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  1. Well, this is my first ever story for a contest - in particular, this is for Kasarberang's fourth contest, and I'll post the link at the bottom. Anyway, without further ado, welcome to the show! - Chapter One: Sentencing - Ferne Beliveau had presented her closing arguments this Sunday of the capital murder trial with confidence, poise, and the expertise of a long-time professional - which was shocking, since she was the youngest (and newest) District Attorney in the history of Louisiana (all of Louisiana, not just New Orleans, her district) at the tender age of twenty-nine, having been in law school since she was seventeen. She was certain the man before her would be convicted by the jury, who had finished deliberations and were standing before the judge. “Have you reached a verdict?” Judge Anderson, a tired old man with little shock-white hair remaining on his nearly bald head, asked. “We have, Your Honor,” the forewoman said. “What say you?” “We the jury, in the case of the State of Louisiana vs. Hedges, find the defendant unanimously guilty on the charges of capital murder and armed robbery in the first degree.” Ferne looked at Tevin Hedges, a Black teenager, who mouthed, “I ain’t done nothin’,” in disbelief, tears pouring from his eyes, the defense attorneys bowing their heads in shock and guilt. She loved every moment of it. Crushing the hopes and dreams of these men was sweet nectar and ambrosia to her. So what if they were innocent? It looked good on her record. Besides, they deserve nothing less for being criminal scum. “Thank you, Jury, for your service today. Court is adjourned.” Ferne left with the various legal documents in her hands, a bounce in her step, her heels clicking on the floor, as she strode towards the exits. She had almost reached it before she was bumped into, a foul-smelling liquid spilling on her expensive white pantsuit. “Watch where you’re going!” she spat at the offending party: a tall middle-aged woman with long straw-blonde hair and green eyes that were glaring at her coldly. “Perhaps you should be more careful, young lady,” the older woman said in a dialect that was clearly Irish, the glare not leaving her eyes, a familiar look. Ferne huffed a bit, ignoring the woman (had she seen her before? No matter; she had more important things to worry about.) as she went to the restroom to clean up. Whatever liquid (probably liquor) was spilled on her had absorbed itself into her skin, and yet…it wasn’t wet. Definitely going to shower after this, she thought furiously, as she washed her hands, peering into the mirror to see her beautiful light brunette hair smartly tucked in a bun, her twinkling ice-blue eyes, the smug look on her face like the cat who ate the canary. The only thing she hated about her appearance was her size: she was barely 4’10” with a small bust to match. “Hello, Ferne,” a voice said next to her. She was joined by her, well, nobody was exactly a rival to her, but her closest competitor, Taneka Stevens, her ebony complexion, long braids, and still-heavyset figure and giant bust from a very recent childbirth contrasting sharply with Ferne’s toned alabaster skin. The other woman was already washing her hands. “Well, hello, Tannypack,” Ferne replied snootily. “Glad I could have your help on the Hedges case, for what little you did.” Stevens didn’t back down, annoying the younger woman. She was the only one who didn’t back down from her “Bitch-mode” amongst her subordinates - something she was going to have to change. “You know the kid was innocent, right?” Stevens said with a sigh. “We’re not the ones to decide guilt; that’s the job of the jury,” Ferne chided. “Maybe having a kid sapped a bit of your brain in the process?” “Why are you the way you are?” She brushed off the question, ignoring how much it hurt inwardly. “You mean a successful head District Attorney in Louisiana’s biggest parish? Maybe you should try it sometime, Tannypack; it might make you less stupid.” “Never mind. I see how you’re choosing to act.” Stevens left, leaving Ferne to her thoughts. What a stupid whore, choosing to get knocked up over the opportunity of being District Attorney. Her phone buzzed in the pocket of her ruined pantsuit, and she looked at the text. Her stupid ex, Mae Jung-Sook, was the guilty party. Hey, I need you to come to court for child services. Urgent, much love! She rolled her eyes and responded. Did you drink bleach? We’re both women, and there was no child. Fuck off. The next text quickly showed up. It’s about guardianship, power-of-attorney. If you back out now, they’ll assume the child isn’t old enough to be their own legal guardian and POA falls into my hands. Please, dear, last chance to back out. Ferne rolled her eyes. Classic manipulation tactic. You can do whatever the fuck you want with your brat, bitch. For the last time, fuck off! It’s over! In fact, I don’t think there ever was anything between us! Goodbye! She blocked the number on her phone. If Mae was going to be manipulative, she didn’t need her in her life. What a fucking day… Ferne decided to go back home to change; she couldn’t exactly go out for a night on the town in a dirty pantsuit. She saw the Irish woman standing outside the bathroom, her stare making the DA feel a bit uncomfortable, and once again, she had the strangest feeling she had seen her before. Doesn’t matter where I saw her. She’s not my type, anyway. She strode confidently into the parking lot, heedless and uncaring of the other people who were in her way, no matter who they were, as she got out her keys. Her Lexus was ready to go, the front door automatically opening for her (thank God for the money from her job). Ferne sidled in and closed the door, opening her purse that she had hidden in the backseat. It would be the biggest mistake of her life. She checked the open purse, making sure everything was there, seeing an odd canister spewing an odorless gas, barely feeling her eyes droop before everything went black. - Well, here's the link, as promised. Hope you enjoyed the first chapter:
  2. I know, I know "Another new story from Kasarberang that's going to take literal years between chapters" Allow me to explain. I write as a hobby, one of a great many hobbies that my brain alternates between, right now Writing is the hobby in focus so hopefully I'll be able to pump out a few chapters of this story and maybe the other ones as well. Unfortunately I make no promises as to how often this story or any others will be updated, it might be once a week or more: This was the case for "Just A Checkup" before I wrote myself into a dead end (I'm planning to rewrite that story and continue it at some point) and it might be way less frequent "Babied By The Sitter" (Still in progress). I'm not a writer, I'm just a guy who does writing sometimes Anyway, I had this idea for a story and I hope I can do it justice. As always feel free to remix, modify, redistribute any of my stories however you like. If you like the setting, characters or anything else feel free to use it. I wont mind, in fact I'd love to see what you can do with my ideas. So PM me if you do make anything that you decide to release. (Tags will be updated as the story progresses.) My Time At The Everland Farm All Characters involved in a sexual situation in this story are at or above the age of consent, even if their ages aren't directly stated. Also this story is entirely a work of fiction and absolutely nothing in it actually happened. Art by: Ruperallmighty Email: Ruperallmighty@gmail.