I get a good look at the place. It’s a one-bedroom apartment with the kitchen being the first area you enter. It has an island with stools and all other modern amenities. Next to the entryway door is a large glass sliding door, behind which is a washer and dryer with related supplies. There’s a long L-shaped couch with its back to the kitchen facing a coffee table and a TV. To the left of the couch, taking up both living room and kitchen space, is a small 4-person dining table. There’s a door at the far end of the room next to the TV. True to her earlier thoughts, I see no evidence of her family on the walls. In fact, the apartment is devoid of personal belongings. “Don’t mind the mess, I wasn’t expecting anyone.” “What, it’s spotless!” I say incredulously. Not a spec of dirt in the entryway, a crumb in the kitchen, or a pillow out of place in the living room. She does live here… Right??? “How about I show you to the bed…” Once more my hand is in hers as she pulls me through the apartment to the door on the other side of the room. Her bedroom consists of a king-sized bed, a sliding door closet, a night table with lamp on one side, and a dresser with 4 shelves and a mirror on top directly opposite the bed. There’s another open door to the left that leads to a bathroom. We’re barely in the room before Eve’s stripping away her clothing. Leaving herself in just a set of light grey cotton panties and sports bra as she sits seductively on the bed. I place my diaper bag on the floor. As I sit on the edge of the bed, she pounces on me. I allow myself to be pinned down. One of her hands is supporting her upper body while the other fondles my breasts. Her knee is pressed between my legs. And her mouth is pressed against mine in a deep kiss. For a petit girl, she’s full of energy. [Oh fuck! Oh god~] Our lips separate as she sits up to catch her breath before going in for more. I stop her, my hands on her shoulder. She’s had a taste, but now it’s time to work. “Before we continue Eve, do you need to use the potty?” My tone of voice deathly serious. She looks at me incredulously. “Hah, no I don’t need to ‘use the potty’.” “Okay, just thought I’d make sure before we start.” Eve shrugs, quickly putting my strange question aside, and presses her body into mine. My hand cups her cheek, my mouth just inches from hers. I speak again. “Sleep.” Her body goes limp at my command. Her head falling fully into my hand. Carefully I pick her up off me and place her onto the bed. Many other Succubi would take this opportunity to make her into whatever they want. Perhaps mind control into thinking she’s always wanted whatever they’d planned for her. But that’s no fun and unnecessary. She is the one I want. Not a mindless puppet. I yank my dress down enough to reveal my strapless maternity bra in its entirety. The outer layer of the bra’s left cup pulls down revealing bare breast. A bead of milk from my swollen nipple drips onto the bed. Carefully I maneuver her such that I’m cradling her torso in my arms. It only takes a little toying with her slumbering, susceptible mind before she’s dreaming that she’s puffing away on a cigarette. Her lips pucker in response. Holding her close to the nipple is all it takes for her to begin sucking away. My warm milk entering her little tummy and getting to work. Fuck it feels so good. Her warmth in my arms. The warm little breaths from her nose on my breasts. The sensation of her mouth around my areola and tongue on my nipple. How I’d missed this so. Looking down I can’t help but admire how utterly adorable she is… Gone is the adult I’d entertained just minutes prior… She’s a baby. My baby. And soon enough she’ll come to know it as well. If I have my way her ass is going to be calling me Mommy before the weekend is through. She’ll be draining both breasts every night. She needs this. I know she does. Just as much as I do. I feel myself grow wet at my own racing thoughts. My breath quickens. My entire body feels electrically charged. … A glimpse of what sight reflects in the mirror opposite the bed stops me in my tracks. My transformation’s undone. My wings are arched back in ecstasy and my tail is winding down her arm. I need to calm down. It’s been a while since the last time, but I need to stop. I won’t lose against these starving, instinctual urges. I will not hurt her. Having regained control my physical Succubus traits recede. The overpowering Mommy Dom haze retreats to the edges of my mind. Any more milk and the effect will be too strong too soon. She needs to build up a tolerance otherwise I’ll baby brain her. The last thing I want. With an audible pop I pull her away. A string of transparent-white milk mixed spittle runs from my nipple to her lips. With a chuckle I wipe it away. She only took a few gulps. But it’s all that’s needed for my milk to start doing its job. She’s marked and we’re connected now, Eve and me. Our bond aside, the milk will make her a little malleable and compliant tomorrow, but not overly so. Just enough to ease her into things. And… A slight hiss and trickle sound fills the quiet room. Her panties go dark as urine spills out past the thin cotton and onto the bed sheets. “Tsk tsk, I thought you said you didn’t have to use the potty…” I say aloud to no one, all the while smiling to myself. Once off the bed I bend down to the floor and grab the diaper bag. I reach a hand in and grab exactly what I need. An adorable pair of brightly colored training pants. Purple all over with pink, red, and blue flowers decorating the front and back with fade-when-wet designs along the legs. Unceremoniously I de-panty the soaked girl. Using powder and wipes, also from the bag, to clean her up for beddy time. My hand gestures up and the girl floats a few inches above the bed. Enough room for me to strip the bed of its sheets. Those go in the washer. With a little digging in her closet, I find a spare blanket to wrap around the two of us. With all business tended to; I pull the outer layer of my left cup back up, readjust my dress, and lay down next to her for the night. I pull her smaller body into mine. With much glee I give her bottom a crinkly pat before wrapping the arm around her. ~~~ Needless to say, I didn’t sleep a wink… Not that I need to. My excitement for the morning and her reaction was high all night. At 9am I finally got my wish as the smaller girl I’ve been spooning began to rustle around in my arms. “Aaahhnn…” “Good morning sleepy head.” In response to her yawn, I offer a playful greeting. “Good morning, I uh hope I didn’t keep you from getting up.” “It’s no problem, I like to lay about on weekend mornings anyway.” Eve nods her head in understanding. I lift the arm still draped over her and she rolls out of my grasp. With this newfound freedom she stretches, and her body audibly creaks and cracks in places. As she moves and shifts her legs a confused expression takes shape on her face. She tosses the blanket aside and stares down at the garment I changed her into last night. “Wh… What!? What the hell am I wearing!?” [Is that a diaper!?] “Sweetie, do you remember what happened last night?” I speak in a concerned and apologetic tone. Her head swivels to me. She opens her mouth about to retort but stops, thinking. “No… I remember the kiss and then nothing.” “Well sometime last night after sex, I woke up to you having a little accident. You were out of it, so I cleaned you up and put you in one of the spare pull-ups from my bag just to be safe.” “You’re kidding, I-I’ve never done anything like that! There’s no way! I… I-” Her voice rises slightly. The emotions she’s giving off are a mix of embarrassment, denial, and anger. I breath them in deeply. All part of the process. Then I place a reassuring hand atop hers. “Baby, baby, it’s okay, shhh… You just had a lil too much to drink, it happens to big girls all the time.” “I… Uh… W-Where did you put the sheets…?” My words and tone help a little. Her emotions cool down; still there but just lessened. Her reaction fills me with joy. She’s too frazzled to object to being talked to like a child that had one bad night of potty training. “In the washer, I didn’t start it since it was too late for the noise.” Quickly she hops off the bed and scurries into the other room. My eyes home in on her adorably padded rear as it moves with her steps. I notice something right away that she’s yet to realize. Following her I see she’s thrown open the washer. A frown on her face and her brow crinkled. [Oh my god… It does smell like piss. What the fuck…] Acting as though she wasn’t confirming the state of her sheets, she pulls out a detergent pod from a shelf and gets the laundry started. I sneak up behind her and just as the laundry starts, I place a hand near the rear of her training pants. Almost between her legs. My hand cups the cloth-esque garment with a slight squish rather than a crinkle. The flowers are mostly faded from the design. “Eep!” She squeaks, jumping forward, before turning back to face me with a surprised look. I point down to her disposable underwear and fill my voice with faux sympathy. “Oh Eve, I think it was more than just the one accident last night.” Her hand shoots down to the crotch of her pull-up. Feeling the sodden garment for herself. Her face burns red in embarrassment. [I-I-I am not wearing a p-pissy pull-up in front of a date!] She stands quiet and still, shocked by the revelation. I act fast and push her along through the apartment by her shoulders. “Here, how about you take a nice hot shower and get cleaned up. Hm?” I lean down and whisper gently into her ears. Rubbing her shoulders gently as we go. Her body melts in my grip. And a feeling of relief crosses my nose. “Y… Yeah. Thanks, Lilith.” I drop her off at the bathroom and close the door behind her. Shortly after the water comes on, I get to work. A Mommy’s work is never done after all. I’ve got to put together an outfit for her. Out of my bag comes another flowery pull-up. I throw open her closet and start digging through her muted color wardrobe. Dress pants, jeans, khakis, etc. It isn’t until buried and hidden near the end of the rack, that I find a black knee-length skirt. Bingo. That goes next to the pull-up. Just in time because the sound of water ceases. Eve’s quick shower has come to an end. She steps out of the bathroom and seems almost shocked to see me sitting on the bed. “Oh, I... I thought you’d have left.” [Who would want to stick around for a grown woman that pisses herself after drinking too much?] “I’ve seen worse than this at work, silly girl. Besides you promised we’d hang this weekend and go out today!” I speak cheerily and excitedly at the prospect. It’s important to put her at ease that I’m unbothered by her lapse in control. This is the start of a precedent that should repeat several times today as the milk wrecks her potty training. Eve seems momentarily confused, clearly not remembering this fictitious promise. Her mind fills the gaps and ultimately, she accepts my words as truth. “Uh, okay. We can do that if you’re still interested then… Let me just get dressed first.” “I’ll let you get to it then! Though, Eve, I didn’t want to say anything but… I think you should wear another one of my pull-ups out today.” “Wait, what!? What are you talking about, I’m not going out in a fucking diaper!” With her tone raised she looks at me as though I’ve just grown a second head. I pick up the garment and hold it outstretched, putting it on display. “Oh Eve, it’s not a diaper, it’s a pull-up. And I wouldn’t have brought this up except you did have two accidents last night.” “I-I no! It wasn’t my fault!” “I know sweetie, I know. Maybe you had a bad reaction to a drink last night and you’re still processing it. Shouldn’t we plan ahead for that?” We stand in silence for a moment. I can see her process my words. Her eyes shifting from me to the childish padded panties in my hand. Ultimately, she shakes her head in defeat, giving in. “Yeah. Maybe it was all just something I drank… Okay. Alright, you win…” In these situations, I tend to. “I’ll leave you to it!” Cheerfully I place her pull-up into her waiting hands and step out into the living room. Closing the door behind me. While sitting on the couch I enjoy the thoughts Eve puts out. [Christ this is so much thicker than panties.] [Maybe I can get away with a pair of jeans…] [Fuck, you can totally tell I’m wearing training pants!] [Ugh, I really don’t want to wear the skirt…] Despite the groaning, moments later she steps out wearing the skirt and a dark grey polo. “That skirt really shows off your legs!” “I’m not a big fan of skirts. I don’t consider myself the type, I guess.” “Well, I think you look wonderful. How about some breakfast?” “I… Sounds good, there’s a pancake place around the corner. We can walk.” ~~~ Our long breakfast concluded with no major incident. I did take several opportunities to treat her rather childishly. Wiping her face with a napkin. Asking what she was going to get and then ordering for her. Discreetly asking if she needed the potty on our way out, she claimed not to [because she is an adult and doesn’t need a reminder]. Each time she would blush in the most adorable manner and look away to keep me from noticing all the while saying that I didn’t need to do that. The earlier outburst over her underwear aside, my milk seems to have been effective. It’s just before noon and Eve has called an Uber to take us to a botanical garden she enjoys. It turned out to be a short 10-minute drive out of the city. As we step out the car, I must admit that I’m quite impressed. Right next to the parking lot is a massive wood and stone building. To the right of that is a large pond, between the two is a walkway. A group of 5 geese peck about the grass nearby. “That’s the visitor center, they used to hold environmental talks and events there.” Eve gestures to the building I had noticed as we walk past into the park proper. “Ooh that sounds fun, I’d loved to have gone.” “And keep your eyes peeled around the edge of the pond.” “Hm? What do you- Oh!” Just as I had begun to ask, I spotted movement in the water at the edge of the pond. A massive koi fish. No, several. All in color mixtures ranging from white, red, and brown. “Aren’t they amazing? There are 2 other ponds here, but this is the only one with koi.” “They really are! I’m so lucky to have such an amazing and cute tour guide.” While speaking I quickly snatch up her hand and pull her body into mine teasingly. She blushes and pulls away… But continues to hold my hand. The second pond links up diagonally to the one near the entrance. Bushes blooming beautiful purple flowers dot the entrance to a bridge leading over the small patch of grass separating the ponds. “Look, turtles!” Eve points excitedly. A few feet away from the bridge, on an artificial log, are a group of 5 turtles. Sunning themselves in the warm weather. “They certainly look cozy. Maybe we should grab a log and see what the fuss is about.” “Ha, I think we should leave it to the turtles.” Past the bridge, further up the path we reach a crossroads. Eve pulls me to the right. “The last lake is in the other direction, but we should go this way first. I’m a bit thirsty and there’s a fountain.” True to her word off in the distance I see a set of water fountains in front of a brick building (bathroom) to the right of the path. There’s a tall, short, and even a pet fountain. On the left I see a gazebo surrounded by tall bushes with hanging baskets and vines surrounding it. The trail continues into the woods. Dropping my hand, she walks to the fountain and takes a long drink. I partake as well though just for appearances and to enjoy the sensation. “Come over here.” Eve says, after finishing her drink. She ushers me forward towards the gazebo. The shade of which offers respite from the glaring summer sun. Aside from the entrances on either side, it is a rather private. The plants offering coverage from anyone away from the entrance. I take a seat next to her on the bench that runs along the walls. After placing a hand on hers I speak genuinely. “This may be one of the nicest parks I’ve seen. Thanks for showing me.” “I’m glad you like it! It’s… You’re actually the first person I’ve brought here.” [Not even my ex came here.] “Wow you really know how to make a girl feel special!” “I don’t know… You just… It’s weird…” Eve stammers, as if not knowing where she’s going with this. Her mind is a bit of a jumble as well, her inner thoughts are just as choppy. Since we’ve sat down her knees have been bouncing, and her legs shifting between crossed and un-crossed. The girl is unconsciously antsy, but not from the words she’s yet to say. The movement stops and I’m certain of the reason. “Sorry to interrupt but you’ve been doing the potty dance, Eve. Do you need the potty?” “No, Lilith! Why do you keep asking like I’m some kind of-of… Oh! I-Yes!” She stands up quickly and carefully. Holding herself as she exits the gazebo and walks towards the bathroom across the path. There are 3 doors each with a sign. Men, woman, family. Before she can move to the Woman’s room, I steer her towards the family bathroom and open the door for her. I step inside and lock the door behind us. Eve hikes her skirt up to pull her training pants down. Unveiling the soaked garment to me. All patterns faded, and hanging down as far as it can stretch from the weight. A wonder it’d not been visible from under her skirt. Looking very much the role of a toddler that made it to the potty too late. In a way that warms my heart and pleases me. “Oh dear, you’re absolutely soaked…” I say in a voice full of sympathy. “What!? I haven’t even-“ Just as her retort began, it ended. Her eyes go wide and her body still. The familiar sound of trickling liquid fills the bathroom. And while perhaps her drenched padding could handle some more, it clearly could not handle the coming flood. Her pee dribbles out past the leak guards, running down her legs and into her socks and shoes. Mortified, her accident continued for half a minute, dumping the last of her morning’s beverages past her pull-up onto her lower half. [W-What did I… Again? In front of Lilith!?] Sniff. Sniff. Her small body shakes