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/Ruperallmighty Art Officially Approved to comply with DD rules by: DailyDi. My name is Daniel I'm 22 years old and this story is of my time at The Everland Farm. The story starts at my house, I had just gotten this mornings mail and saw a letter addressed to me. It read: "Work getting you down? Need a break from the stresses of daily life? Need a vacation? Than come on over to The Everland Farm for a nice change of pace! Experience four weeks free of the stresses of daily life! And with this special offer you can enjoy all four weeks 100% FREE! Lodging included." It even included a valid bus ticket. This letter didn't apply to me at all, I enjoyed my job working as a developer in a small Indie Game studio, the stresses of daily life were minimal at best and I much preferred to be at home. Not to mention a 100% all expenses paid vacation seemed super sketch to say the least. Probably some shitty timeshare or some pyramid scheme of some sort, neither of which I wanted any part of. So I threw the letter on my couch with all the other junk mail, intending to either throw it away or shred it. == A few days went by and I had spoken to some friends and family about the letter. Almost everyone unanimously said I should go, which honestly didn't surprise me, everyone's always telling me I need to get out more and here is seemingly an offer that gives me no excuse but to do just that. Whenever I expressed my concerns they just replied "Just record everything that goes on, that way you're far less likely to get mugged." despite the fact that my state has specific laws against recording out in public unless you receive consent from every single person that would be in the recording. It's' an interesting law and is far stricter than most, it's good for privacy but a lot of people are against it, which frankly I can understand. Anyway eventually people bugged me enough about the vacation that I decided to just do it. Even my work told me I should go. At this point I needed a vacation from all the people telling me I needed a vacation. I packed pretty light, not expecting to need too much. I packed my cellphone, a pair of wired earbuds, some spare clothes, A DVD player and some DVDs as well as an emergency battery pack which should get me through the month if used sparingly. Everything fit in a nice backpack that I keep around for travel, despite this being the first time I actually ever used it for that. Usually I just used it to carry around my work laptop with me so I could work a little while away. But I did originally buy it for travel. Once I was packed and ready to go I set out for the bus-station which was only a quick walk from my house so it didn't take me very long to get there, less than five minutes if I had to guess. I gave the driver my ticket and soon I was off to The Everland Farm, to my surprise I was the only passenger on the bus. That could easily be explained away by it being 10am on a weekday, not exactly the most desirable time to take a bus somewhere far away, since most people had work to do. I put in my earbuds and set my phone to play my favorite artist Big Penny, which has gotten me through a lot of long bus rides in the past. This specific album titled: "Heads or Tails" featured other artists such as Jiggo-J and DJ MEMEBOY. It truly was and still is an underrated album. Personally I think it's Big Penny's best work, his other albums were entertaining, but nothing quite had the same feel as "Heads or Tails" did. I think it's cause it's the only time as of writing this that Big Penny, Jiggo-J and DJ MEMEBOY have collaborated on an album together, It's very obvious that they gave their best with this album. "Heads or Tails" came with a total of 26 songs with a total runtime of 5 hours and 15 minutes and only cost $5.99 when it first released. It was the very first album to have over 3hours of content with a price tag below $36. "Last Stop Everland Farms, if you got this far without getting off you either missed your stop or got the wrong bus!" said the bus driver. Yet again Big Penny got me through another otherwise boring bus ride. I thanked the driver and was on my way. The bus didn't stop directly in front of Everland Farms they stopped quite a bit away actually. I could very easily see where the farm was, but it was a bit of a walk to get there. Once I did finally arrive I took a seat on a nearby bench to catch my breath before getting up and looking around. Right away I was surprised at the absolute size of the property it must've been on at least five acres of land. There's no way this is the place I was going to be staying for a whole month, it's far too nice to be completely free, either that or it really is some timeshare or pyramid scheme. You could tell this place had been around for awhile, some buildings looked fairly new, or at least newly painted and others looked like they'd been sitting there for decades, all the buildings had a Little House On The Prairie style and vibe to them. Most of the buildings were double to triple the size of regular buildings I was accustomed to. It had been a few minutes so I decided to get up and start looking around, there didn't seem to be anyone nearby so I figured I'd take a look around myself, kinda give myself the grand-tour of the property, even though I knew nothing about it. I walked around a little before stopping in front of a building which was bigger than the rest, which is saying something since all the buildings on the property were huge. Since I was feeling especially adventurous I decided to let myself in. Right away I noticed the inside of the building felt far larger than the outside, but I'm sure that was just an optical illusion, since all houses felt far bigger on the inside than they did on the outside. Everything downstairs was pretty standard, Standard Living Room, Kitchen, Dining Room. The furniture was far larger than I was used to but I was usually the shortest guy in the room, so maybe this is the standard for people of normal or above average height, I could see that. After having a good look at the downstairs I decided to look upstairs, which presented me with my first major challenge. The steps were far steeper than I was used to, it was like every step was 2 or 3 normal sized steps stacked on top of each other. I found myself lifting my legs up way higher than I was used to when climbing up stairs. I also went up these stairs far slower than I usually would, to reduce the chances of me falling forward or backwards. After climbing up what felt like thousands of stairs I finally reached the top of the staircase. There was a long hallway with doors on each side, all of them with a wooden sign on them labeling what the room's purpose was, which makes sense since this was a public vacation spot, I imagine it'd be a pain to have to explain where every room was every single time there was a new customer. I walked up to the second door on the right labeled "Emily's Room". Letting my curiosity get the better of me I playfully turned the doorknob fully expecting the room to be locked, but to my surprise the knob turned and the door opened with ease. The inside of the room was pink with white trim, even the walls were painted pink with the corners painted white. There was a computer desk, which really made me feel small, I could barely even reach the top of the desk, I knew I was short, but I didn't think I was THAT short. I had to sit in the rolling office chair and put the height up all the way in order to sit at the desk like a regular person. atop the desk sat an old ldrn PC, with matching beige keyboard and mouse. Running an old version of Backdoor OS. I could have gone and looked through the files and search history of the computer, but I decided against it. I was staying here after all and if anyone were to catch me doing that I'd probably be in for a very bad experience. Plus the bus only stops here once a month, which makes sense, considering that's the minimum amount of time you're allowed to stay, otherwise they charge you for leaving early. Looking around the room further I noticed something laying on the floor, walking over to it revealed that it was a bra. It was Sea Foam Green, very frilly and most importantly, it was huge. Holding one of the cups up to my head for size and the cup was larger than my head. "So, I have one question. Why the fuck do you have your faced pressed up against my bra?" Shouted an unfamiliar voice. coming from the doorway. ====End of Chapter 1==== I hope you enjoyed! Please tell me what you think! Your words encourage me to write more frequently. TXT My Time At The Everland Farm ~ A Kasarberang Story (Reader Download) PDF My Time At The Everland Farm ~ A Kasarberang Story (Reader Download).pdf ODT My Time At The Everland Farm ~ A Kasarberang Story (Reader Download).odt