pitifully and wracks with silent sobs as she tries to hold back tears. Despite being part of the plan and energizing me, my heart aches at the sight. I rush forward. Embracing the girl in a tight hug. She attempts to push away and shouts in surprise, momentarily forgetting her misery. “N-No, don’t! You’ll get it on you!” “That’s not for you to worry about, Eve. Everything is going to be okay. Just let Lilith take care of everything.” She again willingly cedes control to me. Now rather than decide a course of action for her it’s to physically take care of the problem itself. I gently lower her down onto a changing pad from my diaper bag. Carefully to create as little mess as possible, I remove the bottom half of her outfit including her padded panties. Immediately her hands hover over her exposed bits. An attempt to obscure my view. I detect shame amongst her largely embarrassed feelings. I chuckle a bit and speak softly, intending to put the girl at ease. “Nothing I haven’t seen before. Move those hands up sweetie.” At my prompting she slowly raises her hands to cover her eyes. The wipes come out of the bag, and I get to work cleaning her private area. Adding some pleasurable maneuvers into the mix. She quickly becomes wet in a different sense, and the way she bites her lip as she attempts to ignore the pleasure is not lost on me. [O-Oh, not there! Not l-like that! It-It feeels sho…] Teasing aside, I finish up and work on the lower bits. A fresh wipe for each leg and her feet. Then I stand her back up. I kneel on the floor and dig in the bag a final time. Out comes a plastic bag to store her ruined clothing, a pull-up, clean skirt, and sandals all sized for her. “Left leg sweetie.” I hold the pull-up open and wait in front of the small girl. She grabs my shoulder for balance and lifts a leg as requested. With ease I thread it through the proper hole. “Last but not least, the right.” The other leg is up and through the hole in record time. As I rise off the ground, I slowly bring the training pant up her legs with me. Before it’s snugly wrapped around her bottom. I pass her the skirt and shoes before getting to work bagging her old outfit and cleaning up the floor where pee droplets fell. By the time I finish she’s dressed and flushed in embarrassment and arousal from my playing. But along with that are hints of gratefulness and affection. The negativity she felt at the start of the accident is a thing of the past. All in all, I’d say the first successful public change of many to come. Not that she needed to know that right now. “See, that wasn’t too bad, was it?” “N-No, I.. I can’t thank you enough… You didn’t have to…” “You’re more than welcome and it was no trouble! Now how about we sit back down, and we continue where we left off?” She nods gratefully in agreement, and we exit the bathroom. Leaving it as we entered albeit with a heaver trash bag. We sit back at the gazebo and Eve speaks more certainly than when she left off. Now feeling more certain and less distracted by her bodily needs. “It might be weird to say this but… So far, this weekend has been one of the best I’ve had in a long time.” [Even if I’ve pissed myself more than ever in my adult life.] She thinks the quiet part out loud. “Aw, I’m glad you’re having a good time because I am as well.” “Really it just feels so easy to talk to you. Like I’ve known you forever despite it only being like a day and a half... You… Have this way about you. I feel safe…” My left arm wraps around her shoulder and gives her other side a gentle pat. While I’d suspected and hoped that she’d begun to feel this way, hearing it aloud fills my heart with joy. “You deserve that, everyone does.” “Thanks for saying that but I probably haven’t felt this way since I was a little girl…” “Why is that, Eve? You’re more than welcome to tell me more about yourself, but I understand if it’s too painful a subject.” I want her to talk about it, but when the subject came up she started putting out a knot of tangled emotions. If I pull too hard on this she could close off. And I care too much to do that to her. “Mom, Dad, and I visited this place all the time when I was young. When it was just us. We… We were happy. The park… And you remind me of better times.” “And then you got a lot of responsibility when you were ten.” I say recalling our bar conversation from last night. She nods. “My first sibling came when I was five, but then twins came when I was eight. It was hectic, my parents couldn’t really afford a babysitter, so eventually I was put in charge while they worked all day into the late evening. Then to save money we moved away from the city... So, I couldn’t come here anymore.” “I’m so sorry sweetie… That’s a lot of responsibility to drop on someone so young.” “Yeah… And I haven’t really forgiven them yet. I guess that makes me a bit of a bad person, huh?” “No, of course not! You were hurt and you lost a very important time of your life. Nothing you’re feeling is wrong.” [That’s what the therapists have said… But it feels more validating coming from her…] Eve leans into my side hug. Resting her head against my breast. “That means a lot, thank you.” We sit in silence looking at nothing in particular. Me rhythmically rubbing her arm. Her listening in on the beat of my heart. I want this moment to last forever, and I believe she feels the same. As I’m struck with this feeling so too does melancholy creep in. The sensations and feelings, while overwhelmingly pleasant and amazing, act as reminders. How I’d felt this like this before, three times now. Perhaps it shows on my face, because Eve speaks again. As she peers up from her spot next to me. “I want to know more about you too, and if something’s bothering you… The least I can do is hear you out after dumping so much on you today.” I couldn’t possibly. “I… It’s been about a year since I lost something of my own. A someone.” But it comes out anyway. “Oh. Oh, I’m sorry to hear that, Lilith. You’ve done a lot for me already, if there’s anything I can do…” She’s sweet. I made the right choice with her that much is clear. “Thank you, sweetie, but I’m alright. Something about today just dredging up memories.” “Yeah… I know what you mean.” The silence resumes, somehow more comfortable than the last. As we enjoy each other’s physical presence in calming comfort. ~~~ “I don’t know about this…” “Come on, you’re going to look adorable! And I promise nobody is going to judge you for anything you wear.” Picking up the mood, I’ve dragged Eve along to the mall. Our next and final date location of the day. On the car ride over I was able to convince her into trying on some clothes outside her typical style as a form of retail therapy. A way to reclaim or experience the youth she’d never truly had. Standing in front of the changing room now, it seems that some second thoughts are creeping in. However, her trust in me outweighs her concerns. And she doesn’t know it, but I’ve used a little Succubus trick to reduce our perception at the changing room. Nothing will seem out of place to any potential watchers. “Okay, fine! But you better not give me anything too weird!” “Of course, sweetie. I’ll keep it only a little weird as requested.” An overly exaggerated groan is her only reply. I start off easy on her. Handing over t-shirts and pants in colors not seen in her drab collection. An easy way to initially break her out of her overly adult style. [Honestly it does look kind of cute… Maybe she’s right.] It only takes a little praise and encouragement before such thought fill her head as she’s trying on more colorful clothing. And looking absolutely adorable all the while if I may add. While spinning to get the full view of the outfit it was quite easy to see the waistband of her padded undies peeking over top of whatever pants she tried on. Easy outfits down, it’s time to start upping the ante. Now with outfits from the diaper bag, not the store. “Here, try this.” She takes the pile I pass in exchange for the last few she’d finished showing off. Once more her arms disappear behind the changing room’s door. I’m pleasantly surprised by a lack of vocal or mental grumbling. And eventually the curtain opens to unveil a blushing Eve in a frilly pink miniskirt and matching pink camisole. “Um, I don’t think I could wear this outside… But what do you think…?” “I think you’re the cutest woman in the mall and it’s not even a contest!” Her blush spreads at the praise as she spins around. With the skirt being so small I’m granted a perfect view of her pull-up. A few stars are missing. In my expert opinion she’s dry enough for now. The door closes and it’s not long before it opens again with Eve in the next outfit of the ‘advanced pile’. This time her small frame is covered by a pair of pastel purple overall-shorts and a white shirt with a series of pastel flowers sewn onto the left breast. “I don’t know… I think I like it but… You can definitely see something’s off with my butt.” She’s thrown a glance over her shoulder to the mirror on the wall behind. Her hand rubbing her puffy posterior inquisitively. “You mean it’s really good at