  3. Hello DD community! As some of you might already be aware I made a very similar list awhile ago. The purpose of this post is to remake that list with better formatting, more information and overall make it easier to read and update. User Suggestions Welcomed! Here's How To Suggest A Story! Simply Personal Message me here on DD with a link to the stories you'd like to submit as well as relevant tags. Feel free to also submit modified tags for stories already in the list if you want to. I'll put them in this post as soon as I read the message and verify that the tags are accurate and the story belongs here. I will credit you by default so if you don't want to be credited please explicitly say so in your message to me. I write stories and a lot of them would fit perfectly on this list, why aren't they here? If your story isn't properly tagged I probably will look past it, unless it has a title that makes me think it might fit this list. There are other reasons too, I am only one guy after all. If you have a story that's not on this list and want it to be added feel free to submit it using the information above. Why so many Archive.org links? Archive.org or as it's more formally known "The Wayback Machine" or "The Internet Archive" is a website that allows you to archive entire webpages. I will be using this for preservation purposes. This way if a story goes down (which has happened before) or if DD goes down entirely (which is unlikely) these links will still allow you to continue to view these stories even after such an event. Alright Here's the list! (presented in no particular order.) AUTHOR LIST Chlorobaby All include (Femdom, Forced Regression, Chloroform, Kidnapping/Capture, non-consensual sexual acts) and most include: (forced Breastfeeding, forced bottlefeeding) Nanny Kink (Archive.org link), The Hard Sell (Archive.org), The Crush (Archive.org link), The LandLady (Archive.org link), The Adult Baby Unit: Part One (Archive.org link), Part Two (Archive.org link), Part Three (Archive.org link), Bed and Breakfast: Part One (Archive.org link), Part Two, (Archive.org link), Part Three (Archive.org link), Part Four (Archive.org link), The Job Offer (Archive.org link), Nurse Becky's Slave, (Archive.org link), Cathy's Captive (Archive.org link)The reason these are all grouped together is they were written by the same author and all contain very similar tags. Kasarberang (Me) My Time At The Everland Farm (Femdom, Forced Regression, Slow Regression, Force Feeding, Forced Bottlefeeding, Forced Breastfeeding, Blackmail, Non-con, Giantess, Lactation) Babied By The Sitter (Femdom, Slow Regression, Forced Regression, Bottlefeeding, Humiliation, Babysitter, Wetting and more.) (Archive.org link) Just A Checkup (Forced Regression, Breastfeeding, Bottlefeeding and more!) (Archive.org link) FullDiaper Mommy Clair & I (Femdom, breastfeeding) This one is ongoing and looks promising. (Archive.org link) Raping Excuses (Femdom, Forced Regression, Forced Diapering, Breastfeeding, Bottlefeeding) (Archive.org link) Maggie's Diner (Femdom, Forced Regression, Breastfeeding, Bottlefeeding, Force Feeding) (Archive.org link) Non-Grouped List Flooded. (Femdom, Forced/Coerced Regression, Slow Regression, Breastfeeding, Humiliation) (Archive.org link) Crybaby (Femdom, Forced Regression, Breastfeeding, Handjob, Chastity) (Archive.org link) The Day Care (Femdom, Forcefeeding, Edging, Cock "Milking", Enema) (Archive.org link) Nerissa’s Home for Diaper Girls (Repost) (Femdom, Diaper Dimension, Coerced Regression, Mental Regression, Breastfeeding, Bottlefeeding, Enema, Bladder Torture) (Archive.org link) Stockholm Syndrome Baby (Femdom, Forced Regression, Mental Regression, Hypnosis, Kidnapping, Breastfeeding, Bottlefeeding, Catheter) (Archive.org link) Tourist Troubles (Repost) (Diaper Dimension, Kidnapping "adoption", Bottlefeeding, Sissification, Short, Incomplete) (Archive.org link) Baby Care Class (Remixed) (Femdom, Forced Regression, Humiliation, Torture, Forcefeeding, Breastfeeding, Masturbation, Kidnap/Capture) (Archive.org link) Her Sister's Baby (Femdom, Coerced Regression, Feeding, Masturbation, Bottlefeeding) (Archive.org link) Baby Candy by Baby Jennie (Femdom, Forced Regression, Bottlefeeding, Sissification) (Archive.org link) Training her baby (Sissification, Breastfeeding, Chastity, Bottlefeeding, Forcefeeding) (Archive.org link) Day at the beach (Bottlefeeding, Humiliation, Regression) (Archive.org link) The Domme on the Bus (Femdom, Humilation) (Archive.org link) Unlucky Day Turned Lucky (Diaper Dimension, Force Regression, Bottlefeeding, Breastfeeding) (Archive.org link) Immigrant Tale (Diaper Dimension, Femdom/Mommy Dom, Forced Breastfeeding, Sissification,Forced Regression) (Archive.org link) Simple bedwetter to full time baby (Forced Regression, Regression, Mommy Dom, Breastfeeding, Forced Bottlefeeding) (Archive.org link) Feeding With Jen (Forced Wetting;Femdom, Coerced Regression) (Archive.org link) At The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time (Diaper Dimension, Slow Regression, Forced Regression, Breastfeeding) (Archive.org link) From Teacher to Toddler (Forced Regression, Mistaken Identity, Bottlefeeding, Breastfeeding, Forcefeeding) (Archive.org link) Weekend At Betty's (Forced Regression, Femdom, Masturbation, Diapers,  Forced Bottlefeeding) (Archive.org link) Submitted by: Mcraft | On The Job Training (Femdom, Enslavement, Forced Regression, Sissification, Forced Anal, and Bondage (Archive.org link)
  4. Hi, I've been requesting for a story for a while, and while I've objectively found some things that I like, most of the times I've found myself thinking "I would have done otherwise". So I decided to start writing one on my own. BUT! I wanna give you a fair warning before I start getting into the story 'cause I feel like you all deserve it, since I don't want to waste anyone's precious time. 1 - This is my first time writing a full story, so it is highly possible that it will be convoluted and lead to nothing. 2 - English is not my first language, so it's probably not gonna be an excellent piece of art, especially if you are someone who enjoys literature. 3 - The most important point. If you expect this get to the "kinky stuff" immediately, don't get into it. I like to take things slow and have that sweet characters development. 