showing off your assets! No one would suspect that you’re wearing protection and it’s not even noticeable.” [You know what, she’s right. My ass looks great in these.] A small white lie, it’s very noticeable. But she doesn’t seem to realize or care. Rather she’s emboldened by my words. “I think there’s two more left, but then we should get back to my place. We could order pizza or something.” “That sounds lovely!” With a smile she closes the door and begins stripping and throwing on the next outfit. My own excitement begins to rise at the knowledge of the last outfit. With how simple it is to put on the next outfit I didn’t have to wait long for the door to open and Eve to display herself. This time she’s in a grey cat themed footed sleeper. Due to its baggy nature her underwear is for the moment safe from prying eyes. “Meow!” She lifts her hands in a mock cat pose, smiling to herself. “What a pretty little kitty, lets make her even more catlike…” Stepping close I reach to the back of her neck where the hood’s bunched up. Once it’s in hand I flip it over her head revealing the outfit’s cat ears. She turns to face the mirror and laughs. The sound of which is music to my ears. “I can’t believe the store even had this!” Well, it didn’t. But she doesn’t need to know that. “Alrighty, one more to go and then we’ll go ourselves.” Eve disappears back into the changing room and the door closes behind her. It isn’t long before I start to pick up her confused thoughts along with some quiet muttering. [How does this work? I can’t get the buttons right…] My fist gently knocks on the door as I call out to her. “Sounds like there’s a little trouble in there. Need some help?” “Uh… Yeah, come on in.” With that only slightly hesitant invitation I enter the changing room and shut the door behind me. Eve’s standing in the corner outside line of sight from anyone looking through the door while it opened. She has the pastel yellow snap-crotch onesie on, but the buttons are horribly mismatched. “I think I see the problem.” “It’s a really cute bodysuit, I love the daisy and bee pattern! The buttons are a bit inconvenient though…” Uh huh, a bodysuit. She’s too precious. “It’s for a better fit, it can be a bit easier to have a lil help with them.” That said I kneel down and unsnap all the buttons. I lift up the front flap and get a close look at the state of her pull-up. Much damper than even a few outfits ago. She should make it back home, but she’ll need a change then. With practiced ease I thread the two flaps between her legs and snap the buttons into their appropriate match. As I stand back up I give the front panel of her training pants a quick pat over the onesie as a finishing flourish. As Eve inspects herself in the mirror I step behind and rest my hands on her shoulders. She relaxes back into my grasp as she runs a hand around the fabric that clings well to her body. [It’s comfortable, I feel nice.] “This was a good pick, Lilith. Though I kind of think I’d need pants with this, haha.” “Of course, I think the overall shorts would work great. Let’s try that.” Taking my advice, she allows me to assist her into the overalls. She’s cute as a button. And somehow the pastel purple of the shorts matches rather well with the pastel yellow of the onesie. It’s the kind of color pattern you’d see on a little girl like her. “Alright, it’s your turn now!” “Hm?” Rather than admire herself in the mirror, Eve instead gives me a mischievous look. “I’ve tried on so many clothes, I want you to try something I pick out for you at least once before we go!” “Sneaky girl, I bet the buttons were just a ploy to get me in here.” “Yeah, now you wait here, and I’ll be right back!” [I’d have figured them out eventually.] She bolts out of the changing room, leaving me alone. I’m not left waiting long however, because a few short minutes later a satisfied looking Eve reenters the room. Perhaps she saw whatever it was that she grabbed when we entered the store. “Here you go, I think you’re going to look great in this!” “Thanks, I can’t wait to see what you picked out for me.” Once the clothing is in hand, I give it a once over. Baggy ripped jeans and a baggy t-shirt with a wide neckline. Sort of a grunge look; must be a style she enjoys on others. Without waiting for her to leave I begin to wiggle out of my strapless dress in a seductive manner. As the dress pulls down it takes my bra down with it just far enough to give the currently captivated Eve a look at my leaking nipples. [Oh… Oh my god! Is-Is that…] Not caring to cover my breasts I step into the pants one leg at a time. While bent over in Eve’s direction I give her a good show as I slowly pull the jeans up to my hips. Her eyes hardly leave my boobs. Her mind is a mess of thoughts. So much so that I can’t grasp a single one. But the emotions she’s putting out are an overwhelming amount of arousal. By the time I readjust ‘the girls’ and get the shirt on Eve is bright red. I give the final outfit a quick look in the mirror. It’s honestly not bad, she picked out a pretty good one. The holes in the jeans are substantial enough around the knee to show off a good amount of leg. And the wide neckline of the shirt shows a tasteful amount of cleavage. Finished admiring myself I turn to Eve and ask her opinion. “What do you think?” “I-I think you’re beautiful! Holy shit…” “Aw you’re too sweet, you picked out a really good outfit!” “Thanks, I knew it’d suit you perfectly.” “How about we wear our outfits out.” “Oh? Um… Yeah, sure!” A flicker of hesitation crosses her, but a quick gaze at my figure stops any naysaying thoughts. “And don’t worry about paying for yours because I’ve already bought em’. I knew you’d be too cute in them to put them back.” “You didn’t have to do that! Thank you, Lilith, seriously.” Overflowing with sincere gratitude the girl wraps her arms around me in a hug that I eagerly reciprocate. One hand around her back while the other cups her puffy bottom. “It’s nothing sweetie, now how about we get back to yours and enjoy the evening.” ~~~ Leaving our long day out behind us we step back into Eve’s apartment. Well, I step in. She more waddles in. Her pull-up is no doubt close to bursting and with the onesie and overalls pulling the garment closer to her body, it’s forcing her into a wider gait. “Want to wait a bit on that pizza? Maybe chill on the couch and watch some shows?” Made all the more adorable by the fact that she doesn’t seem to notice or care in the slightest. “That sounds good to me, lets get you fixed up first.” “Fixed up? What do you mean?” She looks at me confused. In response I bend down and cup the crotch of her pants. Throughout the day she’s only grown more comfortable with my motherly actions, in no small part due to her ‘drink’ last night and our bonding today. It’s now culminated in her not even batting an eye at this. From my position I give a slight squeeze and through the fabric of her overalls and onesie an audible squelch can be heard that even Eve notices. Her cheeks grow pink at what it implies. “You’re very wet, we need to get your little soggy bottom changed.” “O-Oh, okay. I… Uh guess.” [I guess the training pants aren’t too bad, but it’s going to be nice to get into panties after this] As I lead her over to the living room, I chuckle to myself at her thoughts regarding her predicament. The only panties she’s going to be seeing for the foreseeable future are my own. I help her down to the floor and take my place by her feet. “Upsie daisy.” At my prompting she lifts her bottom off the floor so I can slide the changing pad under her rear and take off her overalls. Once the onesie is unbuttoned and flipped away, the perforated sides of the pull-up rip with ease. The thoroughly used garment goes into a plastic bag for disposal. Once we get her a diaper genie this will be so much simpler and convenient. Gently I wipe down Eve’s most intimate area. Going into every nook and cranny of her private parts. Despite her best efforts a slight moan escapes her throat. Her eyes gaze at me hungrily as she watches me work between her legs. Right on the cusp of completion I pull back, depositing the used wipes into the used pull-up bag. “Mmm!” A groan of complaint. The poor baby. I reach into the bag and pull out an adult diaper and powder. The diaper is a Little Kings to be specific. My personal favorite diaper to come out of the community. Looks just like a real baby diaper. My how we’ve come! Nothing like this existed when I first came to be. “Upsie daisy.” Again, I prompt her to lift her bottom. She complies on auto pilot. While she’s lifted, I unfold the diaper, give it a quick fluff, and place it beneath her. Gently I push on her lower tummy and ease her onto the thick padding. “Wait, huh?” Confused by the sensation on her bottom she lifts her torso off the ground, supporting herself with her arms. She looks at what I’ve done so far and gasps. “What the fuck!? That’s a diaper! What do you think you’re doing!?” “Woah sweetie, I think you need to calm down.” “Calm down!? You’re trying to put me in a diaper like I’m some kind of baby!” Apparently, she’s