4 - Yes, I started this story elsewhere and I think here too but I will restart it and continue it now CHAPTER 01 "And why on Earth would I need an assistant again?" John Jefferson, 28, was 3 when he was diagnosed with a very rare disease that affects both muscles and bones, making them fragile; while it wasn't lethal on its own, it made it impossible for him to put any muscular mass by weight lifting, and also forced him to be cautious with his eating habits, since his legs might fail his structure him if he would have become overweight. On top of that, he was also on the shorter side, so being a 4'7very skinny man, he surely wasn't the bossiest looking dude in the office. Although his problems, he's always tried to get what was best for him and tried to give himself some authority. He grew a nicely shaped beard, he became witty and, contrary to most people in his position, he would always go to work wearing a suit and a tie. "First and foremost, it is a cost efficient solution. Our new employee is a promising intern that will work here for free for the next six months. If she, as I expect, will turn to be good enough, we will hire her with a full-time job, so I need someone qualified to teach her. " Ever since Mrs. Thompson retired, Janna Prickles, a 51 years old unmarried men hater became his new boss and things only started running slower for his career; it was bright as the day that Janna had a particular taste in torturing him. And the hate was mutual. Short and plumpy, she always used to wear overly coloured outfits that made her look like a knock off version of Queen Elizabeth. Fitting for her personality, John thought. John rolled his eyes and sighed "In other words, I have to babysit." but Janna blocked him with an evil grin. "I took care personally and decided for her amongst tons of other students who signed for this position. She's a quick learner, don't worry. Also, there's a second reason why I needed for you to have an assistant: even though you're better at your job than I like to admit, you're still an annoying little prick who needs to learn how to be organized, so she will take charges of your time schedules from now on." Truthfully, his office looked like a mess, and his schedules were all over the place, he couldn't argue with it. But there was more. "Oh I see now. It's about the Gravéneux fiasco! Look I told you already it was not my fault if Stuart went through my stuff and mixed 'em up lik-" "I know and that is why he had been fired. But let's be honest for a second here. Just coincidentally it wasn't your fault this time. It was surely not the first time your pig habits got in your way. I know this is more about pride than anything else, but you DO need help in that front. And you can be helpful yourself." That didn't sound very convincing at all to John, and she knew it; so, sighing and looking down, she continued her speech. "Fine, I knew it would have come to this. I've already hired her, as a matter of facts, she's already waiting in your office, as of now. Since I know that you need something to be motivated, here's your goal: in the next six months I want to have someone who is just as good as you doing your job, and you are the only one who can teach her. Make me proud, and you'll get a 6% raise." Finally she was talking business, he thought. John was a very proud and goal oriented person, and this seemed like a good deal, which he closed by shaking hands with his boss. He walked to his office and opened the door. His new assistant was standing there, right in front of him. <HOLY SHIT> was all he could think of, but he limited himself to think it, and open his eyes wide.
  5. This story is created for Kasarberang contest if you wish to join just click the link! this is only the start and have a bunch of chapters to come i just hope one person out there enjoys it! Word cound if curious 29,795 Story is 100% complete Chapter 1 A Young girl about 27 years old named ivy stretches after getting dressed, her hair a mess after just getting out of the shower. she grabs a brush and begins to brush her hair walking to her room. Her house was pretty big, she even had her own science lab where she could get into any kinda trouble she wanted. She lived alone and let's just say she's not perfectly sane but she balmes that on high school. Being a so called 'nerd' she was picked on a lot especially by a bully by the name of ash. He was the worst bully at the school. lucky she hasn't seen him since school, who knows she probably wouldn't even recognize him. It sends a shiver down her spine remembering what he made her do. As she thought her grip tightened on her brush before she chucked it at a wall making it smash through the wall and getting stuck half way through. She quickly jumps up and covers her mouth. "oopsie…" She sighs. "come on vy let it go it's been over 10 years learn to let things go…i was the one who lived though it not you." She scoffs at herself. "let it go? like hell! he hurt you I! He made you feel like shit he's the reason we can't sleep at night!" She nods to herself. "I know vy… Sorry didn't mean to make you more angry." She rolls her eyes. "you're like a little sister to me I. Even if we are the same person, I feel like I'm the one who's got to take care of us. And I promise if I ever see this man again, that ass by the name of ash. I'll get your revenge." She giggles. "ass… Ash" She smiles. "you like that one huh?" She nodded “Ya it was cute” She blushed and cleared her throat. "Anyways we need to get to bed, maybe we can get a normal day's worth of sleep." Ivy lays down throwing the cover over herself. "maybe we shouldn't have wasted all our chloroform… We could have used that to get to sleep again." She shivers. "like hell… that reminds me we need to buy more supplies at the store tomorrow." She nods to herself halfway asleep. "damn it I… Stop falling asleep so fast I'm trying to… Thin-" Suddenly ivy falls asleep, Her and her other side. If you didn't know any better they almost seem like two different people in the same body. She has been like this since her accident at school with the bully. Suddenly ivy begins to rock back and forth in her sleep as the nightmares begin. Ivy is being shook awake by her mom. "come on ivy its time school" A 17 year old ivy sits up yawning very cutely in an over sized lab coat she loves to sleep in. Her hair was a mess but she didn't seem to care. She wasn't the best at taking care of herself. "alright mom… any news on if ash got suspended after yesterday?" Her mom sighs and shakes her head. "unfortunately, I don't think so…" Her eyes get big. "what?! But why?! He exploded the toilet with a cherry bomb! How can he not?! I saw him do it and told on him." Her mom frowns. "I know… I don't know how he did it, just ignore him for now. school's almost over and remember if you keep them straight A's me and your dad will help you get that place you wanted really bad with the lab." Ivy jumps up with glee excited and ready to start school. "alright mom! Now leave so I can get dressed, a woman needs her privacy to get ready!" She laughs. "sure I'll see you in like 10 minutes when you get bored of combing your hair and give up in the makeup" Ivy blushes. "it's not my fault… I Could be doing something far more interesting like… Learning 200 digits after pi Instead of 100" Her mom rolls her eyes and leaves. "hmm maybe that's not a great idea. I might need to know something else, heh not like I won't remember it anyways. My memories are the best in the whole country. Shoot, my brains are better than anyone in this whole world!" She takes off her lab coat and has nothing on underneath. The lab coat was basically a night gown for her. She grabs her some panties and a bra putting them on. She grabs some tight black pants and puts them on then a sweater that says 'I love science' on the front and also puts it on. She runs down stairs not worrying about her hair or makeup. "Alright, I'm going to head to school!" Her mom stops her. "no, first you're going to eat breakfast. You skipped supper last night to study. So this morning you will eat." Her stomach growls loud thinking of food. "hmm well I do need something to eat logically. Fine I suppose I can eat." Her father was at the table reading the news on his phone. "we are proud you are so smart ivy, but you also need to remember to take care of yourself." Ivy goes over to the table and sits down, her mom