got a little fight left in her. But the setup I’ve done is doing wonders for me. Her arguing about her adult status in such a losing position is offering me quite the meal. Every emotion, all the energy, she gives off goes right to me where it’s charging me better than anything this weekend thus far. I’ve eased her into it so far. But this is the moment where it all comes together. “And?” “What do you mean ‘and’? I’m a grown u- an adult! I don’t need diapers and I certainly don’t need you putting me in one!” As Eve starts to push herself off the floor and stand, I grab her wrist. Keeping her from moving. Then I speak, with my most stern mother-like voice. “Are you a ‘big girl’? You’ve been pissing yourself aalll day, young lady.” “I-Wh… Fuck you! It’s whatever I had last night, it’s not my fault!” Uncertainty, embarrassment, and anger at being called out like that. Still rebellious but she’s feeling smaller. The small instinctual part of me, in the recesses of my mind, wants her to fight me like this forever. Harvest these powerful negative emotions. “You matched me drink for drink. If something was bad then where’s my wet pants, hm?” Her eyes go wide. She’d not yet put that together. I see the gears start to turn in her head. Internally she’s reaching for any excuse within grasp, and she gets one. Realization dawns on her face. “Y-You must’ve spiked my shit! You come over and I start pissing myself like a toddler and wearing pull-ups! Why else would you have so much baby shit that can fit an adult!?” It would make a reasonable point. If I wasn’t already prepared for such an accusation. “Now you’re really acting like a child. You were with me at the bar the entire night, I could not have done anything like that. And I told you I’m a nanny. Not all my clients are child sized.” I roll my eyes and throw her behavior back in her face. My delivery must’ve been impeccable because the wind visibly deflates from her sails. Before she says anything else I continue the offense, drunk on power. “And because I sometimes deal in adult toddlers I have a knack for telling when pretend big girls like you are full of it.” “N-No! You’re wrong! I-I am a big girl!” “Are you? Because I haven’t been out with a ‘big girl’ today. I’ll tell you who I was on a date with. A baby. A big baby girl. Someone putting on an adult front because she got hurt.” “No!” Her body tenses up, struggling to remove her arm from my grasp. The words are hitting home, I can see them impact her like physical blows. “Someone that allowed themselves to be treated like a baby because she enjoyed how it made her feel in her time of need.” “You’re…” The struggle stops momentarily. Eve’s body grows still as a slight look of concentration crosses her face. As fast as it came, it left. I smirk, with that she’s given me all the ammo I need to seal the deal. “Now if you’re done throwing a tantrum, I am putting you in this diaper, baby girl. Because you’re already dribbling onto the floor.” With a point from my free hand, I direct her attention to the floor where a small puddle is quickly growing beneath her on the wooden floor. She feels so incredibly small. So embarrassed. So stupid. The monster in me roars with satisfaction, high on the way she’s making me feel right now. “I… O-Oh…” [Maybe… Maybe I am…] All fight leaves her as she crumples in on herself. Still holding her wrist, I pull her forward onto the waiting diaper and away from the mess. While she sits quietly on the dry padding, I quickly wipe the puddle up with a hand towel. I lay her back onto the floor and touch her up again with the wipes. Then I powder her up and rub it into her skin. She gives no reaction. The front panel of her diaper lifts up and covers her belly button. I pull the left side up first, affixing the bottom tape. Then the bottom tape of the right panel. Finally, the top two tapes. With each index finger I run down the length of the padding’s leg holes, pulling at the gathers for maximum protection. And that’s it, her first actual diaper since infancy is on. I pat the front panel and speak up in a tone someone might take with a disobedient child. “See, is this so bad? What was all that fuss about?” “…” [It isn’t the worst but…] A mopey sounding thought is my only reply. Leaning forward I grab onto her limp arms and pull her into a sitting position. She looks everywhere but in my direction. Eyes red and puffy, she’d started silently crying during the change. [Why’s she being so mean…] Everything she’s poured into me during this struggle for domination has amped me up. I’m not only full but at my strongest. That said… Even through the fog of power and the temptations buzzing around at the back of my mind... That thought and the sight of her so sad and despondent cuts deep. The last thing I want is for her to feel like this. I don’t want to be this to her. As much as my instincts cry for it. This isn’t the way I want to be. It’s why it’s so important to drive home how much she needs this… Needs me. So we can both be happy together. “Oh honey, I’m so sorry I had to be a meanie… But everything is going to be okay.” As the words leave my mouth, I pull her onto my lap and cradle her in my arms. Left arm cradling her head while the right rubs her shoulder and back. She buries her head into my shirt. I feel a few loose tears soak into the fabric as she lets out a long shuddering breath she’d held in. [I’m pathetic… If this is what I am what does she even see in me…] “All this may seem a bit sudden… But I knew from the moment I saw you that you were a sweet little lady.” “…” “The other ‘adults’ I’ve worked with are a lot like you. Missing out on a part of their life. Compensating too much. Tiring themselves out. And like you, stifling that sweet little lady inside.” “M-Maybe… But why me… I can’t even make it to the potty…” I give the girl in my arms a gentle smile. She’s too cute. “I’ll change a billion of your diapers if you need me to.” “I… I don’t know what it means to really be myself.” “We’ll figure that out together.” “… Okay…” Just one small thing left. “Alright baby, lets make a quick trip to the bedroom before we order dinner.” “Eep!” I wrap my right arm under her rear and stand up. In sudden panic she wraps her arms around my chest. Once we’re in the bedroom I stand her up on her two feet. “We need to change your outfit, you got it a little wet…” Speaking gently, I point out the onesie flap that has a wet patch on it from her dribbly accident moments ago. “O-Oh… Um sorry…” “You don’t have to apologize, that’s why I’ve got you protected.” I give the top of her head a quick ruffle before I strip the onesie off her. Taking care to avoid touching her with the wet patch. It goes in her dirty clothes bin. She’s left mostly naked, wearing just her bra and Little Kings. While she looks down at herself, cheeks burning, I sit on the bed. “Come over here, Eve.” I pat the space next to me on my right. She waddles to the bed hesitantly, unused to the thick padding between her legs. As she crawls over me to get to my right side, I lightly pat her swinging bottom. I’m rewarded with a delightful crinkle and adorable ‘eep’ of surprise from the little one. As she plops down, I swing her down into a cradle. Exactly as I had done our first night while she slept. Her upper body supported by the crook of my left arm while her legs rest on the bed. [I kind of like this position… She’s so cozy.] While she stares up from her position in my arms I carefully remove the baggy shirt I’d worn out of the mall. The outer layer of the left cup of my maternity bra folds down. Like before in the changing room, her eyes go wide. Staring entranced at my breasts. I give her a second to appreciate the view and become used to it. Before springing the news on her. “Alright sweetie, I want you to have a little drink before dinner.” “I-I, woah! This might… Is too far, Lilith! There’s no way I could…” “Shhh… Don’t worry about a thing baby, just let go and relax in my arms. There’s no judgement. No fear. No worries. Just me and you.” Slowly I edge her upper body closer and closer to the waiting nipple. A bead of milk drops, landing on her meager chest. She’s barely resisting my gentle pushes. “N-No I…” Taking the chance, I pop the nipple into her open mouth. We sit like this for a short while. My breast in her mouth. Her doing everything in her power to not suck. Eyes closed. And most importantly, not biting. I didn’t even have to give her a warning. To break the deadlock, I take my right hand and massage my left breast around the nipple encased by Eve’s mouth. I feel a squirt of breast milk escape and enter the girl’s mouth. Her closed eyes shoot open in surprise. Her throat constricts and contracts, swallowing the milk on instinct. [I didn’t… I did not just drink that!] [What the fuck…] [W-Wait… It’s… Not that bad…] One after the other her racing thoughts come forth. Somewhat emboldened she gives a few tentative suckles. It’s not a great attempt because she’s trying too hard. Unlike the night prior when she was sleep-sucking on instinct and habit. However, she is rewarded with a good trickle