nods. "Your father's, right if you don't who will?" Ivy though for a while. "well you and dad obviously, right?" They both look at each other and sigh. "me and your father won't be here forever ivy…" She says laying some pancakes down on the table and passes them out to everyone. Ivy looks down and sighs and pokes her food with a fork. "i-I know I just… Don't want to think about that…" Her dad speaks up. "you want to live alone in your own house don't you? What about then? Will you remember to eat? Will you remember to care for yourself? Another part of you won't be there to take care of you." She just keeps poking her food looking sad when her mom hugs her. "That doesn't mean we hate you or don't love you… We love you a lot ok? We are so happy you're so smart. But… Taking care of yourself comes first. Can you do that for us? If something were to happen to us we want to know you will be ok? Makes sense?" Ivy nods. "ya… It does I'm sorry. But I'll do better! I promise starting today uhh… Tomorrow ya, Tomorrow! I'll begin to take care of myself better and show you two I can do it alone!" They both smile and her mom kisses her cheek. "that mommy's girl!" Ivy blushes and laughs. "yuck gross!" Both her mom and dad laugh. They all eat their pancakes and ivy heads off to school. She has a pretty normal day at school. A's on every project like normal and not talking to anyone but one thing has been kinda freaking her out ash has been giving her this creepy smile all day. She honestly feels like he's planning to kill her or something. It Finally gets to the end of the school day and ivy goes to her locker and begins to put up her stuff when suddenly ash slams his strong arms into the lockers beside ivy making her jump. "ahh! What the hell?? H-hello ash..." He smirks at her. "heard you were the one to tell on me. Is that correct?" She shakes and backs up against the lockers gulping. "i-I don't know if ‘tell on’ is the correct term…" He punches the lockers again making her jump and tear up. She was scared for her life. "shut the hell up! Now I think revenge is in order." Ivy gulps, shaking more and more. "and I got just the thing for baby's who tell on people." Ivy looked confused. "b-baby…?" He nods. "Ya only baby's tell on the teachers to get someone In trouble! Now-" He grabs her by the arms and drags her to a empty class room and locks the door smirking. Ivy struggled the whole way. "look please! I'm sorry, let me go. I want to go home!" she cried and struggled. Suddenly the guy grabs her by the pants and begins yanking them off and shirt bra then panties she tried to fight but she was nothing compared to him she just cried in fear. Was she about to be raped? Ash smiles. "wow to be so ugly you got kinda a cute body" She blushed and screamed before her screams were stopped by something being rammed in her mouth some kinda gage with a rubber thing in it. She just cried, not even fighting what could she do anyways. But what was in her mouth. "I bought a bunch of stuff for a cry baby tadle tell. Like this gag special made to be like a pacifier so enjoy sucking on your pasi little baby." She was now more embarrassed. She keeps crying till Ash takes his backpack off and pulls out a large diaper with mittions and feet mittions that locks once they are on. there's no way she could do anything with her hands or walk. she shook her head making any noises. "MMM!" She begged and pleaded for him to stop but he forced the mittions on her and locked them the same with the feet ones he lays her down and begins to diaper her she cried during the whole thing a bib was put on her that says big baby. Ash laughs. "there we go a perfect look for a big fucking baby." She laid on the floor and cried. she had given up. "alright I'm leaving, have fun being locked in school till tomorrow. I'm sure once school starts you will be found, maybe even get a diaper change you will probably need it!" He laughs and leaves the room putting something against the door making escape impossible. Ivy layed there embarrassed here she was in a stupidly huge diaper and sucking a pacifier. She didn't have to but right now if she focuses on that it helped her think more logically. She begins to try to get the diaper off looking around for her clothing as well. All gone that ass hole ash must have took them all not only that she couldn't grip anything in these damn mittions she couldn't even stand this was so dumb there's no way she's stuck like this till she's found. She will never live this down. She stayed there crying all night. She was getting tired and cried herself to sleep when she woke up. She let out a whine that this wasn't a dream but worse she didn't wake up because it's morning she had to pee and bad. There was no way she could hold it till school started. It was only a bit past midnight she sat there and bounced trying not to pee. To take her mind off it it worked especially with the pacifier. Well for as long as it could. "MMMMM!!!" She screamed just before she felt the warmth run between her legs and her diaper begin to expand. This is not happening she thought. No way this is so disgusting she couldn't stand the feeling of the wet touching her but she didn't have much of a choice. She Finally begin to fall back asleep. She's soon woken up by the noise of people talking and laughing. She opens her eyes to a class room full of people laughing and talking. She remembers what happened and begins to cry here she is nake from the top up and in a soaked diaper bad enough it was super obvious it was wet being pure white with a yellow stain. Ivy cried till she couldn't no more; she was eventually saved and went home. And there she cried thinking of revenge. "hey… You need help don't you?" She said to herself she nods. "Mhm… I had a horrible time…i want revenge" She wipes the tears from her own eyes. "I know. Call me vy I'm a part of you, your more… Angry side and if you need help I'll be here for you for anything." She sniffs. "thanks vy…" Suddenly an alarm is going off, ivy sits straight up in bed. We are back to present, ivy hits the alarm clock so hard it breaks some. She rubs her face and takes a deep breath. "damn it… Can't we go one night without that God damn dream…" She gets her legs out of bed. "I don't think so...we have had it for over 10 years… I hate reliving it. the embarrassment still kills me… i-i know I don't say this much vy… But if we meet this man again you can take over as long as you need…" She smirks. "heh deal, now let's go eat. you need to take care of yourself" Ivy smiles. "I'm glad I got you here to take care of me vy"
  6. So while I was working on Chapter 4 of my other story "Babied By The Sitter" (still being worked on by the way) I had this idea and it was so good I thought it deserved it's own story. This story will serve as sorta an easier to write faster-paced story with a lot more sexual content right out the gate. It'll also help me have something to write for when "Babied By The Sitter" is giving me writers block. I hope you enjoy this story and as with all my stories feel free to download, modify, redistribute this story however you like. ====Chapter 1==== I was walking through the forest trying to find my way back to the lodge. I got distracted and accidentally went off course while hiking and I'm worried I might not make it back in time, especially since it's starting to get dark. I don't have the slightest clue where I'm going, everything looks the same. Trees to the left, trees to the right, trees everywhere. And they're all the same exact type of tree, Maybe if mother nature would mix it up a bit once and awhile I wouldn't be in this situation. Eventually I just picked a random direction and started walking, hoping I'd either make it back to the lodge or find a road that would lead somewhere. After