of milk. [Oh my god… It… It’s… It’s amazing!] Of course. Outside of the regressive effects (both mental and potty training), my milk mimics the drinker’s most favorite flavors and tastes. It would be no lie to say it is the most delicious thing she’s ever had. And it shows. She loses herself in my breast. Desperately sucking away with her improper form. Her messy eating leaving small rivers of milk-spittle running down the sides of her mouth. I rub encouraging circles on her back with the arm holding her up. My right arm snakes down to the front of her diaper. The noisy sounds her suckling creates are soon joined by the sweet melody of her first accident in proper protection. A beautiful symphony to my ears and a lovely warmth against my hand. Looking down, I once again can’t help but admire the view. This beautiful, small girl. Wearing nothing but a small cloth around her chest and yellowed padding around her waist. Greedily drinking from me. With feelings of love, physical and emotional need, and happiness flowing off her and into me. Before I get too lost in the motherly sauce, I need to stop her from drinking too much. Gotta wean her onto it. I estimate that she probably drank just a touch more than last night. So perfect stopping point. Gently I pull her away with a ‘pop’. She looks up at me, momentarily confused as if wanting to know why I ruined a good time. I chuckle as I wipe her mouth and upper body clean with the shirt I’d removed. “Can’t have you getting too full now silly girl, we’re getting pizza after all.” “Ah… Um… Yeah…” As she pulls back out of the milk haze her face gains a slight blush as embarrassment sets in. With her still in my arms, I get off the bed. This time, holding her to my chest with her legs and arms wrapped around my body. Supporting her soggy bottom with a hand. I turn my head to the mirror opposite the bed. The motion grabs Eve’s attention and she looks as well. We’re quite the odd couple. Half and mostly naked. A boob popped out. Yellowed diaper. My amused face and hers content. Conflicted emotions run across her face as she soaks it in. [I really do look like…] She leaves the thought unfinished. But then again, she doesn’t need to finish it. In that moment I feel her energy and emotions shift. Like a puzzle piece popping into place. Acceptance. Of herself, of me, of this. I’m so proud of her. She’s taken this difficult day in stride and come out better than ever. Her body relaxes into mine. She lets out a long-exhausted sigh. Clearly tired from the struggle we’ve been in since arriving back at her apartment. [This feels right.] The hand on her bottom feels a sudden spurt of warmth. “You’re already almost soaked again kiddo! What am I going to do with you?” She replies without missing a beat, her voice only a little muffled from her face being planted in my shoulder. “I’d like a change and plenty of hugs and kisses.” ~~~ Half a year's passed since the weekend I met and 'adopted' my little Eve. She's come a long way into her second infancy, I'm so very proud of her. Can’t say it enough no matter how blushy it makes her. That Monday she called me Mommy for the first time. It was said on accident while she was half asleep. She was very embarrassed, and I was thrilled. Maybe I was a little off when I said it would happen by Sunday... But you can’t rush these things. The first couple of weeks Eve would get upset whenever we noticed that she'd had an accident in her diapers. But that was nothing that a little love couldn't fix. Usually, it only took a little reminder that I wasn't going anywhere, and that her new underwear did their job. Complaining and resisting over her 'feeding times' (however slight) only lasted half a week. She obviously loves the taste, but more than that she adores the intimacy. She's fully inoculated against its effect (though her potty training is shot), so I let her suck me dry every day. I’m just thankful we were able to swap her cigarette dependency easy enough for a little breastfeeding. Her other 'little' habits have come in gradually as we uncovered that side of herself. Thumb/paci sucking. Childish speech. Obsession with a particular stuffed animal. Enjoying media for tots. Cute clothing. And other little things that are very much her. That isn't to say that Eve's big girl days are numbered. Heaven's no. She's enjoying her big girl life now more than ever. It was 3 months ago that we decided it would be best if she quit her management job. It wasn't making her happy, it was stressing her out, and it's not what she really wanted to do with her life. Instead, she really wanted to work at the park. The same one she took me to on that fateful weekend. Help make it a special place for others to visit, like it was and is to her. And I'm again proud to say that she got the gig. Five days a week she's at the park doing all sorts of things. Giving tours, taking calls, working with the plants, feeding the fish, etc. Hell, she's even working on getting the old events and talks she once loved up and running again. I’m at the park now. Standing at the edge of the starting path, looking on as she plants a rainbow of colorful flowers into the beds around the main building. Visiting my hard-working baby on the job. Since diapers are her underwear of necessity, she's accepted skirts and dresses as her normal attire with help from a little prompting and praise from me. Today she's wearing a brown dress long enough to hide her babyishly printed pampers. The colors helping to disguise the dirt that is almost certainly going to end up on her as she happily scoops away with her trowel. The familiar sound of chains and a powerful presence breaks me from my reverie. She's behind me, the Sadist. While my guard is still up, I do not feel the same sense of dread I had in our last encounter. She's intentionally holding it back. Taking the lead in the conversation and turning around to face her, I speak. "To what do I owe-" At least, I try to. She has the appearance of a woman in her early 20's, 5.5ft tall, with small breasts. The outfit that adorns her is simple; a long white lace dress that's almost see-through and sandals. Her flesh is pale, almost white. Long white hair flows straight down, reaching well onto the ground. Pristine despite touching dirt. Facial features are mathematically perfect, flawless and dainty. Peach lipstick. Nail polish on pointed nails that match her lips. If it weren’t for her Succubus features, she’d look like a model. White feathered wings jut from her back. White horns grow from her upper forehead on each temple from between her bangs. They run 4-inches up and then bend into a curve going clockwise 'round her head. The curve of her right horn ends where the left begins in front of her head, and the curve of her left horn ends where the right begins behind her head. Giving the appearance of a crown, or rather, a halo. Contrasting her almost angelic appearance is her eyes. The iris and pupil blend together seamlessly into swirling black vortexes devoid of feeling or life. Pools of darkness that threaten to swallow me whole even as she holds back her power. Perhaps noticing the effect she’s having on me, the Sadist shifts her eyes away from mine. After the break in contact, I take a deep breath. Suddenly conscious that I had not since meeting her gaze. "I come with an offer." "I’m afraid I don’t understand." “I’ve watched you.” “…” “You have talent. And I find it a waste to allow such a thing wither out.” “I can’t help but feel I’m being overestimated.” The unnatural stillness she’d maintained ends as her head tilts to the side. “Few starving Succubi would be able to restrain themselves to your degree. Even less could have drawn out a human’s latent potential such as you have with that girl. That you believe I’ve overestimated you so indicates that you find it a simple task.” She finishes her analysis and pauses to give me room to respond. “I wouldn’t say it’s ‘simple’. I just… Push it all back.” “From time immemorial I’ve crossed paths with only a handful of your type. You all talk about yourselves in much the same way.” “My type?” "Those who bond for life. Prioritizing deep connection over instinctual consumption. Say, how many humans have you eaten from?" "She's the third." The Sadist nods her head. As if she'd expected an answer of that caliber. "Then you must be aware. Succubi that bond for life do not last. It is too heavy an existence." She pauses, clearly waiting for some form of acknowledgement. I can’t deny and nod in agreement. When I lost Beth and Leah I’d felt as though I’d lost a piece of myself. I’m under no illusion that Eve's passing won’t result in the same heartbreak. Getting the acknowledgement she sought, the Sadist continues. “To the offer at hand. I wish to make you like me. Reborn and free of the burden you bear." She's headhunting me... That said, the ability to overwrite a Succubus’ kink is a feat spoken only of in hushed rumors. The power she wields is unfathomable to me. "I... I thank you for the offer..." What exactly she offers is a role change. Unshackled from ABDL with no more