what felt like hours of walking I broke down, sat by a near by tree and started quietly sobbing to myself.. I had no way to get back home and these woods were so large the chances of someone actually finding me would be very unlikely. "What's wrong little one? Are you lost?" An unfamiliar voice asked. I looked up and it was a women, she had long light brown hair, huge breasts and she was certainly the tallest women I ever saw, she was a regular giantess. I must've looked like a literal child to her. "I have no idea where I am or how to get home, I got distracted and got off course. I have no idea where the lodge is." I replied, wiping the tears off my face. "Aww you poor thing! Come here, you can stay with me for the night." The women picked me up and draped me over her shoulder like you would an infant. "Uhm, I can actually walk myself.... miss....." I said awkwardly "Emily, and I figured as much, but you're so little it'd probably take you forever to catch up with me and I'd rather not have to keep stopping just so you could catch up, it's easier this way." Emily said to me, bouncing me up and down like you would a cranky baby. After a few minutes of walking we reached Emily's cabin in the woods. Once we were inside Emily took me to the guest room and put me down on the floor. "You must be tired, so I'll leave you here to rest for the night. I'll help you get to the hiking lodge in the morning." Emily smiled handing me a glass of milk before walking out of the room, closing the door behind her. The guest room was nothing special, just a small room with a bed, nightstand and a dresser, more than enough to suite the average guest. I dropped my backpack on the floor, drank the glass of milk, placing the empty glass on the nightstand and passed out on the bed. I woke up to find Emily at the foot of the bed putting a diaper on me. "What's going on here?" I said confused and slightly startled. I tried to squirm away but my body was strapped to the bed. "Aw did I wake you up sweetheart? Mommy was just putting a diaper on you. I thought you already had one on, but when I came to check on you, you didn't." Emily said putting on the last pieces of tape. "I'm not a baby! I don't need a diaper." I said, still trying to keep my composure, since this giantess did let me stay at her place and she might just genuinely be confused, since from her point of view I probably do look pretty infantile. "It's okay Honey you don't need to pretend to be a big boy for Mommy." Emily reached into her bra and took out a Baby's Pacifier. "Now open wide. Mommy has something yummy for you." Emily moved the Pacifier towards my lips. Instantly I clamped my mouth shut, turned my head away "I wish you wouldn't fuss so. I'm just doing what's best for you." Emily started rubbing the front of my diaper. I couldn't help but moan from the stimulation Emily was putting on my penis, which caused my mouth to open uncontrollably just enough for Emily to shove in the Pacifier and tie the straps around my head. "There's a good boy. Don't you feel much better now that you have your paci? I bet you do. Now give it a good suck." Emily instructed still stimulating my penis through my diaper. "Nuhuh" I said muffled through the pacifier shaking my head in refusal. "Okay sweetie, I tried being nice, but if you're going to continue being fussy you're going to have to be punished." Emily untapped two pieces of tape at the very front of my diaper, revealing a crotch hole. Emily fished my penis out through the crotch hole and slipped a cylindrical device onto it, placing two sticker-probes to my balls which attached to the cylindrical device via wires. I tried to let out a yell but all that could be heard was a muffled "MMMMMMMM." Pressing a few buttons on the device Emily made the small LCD screen on the front of the device go from 000 to 024. Instantly the machine started to stimulate my penis, causing me to moan and squirm uncontrollably. "I'll leave baby to his new toy for a little while." Emily said before walking out of the room. I don't understand it, 'what exactly is the punishment here?' I thought to myself. This machine just keeps stimulating my penis, which will just lead to a pleasurable climax. what's the punishment in that? Well just as I was about to reach climax.... the machine stopped. I just sat there strapped to the bed moaning and squirming, both because I wanted out of this situation and because I wanted some release. After my penis got a little softer the machine turned back on and started stimulating me again. After the 3rd time the machine restarted I started sucking on the pacifier in my mouth to distract me from the absolute misery of not being able to reach orgasm. The pacifier did actually help comfort me, it didn't completely remove the sexual frustration induced by the machine, but it certainly helped reduce it. Several minutes later Emily walked back into the room. The machine had started and stopped about 12 times at this point. "Is baby enjoying his special toy?" Emily walked over to me. As soon as Emily saw that I was sucking on the Pacifier her stern facial expression turned into a happy loving smile "Oh good, baby is sucking his paci like a good boy! Well in that case I think the machine has done it's job." Emily turned off the machine and disconnected it. "That's just one of the many punishments I have for little boys who don't do as their told. So if I were you I'd start being a little more cooperative." Emily patted my diapered butt. "Now I'm going to go back to bed. Goodnight baby." Emily left the room, shutting the door and turning off the light on her way out. I furiously started jerking my body against the restraints shortly after Emily left the room, hoping that I could either squirm out of the straps that kept me tied to the bed or that I could rip the straps somehow and manage to escape. I just kept thrashing and jerking my body trying my absolute best to escape the situation I was in nomatter how tired I got I persisted. Until I heard a snap. The straps restraining me to the bed finally snapped, allowing me to take the Pacifier out of my mouth and take off the diaper that Emily put on me against my will while I was sleeping. Everything was working according to plan up until I tried to take the diaper off, not only could I not take it off, but when I tried a loud beeping sound started going off. I could hear footsteps approaching the guest room, I began sweating profusely. I don't know this women or what she's capable of, from her size alone she could probably snap me like a twig without even breaking a sweat. As the door creaked open the sound coming from the diaper got even louder *BEEP BEEP BEEP*. "Did baby try to mess with his diaper?" Emily asked slowly moving towards me as I backed myself into a wall. "Don't be scared baby, I wont hurt you and neither will the alarm. I can see I wont be able to keep you in the guest room, there's way too much you could hurt yourself on in here." Emily scooped me up and started rubbing the front of my diaper slowly, causing the alarm to turn off and me to get an erection. "It's okay baby, Mommy knows you didn't mean to be naughty, but don't worry, Mommy is going to move you into a room that's far safer." Emily stuck her finger in my mouth, preventing me from talking as she took me down the hall into a room with a sign saying "Nursery" on the door. Instantly I was greeted with baby stuff as far as the eye could see, there was a shelf full of various baby things, bottles, pacifiers, diapers and even a bunch of items I had never seen or heard of before. "Okay baby, this will be your new room." Emily placed me in a large metal baby crib replacing her finger with a pacifier, which she strapped around my head. "That'll keep you quiet while I prepare your nighttime paci." Emily said picking up a baby bottle full of a milk-like substance. Emily then took another pacifier off the shelf unscrewed the end cap and screwed in the baby bottle into it. Not really a fan of the idea of drinking whatever it is that liquid in the bottle was I looked around to see if there was any possible way out of the crib I was in. The crib had a roof so I couldn't climb it and the metal bars made breaking it almost impossible, it looks like If I want to get out of here I need to be out of this crib first. Emily walked over to me with the milk filled pacifier in hand. With ease she held me still, took the pacifier out of my mouth and replaced it with the milk filled pacifier, strapping it to my head so I couldn't spit it out. "That's it baby give your nighttime paci a nice suckle." Emily tied my body to the crib making the possibility of escaping that much more difficult. Milk slowly dripped into my mouth even without me sucking on the pacifier due to small holes allowing a slow drip feed of milk to continuously flow into my mouth. "Be sure to drink it all, it's good for you. I'll see you in the morning and when I do all that milk better be gone." Emily walked out of the room turning off the light and closing the door behind her. There I was, alone, strapped to this huge metal crib with a pacifier strapped to my head, slowly drip-feeding me milk whether I sucked on it or not and to make things worse my body was tied to the crib so there was no way I could escape. Without even noticing it I had started sucking on the pacifier in my mouth for comfort, which caused the steady drip of milk to turn into a steady stream instead. I wasn't even half-way finished with the liquid in the pacifier before my eyes started to feel very heavy all of a sudden. I tried with all my might to keep my eyes open and to keep myself awake, but my sudden urge to sleep got the better of me and I passed out in the crib still sucking on the pacifier. ******* Emily was watching Daniel from the comfort of her computer desk. She had over thirty surveillance cameras scattered across the whole house, five of which were in the nursery. "Aww baby's all tuckered out, I don't blame him he's had a big day and it way past his bed time. The poor thing needs some sleep. Good thing Mommy Emily gave him some milk to help relax him. Hopefully he finishes all of it by the time I check on him tomorrow morning, otherwise I'll have to punish him again and I'd sure hate to have to do that." Emily giggled. ====End Of Chapter 1==== Well there's chapter 1 of Emily's Cabin. I hope you enjoyed it. I'd absolutely love to see what you guys have to say! Chapter 4 of "Babied By The Sitter" is in the works as well as Chapter 2 of this story. I've also attached the unreleased 4th chapter of Babied By The Sitter which eventually turned into this story for you to read, kinda as a special treat Babied By The Sitter Unreleased Chapter 4 Emily's Cabin ~ A Kasarberang Story
  7. Hello all! This is my very first original story! I hope you like it! Please feel free to leave comments/suggestions and what not! I'd love to hear what you have to say! As of Chapter 3 this story has 2 perspectives **** is shown to signify perspective switching. This is an experiment I'm doing to see if I can tell the story better this way. ====Chapter 1 "Just A Checkup"==== I was getting ready for a doctors appointment. It was 6am, but my doctors appointment wasn't until 1pm. Than why was I getting up so early, It's entirely due to the method of transportation I use. "Phone-A-Trip" a service that allows disabled people and seniors to go anywhere in the county for a mere $5 each way. I didn't have a car so this seemed like the most cost-effective option, especially when you consider ride-sharing apps like "Ryde" would cost at least triple that price. As the saying goes you get what you pay for, Phone-A-Trip would guarantee you get to your appointment on time or your money back. The way they did this however was by giving you a pickup time about 6 hours away from your actual appointment time, give or take. Today my ride was scheduled between 6:30am - 7:00am, this meant that I had to sit outside my front door for a half hour as Phone-A-Trip did not call you when the driver arrived, if you missed your ride you could be penalized and possibly lose access to the service entirely. Lucky for me I was ready and out the door by 6:15am. Once the Phone-A-Trip had arrived I paid the driver $5 and took my seat. There was only 1 other group of people on the bus so I assumed they would get me to my appointment early. I was wrong, I got to my appointment with less than 10 minutes to spare, the other group of people wanted to go to the complete opposite side of the county and Phone-A-Trip put them ahead of me on the queue because their appointment was earlier, even though my destination was on the way to where they wanted to go, I literally saw my drop off spot while we were driving and asked the driver if he could just drop me off. He replied with something along the lines of "I have to drop everyone off in the order they are assigned." I walked to the pediatrics clinic, which I had been going to for years and continued to go to. They already knew everything about my situation, it would've just been a pain to go to a different doctor who I didn't know. I barely trusted the doctors I had been seeing for years! No way I was just going to go somewhere else with people I didn't know at all and just trust them with handling my situation. The worst part about the pediatrics office was by far the Waiting Room. Nothing but kids running screaming and crying. There were some well behaved kids here and there, but the shear amount of misbehaving kids kinda outnumbered them, maybe not in size but definitely in noise level. I usually just brought a pair of headphones so I could listen to some Music on my phone while I waited. It didn't completely drown out the noise of loud children, but it helped significantly. When my name was called I received a little SMS alert on my phone saying "Daniel Kasar Berang the doctor will see you now please go to office #15 within the next 15 minutes." If you waited more than 15 minutes to report to the office you had to sign in again as they only had a few available rooms at any given time. I think a 15 minute wait is more than reasonable though, I know people who can't even be 2 minutes late after being called into see the doctor. I got up off my chair and started walking into the hallway where all the rooms were located I walked until I came across a restroom, at which point I stopped and paused to think if I needed to go number one or number two before my appointment. I sorta had an urge to do both, but these appointments weren't usually longer than 15 - 30 minutes. Ultimately I ended up deciding against it this time, besides I didn't want to be late and potentially be stuck in the waiting room for even longer and possibly never get seen for missing my original appointment time. I continued walking down the hall until I saw rooms number #12 #13 #14 and #15. I had never been to room #15 in my entire 21 years of going to this hospital, in fact I didn't know they had a room #15, they were recently doing a lot of renovations though, so it's entirely possible it's a new addition. I gave the door 3 good hard knocks just to make sure no one was already in there. I've accidentally walked into the wrong room before and it was very embarrassing to say the least, ever since then I've done this 3 knock routine and I haven't gotten the wrong room since! I slowly opened the door and walked into the examination room and I see a large hospital crib. The thick metal bars were not raised so the crib was more like a standard examination table. You could tell it was still a crib since