maternal instincts, urges, and thoughts to bind me down to a single human. I’d join her as a Sadist. Like her I’d be free of heartache and emotion. Living an eternal life based solely around consumption and fulfilling only my own selfish desires. Such a thing is a dream of greed. And scarily enough… I could almost see myself living it. It fills me with a sense of unease. Joyous laughter tickles my ears. I cast a quick glance to the source behind me. Eve, working in the garden and adorably doing her best. The sight and sound of her fills my breast with a warmth beyond description. It washes away the unease of the Sadists' offer. It's all the answer I need. "... However, I'm afraid I'm right where I belong." I won't regret it. Even when I’ve someday burnt out and disappeared from this world... I know this feeling of love can't be wrong. She stares at me with an indiscernible, blank expression. Finally betraying a hint of emotion, she sighs. "Foolish... But commendable. Perhaps one day I’ll succeed in swaying one of you.” “I’m sorry that today isn’t that day.” I mean it too. Though hers is an existence I cannot wrap my head around… I get the feeling that in her own strange and twisted way she worries for me. And that in her mind what she offers is salvation. “As a Succubus of Sadism, I pray you find pleasure in the pain of inevitable parting." Mirroring our initial encounter, she bows slightly. Something I’d never expect from someone such as her. Having been rejected in her offer and satisfying her curiosity, she turns around to leave. Wings flexing, feathers licking the wind. "Have you felt love?" Before she could go, the words left my lips impulsively. It was a question I suddenly found myself wanting more than anything to know the answer to. Maybe a paltry attempt at connecting with this being that feels so foreign and far from me… She pauses, her head tilting to the side. And without turning around she answers. "I think so. A long time ago." Without waiting for a reply, she’d disappeared. Gone with the blink of an eye. Not seeing the look, the emotion that she wore on her face in answering that question will certainly be a regret that I carry for the rest of my days. I turn back to Eve who is still hard at work, not having witnessed anything that had transpired just a few feet in front of her. Needing some Eve time after that experience I make myself noticeable again. She notices me while brushing some stray hairs out of her face with her forearm. Her bright smile fills me with all the energy I'd ever need. "I heard that there was a little lady here hard at work, do you think I could meet her?" Eve giggles, a habit that's become more common over the months. She leans in closer from her spot on the ground and speaks quietly. Trying to keep any potential strangers from listening in. "Mommy you're embarrassing me! I'm very hard at work right now, don't these flowers look beautiful here?" "They’re second only to you sweetie. Here, you have a little something here." She blushes as I pull a clean hand towel from her little garden cart and wipe away some dirt on her forehead. "Thank you..." [Work is great and all but I can't wait to go home!] It's my turn to smile. But before I get out of her hair there's one important thing... "How's your diaper kiddo? Before I let you go do you think you can make it?" Her face scrunches up in concentration. Her thighs shift together as she attempts to get an assessment of the state of her padding without touching herself indecently in public. "I... Think it’s better to be safe than sorry.” "Such a smart girl you are, come along, I'll get you sorted out." I pull her up from her sitting position, take her by the hand, and lead her to the closest family bathroom. ~~~ "I am... Home!" Eve shouts triumphantly, depositing her shoes on the rack. "Welcome home, dinner is ready whenever you are." She rushes over, and eagerly embraces me in a tight hug which I return enthusiastically. No signs of dirt anywhere. She must’ve showered in the employee bathrooms to keep from bringing work home. "Actually... Could I pretty please have milkies first?" Still embraced, she looks up at me with puppy dog eyes. Who could say no to that face? "Okay, okay. But there's another important detail to take care of my silly girl." My hand reaches down between her legs, flipping up her dress, and cupping the crotch of her post work to home emergency pull-ups. "I'm not that wet! Come on!" "Soaked, my little fountain. This won't take long." "Ughhhhhh..." Defeated, she allows herself to be picked up. Her legs wrap around my torso and arms wrap around my neck as she rests her head on my shoulder. With her in arm we get to the bedroom where I toss her a few inches onto the bed. She lands, giggling. I strip her of her dress, leaving her in just her birthday suit and ruined training pants. Turning away from my adorable charge, I stop by the dresser and pop open the former underwear drawer for supplies. Baby powder, wipes, and a thick nighttime diaper adorned with cute pictures of moons and stars. Atop the dresser I grab her pacifier, another tool to combat her oral fixation. Seeing my choice of padding in the mirror, Eve groans. "Mommy! It's so early for the nighttime diaper! How am I supposed to walk in that the rest of the evening!?" "You'll find a way, you always do. Plus, it should last you till morning… Though you’re very good at not lasting long.” She blushes brightly at the implication and crosses her arms adorably. I laugh while pulling her bottom onto a waterproof plastic changing pad. Near the pillows I grab her favorite stuffed bear and tuck it into her crossed arms. The paci goes in as well. Beneath the paci she grumbles but squeezes her bear tightly. The perforated sides of her pull-up tears away with ease. I leave the sodden garment under her bottom to protect the pad and get to work rubbing her down with the baby wipes. I take extra care to be both gentle and fun on her vagina. The grumbling becomes a moan of pleasure. Her pelvis bucks forward with each pass of the wipe. Eventually I reach her bottom and roll up her used pull-up before pitching it in her diaper genie. However, she's clean and the fun ends premature. "Noooooo..." Eve's whines from behind the paci. Ignoring her sentiment for the time being, I liberally apply powder and massage it firmly but gently into her skin. She enjoys this; I see it in her eyes. But that ends too soon for my poor baby as well. The diaper gets fluffed out and placed beneath her. The front panel goes up and the excess gets tucked under her sides. Back bottom tapes go on first, pulled across the front panel. Then the top tapes, the job is done. The changing pad goes back under the bed for the next, inevitable change. I sit near the pillows at the headboard. With ease my strapless dress pulls down, and the flap of my left maternity bra's cup pulls down unveiling my breast. Happily, I open my arms wide. "Come to Mommy, sweetpea!" The sexually frustrated girl perks up at my command. Rolling over onto her front she crosses the short distance in a bow-legged crawl. When she's close enough I snatch her up and manipulate her body such that she's resting in a position similar to the first night I had her feed from me. The night that would spell the end of her old life, and the beginning of something new and good. I pluck the pacifier from her sucking mouth and quickly replace it with my left breast. Eagerly she gets to work. Over the months her form has improved significantly. She can drain a breast like a champ in record time. Though on occasion she likes to make slow work of it. Enjoying the feeling of being connected to me. [Mmm so good...] Hearing her enjoy the milk never gets old. My right arm snakes down the front of her diaper where my fingers get to work. Playing her princess parts like an instrument. Her muffled moans leak out from behind my breast. Little dribbles of milk leave her mouth, running down her neck and onto her cute little boobies. It seems I forgot her bib again, when will I learn? While sucking she bucks her hips to the rhythm of my massage. The warmth of my milk entering her tummy and warmth of my fingers on her most intimate parts. Her body presses into my own. All that she feels in this moment is a beautiful whirlwind which flows into me like water down a drain. A few short minutes of our song and dance and the flow of milk from the first teat is at an end. [Oh fuck, oh Mommy, o-oh I'm-I'm gonna c-!] The wriggling girl in my arms squeals in pleasure; her pelvis bucking one final time into my waiting hand. With no time to lose, I pull my hand out of her pamper and pat the front gently as she comes down from her high. She floods her diaper, its padding greedily soaking up the warm mixture of cummies and urine. Spent, the girl flops down in my arm. Twitching in post orgasm bliss as her body of its own volition rids itself of its liquid waste. “Oh my, someone is Mommy’s lil messy girl tonight. I’m going to have to clean you up before bed!” Tired and content she allows me to shift her body to the other side where she slowly gets