the bars were still there touching the floor they just weren't raised. The room also had stuff like baby bottles, breast pumps, toys and other things scattered about the room. At first I thought I got the wrong room. I got my phone out my my pocket and went to go double check the text to make sure the room number was correct, sure enough it said right on the text "please go to office #15 within the next 15 minutes." As I stood there to ponder what could have possibly gone wrong I hear a knock on the door before it begins to open. "Hello Daniel My name is Emma I'll be your nurse this evening. Are you ready for your checkup?" She asked as she stepped further into the examination room. Emma was a tall woman with medium blonde hair, it went about down to her shoulders. She was wearing white nurses uniform which had 2 of the buttons undone, presumably to prevent her huge breasts from popping the buttons completely off the uniform entirely. She also had a baby's pacifier pinned to her shirt dangling right next to her nurses badge. "Yeah, I do have one question though. Am I in the right room? This seems like an examination room for infants not like the regular exam rooms." I questioned "I'm very sorry about that! all of our regular exam rooms are occupied, we're currently at full capacity. This room should work fine, but if you feel uncomfortable I can reschedule your appointment." She replied with a smile, obviously trying to make sure that I was as comfortable as possible "No no, I'm already here, I was honestly just curious is all." I said not even noticing I was staring at the pacifier clipped to her uniform. She looked at me and followed my gaze to the pacifier. "Oh this? Sometimes infants can get really fussy, this helps calm them down. I get a new one every time I get assigned this room with a new patient. I didn't actually know it was you until I was already wearing it." Emma explained as if she knew exactly why I was staring. "So shall we get started? Just come here and take a seat on the examination table." Emma said as she grabbed my hand and walked me over to the crib which I suppose doubled as an examination table. I sat down on the "exam table" and Emma began going through the usual steps. First she got out a stethoscope and pressed it against my back "Deep Breath Please." Emma asked politely. I Inhaled deeply and than gave a quick exhale, like anyone would after being told to give a "deep breath". "Careful now! You don't want to blow the roof off this place do you?" Emma teased with a cute giggle." After about 4 or 5 more deep breaths with the stethoscope she moved on to heartbeat. "Alright heart rate is normal, maybe a little fast but it's within the normal margin of error." She commented placing the stethoscope back in her uniform pocket. "There is one more thing I have to test before I can release you with a clean bill of health." Emma had a nervous tone to her voice as she said that. "It's nothing serious or anything, it's just a simple temperature. The issue is... we only have thermometers meant for babies, meaning.... it goes up your butt." "W-w-w-Wait! You must be able to get a thermometer from another room! That can't be the only option!!" I quickly stammered to try to think of any alternative. "Unfortunately it is the only option. The reason you got put in this room was because all the 'big kid' rooms were taken, so I'm afraid all the 'big kid' thermometers are currently being used for other patients." Emma replied matter of factly as she went over to get the thermometer and some lubricant. "I'll try to make it as painless as possible okay?" Emma said trying to comfort me. "Just get it over with. P-Please." I said, my whole body shaking slightly and my cheeks blushing bright red. I assumed the position on the crib, currently exam table. My asshole pointing upwards, overall just trying to make the whole thing get done as quickly as possible. Emma laughed "Maybe you do belong here after all." "That's not funny!" I growled. Emma got her fingers covered in the lubricant and set course for my butthole. "Here comes the plain! VRRRRRRRRRRRMMMMMMMMMM" She sounded out with her mouth, really drinking in the humiliation of the whole situation. I let out a yelp once the cold lubrication made contact with my butthole. Before I even had time to process what just happened I felt the thermometer enter through my back door without so much as knocking. "Eeep" I squealed. "You're really cute, you know that?" Emma started to count down from 30. "30, 29, 28, 27, 26." It felt like a literal eternity with this unwanted object just sitting there in my butt and if I didn't know any better I'd say Emma was enjoying every minute of it, judging by the huge grin she had on her face. "15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 10, 9" 'Did she just fucking rewind a couple of seconds?' I thought to myself. 'SHE REALLY IS ENJOYING THIS ISN'T SHE!?!?!?!' "5, 4, 3, 2.....5, 4, 3,...4, 3 2 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand 1." she made sure to make those last few seconds the longest. I swear those last 5 seconds were longer than every other number of the countdown combined. Emma slowly started to move the thermometer out of my asshole just when it was about halfway out, she decided to push it back in. Which caused me to let out a slight squeal. I would've called her out on her bullshit, but It'd be pretty stupid to anger her, especially when she literally had me defenseless. After about a minute or two of her playing around with the thermometer, pretending to remove it before putting it back in and letting it sit for a couple of seconds and repeating the process over multiple times. She finally decided to stop joking around and took the thermometer out of my asshole, for real this time. "See that wasn't so bad now was it?" I swear she had the biggest fucking smug ass look on her face, she was practically getting off to this. I quickly pulled my underwear and pants back up, not wanting to have them off any longer than absolutely necessary. "Sorry I had to keep re-inserting it like that. The thermometer kept giving me a bad reading." she attempted to excuse herself. That's the worst fucking excuse I've ever heard of! "Yes, it was exactly that bad." I sulked. "Aww come now, don't pout!" Emma went over and got a couple pills and a cup of water. "Here take this, you have some irregularities in your vitals, nothing serious but these should get them back to normal." Emma handed me the pills and the class of water. I reluctantly took the pills and washed them down with the cup of water. "Those pills will make you feel pretty tired so I recommend laying down for a few minutes, we'll sort everything out after the effects wear off." Emma gently pushed me down onto the exam table so I was laying instead of sitting. Instantly I started feeling the effects of the pills kick in. I didn't get much sleep last night anyway, so I decided to close my eyes take a quick snooze. ====End of Chapter 1==== I hope you guys enjoyed the first chapter of my very first public story of this type! Let me know if you enjoy it and want me to make more. I had a pretty fun time making it! Remember this is my very first public story, so go easy on me! Hope it was worth your time. Look forward to potentially writing more chapters. Feel free to Modify, Remix, Redistribute this story in any way you like. So long as it remains publicly available and free you have my official permission. Some credit in the modified, remixed, redistributed would be nice, even something as simple as "Original By Kasarberang" would be greatly appreciated, but that part doesn't matter that much to me. I think these terms are more than reasonable. Just A Checkup ~ A Kasarberang Story
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