to work on the other breast. Left hand massages her back from behind while supporting her. Right remaining gently on her squishy padding as a comforting reminder. While the experience was in a sense orgasmic for me as well, more than that I am filled with an intense feeling of love and care for the darling girl in my arms. I rest my head on the headboard behind me, closing my eyes. Grainy images flash and drift behind my closed lids. Playing like an old movie. Two girls, much like Eve but different and unique in their own ways. All the times I’d held them exactly in this way. And the love I still felt but could no longer feel from them. "Lilith, you alright?" A small voice snaps me out of my thoughts. I look down to Eve, she's looking up at me concerned. At some point she’d stopped nursing. Her hand lifts and wipes away something wet from my face, tears. "It's alright. I'm fine... Just memories." From her position she cuddles into my stomach, wrapping both arms around my midsection in a tight squeeze. "I love you Mommy… Whatever’s wrong I want you to know that I’m here for you." [I hope this is enough, I wish I could do more...] Oh… please don’t think that sweetie. You’ve no idea how much you’ve done for me. "I love you too baby. And I’ll be here for you as well, forever." ______________________________________________________________________________________ Huge shoutout to Kasarberang for hosting the competition. And to my friend, Melunnia, on Twitter for another wonderful art piece. I hope that you, the reader, have enjoyed reading my story as much as I enjoyed writing it.
  5. Cody enters his room after getting back from a halloween party to see it filled wuth his sisters dollies and babyish stuff. "SARAH I told you to stop leaving your stupid baby stuff in my room. Like I get you like playing house with your little dollies but play your little dumb baby game in your room" Cody yells. Sarah leaves the room upset and mad at her brother. She enters her room and then goes to the window. The moon was full on halloween night. She then makes a wish "I wish my brother could get a taught a lesson and experience how fun playing house can be!" As Sarah went to sleep and as Cody is starting to clean his room. Some force pushes him over. Then feels a hand pulling his pants down and giving him a huge wedgie. "Owww quit it Sarah that's not funny. You'll be so sorry after I get you back" Cody yells. Cody soon turns around and soon discovers its not Sarah. It's one of her dollies that seem to have grown to about his height smiling down at him. The doll then speaks "you really should not yell at your sister. You been a bad boy and your going to be taught a lesson you soon will never forgot" The doll snaps her fingers and a bunch of other dollies appear and push him to the ground and pin him on the ground. The big dolly laughs "so you think your sister is such a big baby for liking dollies and playing house? Well I think it's time you experience first time the joy of playing house and guess who's going to be the baby". Cody thought he was dreaming but he wasn't. "Please let me go. I promise il be better towards my sister!" The dollies ignore his plead then start stripping him butt naked. The dolly then speaks "Wow you sure do have a small wee wee and you won't be needing to play with it anymore so let's fix that" the dolly then grabs a pink chastity cage and puts it around Cody's wee wee. "Come on please you can't do this. You can't lock it up." Cody whines. The dolly laughs "if your a good boy maybe you'll get play time but now we need to put your diaper on before you have any accidents" Cody eyes widened "no way I'm not being your dumb little baby you can't...." then a pacifier gers popped into his mouth and can't spit it out. "Now now baby don't fuss all babies need there diapers" The dolly then snaps it fingers and a huge thick diaper appears. This diaper was different it moved and acted like a alive monster. It quickly ran over and then wrapped itself around Cody's waist and then tapped itself shut. "Much better now its time to feed the baby" the dolly says. Just then a highchair appears and the dolly carries Cody to it and takes out the pacifier. The dolly then grabs yucky baby food "open up sweetie it's feeding time". Cody tries to close just mouth but the dolly plugs his nose and gets a fully mouthful of goop in his mouth. She feeds him 4 packs of baby food. She then takes him and lays him across his lap then feeds him a warm bottle of milk. Just then Cody releases a huge fart *pfft* "My my I think baby needs to go poopy. Well go on use your diaper mister" the dolly giggles. Cody yells "no way I'm using this diaper you can't make me" Just then the diaper attached to him starts to squeeze in onto his stomach making it hard to hold in his poop. Unfortunately he couldn't hold it anymore and made a huge mush of poop in his diaper. "Peeyeww what a stinker looks like you need to be kept in diapers. How about a ride on the stink train" The dolly grabs him and bounces Cody on her knee mushing all his poopy all over. Cody disgusted couldn't believe he was treated like this. The dolly laughed "Ok time for your diaper change" the dolly puts him on the changing table and starts to undo the tapes. "Wheew somebody made a big present in his diaper" the dolly laughed again. Cody blushed but it was way better then staying in it. The dolly then takes off his cage and says "how about some fun since you been such a good boy". The new diaper she put underneath him formed a tounge from the inside and wrapped around his dick. Then it started to rub up and down its slimy tongue. The dolly the revealed her boobs and had Cody suck her booby milk "thats right Cody drink your mommys milk and make milky in your diaper" the doll smiled. The dolly then placed its hand in lube then stuck its finger up his butt. Cody couldn't help it. It felt so good. "That's it make milky for mommy" the dolly smiled. Then Cody blasted a full bunch of cum into the diaper and the diaper licked it up. "Such a good boy but you made a bit of a huge mess in your diaper. Time for a spanking" The dolly places him over his knee and spanks his bottom red. After his spanking the dolly puts him in a crib then gives him milk and he falls fast asleep. The next morning a flash of light wakes him up. His sister Sarah had her phone taking pics of him. "Oh my gosh baby bro you look so cute. I didn't know you liking acting like a baby" Cody protested "no Sarah its not what you think. Your dolly came alive and put me in this. Please delete the pics" Sarah then smiled "what a overactive imagination you have but sorry your just too cute and it's going to be fun having my own baby brother to play house with. If you don't play il send the pics I took to everybody you know. So better play along"
  6. I'm 33rd, my name is Eiko Montogoneri. I am a principal of college. I am a tall and beautiful brunette with a strict character. I carefully track discipline I have been tracking one of my students for a long time. I mean the student from "4b", who has long been in my head. She does not study well and regularly misses classes. And this is 19-year-old Jade Maccoy This time I caught her at the place of the next delay. She flew to college with a bag, her hair flew on the run, and she literally crashed into me. "You're late for Jade again." - I looked at my watch - “The second lesson is already ending. That was the last warning. I will have to report this to your parents and make an appropriate entry in your personal file. The conversation is over. " I turn on my heels and walk down the hall to my office.
  7. I am a 35 year old Anastasia de Cruz. I am a principal of college. I am a tall and blushing brunette with a strict character. I carefully monitor the discipline and all the innovations. I decided to try a new reform. Childhood treatment. I have in mind one student from "4b" who has long been in my mind. He does not study well and skips classes regularly. And this is 18-year-old Jayden McKoy. This time I caught he in the act. He flew to college with a bag he literally crashed into me. "You are late Jayden again." I looked at my watch - "The second lesson is already ending. I'm afraid that you are punished. I am waiting for you in 15 minutes in my office."
  8. I am a 35 year old Anastasiya de Cruz. I am a principal of college. I am a tall and blushing brunette with a strict character. I carefully monitor the discipline and all the innovations. I decided to try a new reform. Childhood treatment. I have in mind one student from class "2a" who has long been in my mind. She does not study well and skips classes regularly. And this is 18-year-old Kayla. This time I caught her in the act. She flew to college with a bag and her hair scattered on the run and she literally crashed into me. "You are late Kayla again." I looked at my watch - "The second lesson is already ending. I'm afraid that you are punished. I am waiting for you in 15 minutes in my office." I turn around in heels and angrily leave for my office.
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